Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method by Bill Munro

Steaming Vs Inhalation
Posted by Sumesh (Mumbai, India) on 08/19/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

Hi -

I am a 36 year old male and suffer from chronic back problem (dull ache from nape of neck to lumbar region) for almost 16 years. Also during the last 4-5 years used develeop sore throat 3-4 times in year and had to use antibiotics. I also started getting frequent stomach infections which again had to be contolled using antibiotics

During last 2 years I have switched to more natural foods and cut down on processed foods and eating out in restaurants. I also started exercising regularly and since then I feel better....sore throats have become less intense and more manageable...haven't had a stomach infection in 2 years now and back also feels better and stronger. However I am not completely cured, there's still some muscular pain in the entire back region and my body still feels tired . I still get sore throat...the last one being about 3 weeks back.

So I first tried drinking h202 3-5 drops in 8oz of water for a week, but it caused acidity and I could n't eat properly ..so i discontinued it.Even 2 weeks after discontinuing intake of h202 the acidity continued. And by chance I started drinking a cupful of milk in morning and after about a weeks it cured the acidity .

Then i tried with nose inhaler, but it didn't work out since it not giving out a fine mist ( rather it worked like a spray bottle) and so I dicontinued it also. Then i read other posts on this site regarding using nebulizer.

I have started inhaling 3% ( 35% Food grade diluted to 3%-1 part h202 and 11 parts distilled water) hydrogen peroxide two days back using a nebulizer. Although generally i feel better- mind is more alert, breathing is deeper and i think i could work out better at the gym for last 2 days.

But there are two side effects that I have felt after taking h202 inhalations- 1) I have developed severe pharyngitis (sore throat and it hurts) and my voice has become hoarse and 2) I have noticed that my tongue has a yellowish coating.

I have some questions which I would request Mr Bill Munro to answer.

a) Could it be that there's some problem with quality of h202 that i am using or aree these symptoms signs of "healing crisis"?

b) should I continue taking h202 inhalations despite the sore throat or should i stop it for a day to two and then continue again?

c) Should I use a lower dilution for sometime instead of 3% dilution ?

Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards,
Sumesh, India