Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Guide: Bill Munro Method

Lung Issues
Posted by Jimmy (Oregon) on 12/14/2023 2 posts

According to Dr. Tom Levy, 3% H202 can be nebulized without dilution if one can tolerate it. I did just that when I came down with Covid in 2019. After the first couple of days I began to dilute it, and I never had any lung issues in spite of the fact that I was 62 with asthma. Anytime now that I feel that I'm getting sick, which isn't often, I go to the H202.

Lung Issues
Posted by Daren (Florida) on 12/06/2023

I recently was sick for about 7 weeks. This came as quite a surprise because I'm only 38 and have been living my most healthy life for the past 18 months. Whatever happened to my body it took ahold of me like nothing I've ever had before. Particularly my lungs, and throat. But especially my lungs. I was taking NAC, Vit C, Selenium, B's, Zinc, and about 8 other things by the LITERAL HANDFULS! I threw everything AND the kitchen sink at this problem. All my essential oil tricks, steam inhalations, everything...I've been a reader of this site since I was 17-18 years old. I'm 38 now! Wow time flies.

I've known about the Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation method for many years but I never tried it....until now. I was always afraid. I was always able to fix my problem some other way even with antibiotics (of which I took many for several weeks). But this time I couldn't fix myself with my old tricks and I became desperate.

I began the Hydrogen peroxide inhalation about 7 days ago. I'm currently about 90% better. I started with 0.1% diluted solution on day 1. (0.9% standard saline mixed with 3% hydrogen peroxide) Note that is 29 parts 0.9% saline mixed with 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide. 29:1 ratio.

0.1% helped immediately. But I quickly learned my improvements were only short lived. 1-3 hours. I slowly and cautiously began to increase the dilution %. Next I tried 0.2%, then 0.3%, then 0.4%, all the way up to about 0.5%

I believe 6ml of water or saline mixed with 1ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide is the sweet spot. This creates a mixture resulting in dilution of 0.429%

I used store bought standard peroxide purchased at any drug store or pharmacy. I made my purchases in Philippines and Thailand. I could not find "food grade" but I believe many standard brands do not contain any additives or stabilizers. The reason the bottles are brown or opaque and the reason they say 'do not shake' is because they become unstable otherwise. I think many brands are actually "food grade" but they cannot label them as such.

My philosophy when it comes to the hydrogen peroxide method is to not concern yourself with which brand but just start the protocol as soon as possible if you are having difficulty breathing. It works! And it's amazing. It works within minutes.

I primarily used a nebulizer to inhale the solution. At first I used a cheap tiny baby nebulizer. Then I purchased a bigger more powerful one. Make sure to use a compressor type/piston type nebulizer. Not the ultrasonic kind, and not the handheld portable kind. I noticed the more powerful ones help push the mist down into your lungs better. I also like Bill's method of using the mister nasal spray bottle. The reason I like that method is because it's very convenient and you can keep it in your pocket and do it anywhere. Frequency of this protocol is paramount. You must do it at regular intervals. I've found 4-5 times a day is good.

Thanks earthclinic! And thank you to everyone who has made contributions over the years. This protocol is a miracle!

Lung Issues
Posted by Josie (San Antonio, Tx) on 07/07/2020 22 posts

I have done the 3% hp with my nebulizer for my lungs. I put 7 drops of 3% hp and 30 drops of distilled water. If I want to do it longer I put 15 drops of hp 3% and 60 drops of distilled water. This is good for a lot of things.

Lung Issues
Posted by Jvs1963 (Nederland) on 11/25/2018

I'd like to ad my 2 cents on the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation methode from the late Bill Munro.

My father already had a history from asthma since he was 6 years old. Back in the old days young children would be sent to live by the sea for a few months in order to heal. He smoked, unfortunaltly, 'till the age of 57. Stopped, because he needed heart-surgery due to being diabetic since he was 16 years old. When he became older his lung problems reappeared again. With a bad case of double pneumonia in 2003 that nealry killed him.

