Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Guide: Bill Munro Method

| Modified on Feb 11, 2024
Lung Issues
Posted by Theresa (Tallahassee, Fl) on 08/25/2015

I tried Hydrogen Peroxide a couple of times 2 years ago when I was having severe issues that the doctors could not help. 8 months of coughing up blood and having to sit up in bed due to what sounded exactly like a death crackle if I lay down at even a 45 degree angle! I felt like my chest was made of glass. CT scan showed no cancer. O2 levels were not too bad at that time though they would drop to 80 at night. During waking hours rarely got below 92. Still struggled to breathe though.

In desperation, I used Hydrogen Peroxide in nebulizer diluted (regular 3 percent over the counter from CVS). I only did this a few times over 2-3 days and when I went to the pulmonary specialist for a checkup my o2 level that day read 100 percent. I HAD NEVER seen that and actually it scared me a little so I stopped the peroxide. Things improved for a time until I was put on Arava for Autoimmune issues. Immediately breathing issues. Rheumie seemed unconcerned and even angry that I had adjusted my dose to 1 every 2 days just to breathe for a few days and still be able to walk!!

Long story short, fast forward to Rheumie halving the dose and instructing me to take 1 every other day and persist until side effects cleared up. THEY NEVER did and my breathing got worse and worse. I realize now I probably was getting infections that they were ignoring due to the Arava lowering my immune system. I no longer run fever after a lifetime of severe medical problems so can be quite ill with no fever but doctors only take you serious if your blood work shows really high elevations of Neut/Lymph etc. and mine were only small elevations and my temperature actually would go in the opposite direction. The sicker I get the LOWER it goes. I have seen it at 95 many mornings. And yes Thyroid checked.

Long story short I progressed to being unable to breathe at night. Sleepless nights wondering if I should go to ER. Palpitations(both PVC and PAC) coming about every 3 to 10 beats. Nebulizer meds and even a dose of Racepinephrine at times offered little help. The past month I had gotten so bad I could not walk 10 feet for the weakness and palpitations and shortness of breath. I did not want to go to ER and be put on a Ventilator. I was literally waiting to die at home and struggling to breathe is no fun so I knew I would eventually give in and go to the hospital one of those nights. My o2 levels were now dropping to 80 while still awake which they had never ever done.

I had been afraid to use the Peroxide again due to the unknowns, but now things were critical I felt. I LITERALLY FELT IT WAS die or try it again. THREE days ago I nervously tried putting some peroxide in my nebulizer cup and leaving the mouthpiece off. I would put my mouth over it for a second and breathe it in deeply. I only did this 3 times with the full strength peroxide. Only did it about 3 times both days. WELL LAST NIGHT MY o2 levels did not drop below 91 and mostly hovered at 92 to 94 before falling asleep. THIS MORNING I WOKE UP AND HAD SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT without having to wake up to do a breathing treatment. I did not cough up anything much this a.m. I could take a deep breath and the PVC and PAC were down to maybe 1 or 2 a minute instead of 20-30 a minute!! BUT THE BEAUTY of the side effects was I COULD WALK when I got up today. My RA and PSA seemed greatly improved. I had energy for the first time in 6 months!!!

I am crying now because today is the first day in months that I believe I might be able to see my grandkids for Christmas!! I was not sure I would even still be here by Christmas! I cannot tell you what it feels like to be able to take a deep breath and walk more than a few feet without resting!!!! I am optimistic that I will continue to improve.

THANK ALL OF YOU FOR POSTING or I may have been too afraid of doing more harm. I think I may live now though.

I am now convinced that I have had mold and bacteria in my lungs causing most of these issues and doctors just don't treat these I have long found. The peroxide is killing it off I believe. I take 7 days a month of an antifungal (itraconazole) and my doc kept saying if it was fungs in my lungs the antifungal should take care of it. SHE IS WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Lung Issues
Posted by Jvs1963 (Nederland) on 11/25/2018

I'd like to ad my 2 cents on the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation methode from the late Bill Munro.

