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Breathing Issues

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Posted by Mary (Burghill, Oh) on 10/07/2012

So glad I found this website. Today I spoke with Mr Munro. I believe I found a place to help with allergy symptoms, and breathing, and sinus, and allergy problems.

I am a hairdresser by trade, and several years back, I became toxic from not wearing gloves and using a lot of hair chemicals. Some I breathed, some went into my system through my skin, and even sinuses. It took a while, but I did have worse allergies of all kinds, right away, but last winter, and about this time of the year it started, I got horrible congestion in my sinuses, and chest. I then got pneumonia, for the first time, and it really didn't totally leave. It was on it's way to another year of the same, only it started earlier this year. I bought powdered vitamin c, took it, and got my inhaler refilled, used nasal spray, went to an allergest, and the nasal spray, made the whole thing worse. I also got a prescription for eye drops because my eyes burned like fire and were, and are dry. My lungs were so full of mucous, that I could not breathe well, and I was exausted, all day, and my personality changed from hopeful, during the summer, to thinking, here it is fall, and I was better, now I am exhausted, and I have so much to do. I talked to Mr Munro, on the phone today, and I am so hopeful. I had a pump sprayer, that I dumped the contents, washed it out, and am inhaling the 3%. Yesterday, I was so tired, and I mean exhausted from all of the congestion, and not being able breathe right, or think straight because of being tired, I could hardly navigate, at the grocery. My son, had pointed out that this time of the year, I get touchy, and I was aware, he was right, and I also realized that all of my winter projects, always got put on hold through my life, because probably all my life, the breathing problem in the winter, and allergy, and fatigue was there. I am fair, and have blue eyes, then in the winter and the furnace is on, the house is closed up, and the fact that I had all of the chemical exposure, it must have shown up in the last years, and got worse last winter, and really never left, and now I am hopeful, as I used the mister several times today, and I am breathing better, but the mucous is still present, and loosening, but I know , now that this is what to do. I would appreciate any input anyone has with similar problems, and I am so grateful that Mr Munro was so gracious to share all he knows and to be so kind, and helpful to me. I know this is part of why he is on the earth, to help who he does, and then we help who we do, as a result of him being so unselfish to share his information. I will share what helps me, and is, and it will pass on through us all. I will put my email on the letter I am writing as I might not find any replies, as I am new here, for the second day now. Thank you all, and Thank You Mr Monroe. Peace

Replied by Rhonda

Is there anyway I can get in touch with Bill Munro? I do not have insurance but ended up in the er dx with copd. I cannot breathe and only have 1 inhaler that does not work. I am a little bit afraid to inhale the h2o2 but I would like to talk to him about downloading food grade h2o2 down to 3% and do not know how to do this.

I also wanted to know what he thought about everybody saying that h2o2 degrees the lung tissue but I would believe that the h2o2 would to breed the nicotine and tar off of the alveoli. please if it all possible if you have his email or some way I could contact him would you please let me know thank you so much. Rhonda

EC: Dear Rhonda,

Sadly, Bill Munro died a couple of years ago. So sorry.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Esprit64 (North Yarmouth, Maine Usa) on 07/20/2011

Hello: I came to this site on May 2, 2011, to find answers for my ongoing respiratory problems. As of July 20, I am much improved and with this progress, I'll bet I'll have clear lungs within a few more months. I used H202 (hydrogen peroxide) as an inhalant.

First, I bought 35% food-grade H202 (CAUTION: this product CANNOT be used full strength. It MUST first be diluted BEFORE USE with DISTILLED WATER, at minimum, 1 part H202 with 11 parts distilled water). Distilled water is mandatorily used to avoid H202 reacting with any minerals in the water. Store all H202 products in glass containers in the frig. Be sure to handle full strength 35% H202 CAREFULLY. If you have never used it, you must become familiar with what "full strength" does to your skin (your biology)--take a toothpick, dip it into the 35%, and drop the tiniest spot on your skin, no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. Then, note the results. Your skin will turn white and it will sting. Testing done, imagine how your skin would react if you spilled it on a larger skin area. Again, handle full strength 35% H202 carefully.

Next, I used an old nasal spray bottle. Be sure it has a removable cap. Then, every day, I used the DILUTED H202. I expelled all breath and with one very deep breath, I pumped the nasal spray directly into my mouth for purposes of inhaling the spray DEEPLY into my lungs. I sprayed 5 times each dosage. I repeated the mouth spraying 5x daily.

I had been experiencing upper lung issues for many years. Cannot see a doctor, therefore, I do not know the etiology. However, my lung issues would make me so short of breath, minimal exercise (like walking from bed to the bath) caused me to be out of breath. If you can, study an illustration of the interior of the lungs. Notice the deep pockets that can hide disease. I suspect that's what I was dealing with. No product could get into those pockets to irradicate the disease--whatever those issues were.

However, with daily application, little by little, that H202 did the trick. Today, I am stronger, feeling better, breathing better--and, I'm not feeling as strained (or near death) as I used to with slightest exertion.

On another note, I have been taking H202 by ingesting DILUTED 35% food grade H202, using a max of 10 drops at 2-3x daily--always taken on an empty stomach (one hour before eating, and two hours after eating). I have not suffered any ill effects, but, neither am I noticing any other progress with my health concerns (despite the "miracles" cited in some articles--for whatever reason, I'm not getting the same results). However, all reasearch that I read on this therapy states that you should keep the faith and persist in dosing yourself to achieve results. There is dispute whether ingestion is safe--and--the number of drops you should use (some go as high as 25-30). I found that when I tried 15 drops for one dose, I just didn't feel right. I therefore dropped down to 10.

