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Posted by Samdi230 (Brantford, Ontario Canada) on 10/12/2010

To earth link sir
Concerning bill Munro. He's hapea the way he trite himself. It's fine with me. First I'm man of 76 years old I been fight back COPD since 2003 I'm having all the med DR has describe to me be side that I'm doing some EX. Think was OK tell august 4/2010. 75 days Early I ask my DR for antibiotic and on august 4/2010. I ask again he told me too early I say my pelghm dark yellow green and coughing too many 25 to 35 in 24 H. He say OK delay the antibiotic if you can that was on 4 of august on 29 of august I start discharge dark yellow green thick ugly stuff , my bronchitis was full of bacteria now I cant go to my DR for more the same. Early I was intrusting in H2O2 I read a lots abut it. On august 08/10 I was siting having coffee with friend he ask me that is this I say what ? What he finger point to my hand I t west my hand and see a wound of 3MM/6MM I thought I could hurt my self. Back to august 29 /10 because the antibiotic wasn't working I derided to start H2o2. As they recommend 35% h2o2 bring it down to 3.5% fill it in winnow spray but tel. spray twice in ½ cup of destelet water 3 time a day. And cover my hand wound 15 to 20 times a day. By the way from august the 8 to august 9 my wound grow 4 time it was skin cancer. Douring the first 4 days 3 strange think has happen 1 my gas discharge was so smiley even I can't stand it. 2 my coughing discharge has increase 15% deference shape watery and lighter cooler my hand wound shrank 4 times. Now on october12/10 am hardly to cough my hand wound just gone no more smile and my breathing get better tankx to H2o2

Replied by Zsaqwe
(Brownsville, Texas)

Thanks for your post. I am going to start with H2O2 food grade diluted to 3%. And spray it like Bill Munro suggest. I will post feed back.

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Posted by Tina (Covina, Calif ) on 09/04/2010

Tried inhaling hydrogen proxide 3% 5 squirts through my nose, I felt good and was able to breath freely and slept like a baby but when I woke up the next morning my nose were bleeding really fresh blood was coming out through my nose and hacking some blood. Is this normal? I got so scared that I have to stop inhaling it. I was a smoker for 30 years. I want to continue inhaling it but very concern about the bleeding. Can u tell me if this is normal?

EC: Hi Tina,

Hydrogen peroxide inhalation is done through the mouth, not up the nose! Please read the instructions at the top of the H202 inhalation page and watch Bill Munro's video on YouTube.

Note: We do have a few testimonials in the sinus infection section about spraying 3% hydrogen peroxide up the nostrils.

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Posted by Kenny (Akron, Ohio) on 08/25/2010

I heard that you can't inhale 3% peroxide unless it's NOT stabilized. Do you know anything about this? This is new to me, however, I have cured numerous people of Cancer and many other supposedly "In-Curable" diseases using 35% food grade peroxide. The inhalation method would be much easier to convince people to do it, and it's a lot cheaper.

Replied by Jordan's Mom
(Lansing, Mi Usa)

I thought I submitted a post, tho I was unsure a few days ago. Might I have gotten emails on it? It was a question. In response to your post, I am wondering if you can give any advice on spraying my cat's tumor in his mouth (very large & vet today said probably squamous cell) covering much of the back of his throat. I tried 2 drops 35% h2o2 in 3 oz distilled water with a small atomizer gives out a nice mist 4 times to this tumor. This is the first time. I also have had him on Sovereign Silver, but switched today to Mesosilver, finding lab analysis shows this has true silver particles fine enough to attack disease most efficiently. You said you have had several cancer cures. I am desperate to help my Jordan cat. I came home yesterday from church to find him very snotty nosed The vet said the tumor is probably affecting his tonsils and sinuses. A bit of blood comes out of his nostrils. Eating is becoming more difficult. I was unsure of allowing her to give him a steroid shot or not, using the h2o2 therapy, as I have been giving it orally 6cc 2xday 2 drops to 5oz distilled water. There seem to be so many different ideas about giving to animals, I have no idea what is strong enough to be effective or if I should keep going up a drop a day in solution as they do with people. Sorry, I know this is not the pet section, but I was intrigued about what you said about cancer cures.

