Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method by Bill Munro

Breathing Issues
Posted by Tammy (Canada) on 01/31/2015
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I have just started using the inhalation method. I am a healthy individual and always have exercised and juiced...you know all that good stuff. However, I always had fatigue and shortness of breath, it always felt like I couldn't breath in deep enough. I am still new to this and I was super scared to try I must say, but I have so far worked my way up from one puff to 3-5 times a day. My energy is already coming back and I am starting to feel more clear in my head. I plan to continue with this and continue to work my way to 5-6 puffs 5 times a day. Thank you for all the great sharing on here, it's a little scary to try something new, when everything you read from doctor's scared the crap out of you. Cheers

Multiple Cures
Posted by George (Ontario, Canada) on 09/26/2014
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I have been inhaling H202 for 8 years just as Bill Munro showed, - drugstore H202.- six times a day , give or take a few. No lower back pain , and best of all my carcinoma is gone.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Margo (Santa Fe) on 05/07/2014

Hi, I read with interest your info on H202 inhalation advocated by Bill Munro. I imagine you'd want to know, if you don't already, that he died in January 2014. I tried accessing his website and email, to know avail, so I googled him and discovered this. Thanks for this website, too! It's fantastic.

EC: Hi Margo.

No, we didn't hear about Bill Munro's death. Thank you so much for letting us know. He will be greatly missed by all of us. :(

About Bill Munro
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn. ) on 05/26/2015

YEP ALLEN, , , , , , , he was sumpin. I e -mailed him years ago when I first learned that blood cancer was messin with me. I expected an e-mail return, but instead he called me and we talked for about 45 minutes. I now garden with H2O2 as a result of his trail blazing. He is just an example of a regular guy reading and thinking outside the box.

He did the brown bottle stuff and it extended his life from age 64 to 89. I just read a post today that said that the boogie man will get you if you use the brown bottle H2O2. Give me a break.


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Posted by Koyo (Sofia) on 02/09/2021

In fact Dr Brownstein (Author of the book "Iodine and why we need it so much") cured many patients from Covid with the help of nebulizing of H2O2 food grade, but strongest should be no more then 0.1% H2O2 in saline distilled water (can be alternated with few drops of lugol iodine in saline distilled water). His web site was closed and he was threatened to be shut down, but very similar procedure was recommended also from Dr Mercola

Breathing Issues
Posted by Belle (NY) on 06/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

So, I have been researching holistic, homeopathic remedies for years. Finally decided to try the Bill Munro H2O2 method. So, here's a bit of my story. Life long smoker. Yo yo smoker. Quit, every 3-4 months after quitting, I get weak & start again. Though, I only have between 4-6/day, it's still too much. At 52 years old, still trying to quit the habit due to a bit of wheezing, I thought, heck, let's finally try this.

Here are my results after 2 weeks of doing regular inhalation every few hours at 5-6 pumps each.

No More Wheezing. No Chest Pains. No lung pains at all. Not only that, my breath is so much better! My spit is more watery tasting.

So, as of now, I am very pleased with these results and plan to continue this method!

I got a nasal spray, dumped it, put in the H202. Inhale it like an inhaler. Rinse my mouth afterwards & do it every few hours.

I'm also taking Zeolite, Fulvic Acid & Colloidal Silver for immune issues & the combination has been tremendous! I was told my eyes are so bright now.

This is what's working for me so far, and I'm grateful to have such a simple solution for lung issues. Now if I can go from 4-6/day to 0 forever!

Lung Issues
Posted by Meh (Ok) on 01/26/2015

I think one of the most frustrating things about Earth Clinic is the confusion it generates for many. It's hard to find a protocol that someone uses that is clear, concise and well-written. What would it take to simply outline your own routine--with the products used, the amount you take and how often. How hard is that?

So, I have asthma that is bordering on COPD. I came here to learn more about hydrogen peroxide inhalation, and of course, I had to wade through hundreds of confusing posts to get to the main idea and come up with a plan.

So, to help others, here is what I learned and what I am now doing:

I don't have a nebulizer handy and didn't want to wait to order one. So, I went out to the drugstore and bought a store brand nasal inhaler. I also bought plain over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide. The man who started this protocol used plain hydrogen peroxide for 20 years to no ill effect, and if it's good enough for him, then certainly it is good enough for me.

I came home and cleaned out the nasal spray bottle and put it in boiling water for a minute to cleanse and sterilize it. Then I filled it up with the hydrogen peroxide. Then I inhaled and sprayed a few squirts toward the back of my throat. I squirted two or three times.

I did not dilute the hydrogen peroxide with distilled water. I did exactly what the man who started this all did. Don't worry about food grade peroxide and nebulizers and all the other stuff if you don't choose to. In fact, to start this protocol to see if you want to continue, just start out with these basic supplies and try it that way. If you want to graduate to the food grade H202 and a fancy delivery system, you can always add these things after an initial trial period.

Spraying it into your throat and inhaling may take some practice, but after a few times you'll figure out the best system.

I was having a huge asthma exacerbation and this immediately lessened it. I was amazed.