Nonetheless, I keep at it. As far as ingestion goes, I'm still waiting for something to happen. As for breathing, you cannot imagine what it feels like when you can't, and the gift it becomes, when you can.

Replied by Deb
(Sheridan, Wy)

With taking hydrogen peroxide orally, you must increase the drops by one daily up to 16 days. Take it 3 times a day on an empty stomach. If you have ill effects from that day's dose, don't quit taking it, just decrease the drops back to the dose that did agree with you for a couple of days and then try to increase it again by one drop. Day 1 is 3 drops. Increase by one drop daily until day 16. Then maintain on that amount. If you want to stop, decrease the drops by one, daily.

Replied by Ralph B.

You should try oregano oil. Several ways to take it: can be inhaled or with a diffuser. Other oils also have anti microbial properties and antibacterial as well. Also, I have ingested up to 25 drops of food grade peroxide in 8 ozs of distilled water three times. Parasites can also be an issue. Anyway, hope I have helped.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Kellyjo (Knightstown, Indiana, Usa) on 07/01/2011

Hello, I am a 49 year old mother of six and 3 year breast cancer survivor. After grueling chemo and 3 surgeries finally resulting in double mastectomy, I was troubled with systemic Candida. All I can say is Thank God for your website!!!!!! I found you when researching treatment for recurring skin allergies of my dog. I used the borax/peroxide treatment for her and she is completely symptom free for a year now.

I have been following your Candida Cure protocols for 2 months now, my tongue is pinking up, digestive issues are GONE, and have not felt this good since BEFORE cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Histoplasmosis scarring of the lungs 4 months ago, (Dr. First thought was metastatic Breast Cancer) and have had severe breathing issues since then.

I started 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation 3 days ago. I am a 20 year, pack a day smoker. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I have not breathed this well since college. I will continue this for the rest of my life, and after experiencing such trouble-free breathing for the first time in a long time, I now am going to quit this awful habit for good! Your website is a miracle for me, and I am recommending it to any and all of my loved ones. God Bless!!!! KellyJo

Replied by Megg
(North Vernon, Indiana, Usa)

Hi Kellyjo.. Are you still around to share with us how you feel today after a year? Megg :)

Replied by Kellyjo
(Knightstown, Indiana)

Hi Megg. I stopped the hydrogen peroxide inhalation protocol for about 6 months. Can't tell you why, chaotic families issues. Started feeling bad again, started inhaling religiously again a week ago, and already breathing much better. Needless to say, I am definitely NOT lapsing again!!!! Thank you so much for asking about me....KellyJo

Replied by Scottb
(Silver City, Nm)

Hello, Kellyjo... You didn't say if you'd stopped smoking. At age 59 I finally switched to an e-cigarette (after 45 years trying to quit and inevitably relapsing). It's been a little over five years since I lit my last cigarette (still "vape" constantly, but have reduced my nicotine levels). I started using a nebulizer with 3% H2O2 back when I still smoked--it helped, but like I you I fell out of the habit (after a couple of messy house moves and whatnot). Now I've dug the nebulizer out from a old cardboard box under the bathroom sink and have begun using it again. With the H2O2 mist going into clear lungs I REALLY notice an immediate difference. I use it combined with yogic breathing technique and my lungs feel nearly as good as they did 50 years ago. I've taken up mountain hiking...trust me, my muscles give out long before my lungs do.

Replied by Chris
(Missouri, US)

Kellyjo, I also would like to try the Bill Munroe inhaling method, but I am confused on what kind of hydrogen peroxide to use. I purchased the 35% food grade and diluted it 1 ounce to 11 ounces distilled water and bought a small pump spray to use it in. So far I can tell no difference, maybe I should be using the 3% in bottle from any drugstore or maybe using the wrong type of pump. What do you suggest. I get confused when people talk of different kinds of HP, saying 3% does this mean common kind in any drugstore or the 35% diluted down even more? Please help

Breathing Issues
Posted by Michael (Kingston, Jamaica) on 07/20/2010

H2o2 healed my chest condition

I used h2o2 as suggested by Bill Munro, inhaling it some time ago when I had a wheezing chest and cough that wouldn't go away for over four months. After I started using the hydrogen peroxide, it went away in roughly one week. AND HAS NEVER RETURNED. I still use it occasionally now whenever anything goes wrong.

Replied by D
(Calgary, Canada)

Hey Quick question here. Been doing the inhaling technique for about 3 days now. Had some HP kicking around checked out the bottle all it said was pure water no stabilizers present even checked the color of it. When I inhale it I pump it up to about 6 times but I get a slight slight burning at the back of my throat nothing painful but just wondering if this is normal?? Thanks

Replied by Thenewguyintown
(Westwood, New Jersey, Usa)

A slight burning sensation is normal, I too experience the same result while inhaling

Replied by Pieter Coetzee
(Ft.lauderdale, Florida)

I live in FT. Lauderdale. Where do you buy your 3% HP without stabilizers in it, plse?

