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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux

Olive Leaf
Posted by Bigpete2 (Eugene Oregon) on 12/05/2013

Hello: acid reflux or GERD is caused by the bacteria 'heliobacter pylorii"

This is the exact cause of stomach ulcers also. The symptoms of gerd are worsened by eating rich foods, and especially late at night.some thgeories blame the condition on a weak pyloric sphincter valve at the base of the esophagus but the condition is always food intake related.. ie no food eaten no symptoms noted. Taking drugs such as prevacid which reduce syomach acid production are counterproductive in the long haul as they can cause constipation and reduced energy due to lessened base sugar intake into the digestive system ie glucose the primary energy causing sugar.thus the type and time of ingestion of most foods is of great importance. Don't eat late at night!! And only eat unprocessed foods. but why worry about what you eat or when you eat it, when there is a BASIC CURE fore the condition. If you consulted a physician to have a stomache acid culture performed y the results nearly always would point to HELIOBACTER PYLORII as a bacteria that is present in the stomache walls. curing this conditionis VERY EASILY!

The condition can be CURED for literally months by ingesting the following "Food"!! Olive leaf powder (capsules) the prefered method of treatment is to open the capsules into the mouth and swirling them around until they dissolve! Then the user is to SWALLOW tyhe mixture of the olive leaf powder and saliva. the taste is clerly awful but lo and behold the GERD will quickly disappear and not return for weeks or perhaps months! With no side effects. the capsules MUST contain at least

16 % euloropein acid!! And the user should also try to avoid a product that contains fillers such as clover etc as the addons basically waste your $$$ olive leaf powder also treats ALL CLASSES of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungis, and even prions. unfor tunately it does not seem to be a systemic "food" and thus has little use unless it cah physically contact the offending organism . it is also effective against

Gum disease and any other symptom where itr can physiaclly contact the microorganism good luck bigpete2

Acidophilus for Acid Reflux
Posted by Joy (La) on 11/26/2013

My doctor gave me therelac, and I bought a probiotic that has was in the freezer section that a grocery store it is a organic raw probiotics powder it has 500 billion CfU with 34 strains it has the USDA approval I swear one day they will have gadzillion cfu's My Chinese medicine doctor suggested slippery elm to calm the stomach and fresh ginger in water, body biotics first I had ever heard of it wnt on Amazon and bought the highly rated Broad Spectrum Probioic Prebiotic Powder He told me that our produce is washed and sterilized so many times before it gets to the plate that it is not allowing the body to build the flora it needs. He told me just eat things right out our garden without washing it and allowing the good flora to build up in the system . The oral surgeon, told me he is telling his grandchildren not to use those antibacterial pumps they have in public place, because it disrupts the bodies ability to build up the natural resistance it needs to protect itself. Something to think about it.

Alkaline Water
Posted by Charlie Trig (Raleigh Nc) on 11/17/2013

Taking the chlorine out of your diet can have a drastic effect on your GERD, Acid Reflux and LPR. Chlorine gas in tap and bottled water changes the chemistry of your stomach acid, resulting in HCLO instead of HCL.

Find out more at

Aloe Vera
Posted by Kris (California) on 09/18/2013

I'm starting to have symptoms. Can you tell me the name and where I might be able to find this juice. Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 08/04/2013

Take Betaine Hcl with Pepsin Supplements in between meals. This will solve the problem temporarily. Lower Stomach Acid can result in Acid Reflux. Good Health

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Kay (London, Uk) on 08/04/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Hi, I was told by by doctor that I have acid reflux, symptoms are sore throat, painful heart burn, lots of burping, I'm suffering from horrible bad breath as well, I got food coming up my throat into my mouth... Also lots of slimy smelly clear slime coming from the back of my throat.. I have been on lots of prescription drugs but none seems to work for the pass 2 yrs my condition seems to be getting worse.. I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar & baking soda 3 Times a day, for the pass 4wks, which calm it for a while, but all my symptoms remains the same.. I have change my diet completly pure veg no meat but I still have all these pain & discomfort, can anybody please help...Thanks

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jenny (Irvine, Ca) on 07/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I was vegetarian when I first started suffering from acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar, ginger chews and almonds would offer temporary relief from heartburns. The medication prescribed by doctors, a proton pump inhibitor, did not seem to make a difference. I started avoiding the foods that would trigger heartburns, which did help. But identifying these foods was far from obvious. Mine did not fit the usual list. Spicy, and fatty foods did not bother me. Some acidic foods did and others not.