I also bought a netti pot. I cleaned out my sinuses, got rid of the offending allergens and immediately felt better.

I plan to do the netti pot three times a day and the inhalation protocol three times a day as well. I am starting with short short blasts of the inhalation protocol three times a day.

I will report back again.

All of these products are easily bought at a local pharmacy at very little expense.

I hope this helps people who come here and are reading through pages of comments with very few directives, lists or protocols mentioned.

You can always put a disclaimed at the bottom of your post that says, "I claim no responsibility for the health of others, blah, blah, blah."

Good luck everyone. I am so excited that after one session with both of my new regimens that I am already feeling some relief. And completely drug free, too. Zyrtec is expensive and really hasn't helped me much for a while.

Lung Issues
Posted by Gregor (Arizona, US) on 03/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

As far as using BigBox store variety of Hydrogen Peroxide...I don't recommend anyone using it to inhale or consume [.] why? ... because it has about 4 additional additives in it, that can cause problems, if you inhale it etc. It is made to be used externally only. It is recommended to use 'Food Grade' only. Whether you use a nebulizer, eyedropper, mist inhaler bottle, or in a room humidifier etc. Always read directions before use. It appears those who have the most problems and get into a bit of trouble with it, are those who 'don't read the info available' prior to use and just guess the dosage. I've used 35%, 6%, 3% & 1.5% over the years for different issues, and never had a problem to speak of, except for spilling a drop or two of 35% on my fingers, once in a blue moon. Do your homework first, then use your peroxide in a responsible manner. It does wonders. I can attest to it. I also use it in conjunction with micro-particle silver colloids with 'great effect' for over 15 yrs., when I needed it. It's a one-two punch combination, for many health issues. Semper Paratus.

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Posted by John (Pennsylvania) on 01/13/2018

I read on Dr Wilcox site that using a nebulizer for inhaling H2O2 is almost as beneficial as IV therapy of H2O2. Can someone tell me what equipment of instruments I need for a nebulizer therapy? Also, if H2O2 has to be diluted for that, how to dilute the H2O2?

Best regards, John, Thanks

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Posted by Myway (Usa) on 07/15/2018

Wayne, I can only speak to asthma but, here are are some things I certainl would all together..... if you want to do a complete turnaround.

1. Stop all sugar. Very inflammatory

2. Take a vegetable based vit d with k2 drops a couple times a day (Vit D is a steroid).

3. Drink a couple glasses of green juice daily. Kale, spinach, celery.

4. Take magesium l-threonate to calm the system

5. 1 tsp of nigella sativa, black seed oil, 2x a day to keep your lungs clear.

This is what I do daily. Haven't had an asthma attack in 2 years.


About Bill Munro
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/14/2018

HI U WAYNE, Bill used 3% in his spray bottle. That is too strong for a nebulizer. Use 1 1/2 % instead. Smokers need to go very slow. Have used this protocol for about 12 years and still perkin. ====ORH====

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 01/11/2016

HI U KATHY, , , , , , , , , there are 2 Tbsp to 1 oz. To go from 35% to 3% you need 1 0Z of 35% to 12 oz of distilled water. So measure out 12 oz of distilled water and add 2 Tbsp of 35% H2O2 and mix. You now have a 3% solution.

Since all know I's a story teller , let me tell you my latest. Our Preacher's wife's father has emphysema and could only walk a about 10 steps and was exhausted. I suggested he do 1 1/2% H2O2 in a nebulizer. He did and it made his life miserable. She contacted me and I told him to stop the protocol. After a few days he coughed up black phlegm for a day or two and it scared his mule. About a week later he was able to walk all over his house with no problem. I have heard of this reaction before. She has always known that I was a character , but now she knows I's a pretty smart character.

An employee of mine in yester year had lung cancer and had 90% of one lung removed. He then had pneumonia about 3 times a year and each time spent weeks in the hospital. I suggested he do Bill Munro's exhalation protocol with Walmart 3% H2O2 . He did and after awhile he called me mad as a hornet. " Bob, are you trying to kill me? I have been coughing up black stuff for a week. " I told him to stop the procedure. Several years later he called me back and thanked me because he no longer got pneumonia.

You ask this on a Asthma thread and I can't help you on that topic, but I'd give it a try.

Wish you well. =====ORH=====

Lung Issues
Posted by Mark (Arizona, US) on 01/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have used food grade peroxide for five years. I have used the atomizing spray method at 3 % for colds and lung infections over that period. As a pneumonia survivor one is always wary of contracting it again. I was recently in the hospital for exposure to black mold. I began my peroxide therapy a week before I went in the hospital. The doctor's first question was if I had pneumonia prior. When I told him yes he cautioned me the mold exposure put me at high risk.

I continued my therapy throughout the stay in the hospital. In the end the doctors were amazed at my lung capacity and the clearing of the spots in my lungs in less than four days. I have used peroxide for many different ailments over the years, with nothing but success. At sixty four years old the doctors were amazed at my low blood pressure, lung capacity and condition of my heart. I attribute much of that good health to a peroxide regiment. I have no problem accepting the success stories I read on this site.