Replied by K. Hunter
(Naples, Fl)

To Pieter, I buy mine @ Publix Grocery, look in the pharmacy section & it's their own label. It's for oral debriding & oral wound cleanser & has no stabilizers.

Replied by Sabe
(Mentor, Oh)

I always find it at "Family Dollars".

Replied by Donald
(Mount Sterling, Ohio, Usa)

What stores can you buy the 3% like Bill Munro uses without the stabilizer in it. I thought all of these bottles were the same no matter who made these. Please someone let me nnow I live close to Columus, Ohio. Bill never has any problems.

Replied by Anthony
(Denver, Colorado)

The 3% peroxide found at drugstores or whereever contain stabilizers and other elements although they are not listed on the label. Food grade is only peroxide and distilled water and come in 3, 6, 12, 30, and 35 percent and truly contain just that, no stabilizers, iron, or other minerals. Food Grade is the ONLY PEROXIDE RECOMMENDED FOR INTERNAL USE although many including myself have used the drugstore stuff (inhaling, and ingesting it) as did the older guy from the article for years with no problems.

Replied by Aimee
(Columbus, Oh, Usa)

Donald in Mount Sterling, try Momentum 98 in Columbus. It's on N High in Clintonville, just north of North Broadway on the west side of the road. I have bought food grade H202 there, you'll just have to dilute it more, but it has no additives.

Replied by Donald

Breathing Issues
Posted by Thankgod4hp (Miami, Florida) on 02/24/2010

first let me say that i am a real person who is actually inhaling 3% peroxide!! i actually spoke with bill munro on 2/23/10 because i was very skeptical if he was a real person or not!! to my surprise he is a very well spoken man! i asked him for instructions on inhaling 3%hp and was advised to inhale/pump mist 5 to 6 times a day with a nasal spray. i am a cigarette smoker (pack a day) for the past 12 years and recently started with shortness of breath. i have been inhaling 3%hp for three days now and all i have to say is wow, wow, wow! after the first few hours of starting i felt drowsy and had no energy, but the second day and today are totally different!! i have an abundance of energy and all i can say is wow, wow, wow!! how can something so inexpensive be so beneficial?? if you are reading this and you are skeptical, don't be...if you are suffering with an ailment and have been unsuccessful with modern medicine, you have nothing to lose..you can buy 3%hp from any drug store and check the label to make sure that it has no stabilizers, i have read alot on the internert regarding 3%hp and people are saying don't use it because of the stabilizers but what they are failing to mention is that you can in fact buy it without stabilizers!!!!! i truly thank god for his many blessings and much love to his angel bill munro!! please get out of the box in which our society/government has most of us in!!!

EC: A few months ago we received a very expensive e-book on hydrogen peroxide therapy and the inhalation method was mentioned in it. However, the authors neglected to mention the fabulous creator of this method, Bill Munro. Let us never forget that dear Bill is the inventor of the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method!!

On a side note, this same e-book copied some of the content from Earth Clinic's hydrogen peroxide section without permission and without sourcing that it came from Earth Clinic. This is the second time in a year that we've found plagiarized content from EC in a book! The first time was a book on Oil Pulling, where the author took 25 testimonials from EC without permission. Yes, that's right, 25 posts. A Curezone.com moderator alerted us about that copied content. You can read all about it on curezone. If you buy this book on Oil Pulling and DON'T find an errata sheet inside the front cover, please let us know.


Replied by Gwendolyn
(Littleton, Nh, Usa)

It's sad to think all the great news on this forum and it's being stolen. Keep up the good work readers.

Replied by Dennis
(Coral Springs, Fl)

Anyone submitting to this site needs to know and Bill will attest to this, that you want to be using 3% FOOD GRADE Peroxide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not what is in the Brown Bottle in the drug store!!!!!!!! This is very important. The brown bottle HP has other chemicals and preservatives in it and could cause a problem!!

Pat Pickett

Actually, Bill Munro said he used the regular drug store 3% hydrogen peroxide, stabilizers and all!

Replied by Misty
(Central, Ohio)

Some brands of the cheap 3% hp have stabilizers and some do not. Read the label! Even the ones with stabilizers say they can be used as a gargle or rinse. So I would think it would be safe to just hold a small amount in your mouth for a few minutes while breathing deeply through your nose. That is just my opinion. That's what I am going to try, before I dig out my nebulizer. Let's not make this harder than it is.


Amen Misty..............there is a thing out there called Google........

Breathing Issues
Posted by Howard (Delray Beach, Fl) on 09/17/2009

I read someone's question concerning use of HP for emphysema and didn't see a response. This concerns me as well. Can someone discuss this, please? Thanks.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Tom (Boise, Id) on 08/07/2009

My wife has had breathing problems for years (the dr`s say it is from smoking... not true, it has bubbles in the phlem they pop when you crush them.) I gave her mouth to mouth as her lungs were stuck together and she was suffocating and could not keep from passing out. As she exhaled I breathed some of her air in to my lungs . I have this now, I wheeze when I sleep and have become very tired. I also cough very hard, three times of taking antibiotics has not stopped it. I tried your hp by inhaling the fumes from a bottle by placing on my lips because I had no spray bottle. It is also mixed with iodine as I can smell it. It stopped the coughing & phlem in less than 18 hours. I and my wife are heavy smokers. It increased my lungs capacity's to process air. I have recovered lots of the energy I did not know I had lost. Today is the second day after trying this. Yesterday I could do more reps of the exercises than before. Hydrogen peroxide works amazingly well, I am impressed. There is no storm today, so we will buy the real thing. Hydrogen peroxide and a nasal spray bottle. I and my wife are feeling much better lots of energy. I would like to thank all the people here for you information. This will get rid of this virus of that, I have no fear. Thanks a lot to you all.

