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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 06/30/2010

There's a rumor going around on a few other websites that Bill Munro, creator of the H202 inhalation method, has Alzheimer's. In fact, a couple days ago we posted a feedback from Carolyn on this subject. Well, we just received a telephone call from Bill asking us to please remove Carolyn's post as he does not have Alzheimer's! We did.

Bill told us that there is one man posting nasty things about him on various websites after he called Bill 3 times to harass him with question after question. He apparently told Bill that he should never have posted the H202 inhalation cure on the net because Bill is not a doctor.

Bill admits that he doesn't have a great memory for names, but for sure he doesn't have Alzheimer's.

We love you, Bill!

Replied by Tahiti
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

I second that (We love you, Bill)! Please continue providing us with your valuable and life-saving information. God bless you! Tahiti

General Feedback
Posted by Geoff (Birch Run, Michigan, Usa) on 04/10/2010

I have made two post stating my experience with peroxide inhalation. You have not posted either. I am starting to think this site is very misleading and this is dangerous. I started with what felt to be the beginning of the common cold. I did exactly what the site said and it got worste. At first I thought maybe it just did not work and I was getting worste because the cold itself. Now I am convinced I am feeling worste because of the peroxide. I have been doing it for two days now and I notice that I get a fever shortly after doing this. As time goes on the fever slowly goes away. If I try the peroxide again, wam, fever and chills back. Now I am starting to get really tired and my vision is really shifty. I noticed too that my hands are sicly white looking color and almost scaly looking. If I don't see my experience soon for other readers can see this, I will contact my good friend Ken Horn (State Represent. Michigan in Saginaw County). I do have a few other friends. I am not doubting that this may have worked for some, but I am starting to doubt now that you are not posting comments of someone like me. How many others like me are there that you are purposely not posting. Probably let the one or two "nays" on here to fool everyone.

EC: Hi Geoff,

Thank you for your concern. However, you are incorrect that your feedback has not been posted on Earth Clinic. We always post the NAYS and the Warnings on the site. There is no issue here. If someone is experiencing side effects with one of the remedies, we want to know.

One of your posts was approved and has been on the site for the past 2 days. You can check out the rss feed to see exactly when it was published. If you are a registered user, please check your account to see where your feedback has been posted.

Should you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


P.S. It can take up to 48 hours (or more) for posts to be reviewed and approved for the site.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
510 posts

Hello Geoff from Birch Run, Michigan,

Sorry you are having problems and hope you are much better now. Had a little trouble with some of your spelling but think I got the gist of your complaints: beginning of common cold, used peroxide and got worse, now decided that worse because used the peroxide. Not sure what the return of "wam" means (did you mean warmth & fever?) or did you mean, try the peroxide again - Wham! fever & chills return? Your really tired is easy enough to understand, but your "shifty vision" leaves me wondering if you mean nystagmus or what some people call "dancing eyes" or something else?

First question I have is how did you use the peroxide, - orally, inhalation, external or what???? I tried the oral peroxide a long time ago and found that my stomach just couldn't tolerate it, so gave it up.

After reading about Bill's ingenious method of inhaling the drug store variety of peroxide, my curiosity got aroused and I tried it with his drug store variety. I tried it a few times and my stomach did not object to inhalation of H202 since it didn't pass through my GI tract and it worked wonders for opening both my chest and head up. OK! Figuring it would work just as well and probably better without any stabilizers in it, I purchased some 35% food grade peroxide to eliminate the stabilizers and use it more often than before. No problems whatever except for the taste of the small amount left in my mouth that didn't get inhaled and the benefits derived far out weigh that small distaste of H202.

As for the sickly color, almost scaly look of your hands, I can't say what that might be. If sickly color is "white & cold" makes one wonder if you might have Raynaud's disease. However, one can never rule out some weird reaction to anything, even a food, vitamin or mineral. My hands get icy cold, pale when exposed to some smelly perfumes.

I was told by a worrried grandmother whose young granddaughter kept having recurrent urinary tract infection, that when they finally played detective (as instructed) with everything that went in her mouth and found the problem, I was dumbfounded when she named Flintstone vitamins as the culprit causing the recurrent UTI's. After some thought, it seems more likely that it was the food coloring and the chemicals used to flavor them up like candy that caused the problem, not the vitamins. My suggestion to her was to get the child some uncolored and unflavored vitamins to take. They did and no problem with the vitamins then. If you think it is the peroxide, then I definitely would not repeat it.