But even when I did not have heartburns, I could not lay down to sleep because I would feel the burn come up to my throat, nose, ears and gums. My doctor diagnosed me with a loose lower esophagal sphincter (LES). This meant that the sphincter at the entrance to the stomach could no longer completely close up, which explains the backflow of stomach acid when laying down. Like many, I refused to take medication which lowered the level of acid in the stomach instead of addressing the real problem: the loose LES.

In the end, what really worked for me was probiotics and a dietary change. I tried the candida diet and later the Paleo diet, which have many similarities. The purpose of the candida diet is to eliminate the bad bacteria from one's body, especially from the stomach, by cutting out the foods that feed them and by promoting the growth the good bacteria. The philosphical premise of the Paleo diet is that, to be healthy, a person should eat a diet resembling what man ate before the advent of agriculture. This means primarily meat/fish/poultry and vegetables, with a few fruits and nuts. Of the fruits, one should only eat berries and avoid fruits that have been bred throughout time to be high in sugar. In addition to sugar, the main other thing to avoid is grains, since these are a product of agriculture, and were therefore not meant to be eaten (according to proponents of the diet). But the candida diet, sugar and carbs (most of which come from grains) are exactly the foods that feed the bad bacteria in the gut. The other similarity between the 2 diets I noticed is that both tended to eliminate chronic conditions of various sorts. Many followers of the Paleo diet have declared having fewer health issues and just feeling better overall.

After a month of taking probiotics and avoiding sugar and grains/carbs, I noticed I could lay down to sleep again. My tolerance for what used to be my trigger foods seemed to have increased as well. I am hoping to slowly phase out the probiotics, and just continue to eat well.

Side thought on the vegetarian versus meat-based diet: I was vegetarian primarily because I did not enjoy eating meat. However, I had IBS for as long as I could remember and the vegetarian diet did not do anything to alleviate the problem. I found it hard to incorporate what I thought was a healthy amount of veggies and ate large amounts of pasta and rice instead. But on a meat-based diet, I found that veggies, especially leafy greens, were much easier to include in meals. And I was using more spices too. I no longer suffer from IBS. And while I still do not always enjoy the taste of meat, I believe it to be the best source of protein. TVP-based fake meat products seem too processed. Soybeans has its own controversies (of which you can find discussions on the web). And the fact that beans make people fart is a sure sign that they are not easy to digest. Of course there are a lot of meat products that one should avoid. I always try to get the highest quality stuff I can find.

Finally, I would like to offer a list of resources that helped me find my way to better health:

* your doctor: only he can give you a proper diagnosis and let you know the true culprit in the matter.

* the web: this website and others like it were not only a source of information, for remedies to try, but also support

* books: there are numerous books that offer alternatives to medication. The one by Ms. Whittekin was particularly helpful and extensive in its coverage of solutions. I learned that marshmallow root and slippery elm will help heal the throat by coating it, and this was the book that initially introduced me to the candida diet. "Good calories, bad calories" is an important book that will reshape the way you think about food, especially regarding the latest opinions on what food is considered healthy and what is not.

* yourself: maintain a food and symptom diary, research your options and experiment. Good luck!

Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 07/06/2013 189 posts

Hi Vanitha, One teaspoon of licorice is a very big dose in my opinion. The side effect of too much licorice is High BP, so be careful. If I was in your condition I will start with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bi carbonate in half glass of water 30 to 45 minutes after the meals. You may have to change your life style, eating habits and may be there is some stress which you have to take care of. There is a lot written on this site for alkalising your body and connect it with your symptoms and do the needful. Good luck.


Posted by Vanitha (Chennai, Tamilnadu) on 07/06/2013

Hi Ed, thanks a lot for your reply. Actually, I have IBS and acid-alkali imbalance causes irritation to my nerves. A protective coating helps. I'd be happy if you could answer these questions- Should the 1 teaspoon of licorice in water be taken early morning on empty stomach? Will the coating be enough to last through the day? Or should I take smaller quantities of it before each meal? Are DGL tablets more effective? Thanks.

Vinegar Based Foods
Posted by Bella (Wheaton, Il) on 06/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My husband had acid reflux every day for many years. He insisted on taking over the counter antacids for relief. Then he tried a dill pickle. Within a minute, relief!

