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Borax Side Effects

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Posted by NORBERT D MOCAN (United States) on 06/04/2020

Does Borax kill beneficial bacteria in your gut?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Oliver (Deutschland) on 04/19/2020
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Borax and Libido 3 years ago I have used Borax for more or less 2 months. Not in high dose. Maybe a knife tip in 1,5 liter of water throughout the day. It pushed me really a lot. I had lots of power and testosterone. But after I quit strange things happened: I had no libido and desire anymore, my testicles shrinked, and only little but no sperm came out the few times I was able to ejaculate.

Since then I never touched Borax anymore, as I blamed it. As I have found in a study of rats, that Borax can destroy their reproductive system, I thought it would have destroyed mine too. What I feel is that I never again produced testosterone as I did before. I have seen here on earthclinic that Ted wrote Borax could overstimulate the glands. - Maybe that happened in my case. Is there a way to refresh or "reset" the glands ? Or does it maybe have nothing to do with the Borax, but with the systemic candida I have ?!? But why there is that study which describes the destruction of reproductive system ?

Does anyone have an idea ? Thank you very much, Oliver

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I am currently applying a lot of ginger water and ginger to my diet and it is having some stirrings of issues beneath the surface. Not much enjoyment there but still pushing forward. The body is complex and the mind also affects it. I watch healers and try to learn what they learned in scriptures because no obstacle seems to great for them. What one man can do another can do. Tom Loud and Pete Cabrera Jr make it look like a cake walk. I am following their recent teachings for insights into health issues I could not solve in the natural. Here is a good link on borax. Maybe it will have some answers for you.

Replied by Dom


Maybe try ashwagandha & zinc. Vitamin D3 is also important. Who knows what deficiencies those rats were subjected to. Would be interesting to know more details about the experiment (I'm lazy to read it all). So, did the boron eliminate the candida? If it's dangerous, why aren't more males reporting on it with the same outcome? Thanks, Dom

Replied by Cjuan

For upping libido or even restoring it, you could supplement with Butea superba, Eurycomma longifolia/Tongkat Ali, maca, Tribulus terrestris, available on eBay. Start with small doses. If you have congestive heart issues, exercise caution. Butea superba suits me well.

Replied by Jj

Try Maca root. It should help get an organic high quality one and start with 1/ 4 tsp a day. Also you may have too much estrogen. In this case, get DIM a supplement made from cruciferous veggies. Take 2x day

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Uncertain (LA) on 11/13/2019

Borax, boron and fructoborate tablets? I read if you have liver or kidney issues you do not take boron. What exactly does that mean? I had a rise in my liver enzymes from food that has returned to normal. I also had a rise in bun test that I will be checking on tomorrow. I believe this is also a food issue. I am concerned about the sodium content of borax. Do the boron or fructoborate tablets have sodium also?

Replied by Lucy D.
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Liver enzymes show other things going on besides liver function alone. You could look it up: ALT, AST. Elevation of these could mean bone turnover and other things.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Jessica (Louisiana ) on 09/14/2019
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Better But With Side Effects

Please help! I just finished day 5 of drinking borax water. Hoping to treat my psoriatic arthritis and heel spurs. Everything was going good until today I developed a yeast infection. I NEVER get those. Do you think I should discontinue the borax water? Could this be a toxin release? Thanks in advance for your input

Replied by Art
1463 posts

Borax is considered a broad spectrum antifungal and I think you may find the following article about boric acid and yeast and candida infections. Btw, once you ingest borax and it meets the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, it is converted to boric acid. Art

Borax Side Effects
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 06/13/2019
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I started taking a pinch of borax in a liter of water on Monday. Did this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (today) and had sinus/headache since Monday evening. Tonight I am running a fever. Is this herx or might I have a virus? I've been fighting a cough/sinus thing for several weeks now, better one day then back to the cough and cheek pain. I have been in airports and medical clinics with many sick people around me, so I could have picked something up. I plan to continue the borax unless I feel a good deal worse. I also take 1 drop lugols every morning in water, but that shouldn't matter, should it? I drink lots of water during the day and eat clean, but was snacking a good bit during my airport day (planes delayed, was there a very long time and exhausted when I got home. Over 24 hours, yuck).

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Heinrich (Gippsland) on 05/24/2019
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I have noticed that taking the borax thins my blood and I have more blood noses.