If you think it might be the stabilizers in the drug store variety of H202, you might try the food grade without stabilizers to see if that is the problem. If you were trying it any method other than inhalation, try it that way to see if it makes a difference. WARNING!! If you are using a higher concentration of peroxide, be sure to dilute it down to the 3 to 3.5% solution before trying it by inhalation or any other method.

AS for the yeas and nays - I have read many of both on EC. I even read of one on EC who reacted to MSM, which I have been taking for at least 15 years with no problems, and none of the other people who started using it when I told them that it helped me, have ever had any problem with it yet.

Some unlikely things do seem to work wonders. Did you ever hear of the "chicken manure" tea the old folks used to brew up in the old days? That really blew my mind when I heard it. No way was I ever going to knowingly try it. Well, in reading a book on the history of medicine, I was astounded by reading that they first found aureomycin (an early antibiotic) in the white part of the chicken manure, which is the part that my mother said the old folks used to make their chicken manure tea. Well, maybe it would work, but my total anatomy rebels against the thought of it so I will just keep on taking my pokeweed berries (which I grew up believing to be poison), and other herbal remedies.

Hope you are feeling fit as a fiddle and no longer in need of any "doctoring" for any ailments. As the old fellow said when asked to what he attributed his longevity: "The main thing is just keep on breathing". Been practicing it ever since I read it.

General Feedback
Posted by Nancy (Surprise, Az) on 03/09/2010

I would be interested in hearing from people who are inhaling hydrogen peroxide and their experiences of doing so. Please contact me at: [email protected] I would like to ask questions. Thank you.

General Feedback
Posted by Anthony (Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa) on 11/08/2009

There is one question regarding 35% Food grade H2O2 I would like to know?

I mix 35% with distilled water 11 to 1 and store it in a Plastic spray bottle in my bathroom which is cool. This container is the type you would buy from your local hardware store to mix weed killer etc. My concern is that the plastic may contain toxins which could leech into and may contaminate the H2O2? I know glass is pure and clean?

Replied by Annie

Hi, do not store your HP in glass bottle. buy a bottle of HP 3% at the drug store and replace the contents with the mixture you have made, be sure to label it.

Replied by Mama
(London, Ontario)

Can you or anyone tell us why we shouldn't store H2O2 in glass bottles? I just figured it would be way healthier than plastic. Annie from Mexico didn't let us know why when she said that we shouldn't use glass.

Replied by Crabby
(Townsend, Delaware, Usa)

because it expands overtime ,, and would break a glass container.. h2o2 should be stored in a plastic bottle with the cap slightly loosened.. best in fridge and never frozen.. AND SAFE FROM CHILDREN..

Replied by Tamara
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Another reason that food grade peroxide shouldn't be in a glass container is because H2O2 is heat and light sensitive. Without using a dark, opaque container, the H202 will dissolve into oxygen and water faster than you'd like (and it doesn't keep indefinitely anyway, that's why drug store brands have "stabilizers"). The glass' inability to withstand expanding from the oxygen is very dangerous, but if you're used to fermenting things in glass containers this wouldn't be the biggest worry. Keep your H202 in a cool, dark place in an opaque, dark container to keep it as long as possible. Good luck and be careful!

Replied by David
(Rogersville, Mo)

I just read this concern about not freezing H2O2 and I store my 35% FG in the freezer, but it does not freeze as I have to assume the freeze point is lower than the freezer temp goes, which is around -2 degrees below F. So it may seem that 3% could freeze at a standard freezer temp, but it appears the freezing point for 35% may be lower and safe to store in a home freezer. Anyone have advice on this?

Replied by Pauline

Don't store 3% FGHP in the freezer. I did overnight and it expanded and leaked so now I keep it in the fridge.

Replied by Robert
(London, England)

Hi Pauline,

I'm in London with copd. Can you tell me where I can get 35% H202?


EC: Hi Robert,

Our "Where to Buy Food Grade Peroxide" page has a few posts on the UK: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_where_to_buy4.html#UK

Replied by Pauline
(Cheshire, Uk)

Hi Robert

Bought 3% FGHP from www.bobbys-healthy-shop.co.uk. They also sell 35% and other goodies.

