Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method by Bill Munro

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Posted by Buzz (New Mexico, US) on 04/05/2015
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Have been to doctors for so many ailments and absolutely not one positive thing to say. going to try hp.. mayo clinic told me to come home and do pelvic floor exercises. on a cpap machine for 8 yrs now and I swear it is causing me to have chronic stomach problems.. diarrhea... hands and feet swell, muscles ache... I hurt from head to toe, is easier to say... have nebulizer.. would like more info on % of food grade hp? how often to use?

Replied by Sam
(Miami, FL)

You need an assessment of your health. Go to jingherbsanalysis.com and do TCM assessment, then set up a free 15 min. Consult with them or $150 consult, they will give you a $150 certificate, so it is still free. I have tried to find an online diagnostic service where you answer close to 1000 questions about your health and symptoms, but have no luck so far. I used them in 2006-07, they are in Hawaii and it is all computerized. If I find it I will let you know. You need to know what is going on. Resetting your body is another way to go, but google about it. Ice water showers is all I know. You need to stress your body enough for it to reset itself and that is something you need to decide for yourself. With too many symptoms you need to step back and evaluate it from the holistic approach. You did not tell anything about yourself, symptoms, the approach would be different if you are 25 or 65.

Replied by Sandy
(Pittsburgh Pa)

I have chronic bronchitis. MDs almost killed me. They failed to diagnose hypothyroid disease for years until I was almost dead. All they did was prescribe antibiotics for years, which ruined my entire body and my health. It's been a long road back, but now I'm much healthier. H2O2 was a huge part of my recovery in ALL areas.

I use 1/2 H2O2 (Buy 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide at Whole Foods) and 1/2 distilled (DO NOT use tap) water in my nebulizer cup. Inhale this for 15 minutes. If this is too strong or too long for you, work up to it. I use it every other day.

You also might want to try Probiotics and/or organic Apple Cider Vinegar (2 TBSP/DAY) for your intestinal problems. Also buy a juicer! Veggie juice will help cure everything! Get rid of ALL junk food-sugar, flour, anything processed. Eat organic as much as you can.

Best advice, find a good integrative MD and stay away from conventional MDs. I would be dead by now if I was taking medical advice from them. Also read online the symptoms of hypothyroid. If you think you have it, find an integrative DR. who will actually listen to you, and prescribe these hormones.

Replied by sorcha
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inhalation works-definitely getting BACK ON TRACK as so sick & tired of being sick & tired--prescribed crap is crap, same for doctors touting them-will try later the 3 drops peroxide in each EAR as theeee ears/eustachions have ME going insane vertigo, pain nonstop dammmmit--I BELIEVE BILL M testimony

peroxide therapy

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Posted by John (Spring Hill, Fl) on 08/04/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I got very sick. 28 doctor could not help me. Just took my money. To make a long story short it left me with vertigo and many other health issues remain. Even got my appendix out and could not fight off any sickness too well or drive. I've been on hydrogen peroxide inhale and taking it drinking it most days and I am progressing tremendously. I've driven a lot more. I feeling much better. I feel on this track I should be healed within the next 6 months to a year. Please, without this I believe I wouldn't have survived many more years.

Replied by Geoffrey Terry
(Adelaide, Australia)

Hi John.

Glad to hear that all is going well for you with the Hydrogen peroxide. I see where you mentioned you take it most days. Just a suggestion - try and take the H2O2 every day, you will get better results faster. All the best to you.

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Posted by Kauaian Brodah!!! (Kauai, Hawaii) on 03/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Aloha from Hawaii,

I have been using Hydrogen Peroxide 3% as an inhalation treatment when fighting cold/flu symptoms of the nasal passages or lungs for decades.