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Posted by Medusa569 (Washington, Dc, Usa) on 08/08/2010

I tried for the first time putting one drop of 3% peroxide in 2 tbsp. Distilled water in my nebulizer and only took two puffs from it with the mouthpiece (not mask). I did not inhale that deeply as I was apprehensive of any possible side effects. It wasn't that long before I start hacking up the white foam that is remarkably similar to what happens to me when I used to brush my teeth with HP. Is this normal for everyone else? What else can I expect from nebulizing with HP?

Replied by Gus

That sounds about right. I have used HP in my nebulizer for years now. The trick is to use very little because this stuff is powerful! What I do is dilute store brand 3% HP down to 0. 5% (sometimes even less) with saline solution. I use it when I get sick and have respiratory problems (like a cold or flu). Within a day of nebulizing I start to cough all kinds of crap. You can definitely tell it works, specially when you are recovering from being sick and after a while somehow can't get rid of a cough. Do this and pretty soon you will be coughing up whatever it is that is still there and your body can't get rid of on its own! Same thing if you are sick and blow your nose and nothing comes out. With this method, your lungs will clear up very fast. Back when I used to smoke I would even cough up phlegm with black dots in it!

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Posted by Bill Munro (Waterford, Michigan) on 07/18/2010

This is more material to support that we need oxygen in our body.

Low Oxygen, Key To Fetal Development, Also Offers Cancer Clues

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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 06/30/2010

There's a rumor going around on a few other websites that Bill Munro, creator of the H202 inhalation method, has Alzheimer's. In fact, a couple days ago we posted a feedback from Carolyn on this subject. Well, we just received a telephone call from Bill asking us to please remove Carolyn's post as he does not have Alzheimer's! We did.

Bill told us that there is one man posting nasty things about him on various websites after he called Bill 3 times to harass him with question after question. He apparently told Bill that he should never have posted the H202 inhalation cure on the net because Bill is not a doctor.

Bill admits that he doesn't have a great memory for names, but for sure he doesn't have Alzheimer's.

We love you, Bill!

Replied by Tahiti
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

I second that (We love you, Bill)! Please continue providing us with your valuable and life-saving information. God bless you! Tahiti

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Posted by Geoff (Birch Run, Michigan, Usa) on 04/10/2010

I have made two post stating my experience with peroxide inhalation. You have not posted either. I am starting to think this site is very misleading and this is dangerous. I started with what felt to be the beginning of the common cold. I did exactly what the site said and it got worste. At first I thought maybe it just did not work and I was getting worste because the cold itself. Now I am convinced I am feeling worste because of the peroxide. I have been doing it for two days now and I notice that I get a fever shortly after doing this. As time goes on the fever slowly goes away. If I try the peroxide again, wam, fever and chills back. Now I am starting to get really tired and my vision is really shifty. I noticed too that my hands are sicly white looking color and almost scaly looking. If I don't see my experience soon for other readers can see this, I will contact my good friend Ken Horn (State Represent. Michigan in Saginaw County). I do have a few other friends. I am not doubting that this may have worked for some, but I am starting to doubt now that you are not posting comments of someone like me. How many others like me are there that you are purposely not posting. Probably let the one or two "nays" on here to fool everyone.

EC: Hi Geoff,

Thank you for your concern. However, you are incorrect that your feedback has not been posted on Earth Clinic. We always post the NAYS and the Warnings on the site. There is no issue here. If someone is experiencing side effects with one of the remedies, we want to know.

One of your posts was approved and has been on the site for the past 2 days. You can check out the rss feed to see exactly when it was published. If you are a registered user, please check your account to see where your feedback has been posted.