About Bill Munro
Posted by David (QLD) on 06/19/2021
5 out of 5 stars

For your information, I actually chatted twice to Bill Monro over the phone a very nice genuine man. He is or was very very deaf. But we had a good conversation.

Afterwards I started using his method. I actually buy 6% HP which is easy to find and the same price as 3% so I just dilute it 50/50 .So I get twice as much, for the same money.

I have been doing this for about 11 years on and off. It really helps many different things that are going on in my body.

This time around, I intend to do this method for at least 6 months as I have chronic sunburn, So I'm now inhaling it and putting it onto my skin followed by DMSO to try and get it deeper into my skin.

Also I think it will help me with my normal aches and pains and some times FOGGY days I'm now 77, !!! Look great, but sometimes don't feel great So take care and I hope everything is working out for you.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Yos (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 10/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

6 months ago, I did an intensive research on internet about health because my illness became so serious. I did spent a lot money on supplement, doctor and medicine. Now, my health has improved a lot. I know that I owe to earthclinic, so I write this feedback.

The first time I read earthclinic was when I wanted to do research on cider to improve my health. I got easily exhausted, even when there were holiday for a week, it seems that i didn't have enough rest. I also have a low immunity, chronic nasal/sinus and digestion problem. The worst was the brain fog, you don't want to know how it feels when you have a very short memory and mood swing.

As you can see, my body and mind is weak. Actually this had happen since i was in high school. Don't know the reason why. I did a really hard effort to get a standard performance in school and office. I am 28 now.

Had tried lots of food supplement. Had tried many of suggestion from earthclinic, such as cider, incline bed, kefir and colon cleanse. But had no long lasting effect. The H2O2 inhalation that look dangerous work the best. I inhale 6 spray each session in the morning 7 am and night 7 pm.

I felt sick for 10 days at early application but I didn't stop spraying. I know that this was body reaction to get rid of the toxic, virus, bacteria and yeast quickly.

Now I feel reborn. Now I only use H2O2 and zapper for healing, both work great. Of course, I still need healthy nutrition, regular exercise and good rest.

Sorry, my english is bad. Thank you earthclinic and Bill Munro.

Where to Find Nasal Pumps
Posted by John (Bonham, Texas) on 02/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I looked all over for a nasal sprayer without any luck. I then went to the Wall-Mart drug department and purchased a small bottle of Saline nasal spray. I took it home, opened it, and pried the spray tip loose with a knife and pulled it off. I dumped the saline solution and rinsed the bottle out. I then filled it about half full of 3.18% peroxide I'd mixed and replaced the spray tip. I covered the bottle with a piece of thin black plastic to keep the light from going through the plastic spray bottle. (As you know, light and heat affects the strength of hydrogen peroxide) I mixed the solution using 1 oz. 35% food grade hydrogen proxide with 11 oz. of disilled water. This has worked wonderfully well for me. Oh, I keep the extra protion of the solution I've mixed in the refrigerator until I need a refill.
Best of health to everyone. John

Appetite Suppressant
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 12/01/2014

HI U SHER, I challenge your statement without some proof that it's bad. Food grade means it can be internally ingested. Of course GMO foods are FDA approved also, so what's your point.

Our Earth Clinic hero, Bill Munro, inhaled stabilized non food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide from age 64 to 89. He is the reason all discuss hydrogen peroxide. Without him, no one would appreciate it, other than pouring it on a cut. He blazed the trail for internal use..... stabilized or not.


Side Effects
Posted by Bluesphere (Md) on 07/28/2020
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I've had a adverse reaction to inhalation of hydrogen peroxcide. Has anyone else reported an autoimmune response to taking h202 internally?

Lung Issues
Posted by Josie (San Antonio, Tx) on 07/07/2020 22 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have done the 3% hp with my nebulizer for my lungs. I put 7 drops of 3% hp and 30 drops of distilled water. If I want to do it longer I put 15 drops of hp 3% and 60 drops of distilled water. This is good for a lot of things.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Sarah (Monroe, Mi) on 10/14/2014

How does the 3 hour window relate to the inhaling method? Can I eat and take all of my many vitamins and supplements along with inhaling h202?

About Bill Munro
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld., Australia) on 07/01/2020

Dr Thomas Levy promotes the use of H202 with a nebuliser/nebulizer. I just bought a $23 nebuliser with a face mask; I could have used the spray bottle! I am at risk for the dreaded virus and hope to survive it.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Wayne A. (Louisiana) on 07/12/2018

Are there any people who still visit this board? I'm diagnosed with emphysema and been on Anoro and repliclick for a year but the symptoms are getting worse so today I decided I'll try Bill's method but I'm nebulizing. Today is my first day and I'm coughing up all kinds of nasties...Breathing seems a bit easier but sleeping will be the problem. Hopefull now but it's never been this bad.

