Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Guide: Bill Munro Method

Sterilizing Tap Water

Posted by Bamagirl (Alabama, US) on 10/31/2014

I have read that you should not use tap water in the neti pot due to potential parasites, etc. I normally use distilled, but have a trip coming up. If I use peroxide in the water, would it sterilize the tap water? I don't want to carry along a jug of distilled water or have to find a place to boil some. Thanx


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Posted by Adam Haddad (Liverpool, UK) on 01/13/2009

Hi, I have started the inhalation method, i started during a bad case of tonsilitis, it has worked a treat, I use 1.5% solution h202, and de-ionised water, anyway this is my second day now and cant seem to sleep???? any reasoning behind this???? has this happened to anyone else??? will it stop????, please reply, thanking you in advance

EC: In case you are like us and haven't heard this idiom before: "worked a treat" means to be very effective (British & Australian, informal) http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/worked+a+treat

Replied by Jaques
(Brighton, England)

......i have the same, it might be due to the extra oxygen making you feel more energised............it does have that affect but i expect you get used to it and get back to a normal pattern of sleep eventually, i know id rather be a bit sleepless for a while than have that awful virus again...........good luck with your inhalling for tonsilitus..........im sure it will work for you J

Replied by closedeyes
(Los Angeles, CA)

This occurs when there is alot of dead virus, bacteria or dead parasites. The amino acid, L-Ornithine (500 mg) 2 capsules before bed will help. I read thins in Dr. Hulda Clark's books


Posted by Jim (Austin, TX) on 04/22/2020

Can vaporizing hydrogen peroxide be used to disinfect N95 facemasks?

Replied by Lane

Yes! Battelle Develops System to Decontaminate Personal Protective Equipment to Meet Growing Demand During COVID-19 Crisis


Quick One-Minute Video on Decontamination Process


Where to Find Nasal Pumps

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Posted by Shifa (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 09/15/2011

Hi Everyone: I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and would like to do the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy as I am finding it very difficult to breath. In the last few months my hemoglobin level has fallen below 10, I have lost a lot of weight and I am getting extremely fatigued.

Can someone please tell me where to find this pump with a fine mist? I have a nasal salinex 30 ml bottle but that just spray lot of HP into my throat and find it difficult to use.

I have been to drug stores and walmart too but they do not have a reusable pump plastic container.

One post mentioned natural factors herbal throat spray. Is it easy to use and does it give out fine mist?

Also, I have to decide whether to use food grade peroxide or drug store peroxide without stablizers. I am at the moment using drug store peroxide which I have had for some years.

Thank you.

Replied by G

Click on the "remedies" page at the top. Go the "Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method". It shows a picture of the bottle and explains that it is a mist "sinus spray" bottle.... Purchased with the sinus medication in it... But you empty it out to fill it with your HP. Bill Munro states that he uses regular store bought 3% HP.... Also what gets rid of my sore throat. Good luck.

Where to Find Nasal Pumps
Posted by Jane (Austin, Tx) on 09/15/2009

Just wanted to let all who are having a hard time finding that perfect spray bottle to do the H202 inhalation properly. I was having a hard time with this, and came across an herbal throat remedy that I had on hand for my children. I emptied out the contents (almost empty anyways) and this is perfect for the inhalation method - it sprays a fine mist and is intended to be sprayed at the back of your throat. I found this at Whole Foods in Austin, TX but any health food store should carry an herbal throat spray. Hope this helps.

Replied by Ron
(Great Falls, Mt)

People that are using the nasal pump method - I would suggest to ask your doctor (or pharmacist) for a 'spacer' this is a plastic cylinder that one typically attaches a portable inhaler to. But for this purpose, you would spray the mist into the cylinder, then inhale the mist. The whole idea being that with the spacer, more of the mist will travel down into your lungs, rather than collect at the back of your throat. In Lieu of using a spacer, you could hold the sprayer *away* from your face and pump a few times into the open air, and then breath in (through your mouth) from the cloud-mist that you just sprayed. Just a thought. I've had many a nurse or technician say (for using an inhaler) that you *are not* supposed to put it directly in your mouth, exactly because the medicine ends up coating the back of your throat, instead of going into your lungs where it is intended.

Where to Find Nasal Pumps
Posted by Deb (Slanesville, Wv) on 08/28/2009

For those of you who are having trouble finding spray bottles here are a couple of links to some that are available on-line:

I bought some of these on ebay and they arrived in about a week. Here's the auction link:


Also, www.specialtybottle.com has some nice cobalt blue glass spray bottles that spray a fine mist and work well. Here's the link:


Good luck and good health to everybody!

