Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method by Bill Munro

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Posted by Jen (Australia) on 11/09/2022

RE Bill Munro's Inhalation of H202.. this is going to be used mainly to hopefully reduce, kill off, a large tumor, any breathing / lungs would be secondary.

I have reduced 35% to the 3% H202 as recommended, but am not sure if I got it right? As there be a fair bit of "foaming" in the mouth, after pumping several times when inhaling the 3% H202 we only experienced this when doing the One Minute Cure protocol when one increases the drops every day to 25 and then goes backwards! .. But was not expecting this foaming with 3% H202, and yes it is Food grade diluted. Thanks for your thoughts!

EC: Hi Jen,

Yes, there is typically foaming from the leftover 3% peroxide, and should be spat out. I mentioned this in EC's peroxide inhalation YouTube instructional video from 2014. Deirdre

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Posted by beyond sensory (Tampa, FL) on 11/09/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I took it internally years ago, and even though I built up the intake amount slowly, at a certain point (like 10 drops), my stomach got upset. The inhalation method it's more effective, as it goes right to your blood stream from the lungs, without interfering with gastric juices.

Posted by Linda (Michigan ) on 10/30/2022

Make your own saline 1tsp pink Himalayan salt to 16oz of distilled water. Equals .09 the same as human fluid.

Posted by My Personal Action (Wilmington, DE) on 08/08/2022
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Here is my protocol - with anything respiratory or sinus related. Look up Dr. Brownstein - he developed this protocol in the 90's……I use it and haven't gotten sick -

You Need:

1. A desktop nebulizer with a nose and mouth mask

2. 3 ml normal saline solution

3. Two drops of 2% Lugol's Iodine

4. One drop of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Always keep these items on hand - nebulize as needed!

Posted by Rebecca (Traralgon, Victoria) on 08/04/2022
5 out of 5 stars

My mum & I both used a nebuliser with HP solution when we had covid, it has a mask covering our mouth&nose. No worries with it. I found that the vapour rising up from the mask would aggravate my eyes so would sit with my eyes closed or use my hand to deflect vapour away from eyes.

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Posted by Sarah (Alberta) on 08/03/2022

Hey, it is not recommended to use the medical(?) grade, only food grade. It can be found online in 12% or 35% I believe.

Posted by Lorraine (TN) on 07/26/2022


I am using the Bill Munro hydrogen peroxide protocol, but recently I had to nebulize with albuterol. Is it safe to nebulize with albuterol and inhale the hydrogen peroxide on the same day?

Breathing Issues
Posted by Randy Burns (IL) on 07/09/2022

Just use OSHA root tincture to cleanse lungs. The best!

Breathing Issues
Posted by michael (Virginia) on 07/06/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation:

hi I just tried it and feel better already, like my lungs opened up.

Panic Attacks
Posted by Susan (California) on 06/26/2022
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Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation for Panic Attacks

I used a sinus inhaler (the kind used for head colds). I rinsed it well and filled it with H2O2. I pumped it 2-4 times into the back of my mouth, sucked it in as hard as I could and held it for 5-10 seconds. Do that 3-4 times and do it 3-4 times a day. I noticed within 2-3 days that I no longer had panic attacks. I would do the inhaling whenever I went out to the store, or whatever, and within 2 weeks I found that I didn't need to do it anymore. I always thought that the panic attacks were tied to my ADHD but...I don't know how it worked, it just did.

Hair Colour
Posted by Gethsemane (London) on 06/11/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Dear All at the wonderful EC Community,

I have experimented with hydrogen peroxide as per Bill Munro's recommendations for the past year and a half.

I have a few questions relating to the use of HP 3% (inhalations, drops) and its ability to restore hair colour. I know there is a bit of a dichotomy here in that science says that HP buildup is the cause of loss of hair colour yet Bill had an amazing thatch of dark hair! Can anyone explain this phenomenon and can you please report any successes! I would love to hear as would like to stop dying my hair!!!

I'm happy to start posting pics of my hair journey if I get results like Bill and see where this takes us all in the movement to using more traditional remedies where appropriate as opposed to pharmaceutical ones. please post your pics too if you've had success!

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Posted by Tina (Queensland) on 05/31/2022

Mary, use 1/4 teaspoon of 3% H202 and add 7 1/4teaspoons Saline solution this gives you a concentration of .1%.

To make a saline solution : Add 1 teaspoon salt (Himalayan & not iodised and not sea salt as it contains nano particles of plastic) to 2 cups cooled sterilized water (boiled tank water or distilled water (no tap water) allow it to dissolve. This makes a .9% saline solution. Or you can buy saline from a chemist shop.

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Posted by Mary (New York ) on 04/27/2022

Was happy to see you spoke of the proper way to use h2o2 with distilled saline solution. I have lost my "recipe". Can't find it on Mercola.com. I thought I had saved it but....... Could you please remind me what it is? I have 3% food grade. How much of that to how much salt to how much distilled water to make the solution. And could you please use teaspoons or ounces? I mistakenly left my jar with the recipe in Florida. Thank you so very much!