Replied by Judith
(Nampa, Idaho)

To Tom from Boise, ID- Have you found a source locally to purchase the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide? I live in Nampa and would like to give it a try. My email is judithcoo[at] gmail.com. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Molleur (Palm Bay, Florida) on 06/03/2009

Well it's been almost two full weeks since I began H2O2 inhalation therapy. I have been breathing easier, especially in the evenings while sleeping. Some aches & pains from old injuries have subsided a bit. I am a one pack a day smoker. No side effects at all from the inhalations. 5-6 times a day, 5 or 6 pumps each. I am occasionally cough up some phlem and attribute it to some cleansing of my lungs. No problems at all. Seem to be more alert too, especially in the mornings upon waking.

Breathing Issues
Posted by David (Elverta, CA) on 04/29/2009


I tried the hydrogen peroxide inhalation remedy. i was having a lingering bronchitis. i feel like it did help, although i did have a nebulizer with essential oils and a few other things other things i was doing.

i want to warn people about the hydrogen peroxide. a few weeks into doing a spray every 2 hours. i noticed a white patch of hair on my chin. i am 24 years old. i have light brown hair. and this patch is WHITE. its about the size of a pea, but the hairs are very white. and it has remained for months now. I think this has to do with the hydrogen peroxide because i just read an article stating that HYDROGEN PEROXIDE MAKES YOUR HAIR GO GRAY. http://www.lifeagingand.com/life/hydrogen-peroxide-makes-hair-go-gray/

Replied by Jerry
(Springville, Al.)

The person that said his chin hairs turned white should keep the HP from spraying on his chin.

Replied by Self

Taking at least 1,000 mg vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) may be able to protect this. H2O2 neutralizes vitamin C and a vitamin D deficiency can cause hair color loss.

Replied by Dave In Ozz
(Melbourne, Australia)

Nobody heard of peroxide blonde, people used to use it as cheap form of hair colour, I. E. Blonde, although it was actually more of a yellow, think it was 6% but no longer on the market, not in ozz anyway. While I'm here would just like to thank everybody involved in this excellent site & the input of all the caring sincere people, it is a mine of information, thanks again... Dave in Ozz

Breathing Issues
Posted by Aleph1 (London, UK) on 04/18/2009

Regarding: Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation

It is worth bearing in mind that recent research has discovered that of the 4000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke, it hydrogen peroxide that actually causes cancerous changes in lung cells.


In the future, this may mean safer cigarettes, which have the hydrogen peroxide removed.

But research like this should make you a little more cautious about inhaling hydrogen peroxide.

By contrast, it has been recently shown that hydrogen peroxide used in teeth whiteners is completely safe, and does not cause mouth cancer.


I often brush my teeth with 3% hydrogen peroxide, so this is good news. This gives you beautifully white teeth after doing for a month.

As for the internal use of hydrogen peroxide, I have seen no research to say that it is either safe or dangerous, so this something of an unknown.

I have taken hydrogen peroxide internally myself, just a couple of drops of food grade 35% in a large glass of water, and this did clear a long standing infection I had. However, I am not sure that I would like to take hydrogen peroxide on a continual basis.

Replied by Anthony
(Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa)

My wife (62) and I (61) have been taking H2O2 since 1998. I brush my teeth every third day with a 50ml distilled water and 20 drops 35% food grade H2O2.

We both orally drink 25ml with 10 drops 35% FG H2O2 each in the morning half an hour before we have our coffee. Oxygen gives life.

Replied by Dirk
(Vredenburg, South Africa)

Hi Anthony from Durban,

Where do you buy 35% H2O2? I've tried several shops and they tell me the foodstuff one is not available in South Africa. Even phoned the manufactured of the other H2O2 products and they confirm that it's not available in SA.

Replied by Sandra
(Clarksburg, Wv)

This is for Aleph from London, UK.

I have read your comment and the story you put the link to on hydrogen peroxide in cigarettes causing cancer. There are 4000 additives in ciagarettes and you believe they did a research proving Hydrogen peroxide is the culprit in causing cancer for smokers? If you said yourself you took H2O2 internally and it cleared up a long standing infection, why would you think it would cause cancer? Have you Seen the list of additives in cigarettes? Have you seen the list of what peroxide can help do with the human body? Please be very careful on any so called research studies you read..there is a reason why people are being scared away from using peroxide. It cannot create cancer in our bodies, our bodies make hydrogen peroxide every day.

Replied by Robert
(California, USA)

Let's remember that there are different grades of HP. The food grade is safe for consumption (in small %). I'm guessing the one used in cigarettes are different grade which has additional chemicals added to it which makes it dangerous.

Replied by Scott
(Revelstoke, B.c.)

You're very right Sandra, in the U.K they have used hydrogen peroxide for many yrs until the drug companies hammered it. But funny they still use honey for ulcers. Honey turns to hydrogen peroxide when it meets skin, carrot and cranberry juice are rich in it. With that, if hydrogen peroxide did cause cancer, we would have to stay away from rain water, veggies and fruits.