My father already had a history from asthma since he was 6 years old. Back in the old days young children would be sent to live by the sea for a few months in order to heal. He smoked, unfortunaltly, 'till the age of 57. Stopped, because he needed heart-surgery due to being diabetic since he was 16 years old. When he became older his lung problems reappeared again. With a bad case of double pneumonia in 2003 that nealry killed him.

I kind of stumbled across Earth clinic a few years later and learned about Bill Munro's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation. (Among so many other life-saving tips and knowledge.) Since then I was able to stop every bout of bronchitis he had before it could develop into pneumonia. Which would have killed him at his age. By using Hydrogen Peroxide in a nebuliser. Of course Food Grade 3% with the same amount of distilled water.

He died last May, 88 years old. And was regarded a walking medical wonder by doctors because he got that old in spite of his many health scares. Just died in his favorite chair because his heart simply stopped beating. I saved him many times with the healp of Earth Clinic when doctors had given up upon him. Thank you all for your contributions here.

About Bill Munro
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 08/15/2021

HI U ROZ,,,,,, ORH here and I have had cancer three times in my life and treated it differently as I learned. My doctors love me but they don't like me. That is the way with most marriages. All love their spouse, they just don't like them. I like my TRACTOR DRIVER and we have been married for almost 62 years. I think she likes me. I do tests that normal folks don't do, so I catch cancer in stage I or stage II. Cancer needs your body to be acid and low on oxygen. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Bill before he died and he is one of the good guys. Your immune system handles your problems until you old as dirt. At 84, I still do a garden because store stuff is garbage. We took tomatoes and peppers to church today to give to the congregation. My preacher keeps telling me that I can't work my way into heaven. I am taking no chances. My PSA test is telling me that I have prostate cancer, but I refuse to get a biopsy because all that does is spread the cancer all over your body. I inhale 1 and 1/2 % hydrogen peroxide every morning to open my nasal passages. I am doing the dog dewormer thing to address my prostate cancer. None of this amounts to a hill of beans compared to the evil that is consuming the world. I thank you for giving me a chance to get my message out.


About Bill Munro
Posted by Hank Gigandet (Montreal, Canada) on 07/26/2020

Just wanted to add: I contacted Bill by phone around 2004, when he was 80 years old. He had already been inhaling H2O2 since he was 70 years old, when he first contracted skin melanoma, which was agressive. The doctor told him to quickly go to the clinic to start chemo, but he told the doctor no, that he was going to inhale hydrogen peroxide. The doctor told him he's crazy, that he would kill himself. Bill went off and cured himself fairly quickly and went back to the doctor, who was shocked. The doctor did follow-ups over the 10 years and Bill, and his wife, were never sick. Finally, the doctor was reassured and the doctor started inhaling H2O2 himself.

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Rick A (Columbus, Ohio) on 11/01/2018

Total H202 Routine:

I have used the H202 inhalation method for years and it has been very effective for colds or other sinus infections. Once I notice a cold coming on at Day 1, I do the Munro throat spray routine at 3%, for about 3x's. Then I move on to a mix of 1.5% H202 in the nasal sprayer (3% is too much for your nasal linings), then I do a routine of H202 in my ears for 4 min each ear then dry them out with kleenex & cotton swabs and finally after all this drains into your mouth I gargle for a minute with H202.

IF I do this on Day 1 I have never had to go to Day 2 of this routine - never in 10 years of use. This is why people go to Ear, Nose & Throat doctors - these are ALL inter-related. You need to fix them all. Hope this helps.