Posted by Angie (Ontario) on 04/22/2022

I bought mine at amazon.ca

Multiple Cures
Posted by Tom (Montreal) on 04/20/2022

UV-C germicidal light with Ozone will kill airborne bacteria, virus, mold pores, and even mold inside walls. For room size of up to 600 sqft, I'd get a light with at least 30-Watts with a remote control timer & use it for an hour every few weeks as needed. Since UV-C light is harmful to eyes, exposed skin, plants, animals, the room must be vacated and well-ventilated afterward to get rid of ozone gas.

Daily Use of Peroxide Inhalation
Posted by Bev (Dallas Tx) on 03/20/2022

Is it recommended to do the H202 inhalation therapy even when you are not sick? just for good health?

Breathing Issues
Posted by Camille (Texas) on 02/26/2022

Hi Belle, I was wondering what zeolite and fulvic acid you are using?

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by H2O2 (Memphis, TN) on 02/05/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this method with a nebulizer for years. I inhale several times, 2-3 times per day. I used to get the flu twice a year, every year. Since I started H2O2 therapy I have not had even a cold or sniffle in the last 10 years! Could not worry less about Covid.

I have also used it more intensively to help with detoxing (longer sessions 4 times a day), and on the 2nd or 3rd day experienced an intense Herxheimer reaction immediately after, which proved beyond a doubt the effectiveness of this therapy.

Posted by Gail (USA) on 01/07/2022

Coughing and sneezing are the ways the body gets rid of what doesn't belong there. This is why cough suppressants are not a good idea. Coughing and sneezing following an HP treatment show that the HP is breaking down the mucus and its unhealthy contents and expelling it.

Posted by Dale (Darlington, SC 29532) on 01/02/2022 1 posts

Is it important to get food grade hydrogen peroxide as opposed to the "brown bottle" 3% for a nebulizer?

Breathing Issues
Posted by Beverly (Texas) on 12/27/2021

Amen Misty..............there is a thing out there called Google........

Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 11/16/2021

Linda, Bill Munro -- the man who basically invented the H202 inhalation method, used regular ol' 3% hydrogen peroxide -- in that good ol' brown bottle -- and extended his life by 14 years. It doesn't have to be the pricey 'food-grade' 35%.

Lung Issues
Posted by Jeannie (ID) on 11/10/2021

God Bless you. I am too all over the internet and found Bill Munroe's recipe as I am trying to save my father from post covid 5 weeks now. How many times a day and how often did your dad nebulize? My dad seems to want it every 2-4 hours and he takes 3 big inhales. Can he take all that is in the little container which is attached to his nebulizer? it only holds 2 tbsl. The box said that the container where the peroxide and water goes is 1 treatment but so worried we do not want to overdo it. Did you use water or saline? I am using 1 part HP and 3 parts purified water. He has to have his inhaler at night to open his breathing up or he will not sleep and panic. we are going on day 3 of nebulizing and he said he feels it is helping him but I'm wondering if we are not giving him enough. They gave him an xray and told him he has scar tissue from covid but hoping the nebulizer will heal him. Thank you for your post as I am hanging on to everything I read to help save my dad. God Bless you.

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Posted by Minerva (AZ) on 10/25/2021

Glad I came across this website. I began Oxygen Therapy (known as Brown's gas too) and I coughed more nasty stuff off my chest. I will try this Mr. Munro's protocol... God bless him and earthclinic for sharing this helpful tip.

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Posted by Marsha gail (Georgia) on 09/23/2021

It may help for the 1st week of treatment to sleep in an adjustable chair, at least until you stop coughing up all the toxins. Cancers, viruses Can't live in oxygen rich environment! Have you included Oxygen therapy? Best 2 you!

Posted by Rob (Somewhere in Europe) on 09/16/2021
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With a chronic condition such as asthma, you want to be more cautious than the rest of us. However, this doesn't mean you want to quit and stop trying to improve yourself.

If the 3% peroxide irritated me, then I would try a 1.5% peroxide solution. Further, if I found the 1.5% peroxide was too much for me, then I would try a 1% peroxide solution. I would start at a relatively low percentage level where I felt comfortable. Then, and only then, would raise my dosage to a higher percentage level.

In one study H2O2 was slightly irritating at 2.2 ppm, but not at 0.5 ppm.

View https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22677343/

Side Effects
Posted by Teena (Victoria) on 09/14/2021 235 posts

You might further dilute to 1 or 1.5% for a time, and add some zinc and vitamin c to support the cleansing and milk thistle or Dandelion for the liver. After a week try the 3% again, the 1 or 1.5% will be of benefit too just slower

Best to you.

Side Effects
Posted by Bella Donna (Suffolk) on 09/13/2021
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I've recently been trying the Munro mouth spray with 3% good grade HP and I have noticed feeling slightly woozy afterwards, I haven't seen any mention of this effect elsewhere. Should I stop doing it?

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Posted by Bethany (TX) on 09/12/2021

To make 3% solution for your nebulizer using your 35% food grade H2O2, dilute in this ratio: 11:1. So for instance, if you have a mini nebulizer that only holds 1 oz, use 5.5tsp (that would be eleven 1/2 tsp) distilled water and 1/2 tsp 35% H2O2. That will give you a 3% solution for your nebulizer.

Posted by Volker (Berlin (Germany)) on 09/09/2021

It would be a good idea for you to get this book written by Thomas Levy MD. He explains a lot about nebulizing HPO. You can also download a free copy:

Posted by MissM (New York ) on 09/08/2021

Here's what I used for Covid - mine lasted 8 months.

