Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Guide: Bill Munro Method

| Modified on Feb 11, 2024
Side Effects
Posted by Betsy (Federal Way, WA) on 12/17/2023

I have been trying to use the Hydrogen peroxide inhalation method but when the mist hits my throat, it burns and I begin coughing. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong, or am I just sensitive. Maybe I should dilute the peroxide.

Lung Issues
Posted by Jimmy (Oregon) on 12/14/2023 2 posts

According to Dr. Tom Levy, 3% H202 can be nebulized without dilution if one can tolerate it. I did just that when I came down with Covid in 2019. After the first couple of days I began to dilute it, and I never had any lung issues in spite of the fact that I was 62 with asthma. Anytime now that I feel that I'm getting sick, which isn't often, I go to the H202.

Lung Issues
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 12/10/2023

@ Brenda

To explain mycoplasma pneumonia would take a book. It is beyond what I can teach you here.

As far as the “vaccine” being given to people via throat swab rather than injection? Cows are Vaccinated with a Swab in their Nose. The technology to do this is also in existence.

How to vaccinate calves intranasally


Nanoparticles for nasal vaccination


Hydrogel nanoparticles and nanocomposites for nasal drug/vaccine delivery


Nasal vaccine innovation



#1 The swabs are coated with EO “Ethylene oxide”. There are potential health risks associated with the use of EO. Specifically, if a person breathes in EO. It can increase the risk of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer and cancer of the white blood cells, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, and lymphocytic leukemia.

The mainstream media was lying and saying they swab manufactures were not using EO in the swabs but through a FOIA request in UK, it was proven that manufactures of covid nasal swabs were indeed putting EO on the nasal swabs. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/freedom-of-information-responses-from-the-mhra-week-commencing-26-april-2021/freedom-of-information-request-on-use-of-ethylene-oxide-to-sterilise-swabs-used-in-testing-for-covid-19

#2 The Covid nasal swab test has nanobot technology on it that can change your DNA. I refer to this artice; Researchers engineer tiny, shape-changing machines that deliver medicine to the GI tract 'Theragrippers' are inspired by a parasitic worm that clamps onto its host's intestines. Johns Hopkins University researchers have designed tiny, star-shaped microdevices that latch onto intestinal mucosa and release drugs into the body. They could easily be putting this into people's brain via swabbing.

Source: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/newsroom/news-releases/2020/11/johns-hopkins-researchers-engineer-tiny-shape-changing-machines-that-deliver-medicine-efficiently-to-the-gi-tract

#3 It is my opinion that the PCR tests were RIGGED to show positive results! In 2020 Africa Tanzania President Magufuli, who had consistently downplayed the effect of the virus shocked the world. Tanzanian security forces randomly obtained non-human samples, including from a pawpaw fruit, a goat, motor vehicle oil and a sheep. All of them he says had been found to be positive to Covid-19.



Lung Issues
Posted by Brenda (Kentucky) on 12/10/2023

Hi Rob, I learned about that just a couple days ago! Can you share more about mycoplasma pneumonia? I've never had the covid shot but did have covid in December 2020, which was a very mild case of sinus congestion and chest tightness. A couple days later I had a required covid test via throat swab for an elective surgery. I was told the next day that I was positive for covid and surgery was canceled. I've had mild lung issues ever since. I was recently diagnosed with three viruses: mycoplasma pneumonia, cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus. Very curious to me since I'm very healthy, eat very well and exercise. Have you ever heard of the “vaccine” being given to people via throat swab rather than injection?

Lung Issues
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 12/07/2023

Mycoplasma Pneumnia is being called “White Lung Pneumnia” by the media. It is an attempt to cover-up a adverse reaction side effect from taking the Sars-2 Covid19 vaccine. Pfizer has known that the vaccine causes mycoplasma pneumonia and it is listed by Pfizer Confidential Report that was never meant to be seen by the public.

Proof of this can be found in;


It was Restricted: Confidential Information (but was forced to be made public under a federal court order)



Look on page 36

Listed as “Pneumonia mycoplasmal”

In other words…. It's a cover-up so the public never makes the connection between the covid vaccine shot and its adverse effects….

Lung Issues
Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 12/07/2023

Thank you Daren from florida. You gave a very well detailed explanation of what worked for you! With all the sickness going around, this may help someone! RSV is hitting our area with a vengeance! My nephew had it hit his lungs hard! And with the new "white lung" disease from Asia already here in America, we all need to be prepared!