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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/17/2021

Hello Victoria (Montreal) – I'm sorry to hear about your mom's news with her CT SCAN. Unfortunately, not ALL Remedies work for ALL individuals. 4 months is long enuff to see positive results from any remedy. This is just my 2 cents worth from my experiences in treating lung cancer.

I found this story on foreign webserver

Honey and Ginger Root: He Cured Himself From The Most Dangerous Type Of Cancer And Left The Doctor Shocked - 13 years ago, a man called Ante Kresic from Zagreb, was told he had one of the deadliest cancers- lung cancer. Moreover, he was informed that he won't live much longer.

Yet, he is a perfectly healthy man today, due to his natural cancer treatment with honey and natural herbs. He defeated lung cancer and now he keeps bees.

He was released from the hospital in April and he decided to try the honey treatment. After several months he went for a regular check-up in the hospital in Zagreb, and the doctors were shocked because he was still alive.

Hence, they advised him to proceed with consuming his homemade remedies and therapies. In summer, his disease was gone. When he had his blood checked, there was no sign that he has ever been ill.

Afterwards, Kresic decided to share his experience in order to help people with similar problems like his one.

The stories of Kresic and people like him serve as evidence that honey mixed with other natural spices as ginger, pine needles and other herbs can defeat cancer.

A woman from Bosnia also succeeded in defeating cancer with a mixture prepared from honey and ginger. She recommends that the honey used should be homemade, or bought from reliable beekeepers. She also shared her recipe, hoping to be able to help others.


Chop two big ginger roots and mix them with (18 oz ) ½ kg of organic honey.

Put the mixture in a glass jar and consume 1 tablespoon (use wooden or plastic spoon) 3-4 times a day. The first effects will be achieved in 4 days.

Remember to keep positive and never give up the struggle for your health, regardless of the doctors' predictions, for that is the first step to your improvement.

Herbs that have been tested in labs

Kava Kava Root taken internally as a tincture. Stops 99% of Lung Cancer In 2014, Xing and his fellow bioresearchers at University of Minnesota were looking into the reasons why the kava root has both positive and negative effects, which previously were not very well understood. The research team designed a blend of active kava ingredients, hoping to maximize kava's beneficial properties. In clinical trials with mice, this blend prevented the formation of 99 percent of lung cancer tumors even in the presence of tobacco carcinogens.


Formation in Mice: In this breakthrough experiment just published in Cancer Prevention Research Journal, extracts of kava ‪‬ fed to mice at low concentrations of 0.13 to 0.5% of their diet reduced lung tumour multiplicity by a stunning 99%. The minimum effective dose is actually not yet known since the smallest dose used here was just as effective as the highest dose in suppressing lung cancer. Researchers have also identified the key compounds responsible for kava's anti-cancer activity - known as "Kavalactone-enriched fraction B" (whereas fractions A and C have little anti-cancer effect). Importantly, the B fraction compounds appear to have no liver toxicity, which has been a concern with kava in the past. This may open the path to developing potent, all-natural medicines based on kava for cancer prevention and/or treatment. Note that kava has been served traditionally as a beverage among South Pacific islanders for centuries, and epidemiological evidence has linked kava consumption to an extremely low incidence of certain cancers in these populations.

Sour Sop - Also called graviola or guanabana, (Scientific name: Annona muricata) Laboratory research supports the potential benefits of soursop as a remedy for disease. The Cancer Center summarizes findings that suggest soursop extracts might slow growth of cancer cells or make them more susceptible to anti-cancer drugs. For example, in one study published in 1997 in "Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, " compounds from soursop were tested on breast cancer cells in culture and found to be up to 250 times more effective in killing the cells than some chemotherapy drugs. These laboratory studies with soursop are promising, but research with human subjects is needed to confirm its potential usefulness.

As far back as the 1970s, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) investigated the merits of guanabana, and discovered the stems and leaves of the tree were successful in destroying cancer cells. "Inexplicably, the results [of the NCI research] were published in an internal report and never released to the public. Since 1976, guanabana has proven to be an immensely potent cancer killer in 20 independent laboratory tests, but as of now, no double-blind clinical trials, " reports Christopher Lane, Ph.D., in Psychology Today.

One study conducted at the Catholic University of South Korea and published in the Journal of Natural Products stated that graviola was 10,000 times more effective against cancer than the popular chemotherapy drug, Adriamycin. A second study from South Korea showed that graviola had no negative activity on healthy cells (unlike the devastating effects Adriamycin has on the body), as we saw previously. This study found that a compound derived from the leaves of guanabana was "selectively cytotoxic for the lung (A-549), colon (HT-29), and pancreatic (PACA-2) cell lines with potencies equal to or exceeding those of Adriamycin." And research in the Journal of Natural Products discovered that extracts of guanabana demonstrated pesticidal, antimalarial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Likewise, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center states that guanabana shows anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects in vitro and in vivo.


Burdock Root and Dandelion Root are always my two favorites.

Red Pepper (Cayenne) Compound Halts 91% of Lung Cancer. Beta-Cryptoxanthin, found abundantly in red bell peppers, was shown in this study to reduce the number of lung tumors by 91% in mice. It also markedly improved their survival: after 100 days all non-treated mice had died, but incredibly 94% of the mice being fed beta-cryptoxanthin were still alive.