I purchased Ayr saline and used two ways.

First emptying it out and filling it with FOOD grade 3 percent

hydrogen peroxide and inhaling it into lungs as shown in video on this website.

Ayr saline with two drops 5 percent lugols solution as a protective nose spray.

I used mucinex to remove fluid from lungs - warning this can be intense. I had copious fluid in my lungs that caused my voice to change, and coughing everyday for hours. Does it work yes, but you will be coughing up a lot of fluid.

Eucalyptus steams for lung. Boiled distilled water, no more than two drops of eucalyptus ESSENTIAL oil, NOT fragrance oil which is synthetic. Boil water, add to bowl with drops of essential oil. Let cool for a few minutes and steam lungs as long as you can.

Ipratropium Bromide nasal solution spray, if you are getting

runny nose which can land in the chest. This works and is very helpful.

I was diagnosed with COPD because doctors couldn't figure out how to help me. I did not use steroids!

Posted by Linda K. (Newburgh, IN) on 09/07/2021

I am 68 and currently fighting Cov. I have always been prone to bronchitis which can turn into bronchial infection and/or pneumonia. I feel it is leaning toward pneumonia and I've been told to nebulize hydrogen peroxide.

All I have is the usual 3% solution, but even I've been told I can use this, I should dilute it with saline. I only have a nasal saline solution that is 0.65% sodium chloride solution. Does anyone know how to use these?

Breathing Issues
Posted by PK (Phoenix, AZ) on 09/07/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have been on the HP therapy for two months. I'm feeling loads better. Down to using Flovent and Albuteral twice a day. Thank you for posting all things said about it.

Side Effects
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 09/07/2021 335 posts

I've never tried lime juice but lemon juice under the arms will not only stop the odor there but also remove it from whatever you're wearing.

Side Effects
Posted by Glenn (Easthampton, MA) on 09/06/2021

Could not find anything with the "lime juice" search.

Do you mean you dilute lime juice and spray that into mouth/nose? or put in nebulizer?

Multiple Cures
Posted by sorcha (TX) on 09/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

inhalation works-definitely getting BACK ON TRACK as so sick & tired of being sick & tired--prescribed crap is crap, same for doctors touting them-will try later the 3 drops peroxide in each EAR as theeee ears/eustachions have ME going insane vertigo, pain nonstop dammmmit--I BELIEVE BILL M testimony

peroxide therapy

Lung Issues
Posted by Nancy (Missouri) on 08/29/2021

Dr. suspects I also have MAC. Asthma and COPD symptoms although I have never smoked. Couple of spots on my lungs. Been getting increasingly worse except for a year when I took IV ozone treatments. I am trying the peroxide inhalation method but 5-6 times a day was creating a sore throat so I have cut back to 3 times a day, hoping to slowly build up. Can anyone explain to me why a person has trouble sleeping when inhaling h202 later in day? Thanks for any and all input. I am desperate to breath better without meds.

Side Effects
Posted by Linda (SC) on 08/22/2021

That is very interesting that you can use your nebulizer and put liquid MSM in it? Where do you get your information? I'm very interested. I use saline in mine.

Posted by Sue (Westfield, IN) on 08/18/2021
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Is increased heart rate after HP nebulization normal?

About Bill Munro
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 08/15/2021

HI U ROZ,,,,,, ORH here and I have had cancer three times in my life and treated it differently as I learned. My doctors love me but they don't like me. That is the way with most marriages. All love their spouse, they just don't like them. I like my TRACTOR DRIVER and we have been married for almost 62 years. I think she likes me. I do tests that normal folks don't do, so I catch cancer in stage I or stage II. Cancer needs your body to be acid and low on oxygen. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Bill before he died and he is one of the good guys. Your immune system handles your problems until you old as dirt. At 84, I still do a garden because store stuff is garbage. We took tomatoes and peppers to church today to give to the congregation. My preacher keeps telling me that I can't work my way into heaven. I am taking no chances. My PSA test is telling me that I have prostate cancer, but I refuse to get a biopsy because all that does is spread the cancer all over your body. I inhale 1 and 1/2 % hydrogen peroxide every morning to open my nasal passages. I am doing the dog dewormer thing to address my prostate cancer. None of this amounts to a hill of beans compared to the evil that is consuming the world. I thank you for giving me a chance to get my message out.


About Bill Munro
Posted by Roz (SC) on 08/15/2021

How did the Bill Monroe method work for your blood cancer?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Minty Hanson (Moses Lake WA) on 06/23/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I just found this site and I'm really excited. I've been squirting food-grade H2o2 up my nose and gargling it .. whenever I felt a cold coming on. It worked! Everyone thought I was crazy. I wonder if anyone takes it internally. Any feedback on this?


About Bill Munro
Posted by David (QLD) on 06/19/2021
5 out of 5 stars

For your information, I actually chatted twice to Bill Monro over the phone a very nice genuine man. He is or was very very deaf. But we had a good conversation.

Afterwards I started using his method. I actually buy 6% HP which is easy to find and the same price as 3% so I just dilute it 50/50 .So I get twice as much, for the same money.

I have been doing this for about 11 years on and off. It really helps many different things that are going on in my body.

This time around, I intend to do this method for at least 6 months as I have chronic sunburn, So I'm now inhaling it and putting it onto my skin followed by DMSO to try and get it deeper into my skin.