I use it every time I get any form of runny/stuffy nose or any itching lungs/coughing. It really is amazing how fast it works. I clear my nasal passages out with 2-3 quick sprays up each nostril (and it hurts!! ) this is not for wimps as it does get really sharply painful for a few seconds and sometimes feels like my head is going to blow off!! My sweet, lovely, little wife does it too, so unless you are truly a wimp...you'll be fine. LOL

However, using this method along with sudafed to open passages if blocked (so the h2o2 can get up there) I have not had a sinus infection or bronchitis for over 20 years. I used to get bronchitis and sinusitis every year when I caught cold. I started doing H2O2 mist instinctively because it just made sense to me that it would destroy the viruses and bacteria that were causing the issue in the first place. I had read a book called: Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle and felt that if it could perform so well in all those medical studies without harming any of the patients...it would be good for my nose and lungs.

So, nasal mister with 3% hydrogen peroxide in it and use it any time there is a symptom of any kind. If I end up with a bad cold as recently happened because I didn't get up at night and do this, I just do it every few hours daily until the issue (nasal or lung) is gone. I also use ozonated water machine to make quarts of ozone water to drink 3-4 times daily and eat very little food when fighting illness of any kind.

As a retired RN I can tell you right now that if everyone used this method to fight disease we would all be far healthier and better off.

Blessings and Aloha.

Replied by Carol
(Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Hello, I read your post and was impressed. I suffer from chronic sinusitis problems and can't breathe through my nose at all I can't clear it at all -- even with my prescribed prescribed medication sprays.
I would like to know do you use 3% peroxide with how much (warm) water?
Thanking you, Carol. x

Replied by Myway

Here is my remedy for chronic sinus problems - I like to spread the word. 1) 1 teaspoon of black seed oil (nigella sativa) at night. 2) In the morning, oil pull with organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil. Work up to 20 minutes. I do it in the shower. I have done this for the last couple years....my sinus issues are adios!

Good luck!

Replied by John

Can any appreciable amount of oxygen get into bloodstream from inhaling H2O2 mist several times a day?

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Posted by George (Ontario, Canada) on 09/26/2014
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I have been inhaling H202 for 8 years just as Bill Munro showed, - drugstore H202.- six times a day , give or take a few. No lower back pain , and best of all my carcinoma is gone.

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Posted by Michelle (Airlie Beach, Australia) on 01/07/2012

After 3-4 weeks of taking H2O2 via your inhalation method my painful legs are 90% cured. They have become so bad over the last several years I have a Disability sticker for parking. The anti inflammatories doctors prescribe were losing their effect.

I tried drinking H2O2 years ago but could not stand the taste. I started the inhalation method hoping to cure a cough I have had for 6 years (mould related) and that is looking promising.

Why don't doctors know these things?



Replied by Mawgee
(Shelton, Wa)

Doctors do know these things....... but they are cheap...

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Posted by Donuts (Belgrade, Mt, Usa) on 10/04/2011

I've been inhaling H2O2, food grade, 3% for about a month.

1. I had previously been diagnosed with parkinsonism and my shaking decreased by about 95%

2. I've been taking prescription sleep medication for over 20 years, I feel more rested and I'm off all sleeping meds.

3. I have been itching over my whole body for over a year, have gone repeatedly to doctors including Allergy specialists and my itching has decreased without any medications but H2O2 by about 90%.

My question based on my understanding that pathogens and diseased cells do not thrive well in 1. Alkaline or 2. Well oxygenated cells, blood and interticial fluids, is, can I add a bit of baking soda (aluminum free) to my H2O2 (shake it up) and inhale it so that my stomach acid affect is by-passed and I get baking soda (dissolved) directly into my blood stream through my lungs? Thanks Donuts

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Posted by Sonya (City, Province, Uk) on 03/20/2010
5 out of 5 stars

For the past few days I've been suffering from some kind of ear infection - soreness deep inside the ear and bouts of dizziness. Saw the doc yesterday, she diagnosed an upper respiritory tract viral infection, so nothing she could do because it is viral.

After reading about Bill Munro's h202 inhalation method, I decided to give this a try. I began yesterday evening and woke up this morning feeling SO much better. No dizziness. Ears not hurting. BUT, also, my sinuses and my head feel more clear than they have in a long, long time. I am amazed at such immediate and wonderful results from such a simple, low cost remedy.

I used 3% Food Grade h202 (1oz 35% diluted in 11oz distilled water)in a small mist sprayer (couldn't find a nasal spray so used a small glass spray bottle which makes a really fine spray) I sprayed about 4 times on the breath intake, and did this about 4 times during the evening.