Replied by Jenny
(San Francisco, ca)

How much Borax are you talking on a daily basis? How long have you been talking it?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by David (Canada) on 03/25/2019
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Greetings. I have been watching several of your youtube videos regarding the health benefits of boron supplementation. I am a 62 year old male recently diagnosed with low testosterone. My doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) at a relatively low dose. As pointed out, Boron can apparently be useful in increasing testosterone and balancing hormones, so I decided to give it a try. Borax of course is a very cheap option for obtaining Boron. I purchased a box of mule 20 team borax at a local grocery store. The only ingredient listed is Sodium Tetraborate. Knowing that Borax contains approximately 11 milligrams of Boron per 100 milligrams, I carefully weighed out 60 milligrams of Borax (providing about 6-7 mg of boron) on a sensitive scale. This I put in a small bottle and added very hot water. To that, I emptied a 150mg capsule of magnesium citrate and shook it very well. Then I poured that into a 15 ounce bottle and filled it with cold filtered water, shook it again, and drank it. That night, I woke at 4 in the morning soaked in sweat. Could this be some form of detoxification? Perhaps I should lower the dose? The next day I did the same thing, although this time I drank the bottle over the course of the day. While I did not wake up in a sweat, I did wake up feeling quite nauseated, which passed later in the day. Again, is this part of a detoxification that could/should pass in time? Any advice, especially from those who've experienced similar symptoms would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

Replied by John

For your first dose it sounds like you overdosed. You need to start with low doses to see how your body reacts. You then build up to a full dose. Detox is no fun and you control it by slowly detoxing. Good Luck.

Replied by Darren T
(New Westminster)

It seems like everyone here is over doing it x100... This is an element that your body may not have had much of your entire lives...stop thinking about this as a loading stage type of thing an go light...really light. I'm taking 1/8 tsp to 1ltr water and dividing that into 4 daily mixed with juice portions...pain is leaving without serious injury. Be smart don't need a lot to benefit from this but too much can be harmful.

(NY, NY)

Your dose: 1/8 tsp Borax ≈ 500 mg Borax ≈ 55mg Boron 55mg Boron ÷ 4 = 13.8mg boron David's dose: 60mg Borax ≈ 6.8mg Boron Darren Dose = 13.8 mg Boron David's dose = 6.8 mg Boron Did I miss anything?


Good approach Darren. Way better to start way low especially with a substance like this. More is not better in many cases. Many times consistency is the order of the day. With a pH of 9.3, this is something to start slowly. I might even suggest twice a day at most. Like baking soda, this is probably something to take on an empty stomach perhaps well before a meal to see how it affects you. A Herx reaction can be intimidating. Some folks have a major tox load and can react more. I drink RO water and have a very clean diet with no health issues. Most people eat a toxin laden diet and may not be aware of it. One should not start a detox diet with chelation as this can damage the kidneys. Supplementing Boron should be kept under 3mg/day as an initial protocol. I just got some 20 Mule Power sodium tetraborate and will probably start with 1/8th tsp diluted in a pint of RO water using one tbsp per day of the solution with plenty of additional water throughout the day just to test how I may react.

Replied by mandandi
(Gaborone, Botswana)

Sounds like herxheimer reactions to me. I had those, when i started using borax protocol. I had parasites all over my body and took the borax protocol for 3 months straight, skipping only weekends. I followed the suggested dose on this site - 1/4 teaspoon in 1 litre of distilled water daily and took the entire 1 litre each day. It was very, very painful - i was depressed anyway from the parasitic invasion so more pain although undesirable, indicated that the parasites were dying in large numbers. After 3 months, the pain magically disappeared, then I knew I could stop taking borax for a while. I recently started taking it again and get mild depression roughly 2 hours after taking the borax water. Thereafter, I feel fine. I wake with a lot of energy and in great mood daily. And its true that the hormones are affected too, especially and increase in libido. My testosterone levels have gone up.


Hello, for how long are you using Borax now? I used it for just two month - low dose, just a knife tip a day - it pushed my libido and testosterone, but then after quitting I never got back to usual testosterone production and I never ever used Borax again. Still today 3 years after, I have test. Problems.

(faithville, Us)

Hi Oliver, As I was reading your posts and the one I sent you as a reply before I had the thought that maybe a complimentary supplement was missing , like a mineral or amino or fat soluble or other hormone to balance the borax. I had issues when I was on borax before and just read Arts link stating that the borax turned to boron when it went into the hydrochloric acid in the gut and I only used it in foot soaks. There are many men use like small dose progesterone. I don't remember it but Dr. John Lee wrote it in his books, what your doc may not tell you ...series. Dhea is what the body uses to make hormones and you get deficient in it as you age. Vitamin D with K-2 is a hormone regulator and horsetail affects calcium regulation . Iodine affects hormone glands and magnesium is a big one when calcium is involved. Ginger affects circulation and helps food digest . Low stomach acid would affect mineral absorption. Low fat or bad fat diets make it hard for the liver to make bile to break down proteins. hints on iron and zinc estrogen in environment and insulin I heard someone teach that high calcium is behind diabetes and borax moves calcium around . I don't think borax causes diabetes but it might be a temporary die off stage when using borax like kidney stones are and chanca Piedra, stonebreaker, helps remove those.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Bobbie (Forest City, PA) on 01/05/2019
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Re: borax - My family all had bone pain in different areas so I would only use the lower dose that's recommended.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Kevin (Toulon) on 12/20/2018
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I have been taking one teaspoon of borax in 1.5L water. I did a mistake because I knew nothing about dosage and read on a forum that someone was taking this high amount. I have been taking this for about two months which is huge. Now I have no more sperm. I discovered borax could be toxic to the testicles in high doses. Did this happen to anyone?