Also I think it will help me with my normal aches and pains and some times FOGGY days I'm now 77, !!! Look great, but sometimes don't feel great So take care and I hope everything is working out for you.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/17/2021

Hello Victoria (Montreal) – I'm sorry to hear about your mom's news with her CT SCAN. Unfortunately, not ALL Remedies work for ALL individuals. 4 months is long enuff to see positive results from any remedy. This is just my 2 cents worth from my experiences in treating lung cancer.

I found this story on foreign webserver

Honey and Ginger Root: He Cured Himself From The Most Dangerous Type Of Cancer And Left The Doctor Shocked - 13 years ago, a man called Ante Kresic from Zagreb, was told he had one of the deadliest cancers- lung cancer. Moreover, he was informed that he won't live much longer.

Yet, he is a perfectly healthy man today, due to his natural cancer treatment with honey and natural herbs. He defeated lung cancer and now he keeps bees.

He was released from the hospital in April and he decided to try the honey treatment. After several months he went for a regular check-up in the hospital in Zagreb, and the doctors were shocked because he was still alive.

Hence, they advised him to proceed with consuming his homemade remedies and therapies. In summer, his disease was gone. When he had his blood checked, there was no sign that he has ever been ill.

Afterwards, Kresic decided to share his experience in order to help people with similar problems like his one.

The stories of Kresic and people like him serve as evidence that honey mixed with other natural spices as ginger, pine needles and other herbs can defeat cancer.

A woman from Bosnia also succeeded in defeating cancer with a mixture prepared from honey and ginger. She recommends that the honey used should be homemade, or bought from reliable beekeepers. She also shared her recipe, hoping to be able to help others.


Chop two big ginger roots and mix them with (18 oz ) ½ kg of organic honey.

Put the mixture in a glass jar and consume 1 tablespoon (use wooden or plastic spoon) 3-4 times a day. The first effects will be achieved in 4 days.

Remember to keep positive and never give up the struggle for your health, regardless of the doctors' predictions, for that is the first step to your improvement.

Herbs that have been tested in labs

Kava Kava Root taken internally as a tincture. Stops 99% of Lung Cancer In 2014, Xing and his fellow bioresearchers at University of Minnesota were looking into the reasons why the kava root has both positive and negative effects, which previously were not very well understood. The research team designed a blend of active kava ingredients, hoping to maximize kava's beneficial properties. In clinical trials with mice, this blend prevented the formation of 99 percent of lung cancer tumors even in the presence of tobacco carcinogens.


Formation in Mice: In this breakthrough experiment just published in Cancer Prevention Research Journal, extracts of kava ‪‬ fed to mice at low concentrations of 0.13 to 0.5% of their diet reduced lung tumour multiplicity by a stunning 99%. The minimum effective dose is actually not yet known since the smallest dose used here was just as effective as the highest dose in suppressing lung cancer. Researchers have also identified the key compounds responsible for kava's anti-cancer activity - known as "Kavalactone-enriched fraction B" (whereas fractions A and C have little anti-cancer effect). Importantly, the B fraction compounds appear to have no liver toxicity, which has been a concern with kava in the past. This may open the path to developing potent, all-natural medicines based on kava for cancer prevention and/or treatment. Note that kava has been served traditionally as a beverage among South Pacific islanders for centuries, and epidemiological evidence has linked kava consumption to an extremely low incidence of certain cancers in these populations.

Sour Sop - Also called graviola or guanabana, (Scientific name: Annona muricata) Laboratory research supports the potential benefits of soursop as a remedy for disease. The Cancer Center summarizes findings that suggest soursop extracts might slow growth of cancer cells or make them more susceptible to anti-cancer drugs. For example, in one study published in 1997 in "Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, " compounds from soursop were tested on breast cancer cells in culture and found to be up to 250 times more effective in killing the cells than some chemotherapy drugs. These laboratory studies with soursop are promising, but research with human subjects is needed to confirm its potential usefulness.

As far back as the 1970s, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) investigated the merits of guanabana, and discovered the stems and leaves of the tree were successful in destroying cancer cells. "Inexplicably, the results [of the NCI research] were published in an internal report and never released to the public. Since 1976, guanabana has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests, but as of now, no double-blind clinical trials, " reports Christopher Lane, Ph.D., in Psychology Today.

One study conducted at the Catholic University of South Korea and published in the Journal of Natural Products stated that graviola was 10,000 times more effective against cancer than the popular chemotherapy drug, Adriamycin. A second study from South Korea showed that graviola had no negative activity on healthy cells (unlike the devastating effects Adriamycin has on the body), as we saw previously. This study found that a compound derived from the leaves of guanabana was "selectively cytotoxic for the lung (A-549), colon (HT-29), and pancreatic (PACA-2) cell lines with potencies equal to or exceeding those of Adriamycin." And research in the Journal of Natural Products discovered that extracts of guanabana demonstrated pesticidal, antimalarial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Likewise, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center states that guanabana shows anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects in vitro and in vivo.


Burdock Root and Dandelion Root are always my two favorites.

Red Pepper (Cayenne) Compound Halts 91% of Lung Cancer. Beta-Cryptoxanthin, found abundantly in red bell peppers, was shown in this study to reduce the number of lung tumors by 91% in mice. It also markedly improved their survival: after 100 days all non-treated mice had died, but incredibly 94% of the mice being fed beta-cryptoxanthin were still alive.