I will be keeping up the h202 inhalation, I'm interested to see what, if any, other improvements I might experience through regular use. I love this clear feeling in my sinuses.

THANK YOU Bill Munro. Thank you to everyone on this site for all the shared amazing info, and thank you to Deidre for creating this wonderful Earth Clinic resource.

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Posted by Dave (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 01/10/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Bill Munroe's Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

I do 6 to 9 pumps at bedtime and it helps me get to sleep. Funny thing is that if I feel sleepy or tired in the afternoon 6 pumps gives me the boost I need.

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Posted by Yos (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 10/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

6 months ago, I did an intensive research on internet about health because my illness became so serious. I did spent a lot money on supplement, doctor and medicine. Now, my health has improved a lot. I know that I owe to earthclinic, so I write this feedback.

The first time I read earthclinic was when I wanted to do research on cider to improve my health. I got easily exhausted, even when there were holiday for a week, it seems that i didn't have enough rest. I also have a low immunity, chronic nasal/sinus and digestion problem. The worst was the brain fog, you don't want to know how it feels when you have a very short memory and mood swing.

As you can see, my body and mind is weak. Actually this had happen since i was in high school. Don't know the reason why. I did a really hard effort to get a standard performance in school and office. I am 28 now.

Had tried lots of food supplement. Had tried many of suggestion from earthclinic, such as cider, incline bed, kefir and colon cleanse. But had no long lasting effect. The H2O2 inhalation that look dangerous work the best. I inhale 6 spray each session in the morning 7 am and night 7 pm.

I felt sick for 10 days at early application but I didn't stop spraying. I know that this was body reaction to get rid of the toxic, virus, bacteria and yeast quickly.

Now I feel reborn. Now I only use H2O2 and zapper for healing, both work great. Of course, I still need healthy nutrition, regular exercise and good rest.

Sorry, my english is bad. Thank you earthclinic and Bill Munro.

Replied by Fajar
(Beppu, Oita, Japan)

Dear Yos,

my name is Fajar, and i come from jakarta,

where do you buy the 3%hydrogen peroxide in jakarta... and... do you mind if we exchange contact, because i rarely find people from jakarta on this website, particularly one as sick as me... :)

EC: You can check out this page for sources, Fajar: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_where_to_buy.html

Replied by Yos
(Jakarta, Dki Jakarta, Indonesia)

Hi Fajar,

I am really sorry for very late reply, I have not check this website for long time. For you people in indonesia or 3rd world country who interested in this remedy. Just go to local drugstore that sell "Hidrogen Peroksida" or H2O2 3% approximate 50-100ml each bottle. It is the same H2O2 that use as "ear drops". The price is cheap but some place sell it high price, try to buy it from several drugstore or "apotik" to compare the price. I don't know if my H2O2 use stabilizer, but already buy it from 4 drugstore and all get the same result.

Replied by Yos
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Please check tristarchemical.com website, a local online store to sell h2o2 35% food grade.

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Posted by Kittenheels (Charles City, Iowa) on 08/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Good Evening everyone out there frustated on your wheezing and cough that seems to never go away...then comes back in the morning to curse you and you cough and then your nose is plugged up and you can't breathe and if you are like I was till just moments ago crying and scared that I'll never feel normal again.You can tell your loved ones but they can't fix it...quite depressing... Listen up ..here's hope and it's the truth as I can tell you. I have been sick with this horrid awful deep cough wheezy and spasmatic interuptions plus plugged sinus and I have been nearly beridden since March 2008 same symptoms seen five different Drs. and I even was in ER 4 TIMES then sick and so worried and scared I went to Mayo twice! All I got was a big fat bill and I was even worse.

I tried the ACV nice but it was only a temporary fix for me. Trust me I've been reading all the other experiences that mimicked mine as close as I could tell and I tried this inhalation of H.P. What I did... Put 3% H.P. Undiluted in the cup of the nebulizer and I just lightly breathed in the mist of the nebulizer from my nose and my mouth at the same time off an on and then I took a break because I didn't want to feel any burning sensation. It's been about 2 hrs and I CAN BREATHE through my sinus both clearly and NO WHEEZING and I'm so thankful for this site and I am gonna sleep like a baby for the first night in a very long time thank you GOD BLESS YOU.