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Kevin, I would like to encourage you as I have faced down many a giant. Your mind is very powerful and can override anything going on in the natural when controlled with correct adjustment thoughts. I would write out statements you would like to speak about this during your days and work toward faith in the transition. Other than that molybdenum, selenium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, calcium, silica, gelatin, msm, vitamin C, D-3 and K-2 and biotin, folic acid, a good b complex, A, E, some ginger would help with cleansing, a liver detox or green foods supplement . Override the excess with other vital nutrients. You could also try activated charcoal at bedtime with water to absorb excess .

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Hina (Sindh) on 11/27/2018 2 posts
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I have reactive arthritis since 5 years. I'm on day 5 of using borax (two pinch), Baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in half glass of water, ACV, Coconut Oil two times a day 1, I have left wheat, sugar and also doing juice fasting(vegetables mostly). I'm feeling energized but with side effects - low back pain shoulder pain pinched nerves in elbow and lot of acne (milia) comes up on face. I also have dry eyes due to ReA. Hoping I will recover fast. Do anybody have this kind of side effect and when they will subside?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Illysmanx (Denmark) on 11/08/2018
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Borax heavily raises my bloodsugars. For 3-4 hours after using it, I have trouble getting my bloodsugars into normal range again. I suspect it's because borax is a mix of boron and natrium (salt/natron), and salt drives down potassium levels. Potassium allows insulin to enter the cells of the body.

Of course, there's plenty of chances that the blood sugar reactions are because borax stresses parasites. Still praying for a breakthrough in all this!

Type 1 diabetes, have had a bone tumor, teeth issues. I got amalgam fillings when I was 14 and diabetes and all the rest of the issues came after that (heavy metal troubles! ). I do wish my family had known about parasite cleansing before all the other crap happened to me!

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Castor oil is the palm of Christ and I love the stuff, it works on many things in the body

Comfrey is the comforter herb and it heals bones and teeth and skin

Coconut oil is amazing stuff from teeth to rectum and brain health

I take in my boron in a footsoak 1/2 tsp with epson salt 1/4 cup for an hour 3 x a week. Molybdenum the next day to cut die off pain

Eric Berg is a naturepath who ruined his health in college and now teaches step by step on you tube how to overcome many health issues.

Hope you find your solutions. Keep the Faith, Blessings, Charity

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Carol (Wilkes Barre Pa) on 11/06/2018
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I have been using borax on and off for about 9 months. I have been having kidney pain and just wondering if borax has been known to cause kidney damage?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Tisha (Canada) on 11/05/2018 5 posts
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1/8tsp borax in water is causing heart palpitations...any idea why and how to control it?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Tisha, lower your dosage or stop. I only take half a pinch. (if that is a measurement! )

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

I belive msm and c and molybdenum and magnesium and chanca piedra can help

borax releases calcium out of soft tissue into kidneys, very painful use chanca piedra in vitamin isle walmart

I am still using it as a footsoak because my stomach is not ready for it after over year of footsoaks 3 x a week. Some others in this site can foot soak in huge amounts, I have to use 1/4 tsp. still work using it to get life back into balance....

Replied by John

You might be dehydrated. I've gotten palpitations when I haven't been drinking adequate amounts of water.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Isela (New York) on 08/23/2018
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I been taking 1/8 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water, but I have side effects tingle sensation in my left arm, pain in the left side of my neck, anxiety and a lot of gasse, every time I time I touch my neck. Thanks God, I don't have the anxiety anymore. Someone who experienced the same side effects, or anyone who can tell me what can I do to get rid of the symptoms. Thank you very much for your help.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts

Try using just a pinch for a while, your symptoms should go away, you will still be getting the benefit, and you may be able to increase later. It could be killing pathogens, as it is antifungal, giving you die-off symptoms, and repairing bone/joint problems. But overall listen to your body. Best to you

Replied by Isela
(New York)

I made a mistake on a previous message, the anxiety and high blood pressure was caused by the Apple Cider Vinegar. Thank you for all your help.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Touba (Tampa, Fl) on 07/17/2018
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I am 47 yrs old women. Experiencing bone and joint aches. Last week after I ate shiitake mushrooms I started to experience left big toe joint pain. I thought it might be gout. I search and started taking cal-mag, C, cheries.. Along with 1/8 tsp borax in 1lt water daily.

My 10 yr old son told me that I am over the top angry, and snappy (I was PMS ing). I never skip a period up till this time and I am 3 days late this time. Today PMS symptoms are gone. Using cal-mag helps me to have my period easy. So it's not that. I am thinking it might be the borax caused to skipping?? Anybody who has/had the same experience and/or might have an opinion on this? I am pretty curious that it might be a huge coincidence that is starting borax solution and losing a period at the same time, maybe its just I am getting premenopausal..

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