Over the past several years he's used only vinegar based foods. One time we were out, so of course didn't have a pickle. He got a packet of mustard. It worked! He doesn't hardly ever get acid anymore!

Posted by Herminy (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I read everyone's posts and thought mustard was crazy for acid reflux. I was prescribed Pepcid but after reading the side effects I thought there has to be better alternative. That's when I came across this site and alternative. I just had 1.5 teaspoons of mustard 6 min ago and I must say it worked immediately. Mustard is not tasty but it sure has helped relieve the burning sensation in my stomach.

Severe Acid Reflux Remedies
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 05/29/2013

Iodine deficiency may cause Acid Reflux.

Severe Acid Reflux Remedies
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 05/24/2013

I read in Your body's many cries for water that excess acid is a reaction to imbalance in electrolytes (water/salt/ calcium/potassium/magnesium). Some people also suffer because of lack of enzymes or acids-- like lactaid, hydrochloric acid/ papain/bromelain, probiotics and others. Taking calcium (like tums)can make the imbalance in electrolytes more painful, sometimes an antacid makes the body have to work harder to produce enough acid and it goes into overdrive

Constipation and bloating causes a backup in the esophagus of acid from abdominal pressure (colace or store brand work mild for relief without misery) eating smaller meals , half an hour after the water intake

Please try drinking water a half an hour (30 minutes) before meals for one to two weeks and see if your condition improves dramatically... Check out the watercure.

Severe Acid Reflux Remedies
Posted by Monica (Desertbeauty, Texas) on 05/24/2013

My mother-in-law has found that a teaspoon of mustard has helped the symptums for the short turm.

Severe Acid Reflux Remedies
Posted by Bradshad (North Providence, Rhode Island) on 05/24/2013

Google Proper Food Combining and follow the protocol. Problem should be solved.

Severe Acid Reflux Remedies
Posted by Kara (London, Uk) on 05/24/2013

I have acid Reflux 30 yrs now. I have used different hospital medication but have not helped so far. I have had about 6 endoscopy in different countries but have found neither ulcer no any other problem. In 2002 I had an acid check a machine was inserted in my stomach through my nostril and was kept for 24 hours and found normal acid that was in St Thomas Hospital London, Then I went to India at Okhla hospital, Delhi and repeated various checking and found no ulcer, no hernia no kidney stone and not even appendicitis and recently I went to Chennai Apollo hospital and had several checkups but yet still no problem was found.

The problem now since I turned 40 yrs now I have developed more complications whenever I have an acid attack my pressure also increases, I have changed my diet but simply it doesn't help, I tried caustic soda actually it made me worse the pressure had risen and had palpitations as well. Should anybody can advise me what to do please.

Posted by Sugarpuff (Christchurch, Canterbury) on 05/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi had been suffering from terrible acid reflux. So took the advice on here and brought a Probotic from the chemist. After 3 days no reflux so I just take one everyday and its gone away. So thanks for the great advice.

Posted by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 05/03/2013

Hi Vanitha, you can eat raw okra.

For immediate relief of your hyper acidity, prepare Ted's Alkalizing Formula and sip it throughout the day. This will neutralize the acids. You will get immediate relief from hyper acidity

To heal the esophagus and stomach, Soak 1 tsp of licorice powder in a 200ml of water for half an hour and drink in empty stomach.

Licorice - Adhimadhuram in Tamil

Add curd (homemade) in you food to supply the probiotics to your intestines as well.

What makes you think you have hyper-acidity?

Good Health. Thanks

Posted by Vanitha (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India) on 05/02/2013

Hi. Please explain how you used raw okra juice to curb acidity. How many okra pieces are to be used, how to juice them, what time to take them, early morning on empty stomach, between meals when acid sensation begins. Please help, as this may work for my hyper acidity.

Posted by Anonymouscat (La, Ca) on 04/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I took some parasite medication for a few days on an empty stomach soon I had a burning stomach and esphogas and acid reflux... Feeling I was also having shortness of breath and pressure type of feeling on my chest, My ND gave me probiotics and told me to open the capsules dump the content into a 1/2 glass of water and swish the probiotics powder in my mouth then drink it down. And the ND suggested pt drinking lactose free PLAIN KEFIR no sugar in and within 24 hours I felt a dramatic change, within three days I had zero pain and my symptoms all feel away.

Posted by Mckenzie (Charlotte, NC) on 04/06/2013

James, How much acidophilus are you taking per day? How many million or billion CFUs in total?