Coconut Oil Kills 95% of Lung Cancer Cells in Vitro: Researchers have just discovered that an extract of virgin coconut oil markedly reduces viability of human lung cancer cells in vitro by up to 95%. Coconut oil is rich in cancer-fighting polyphenols and antioxidants, and is known to possess anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-HIV, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetes properties. It's also the richest dietary source of lauric acid, a medium chained fatty acid which severely disrupts cancer cells' metabolism. Coconut oil has already been used in a clinical trial with breast cancer patients, where just two teaspoons (10 ml) twice daily between chemo cycles significantly improved fatigue, sleep difficulties (insomnia) and loss of appetite.

Eggplant Compound Kills 99% of Lung Cancer Cells

Mango Compound Kills 99% of Lung Cancer Cells

Blood Orange Compound Stops 100% of Lung Cancer Growth

Grapefruit Compound Kills 92% of Lung Cancer Cells

Cabbage Kills 97% of Lung Cancer Cells

Oregano Oil Capsules (see below)

Garlic Boosts Anti-Cancer Immune Cells by 400% In Vivo: In this remarkable lab study, an extract of fresh garlic bulbs purchased at a local market potently increased the immune response of mice to breast cancer, boosting their T-cell proliferation by over 400%, and overall lymphocyte proliferation by 200%. Tumor infiltration by CD8+ cells also increased by 468%. All this resulted in 50% slower tumor growth, and the outright destruction of about 60% of the cancer cells in the tumors. Garlic is a powerful medicinal herb with wide ranging properties. Past studies have shown garlic (cooked or raw) consumption may reduce the risk of several cancers including colon, prostate and breast cancer. But emerging evidence now shows specifically that raw garlic may be a very powerful weapon against cancer - in a recent study, eating it twice weekly cut lung cancer risk by almost 50%. Anyone wanting to boost their immune system against cancer should consider adding raw garlic to their diet in addition to other measures such as mushrooms.


Researchers from the Jiangsu Provincial Center of Disease Prevention and Control have claimed that there is an association between eating raw garlic and lung cancer stating that garlic could actually be a preventative agent against lung cancer.

The study notes that garlic has been used in Chinese medicine since the year 2000 BCE and that the compounds that are released when breaking the bulb into cloves may actually lead to the potential preventative powers of the herb. Cooked garlic was not considered in this study.

There have been many studies conducted about garlic that deal with cancer and diallyl sulfide. One study states that diallyl disulfide is one of the most prevalent oil soluable sulfur compounds found in garlic and it inhibits cell growth in many different cell lines. After treatment with DADS (diallyl disulfide) it was found that cancer cells died with just 24 hours of treatment. http://cancerpreventionresearch.aacrjournals.org/content/6/7/711.abstract?sid=98b2869f-6d76-4ba2-96c9-77e98d6dc613

Garlic can be taken both internally with food to reduce nausea and applied topically as a salve nightly.

How to make Garlic Salve: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/pneumonia.html#gs

If you choose to make the GS. I recommend adding a few essential oils to the mix.

Top on my list is Oregano Oil.

Here is a funny story that BIG Pharma does NOT want you to know.

A series of lab tests were conducted to determine the inhibitory effects of carvacrol (oregano oil) on DMBA induced pulmonary tumorigenesis in rats. Cancer was induced in the lungs of each of the rats. All rats developed lung tumors.

The rats were divided into 3 groups. The first group received no treatment, The second group was treated with the standard antitumor agent, Colchicine and NaCl. The third group was treated with Carvacrol from the Essential Oil of Origanum onites L., in a base of neutral sterile olive oil.

By six days, the rats from the first group all had died. The second group has considerable evidence of slowing tumor development. And in the group that was treated with carvacrol (oregano oil) there was evidence of complete loss of tumor development and the lung tissue was repairing itself.

Note: All rats in control group #3 were still alive for the next 6 months til the lab test ended. (huh?!)

Thyme Essential Oil Potently Kills Lung Cancer Cells in Vitro: Oil from the common herb thyme was discovered to kill up to 97% of human lung cancer cells (A549) in vitro.

Fir Needle Essential Oil has been found to be 96% efficient anti-cancer agent. It works very well against hard tumors.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Victoria (Montreal) on 06/17/2021

Hi Hank,

How amazing you spoke to Bill! My mother has lung cancer and she started inhaling PH 4 months ago. But we were a bit disappointed today after CT scan, that it did not shrink yet, but grew by a few mm since December. Maybe she did not inhale enough, she did 3 pumps 4-5 times a day. We looked at the video again and Bill recommends 7 pumps 6-7 times a day. She also did not close her mouth and waited between the pumps.

Any feedback? we would appreciate enormously!

Breathing Issues
Posted by Belle (NY) on 06/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

So, I have been researching holistic, homeopathic remedies for years. Finally decided to try the Bill Munro H2O2 method. So, here's a bit of my story. Life long smoker. Yo yo smoker. Quit, every 3-4 months after quitting, I get weak & start again. Though, I only have between 4-6/day, it's still too much. At 52 years old, still trying to quit the habit due to a bit of wheezing, I thought, heck, let's finally try this.