I kind of stumbled across Earth clinic a few years later and learned about Bill Munro's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation. (Among so many other life-saving tips and knowledge.) Since then I was able to stop every bout of bronchitis he had before it could develop into pneumonia. Which would have killed him at his age. By using Hydrogen Peroxide in a nebuliser. Of course Food Grade 3% with the same amount of distilled water.

He died last May, 88 years old. And was regarded a walking medical wonder by doctors because he got that old in spite of his many health scares. Just died in his favorite chair because his heart simply stopped beating. I saved him many times with the healp of Earth Clinic when doctors had given up upon him. Thank you all for your contributions here.

Lung Issues
Posted by Theresa (Tallahassee, Fl) on 08/25/2015

I tried Hydrogen Peroxide a couple of times 2 years ago when I was having severe issues that the doctors could not help. 8 months of coughing up blood and having to sit up in bed due to what sounded exactly like a death crackle if I lay down at even a 45 degree angle! I felt like my chest was made of glass. CT scan showed no cancer. O2 levels were not too bad at that time though they would drop to 80 at night. During waking hours rarely got below 92. Still struggled to breathe though.

In desperation, I used Hydrogen Peroxide in nebulizer diluted (regular 3 percent over the counter from CVS). I only did this a few times over 2-3 days and when I went to the pulmonary specialist for a checkup my o2 level that day read 100 percent. I HAD NEVER seen that and actually it scared me a little so I stopped the peroxide. Things improved for a time until I was put on Arava for Autoimmune issues. Immediately breathing issues. Rheumie seemed unconcerned and even angry that I had adjusted my dose to 1 every 2 days just to breathe for a few days and still be able to walk!!

Long story short, fast forward to Rheumie halving the dose and instructing me to take 1 every other day and persist until side effects cleared up. THEY NEVER did and my breathing got worse and worse. I realize now I probably was getting infections that they were ignoring due to the Arava lowering my immune system. I no longer run fever after a lifetime of severe medical problems so can be quite ill with no fever but doctors only take you serious if your blood work shows really high elevations of Neut/Lymph etc. and mine were only small elevations and my temperature actually would go in the opposite direction. The sicker I get the LOWER it goes. I have seen it at 95 many mornings. And yes Thyroid checked.

Long story short I progressed to being unable to breathe at night. Sleepless nights wondering if I should go to ER. Palpitations(both PVC and PAC) coming about every 3 to 10 beats. Nebulizer meds and even a dose of Racepinephrine at times offered little help. The past month I had gotten so bad I could not walk 10 feet for the weakness and palpitations and shortness of breath. I did not want to go to ER and be put on a Ventilator. I was literally waiting to die at home and struggling to breathe is no fun so I knew I would eventually give in and go to the hospital one of those nights. My o2 levels were now dropping to 80 while still awake which they had never ever done.

I had been afraid to use the Peroxide again due to the unknowns, but now things were critical I felt. I LITERALLY FELT IT WAS die or try it again. THREE days ago I nervously tried putting some peroxide in my nebulizer cup and leaving the mouthpiece off. I would put my mouth over it for a second and breathe it in deeply. I only did this 3 times with the full strength peroxide. Only did it about 3 times both days. WELL LAST NIGHT MY o2 levels did not drop below 91 and mostly hovered at 92 to 94 before falling asleep. THIS MORNING I WOKE UP AND HAD SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT without having to wake up to do a breathing treatment. I did not cough up anything much this a.m. I could take a deep breath and the PVC and PAC were down to maybe 1 or 2 a minute instead of 20-30 a minute!! BUT THE BEAUTY of the side effects was I COULD WALK when I got up today. My RA and PSA seemed greatly improved. I had energy for the first time in 6 months!!!

I am crying now because today is the first day in months that I believe I might be able to see my grandkids for Christmas!! I was not sure I would even still be here by Christmas! I cannot tell you what it feels like to be able to take a deep breath and walk more than a few feet without resting!!!! I am optimistic that I will continue to improve.

THANK ALL OF YOU FOR POSTING or I may have been too afraid of doing more harm. I think I may live now though.

