Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Guide: Bill Munro Method

Breathing Issues
Posted by David (Elverta, CA) on 04/29/2009


I tried the hydrogen peroxide inhalation remedy. i was having a lingering bronchitis. i feel like it did help, although i did have a nebulizer with essential oils and a few other things other things i was doing.

i want to warn people about the hydrogen peroxide. a few weeks into doing a spray every 2 hours. i noticed a white patch of hair on my chin. i am 24 years old. i have light brown hair. and this patch is WHITE. its about the size of a pea, but the hairs are very white. and it has remained for months now. I think this has to do with the hydrogen peroxide because i just read an article stating that HYDROGEN PEROXIDE MAKES YOUR HAIR GO GRAY. http://www.lifeagingand.com/life/hydrogen-peroxide-makes-hair-go-gray/