Should you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


P.S. It can take up to 48 hours (or more) for posts to be reviewed and approved for the site.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
508 posts

Hello Geoff from Birch Run, Michigan,

Sorry you are having problems and hope you are much better now. Had a little trouble with some of your spelling but think I got the gist of your complaints: beginning of common cold, used peroxide and got worse, now decided that worse because used the peroxide. Not sure what the return of "wam" means (did you mean warmth & fever?) or did you mean, try the peroxide again - Wham! fever & chills return? Your really tired is easy enough to understand, but your "shifty vision" leaves me wondering if you mean nystagmus or what some people call "dancing eyes" or something else?

First question I have is how did you use the peroxide, - orally, inhalation, external or what???? I tried the oral peroxide a long time ago and found that my stomach just couldn't tolerate it, so gave it up.

After reading about Bill's ingenious method of inhaling the drug store variety of peroxide, my curiosity got aroused and I tried it with his drug store variety. I tried it a few times and my stomach did not object to inhalation of H202 since it didn't pass through my GI tract and it worked wonders for opening both my chest and head up. OK! Figuring it would work just as well and probably better without any stabilizers in it, I purchased some 35% food grade peroxide to eliminate the stabilizers and use it more often than before. No problems whatever except for the taste of the small amount left in my mouth that didn't get inhaled and the benefits derived far out weigh that small distaste of H202.

As for the sickly color, almost scaly look of your hands, I can't say what that might be. If sickly color is "white & cold" makes one wonder if you might have Raynaud's disease. However, one can never rule out some weird reaction to anything, even a food, vitamin or mineral. My hands get icy cold, pale when exposed to some smelly perfumes.

I was told by a worrried grandmother whose young granddaughter kept having recurrent urinary tract infection, that when they finally played detective (as instructed) with everything that went in her mouth and found the problem, I was dumbfounded when she named Flintstone vitamins as the culprit causing the recurrent UTI's. After some thought, it seems more likely that it was the food coloring and the chemicals used to flavor them up like candy that caused the problem, not the vitamins. My suggestion to her was to get the child some uncolored and unflavored vitamins to take. They did and no problem with the vitamins then. If you think it is the peroxide, then I definitely would not repeat it.

If you think it might be the stabilizers in the drug store variety of H202, you might try the food grade without stabilizers to see if that is the problem. If you were trying it any method other than inhalation, try it that way to see if it makes a difference. WARNING!! If you are using a higher concentration of peroxide, be sure to dilute it down to the 3 to 3.5% solution before trying it by inhalation or any other method.

AS for the yeas and nays - I have read many of both on EC. I even read of one on EC who reacted to MSM, which I have been taking for at least 15 years with no problems, and none of the other people who started using it when I told them that it helped me, have ever had any problem with it yet.

Some unlikely things do seem to work wonders. Did you ever hear of the "chicken manure" tea the old folks used to brew up in the old days? That really blew my mind when I heard it. No way was I ever going to knowingly try it. Well, in reading a book on the history of medicine, I was astounded by reading that they first found aureomycin (an early antibiotic) in the white part of the chicken manure, which is the part that my mother said the old folks used to make their chicken manure tea. Well, maybe it would work, but my total anatomy rebels against the thought of it so I will just keep on taking my pokeweed berries (which I grew up believing to be poison), and other herbal remedies.

Hope you are feeling fit as a fiddle and no longer in need of any "doctoring" for any ailments. As the old fellow said when asked to what he attributed his longevity: "The main thing is just keep on breathing". Been practicing it ever since I read it.

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Posted by Nancy (Surprise, Az) on 03/09/2010

I would be interested in hearing from people who are inhaling hydrogen peroxide and their experiences of doing so. Please contact me at: [email protected]. I would like to ask questions. Thank you.

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Posted by Anthony (Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa) on 11/08/2009

There is one question regarding 35% Food grade H2O2 I would like to know?

I mix 35% with distilled water 11 to 1 and store it in a Plastic spray bottle in my bathroom which is cool. This container is the type you would buy from your local hardware store to mix weed killer etc. My concern is that the plastic may contain toxins which could leech into and may contaminate the H2O2? I know glass is pure and clean?

