Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Guide: Bill Munro Method

Breathing Issues

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Posted by Joe (Wedgeport Nova Scotia , Canada) on 02/20/2008

I was getting phumonia two or three times a year and that eventually turned into a disease called copd.Severe bronchitis so off to the doctor AGAIN and they sell me more and more drugs AGAIN puffers and machines with mists and nose sprays and no cure just slowly dying not much of a life until one day on the computer I see your hydrogen peroxide page and can't believe something like this thats been around for a hundred years or more could possible work but would try about anything at this time so started spraying 3% hydrogen peroxide in my mouth and within two days started spitting up stuff you only see in horror movies and within a week and a half I was a different person altogether I could breath again and my lungs were clear something I haven't seen for many years. I haven't felt this good in years thank-you soooo very much for this information and please keep up the fantastic work Your friend for life Joe

Replied by Frances Lee Carpenter
(Palm Desert, Ca.)

You mentioned spraying H202 in your throat. did you spray it straight or diluted and then did you swallow it, or spit it out. It isn't specific.

EC: He's referring to Bill Munro's H202 inhalation technique detailed at the top of the page.

Replied by John
(Sevierville, Tn.)

Use in a CPAP machine, I have used H202 for 18 months in my CPAP machine,

mixture is 1OZ in gal of distilled water. It works great,


Replied by Dave
(Brisbane, Qld Australia)

Hi there.. About hydrogen peroxide, I have spoken twice to Bill Monro and yes he is a real person and he will tell you he is very deaf and he has rigged up a way to hear you if you call him. Anyway I have used his method many times, Mostly to give me energy. I am now a 67 year old guy .

I stopped using it for awhile and about 6 months ago I started getting a burning sensation in my esophagus!! And also in my tube going down into my stomach when I ate some thing hot.. well I tried TAGAMET which I got told I would have to take all my life to control it and to get a camera put down my throat to see whats going on.

well I didnt have the camera and the TAGAMET DIDNT DO MUCH ABOUT THE PROBLEM.

So I remembered the H2O2 and started blowing and breathing it down my throat again. After about a week of doing this my burning sensation of my breathing HAS COMPLETLY GONE When I do take it at night the following morning it clears up everything off my chest and yes I get a good nights sleep and im left with only a slight burning going down my tubes into my stomach .

I will now start taking more into my stomach and im pretty sure it will clear that problem up pretty quickly. I also use hydogen peroxide all the time on my skin to stop infections as I spend a lot of time in the rural area of the phillipines and there are a lot of bugs here that just loves to bite you ..

So yes people If you have a probs with different parts of your body.. Then try it out.. Read what other people have said about it and go for it. And thanks again Bill.. I havn't talked to him for over 12 months.. But he is a very nice man

Replied by G
(Miami, Fl)

** John from Sevierville, Tn. Replies: "Use in a CPAP machine, I have used H202 for 18 months in my CPAP machine, mixture is 1OZ in gal of distilled water. It works great"**

Are you using food grade or 3% store bought? Thanks.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Everett (Arlington, TX) on 01/14/2008

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. It has worked for me in terms of breathing much, much better. Today marks one month of use at about 7 times per day with 5 pumps each time. I am extrmely thankful to God, Mr. Munros's testimony and this site for publishing it. I still produce mucous but much less and it does not seem to affect my lungs-I can breathe! At the start it did burn a little but not much and now it does not. Thanks.

EC: Thanks, Everett. Can you tell us what condition you are treating with H202 inhalation -- emphysema or asthma?

Replied by Stephanie
([email protected], Georgia)

I had heard of ingesting H2O2 in the past when a co-worker was doing it. We noticed her skin looked reat and asked what she was using and she replied "drinking peroxide" everyone instantly came alert in shock and then she started to explain. I then did a little research but could never find specific directions on dosage. I ran across this page while researching another topic. I have never been diagnosed with asthma but have all the symptoms and have used the albuterol inhalers and the advair and the horrible disgusting P.M... From the local drugstore, that stuff should be banned! But when you can't breath and you have no insurance, doctor or rx you will take whatever you can get! I have also had pneamonia and hospitalized to have fluid drained from my left lung (2 liters, then they had to go in and scrape out the rest). I got a cold that turned bronchitis and then went down into my chest. I had to work so ignored it and even had to sleep sitting up because the pain was too bad if I tried to lay back. This was in 2003.