Coconut Oil Kills 95% of Lung Cancer Cells in Vitro: Researchers have just discovered that an extract of virgin coconut oil markedly reduces viability of human lung cancer cells in vitro by up to 95%. Coconut oil is rich in cancer-fighting polyphenols and antioxidants, and is known to possess anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-HIV, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetes properties. It's also the richest dietary source of lauric acid, a medium chained fatty acid which severely disrupts cancer cells' metabolism. Coconut oil has already been used in a clinical trial with breast cancer patients, where just two teaspoons (10 ml) twice daily between chemo cycles significantly improved fatigue, sleep difficulties (insomnia) and loss of appetite.

Eggplant Compound Kills 99% of Lung Cancer Cells

Mango Compound Kills 99% of Lung Cancer Cells

Blood Orange Compound Stops 100% of Lung Cancer Growth

Grapefruit Compound Kills 92% of Lung Cancer Cells

Cabbage Kills 97% of Lung Cancer Cells

Oregano Oil Capsules (see below)

Garlic Boosts Anti-Cancer Immune Cells by 400% In Vivo: In this remarkable lab study, an extract of fresh garlic bulbs purchased at a local market potently increased the immune response of mice to breast cancer, boosting their T-cell proliferation by over 400%, and overall lymphocyte proliferation by 200%. Tumor infiltration by CD8+ cells also increased by 468%. All this resulted in 50% slower tumor growth, and the outright destruction of about 60% of the cancer cells in the tumors. Garlic is a powerful medicinal herb with wide ranging properties. Past studies have shown garlic (cooked or raw) consumption may reduce the risk of several cancers including colon, prostate and breast cancer. But emerging evidence now shows specifically that raw garlic may be a very powerful weapon against cancer - in a recent study, eating it twice weekly cut lung cancer risk by almost 50%. Anyone wanting to boost their immune system against cancer should consider adding raw garlic to their diet in addition to other measures such as mushrooms.


Researchers from the Jiangsu Provincial Center of Disease Prevention and Control have claimed that there is an association between eating raw garlic and lung cancer stating that garlic could actually be a preventative agent against lung cancer.

The study notes that garlic has been used in Chinese medicine since the year 2000 BCE and that the compounds that are released when breaking the bulb into cloves may actually lead to the potential preventative powers of the herb. Cooked garlic was not considered in this study.

There have been many studies conducted about garlic that deal with cancer and diallyl sulfide. One study states that diallyl disulfide is one of the most prevalent oil soluable sulfur compounds found in garlic and it inhibits cell growth in many different cell lines. After treatment with DADS (diallyl disulfide) it was found that cancer cells died with just 24 hours of treatment. http://cancerpreventionresearch.aacrjournals.org/content/6/7/711.abstract?sid=98b2869f-6d76-4ba2-96c9-77e98d6dc613

Garlic can be taken both internally with food to reduce nausea and applied topically as a salve nightly.

How to make Garlic Salve: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/pneumonia.html#gs

If you choose to make the GS. I recommend adding a few essential oils to the mix.

Top on my list is Oregano Oil.

Here is a funny story that BIG Pharma does NOT want you to know.

A series of lab tests were conducted to determine the inhibitory effects of carvacrol (oregano oil) on DMBA induced pulmonary tumorigenesis in rats. Cancer was induced in the lungs of each of the rats. All rats developed lung tumors.

The rats were divided into 3 groups. The first group received no treatment, The second group was treated with the standard antitumor agent, Colchicine and NaCl. The third group was treated with Carvacrol from the Essential Oil of Origanum onites L., in a base of neutral sterile olive oil.

By six days, the rats from the first group all had died. The second group has considerable evidence of slowing tumor development. And in the group that was treated with carvacrol (oregano oil) there was evidence of complete loss of tumor development and the lung tissue was repairing itself.

Note: All rats in control group #3 were still alive for the next 6 months til the lab test ended. (huh?!)

Thyme Essential Oil Potently Kills Lung Cancer Cells in Vitro: Oil from the common herb thyme was discovered to kill up to 97% of human lung cancer cells (A549) in vitro.

Fir Needle Essential Oil has been found to be 96% efficient anti-cancer agent. It works very well against hard tumors.

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/10/2011

Hi Verna... The liver is perhaps the major culprit with allergies and in auto-immune diseases -- the liver should remove foreign protein bodies causing the allergic reactions, but when the liver becomes insufficient and cannot remove or neutralize or store these allergens, then it starts to produce larger amounts of histamines and histidines which causes all the inflammatory allergic problems. The lungs also have a special relationship with the liver, so that when you have a congested liver, your lungs are also usually weak. So here are some options.

Here is one successful testimony, with the cure, of a person(a doctor) who cured her own asthma allergy and serious arthritis problems with liver-detoxing herbs.