Is it a single strain or a multi strain probiotic??


Posted by James (Hartford, Ct) on 04/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I take acidophilus every night for its beneficial bacteria. I noticed about a week after I started taking it that I no longer get acid reflux. I take 2 refrigerated pills with a glass of water just before going to bed. Highly recommend this.

Sugar Tea
Posted by Brook (Birmingham, Alabama) on 03/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

This is going to sound weird, but I tried all of the remedies above and nothing helped me long term except sugar. My grandmother, an 80 year old woman told me to put a table spoon of sugar in a cup of hot hot water and drink it like a tea. The first time I took it I heard a gulp in my stomach. I did it for a few days and no acid reflux. Now, I don't wake up with acid burning in my throat anymore. If I eat something acidic, I just make sure to drink my sugar tea. I also lost a couple of pounds. But, I try not to do that often. Trust me it works!

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Gerd Fighter (Atlanta, Ga, Us) on 03/13/2013

Bill: for me, I already have high BP - for me it always remains around 140/90...

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, La Union\\\\\\\\, Philippine) on 03/12/2013

Hi Gerd Fighter... I usually find that I now alkalize, using both the sodium bicarbonate and water(alkalizes the intestines and blood) and the lime/lemon and water(alkalizes inside the cells) remedies. I may not use these every day but I usually use them several times every week because 80% to 90% of all our processed food is acid forming in the body. So, yes, I use these alkalizing remedies constantly every week.

The dosages referred to in the link I provided were 7 half tspns of baking soda for adults and 3 half tspns for anyone over 60. It's rare that you will ever have to take 7 half tspns unless your body is extremely acidic.

Most people link high blood pressure to too much sodium intake in the body. But just like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, sodium is easily regulated by the kidneys. The problems really arise if there is a lack of sodium, calcium, potassium or magnesium in the diet. You cannot regulate minerals that are already at low levels in your body can you?

Calcium is usually always found to be in excess in our processed food diets(everything is fortified with calcium these days!! ) whereas potassium and magnesium are always lacking in our diets. Sodium, as salt intake, is tricky. Alot of people avoid salt and other people just use refined salt(acidic). Our bodies need the Sea Salt form of salt which is more alkaline than refined salt and sea salt also contains many other essential and useful minerals.

The fear with salt is because people believe that sodium will raise their blood pressure. But this is simply not true. It is the excess chloride in refined salt that raises the blood pressure. In his book pH Balanced for Life (which is sold on this site) Ted from Bangkok reveals that he did an experiment on himself to prove this. He took sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride and potassium chloride at different times and found that the magnesium chloride and potassium chloride always tended to raise his blood pressure whereas sodium bicarbonate did not raise BP. So it isn't because of the sodium but is because of the chloride content in refined salt that causes a rise in BP. For myself, I am constantly taking the Baking Soda alkalizing remedies and my own blood pressure has never varied in 6 years-- it always remains at around 110/70.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Gerd Fighter (Atlanta, Ga, Us) on 03/12/2013

Thanks a lot Bill and Timh!! This is a great site.

Bill: I checked the links provided by you - there it is mentioned that "Do not use the maximum dosage for more than 2 weeks. " - so, is the oral intake of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) harmful for prolonged use? Can I take baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) orally with water everyday (in prescribed amount) - throughout my rest of life? It looks like even after using the digestive enzymes - I'm having residual acidity - which is not very severe, but not comfortable at all. If I take baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) orally with water it is going away. So, to me it looks like it is working as a antacid. My only concern here, everyday use of it throughout the rest of life. Also, if it (prolonged use) is not harmful then why do everybody talks about reducing the consumption of sodium? Now-a-days probably in every food products it is mentioned that low level of sodium - why is that? Please clarify.

Thanks again for the help!

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 03/12/2013 2073 posts

Gerd Fighter: Bill is our expert on the Buffer solutions, so do follow his advise, as many folks are getting well as a result. I personally use about half spoon of 50% Sea Salt mixed with 50% Sodium Bicarbonate 3x daily as I have acidosis problems.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 03/11/2013

Hi Gerd Fighter... I would not agree with your opinion on alkalizing with sodium bicarbonate. Read the evidence in these links:

Oral Dosages of Sodium Bicarbonate

Ted's Alkalizing Remedies

I took Sodium Bicarbonate with water(to alkalize the blood) as well as the lemon/lime sodium bicarbonate remedy(to alkalize inside the cells) as a major part of my own successful protocol to help defeat my own systemic candida problems. I still take these alkalizing remedies today and my candida problems have never returned as a result.