Lung Issues
Posted by Daren (Florida) on 12/06/2023

I recently was sick for about 7 weeks. This came as quite a surprise because I'm only 38 and have been living my most healthy life for the past 18 months. Whatever happened to my body it took ahold of me like nothing I've ever had before. Particularly my lungs, and throat. But especially my lungs. I was taking NAC, Vit C, Selenium, B's, Zinc, and about 8 other things by the LITERAL HANDFULS! I threw everything AND the kitchen sink at this problem. All my essential oil tricks, steam inhalations, everything...I've been a reader of this site since I was 17-18 years old. I'm 38 now! Wow time flies.

I've known about the Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation method for many years but I never tried it....until now. I was always afraid. I was always able to fix my problem some other way even with antibiotics (of which I took many for several weeks). But this time I couldn't fix myself with my old tricks and I became desperate.

I began the Hydrogen peroxide inhalation about 7 days ago. I'm currently about 90% better. I started with 0.1% diluted solution on day 1. (0.9% standard saline mixed with 3% hydrogen peroxide) Note that is 29 parts 0.9% saline mixed with 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide. 29:1 ratio.

0.1% helped immediately. But I quickly learned my improvements were only short lived. 1-3 hours. I slowly and cautiously began to increase the dilution %. Next I tried 0.2%, then 0.3%, then 0.4%, all the way up to about 0.5%

I believe 6ml of water or saline mixed with 1ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide is the sweet spot. This creates a mixture resulting in dilution of 0.429%

I used store bought standard peroxide purchased at any drug store or pharmacy. I made my purchases in Philippines and Thailand. I could not find "food grade" but I believe many standard brands do not contain any additives or stabilizers. The reason the bottles are brown or opaque and the reason they say 'do not shake' is because they become unstable otherwise. I think many brands are actually "food grade" but they cannot label them as such.

My philosophy when it comes to the hydrogen peroxide method is to not concern yourself with which brand but just start the protocol as soon as possible if you are having difficulty breathing. It works! And it's amazing. It works within minutes.

I primarily used a nebulizer to inhale the solution. At first I used a cheap tiny baby nebulizer. Then I purchased a bigger more powerful one. Make sure to use a compressor type/piston type nebulizer. Not the ultrasonic kind, and not the handheld portable kind. I noticed the more powerful ones help push the mist down into your lungs better. I also like Bill's method of using the mister nasal spray bottle. The reason I like that method is because it's very convenient and you can keep it in your pocket and do it anywhere. Frequency of this protocol is paramount. You must do it at regular intervals. I've found 4-5 times a day is good.

Thanks earthclinic! And thank you to everyone who has made contributions over the years. This protocol is a miracle!

Posted by Tonya M. (Canyon Lake, Texas USA) on 11/09/2023

Hi Bill,

Here in the USA most people are unaware that the FDA decided to change iodine in our salt to bromine in 1973. Bromine is an iodine uptake blocker, resulting in more people being iodine insufficient.

The fact that 50% of the population is not using the bromodized salt and are choosing to use sea salt shows that many are waking up to their health being in their hands.

Posted by Galina (Usa) on 11/08/2023

Did you use 3% hydrogen peroxide and how many minutes?

Posted by Magi (Florida) on 11/08/2023

There is a book called one minute miracle. It has a lot of good information about hydrogen peroxide

Breathing Issues
Posted by Rene (Idaho, USA) on 11/05/2023

i hope people know, who are reading these posts, 12 years later (2023) that since the popularity of that "Amaz**" amazing store, even in the USA, we can purchase 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide as easy as picking up our cell phones. sure its a little more expensive than the dollar store, but why take the chance?? Food grade is EASY to order on line and probably safer than topical. And while im advocating for quality of product... while nose spray is good, perhaps, for inhalation; a hand-held NEBULIZER produces much finer (smaller) particles which is much easier to absorb in the lungs. Less than $50 at that "amazing" store. You could "breath" in a 1/2 teaspoon of water w/ H2O2 in one quick inhale (followed by coughing like you just got pool water in your lungs! YUCK! Or you could gently inhale that same 1/2 teaspoon of water w/ H2O2 over say 10 minutes... no coughing. easy and gently absorbed.

Posted by Alex (Paris FRANCE) on 11/02/2023


Im alex im 37 yo, I started HP inhalation since 2 weeks, I can notice a great boost of energy when I take it. When I take in the morning it wakes me up instantly, no need for coffee.
My athlete foot also gone, I also did some hot bath with some HP in it.