Replied by Songbirdsiren
(Torrance, California)

Hi, I can't believe I came across your post! I am suffering from every single thing you are talking about, from the insidious cough, to the weezing and not sleeping from coughing to the hospital visits with breathing treatments and steroids only to come home and get worse!

I was wondering if I breathed this in thru a vaporizer (the only thing I have right now) if that would work also? I am just starting on the food grade H.P. 35 percent 1 drop per 12 oz water 3x per day. I will be increasing each day by one drop.

I would greatly appreciate your help! thanks so much, "suffering"

p.s. I was exposed to mold and have been sick now for 1 year

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Songbirdsiren... Using HP should certainly help to kill the mold in your lungs but you must make sure that you are using the right kind of fine-mist nasal pump spray. There is a picture of the right type of sprayer on Bill Munroes HP inhaltion Method page on EC -- which you should also read for more info:

There is also a direct youtube link to a video where Bill Munroe fully demonstrates how to use the fine-mist nasal sprayer for HP inhalation into the lungs:

Replied by Ed2010
(Oakville, Canada)

This is to Songbirdsiren. If you ever thought why Dandelion grows widely in North America. Mother nature has given us the seasonal remedies according to different geographical regions.

Dandelion is not only a liver, kidney, spleen strengthner. But it is also wonderful anti allergic remedy to toxins. And coughs, itching cause of allergens.

Just make a dandelion tea and drink once in day or two.

Pluck fresh leaves of dandelion on the sidewalk or on the road side. If you want to use dandelion leaves from your garden or your neighbour's garden make sure it is not sprayed with weed killers.

Boil a cup of water, add 1 dandelion leaf and simmer it for 5 mins and drink it. You can see difference in 3 days.

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Posted by Marilyn (Sedona, AZ) on 07/30/2009

Thank you BILL MONRO

Where to start? My journey back to good health began when I was 40 years old. I am now 55, and although much improved after accupuncture, holistic chiropracty, craniosacral therapy, daily reiki, I have endured five surgeries last year (melanoma, bi-mastectomy, hysterectomy,squamous & basal skin cancers). At this rate, I'm thinking I NEED to try a different approach or I'm going to be running out of body parts. I have also been diagnosed with hypotension, now hypertension, parvovirus B19, epstein-barr virus, hypothyroidism with goiters, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, adrenal insufficiency all which are under control with medications. For over a year I am suffering from leg/knee/feet pain, weakness and twitching which is not restless leg syndrome.

A Reiki friend told me hydrogen peroxide therapy because of my troubles with cancer. I tried ingesting drops of 35% food grade H2O2 diluted in 7 oz distilled water, beginning with 5 drops 3xday and graduating up to 16 drops 3 x day. I did notice improved breathing. But at this level, my stomach started to become a bit nauseous 30 minutes after each dose, and the timing of administering the dose was awkward-1 hr before meals/3 hrs after.

I came upon this website and read about Bill Monro. Then watched his YouTube. Wow! I am excited about trying his H2O2 inhalation method. No muss, no fuss. I sent Bill an email and right away he emailed me and the next day we were talking on the phone. What an amazing guy! I got my nasal spray bottle and after talking with Bill, we decided 6-7 sprays while deeply inhaling 6-7 times a day was a good dose for my cancers. Although the melanoma was CUT OUT (wide and deep), I have two visible basal cell cancers on my arm right now. I can't wait to see them dissappear, and what better method can a person have to be able see results so visibly? I'm also hoping for some leg improvement, and have read about artificial sugars aspartame/splenda poisoning and have removed all of that from my daily diet. It is in so many things, I thought I had stopped it, but now I'm really motivated to read all the labels!

I have such hope. I am on day 2 of the inhalation method. I'll keep you posted.
THANKS BILL!!! You are a truly special person.