Replied by Annie

Hi, do not store your HP in glass bottle. buy a bottle of HP 3% at the drug store and replace the contents with the mixture you have made, be sure to label it.

Replied by Mama
(London, Ontario)

Can you or anyone tell us why we shouldn't store H2O2 in glass bottles? I just figured it would be way healthier than plastic. Annie from Mexico didn't let us know why when she said that we shouldn't use glass.

Replied by Crabby
(Townsend, Delaware, Usa)

because it expands overtime ,, and would break a glass container.. h2o2 should be stored in a plastic bottle with the cap slightly loosened.. best in fridge and never frozen.. AND SAFE FROM CHILDREN..

Replied by Tamara
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Another reason that food grade peroxide shouldn't be in a glass container is because H2O2 is heat and light sensitive. Without using a dark, opaque container, the H202 will dissolve into oxygen and water faster than you'd like (and it doesn't keep indefinitely anyway, that's why drug store brands have "stabilizers"). The glass' inability to withstand expanding from the oxygen is very dangerous, but if you're used to fermenting things in glass containers this wouldn't be the biggest worry. Keep your H202 in a cool, dark place in an opaque, dark container to keep it as long as possible. Good luck and be careful!

Replied by David
(Rogersville, Mo)

I just read this concern about not freezing H2O2 and I store my 35% FG in the freezer, but it does not freeze as I have to assume the freeze point is lower than the freezer temp goes, which is around -2 degrees below F. So it may seem that 3% could freeze at a standard freezer temp, but it appears the freezing point for 35% may be lower and safe to store in a home freezer. Anyone have advice on this?

Replied by Pauline

Don't store 3% FGHP in the freezer. I did overnight and it expanded and leaked so now I keep it in the fridge.

Replied by Robert
(London, England)

Hi Pauline,

I'm in London with copd. Can you tell me where I can get 35% H202?


EC: Hi Robert,

Our "Where to Buy Food Grade Peroxide" page has a few posts on the UK: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_where_to_buy4.html#UK

Replied by Pauline
(Cheshire, Uk)

Hi Robert

Bought 3% FGHP from www.bobbys-healthy-shop.co.uk. They also sell 35% and other goodies.

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Posted by Gary (New York City, New York) on 10/12/2009

I am an avid believer in HP however, I am not completely clear on how to always use it. For example, the 85 year old man who uses a uses a nasal spray pump to cure his prostate cancer etc - I do not even know what a nasal spray pump is, where you can get it and HOW to use it. That should be explained. Also, I read where Ted suggested you can drink it but it has to be a certain percentage and strength BUT what happens MOST on this site is that there are clear instructions often missing and where to get the devise or product from. Just print the exact name and a web site or email address or telephone number. By doing that you simply making a suggestion your not giving advise. We are allowed to give our opinions without it beinc illegally construed as medical advise. Thx - Gary

EC: Detailed instructions for Bill Munro's technique, as well as his email and telephone # are at the top of the page! https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_inhalation.html

Replied by Dez
(Beatty, Oregon)

First; Zinc lozenges stop throat Coughs and prevent Flu and Cold virus from replicating them selfs. Not a cure, but you can sleep and recover, usually in 3 days. I am a very healthy 78 and do not use drugs or know a doctor. I have and do take Vitamins and supplements for many years. Because of an article on the internet about a Dr F R Klenner (Deceased 1984) I increased my Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) intake to bowel tolerance (light, non toxic diarrhea). Your body's way of telling you have enough ascorbic acid. Two to six Grams a day is healthy for most people. If your immune system is depleted, it may want more, maybe, much more. Listen to your Body. I do. My big change was my enlarged prostate and having to get up several time at night. No more. Others, more flexible, better balance, no joint pain. I feel better now than ten years ago. I just discovered Hydrogen Peroxide therapy this week and and EARTH CLINIC tonight, thank you very much. Love the feed back stories. If you are persistently sick or exhausted, look for a immune system deficiency. Dr Klenner said that, Quote: "Unless the white blood cells are saturated with ascorbic acid, they are like soldiers without bullets." Ascorbic Acid Produces Hydrogen Peroxide in our bodies!!! Interesting, yes! Dez

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Posted by Deb (Slanesville, West Virginia) on 07/19/2009

I am truly amazed. I can hardly believe this Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation WORKS! It can't get any easier to get healthy again. It's a miracle! What a discovery! Mr. Munro is a GENIUS and my HERO!