Thanks to earth clinic

Multiple Cures
Posted by Clay (KY) on 07/23/2023

The doctors or the curative method? Just kidding, this is all so well researched over many years by medical doctors and their published papers. It's the universities that are holding it back in their curriculum. If a doctor does hear about it he has to be convinced and that's not easy with their intentionally biased learning process. It's supposed to be the practice of medicine but as many of us know it's the practice of a dogma. They are missing out on helping so many people.

Lung Issues
Posted by Edward (New York) on 07/05/2023

If you use a drop of 3% HP, use the same amount of distilled water. That would dilute the 3% HP in half, which would be 1.5%. In short, dilute the 3% HP in the same amount of distilled water.

Hair Colour
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 06/18/2023


I used Blackseed Oil and my hair from Grey went back to brown.

1-2 times a week I rubbed Blackseed Oil on my head 1min.-2 min. Then shampooed hair. My wife rubs her hair and puts a shower cap on over night then shampoos out in morning. Her hair is thick and soft from doing it that way. I think HP is bot good idea..

God Bless


Hair Colour
Posted by VG (Makati City, Philippines) on 06/17/2023

Can I use non-food grade hydrogen peroxide for nose and throat spays? I ask this question because food grade HP isn't sold in pharmacies here.

Posted by Eddie (Franklin, Ohio) on 05/04/2023

I put about a tablespoon of h2o2 in my cpap machine every nite. Have not had any problems in doing this. It has stopped almost all of my blowing my nose of morning to get congestion out. I used to be stopped up every morning. Not much at all now.

Lung Issues
Posted by Patrick (MT) on 04/28/2023

I use 3% in nebulizer for 1 minute 6 times a day. Is there any information or informed opinion, is this good or bad?

Posted by Andi H. (Mannheim, Germany) on 04/23/2023

You can inhale ALL inorganic antiseptics, and I tried what I could get hold of. ALL are not only antiviral, but also anti-* for any pathogen one-celled or smaller. Lyme, Malaria, other one-celled parasites, mould and yeasts, and viruses. Probably all work the better, the smaller the pathogen. Proven for CIO2 (Prof. Noszticzius, ChIorine Dioxide is a size-selective antimicrobial agent). ALL dissolve (micro-) blood clots, yes, even the spike-knit ones not accessible to our enzyme system for some, most died suddenly cases seem to have this problem. ALL alas softly soothe the immune system (suspect some anti-CCR5 similar pathway, inactivating H1-state monocytes, have to dig literature on this). ALL inactivate the pathogenic effects of the spike and help to get it dismantled. (See WCFH spike detox https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/spike-protein-detox-guide/ for accompanying interventions like nattokwinase and ivermectin etc. )

Dose: Important is to do dosen finding, as here we want to archive systemic therapy. So get some toxicology papers and try to find out NOAL, No Observable Adverse Events Level (of dosing, mostly per day). Stay below, measure the day's dose, and distribute in small portions like 6-10, for a day. Then do dose finding inhalation by starting at a low dose, and mindfully testing for breathability, before, during and after the inhalation session, use known volume (measured by syringe from pharmacy, buy some 2ml 5ml 10ml etc., insulin ones are iU 0.5ml and 1ml available, very fine needles can measure 1/20ml). Use repeatable inhalation style: switch on only while breathing in, keep breath a bit... If later letting inhaler run, just double dosing per session in ml. Testing free breathability: by quickly inhaling and exhaling by mouth and mindfully asserting any resistance (if ill and coughing, there is often some, but it shall not deteriorate by the intervention! If available, use a flow test for lungs. If very sensitive, first, some 1/2 hour beforehand, inhale some anti-allergic nasal spray 3 puffs, since expensive, let run only while breathing in, and keep breath if possible, maximizing resorption and repeatability). Now for the next inhaling session you go one click higher in dosing, e.g 1,5x or similar.