I am now convinced that I have had mold and bacteria in my lungs causing most of these issues and doctors just don't treat these I have long found. The peroxide is killing it off I believe. I take 7 days a month of an antifungal (itraconazole) and my doc kept saying if it was fungs in my lungs the antifungal should take care of it. SHE IS WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Lung Issues
Posted by Maggie (Fl) on 08/24/2015 5 posts


I have been a long time sufferer of COPD. I began using Bill's method (3% stabilized H202 in nasal spray bottle inhaled into the throat) around four years ago. I have since switched to the food grade (diluted to just over 0.5% with distilled water in my nebulizer). If you would like to use the stabilized (brown bottle), I would dilute it to about 1.5%, which is half distilled water and half peroxide. If it feels a little too strong or irritant, dilute it to 1% (1/3 peroxide with 2/3 distilled water. I only use about a teaspoon of this dilution per treatment. I am much happier with the nebulizer treatments. I have also been off of all meds and am still symptom-free. Good luck!


Lung Issues
Posted by Gregor (Arizona, US) on 03/28/2015

As far as using BigBox store variety of Hydrogen Peroxide...I don't recommend anyone using it to inhale or consume [.] why? ... because it has about 4 additional additives in it, that can cause problems, if you inhale it etc. It is made to be used externally only. It is recommended to use 'Food Grade' only. Whether you use a nebulizer, eyedropper, mist inhaler bottle, or in a room humidifier etc. Always read directions before use. It appears those who have the most problems and get into a bit of trouble with it, are those who 'don't read the info available' prior to use and just guess the dosage. I've used 35%, 6%, 3% & 1.5% over the years for different issues, and never had a problem to speak of, except for spilling a drop or two of 35% on my fingers, once in a blue moon. Do your homework first, then use your peroxide in a responsible manner. It does wonders. I can attest to it. I also use it in conjunction with micro-particle silver colloids with 'great effect' for over 15 yrs., when I needed it. It's a one-two punch combination, for many health issues. Semper Paratus.

Lung Issues
Posted by Mark (Arizona, US) on 01/06/2015

I have used food grade peroxide for five years. I have used the atomizing spray method at 3 % for colds and lung infections over that period. As a pneumonia survivor one is always wary of contracting it again. I was recently in the hospital for exposure to black mold. I began my peroxide therapy a week before I went in the hospital. The doctor's first question was if I had pneumonia prior. When I told him yes he cautioned me the mold exposure put me at high risk.

I continued my therapy throughout the stay in the hospital. In the end the doctors were amazed at my lung capacity and the clearing of the spots in my lungs in less than four days. I have used peroxide for many different ailments over the years, with nothing but success. At sixty four years old the doctors were amazed at my low blood pressure, lung capacity and condition of my heart. I attribute much of that good health to a peroxide regiment. I have no problem accepting the success stories I read on this site.

Lung Issues
Posted by Saoirse (Texas, US) on 10/03/2014

Off and on w/the drug store brand of hydrogen peroxide 3% as needed like the man said BUT this go round am serious as I have what appears and sounds to be deep bronchitis for weeks. I will make it my business to do the inhalations at least 3Xs a day. The inhalation of the 3% definitely kicks butt and works when needed.

Lung Issues
Posted by Mike88 (Brisbane, Au) on 11/13/2011

I have suffered with lung infections on a grand scale since 1999. Tests have ruled out genetic immune or enzyme disorders of any kind. I have never been a smoker but my parents were and my mother died of emphysema. I am now 56. I have been on antibiotics almost continuously for many years mainly for Haemophilus influenzae or Pseudomonas. The latter being responsible for hospitalization for IV administration of antibiotics. A tough time indeed. As soon as the antibiotics are finished an infection returns. The organisms of the past few years were not antibiotic resistant. Of course this has no doubt lead to lung damage and a diagnosis of probable COPD etc. No recent CT to prove but symptoms and a FEV of 3.2 suggestive if continued decline of lung function and disability by way of physical impairment. My Dr noting a lung transplant as my only hope if needed in the future. Gene therapy another maybe one day. Anyway the last time I completed my 8 week antibiotic treatment the infection and lung inflammation started to return once again!