Notably, an insufficient liver causes 'dirty' blood because the liver cannot take out all the trash from the blood -- this can give rise to a whole host of other problems including weak immune system, allergies and arthritis. She tells the story of her own cure at this link here:


Another protocol I recommend for both detoxing and repairing the liver is found here:


Dr Gerson, from the famous Gerson Cancer Therapy said this about the use of larger dose lugol's iodine in his therapies.

"At the same time 5 times one grain of thyroid and 6 times three drops of lugol solution, ½ strength. That's 18 drops of lugol which is a large dose. Nobody was observed to develop heart palpitations from that, even if some patients told me that they could previously not take thyroid because they would develop heart palpitation. And all allergies disappeared! Some patients claimed that they could previously not take one teaspoonful of lemon juice or orange juice - they were allergic. But when they are well detoxified and have plenty of potassium, they are not allergic. Allergies and other hypersensitivities are eliminated."

In his research with The Iodine Project, Dr Flechas has found that supplementing larger dose iodine is very beneficial to the body regarding the following problems: fibrocystic breasts, hypothyroidism, ovarian cysts, attention-deficit disorder, pregnancy, IQ, senility, bromide, fluoride, obesity, depression, constipation, detoxing (from bromide, fluoride, arsenic, mercury, lead, aluminum), cancer (prostate, thyroid, breast), diabetes (blood sugar control), receptors (hormones, neurotransmitters), testosterone, itching, sweating, histidine and histamine[allergies], heart disease (especially arrhythmias, abnormal heart beats).

Dr Flechas makes the following points about iodine's effect on the body:

Recommended Iodine Protocol. 50 mg/day of iodine in the form of Lugol's or Iodoral. Plus 1500 mg, twice a day, of Vitamin C (ester C or buffered C). If high bromide, add one teaspoon per day of Celtic sea salt or Potassium chloride (KCl).

Getting Off Thyroid Hormones. First, start the iodine supplementation. Then, if there are symptoms of HYPERthyroidism (nervousness, insomnia, sweating in palms, oily skin), you can reduce the thyroid hormones in half. Do not reduce the thyroid hormones until symptoms of hyperthyroidism occur. They may occur 3 or 4 weeks after starting iodine supplementation, or 3 or 4 months later, or a year later. Or it may not occur at all.

Why may the iodine enable you to reduce your thyroid hormones? Iodine will increase the sensitivity of the thyroid RECEPTORS to the hormone. Thus, less thyroid hormone is needed.

Hormone Receptors and Iodine. All hormone receptors are dependent on iodine, which increases the sensitivity of the receptor to the hormone it is designed for. For example, it can increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors and thus help with diabetes. Similarly, it can increase the sensitivity of the receptors for neurotransmitters (e. G. , serotonin, dopamine, GABA) in the brain. Thus, depression may lift after taking iodine. It can also increase the sensitivity of receptors for testosterone and FSH/LH.

Thyroid Hormones and Iodine. If you take supplemental thyroid hormones, you inhibit the ability of the body to absorb iodine. That is why they recommend to patients about to received radioactive-iodine scans that they go off all thyroid hormones for two to three weeks prior to the scan. Women who take thyroid hormones have a much higher risk of breast cancer than other women.

Histidine and Histamine. Histidine is the precursor for histamine. Anti-histamines are used to control runny noses, hives, and itching. Iodine inhibits the conversion of histidine to histamine, thus reducing itching, hives, etc.

Iodine and Heavy Metals. When taking iodine, there is GREATLY increased excretion in the urine of arsenic, mercury, lead, aluminum, and other toxic metals. Iodine is selective in that it leaves the essential metals (e. G. , iron) and removes the toxic ones.

Iodine and Cancer. In many cancers, the mechanism for getting iodine into the cells (the NIS symporter) is not working. The cells can't absorb Iodine. Absence of iodine is a promoter of thyroid cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Bromide. Bromide builds up in the Central Nervous System and results in many problems. In the 1920s Bromo-Seltzer was a bromide-based medicine that used to be used for hangovers, calming the stomach, and headaches. It often resulted in acute paranoid psychosis with large doses. Today, beverages (Mountain Dew, Fresca, and citric Gatorade) contain bromide in the form of "brominated vegetable oil". It is used as an emulsifier in citrus-flavored soft drinks. The bromide functions as a CNS depressant and triggers a number of symptoms like paranoia. Bromide is also found in flour and bread. Brazil recently outlawed bromide in flour products.

When iodine gets into the cells, it kicks the bromide out. Bromide then increases in the blood stream and goes to the kidneys. Chloride pushes bromide into the urine, thus getting rid of it. That's why taking salt is helpful in moving bromide out of the body

Iodine in the Skin. 20% of the body iodine is in the skin. Iodine in the skin helps your body be able to sweat.

Iodine and Pregnancy. IQ is mostly set by the age of two. Adequate iodine during pregnancy and the first two years of life can increase IQ by 15 points. If there is low iodine but high fluoride, it can result in cretinism (severe mental retardation).