For correctness, you have to pause and observe degradation of free breathability also a while after inhalation. Since the effects of slightly inhaling above tolerance wane quickly, you wait for the lungs to calm down before inhaling with a lower dose. This concentration is then your personal maximum limit per session. You can try to inhale a bit longer, again, this is the same test. The best treatment is prevention, and to try this out while healthy and have trained the steps and have some buffered H2O2 eg in fridge, greatly helps. I could not muster the inner resistance to try this out when I first was ill from some flu, though I already read about the scarce papers. Then we inhaled: - always add or fill up to e.g. 0.9% salt, tried 0.4-2% salt. The more, the more astringent it is, which is nice if producing too much mucus in lungs or upper respiratory tract. One can even bring in fog in the caves of middle ear and sinuses, by applying undepressure, inhaling fog, and applying cautiously some overpressure. We have some inhaler that does this by a second membrane driven by 50Hz magnet without rectifying valve, they call it bolus, massaging your mucosa in nose and depositing tiny volumes of fog in the "cave-lets" of our head. Quite hollow, the thing... (Inhaler is called Pari Sinus). - H2O2 we tried 0.1-2% (3% did not degrade breathability, but was too scratchy in my throat, I thinned by 0.9% Dead Sea or stone salt water;) (Buffer! see below) See: Https://www.janssendentalclinic.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/H2O2-nebulization-therapy-3.19.2020.pdf And Rapid Virus Recovery free ebook by same author, blessed Dr. Thomas Levy..:: Https://rvr.medfoxpub.com/ -PVP-I (10% 0.7ml ... 3% 2.5ml) - NaHClO (200..800ppm)

Lungs did not complain in this concentration at all. Kids inhaled freely whenever wanting to treat CoV or flu symptoms. Smaller kids do not like the scent and the bit scratchy feeling, dilute, effective starting at ca. 100ppm. The preferred inhalative.) We buy mouth or wound wash solution electrolytically produced, very pure, and Cl2 free, stabilized by pH 6 or so, readily inhalable, as salt water is the basis for producing it. Papers did it with 200ppm, but we just reduced inhalation time from 5-10mins to ca. 2 mins or 20 deep breaths for the kids, which fits for all kinds of ages, against respiratory illness, and repeat as often as you like, eg. each waking hour. At night, for little one, inhale a bit sparingly, not to produce too much fluid for them having to cough. For noon nap we timed at 30min before wake-up, as "coughing out mucus" is then taking place while awake again. - CIO2(aq) max.5ppm for us: not really inhalable, as alveoli irritating at some point, which makes up the "self-warning" function: you really have to cough, so obey and retreat. Gets toxic for lungs >15ppm, so 3x buffer from coughing point. Do not force it. But if you do not have to cough or feel any irritation, it is safe. The nice side of self warning function. Yes, CIO2 is very hacked upon, but yes, it is 10x more efficient than even H2O2 and NaHClO. Still, compared to 800ppm NaHClO or 2% H2O2, it is a bit weak. So remember it when you can not get hold on some alternative that is more suitable to inhale. ClO2 is self-distributing in air, you can use this for an easy inhalation of upper respiratory system and tracheae, but not alveoli. So be quick and prevent infections from sliding down! Use e.g some empty beverage carton (tetrapak) and cut away the bottom. Place some cotton fleece wiper (thin!) on one side wile putting it flat on the table. Pour eg 4ml CDS = 4ml CIO2(aq) 0.3% on the fleece, perhaps thin a bit if coughing, and breath in through the top opening. Keep bottom closed with some foil if not breathing in. I have to try this and optimize it. By 4ml you do a quick systemic intake of 12mg CIO2. (NOAEL is 3mg/kg/day, for 70kg person 70ml ClO2(aq)0.3% are 210 mg ClO2. Take 1/10 of that as one session dose max.. If you cough, breath in more slowly, or dilute with some drops to ml. of water. THIS is possible to use for 8 billion people at once, simultaneously. We have not enough nebulizers for any other method! Full stop. THIS is why I did the experiment on myself, first by placing a tight blanket over me like doing a vapor bath, 17cm plate, distribute 4ml CIO2 0.3% with fingers to shallow pond. 2-3mins later 90% were evaporated from the water (you can see if collecting the fluid back in a glass: yellow color is proportional to cncentration. You can even DIY some 3€ spectrometer measuring difference between purple (best 380nm) and red absorption. - NO Nitric monoxide: generators are placed at every respirator. Demand run time protocols, as I feel no pandemic in hospitals is really possible If this is running in systemic dosing to free lungs of clots. I have not tried this yet, for god' sake, thanks. Perhaps you can test it if not ill if you work there. Try getting NOAEL for systemic effects. For sour tasting solutions as H2O2 or some PVP-I, you have to buffer, neutralize, it to "just not tasting sour" any more. You can use your tongue as "pH meter", which is precise enough. We found we do quite reliably reach ca. pH 6.5 which is perfect for still being somewhat stable for some days and perfect for the mucosa. Buffer solution: we used sodium bicarbonate 0.5% solution (one flat tea spoon solved in one litre of water), and trickled it in. (For 0.05% phosphorus acid in H2O2, used as very needed stabilizer against degradation on shaking on transport etc., we needed ca. 1% from H2O2 volume of the buffer solution, so 50ml H2O2 would be buffered by 0.5ml buffer solution.) It is very easy to do, and in fridge or lying around in shade, I did not perceive any degradation in strengths even in weeks. But the recommendation is "buffer volume needed for some days". All the best!

Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 03/09/2023

SteefenJo, it is obviously too concentrated for her. Either use MUCH less h2o2, or have her breathe the vapors of hot water with a spritz of h2o2. A nebulizer is very direct, try a farther way of breathing it.

Posted by SteefenJo (Netherlands, Zoetermeer) on 03/08/2023

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method:

My wife has now used it for the first time, via a nebulizer, but she felt the first time that her throat was being squeezed. My wife has COPD. Does this happen more often and what could you do about it?

About Bill Munro
Posted by L Hall (Brooklyn NY) on 03/07/2023

Thanks for sharing, I wondered why he started using his technique.

Lung Issues
Posted by Verbena (Chicago, IL) on 02/19/2023

Hi Robert. I stink at math...please help me figure this out :). I bought food grade hydrogen peroxide at 3% strength, I know it sounds stupid but how do I get that to 1.5? I realize it's half, but what would be the water/hydrogen peroxide ratio?

Thank you in advance! I'm so happy to hear your positive story and that you are sharing it. We are not getting anything from the docs so thank GOD for this site.

Posted by Victoria (MO) on 02/02/2023

Your youtube video showing how you nebulize hydrogen peroxide is locked...

Posted by Bethany (el paso) on 01/19/2023

3% is 1/12th of 35% ( 3x12=36 Close enough). To go from 35% to 3%, you need to 1/12 of the solution-H2O2 and the other 11/12 of the solution in distilled water. 1:11 is the ratio. So if you use 1 oz of 35% H2O2, add 11 oz of distilled water and you will have 3%.

Lung Issues
Posted by John (North Carolina) on 11/27/2022

Robert, I do the same thing. I buy food grade 35% H2O2 by the gallon and cut it to 1 1/2 by 22 to 1 dilution with distilled H2O. I breath it in my nebulizer to control my serious lung condition and it never fails. O3 also works, another discussion, tho! John

Posted by Tricia Rae (Tampa, FL) on 11/21/2022

I've experienced some foaming too when using Bill Munro's Inhalation Therapy. I started using it a year ago next month when I caught covid. I had a bad hacking chest cough (just talking would bring it on) and knew I had to get it under control as I refused to go to a hospital to be put on a ventilator. I started the 3% HP in a nasal pump and inhaled it approximately 5 to 7 pumps initially 4 to 5 times a day. There was foaming which didn't bother me as I would just spit out. Within 2 days I was no longer waking up at night coughing or coughing during the day. Was able to enjoy Christmas with no cough. I still use it 2x daily and I cannot believe what a miracle it has been for me.

Lung Issues
Posted by Robert (LA) on 11/16/2022

Jeannie, I realize this is waaay past the time frame you wrote with in however, I spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital in the fall of 2021 with the Delta version of COVID and a case of pneumonia which I've been told comes very often with that version of COVID.

After getting out of the hospital and another month in rehab learning to walk again, I was sent home with various inhalers and steroids, along with two different nebulizer treatments to be taken daily.

I kept all this crap up until the end of May when I ended up back in the hospital with pneumonia again! They pumped me full of steroids and sent me on my way only to feel the congestion building again by mid July. I had a Pulmonologist appointment for the second week in September but didn't think I was gonna make it that long with the way I was feeling.

I had already been researching the possibility of using food grade H202 diluted with distilled water and used in my nebulizer and that was exactly what I did. I had a large syringe so I used 2 cc's of 12% food grade H202 mixed with 6 cc's of distilled water (bring the dilution to 1.5%). takes about 35-40 minutes to inhale, coughed frequently while doing this the first few days and by the 5th day, I realized the congestion was gone!!!

Told my Pulmonologist about this when I saw him in September and he looked at me like I had just fallen off a turnip truck! Poor man didn't have a clue about H202 treatments and didn't feel comfortable suggesting I continue it.

I now take a nebulizer treatment with the above mentioned twice a week and am doing well at breathing. I have gone from walking 100 yards before all but dying to walking 6 miles a day.

I have a Spirometry exam next month ( lung capacity test) and a lung catscan which may show lung improvement ( I was told I had 'excessive' scar tissue within my lungs).

I came within a few hours of being best friends with a pine box while in the hospital, but God decided he didn't want me quite yet so here I am today still being a pain in the kazoo!

I must admit I am only on the website infrequently but please leave any questions.