I wanted to reply to this post because of the mention of burning. I followed the directions above, checked to make sure my H2O2 was not standardized and poured into the nasal spray bottle. I was too scared at first but I used your turmeric to cure boils, MRSA, Staph with GREAT success so I trusted the info and how could so many people be wrong. I tried one mist and didn't inhale so it just went all in the back of my throat and made it feel scratchy, I went back re-read the instructions but was way too scared to pump it so many times! I did one mist while taking a big inhale, I held my breath for a sec, wasn't sure about that part so I did it like the inhaler instructs. I waited to see what was going to happen, still scared, I felt a burning in my chest, not bad but there and enough to keep me scared. I 'think' I also felt a bit of a rush and a kind of pressure behind my face, very subtle, still unsure. At any rate I figured it was just the stuff working but then I read another couple had inhaled the fumes from the bottle because they didn't have the sprayer, that didn't seem so scary to me so I did that by taking about 5 or 6 deep long breaths from the bottle. I felt. . . strange, something but nothing at the same time, again I had a little bit of burning and that scared feeling. See I was so afraid of it I may have exagerated the experience in my mind so please keep that in mind while reading this. I decided to double check the entire label one more time to be sure it didn't say standardized somewhere and sure enough it did! ! ! Well that really freaked me out so I looked up the MSDS sheet of that manufacturer by typing in MSDS Manufacturer Name H2O2 and it brought up the PDF file as the first result, I didn't read the entire sheet, just the first aid section on inhaling it and all it said was to move to fresh air and call poison control. Well I was in fresh air and felt ok so I just came back to the site to see if anyone described what it feels like when you do it?

Is there any pain, tingling, discomfort? No one has mentioned that except in this post. I also think more stress needs to be put on making sure it is NOT STANDARDIZED and possibly explain what and where to look to find out. I had no clue, I figured it would be on the front label but it was not. I did read the back label but evidently not carefully enough! I am scared to look at the chemicals used in mine. Now I have to wait until I can go pick up the right kind of H2O2 to try this remedy, I am hoping to reap multiple health benefits, Bills skin is AMAZING! Why hasn't anyone mentioned that? Also the co-worker mentioned she had always suffered with allergies. She said since she had been on the H2O2 she had not had one flare up! Thanks soooo much for this excellent resource!

Replied by Roger
(San Francisco, Ca)

So today at work, I inhaled lots of fire smoke and melted plastic fumes. I felt generally bad and naseauted afterwords. I gave this a shot and I must say I feel better. I can now take a deep breath w/o feeling sick or coughing.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Brenda (Springville, TN) on 02/21/2007

Hydrogen peroxide-- Hallelujah! I have chronic bronchitis and I always have to use a inhaler. Half the time it doesn't help. Tonight I found your site and hallelujah again! I immediately dumped out a Nasacort bottle added 3% HP and inhaled 2 shots. Instantly I felt my lungs open up! Took a second shot and now I can breathe all the way down my lungs! I'm so excited! Wait til I tell my mom! She can't breathe either and my sister, she has sinus problems! Thank you Thank you thank you! And all this for free! no more inhalers for me, heck I might even fire my doctor! Hallelujah! Use my name anytime! Brenda Kreitz, Springville,Tennessee


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Posted by Marleyzhipz (Nevada, Mo) on 07/26/2011

I used to have bronchitis 2-3 times a year and it would last up to 2 months. I read on this site that you could inhale hydrogen peroxide to cure bronchitis. I bought a bottle of saline nose spray, dumped the contents and filled it with 3% peroxide. Now the moment I feel congestion in my throat, I spray 3 sprays in my mouth and breathe it deeply into my lungs. No more bronchitis for the last 4 years. This is an amazing remedy that works quickly.

Replied by Debbi
(Nevada, Mo)

Marleyzhips, there is a local distributor of 3%food grade Hydrogen peroxide. Debbi's Herb Shop on the square.