Posted by Thundir (San Francisco, California, Usa) on 03/21/2011

Hi to all reading this Post. I got verry sick back in october of 2010. Turned out I had contracted an upper respiratory infection in my lungs. I was perscribed antibiotics at 1 pill a day for 10 days. I cant remember what type of Antibiotics. Anyway my Xray showed that the spot on my lung eventually cleared. I remained with heavy mucous and wheezing. Doctors gave me 2 different types of inhalers for the symptons and all kinds of over the counter and perscribed meds that didnt even do anything. I went back 8 to 9 times to complain of this condition. They said I was going to be Asthmatic for the rest of my life and that sometimes it comes late in our lives. I refused to believe this.

I accidently found this web site that talked about Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide. As God is my Witness I was scared as hell to do this. I purchased everything I needed from Rainbows Supermarket here in San Francisco and began My therapy as perscribed. 11 ounces of distilled water with 1 ounce of h202 35% making it 3 % when combined together. Poured some in a spray bottle and began my Inhaling. 4 pumps of spray while inhaling 5 times a day. Also tried a little tad up my nose in case bugs were harboring there. 2 weeks Later cured. No more Inhalars no more over the counter meds. I also do a few drops of the 3% peroxide in 8 ounces of water. This stuffed cured me. I am Living proof. Best regards and wishes to all reading my Post...........

Posted by Darren (London, UK) on 03/02/2015

Hello there. I really need some advice/Help. I have for a long time been suffering from asthma. After a long time researching online about hydrogen poroxcide 3% ( food grade) having great result when inhaled using a nasal spray bottle, I then decided to give it a go.

i used 3% HP ( food grade) from a good supplier. I inhaled one puff in the morning and one puff later in the day.

At first I felt I could breath better but that evening when I got home from work I found my breathing was tighter than normal. This was 3 days ago and it's no better. I haven't used HP since.

I'm really scared that I've damaged my lungs even more. Is this normal? Was the dose right? ( all the info on line says it is) or is it just a reactiion that will pass?

My lungs don't feel sore, just tight.. Please help. many thanks Darren x

Side Effects
Posted by Ed (Campbell, Calif. 95008) on 09/17/2017 2 posts

I need help, I have been using the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation method, and after 2 1/2 days the back of my mouth has dried up and it hurts to swallow, it is almost like a sore throat, is this regular, I have stopped using it until I can get the sprayer that was recommended......any recommendations or answers, is this what generally happens when you first start it? When can I expect an answer?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kauaian Brodah!!! (Kauai, Hawaii) on 03/15/2016

Aloha from Hawaii,

I have been using Hydrogen Peroxide 3% as an inhalation treatment when fighting cold/flu symptoms of the nasal passages or lungs for decades.

I use it every time I get any form of runny/stuffy nose or any itching lungs/coughing. It really is amazing how fast it works. I clear my nasal passages out with 2-3 quick sprays up each nostril (and it hurts!! ) this is not for wimps as it does get really sharply painful for a few seconds and sometimes feels like my head is going to blow off!! My sweet, lovely, little wife does it too, so unless you are truly a wimp...you'll be fine. LOL

However, using this method along with sudafed to open passages if blocked (so the h2o2 can get up there) I have not had a sinus infection or bronchitis for over 20 years. I used to get bronchitis and sinusitis every year when I caught cold. I started doing H2O2 mist instinctively because it just made sense to me that it would destroy the viruses and bacteria that were causing the issue in the first place. I had read a book called: Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle and felt that if it could perform so well in all those medical studies without harming any of the patients...it would be good for my nose and lungs.

So, nasal mister with 3% hydrogen peroxide in it and use it any time there is a symptom of any kind. If I end up with a bad cold as recently happened because I didn't get up at night and do this, I just do it every few hours daily until the issue (nasal or lung) is gone. I also use ozonated water machine to make quarts of ozone water to drink 3-4 times daily and eat very little food when fighting illness of any kind.

As a retired RN I can tell you right now that if everyone used this method to fight disease we would all be far healthier and better off.

Blessings and Aloha.