Replied by Redcairo
(Miami, Ok)

There are other research studies which indicate, for example, that 'animal' protein causes cancer while 'plant' protein does not, but if you look at the study or read the writing of a researcher in the field who does, you see it's basically bad-science if not outright fraud. In many cases, the reason AP did and PP didn't, is because the PP was not complete in animo acids; and when the AP did, it's because the animals in the study lived long enough to develop symptoms of the poison they were also being given; all the others were already goners! In the last couple decades especially, pharma companies have realized that funding a small research study to find a specific desired/presented result (sometimes even when the presented result is, when you read the article vs. The abstract, the *opposite* of what was found! ), and then promoting that with a press release, is like millions of dollars worth of free advertising, in every form of media, plus it's got the air of scientific authority. Science has become a marketing outlet. Unless you study it a good deal, or follow the writings of people you come to respect as understanding the larger situations, it's best to consider everything you hear/read reference to with a gigantic grain of salt. Particularly when it starts telling you that natural, healthy elements that nature or even the body itself makes (e. g. cholesterol, h202) are 'deadly' (you'd better buy some drugs to save you! ).

I've lost tons of weight and cured tons of symptoms by pretty much taking nearly everything the official government and health agencies recommend and doing the opposite. Diet of grains? Nix. Avoid Cholesterol? It's not just for breakfast anymore. ;-) You get the idea. Be skeptical (even of me! ) if you haven't really researched something yourself.

Best - PJ

Replied by John
(Swindon, England)

Hi PJ (and All) Please please read "the china study" - buy or search for the PDF ;-) It's written by one of the lead researchers of our time, compiling over a 1000 studies (very large scale some of them - hence he title) - Summary Animal protein bad, plant good - If you 'wouldn't' kill it and eat it raw (while still warm) then we probably shouldn't eat it - just because we can doesn't mean we should. Also the "80-10-10 diet" is another great read. Live long.


The China Study has been thoroughly debunked by pretty much everybody (except the US government which is also coming around):

  • Chris Masterjohn's article with rebuttals from all parties: http://www.cholesterol-and-health.com/China-Study.html
  • Denise Minger: http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/abcs-of-nutrition/the-china-study-myth/
  • Denise's blog: rawfoodsos.com/2010/07/07/the-china-study-fact-or-fallac/
  • Chris' thumbs down book review: http://www.westonaprice.org/book-reviews/the-china-study-by-t-colin-campbell/


Breathing Issues
Posted by Jacob (Lincoln, NE) on 04/16/2009

Hi all, I myself have the same concerns as Brett. Is there any smokers out there that can give there feedbakc on there experience on inhaling hydrogen peroxide and also the dosage that you use and any other side effects. Thanks So Much.

Replied by Julie
(Western Australia)

I bought a nasal sprayer today, and plan to start inhaling tomorrow.

I have emphysema, caused by smoking for many, many years. To all who are still smoking (why?) I can recommend Tabex tablets. Google tabextablets - $30AUD. They made it unbelievably easy, so I told my son. He also quit with no problems.

Having tried just about every other method, I was amazed at how easy it was. What made me cross was finding out they have been available for 40 years, and I never heard of them!

They are made in Bulgaria, and I definitely have no connection to them. Just wanted to pass on the info.

Breathing Issues
Posted by Brett (Dallas, TX) on 03/30/2009

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation and smoking:

I have been reading through many different forums on the internet and find wanrning sbout HP inhalation and smoking. I have also been trying to quit and have heard that after 72 nicotine is completely out of your system. My concern is, that using the inhalation method will break up all the nicotine and it will get into the blood stream and cause heart failure. how true is this and is there anyone out there that smokes and uses this method. I really want to start using HP inhalation cause of my congestion and shortness of breath but i am concerned about the side effects of smoking.

Replied by Thomas
(Bangkok, Thailand)


I personally think your being to precautious and my advice would be to stop worrying about the pros & cons and weigh up the benefits first.

What have you got to lose ? Only your existance, life's not for everyone - haha. Joking aside, I wouldn't bother about the effects of the smoking scenario, since you can decide how much inhalation of H202 you take at the beginning, to help gain benefit from this course. People tend to forget IT'S ONLY WATER with the odd atom, thus giving a booster as a topic of interest to all and sundry. It's better described as an INTERNAL LOURDES pilgrim's journey!

Let me know what transpires after your campaign for better health.

Many Thanks


Replied by John
(Pioneer, CA, United States)

Hi Brett. I just read your question regarding Peroxide, and I hope my response proves insightful. I just quit smoking cigarettes about two weeks ago. I have been inhaling peroxide since, and there are absolutely no negative side-effects for me. It's important to know that the origin of these faulty claims about H202 typically come from drug companies. After all, if you're not sick, then who's gonna buy their drugs. Peroxide is essentially water with an extra oxygen molecule. It is perfectly safe in the human body in low concentrations. In fact, even the breast milk you were nursed on as a baby (colostrum) has a high concentration of it. Your own blood cells produce H202 to fight off harmful viruses and infections. That being said CAUTION, be sure that you only use 3% solution when inhaling. Also, check the bottle thoroughly to be sure that it's not "Stabilized" with chemicals such as zinc. If the only inactive ingredient is purified water you should be alright.