Here are my results after 2 weeks of doing regular inhalation every few hours at 5-6 pumps each.

No More Wheezing. No Chest Pains. No lung pains at all. Not only that, my breath is so much better! My spit is more watery tasting.

So, as of now, I am very pleased with these results and plan to continue this method!

I got a nasal spray, dumped it, put in the H202. Inhale it like an inhaler. Rinse my mouth afterwards & do it every few hours.

I'm also taking Zeolite, Fulvic Acid & Colloidal Silver for immune issues & the combination has been tremendous! I was told my eyes are so bright now.

This is what's working for me so far, and I'm grateful to have such a simple solution for lung issues. Now if I can go from 4-6/day to 0 forever!

Lung Issues
Posted by David (Pennsylvania) on 05/29/2021

Don't stop the HP, stop the smoking. Just what do you think caused the problem in the first place? Are you really that obtuse.

Posted by Tamara (USA) on 05/13/2021

How much did you use in the vaporizer for it to highlight your hair?

Lung Issues
Posted by David (Pennsylvania) on 05/08/2021

If you are still smoking, how do you expect to improve?

Posted by cfitz (Georgia) on 05/08/2021

To Cherie:

See Mr Munro's instructions:


He says to empty the contents of a saline nasal pump and clean it out and sterilize it before filling it with 3% HP.

Humbly suggest doing a web search on:

“nebulized saline solution for treatment of asthma”

and/or: “mixing hydrogen peroxide with saline solution”



Posted by Cherie (Camberwell, London) on 05/02/2021
0 out of 5 stars


I'm having similar issues. First started nebulising with 2.5ml of saline to 10 drops of 3 percent HP about 5 days ago for lung issues and had an immediate amazing result. However, today I woke up with a tight chest and a cough. Also, every time I've nebulized today, I've started sneezing. Not sure how it's gone from amazing to feeling rubbish today. Can anyone advise?


Breathing Issues
Posted by Pat Pickett (AZ) on 04/22/2021

Actually, Bill Munro said he used the regular drug store 3% hydrogen peroxide, stabilizers and all!

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 04/02/2021

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your post about H202 inhalation and other methods to kill viruses.

No, I never woke up in the middle of the night to inhale peroxide. I don't think Bill Munro did either. From the various conversations I had with him over the years before he died, he never mentioned it.

I haven't done peroxide inhalation in a few years now because BHT has proven to be a more effective remedy for me. 100% success rate in the past 3-4 years. You can read my posts on the BHT page of Earth Clinic and watch the two videos on the EC YouTube channel that I made about BHT.

The peroxide inhalation didn't always work, so I was glad to find another remedy that did!

Good luck. Hope you kick this new bug fast!

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Posted by Tony (Lexington KY) on 04/02/2021 3 posts


i just read your post about your HP method. This is the exact same 3-fold method I use... my post is above yours. yes, if you do all three it pretty much kills it, but sometimes I get fooled...like now.... Sometime I had some funny nasal thing that I thought from the car vent blowing on my face and created a little stuffing up.... BUT, it was actually a cold virus I picked up about 8 days ago.... so, it took me until about day 2 to realize I got fooled so I started the 3-fold method. but as you know, the longer you wait the worse are you chances to killing it in a short time. Anyway, after day 4 I felt it worked and I was all clear, and slowed down the HP.... that was a mistake and that night it came back stronger... So, I've been inhaling every 3-4 hours since Tue and no change. My cold is stable/the same for 5 days, not getting better or worse; so today I'm inhaling every 2 hours to see if stepping up the HP will kick this cold into termination phase. Any suggestions? TF

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Tony (Lexington, KY) on 04/02/2021 3 posts
5 out of 5 stars


Your video on the HP inhalation technique from about 6 years ago has saved me from a huge amount of suffering due to my history with cold viruses. For 30 years I was looking for a way to deal with my colds that would sometimes last well over a month.... I tried tons of vit C, zinc...but nothing worked... I tried HP also, but was doing it wrong and almost gave up. Then I realized I need to start a rigorous infusion of HP immediately upon a tickle in my throat or any symptom that could be a cold. Over the last 6 years, I have killed scores and scores of cold viruses that would have put me down for months. A few times I got fooled, however, and misread a symptom and it was a day or two into the virus before I started. But usually, I kill it dead within the first 2 to 5 days.

My method is more aggressive upon first thinking I got a virus. I have no mercy on these viruses. Upon the first sign, I first do my inhaling method as you showed every 2-3 hours. To kick off the method, I also spray HP in each ear while laying down. I let it bubble in there at least 10-15 min per side. Then, I mix 8 parts water with 2 parts HR in a cup and snort up my nose. The nose membrane is very sensitive so you can not use the strong 3% otherwise it could start bleeding. I learned this from experience. This three-fold method seems to kill everything if I caught it on time.

I have a question….

When you or Bill M talk about inhaling every 3-4 hours, are you including throughout the night? Because I am afraid the virus might grow during the night, I set my alarm and wake up and do it 1 or 2 times during the night if a cold is coming on. What is your experience?


Posted by Ellen (USA) on 02/20/2021
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I see many questions about 'nebulizers'.