Posted by Jen (Australia) on 11/09/2022

RE Bill Munro's Inhalation of H202.. this is going to be used mainly to hopefully reduce, kill off, a large tumor, any breathing / lungs would be secondary.

I have reduced 35% to the 3% H202 as recommended, but am not sure if I got it right? As there be a fair bit of "foaming" in the mouth, after pumping several times when inhaling the 3% H202 we only experienced this when doing the One Minute Cure protocol when one increases the drops every day to 25 and then goes backwards! .. But was not expecting this foaming with 3% H202, and yes it is Food grade diluted. Thanks for your thoughts!

EC: Hi Jen,

Yes, there is typically foaming from the leftover 3% peroxide, and should be spat out. I mentioned this in EC's peroxide inhalation YouTube instructional video from 2014. Deirdre

Multiple Cures
Posted by beyond sensory (Tampa, FL) on 11/09/2022

I took it internally years ago, and even though I built up the intake amount slowly, at a certain point (like 10 drops), my stomach got upset. The inhalation method it's more effective, as it goes right to your blood stream from the lungs, without interfering with gastric juices.

Posted by Linda (Michigan ) on 10/30/2022

Make your own saline 1tsp pink Himalayan salt to 16oz of distilled water. Equals .09 the same as human fluid.

Posted by My Personal Action (Wilmington, DE) on 08/08/2022

Here is my protocol - with anything respiratory or sinus related. Look up Dr. Brownstein - he developed this protocol in the 90's……I use it and haven't gotten sick -

You Need:

1. A desktop nebulizer with a nose and mouth mask

2. 3 ml normal saline solution

3. Two drops of 2% Lugol's Iodine

4. One drop of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Always keep these items on hand - nebulize as needed!

Posted by Rebecca (Traralgon, Victoria) on 08/04/2022

My mum & I both used a nebuliser with HP solution when we had covid, it has a mask covering our mouth&nose. No worries with it. I found that the vapour rising up from the mask would aggravate my eyes so would sit with my eyes closed or use my hand to deflect vapour away from eyes.

General Feedback
Posted by Sarah (Alberta) on 08/03/2022

Hey, it is not recommended to use the medical(?) grade, only food grade. It can be found online in 12% or 35% I believe.

Posted by Lorraine (TN) on 07/26/2022


I am using the Bill Munro hydrogen peroxide protocol, but recently I had to nebulize with albuterol. Is it safe to nebulize with albuterol and inhale the hydrogen peroxide on the same day?

Breathing Issues
Posted by Randy Burns (IL) on 07/09/2022

Just use OSHA root tincture to cleanse lungs. The best!

Breathing Issues
Posted by michael (Virginia) on 07/06/2022

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation:

hi I just tried it and feel better already, like my lungs opened up.

Panic Attacks
Posted by Susan (California) on 06/26/2022

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation for Panic Attacks

I used a sinus inhaler (the kind used for head colds). I rinsed it well and filled it with H2O2. I pumped it 2-4 times into the back of my mouth, sucked it in as hard as I could and held it for 5-10 seconds. Do that 3-4 times and do it 3-4 times a day. I noticed within 2-3 days that I no longer had panic attacks. I would do the inhaling whenever I went out to the store, or whatever, and within 2 weeks I found that I didn't need to do it anymore. I always thought that the panic attacks were tied to my ADHD but...I don't know how it worked, it just did.

Hair Colour
Posted by Gethsemane (London) on 06/11/2022

Dear All at the wonderful EC Community,

I have experimented with hydrogen peroxide as per Bill Munro's recommendations for the past year and a half.

I have a few questions relating to the use of HP 3% (inhalations, drops) and its ability to restore hair colour. I know there is a bit of a dichotomy here in that science says that HP buildup is the cause of loss of hair colour yet Bill had an amazing thatch of dark hair! Can anyone explain this phenomenon and can you please report any successes! I would love to hear as would like to stop dying my hair!!!

I'm happy to start posting pics of my hair journey if I get results like Bill and see where this takes us all in the movement to using more traditional remedies where appropriate as opposed to pharmaceutical ones. please post your pics too if you've had success!

About Bill Munro
Posted by Tina (Queensland) on 05/31/2022

Mary, use 1/4 teaspoon of 3% H202 and add 7 1/4teaspoons Saline solution this gives you a concentration of .1%.