This time after reading the experiences and advice regarding peroxide at 3% inhalation I decided to try it before more antibiotics. The effect was rapid. The usual bad tasting light green phlegm disappearing within days. I have only been using it around a week so far. And with the exception of a slight sore throat no adverse reactions to report. If this works I expect an increase of life expectancy of many years. I shall report again in due course. As for lung function improvement I do not have any data to advise as yet. Also I still struggle with discomfort in the chest/lung area. But again time will tell.

Lung Issues
Posted by Maggie (North Attleborough, Massachusetts) on 12/28/2010 5 posts

Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation for COPD

Hello, My name is Maggie and I live in Massachusetts. I am writing because I finally decided to take a chance on inhaling hydrogen peroxide for my COPD. I have been sick every Winter since I was 26 (16 years). I have tried diet change, steroids, antibiotics, supplements (with some success) and every other alternative offered to me. I have used your website for other ailments, but thought this was a little crazy. However, I have been using this method for 3 weeks and have NEVER felt this good in the Winter. I have also stopped using my rescue inhaler (down from 6-7 times a day) and am not taking any medications. I will be personally sending an email to Bill Munro, who is now my hero. Just when I finally began to accept that I was going to be another statistic (surviving as many Winters as I could handle until my disease did me in, as it did my father), a miracle falls into my lap! I will do this treatment for the rest of my life and I will recommend it to EVERYONE who ever complains to me of bronchitis, asthma, or any other form of COPD. I would be happy to talk to anyone who has questions or needs to speak to a real person. They can email me any time at [email protected]. Thank you Earth Clinic and thank you Bill Munroe for giving me a chance to live my life, instead of biding my time!!!

Lung Issues
Posted by Saoirse (Nyny, Usa) on 11/01/2010

Definite "yea" still using cvs brand 3% diluted 50-50 only 2whiffs twice a day--lungs have basically cleared out , no more technicoloured cr_p, white to clear, easily "expectorated", small amounts --will continue as a "maintenance" as well--Thank you for this website and the info and to all that participate-!

Lung Issues
Posted by Joan (Brooklyn, New York) on 08/01/2010

I have emphysema. I get tested every 6 months to check the oxygen in my lungs.. Before I inhaled 3% peroxide my test prove my COPD was getting worse... But this time, after inhaling peroxide for three weeks my lungs have greatly improved. My pulmonologist was impressed at the technician's report that he tested me on difficult state of the art machines that measure the capacity of air in each test and he indeed reported much better than the previous three years.

I didn't tell her what I was doing. I was afraid she would try and stop me... Joan

Lung Issues
Posted by Mike (Scottsdale, Az) on 06/29/2010

Great Results! - Bill Munroes Inhaling Method

April of this year I turned 66. Most all of my life I have had a bronchial condition that would cause me to continually try to clear my chest of phlegm. Especially in the morning or after eating foods containing dairy. Very irritating to say the least!

I absolutely abhor the traditional medical practitioners of today. I see most of them as intellectuals being educated beyond their ability to really care about taking care of the patient. My mother was misdiagnosed in the hospital using another patient's blood! And yes she died as a result. Could tell of many more such cases with other family members and friends. Check out this story from today on Yahoo News:


Now onto my experience with Bill Munro's Inhaling method. As Bill said he uses standard store HP of 3% - available most anywhere. Costco has the large bottles even cheaper.

Over the past 6 or 7 months, I had noticed what felt like a string going down my throat into my lung area. It would cause me to cough even more that usual - all to no relief. At the first part of May of 2010, an apparent virus had hit me hard. Coughing all night, no sleep etc. High fever. And I developed an unusual back ache that went from the right side of my upper rear back area down into the groin area. For many years I had always had a challenge with my back going out until I started taking a Chelated Magnesium that my Alternative Doc recommended. For years, it stopped the back problems until this came along.

In 2007 I had actually purchased a gallon of Wyn's Water which is 3% FGHP in distilled water. But never really started using it. Having forgot about it, and needing relief quickly, I came to good old EC having remembered reading many testimonies about HP and bronchial conditions.

After reading Bill Munro's testimony, I went to the drug store and bought some 3% HP - yes with all of those bad stabilizers and started in Bills' method of spraying several times per day - about 6 to 8 and pumping the sprayer around 8 to 10 times.