Marilyn in Sunny Sedona

Replied by Ronna
(Kerrville, Texas, United States)


Hi I just started my HP therapy and am causiously excited because I saw results right away! I am curious as to how you are doing at this time. Did you continue with your HP therapy? How has it affect your ailments?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Ken (Atlanta, Ga.) on 07/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started Bill's regimen about a month ago after i decided I could no longer tolerate the taste of the stuff. I feel energized after a "huff" as i like to refer to it from my little "Afrin" bottle. The only side effects i noticed was a little sore throat at the start but that has gone away. My life long sinus and ear infections have gone away also. I have more energy than before. My breathing is much better than before and I seem to have more stamina. My heart rate - pulse is improving. Also my skin looks better. I'm a 49 year old male. In my mix i use 35% food grade diluted in distilled water to 3%. Use liquid measure cup for the most accuracy. I would highly recommend this stuff to anyone seeking improved health. Ken

Replied by Minty Hanson
(Moses Lake WA)
5 out of 5 stars

I just found this site and I'm really excited. I've been squirting food-grade H2o2 up my nose and gargling it .. whenever I felt a cold coming on. It worked! Everyone thought I was crazy. I wonder if anyone takes it internally. Any feedback on this?


Multiple Cures
Posted by Michael (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 07/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

When I came across this site, I was very intrigued. My first reaction was how much negativity there is about inhaling. Without sounding too repetitive, Hydrogen Peroxide is simply water with added Oxygen.

I'm 25, a practitioner of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Aikido, and Soccer for many years. For several weeks, I had been reading about drinking H2O2. I was happy to have stumbled across this site. I initially had a tough time finding a nasal pump that could screw open and close. The only ones I could find snapped on and off, making it very difficult to open and close. So instead, I got a little travel spray bottle. Please note that the volume of the spray bottle is several several times more than a nasal sprayer.

My first experience with inhaling H2O2 was very interesting. I felt a very warm sensation in my lungs, followed by a temporary mild headache and some dizziness. Keep in mind that I'm using the spray bottle. After everything subsided, I was a little depressed because I didn't feel any different. That was until I tried to go to sleep. 3 days later, I was still awake, alert, and amazed. In addition to that, I do pull ups as a part of my exercise routine. Up until this day, my max was 15 before burning out. On my third day of insomnia, I did 30!

Today, I finally have a nasal pump, but I rarely use it. Just for practical uses, I use a "Misty Mate". I pour the H2O2 in the bottle, re-cap it, pump it several times, and I get a consistent flow of a super fine mist. I am the only person I know that has NOT gotten sick this Flu season. And I actually tried to get sick by getting into close contact with all my friends that were "dying". It didn't work.

This is a great product. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg won the Nobel Prize for discovering that an acidic body low in oxygen develops cancer. So, theoretically, if your body is oxygenated and alkaline, cancer cannot, will not occur.

Lemons are one of the most alkaline fruits available. So, to stay cancer-free, increasing the oxygen level in your body and drink lots of lemonade!

Best Wishes.

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Posted by Pamm (Alabaster, Al) on 05/23/2009
0 out of 5 stars

Hello I am a 39 yo female with Addison's Disease & Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia, I started doing the 3% hydrogen peroxide in a nose spray bottle 6 drops in back of my throat every 4 hours for fatigue & muscle spasms. It did help me get more energy however I started noticing after 3 days of using that I was getting bad acid reflux, painful tightness of the throat, severe dizziness, nausea, abdominal bloating, hypertension, gas, and the scariest of all as soon as I would inhale the Hydrogen Peroxide my fingers would swell up and turn shiny red/blue & they would get numb & tingly. It happened every time. That was enough to make me stop. 3 days after I quit inhaling the symptoms continued to plague me except I had no finger swelling. The acid reflux & dizziness has been the worse. Today is 5th day and I do feel better & symptoms have subsided. I used the 3% peroxide to clean my face today and within a hour my face looked like there were burns on it? Very red & it looks burned. Does this mean I am allergic to this stuff? I have been battling candida yeast when I started taking it too. I do not understand all these symptoms while on this stuff. It was the most awful experience I have ever had. I was so dizzy I couldn't function. I threw up mucus because acid reflux was so bad. I didn't know if I was sensitive to it because of my addison's or was it a reaction to the yeast or what. Because I did like the energy when I used it. Could you please tell me what you think happened? Thank you

Replied by Michael
(Chicago, Il)

Pam I am sorry you had a bad experience with hydrogen peroxide inhalation. I wonder if you bought a bad batch of peroxide. I have been using this remedy since I found out about it 2 years ago and have also recommended it to at least 10 people, none who experienced any side effects whatsoever, so I find your side effects strange. Best of luck to you in your search for a cure!