Replied by Tin

Is it safe to use 3% hydrogen peroxide bought from a drugstore? It's not foodgrade....pls advise me. thank you.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tin, I use hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore for hydrogen peroxide inhalation therapy, for cuts and wounds and for nebulizing in a nebulizer, diluted with water. I have never had any trouble with it that way. ~Mama to Many~

Replied by Ed
(Ocala, Fl)

Having pneumonia a few years back, I was very close to admission to the hospital. Antibiotics were not working!! I found a product, "respiratory support with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide" in it. In a couple of days, coughing was just about gone & I feel totally cured, full of energy in about the end of the week, truly amazing. Colloidal silver was the other part of the "support". I paid about $38.00, well worth the cost, could not even talk with out coughing.

I forgot to mention that I used the "RESPIRATORY SUPPORT with a small amount of h2o2 in a nebulizer for about 15 minutes, several times per day, or more if I felt I needed or wanted more treatment.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Ed: Do be careful w/ nebulizing Colloidal Silver combined w/ H2O2 as the oxidant potential is great. The secret is keeping these amounts low, which I failed to do a few months back (treating a mycoplasma infection) and experienced heart & chest pain. I quickly applied healing remedies and came thru that situation w/ seeming little or no permanent damage.

Again, the Colloidal Silver is OK by itself, but only a minimal amount of H2O2 should be added. Or one could keep these separate and rotate for safety sake.

Replied by Susan Shears
(Denver, Colorado)

I have been using Colloidal silver in a nebulizer for a few weeks now. Does anyone know if it is OK to now use HP in a nebulizer without waiting for a period of time (days) after using the Colloidal Silver? I do not intend to use them together.

Thank you! Susan

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Susan,

I have used hydrogen peroxide (5 drops of 3% to 35 drops distilled water) in a nebulizer on the same day as I have used colloidal silver, will no ill effects. I do wait at least 4 hours when I am changing what I am using in the nebulizer.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Paul

Food grade h2o2 is preferable as drugstore h2o2 contains heavy metal toxins intended to stabilize the fairly-unstable h2o2 molecule and keep it from decomposing into water on store shelves due to heat, vibration, and simply time. You may not notice a difference, and drugstore h2o2 will still work, but heavy metals toxins are difficult for your body to purge and you don't want to promote their accumulation in your lung (or any other) tissue.


Posted by Jen (Australia) on 11/09/2022

RE Bill Munro's Inhalation of H202.. this is going to be used mainly to hopefully reduce, kill off, a large tumor, any breathing / lungs would be secondary.

I have reduced 35% to the 3% H202 as recommended, but am not sure if I got it right? As there be a fair bit of "foaming" in the mouth, after pumping several times when inhaling the 3% H202 we only experienced this when doing the One Minute Cure protocol when one increases the drops every day to 25 and then goes backwards! .. But was not expecting this foaming with 3% H202, and yes it is Food grade diluted. Thanks for your thoughts!

EC: Hi Jen,

Yes, there is typically foaming from the leftover 3% peroxide, and should be spat out. I mentioned this in EC's peroxide inhalation YouTube instructional video from 2014. Deirdre

Replied by Tricia Rae
(Tampa, FL)

I've experienced some foaming too when using Bill Munro's Inhalation Therapy. I started using it a year ago next month when I caught covid. I had a bad hacking chest cough (just talking would bring it on) and knew I had to get it under control as I refused to go to a hospital to be put on a ventilator. I started the 3% HP in a nasal pump and inhaled it approximately 5 to 7 pumps initially 4 to 5 times a day. There was foaming which didn't bother me as I would just spit out. Within 2 days I was no longer waking up at night coughing or coughing during the day. Was able to enjoy Christmas with no cough. I still use it 2x daily and I cannot believe what a miracle it has been for me.