General Feedback
Posted by Gary (New York City, New York) on 10/12/2009

I am an avid believer in HP however, I am not completely clear on how to always use it. For example, the 85 year old man who uses a uses a nasal spray pump to cure his prostate cancer etc - I do not even know what a nasal spray pump is, where you can get it and HOW to use it. That should be explained. Also, I read where Ted suggested you can drink it but it has to be a certain percentage and strength BUT what happens MOST on this site is that there are clear instructions often missing and where to get the devise or product from. Just print the exact name and a web site or email address or telephone number. By doing that you simply making a suggestion your not giving advise. We are allowed to give our opinions without it beinc illegally construed as medical advise. Thx - Gary

EC: Detailed instructions for Bill Munro's technique, as well as his email and telephone # are at the top of the page! https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_inhalation.html

Replied by Dez
(Beatty, Oregon)

First; Zinc lozenges stop throat Coughs and prevent Flu and Cold virus from replicating them selfs. Not a cure, but you can sleep and recover, usually in 3 days. I am a very healthy 78 and do not use drugs or know a doctor. I have and do take Vitamins and supplements for many years. Because of an article on the internet about a Dr F R Klenner (Deceased 1984) I increased my Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) intake to bowel tolerance (light, non toxic diarrhea). Your body's way of telling you have enough ascorbic acid. Two to six Grams a day is healthy for most people. If your immune system is depleted, it may want more, maybe, much more. Listen to your Body. I do. My big change was my enlarged prostate and having to get up several time at night. No more. Others, more flexible, better balance, no joint pain. I feel better now than ten years ago. I just discovered Hydrogen Peroxide therapy this week and and EARTH CLINIC tonight, thank you very much. Love the feed back stories. If you are persistently sick or exhausted, look for a immune system deficiency. Dr Klenner said that, Quote: "Unless the white blood cells are saturated with ascorbic acid, they are like soldiers without bullets." Ascorbic Acid Produces Hydrogen Peroxide in our bodies!!! Interesting, yes! Dez

General Feedback
Posted by Deb (Slanesville, West Virginia) on 07/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am truly amazed. I can hardly believe this Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation WORKS! It can't get any easier to get healthy again. It's a miracle! What a discovery! Mr. Munro is a GENIUS and my HERO!

Anyone who understands and appreciates HP should watch this cartoon, The Sunshine Makers (link below)....JUST FOR FUN! It was made in the 1930's and I'm betting that "sunshine in a bottle" is really Hydrogen Peroxide! HA!!! I hope you enjoy the cartoon.


Replied by Kathryn
(Hicksville, Oh)

To Deb from Slanesville WV

OMG that was just too good. And I think you are right, they are making Hydrogen Peroxide : )


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Posted by firsttimer (Detroit, Michigan) on 05/03/2009
0 out of 5 stars

I have really bad GERD which has done some damage to my esophagus causing me to have bad breath. I decided to try the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation after reading the Yeas and Nays. I only did a few squeezes into the back of my throat and it Burned. Not an I will never do this again, burn but a burn never the less. Is this normal or could it be because my throat is raw from the GERD?

Replied by H202Lover
(Phoenix, AZ)

I have done this a number of times and it has only burned a small amount when I had a sore throat last winter. So I am guessing it's your gerd. You might want to try another remedy until the rawness goes away.

Replied by Mark
(Aiea, Hawaii)

My throat also burned using hydrogen peroxide and I don't have GERD, so I diluted it with distilled water in a one to one ration then it didn't burn anymore.

Replied by Sarah
(Tuscon, AZ)
5 out of 5 stars

I keep a solution of pure water and H202 (20:1 ratio) on my bathroom sink for oral cleansing. I once had a stomach acid back up so bad I felt as though I had drank battery acid ( not too much exaggerating it was soooo painful), so I ran to the bathroom and sprayed enough of my sol. to gargle with and INSTANT relief. Not 100% but I stopped crying. I did it again and then followed this by mixing 1 TBS acv and 1/2 tsp of organic baking soda. what a life saver!


did you dilute 35% to 20/1 or 3%

Replied by Linda

Hi there... I have had great success with Mastic Gum for taking care of GERD... it is related to h.pylori.

H. Pylori

Posted by Linda (Tennessee) on 07/17/2016

Hi there... I have had great success with Mastic Gum for taking care of GERD... it is related to h.pylori.

H. Pylori
Posted by Jeanette (Surrey, Canada) on 01/08/2010

Do you know if the hydrogen peroxide inhalation spray will kill the h pylori virus?