Posted by Scott (Leduc, Alberta) on 12/18/2011

This technique has worked for my 10 year old son. This has been a 5 year journey for us to get off steroids. The only time he got sick was when I weaned him off the stuff. The doctors told me that is evidence he needs it. Hmmm, I guess when a crackhead gets psychosis from withdrawal from crack, this is evidence he should be on crack all the time.

I have tried several alternative treatments with varying levels of success. This includes the Butekyo Method which helped us cut down the amount of steroid to one puff a day or less. It seemed to be related to yogic breathing so I reseached that subject and found a book, "The Science of Breath. "

It's an important read if you have breathing problems.

When I found Bill Monroe's HP inhalation method I tried it on myself for a couple months. It didn't kill or maim me so I tried it on my son. On the last inhale of hp I did a rapid drum rhythm on the front and back of his chest. I had him hold the breath for as long as he could while I did this.

I weaned him off the steroids and kept up the hp treatment. After about one weak he coughed up brown old blood. When the mucus turned to clear I stopped the hp. He got a cold that turned to asthma. I resumed the treatment and the asthma went away. He been off steroids for 3 months.

There is much more detail to the story but I thought I'd share this much.

Incidentally, I called Bill Monroe about this and only have good things to say about him. I can tell he's a kind man. He's my honorary grandfather.

Regards, Scott

Lung Issues
Posted by Robert (LA) on 11/16/2022

Jeannie, I realize this is waaay past the time frame you wrote with in however, I spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital in the fall of 2021 with the Delta version of COVID and a case of pneumonia which I've been told comes very often with that version of COVID.

After getting out of the hospital and another month in rehab learning to walk again, I was sent home with various inhalers and steroids, along with two different nebulizer treatments to be taken daily.

I kept all this crap up until the end of May when I ended up back in the hospital with pneumonia again! They pumped me full of steroids and sent me on my way only to feel the congestion building again by mid July. I had a Pulmonologist appointment for the second week in September but didn't think I was gonna make it that long with the way I was feeling.

I had already been researching the possibility of using food grade H202 diluted with distilled water and used in my nebulizer and that was exactly what I did. I had a large syringe so I used 2 cc's of 12% food grade H202 mixed with 6 cc's of distilled water (bring the dilution to 1.5%). takes about 35-40 minutes to inhale, coughed frequently while doing this the first few days and by the 5th day, I realized the congestion was gone!!!

Told my Pulmonologist about this when I saw him in September and he looked at me like I had just fallen off a turnip truck! Poor man didn't have a clue about H202 treatments and didn't feel comfortable suggesting I continue it.

I now take a nebulizer treatment with the above mentioned twice a week and am doing well at breathing. I have gone from walking 100 yards before all but dying to walking 6 miles a day.

I have a Spirometry exam next month ( lung capacity test) and a lung catscan which may show lung improvement ( I was told I had 'excessive' scar tissue within my lungs).

I came within a few hours of being best friends with a pine box while in the hospital, but God decided he didn't want me quite yet so here I am today still being a pain in the kazoo!

I must admit I am only on the website infrequently but please leave any questions.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Cindy (NC) on 11/02/2020

In regards to Myway Usa post on 07/15/2018. Thank you for your advice!!

I have been struggling and suffering with a severe acute case of asthma/bronchitis for 2 years. (have had it all my life but non stop relentless for past 2 years) It has been exhausting, frustrating and left me feeling defeated at times. I don't want to get too hopeful because there have been so many let downs for me in the past 2 years through our modern medicine community regarding my condition.

I've had 3 pulmonologists, 2 ENT'S and a gastroenterologist trying to figure this out. I've been through antibiotics, steroids, asthma inhibitors, nasal steroid sprays, nebulizer of albuterol and saline mixture, multiple CTscans, methacholine challenge (which came up negative! ) bronchoscopy procedure, upper/lower gi scope with bravo implant to rule out reflux, and a surgery to the ethmoid, frontal and sphenoid sinuses. I'm probably leaving out something. All that within a 2 year span!