Where to Find Nasal Pumps
Posted by John (Bonham, Texas) on 02/21/2009

I looked all over for a nasal sprayer without any luck. I then went to the Wall-Mart drug department and purchased a small bottle of Saline nasal spray. I took it home, opened it, and pried the spray tip loose with a knife and pulled it off. I dumped the saline solution and rinsed the bottle out. I then filled it about half full of 3.18% peroxide I'd mixed and replaced the spray tip. I covered the bottle with a piece of thin black plastic to keep the light from going through the plastic spray bottle. (As you know, light and heat affects the strength of hydrogen peroxide) I mixed the solution using 1 oz. 35% food grade hydrogen proxide with 11 oz. of disilled water. This has worked wonderfully well for me. Oh, I keep the extra protion of the solution I've mixed in the refrigerator until I need a refill.
Best of health to everyone. John

Where to Find Nasal Pumps
Posted by Bill (St. Louis, MO, USA) on 02/02/2009

Question: Regarding Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Therapy: I have had difficulty finding nasal spray pumps. They are not available at my local Drugstore Chain. No luck with internet search either. I have read many articles on Earthclinic which produced two suggestions: Nasonex (a prescription drug), and Nebulizers (which also requires a prescription). Would it be possible for the readers to suggest which particular Nasal Spray Pumps or Nasal Spray Meds I could buy to get the right Nasal Pump? Thanks to all, and how can we thank Ted enough? Bill in St. Louis

Replied by Mary Bell
(Houston, Texas)

this response was under Inhaling Peroxide comments:

[05/16/2008: Jay from Altoona, Florida] "Finally in desperation I bought a "Ocean Saline Nasal Sprayer Inhaler" --emptied out the contents --and replaced the saline with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% straight from the drug store shelf.I sprayed the H202 both in my throat and nose and relief was immediate. "

Also, ebay has some nasal inhalers that you can buy:


Please not that these would be shipped from China and I expect the shipping time would be six weeks or more.

Replied by Leslie
(Bridlington, England)

To Bill in St Louis:

A very good Nasal Pump is available in the U S A, called "NASALINE",
The Distributors are "SQUIP" Lebanon N J

Having had problems with Sinus for many years, this is the best purchase I ever made.
Best Wishes,
Leslie, Bridlington England.

Replied by Catherine
(Seattle, Washington)

Bill, I am surprised you can't find nasal spray bottles in your local pharmacy. There are at least 10 choices at every grocery store and drugstore that I visit! Don't look for an empty one, you need to buy a saline or chemical solution for sinus and allergies and then empty the contents and sterilize it once you get home. Look for a nasal spray that uses a fine pump mist (printed on the bottle). Check the sinus and allergy section of any grocery store and I promise you will find a good number of choices. The bottle will cost anywhere from $4-$7. Remember to sterilize the bottle after you dump the contents with very hot water and soap, then fill it with your 3%.

Replied by Tom
(Fleet, Hants, UK)

Hi,i used the e-bay link provided by Jay for the Nasal Spray bottles. It took a total of sixteen days to come from China and all are working perfectly. Hope this helps as in UK most are sealed. Regards to all, Tom

Replied by Jaques
(Brighton, England)

In England you can get small empty clear plastic fine sprays for around £1 from a high street chemist - and as we are not allowed to advertise, im sure you will recognise this B--TS

I have one in the bathroom to spray my mouth after cleaning my teeth,one in the bedroom for inhallation early morning and one in the kitchen for during the day........

btw, I use 3% as mouthwash, i find it fizzes up in the mouth, so rinse with water after - does anyone else find this?

Replied by Coregon
(Medford, Or, Usa)

I had a great idea for Hydrogen Peroxide inhalers, if you don't want to use the nose spray bottles. I was looking online for fine mist spray bottles and came across a perfume atomizer..the kind used back in the 50's, glass with a tube and bulb (to squeeze to make mist come out). There are also modern glass perfume atomizers. I've found these at essential oil shops, and perfumeries, as well as on Amazon and Ebay. They produce a very fine mist, and are made of glass. The only thing to keep in mind is it would be better to buy a tinted glass (they sell dark blue) rather than clear, since peroxide should not be exposed to light. The average price for a small bottle is about $2.50. (Note: Because the contents will be going into your lungs, you would not want to use an old perfume bottle, even if washed, it retains residual perfume).