Cold Sores

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Posted by Carol (Greenville, USA) on 06/23/2008

I too have had coldsores all my life and am 50 yrs old now. I had a sore in the inside of my nose for 3 days , first I dapped peroxide.3% on the outside and the inside where I felt it sore and there was no change into the 3rd day. On the 3rd day I inhaled 3 or 4 puffs of a mix of half water and half .3% peroxide cheap Wal -Mart kind, from a 2 oz spray bottle that you can buy at Wal Mart for .50 in the toothpaste aisle where they have travel size items, and 2 hours later all the nose pain was GONE and no longer had a sore in my nose , it vanished. I also used Apple cider Vinegar the off brand at Wal- Mart GV . It's such a great value too, only $2.99 and I take the pinch or 1/4th tsp of Baking Soda and 2 TBLS of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in 4 oz of COLD WATER and it has lowered my heartrate from 117 to 72.This has also lowered my BLOOD PRESSURE from to 112/60 I feel full of energy and I do this before I eat first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I sometimes take it at NOON for a pick me up. I no longer have acid reflux/ GERD. I sleep and breathe better as I have sleep apnea.

Colds, Flu, Viruses

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Posted by H2O2 (Memphis, TN) on 02/05/2022

I have been using this method with a nebulizer for years. I inhale several times, 2-3 times per day. I used to get the flu twice a year, every year. Since I started H2O2 therapy I have not had even a cold or sniffle in the last 10 years! Could not worry less about Covid.

I have also used it more intensively to help with detoxing (longer sessions 4 times a day), and on the 2nd or 3rd day experienced an intense Herxheimer reaction immediately after, which proved beyond a doubt the effectiveness of this therapy.

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Tony (Lexington, KY) on 04/02/2021 3 posts


Your video on the HP inhalation technique from about 6 years ago has saved me from a huge amount of suffering due to my history with cold viruses. For 30 years I was looking for a way to deal with my colds that would sometimes last well over a month.... I tried tons of vit C, zinc...but nothing worked... I tried HP also, but was doing it wrong and almost gave up. Then I realized I need to start a rigorous infusion of HP immediately upon a tickle in my throat or any symptom that could be a cold. Over the last 6 years, I have killed scores and scores of cold viruses that would have put me down for months. A few times I got fooled, however, and misread a symptom and it was a day or two into the virus before I started. But usually, I kill it dead within the first 2 to 5 days.

My method is more aggressive upon first thinking I got a virus. I have no mercy on these viruses. Upon the first sign, I first do my inhaling method as you showed every 2-3 hours. To kick off the method, I also spray HP in each ear while laying down. I let it bubble in there at least 10-15 min per side. Then, I mix 8 parts water with 2 parts HR in a cup and snort up my nose. The nose membrane is very sensitive so you can not use the strong 3% otherwise it could start bleeding. I learned this from experience. This three-fold method seems to kill everything if I caught it on time.

I have a question….

When you or Bill M talk about inhaling every 3-4 hours, are you including throughout the night? Because I am afraid the virus might grow during the night, I set my alarm and wake up and do it 1 or 2 times during the night if a cold is coming on. What is your experience?


Replied by Deirdre
(Earth Clinic)

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your post about H202 inhalation and other methods to kill viruses.

No, I never woke up in the middle of the night to inhale peroxide. I don't think Bill Munro did either. From the various conversations I had with him over the years before he died, he never mentioned it.

I haven't done peroxide inhalation in a few years now because BHT has proven to be a more effective remedy for me. 100% success rate in the past 3-4 years. You can read my posts on the BHT page of Earth Clinic and watch the two videos on the EC YouTube channel that I made about BHT.

The peroxide inhalation didn't always work, so I was glad to find another remedy that did!

Good luck. Hope you kick this new bug fast!

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Rick A (Columbus, Ohio) on 11/01/2018

Total H202 Routine:

I have used the H202 inhalation method for years and it has been very effective for colds or other sinus infections. Once I notice a cold coming on at Day 1, I do the Munro throat spray routine at 3%, for about 3x's. Then I move on to a mix of 1.5% H202 in the nasal sprayer (3% is too much for your nasal linings), then I do a routine of H202 in my ears for 4 min each ear then dry them out with kleenex & cotton swabs and finally after all this drains into your mouth I gargle for a minute with H202.

IF I do this on Day 1 I have never had to go to Day 2 of this routine - never in 10 years of use. This is why people go to Ear, Nose & Throat doctors - these are ALL inter-related. You need to fix them all. Hope this helps.