I began taking Vegan Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK7) Liquid Drops, Magnesium L-Threonate, and Monolaurin Supplement- 3000mg on Thursday evening. Friday evening my Black Cumin Seed Oil Softgels – 1,000mg were delivered and I added that to my regimen.

By Saturday night.....the wheezing that plagued me at night and would send me into coughing fits to almost tears.....was gone!!!! Sunday night no wheezing! My daytime coughing is MUCH less severe than it was and it's only Monday. After surviving 2 years of this, I'm hesitantly optimistic. But part of me can't help but to be full of joy over the possibility of relief! I wish I could thank you personally and I hope you see this so you know that you've changed my life for the much better. Thank you!!!

About Bill Munro
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn. ) on 05/26/2015

YEP ALLEN, , , , , , , he was sumpin. I e -mailed him years ago when I first learned that blood cancer was messin with me. I expected an e-mail return, but instead he called me and we talked for about 45 minutes. I now garden with H2O2 as a result of his trail blazing. He is just an example of a regular guy reading and thinking outside the box.

He did the brown bottle stuff and it extended his life from age 64 to 89. I just read a post today that said that the boogie man will get you if you use the brown bottle H2O2. Give me a break.


Breathing Issues
Posted by Gratitude (Northeast, Usa) on 09/23/2014

Hello Robert from Arnaudville,

Your post cried out to me and made me sign up so I could respond.

I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I understand as I am having the same issues. Dx with COPD and Emphysema a few years ago. Tried all the inhalors like Advair Diskus, Spireva, Combivent, etc but they were just filling me with even more bromide which I believe I was toxic with (and which gave me severe thyroid problems - cheers for iodine!! ). They never helped my breathing. I stopped using all rx meds a couple years ago.

But this year my breathing got much worse. Walking across room, standing up, even talking was difficult cause it made breathing so much worse. Waking every night about 3 am with heart pounding....very scary. I am 50 yrs old and well, didn't have much to lose at this point.

I began inhaling hydrogen peroxide (Bill Munroe's method) 5 days ago. Just using store bought right now and will switch to food grade in near future. Yes, I understand where you are coming from as I was very scared to inhale it!! But I couldn't live like this anymore since it wasn't really living. I inhaled 3 pumps. Then again 3 more pumps (that's all the breath I could manage). Did this about 6 or 7 times a day. Yesterday I noticed I could walk across room without getting out of breath! Heart racing/pounding has decreased and am sleeping better.

I had researched inhaling hydrogen peroxide on here and other places. For those who were very bad off like we are, it takes awhile. Some it took months to get to a good place. So we will need to have some patience. But even in 5 days of use, I can begin to tell a difference.

Detoxing isn't fun but coughing up junk is a good thing. I wish you the very best and will update as I go. I am sorry to hear that you lost your friend. Bill Munroe has obviously helped so many people including me now. I hope he is receiving all of God's Blessings!

Posted by Peter (Pontypridd, Uk) on 07/17/2012

48 Male, 32yrs of chronic asthma

Hospitalised many times, many very close calls.
daily medication taken, Ventolin inhaler 2-3 a month, Clenil modulite 200mcg 1 puff twice a day, Salmeterol 50mcg 1 puff twice a day, Montelukast 10mg tab one at night.
3% FG HP method in use, ( Bills very own inhaler method )
DAY 1,
3.30pm' 1 puff (straight into the lungs every time) - ( Test, Never died, no side effects )
4.30pm, 3 puffs ( never died, no side effects )
12am, 5 puffs ( still alive, no side effects )
= Let's reason until I say different, that I survive all inhalations :) =

Day 2,
6. 30am 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects )
10.30am 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects )
2. 30pm 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects )
6. 30pm 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects )
10.30pm 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects )
2. 30am 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects )

Day 3, same as day 2, = 6 puffs into lungs ( no side effects )

Day 4, stepped up to 8 puffs each time, ( no side effects )

Day 5, back to 6 puffs a time ( no reasons for this action )

Medication was used days, 1, 2, 3, 4 ( 2hrs in-between doses )
Ventolin hardly used throughout 5 days treatment.