Bill is used to taking this stuff on a daily basis. I've found that a single dose daily keeps me energetic, and (I think) able to last longer on my jogs. I hope that I have been of help Brett, because as far as I'm concerned everyone should be using this stuff.

Replied by Scott
(Revelstoke, B.c.)

You're right about the drug companies. That's why they put chlorine in our water, to take the hydrogen out. funny, since they started doing that cancer and other fungal rated went up from 1 in 26 to 1 in 4, did some reading on flouride as well.....banned in europe for a reason, why are we still using it?

Replied by Rachel
(Unknown, Na)

Someone please help! The only HP I can find is 'HP topical solution' (not food grade, from walmart.. So far so good?) Under active ingredients: HP (STABILIZED) 3%.. But under inactive ingredient: purified water.. Is it still ok even though it says stabilized?

(Idaho, USA)

i hope people know, who are reading these posts, 12 years later (2023) that since the popularity of that "Amaz**" amazing store, even in the USA, we can purchase 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide as easy as picking up our cell phones. sure its a little more expensive than the dollar store, but why take the chance?? Food grade is EASY to order on line and probably safer than topical. And while im advocating for quality of product... while nose spray is good, perhaps, for inhalation; a hand-held NEBULIZER produces much finer (smaller) particles which is much easier to absorb in the lungs. Less than $50 at that "amazing" store. You could "breath" in a 1/2 teaspoon of water w/ H2O2 in one quick inhale (followed by coughing like you just got pool water in your lungs! YUCK! Or you could gently inhale that same 1/2 teaspoon of water w/ H2O2 over say 10 minutes... no coughing. easy and gently absorbed.

Replied by Chw777
(Atlanta Ga)

That's the one Bill Munro uses in his mouth spray.

Breathing Issues
Posted by RonALD (Vail, Az) on 03/04/2009







Replied by Bill Munro

Please e-mail me your state & phone number. I will call you.

Bill Munro. 248-623-1120. Michigan.

Replied by Jeff
(Los Angeles, California)

Ronald of Az,

Sounds like your husband has Community Pneumonia (formerly known as Walking Pneumonia). Have him checked out with his doctor. (blood test, x-ray as well as stethoscope lung sound screening will be performed)

If it goes untreated for too long (6 months), it can infect the heart and trigger heart failure and/or heart attack. (that's what happened to me - the latter)

Take Care

Replied by Startrekgis
(Fallbrook, CA)

The peroxide caused the moucus to come up. i have studied cleansing for 35 years there is no such thing as sickness. edgar casey said there is only one sickness and that is a toxic body.

Breathing Issues


Replied by Dave
(Trenton, MI)

Hello John is it possible that you smoke or work around chemical fumes often as you may have sores in your lungs or something and the peroxide may just be stinging them so maybe you should back off so many sprays and spread them out over time instead all at once and see how it goes, i hope that helps and it goes away for you. Dave

Replied by Peggy
(Atoka, Tennessee)

John, I had a similar reaction when I started this in October of 08. I have been battling Histoplasmosis for 7 years. My first reaction was to stop but I actually had tried everything else . I believe I read somewhere that the HPO can cause a die off ( in other words it is killing off infection, bacteria, fungus etc.) I added plenty of water and also the ACV and baking soda mixture as stated. I haven't tried the borax as of yet but I am I just have been reluctant. I can tell you this... It worked wonders for me... I also cut back a little bit on the HPO until I was feeling better. I did it every other day instead. I love this sight ... it has changed my life and I thank everyone's input. I hope you find relief too!

Replied by Alice
(San Bernardino, Ca)

This is a question for Peggy from Atoka: can you please describe in greater detail how you treated your histoplasmosis? In particular, how did it go with H2O2? What grade did you use? You mention ACV and baking soda; how did you use these? I am struggling with a fungus in my lungs; nothing seems to work. Thank you!

Replied by Mr B
(Camperdown, Nsw)

Dear Anonymous,
We can't be of any assistance unless you provide more information.

** safety **
May I suggest that others be more careful about the strength of peroxide they are using. For healing I drank about 3 or 4 cups of 0.00075% strength peroxide (5 dops of 3% strength peroxide in 1L).

I haven't tried this "peroxide inhalation therapy" yet so can't say anything authorative, but for myself I would :

* check the quality of the spray. Is the mist super fine?. How much does it dispense in one spray? (spray into a teaspoon).
* ask myself - how do I know I'm not taking too much? different sprays will meter out different dosages.
* ask myself - how do I know that this conectration isn't too much for my body to handle. Start small and work up!
* do not start with anything above 0.05% strength (yes, less than half a percent).

If you can't work out how much to dilute it then please don't even try, this isn't for you.

Replied by Chris
(Toronto, On, Canada)

Hello, my dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, has just been diagnosed with emphysema, and also has tracheal collapse, which could likely be the cause of the emphysema.

I have been doing tons of research on the benefits of food grade diluted hydrogen peroxide for emphysema and other lung diseases & other health problems. I have found two ways of inhaling H2O2, either by vaporizer or using a fine mist nasal spray and spraying the mist to the back of the throat while inhaling as discussed in this article.

I have read the first vaporizer approach is ok for dogs, using a ratio of diluting 1oz of 35% food grade H2O2 with 1 gallon of distilled water.