Replied by Tony
(Lexington KY)
3 posts


i just read your post about your HP method. This is the exact same 3-fold method I use... my post is above yours. yes, if you do all three it pretty much kills it, but sometimes I get fooled...like now.... Sometime I had some funny nasal thing that I thought from the car vent blowing on my face and created a little stuffing up.... BUT, it was actually a cold virus I picked up about 8 days ago.... so, it took me until about day 2 to realize I got fooled so I started the 3-fold method. but as you know, the longer you wait the worse are you chances to killing it in a short time. Anyway, after day 4 I felt it worked and I was all clear, and slowed down the HP.... that was a mistake and that night it came back stronger... So, I've been inhaling every 3-4 hours since Tue and no change. My cold is stable/the same for 5 days, not getting better or worse; so today I'm inhaling every 2 hours to see if stepping up the HP will kick this cold into termination phase. Any suggestions? TF

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Kevin (Cambridge, Ma) on 11/10/2011

I discovered hydrogen peroxide inhalation last year when I was sick with a virus for 2 months and looking for a cure to my extreme fatigue. I was skeptical about the remedy but desperate for more energy. I inhaled up to 8 times a day for about a week and was cured.

Yesterday, I started to come down with a nasty virus that has been going around. After class I went back to my room and inhaled 3% hydrogen peroxide (not food grade, but a cheap drugstore brand): 10 sprays to the back of my throat. I did this every 3 to 4 hours until midnight. The virus symptoms dissipated within the first hour and had disappeared after 12 hours. I am continuing to inhale every 8 hours just to make sure it is gone. This remedy is an effective cure for viruses.

Replied by Branda
(Detroit, Mi)

I'm starting the inhaling method of H202 and would like to know if I need to follow the same guidelines as if I was drinking it with distilled water. Do I need to inhale 1 hour before I eat and 3 hours after? Also, is it necessary to avoiding inhaling H202 too close to taking supplements and medication? Is 3% necessary for it to work? Can anyone answer these questions? Thanks.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Brenda, I inhale VERY DILUTED h2o2. Any time of day seems ok for me.

Replied by Branda
(Detroit, Mi)

Thanks for replying. It's good to know someone is listening. I've started out on 1% H202 and plan to slowly go up to 3%. Haven's had any reaction, good or bad since I started two days ago.

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Mayii (Greenwich, Connecticut) on 11/04/2010

I had never heard of this technique. I'm one of the person that get a cold pretty quick, and if I don't take care of it soon I get bronchitis. This has really help me. I'm reading this for my biology class and it has really help me... Thank you so much for everything, keep up your good work.!

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Lane (Northeast Ga, Ga) on 05/16/2010

I have read and read and read still not understanding..I have used the 3% hydrogen peroxide for about a year now Bills inhalation method with excellent results! my hubby came down with a cold yesterday and I went to the health food store and bought colloidal silver in a 2oz bottle the directions say 1 teaspoon a day..can he inhale HP and also take the colloidal silver at the same time....also I am adding one capful of 3% HP to a humidifier for him...Would someone please advise me if I am giving him the right doses of all this combined, and how long he should do these remedies... he has never before inhaled this wonderful HP and thats why he has a cold! thanks in advance,,,

Replied by Ron
(Weyburn Sask. Canada)

I use 'proxide in my humidifyer- about 50ml - in a gallon of water-- runs through this in about 12 hrs. Will this help with cold and flu bugs? We live in a 940 sq.ft/. condo, with hot water heat.

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Geoff (Birch Run, Michigan, Usa) on 04/10/2010

For the posts about colds/flu working, I have not experienced anything positive from this. I did the emptying out of the nasal spray inhalation method. As soon as I started to feel the throat itching and the nose getting stuffy, I started. First day I did it four times with around four to five sprays each time. All that happened with myself is that I got more sick as you would expect with a cold. The only difference was the my lungs are achy now and I had the nastiest taste in my mouth. Just to see if there has been any benefit, I continued in the morning (after having a fever all night). Still no change. The only thing that has help thus far has been the cold medicine I finally taken. Wish I could say different, but so far, the cold seems to be running a normal course with no benefit of peroxide inhalation.