Here's what my research showed; I also contacted Dr Clark's Store and asked questions (below):



Use a nebulizer:

A nebulizer is a device that turns liquid solutions into vapors for inhalation. Compounds can be used in a nebulizer to help localize the delivery of the treatment to the lungs during times of respiratory distress, unlike an oral treatment that first has to go through the digestive tract before it can be delivered to the organs. Nebulize 3 ml of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and 1 drop of Lugol's iodine every 1-2 hours throughout the day at the first sign of respiratory distress. Nebulizers are readily available online. Follow the manufacturer's operating instructions as models can differ.



I saw Dr Clark's nebulizer instructions (below). Are these instructions for 'this particular' nebulizer? Also, do I add any other liquid to the dose below and is 3% 'food grade' peroxide is ok to use,? Thank you.

INSTRUCTIONS: Nebulize 3 ml of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and 1 drop of Lugol's iodine every 1-2 hours throughout the day at the first sign of respiratory distress.


Response: Hi: Thank you for contacting us! Yes the directions you received are for this particular nebulizer, and you will only add the hydrogen peroxide and lugols iodine to the dose and Yes, 3% food grade peroxide will be okay to use for the nebulizer. If you have any further questions plesae let us know!

Kind Regards, Priscilla Customer Service Representative

ALSO...here's the dilution formula for 35% peroxide: 11oz Distilled Water : 1oz 35% Food Grade Peroxide = 3% solution

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Posted by Koyo (Sofia) on 02/15/2021

In fact Dr Brownstein (Autor of the book "Iodine and why we need it so much") cured many patients from Covid with the help of nebulizing of H2O2 food grade, but strongest should be no more then 0.1% H2O2 in saline distilled water (can be alternated with few drops of lugol iodine in saline distilled water). His web site was closed and he was threatened to be shut down, but very similar procedure was recommended also from Dr Mercola

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Posted by Koyo (Sofia) on 02/09/2021

In fact Dr Brownstein (Author of the book "Iodine and why we need it so much") cured many patients from Covid with the help of nebulizing of H2O2 food grade, but strongest should be no more then 0.1% H2O2 in saline distilled water (can be alternated with few drops of lugol iodine in saline distilled water). His web site was closed and he was threatened to be shut down, but very similar procedure was recommended also from Dr Mercola

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Posted by vladimir (srbija) on 02/09/2021

Ne smete jesti 90' pre I 90' posle udaha H2O2 Početi sa koncetracijom : 0,1 % -0,175 % pa povećavati do 1% . Sa 3% tek posle 15-20 dana korišćenja 1% H2O2
Primer : u 08 h (udahnuti 0,1% ) Ručak u 09h30'...

Translated from Bosnian:

You must not eat 90 'before I 90' after inhalation of H2O2 Start with concentration: 0.1% -0.175% and increase to 1%. With 3% only after 15-20 days of using 1% H2O2
Example: at 08 h (inhale 0.1%) Lunch at 09h30 '...

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Posted by Sonja S. (Robina, Australia) on 01/29/2021

Will it treat Non Tuberculosis Micro Bacteria?

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Posted by 2Q&Learn (Southern California) on 12/03/2020 79 posts

Only the plug-in / desk-top nebulizers are strong enough to be effective.

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Posted by Pamaley (California) on 11/21/2020

Yes, I had this burning side effect but I was really doing a lot more unknowningly (like 15 sprays every 2 hrs-I misread the instructions 😳) So I drank 100% Aloe Vera juice and it went away.. Doing that much might have helped stopped the virus from makin me reallyill.

I totally bypassed all the miserable congestion. I know it would have been bad cz I was feelin bad malaise for 2 days...But it kept going back n forth on 5th day....then I realize I WAS NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER to flush it out...duhhh. As soon as I did...I got bck to norm.


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Posted by Pamaley (California) on 11/20/2020

Maybe you didn't do enough. t started with my sinus hurting and knew it was going to get bad. So I immediately did the inhalation. I think I overdid it 15xs on 1st day w/10-15, spray each X but nothing bad happened except my throat hurt a bit which drinking Aloe Vera fixed. The inhalation stop the sinus head congestion, coughing but I still felt overall malaise. 2nd day same. I almost thought the malaise was a tradeoff but then I realized that's how bad the virus was and I would've felt that bad with the sinus head congestion n coughing. Day 3 feelin better. Came in waves. feelin good 2 bad, bck n forth. By night I was good 2 go, back to norm...hurrah. Thank you much. You may have saved my life. I'm goin to try to get Covid19 tested to see if it was the virus. I TG 4 this site.

Posted by Volker (Berlin (Germany)) on 11/07/2020

From my understanding: It's a question of concentration/dilution. The advice not to spray in the nose is related to the undiluted 3% HPO. It will irritate too much. I use a 1% solution to spray in the nose and a 0.5% solution in a nebulizer. When nebulizing, I breath through the nose (also closing one nostril at a time) as well as through the mouth.

Please also watch:
(COVID: Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide - Demo - Dr. David Marquis)

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Posted by Cindy (NC) on 11/02/2020

In regards to Myway Usa post on 07/15/2018. Thank you for your advice!!

I have been struggling and suffering with a severe acute case of asthma/bronchitis for 2 years. (have had it all my life but non stop relentless for past 2 years) It has been exhausting, frustrating and left me feeling defeated at times. I don't want to get too hopeful because there have been so many let downs for me in the past 2 years through our modern medicine community regarding my condition.