To make a saline solution : Add 1 teaspoon salt (Himalayan & not iodised and not sea salt as it contains nano particles of plastic) to 2 cups cooled sterilized water (boiled tank water or distilled water (no tap water) allow it to dissolve. This makes a .9% saline solution. Or you can buy saline from a chemist shop.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Mary (New York ) on 04/27/2022

Was happy to see you spoke of the proper way to use h2o2 with distilled saline solution. I have lost my "recipe". Can't find it on Mercola.com. I thought I had saved it but....... Could you please remind me what it is? I have 3% food grade. How much of that to how much salt to how much distilled water to make the solution. And could you please use teaspoons or ounces? I mistakenly left my jar with the recipe in Florida. Thank you so very much!

Posted by Angie (Ontario) on 04/22/2022

I bought mine at amazon.ca

Multiple Cures
Posted by Tom (Montreal) on 04/20/2022

UV-C germicidal light with Ozone will kill airborne bacteria, virus, mold pores, and even mold inside walls. For room size of up to 600 sqft, I'd get a light with at least 30-Watts with a remote control timer & use it for an hour every few weeks as needed. Since UV-C light is harmful to eyes, exposed skin, plants, animals, the room must be vacated and well-ventilated afterward to get rid of ozone gas.

Daily Use of Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Bev (Dallas Tx) on 03/20/2022

Is it recommended to do the H202 inhalation therapy even when you are not sick? just for good health?

Breathing Issues
Posted by Camille (Texas) on 02/26/2022

Hi Belle, I was wondering what zeolite and fulvic acid you are using?

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by H2O2 (Memphis, TN) on 02/05/2022

I have been using this method with a nebulizer for years. I inhale several times, 2-3 times per day. I used to get the flu twice a year, every year. Since I started H2O2 therapy I have not had even a cold or sniffle in the last 10 years! Could not worry less about Covid.

I have also used it more intensively to help with detoxing (longer sessions 4 times a day), and on the 2nd or 3rd day experienced an intense Herxheimer reaction immediately after, which proved beyond a doubt the effectiveness of this therapy.

Posted by Gail (USA) on 01/07/2022

Coughing and sneezing are the ways the body gets rid of what doesn't belong there. This is why cough suppressants are not a good idea. Coughing and sneezing following an HP treatment show that the HP is breaking down the mucus and its unhealthy contents and expelling it.

Posted by Dale (Darlington, SC 29532) on 01/02/2022 1 posts

Is it important to get food grade hydrogen peroxide as opposed to the "brown bottle" 3% for a nebulizer?

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Posted by Beverly (Texas) on 12/27/2021

Amen Misty..............there is a thing out there called Google........

Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 11/16/2021

Linda, Bill Munro -- the man who basically invented the H202 inhalation method, used regular ol' 3% hydrogen peroxide -- in that good ol' brown bottle -- and extended his life by 14 years. It doesn't have to be the pricey 'food-grade' 35%.

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Posted by Jeannie (ID) on 11/10/2021

God Bless you. I am too all over the internet and found Bill Munroe's recipe as I am trying to save my father from post covid 5 weeks now. How many times a day and how often did your dad nebulize? My dad seems to want it every 2-4 hours and he takes 3 big inhales. Can he take all that is in the little container which is attached to his nebulizer? it only holds 2 tbsl. The box said that the container where the peroxide and water goes is 1 treatment but so worried we do not want to overdo it. Did you use water or saline? I am using 1 part HP and 3 parts purified water. He has to have his inhaler at night to open his breathing up or he will not sleep and panic. we are going on day 3 of nebulizing and he said he feels it is helping him but I'm wondering if we are not giving him enough. They gave him an xray and told him he has scar tissue from covid but hoping the nebulizer will heal him. Thank you for your post as I am hanging on to everything I read to help save my dad. God Bless you.

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Posted by Minerva (AZ) on 10/25/2021

Glad I came across this website. I began Oxygen Therapy (known as Brown's gas too) and I coughed more nasty stuff off my chest. I will try this Mr. Munro's protocol... God bless him and earthclinic for sharing this helpful tip.

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Posted by Marsha gail (Georgia) on 09/23/2021

It may help for the 1st week of treatment to sleep in an adjustable chair, at least until you stop coughing up all the toxins. Cancers, viruses Can't live in oxygen rich environment! Have you included Oxygen therapy? Best 2 you!

Posted by Rob (Somewhere in Europe) on 09/16/2021


With a chronic condition such as asthma, you want to be more cautious than the rest of us. However, this doesn't mean you want to quit and stop trying to improve yourself.