Replied by Rickeyjackson
(Southwest, Az, Usa)

i had the exact outcome as you. however, instead of giving up, i continued and am all the better for having done so. i went to urgent care twice and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. i was given steroids, antibiotics, cough medicine and an inhaler both times and nothing worked. i decided to come here because i've had much success with turmeric on boils. i was, at that time, close to ruining my lungs completely as i coughed chronically with mucus filling my lungs but not coming out. i was also in extreme pain in my trunk area and lungs. the bottom line was when i researched my condition and found out that i actually have COPD because of the new symptoms of my feet and wrists swelling and massive water retention.

i saw this section and immediately sent for a dollar-store spray bottle, for we are currently vacationing and i needed something immediately. i had regular 3% peroxide from the dollar store and did not dilute it. i started inhaling as directed and immediately began to cough more and felt like i had the flu. i thought i was dying. the following morning, my coughs became productive and scary. i started with massive amounts of yellow phlem, then it changed to bloody, then yellow, green, yellow, cloudy, then clear, which is where i am today. i have spells of coughing when i feel the tickle at the back of my throat and it doesn't cease completely until i have coughed up the major portion of phlem. i am no longer panting from simply putting on my clothes and i can sleep. i am not in shape to go out in public just yet as i have no idea when i will start the coughing session. however, i am ten thousand percent better and i know this would not have been possible had i not come to this site.

i do have a question: WILL THE EXPELLING EVER CEASE COMPLETELY OR IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO DECREASE MY RECOVERY TIME? i have been inhaling cinnamon and clove oil with steam, but i can only do that while not out. i am missing being active...

Replied by Rickeyjackson
(Southwest, Az, Usa)

Update: My coughing has been lessening but tends to bother me at the most inopportune time such as in the middle of the night. Two nights ago, I decided to use the steam/cinnamon oil/clove oil mixture to inhale given that I read it would kill any budding virus (I wanted to halt any virus just in case something was starting up again causing my coughing to not dissipate). Success! I was able to sleep hours and if there was any coughing, it was not as intense and very productive with no color or cloudiness in the phlegm. Mind you, my entire head has been swollen and my eyes had the appearance of protrusion because of the strain of coughing. Currently, my face has gone down and my coughing spells have been reduced about 50-75% with the time of the spells being reduced 90%. I went out for the very first time in weeks to a state fair. The first night I had to hide and cough about twice. The second night, my 2-3 coughing bouts did not alert anyone. I'm still a bit embarassed to go to a restaurant or movie theatre, but I am not as breathless as before from any activity. I definitely do not have to use my inhaler. THANKS EARTHCLINIC AND BILL MUNROE!!!

update:this morning - no coughing...yet!!!! Clearing throat to clear any phlegm coming up in small amounts and blowing nose periodically. Other than that, I am going to go to a restaurant for the first time in weeks to eat breakfast. I am breathing quietly - I don't hear congestion.

Replied by Kathy

Hello. I'm writing because your symptoms are what I am experiencing now. Are you better now? I have copd and cannot walk 10 feet without feeling breathless and weak. I so want to try the HP but am afraid of what may happen, but I have no life. I haven't left my home in 8 months. Am so depressed. Sorry to bother you. Hope you are well.

Replied by Estrella
(Cagyan De Oro City, Philippines)

Hello everyone! I am just 1 day old using the hydrogen peroxide inhalation for my allergic rhinitis that triggers an asthma attack, but mine is not I would say, pure hydrogen peroxide as it is already mixed with a sterile water for injection. I bought this mixture from a friend who said she and her mother who suffers asthma bought this from a nurse who does detox, etc. and prepares the mixture hersef and use it for better breathing and to cough up phlygm. it is not really that expensive, just 300 pesos/btl. And I put it in my nebulizer( the one I use for inhaling my ventolin 2.5 nebule) she said it is food grade 3%hydrogen peroxide mixed in sterile water used for injections. I could see frm label too.

I started using it yesterday when I started having very sore throat and became bad dry cough.put 5 ml of the mixture into the base connecting the mouthpiece and turned on the machine.At the first contact of my throat with the mixture I felt like suffocating but slowly it eased up. I have to stop once in a while as I felt like coughing and my throat became so dry that I felt it became more sore. After more or less 30 min. I felt mucus coming up and had to cough up very yellow phlygm. This lasted for almost an hour. I tried it again before I slept. I believe I was able to sleep but I felt weak and when I got up felt again the sore throat and dry cough so I nebulized again. Now, I am observing myself for any reaction as I know the method I used is different from most of you. Am I using the correct method for asthma/dry cough, allergic rhinitis? I am very skeptical at first but had to try to feel better and regain my life. Any comment, answer is truly appreciated.thank you,


p.s. I also have severe GERD( gastro esophageal reflux disease) which triggers an asthma attack and was diagnosed in 2015 for pulmonary fibrosis. I am 65 yrs old and still long to have a longer life to be able to enjoy my grandchildren...