Iodine and Salt. 50% of American households are now using salt without iodine. Moreover, the AMA is going to recommend reducing salt consumption by 50% over the next 10 years. Iodine has been removed from bread and greatly reduced in milk. Fewer and fewer Americans are getting sufficient iodine. 25-30% of people over 60 who become senile are hypothyroid due to low iodine, often because of low salt prescribed for hypertension.

Iodine and the Breast. Iodine is very important to the breast. Iodine deficiency results in fibrocystic breasts, which can be cured with adequate iodine. If left without iodine, the fibrocystic breasts can develop breast cancer.

Iodine Sensitivity. If you can take iodized salt, you can take Lugol's or Iodoral. If iodized salt gives you hives, avoid iodine. Less than 1/2% of the population is iodine sensitive.

Iodine Loading Test. It is a good idea to take the Iodine Loading Test before supplementing with iodine. Then, repeat the test in about 3 or 4 months to be sure your body is absorbing the iodine appropriately. If it is not, your practitioner can help you make changes so that your body will absorb it.

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Lung Issues
Posted by Ben (Bremerton, Wa ) on 03/21/2016

H2o2 mist is great for a bug like pneumonia but for copd although helpful it won't be enough to stop disease progression. I would use h202 in a very fine mist plus I would try nanosilver spray mist as well. Doctors tell their patients copd has neither definite cause nor cure. Alts have proven them wrong on both counts and found the only effective means of clearing the tissue fibrosis from the lungs.

The lungs of a person with copd are filled with biofilm a resevoir for germs and the airspace is slowly filled with fibrin deposits like scar tissue until a person can barely breathe. Mycoplasma infection damages the lungs and the scar tissue reduces air volume slowly suffocating the patient. A doctor would give steroidal antiinflammatories aimed at shutting down the immune system. This only increases the speed the disease progresses as the drugs only help the microorganisms grow faster.

To control the disease you must kill off the infection. Pay careful attention to being on an antiviral diet. No sugar! Do lots of liposomal vitamin c, zinc, eboo extra corporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation would be awesome for recovery. H2o2 mist, colloidal silver mist, uvbi, blood electrification and a really powerful one called gallium nitrate are all good choices for copd. Gallium nitrate attacks mycoplasma and helps shut the disease process down in a hurry but it needs serrapeptase a systemic enzyme to clear the lungs airspace. Serrapeptase will both attack the mycoplasma and it will dissolve the scar tissue that fills the lungs. Without serrapeptase the airspace will remain filled with mucus and fibrin deposits reducing your ability to breathe. Chronic inflammation in the lungs swells the lungs causing a further reduction in air volume as well. Serrapeptase is a very powerful antiinflammatory reducing an over reactive immune response. Its just the ticket for copd.

Now one last thing, another poster recently mentioned castor oil packs for COPD . I know nothing about that one, you might research it out.

Lung Issues
Posted by Maggie (Fl) on 08/24/2015 5 posts
5 out of 5 stars


I have been a long time sufferer of COPD. I began using Bill's method (3% stabilized H202 in nasal spray bottle inhaled into the throat) around four years ago. I have since switched to the food grade (diluted to just over 0.5% with distilled water in my nebulizer). If you would like to use the stabilized (brown bottle), I would dilute it to about 1.5%, which is half distilled water and half peroxide. If it feels a little too strong or irritant, dilute it to 1% (1/3 peroxide with 2/3 distilled water. I only use about a teaspoon of this dilution per treatment. I am much happier with the nebulizer treatments. I have also been off of all meds and am still symptom-free. Good luck!


Posted by Jean B. (Old Glory, Texas) on 07/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

In response to an old post in the asthma section inquiring if anyone had used peroxide in a nebulier:

Yes, I tried nebulizing 3% hydrogen peroxide because I had a cough that would not go away (no help from doctors), and it was getting worse by the month. I tried many other things via nebulizer but nothing worked until I used OTC regular hydrogen peroxide in an Omron Micro Air nebulizer (palm sized, silent, battery operated).

I took a deep breath and spent the next two minutes trying to catch my breath. I realized caution was in need so took more shallow breaths and finally deeper breaths. That cough went away and never came back! I now use 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide available from Swanson Vitamins.

Lung Issues
Posted by Melisa (Florida) on 07/04/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I started on the H202 protocol 12 days ago. Drinking 3x a day. Plus the spay pump and every once in a while the nebulizer. Since I have started, I am coughing constantly and wheezing. I recently had pneumonia and was told I have early stages of copd. I am still taking my prescription inhalers as needed.....Is this part of the healing crisis???? I hope Is that normal? I am getting nervous. Anyone else experienced coughing and wheezing while going through this? Help

Breathing Issues
Posted by Myway (Delaware, Usa) on 02/01/2015

Tammy, I am glad you are figuring out what works for you. Personally, the Bill Munroe h202 Inhalation method has helped me wean off Advair and now, I only use his method when I feel I have a little asthma flare up. Usually just 6 puffs, once a day a couple times a week with a 1.5% H202 solution (the rest with distilled water) in a nose sprayer bottle. I sometimes have a little cough after the spray so, I just drink some water.