I've had 3 pulmonologists, 2 ENT'S and a gastroenterologist trying to figure this out. I've been through antibiotics, steroids, asthma inhibitors, nasal steroid sprays, nebulizer of albuterol and saline mixture, multiple CTscans, methacholine challenge (which came up negative! ) bronchoscopy procedure, upper/lower gi scope with bravo implant to rule out reflux, and a surgery to the ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid sinuses. I'm probably leaving out something. All that within a 2 year span!

I began taking Vegan Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK7) Liquid Drops, Magnesium L-Threonate, and Monolaurin Supplement- 3000mg on Thursday evening. Friday evening my Black Cumin Seed Oil Softgels – 1,000mg were delivered and I added that to my regimen.

By Saturday night.....the wheezing that plagued me at night and would send me into coughing fits to almost tears.....was gone!!!! Sunday night no wheezing! My daytime coughing is MUCH less severe than it was and it's only Monday. After surviving 2 years of this, I'm hesitantly optimistic. But part of me can't help but to be full of joy over the possibility of relief! I wish I could thank you personally and I hope you see this so you know that you've changed my life for the much better. Thank you!!!

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Posted by Doug (Ma) on 09/30/2020

It's well preserved, so if you don't mind being preserved yourself, dive in!

Posted by Kristy (Texas) on 09/10/2020

did you dilute 35% to 20/1 or 3%

Posted by J (Se) on 09/06/2020

Warts disappeared.

Posted by J (Se) on 09/06/2020

I followed the Bill Munro instructions for peroxide in relation to meal time. I did slip up a couple of times, and I remember feeling bubbling up in my stomach, but no pain or anything. I'm currently doing it now and I am doing it 1 hour before a meal. I pumped the nasal sprayer five or six times in the back of my throat while inhaling.

Posted by J (Se) on 09/06/2020

I never realized anyone had replied to my comments, but I came back looking for information on fibroids. Anyway, I was diagnosed with HPV, and the warts were present. There was only like one or two small bumps at the back of the vagina closer to the anus. I drink the hydrogen peroxide three times a day, and inhaled I think six times a day. I can't remember when I drink the peroxide in relation to meal time. I'm currently doing it now and I am doing it 1 hour before a meal. I pumped the nasal sprayer five or six times in the back of my throat while inhaling.

Posted by Charlie (Usa) on 09/04/2020

I wonder when you say 1 pump, or three pumps, are you just inhaling once per pump?

Posted by Jon Claude (Uganda) on 08/12/2020

I have chronic neck and muscle spasms due to anxiety. One thing I notice during tense moments is how tight the rib cage gets, and often I feel like I am breathless, but it is just a manifestation of anxiety and tension in the soft muscles between the ribs. If your case is anxiety triggered, breathing with your abdomen instead of your chest allows more air in the lungs and strengthens your diaphragm.

Posted by Sharon (Blue Mountains, Australia) on 08/06/2020

Hello Frances, I was just wondering where you got your nebulizer from? I am also in a Australia but the ones I have found for sale are pricey. Thanks in advance, Sharon

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Posted by Rosina (East End Of London, United Kingdom) on 08/04/2020

Hi Terry,

Oh goodness me, so sorry I never saw your reply! You replied in 2018 and it is now 2020! Thank you so much for your information, and how strange that last week I was able to buy 3 per cent Hydrogen peroxide food grade from a company on Amazon.co.uk for round about £23.00 for two x 500 bottles, so I am pleased because it is Food grade. I also bought a 5.5 litre large square plastic container containing distilled water round about £18 I think. Not tried it yet, as researching and trying to help a lady in the USA who is on bottled oxygen, and chronic respiratory problems, awful mucus, and a tumour in the pituitary part of the brain. So thank you so much, and do hope you have improved your condition, if not cured it!!

So sincere aplogies I never replied as I jump around all over Earth Clinic which has so many entries. How wonderful to know us people are trying to help each other. We wouldn't get that from the medical profession!

Kind regards, Rosina x

p.s. the distilled water might have come from APCPURE? cant remember but they definitely both came from Amazon.

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Posted by Bluesphere (Md) on 07/28/2020
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I've had a adverse reaction to inhalation of hydrogen peroxcide. Has anyone else reported an autoimmune response to taking h202 internally?

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Posted by Hank Gigandet (Montreal, Canada) on 07/26/2020

Just wanted to add: I contacted Bill by phone around 2004, when he was 80 years old. He had already been inhaling H2O2 since he was 70 years old, when he first contracted skin melanoma, which was agressive. The doctor told him to quickly go to the clinic to start chemo, but he told the doctor no, that he was going to inhale hydrogen peroxide. The doctor told him he's crazy, that he would kill himself. Bill went off and cured himself fairly quickly and went back to the doctor, who was shocked. The doctor did follow-ups over the 10 years and Bill, and his wife, were never sick. Finally, the doctor was reassured and the doctor started inhaling H2O2 himself.

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Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 07/17/2020

I suspect BO is toxins from stress causing acidity and then I read that the microbes on our body eat the toxins we excrete in stress and then when they poop that out it stinks.

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Posted by Gary (Kitchener, On) on 07/16/2020

Hi, Type lime juice youtube video

My wife & I use as a spray once in morning and do not have any B.O. for 24 hours.. Works like a charm

Good luck.