Anyone who understands and appreciates HP should watch this cartoon, The Sunshine Makers (link below)....JUST FOR FUN! It was made in the 1930's and I'm betting that "sunshine in a bottle" is really Hydrogen Peroxide! HA!!! I hope you enjoy the cartoon.


Replied by Kathryn
(Hicksville, Oh)

To Deb from Slanesville WV

OMG that was just too good. And I think you are right, they are making Hydrogen Peroxide : )


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Posted by firsttimer (Detroit, Michigan) on 05/03/2009

I have really bad GERD which has done some damage to my esophagus causing me to have bad breath. I decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation after reading the Yeas and Nays. I only did a few squeezes into the back of my throat and it Burned. Not an I will never do this again, burn but a burn never the less. Is this normal or could it be because my throat is raw from the GERD?

Replied by H202Lover
(Phoenix, AZ)

I have done this a number of times and it has only burned a small amount when I had a sore throat last winter. So I am guessing it's your gerd. You might want to try another remedy until the rawness goes away.

Replied by Mark
(Aiea, Hawaii)

My throat also burned using hydrogen peroxide and I don't have GERD, so I diluted it with distilled water in a one to one ration then it didn't burn anymore.

Replied by Sarah
(Tuscon, AZ)

I keep a solution of pure water and H202 (20:1 ratio) on my bathroom sink for oral cleansing. I once had a stomach acid back up so bad I felt as though I had drank battery acid ( not too much exaggerating it was soooo painful), so I ran to the bathroom and sprayed enough of my sol. to gargle with and INSTANT relief. Not 100% but I stopped crying. I did it again and then followed this by mixing 1 TBS acv and 1/2 tsp of organic baking soda. what a life saver!


did you dilute 35% to 20/1 or 3%

Replied by Linda

Hi there... I have had great success with Mastic Gum for taking care of GERD... it is related to h.pylori.

H. Pylori

Posted by Linda (Tennessee) on 07/17/2016

Hi there... I have had great success with Mastic Gum for taking care of GERD... it is related to h.pylori.

H. Pylori
Posted by Jeanette (Surrey, Canada) on 01/08/2010

Do you know if the hydrogen peroxide inhalation spray will kill the h pylori virus?

Hair Colour

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Posted by Gethsemane (London) on 06/11/2022

Dear All at the wonderful EC Community,

I have experimented with hydrogen peroxide as per Bill Munro's recommendations for the past year and a half.

I have a few questions relating to the use of HP 3% (inhalations, drops) and its ability to restore hair colour. I know there is a bit of a dichotomy here in that science says that HP buildup is the cause of loss of hair colour yet Bill had an amazing thatch of dark hair! Can anyone explain this phenomenon and can you please report any successes! I would love to hear as would like to stop dying my hair!!!

I'm happy to start posting pics of my hair journey if I get results like Bill and see where this takes us all in the movement to using more traditional remedies where appropriate as opposed to pharmaceutical ones. please post your pics too if you've had success!

Replied by VG
(Makati City, Philippines)

Can I use non-food grade hydrogen peroxide for nose and throat spays? I ask this question because food grade HP isn't sold in pharmacies here.

(Kitchener On)


I used Blackseed Oil and my hair from Grey went back to brown.

1-2 times a week I rubbed Blackseed Oil on my head 1min.-2 min. Then shampooed hair. My wife rubs her hair and puts a shower cap on over night then shampoos out in morning. Her hair is thick and soft from doing it that way. I think HP is bot good idea..

God Bless