Replied by Nadine
(Union Grove, Wisconsin)
12 posts

I would try turmeric. It seems to help support many different organs in the body. I started using it and it seems to help my lungs and the memory. Get a good organic turmeric and use black pepper. Put it in some warm water drink down. They also say fat helps into the system. 1/2 t turmeric 1/4t pepper. Use it on your food also. Best to you God Bless

Replied by Blue Star

I have found that drinking a tea made of simmered ceylon cinnamon sticks will generally stop coughing and boost the immune system as to no herpes outbreak.

Replied by Me

You have to use 35% hydrogen peroxide food grade not the Wimpy 3% stuff with all the additives in it use the food grade get it at a health food store and dilute it.

Replied by Pamaley

Maybe you didn't do enough. t started with my sinus hurting and knew it was going to get bad. So I immediately did the inhalation. I think I overdid it 15xs on 1st day w/10-15, spray each X but nothing bad happened except my throat hurt a bit which drinking Aloe Vera fixed. The inhalation stop the sinus head congestion, coughing but I still felt overall malaise. 2nd day same. I almost thought the malaise was a tradeoff but then I realized that's how bad the virus was and I would've felt that bad with the sinus head congestion n coughing. Day 3 feelin better. Came in waves. feelin good 2 bad, bck n forth. By night I was good 2 go, back to norm...hurrah. Thank you much. You may have saved my life. I'm goin to try to get Covid19 tested to see if it was the virus. I TG 4 this site.

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Geoff (Birch Run, Michigan, Usa) on 04/09/2010

I got to work today and everyone is sick. Half way through the day I started feeling my throat get scratch and my nose starting to plug up. Just went and got some nasal spray and 3% peroxide. Dumped out the nasal spray, washed it, and filled with the peroxide. Just did five pumps in one big inhale. Will let you know if it works for me. Also, my father just got diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and is on 24 hour oxygen. Pretty much said he only has a few years with us. I see this has worked for many things. Anyone ever heard of someone trying a peroxide method for this??

Replied by Mike
(Sanborn, New York)

I also have pulmonary fibrosis and have been looking into holistic methods of treatment. I just started the peroxide treatment yesterday so I can't give you any results yet but I am taking large doses of Serrapeptase that will breakdown the scar tissue in the lungs. I also nebulize a product called MMS that you can purchase on e-bay.

The serrapeptase info can be found at (http://www.biomediclabs.com/pulmonary_fibrosis) I have used both since I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and pulmonary fibrosis 2 years ago. The cancer was in remission in 2 months and my lungs are getting better. I also had blood clots in my lungs as well as a Pseudomonas Aeruginosa infection. Both are under control now. There is hope for your father. I will let you know how the peroxide works.

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Kyle (Trumbull, Ct) on 01/23/2010

I have gone through so much pain and suffering that no one should ever have to endure over the past year. I had a virus in me for over a year and they did not know what it was. They thought it was pure anxiety/depression/adhd, so I was constantly changed on medications. It finally got to the point where I could not live in this much physical pain on a daily basis. I'm only 22 and I felt like I was 90 with cancer. My hearing was decreasing, I was having trouble breathing, my face hurt all the time, coughing up mucus constantly, etc. I somehow saw hydrogen peroxide in my bathroom cabinet and remembered hearing it was used to treat viruses. I followed your steps and just figured what the hell. IT WORKED. I started coughing up all the horrible things inside my chest, my nose was running (in a good way), I could HEAR NORMALLY again, and all that pain that had been continuous in my body was GONE. I am not lying whatsoever. I will take this consistently for the rest of my life, the benefits in quality of life are undeniable.

EC: Thanks for the great feedback. We're guessing you are referring to the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method? If so, can you let us know more details (ie, how often)? Thanks.

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