Hair Colour

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Posted by Gethsemane (London) on 06/11/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Dear All at the wonderful EC Community,

I have experimented with hydrogen peroxide as per Bill Munro's recommendations for the past year and a half.

I have a few questions relating to the use of HP 3% (inhalations, drops) and its ability to restore hair colour. I know there is a bit of a dichotomy here in that science says that HP buildup is the cause of loss of hair colour yet Bill had an amazing thatch of dark hair! Can anyone explain this phenomenon and can you please report any successes! I would love to hear as would like to stop dying my hair!!!

I'm happy to start posting pics of my hair journey if I get results like Bill and see where this takes us all in the movement to using more traditional remedies where appropriate as opposed to pharmaceutical ones. please post your pics too if you've had success!

Herpes Outbreaks, Allergies

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Posted by Silverark (Kelowna, Bc) on 01/19/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation-Holistic Therapy for Lungs: A pump can be bought in the traveller's section in the pharmacy at Walmart. It comes along with the small clear bottles for airline flights. I have controlled a nasty herpes infection with this. I also use it cut to 1.5% to clear clogged nose from allergies, and the allergies are MUCH less prevalent. There are many benefits to this. I wouldn't go through a day without it anymore. Thumbs up, Earth Clinic.

High Altitude

Posted by Hot___rocks (Albuquerque, Nm) on 04/01/2015

Hi! I've been battling with an ongoing staph infecting for about 5 years now. ABX obviously don't work & I've been using minerals as ABX whenever the boils/cysts presents itself.

I've used H2o2 IV's in the past, but they are so incredibly expensive I haven't been able to keep up with them long enough to eradicate this bacteria fully (though it's definitely weakened). I think nebulizing with H2o2 is the ticket & after reading so much about your experiences and successes, I'm sold.

I'm worried about nebulizing H202 in high altitudes. Should this be a concern? I'm between 5,000 - 7,000 feet above sea level and I've only just moved here, so my lungs have been feeling a slow readjustment to new altitude.

Thanks for any help/input. x Mallory

Replied by Dl
(Little Rock)

Turmeric is the answer to boils, staph - I have used after learning on EC for years. Buy a very large bag at the local Indian grocer, take a teaspoon at a time several times a day when you have boils, works wonders, dries up quick, pain stops. Search the site and read all about this spice.


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Posted by Cured (Anonymous) on 01/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with HPV (the kind that causes genital warts). I inhaled the peroxide for about 2 weeks, and put one cap ful of Rite Aid peroxide in a 20 ounce bottle of water. I went to the doctor for my annual in Nov, and the HPV was gone.

Replied by Randall
(Portland, OR)

Anonymous, I too am interested in this for the sake of treating HPV. A few questions for you.
1) Did you actually have the warts, or were you just diagnosed with that strain? If so, how did the warts react as you proceeded with the treatment.
2) You said that you ingested H2O2 with water as well. With what frequency did you do this? Was your capful in 20 oz. taken daily, weekly, etc.?


I never realized anyone had replied to my comments, but I came back looking for information on fibroids. Anyway, I was diagnosed with HPV, and the warts were present. There was only like one or two small bumps at the back of the vagina closer to the anus. I drink the hydrogen peroxide three times a day, and inhaled I think six times a day. I can't remember when I drink the peroxide in relation to meal time. I'm currently doing it now and I am doing it 1 hour before a meal. I pumped the nasal sprayer five or six times in the back of my throat while inhaling.


Warts disappeared.

Replied by Anonymous
(Brooklyn, New York)

How many pumps of the spray did you do each day and did you drink the h202 1 hour before meals etc?


I followed the Bill Munro instructions for peroxide in relation to meal time. I did slip up a couple of times, and I remember feeling bubbling up in my stomach, but no pain or anything. I'm currently doing it now and I am doing it 1 hour before a meal. I pumped the nasal sprayer five or six times in the back of my throat while inhaling.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Methods

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Posted by Sharon (Perry, Oklahoma) on 09/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Not reporting a cure yet. Hope that comes at some point. Just found a method for inhalation of peroxide that works well for me. I had an old Nebulizer and tubing from a prior run at the doctor for acute bronchitis and exasperated copd. I did not have a pump anymore, as it was a rented one.