4th night, never took night time medication Salmeterol or Montelukast.

Benefits ...
Still smoking, but way less, strange don't feel the need so much.
Ok, long way off from being cured :)
but I'm feeling and seeing things that make it clear I'm on the very best path.
massive reduction in ventolin inhaler
tightness in chest gone
still getting lots of crap of my chest, white / green
1st time in over 10yrs I jogged around the shop floor and was hardly puffing at all,
only a short jog ( 1min - ) but if I did this before treatment of 3% hp started I would need ventolin and would be in a very bad way without it.
sleeping better
skins looking younger and skin under pinch test on back of hands springs back straight away, this was not the case by a long shot a month ago.

NOTE 1 = I have also been putting drops of 3% in my ears once a day
NOTE 2 = We are all different and react in different ways, do not just dive in taking lots of puffs 1st time
Try a single puff an hour later try 2 puffs, let your body know what's coming give it time to adapt.
NOTE 3 = I will carry my ventolin for at least a year maybe more, its better to have it than not need it than not have it and... Safety 1st

Thanks to Bill and all posters, you may have saved my life, you have made my future brighter.

Posted by Peter (Pontypridd, Wales) on 02/26/2015

Thought I would give an update after nearly 2 1/2 years. Sadly I need to start with an apology, After trying Bill's method of hydrogen peroxide inhalation with great results, I used my new found lung space to up my smoking habit by about 50%, but did it change my life as hoped, OH YES. Ok, things are not perfect but if you knew the amount I smoked you would understand, I have no doubt if I quit smoking I would have no problems at all.

The first thing is I no longer wake up fighting for my life and I can now sleep all night without the fear of it happening.

Second, I never get any colds or flu and my life was one chest infection after another, I have not had a single chest infection since starting 3% HP foodgrade.

I also take a teaspoon of Turmeric in a glass of warm milk before bed to fight inflamation.

And I use Magnesium chloride as a foot bath but if I feel chesty I will spray it all over my body after a bath - 50%MC, 50% water for fast relief.

The 1st time I used that mix I itched like mad and had some stingy nettle type lumps but it does not bother me anymore and I don't wash it off untill the next day.

So thanks to Bill's method and this great site, you did really change my life and I spread the news every day in every way I can.

Side Effects
Posted by J9 (Ca) on 01/18/2018

Hello. I started the inhalation 3% a few days ago and was feeling like my lungs were opening up but then last night I had a headache and woke up with a fever and have chunky coughing and feel very fluish. I am thinking that I had a lot of toxins in my lungs and there are all coming out. Healing crisis. How should I proceed? I did one spray today but feel like crapola.

Colds, Flu, Viruses
Posted by Tony (Lexington, KY) on 04/02/2021 3 posts


Your video on the HP inhalation technique from about 6 years ago has saved me from a huge amount of suffering due to my history with cold viruses. For 30 years I was looking for a way to deal with my colds that would sometimes last well over a month.... I tried tons of vit C, zinc...but nothing worked... I tried HP also, but was doing it wrong and almost gave up. Then I realized I need to start a rigorous infusion of HP immediately upon a tickle in my throat or any symptom that could be a cold. Over the last 6 years, I have killed scores and scores of cold viruses that would have put me down for months. A few times I got fooled, however, and misread a symptom and it was a day or two into the virus before I started. But usually, I kill it dead within the first 2 to 5 days.