If the 3% peroxide irritated me, then I would try a 1.5% peroxide solution. Further, if I found the 1.5% peroxide was too much for me, then I would try a 1% peroxide solution. I would start at a relatively low percentage level where I felt comfortable. Then, and only then, would raise my dosage to a higher percentage level.

In one study H2O2 was slightly irritating at 2.2 ppm, but not at 0.5 ppm.

View https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22677343/

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Posted by Teena (Victoria) on 09/14/2021 233 posts

You might further dilute to 1 or 1.5% for a time, and add some zinc and vitamin c to support the cleansing and milk thistle or Dandelion for the liver. After a week try the 3% again, the 1 or 1.5% will be of benefit too just slower

Best to you.

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Posted by Bella Donna (Suffolk) on 09/13/2021

I've recently been trying the Munro mouth spray with 3% good grade HP and I have noticed feeling slightly woozy afterwards, I haven't seen any mention of this effect elsewhere. Should I stop doing it?

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Posted by Bethany (TX) on 09/12/2021

To make 3% solution for your nebulizer using your 35% food grade H2O2, dilute in this ratio: 11:1. So for instance, if you have a mini nebulizer that only holds 1 oz, use 5.5tsp (that would be eleven 1/2 tsp) distilled water and 1/2 tsp 35% H2O2. That will give you a 3% solution for your nebulizer.

Posted by Volker (Berlin (Germany)) on 09/09/2021

It would be a good idea for you to get this book written by Thomas Levy MD. He explains a lot about nebulizing HPO. You can also download a free copy:

Posted by MissM (New York ) on 09/08/2021

Here's what I used for Covid - mine lasted 8 months.

I purchased Ayr saline and used two ways.

First emptying it out and filling it with FOOD grade 3 percent

hydrogen peroxide and inhaling it into lungs as shown in video on this website.

Ayr saline with two drops 5 percent lugols solution as a protective nose spray.

I used mucinex to remove fluid from lungs - warning this can be intense. I had copious fluid in my lungs that caused my voice to change, and coughing everyday for hours. Does it work yes, but you will be coughing up a lot of fluid.

Eucalyptus steams for lung. Boiled distilled water, no more than two drops of eucalyptus ESSENTIAL oil, NOT fragrance oil which is synthetic. Boil water, add to bowl with drops of essential oil. Let cool for a few minutes and steam lungs as long as you can.

Ipratropium Bromide nasal solution spray, if you are getting

runny nose which can land in the chest. This works and is very helpful.

I was diagnosed with COPD because doctors couldn't figure out how to help me. I did not use steroids!

Posted by Linda K. (Newburgh, IN) on 09/07/2021

I am 68 and currently fighting Cov. I have always been prone to bronchitis which can turn into bronchial infection and/or pneumonia. I feel it is leaning toward pneumonia and I've been told to nebulize hydrogen peroxide.

All I have is the usual 3% solution, but even I've been told I can use this, I should dilute it with saline. I only have a nasal saline solution that is 0.65% sodium chloride solution. Does anyone know how to use these?

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Posted by PK (Phoenix, AZ) on 09/07/2021

I have been on the HP therapy for two months. I'm feeling loads better. Down to using Flovent and Albuteral twice a day. Thank you for posting all things said about it.

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 09/07/2021 404 posts

I've never tried lime juice but lemon juice under the arms will not only stop the odor there but also remove it from whatever you're wearing.

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Posted by Glenn (Easthampton, MA) on 09/06/2021

Could not find anything with the "lime juice" search.

Do you mean you dilute lime juice and spray that into mouth/nose? or put in nebulizer?

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Posted by sorcha (TX) on 09/04/2021

inhalation works-definitely getting BACK ON TRACK as so sick & tired of being sick & tired--prescribed crap is crap, same for doctors touting them-will try later the 3 drops peroxide in each EAR as theeee ears/eustachions have ME going insane vertigo, pain nonstop dammmmit--I BELIEVE BILL M testimony

peroxide therapy

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Posted by Nancy (Missouri) on 08/29/2021

Dr. suspects I also have MAC. Asthma and COPD symptoms although I have never smoked. Couple of spots on my lungs. Been getting increasingly worse except for a year when I took IV ozone treatments. I am trying the peroxide inhalation method but 5-6 times a day was creating a sore throat so I have cut back to 3 times a day, hoping to slowly build up. Can anyone explain to me why a person has trouble sleeping when inhaling h202 later in day? Thanks for any and all input. I am desperate to breath better without meds.

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Posted by Linda (SC) on 08/22/2021

That is very interesting that you can use your nebulizer and put liquid MSM in it? Where do you get your information? I'm very interested. I use saline in mine.