Sodium bicarbonate is also well recognized by the body as a friendly nutrient. Bicarbonates are used throughout the blood and cells for alkalizing and as long as you have a fully functioning kidney to regulate sodium, there should be no real problems taking sodium bicarbonate with water.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Gerd Fighter (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 03/11/2013

Thanks for the feedback Timh. But daily intake of baking soda will be harmful for the body as well, as it is again a chemical - right?

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, La Union, Philippines) on 03/10/2013

Hi Gerd Fighter... I have been particularly interested in GERD problems because GERD and reflux problems occur alot as a co-problem with candida. So I have tried to research this problem in some depth.

In the early 1900s, John Beard was researching protease enzymes and he discovered, quite by accident, that low levels protease enzymes in the blood related directly to cancer formation. These protease enzymes found in the blood are exactly what are used in normal digestion -- excess protease enzymes not used during digestion are just absorbed into the blood. William Kelley's successful Metabolic Protocol against cancer came into being because of John Beard's research. Kelly and Gonzalez also found that protease enzymes greatly assisted the immune system in removing pathogens and trash from the blood. So I would therefore say that taking protease enzymes over a long period certainly wouldn't hurt you at all and would probably work to achieve more benefit by helping to protect not only your digestion but also your immune system.

Since the GERD problem can occur due to lack of chlorides -- supplementing betaine hydrochloride and supplementing both Magnesium Chloride and Sea Salt would also help to generate hydrochloric acid in the stomach for proper first stage digestion(and to help kill all incoming pathogens with food). But this problem is different. As the affects of supplementing chlorides in the diet takes effect, there will be less and less need to supplement betaine HCL until, eventually, your stomach is back to normal HCL production. In this instance -- only Magnesium Chloride and/or Sea Salt need be supplemented(no betaine HCL) to maintain normal HCL levels for digestion.

The other problem, which is not recognized by most people, is that normal duodenal digestion, after stomach digestion, MUST be alkline. So if your pancreas lacks bicarbonates in its juices that should neutralize the stomach acid, then the medium for duodenal digestion will be acid instead of properly alkaline -- so the food just sits there, undigested, fast-breeding bacteria -- giving you further problems.

Therefore I always advise using Ted's Sodium Bicarbonate and water remedy in this protocol -- just in case the digestion problems are also caused by lack of bicarbonates in the pancreatic juices. This remedy ensures proper main stage digestion in the duodenum. The dose is 1/4 to 1/2 tspn of sodium bicarbonate(Baking Soda) taken 1/2 hr to 1 hour after all meals.

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 03/09/2013 2073 posts

Gerd Fighter: It is generally considered completely safe on the probiotics and enzymes at recommended doses short and long-term, as these are produced naturally in the body. Too much enzyme in a single dose could cause excess bowel movement, so you could always know when to stop upping the dosage by this symptom.

Do consider addressing common underlying problems of the digestive system like dirty colon, gallstones, and sometimes liver disease. There is lots of info on "cleanses" of these three organs. Also, after completing the cleanses, try an herbal pancreas formula (Nature's Sunshine used to have one called P14 but I think it's a different name now). This herbal pancreas formula will give new life to the pancreas (which is what produces all the enzymes you talk of substituting). Chronic parasite infestations as well as chronic pathogens can disrupt digestion (a very common cause of digestive diseases).

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics
Posted by Gerd Fighter (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 03/08/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I've been suffering from severe acid reflux for 13 long years now. Doctors did numerous endoscopy and declared that I've small hiatus hernia and acid reflux. They put me on PPI medication and I used all sort of PPIs like protonix, omeparzole, esomeprazole etc. Nexium (esomeprazole) worked for me best. With this one I almost did not have any problem. But, I've been taking it since 13 long years everyday!! The problem of these medications(chemicals) is it will kill you one day if you keep on taking it for so long. It prevents the body to absorbe the essential nutrients/minerals from the food you take. So, as a result, with prolonged use of these medicines you get other side effects like decreasing bone density and all other form of problems and gradually it will take you towards a silent death. But, no doctors will tell you these facts to you. The pharmacitucal companies warn you to take it not more than 4 months max. You have other options like surgery - but, no guarantee that will work for you and doctors will allow you to do it. In my case the doctors said surgery will not be effective for me. Also, the surgeries need to be repeated after some times if it works.