I also use black seed oil (suppresses inflammation) and a liquid magnesium (Remag) that helped with my cellular nutrient uptake. I took some time to figure this out but it is worth it. My lungs feel great! I hope you can understand your body better so you can find out why your energy level is so low. I honor Bill Munroe when I can - such a kind and giving person.

Good Luck! MyWay :D

Posted by Erin (Florida, US) on 09/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've used Bill Munroe's method for over a year - yes, I was a long time smoker and had emphysema - and it is the simplest and most effective thing I ever did. Plain old $l.00 a bottle - right - and I spray while inhaling approximately 6 times a day. I stopped taking my Albuterol many months ago. That bottle of 3% is the answer. No messing with measuring anything! Please! Everyone who has breathing problems for any reason at all - give this a try!! As far as I'm concerned, Bill Munro saved my life.

About Bill Munro
Posted by Koyo (Sofia) on 02/15/2021

In fact Dr Brownstein (Autor of the book "Iodine and why we need it so much") cured many patients from Covid with the help of nebulizing of H2O2 food grade, but strongest should be no more then 0.1% H2O2 in saline distilled water (can be alternated with few drops of lugol iodine in saline distilled water). His web site was closed and he was threatened to be shut down, but very similar procedure was recommended also from Dr Mercola

Posted by Ed (Ocala, Fl) on 01/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Having pneumonia a few years back, I was very close to admission to the hospital. Antibiotics were not working!! I found a product, "respiratory support with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide" in it. In a couple of days, coughing was just about gone & I feel totally cured, full of energy in about the end of the week, truly amazing. Colloidal silver was the other part of the "support". I paid about $38.00, well worth the cost, could not even talk with out coughing.

I forgot to mention that I used the "RESPIRATORY SUPPORT with a small amount of h2o2 in a nebulizer for about 15 minutes, several times per day, or more if I felt I needed or wanted more treatment.

Posted by Windysky65 (Brattleboro, Vt, Usa) on 12/10/2009

oh please do go back to your Drs & get another X-ray! If not for the proof that H202 works, but to tell us how funny the Drs look scratching their heads in disbelief...

Multiple Cures
Posted by Michael (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 07/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

When I came across this site, I was very intrigued. My first reaction was how much negativity there is about inhaling. Without sounding too repetitive, Hydrogen Peroxide is simply water with added Oxygen.

I'm 25, a practitioner of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Aikido, and Soccer for many years. For several weeks, I had been reading about drinking H2O2. I was happy to have stumbled across this site. I initially had a tough time finding a nasal pump that could screw open and close. The only ones I could find snapped on and off, making it very difficult to open and close. So instead, I got a little travel spray bottle. Please note that the volume of the spray bottle is several several times more than a nasal sprayer.

My first experience with inhaling H2O2 was very interesting. I felt a very warm sensation in my lungs, followed by a temporary mild headache and some dizziness. Keep in mind that I'm using the spray bottle. After everything subsided, I was a little depressed because I didn't feel any different. That was until I tried to go to sleep. 3 days later, I was still awake, alert, and amazed. In addition to that, I do pull ups as a part of my exercise routine. Up until this day, my max was 15 before burning out. On my third day of insomnia, I did 30!

Today, I finally have a nasal pump, but I rarely use it. Just for practical uses, I use a "Misty Mate". I pour the H2O2 in the bottle, re-cap it, pump it several times, and I get a consistent flow of a super fine mist. I am the only person I know that has NOT gotten sick this Flu season. And I actually tried to get sick by getting into close contact with all my friends that were "dying". It didn't work.

This is a great product. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg won the Nobel Prize for discovering that an acidic body low in oxygen develops cancer. So, theoretically, if your body is oxygenated and alkaline, cancer cannot, will not occur.

Lemons are one of the most alkaline fruits available. So, to stay cancer-free, increasing the oxygen level in your body and drink lots of lemonade!

Best Wishes.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Rae (Dallas, TX) on 01/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation: I am a 40 year old African-American female. I started doing the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalations on 1/10/2009 and I have already noticed a changed in my gray hair. I dyed my hair black a week prior to starting this remedy, and the gray usually resurfaces in about a week around the edges. I noticed the edges are majority black with a few strands of gray. I have gray hair all over (even gray pubic hair.) I have noticed that my gray pubic hair is now 85% black with only a few gray. I had a clogged gland in my breast tissue (a lump), and that has completely gone away.

I put the hydrogen peroxide in a nasal pray bottle and I spray 5 pumps every 4 hours. After each spray, I hold it in my lungs for as long as I can, then exhale through my nose. I do this 5 times. I keep the spray bottle in my purse so that I won't forget nor have the chance to miss my inhalations.

It burned my throat at first and I got hoarse, but that went away after a couple of days. Another thing I noticed is that my skin is clear (I have had acne since I was 12) and the facial hair I had started developing is minimal now.

I will let you know how it's going after another 2 weeks.

I am definitely impressed by this. I am not using anything else right now because I want to be sure which method is causing which results.

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