I diluted the peroxide by mixing it with distilled water, 2/3 water to 1/3 peroxide 3%. I measured that mixture into the medicine cup, and, don't laugh, attached the tubing to a bicycle tire pump. I am currently taking 3 to 6 pumps, aiming for at least 3 times a day. After the first treatment, I got a little dizzy, but that quickly passed, and while I don't exactly feel energizer bunny just yet, I feel more alert. Hope to have an update soon.

Thanks for the wonderful information on your site. Sharon

Replied by Chris
4 posts

How are you doing with it?

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy for Children

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 09/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy And Children

Well, I have been reading about Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation therapy, at Earth Clinic, of course. Somehow it was very intimidating to me. But I kept reading because I really wanted to try it on my daughter. She is 9 and has asthma. She had a lot of trouble 18 months ago and we did a lot of natural things and she was better. But it just recently flared up again and nothing was helping her for long. I finally tried the inhalation therapy. I thought I would share what I did for other parents who wanted to try it.

I took a glass colloidal silver bottle with a spray top and emptied it into another container and cleaned it out. (I wanted to be sure to use a food grade container. ) I filled it with 3% hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy. (I have food grade around but am terrified that I will mix it wrong and have a disaster. ) First, I tried it on me. I just sprayed it into the back of my mouth and inhaled. Then I tried this on my daughter. She is 9 and petite. I had her exhale, then spray towards the back of her throat and inhale. At first we did one spray twice a day. Now she does 2 sprays, inhales, then 2 sprays. When she starts wheezing, if she does this, the wheezing stops.

I do have her taking a number of herbs to minimize her allergies and that helps. (She takes nettles and quercetin. I am also giving her Evening Primrose Oil and Dandelion Root daily. ) At night we use an essential oil diffuser and diffuse good oils for her lungs. She has hardly wheezed at all since we started that. But she does wheeze if she plays hard, but she knows to come in and spray peroxide and take a dose of nettles.

Hope this will help another parent. I am so grateful for all the stories on earth clinic!


~Mama to Many~

Replied by David
(Central, Sc)

Several years ago, my grand daughter, who is going on 9 yrs, developed breathing problems. My daughter took her to the doctor, where they prescribed ambuterol, to be delivered by a nebulizer, which was furnished as well. It was about that time that I discovered Earth Clinic, and was diligently searching for an alternative solution... Came across the hydrogen peroxide section, and of course, was fascinated and motivated to change our course of action. Doing so with food grade hydrogen peroxide, I noticed significant relief to her breathing... Still use that nebulizer to this day for all kinds of stuff, I.E. Home made colloidal silver, baking soda, magnesium oil, etc... Anyway I wanted to add something that I came across almost at the same time that I added to the equation about a month later. Namely, Vitamin D3. I found a chewable tablet form in 5,000 I.U. by now products, and I would (and still do to this day) crush the tablet up and give to her on the spoon accompanied with some raw milk. Bottom line: no more asthma symptoms. Now, every once in a blue moon, if she gets stuffed up nasally, I simply spray 3% food grade up her nostrils, one spray, using one of those nose sprayer formula bottles procured from the dollartree store for, you guessed it, a dollar. Hope this compliments the otherwise rich knowledge procured from this blessed site!

Replied by Mama To Many
(Tennessee, Usa)


Thanks so much for sharing! I do give my daughter Vitamin D also. Forgot about that. I do that to help prevent colds; didn't realize it was good for asthma.

Thanks for sharing a source for nasal sprayers--that is helpful. Are you saying you use the nebulizer to get baking soda, magnesium and colloidal silver to the lungs? Is that for asthma too, or something else? Also, how much of those do you use? I have thought about getting a regular nebulizer for such things.

Really appreciate your input and experience. Thanks!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Elida
(Houston, Tx)

Hi just Read your experience and if your daughter still have strong allergies try Honey suckle plant scientific name Justicia spicigera in spanish muitle

My daughter had asthma and exema you need 8MG of the fresh plant put it to slow boil in 1/2 a litter of water for 20 min the tea is extremely red it barely taste herbal u can ad honey or sugar. But she needs to drink it daily as many times she can my daughter is difficult to take new things but after one week her wezing stopped, and her skin is really clear she needed singular pills daily and loratadine and some times outside an inhaler now she takes loratadine before petting an animal but she does not Start wheezing as before just by being near now she dont take meds daily.

My husband and I started with the tea just as healthy caution you can read about the plant and benefits of it it's great youll be amazed hope you're daughter gets of the meds too god bless