Additionally, I also found a testimony by someone on EC that used great mix of Clove Leaf Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, and Oregano Oil. Oregano Oil was pretty expensive so I used some Olive Leaf Oil I had. All are powerful anti-fungals. As recommended, I put some water in a small saucepan bringing it to a boil and added 3-5 drops of each oil. Draped a small dish towel over my head and started deeply inhaling as best I could. This treatment immediately started to break up the phlegm.

As to the fever treatment, I found info on EC about fantastic results using Aluminum oil for burns. But no reports of anyone or anyway to use it for fever. I now have a very funny picture of me with Aluminum Foil wrapped around my head! It was amazing, that as soon as I did this, the foil became very hot! I kept it on for about an hour until I went to bed. Can only say that my fever broke the next day. Who knows on that one? Also read somewhere that HP will raise the body temp.

I did this every night before going to bed along with the HP spraying. I started coughing up all kinds of junk and after only a few days noticed a definite increase in my lung capacity and energy levels were excellent. This nasty virus stayed around for almost all of May!

I kept a large Styrofoam cup next to the bed and in my car to cough all this nasty stuff into. It was interesting that in the morning when I would get up there would be all of this phlegm in the cup that you could not wash out even with very hot water. I thought, wow, know wonder you can't get it out of your system. I wanted to see how the HP worked on this. Just poured a little in the cup and watched as the HP started doing its magic. In a few minutes it had broke up all of the phlegm and it washed right out of the cup. Thought that is exactly what is going on inside of body.

While I am now using the 3% FGHP Wyn's Water HP for my internal spraying, I still have the question of how can you gargle and rinse - as recommended on the bottle and elsewhere - with the store bought and think it is not getting into your body??

I had no side effects of any kind using the store bought product that Bill Munroe uses also. I also had some kind bad of problem in my anus that has plagued me for years and has now completely disappeared. This was an amazing plus.

My back problem also went away! I did also buy an Inversion Board - that is great- and elevated the head of my bed 6 inches. Also from a post on EC.

God Bless all who post here.


Lung Issues
Posted by Dave (Sparks, Nevada, Us Of A) on 01/27/2010

The Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method


I am sending this email to almost everyone in my address book.

Not all of you know my medical history but I have been using assisted oxygen for the past five or six years. Lately I have been getting fed up with it because my health has been slowly deteriorating.

A couple of months ago I bought a 20 MHz Sweep/Function Generator, a Model GB-4000. It is another fantastic machine but as far as helping my shortness of breath. It did some, but just not enough. If I wanted to go outside of the house I still needed to carry oxygen in a tank and be darn sure that I didn't run short, i.e., carry extra tanks everywhere.

I also have a nebulizer, it's a little machine that creates fog from liquids. I tried putting an ounce of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in it and inhaling it. Not much of a difference. Maybe 10 minutes of relief from the air hose.

This afternoon I took a small bottle, it previously had lens cleaner in it, and filled it with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Then I sprayed the H202 into my mouth as I inhaled, as deeply as I could. Three sprays. I haven't had my air hose on for 45 minutes and I am feeling just fine! At one hour I was tempted to put the air hose back on but instead I gave myself one more spray. The effect is the same as if I had put the hose on.

Here I am at 2 hours and going to spray again. Again, one spray and the effect is the same as if I had put the air hose on.

Folks, I may just be returning my air concentrator to the Rental company in a week or two or just using it for sleeping.

When I think of all the specialists that I have been to in the past 10 years, it is disgusting to think that not a one of them had the answer to my restricted lifestyle. Of course if the General Practitioner, whose office is around the corner had told me to spray H202 into my mouth to solve the problem none of those other specialists would have earned a dime, would they? Quite the sloppy system that we have got going here!

So, if you or someone in your family comes down with a cough, the flu or God forbid, C.O.P.D. I suggest trying some $1 a bottle, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to cure your ails BEFORE allowing the licensed doctors to drain your wallet.

Also, I strongly suggest reading this entire website because there's lots of wonderful reviews from real people on it.

Yup, I have got a hunch that I am no longer going to be known as the old man with the hose in his nose. LOL

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