However my question is do you think this approach using the nasal spray fine mist into the throat while breathing is safe for my dog? I'm pleased there are countless human testimonies that have benefited tremendously from it, but I haven't read anything about dogs. My dog currently has labored breathing and it really pains me to see her this way. I know the prognosis is not good, especially considering she is 14, but I really just want to make her breathing more comfortable for the rest of her life.

So any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

P. S. she has reacted pretty well to a shot of cortisone steroid which seemed to boost her energy, appetite and help a little with the labored breathing, but it will only last about 3 weeks and I'm also hoping to find something healthier to help her as there are side effects to the steroid. Please help thank you.

Replied by Jacqueline
(Peterborough, Ontario)

Hello Chris, The vaporiser near your pups sleeping area at night will be the best way to help.

As for inhaling, reduce from 3% to 1% and insert tip of pump sprayer into side of mouth towards the back- you may wish to hold the lower jaw down a bit so you avoid the tongue.

A couple of drops in drinking water will also help. 2 drops of 3% per liter of water.

Hope this info helps, good luck :)

Breathing Issues
Posted by Nancy (Buffalo, WY, USA) on 10/28/2008

I've been a smoker for many years and am trying to quit. I have been reading about the HP Inhalation on this wonderful site, and was quite excited to try it, and started it last night. I have to say with only 3 puffs, I could breathe better than I have in a long time! But..I did come upon some information which concerns me greatly and would like to share with you all in hopes of some knowledgable feedback.

[Smokers and individuals who have used prescription and nonprescription drugs delivered into the lungs are well advised to seriously reconsider H2O2 inhalation therapy. Upon entering the lungs, the oxidation reaction dislodges and delivers some substances directly into the bloodstream. In the case of smokers, this results in a possible extreme nicotine overdose that can cause heart failure.]

The above excerpt is on this page:

Any thoughts on this? Ted? anyone?

Thank you

EC: Better to read the entire section from that website:


"ALL CAUTION must be used when considering using H2O2 combined with colloidal silver ( and H2O2 in general ) delivered directly into the lungs. The danger lies in the commonly held belief that few adverse effects are possible. This conclusion has been drawn based on the fact that many people use dilutions as high as 3% hydrogen peroxide with no ill effects.

However, certain conditions in the lungs can cause extremely harmful and potentially lethal reactions. Furthermore, less noticeable reactions are possible that have long term implications on health.

Smokers and individuals who have used prescription and nonprescription drugs delivered into the lungs are well advised to seriously reconsider H2O2 inhalation therapy. Upon entering the lungs, the oxidation reaction dislodges and delivers some substances directly into the bloodstream. In the case of smokers, this results in a possible extreme nicotine overdose that can cause heart failure.

It is unknown if this reaction occurs in the same manner with other contaminants such as harmful dusts and pollutants normally not adsorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream. However, it is evident that cell permeability is altered, and therefore all caution must be employed as a matter of life and death.

Furthermore, certain anaerobic bacterial conditions in the lungs can also spark an intensified H2O2 reaction causing possible extreme damage to lung tissues themselves. Again, the danger is that these conditions ( not currently qualified ) are not prevalent, and it is easy for one to be lulled into false sense of safety, thereby putting others at uniformed risk.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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I am an exsmoker (quit about 44 years ago) and experienced no problem with inhalation of H202.

EC: We called Bill Munro a couple of days ago to ask if he had ever heard of this. He said no one has ever contacted him in the past 13 years reporting side effects from 3% hydrogen peroxide inhalation. If there are side effects, he says, they must be mixing it with something else like colloidal silver. From his research prior to discovering the h202 inhalation method, Bill discovered that colloidal silver was never stable enough to inhale.

Replied by Sashalani
(Los Angeles, California Los Angeles County)


I totally agree. I tried inhaling colloidal silver several times for asthma relief and each time was a nightmare. The last time was particularly scary because it brought on the worst asthma attack I have ever had... Infact I almost passed out due to lack of oxygen. Although colloidal silver is a great anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral great caution should be used if you decide to inhale it.

Replied by Marlane Ellis
(Geelong, Victoria - Australia)

Hi Sashalani,
I have used colloidal silver for 15 years in a nebuliser for asthma and COPD and as a preventative when I have an upset stomach or a cold. My children and grandchildren use it for the same things. I have drunk anything up to half a litre a day with no side effects or problems whatsoever. I used it frequently when I was living in malaysia to cure "Delhi Belly. "
I use the strongest strength which I make myself. However there some important things to remember when using colloidal silver. It must be made only using distilled water. Water that is not distilled will make silver nitrate - that is what causes skin to turn blue, it will make you very sick if you use it in a nebuliser. Colloidal silver should be clear when its made. If its cloudy throw it out, the water has salts and or minerals in it. Colloidal silver must be kept in the dark and well away from any electrical sources. Hope this helps, Marlane ellis

Replied by Ellen
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

In my opinion, colloidal silver is toxic. Our bodies were never meant to have one mineral consumed in such huge quantities. Just like iodine, or any other mineral, if you use a single mineral in such large quantities, then you can expect to get sick eventually. It's always better to get your minerals from a food source in a balanced, complete form. Kelp is a much better way to gain health and keep it, and what's great about kelp is that it will never overdose you or allow you to get out of balance. It will always improve your health and never take away from it. When you take any mineral as a single source, the body has no choice but to absorb it, throwing it out of balance. When you get your minerals from a food source, then you receive all your minerals in a safe form that will allow your body to pick and choose which minerals it needs to absorb them easily. If your body is at a saturation point in a particular mineral then the body will just let that particular mineral go through the body easily. When you force your body to absorb and absorb and absorb a particular mineral then the body eventually will get out of wack and you will be sick, guaranteed.