My method is more aggressive upon first thinking I got a virus. I have no mercy on these viruses. Upon the first sign, I first do my inhaling method as you showed every 2-3 hours. To kick off the method, I also spray HP in each ear while laying down. I let it bubble in there at least 10-15 min per side. Then, I mix 8 parts water with 2 parts HR in a cup and snort up my nose. The nose membrane is very sensitive so you can not use the strong 3% otherwise it could start bleeding. I learned this from experience. This three-fold method seems to kill everything if I caught it on time.

I have a question….

When you or Bill M talk about inhaling every 3-4 hours, are you including throughout the night? Because I am afraid the virus might grow during the night, I set my alarm and wake up and do it 1 or 2 times during the night if a cold is coming on. What is your experience?


Multiple Cures
Posted by John (Spring Hill, Fl) on 08/04/2016

I got very sick. 28 doctor could not help me. Just took my money. To make a long story short it left me with vertigo and many other health issues remain. Even got my appendix out and could not fight off any sickness too well or drive. I've been on hydrogen peroxide inhale and taking it drinking it most days and I am progressing tremendously. I've driven a lot more. I feeling much better. I feel on this track I should be healed within the next 6 months to a year. Please, without this I believe I wouldn't have survived many more years.

Multiple Cures
Posted by George (Ontario, Canada) on 09/26/2014

I have been inhaling H202 for 8 years just as Bill Munro showed, - drugstore H202.- six times a day , give or take a few. No lower back pain , and best of all my carcinoma is gone.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Gerhard (Canada) on 06/12/2015

You should not dilute the peroxide with normal water ever, use only distilled water.

Posted by Kimosabi (Perth, Wa, Australia) on 12/17/2011

I have been looking all over the Web for Specific Information on Nebulizing Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and haven't had much success finding very good quality information, I have decided to write up what I have been doing in regards to Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide recently.

I have had quite severe Asthma for over 30 years and have had my fair share of trips to the Emergency Department, one trip in the back of an Ambulance to Hospital after 5 Ventolin nebs one after another didn't work!!! I've been on the Steroids, Ventolin, Preventers and all the other stupid stuff that the Medical Industry of $$$ motivated incompetence has provided us with.

I have been able to get on top of my Asthma in the past few years by Cleaning up my diet (Mostly Organic food), Lung Herbs, Doing repeated Dr Schulze Bowel, Liver and Kidney Cleanses, some Juice Fasting etc, etc...

Just recently I had been having quite a few problems with my chest for the past two months which started with some sort of Cold/Flu which got into my chest and then a particularly bad Hayfever season we have had this year. I even had to start using Ventolin again which I haven't used for the past 3-4 years.

Well after a few months of my chest messing me around and me starting to get annoyed because it wasn't getting better, so I decided to do something about my chest. One of the things I started researching was Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy so I decided to try it for myself.

Now for me, Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide makes the most sense because it's going to penetrate most deeply into the lungs and help wipe out any nasties that may be lurking in there, but the question is, how much to Hydrogen Peroxide to use without irritating the already sensitive lungs.

So this is what I did, over 3 - 4 days, I nebulized 5ml of Distilled Water plus 5 - 10 drops of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide whenever I started wheezing and experimented with taking a puff of Ventolin Inhaler 10 Minutes Before or After a H2O2 Nebulizer if I felt I needed it.

What I did find is the Hydrogen Peroxide Nebs did seem to make the Ventolin more effective and my consumption of Ventolin did decrease quite significantly once I started the H2O2 Nebs.

The only useful instructions I could find on the web about Nebulizing H202 was on Curezone which was 5 - 7 drops of 3% Food Grade H202 in 5ml's of distilled water which is what I have been doing.

I have tried 10 drops of 3% H2O2 but did find it slightly irritating so I would recommend 5 - 7 drops of even start with 1 drop of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and work up to 7 drops.

For a Chest Infection with lot's of Mucous I'd possibly try 10 Drops of H2O2 to help try to break up the Mucous as quick as possible, but if your suffering from Allergy/Lung Irritation as I was, would stick with 1 - 7 drops of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

First of all, if you have 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, lock it away in a cupboard a long, long way from your nebulizer to make sure there are no Accidents!!!