Then...I started looking for alternative medicines as I was desparate to get rid of Nexium. I searched all the web sites like this one and tried homeopathic medicines, apple cider vinegar, apple etc. But, all these did not work for me. Then in this site I came to know about natural digestive enzymes and probiotics. Medicines like Nexium works by stopping the acid production in stomach - which ultimately harms the body as you need the acid in stomach to digest the food. Digestive enzymes and probiotics works on the root cause of the acid problem of the stomach. They help in digesting the food quickly/properly so the body is not required to produce excess acid thereby reducing the cause of acid reflux. I could not think of a single day without Nexium. But, since I've been started using digestive enzymes and probiotics they helped me - I'm not taking the Nexium currently as I'm taking digestive enzymes and probiotics. My symptoms are not fully gone - but, definitely they are less with these. I believe if I do more research with these natural remedies it will help to keep this monster away. But, anyway you need to take them for ever as long as you live. But, it is better and safe to take it like food, as long as you live - and not like Nexium. So, my suggestion to all the trillions of sufferers worldwide to try your best to work out a natural solution which suites your body most and definitely try to get rid of PPI and other form of chemical medications. Try the digestive enzymes and probiotics - available in health food stores and also in pharmacies - in US.

I've one question though - does anybody know the side effects, problems (if any) of using digestive enzymes and probiotics for prolonged period or has anyone experienced any problem. Though these are natural products - we all know too much of everything is bad. So, I would be really interested to know this - as, if it works, I need to take it forever.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Anne (Toronto, Ontario) on 03/08/2013

Does aloe vera affect the thyroid?

Posted by Gokhals (San Francisco, Ca, Usa) on 02/20/2013 36 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Acid reflux, especially in people over 25 is generally caused by too little acid, rather than too much acid in the stomach. I saw miraculous results with unpasteurized sauerkraut on my friends and family who had GERD.

Sauerkraut is made by mixing shredded cabbage with a tablespoon of sea salt, covering up with a cabbage leaf and leaving on the counter 3-5 days, until the cabbage is soured. Then refrigerate. Eat a tablespoon when you get acid reflux, or related stomach problems. They will disappear instantaneously. Your heartburn will vanish. Your bloating will vanish. Your stomachache will vanish.

The whole proton pump inhibitor industry is a gigantic scam. PPIs are also extremely detrimental to health.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon
Posted by Lilli (Kenmore, Wa, Usa) on 02/13/2013 13 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I've found that ACV works the best for my acid reflux. However, I had to tweak the formula a bit.

I cannot stand the taste of straight ACV so I added fresh lemon juice in equal amounts to the ACV. I used to drink a tall glass of water but found that too much water triggered the AR, especially before bedtime.

Now I use apx. 6 ounces of filtered water and add 1 tbs. ACV, and 1 tbs. Lemon juice. If this mixture is too sour, just add a squirt of good quality honey. Some have mentioned adding baking soda. I never have, but if the acidity bothers you, it is worth a try.

I drink the mixture throughout the day and never before bedtime. I've even tried drinking it with my meals in place of other drinks.

Another thing that has helped tremendously is not eating or drinking after the evening meal and at least 4 hours before bedtime. I also limit my intake of liquids while I am eating to aid digestion. I've added more raw fruits and vegetables. Apples work really well.

I find that these things work best whenever I feel the first twinge or feel the acid coming up in my throat.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Mike (London, Uk) on 02/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

The Apple Cyder Vineger thing REALLY does work its astonishing, its a wonder why it isnt more widely known as a remedy. I've had GERD/bad heartburn for months (with Laryngitis)and it was making me miserable, after stumbling across this website by accident I'd thought what have I got to lose.

So after going to Tescos I took 1 tablespoon ACV, 1/8 spoon bicarb of soda, 1 spoon honey with a splash of water, downed in one (it tastes disgusting), and bobs yer uncle 2 hours later it was gone, 1 week later I've had slight symptoms but one dose of the elixer and it was gone again.

I only take it now as a cure and not prevention and fingers crossed I'll be OK.

I've never ever posted a message before on a forum, but was compelled to do so and will spread the word!

Aloe Vera
Posted by Sylvanna (Sydney, Australia) on 02/11/2013

Hi just been reading your blogs and have the same symptoms - barretts, lupus etc etc..... What about aloe vera capsules??? they would be pure?

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