I suggest you try kelp and another great source of minerals without the iodine is Redstar flake yeast. Both of these sources are amazing and will only add to your health, and never take away from it. Laminaria digitata is an excellent form of kelp that I take daily and you can take a cup a day, even more and never get an overdose. I always buy in bulk as it saves a lot of money and then I never worry about using the product. Good luck. Sue

Replied by Sxyswg1
(Chgo, Usa)

I'm 39 yrs old, I'm a smoker for approx 20 yrs... Ive recently slowed to 1/2 a pk a day. Ive been having a slight shortness of breath for a couple of weeks.... I broke and dislocated my ankle in 1998, ever since then I've had a problem with water retention. Lately even with elevation and Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tsp in 16ozs of water) the swelling never goes down. I have a history of low blood pressure so I can't really take water pills. I recently became more short of breath (yesterday) went to the ER and was discharged with bronchitis, I was prescribed the Z pack antibiotics, alupent inhaler and 20gm of prednisone.... I took the Z pack, I couldn't afford the alupent and I I heard horror stories of prednisone.

I'm reading these different post and really considering the HP therapy but am afraid.. My bottle says nothing about "food grade formula"... It does say 3%, USP, inactive ingredient is purified water and also states it assist in the removal of phlegm, mucus or other secretions associated with sore mouth. I don't know if that is the right kind of HP I should be using in a nebulizer. I would feel better trying kelp as you have suggested... How do I buy it? in pill form? liquid form? how is it taken? how often? How soon will I feel a difference? any side effects? thanks

Replied by Traveler
(San Antonio, Tx)

I'm sorry to hear that you are ill and hope that you find something that works for you. If you have not read about Lysine, I would certainly recommend reading into and trying it because it is cheap and effective for viruses. Supposedly, Bronchitis is caused by a viral illness something like 90% of the time, with the remaining 10% made up of bacterial infections. Lysine costs about $6, and though there are varying brands and thus varying levels of effectiveness, I've always found that I have responded no matter the type of brand-- though I do agree with a friend of mine that some brands are better than others (right now I'm favoring the Orange and purple major brand label but there are certainly others that are good. )

What I've found for my viral infections is to follow the 5 gram protocol of a gram of lysine taken with a gram of aspirin once an hour every hour for five hours straight. Then you take a couple grams of lysine twice a day to mop up the remaining crud. I just wrote about this a few days ago so I'm sorry for the double post, but last week my boyfriend started coming down with the symptoms that always preceded coming down with bronchitis. I flooded him with lysine, which at around 25-30 grams in a 24 hour period gave him diarrhea, but he was still happy with having diarrhea for a few days if it didn't mean having bronchitis for weeks to months! Anyway, check it out. Lysine hasn't had any contra-indications for me thus far with my supplements, but as always, do your research. I love lysine best as an anti-viral and find it cheaper than other options (like oil of oregano), less stinky (like garlic), and with no taste (I have a hard time getting coconut oil down. )
Good Luck!

Replied by Yvano
(Nanaimo, B C Canada)

I have chronic bronchitis for 25 years on prescription medication, I wonted to stop all this puffer, ( ventolin) ( advair( corticosteroide ), So I heard about hydrogen peroxide, last mount I stoped all medication, I waited 2 weeks before I started the hp, the first day I used my nebuluzer for 10 minutes in morning 15 minutes evening with hp, the tird day I got sick but not frome the hp was frome witraw of steroide cortico, now after a mount I am using just 3 to 4 puffs with nebulizer morning and evening and I am great, no couphing up mucus, no couphing at all; now I use (aple cider vinegar also for litle probleme, luke me I have found that site, and tanks to Mr. BILL MUNRO the promotor of this wonderful therapy.. French man from Canada.....

Replied by Stuart
(Salinas, Ca)

Just for the record, I would like to comment on the data link that Nancy from Buffalo, WY, USA mentioned where she found the statement that;

"Smokers and individuals who have used prescription and nonprescription drugs delivered into the lungs are well advised to seriously reconsider H2O2 inhalation therapy. Upon entering the lungs, the oxidation reaction dislodges and delivers some substances directly into the bloodstream. In the case of smokers, this results in a possible extreme nicotine overdose that can cause heart failure."

I, personally, went to that site and contacted the company about this totally misleading statement. They admitted that it was the COMBINATION of H2O2 and colloidial silver that could cause these effects - NOT the H2O2 by itself. Their response to my challenge was the following;

"This applies very specifically to the combination of H2O2 and colloidal silver, not specifically for h2o2 alone (although I do believe that people with serious lung histories start slowly and gently when using H2O2 inhalation therapy).

Replied by Renee
(Belgrade, Mt)

This should be clarified as H202 w/ Colloidal Silver may cause problems w/in the lungs, not just H202

Replied by Kimona

I want to know if I should dilute the 3% HP for inhalation. My husband has COPD and the medication is not helping I can't just watch him die I need help.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Yes, Kimona, dilute.

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