Only have 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide near your Nebulizer, and pay attention if your going to try this stuff, because 3% Hydrogen Peroxide is still going to be quite irritating to the lungs if you breath it in using a Nebulizer.

Now for the Maths, this was the most annoying part of my Foray in Nebulizing Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, because I wanted to know what Percentage of H2O2 was I taking by adding 5 - 10 H2O2 Drops to a 5ml Neb.

From my research 1 drop can equal 0. 045 - 0. 055 ml, but I am going to assume that 1 drop = 0. 05 ml

So then we can say 1 drop or 0. 05 ml of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide contains 0. 0015ml of Hydrogen Peroxide.

So in the Table Below I'm going to show how much Hydrogen Peroxide is in a 5ml Distilled Water Neb up 10 drops.

5ml Neb 1 Drop 3% H2O2 = 5.05ml Total 0. 0015ml or 0.029% H202
5ml Neb 2 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.10ml Total 0. 0030ml or 0.058% H202
5ml Neb 3 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.15ml Total 0. 0045ml or 0.087% H202
5ml Neb 4 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.20ml Total 0. 0060ml or 0.115% H202
5ml Neb 5 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.25ml Total 0. 0075ml or 0.142% H202
5ml Neb 6 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.30ml Total 0. 0090ml or 0.169% H202
5ml Neb 7 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.35ml Total 0. 0105ml or 0.196% H202
5ml Neb 8 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.40ml Total 0. 0120ml or 0.222% H202
5ml Neb 9 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.45ml Total 0. 0135ml or 0.247% H202
5ml Neb 10 Drops 3% H2O2 = 5.50ml Total 0. 0150ml or 0.272% H202

So from the above Table, we can see that percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide is very low and is well below the 0.5% used in the Rats with Cancer Experiment.

To do a 0.5% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Neb, then add 20 drops of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to 5ml of Steam Distilled Water.

To do a 1% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Neb, then add 50 drops of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to 5ml of Steam Distilled Water.

So for my experience with Nebulizing 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and 5ml of Steam Distilled Water. My Peak Flows had ranged from 260 on my worst day to 450 on the last day and were quite Variable. I would cough up little bits of almost clear phlegm after each Neb. A week later I was able to blow 490 on the Peak Flow and have been able to go back to Bikram Yoga and haven't had to take Ventolin since.

I did take Peak Flow Readings Before and After each neb, but never had any conclusinve results. I found that sometimes the H2O2 Neb lowered my Peak Flow Readings afterwards and sometimes they increased.

What I did find is that when I did take my Ventolin Inhaler, it did seem to be more effective and which meant I wasn't having Ventolin as offen as I was before I started H2O2. Also I couldn't feel the other things(side Effects) Ventolin does to me when I take it.

So now we have some structured information on Nebulizing 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 5ml of Steam Distilled water, I'd love to hear what other people experience if they try this.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Margo (Santa Fe) on 05/07/2014

Hi, I read with interest your info on H202 inhalation advocated by Bill Munro. I imagine you'd want to know, if you don't already, that he died in January 2014. I tried accessing his website and email, to know avail, so I googled him and discovered this. Thanks for this website, too! It's fantastic.

EC: Hi Margo.

No, we didn't hear about Bill Munro's death. Thank you so much for letting us know. He will be greatly missed by all of us. :(

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Posted by Koyo (Sofia) on 02/09/2021

In fact Dr Brownstein (Author of the book "Iodine and why we need it so much") cured many patients from Covid with the help of nebulizing of H2O2 food grade, but strongest should be no more then 0.1% H2O2 in saline distilled water (can be alternated with few drops of lugol iodine in saline distilled water). His web site was closed and he was threatened to be shut down, but very similar procedure was recommended also from Dr Mercola