Replied by Pamm
(Alabaster, Al)

Update: I Found Out Yesterday That the Hypertension & Some of the Other Symptoms I Experienced Were From A Electrolyte Imbalance Due To My Addison's Disease & Not The Inhalation of Peroxide. However The 3% Peroxide Still Causes My Fingers To Swell Up & I Still Get Gerd When I Inhale. But I Love the Energy It Gives Me! So I am Still Trying to find a balance. Thanks for your feedback.

Replied by Matthew
(Brisbane, Qld)

I have used HP as a mouth spray, bath, footbath, gargle, sinus flush and internally. I have benefited from all at times. I lean toward the baths,gargle and internal methods as I get the best result that way. You might try a bath as it has also given me a lot of energy for at least 24 hours following. You may need to stay in 45 -60 minutes. 200 mls of 35% foodgrade per bath. HP I have recently overcome a "bug' that i could not shake any other way.

My method: HP food grade 25 drops (2.5 ml ) into 1 liter de-mineralised water. Drink half of this 45 minutes either side of food. Drink it all at once. Once a day. If you get a reaction it may be temporary but if it persists you may be better to take a break for a day or two then try again. Alternately reduce the strength and/or the volume you drink.You could also try taking a toxin absorber such as bentonite clay to mop up any die off the HP is doing.

See my post from 09/06/2008

I have also had a hangover reaction to HP when I first started using it but I do not experience this now. Personally I find 3% strength too strong even in a spray. I get good results with just .5% for gargle and sinus. The strength described above is only .25% and easy to take. Good Luck

Replied by KELLY


Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Reply to Pam, Is it possible your Peroxide has a stabiliser in it and you could be reacting to that?

Replied by Plainlydressed
(Williamsport, Pa)

PAMM, based on your medical history, I'm wondering if the symptoms could be from heavy detoxing. Sounds like your body needs to rid itself of alot of toxins and the h2o2 might work pretty heavily on this. The cleansing symptoms would be very extreme. I would definitely proceed with caution, but I would still suggest that your body will experience severe detox cleansing symptoms regardless of the natural remedy that is used, to rid itself of the disease.

Replied by Leticia
(Carlsbad, Ca)

Sounds like Herxheimer Reaction. Hopefully you continued on a lower dosage and you're doing better by now.

Replied by Toni
(Hutchinson Island, Fl)

Agree w/the Herxiemer reaction. I was on Valcyte for CFS for 15 months & I was sick as a dog killing the virus. I'm going to do the HP method in hopes it w/help my CFS, sinus, allergy, etc. issues.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, TN) on 04/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

First off, I just want to say that I have been HOOKED on earthclinic for the past month or so. I have multiple problems that I have been researching and earthclinic has alot of excellent resources. I have been doing Bill Munro's inhalation therapy with H202 as directed (straight 3% peroxide in a nasal pump). I started 5 days ago (5-10 pumps 3 or 4 times a day) and I feel GREAT!!!! I have more energy, better mental clarity and even my dark circles are getting lighter!!! I feel like for the first time my body is actually getting enough oxygen. I will definitely keep up the therapy for a while to see if this helps my asmtha, candida, allergies, ....my lungs have been less tight during this allery season. I've also been oil pulling with Olive Oil for the past week....my mouth seems healthier and my taste seems better. I will probably try sesame oil to see if I get even more results. Best of luck to everyone!!!!!

Replied by Emily C.
(Vassalboro, Me)

I am a friend of Emily C. I was hoping she could get some info on iron absorption and inhaling Hydrogen peroxide.