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Borax Side Effects & Safety Guide

| Modified on May 22, 2024
Borax Side Effects
Posted by Yvonne (England) on 04/13/2021

I have been using 1/2 tsp borax in a glass of water for the past 3 days. My arthritic knee pain today is worse than ever. Is this usual? Should I stop taking it or persevere. Any advice would be grateful.

EC: Hi Yvonne,

Why are you taking such an enormous dosage of borax?! That is not the correct amount as mentioned in our borax articles, videos, and feedback posts from hundreds of our readers!

For women, it's 1/8 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water sipped slowly throughout the day, 5 days on, 2 days off. However, many people start with far less than that and work their way up slowly.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 07/18/2020 2159 posts


This is approximately the exact opposite of what boron studies show. Boron is quite useful as an osteoporosis antagonist, especially when combined with vitamin D and its cofactors such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin A etc.

Here is a typical study of boron in relation to osteoporosis.

By the way, 3 mg of boron is almost nothing! For comparison, let's use Ted's recommended dose of Borax for women for the purpose of ameliorating arthritis symptoms. He recommends 1/8th teaspoon of borax for women which is around 480 mg of borax. Borax is approximately 11.3% boron. Multiply .113 x 480 = 54.24

So in his arthritis remedy for women you would be getting approximately 55 mg of boron per day for 5 days of the week with Saturday and Sunday off!

When I took 3 mg of boron, it gave absolutely zero relief from my arthritis. Whereas when I took Ted's dose of borax for men which equates to approximately 110 mg of boron per day, my arthritis went into complete remission for well over a decade now! No pain at all!

The men's dose as recommended by Ted is double the women's dose, so a 1/4 teaspoon of borax for men instead of the women's dose of 1/8th teaspoon. Btw, these are USA based baker's measuring spoons.

Lastly, if osteoporosis or osteopenia is a concern for you, consider the following article which should also help you steer away from osteopenia or osteoporosis:

Good luck!


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 07/30/2020

Hugs back to you, every solution seems to bring some discomfort as healing takes place and also it makes other issues rise up to the surface that I had been unaware of. Backache may be kidney pain from stones.. I use the chanca piedra for that. Caution and awareness will make healing less painful. Yes, I would add the supplemental aids to borax to reduce discomfort in transition from deficiency to balance. I know others here use other stuff for stones.

I am engaged in zoom Mark Hemans for miracles this season of my life. I will continue to contend until I get what I am after. Natural things can take me so far and then faith has to pick up the slack. When borax is healing bones or teeth( teeth can heal, if you can put a finger on a part of them, given the right environment) they might shift and start to hurt, old bone injuries that heal can also hurt . Lots of bone pain complaints get people to stop borax short of the results desired from trying it. Borax being mineral that affects hormone too ~( I sweat when I first start using it) so all kinds of hell can break loose, don't mistake that for inability to use it for improved health. Step back lower dose add things that compliment mineral and hormone balance and stay hydrated and educated while you detox and heal. Am I a quitter? Nope! I will control my thoughts in the battle and I will win.

Candida is a sneaky thief that loves sugar and if you control your diet ~it might steal sugar your brain needs to function, causing brain fog. My eyes are having issues with borax use and cataracts are calcium on the eye lens and borax works to remove them and may cause blurry vision in transition. There are many pieces on the chess board and you have to keep your eye on them all if you plan to win the game. I may be moving like a pawn but in the end I will say, King Me!

Milk thistle is an amazing detox and ginger is powerful. When in crisis activated charcoal with plenty of water . If Boron /borax is one of our minerals for balance why would it harm good bacteria in gut. That would not make sense! Gut issues are usually associated with cortisol from fight or flight issues, microbe/enzyme / acid imbalance. One running from the bear does not need to digest food or absorb minerals and the body won't produce bile under stress like that I take ox bile, due to programmed trauma. Always always always REMEMBER ....whenever minerals or water get out of balance the body will produce histamine as a way to warn you. The histamine will create misery.

So borax/boron is one of your minerals. Most drugs include ANTI HISTAMINES and people buy them in the billions of dollars to find some relief that never solves the issues they suffer from. So if you are low on salt then salt will act like an anti histamine. If you are low on any mineral and you balance it with water in body then you stop producing histamine. So if your gut is out of balance I would watch Eric Berg on you tube, I learned more from him than anyone about how and why with pictures and what to do to fix the mess going on in the gut affecting absorption of minerals and nutrients causing all kinds of sickness and misery. I am in the learning process to try to regain lost ground in my life and we all have different needs and issues to address to recover all. Listen to your inner voice to know how to proceed with best results. Fear and Faith are both doors. One gives you cortisol issues and the other good endorphins. Media is opening fear doors with no real solutions. I surround all of you reading this with Faith and Love by His power may Kingdom Blessings chase you and your loved ones down and overtake you,

Love, Charity

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Ddb (Pacific Northwest) on 07/11/2017

Please go to the iodine forums on and/or read Dr. Brownstien's book "Iodine, Why You Need it, Why You Can't Live Without It.". Read up on iodine supplementation and detox symptoms. The kidney pain is known as a detox symptom of iodine supplementation and is handled beautifully with the recommended protocol of taking iodine co-factors and supplements such as boron or borax, atp cofactors, magnesium, etc, and most importantly, the sea-salt flushes which remove the chelated halogens like fluoride, bromide and chlorine from your kidneys. If you only pull out the halogens from your tissues with substances like iodine and boron but you don't flush safely them from the kidneys you will overtax your organs and get some pretty unpleasant side-effects. You need the entire approved iodine protocol in order to speed healing safely. No need to experiment on yourselves, others have already researched and fine-tuned this wonderful protocol. Take care.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Natalia (Mn, Usa) on 04/08/2018

Although we believe ourselves to be relatively healthy in our diet and lifestyle, the bare truth is that we all carry a heavy toxic load of accumulated heavy metals - from vaccines, foods and environment, toxic iron - from 'fortified' foods = iron shavings, exposure to EMF, multiple vitamin & mineral deficiencies, unhealthy microbiomes, pathogenic microbes, parasites, and have impaired detox pathways. The reactions you are experiencing are detox issues and also point to adrenal fatigue and an overall deficiency of minerals. Maybe look toward adding a minimum of 500 mg magnesium (500 mg/100# body weight), a 72 mineral trace suppl, B vitamins, 4.5 grams/4500 mg potassium, increase your intake of salt, Iodine (Lugols or Edgar Cayce's sol.), food-sourced C (NOT as ascorbic acid), Vita D3, omega fatty acids (cod liver oil has all 5 of them), ACV or other bicarbonate (baking soda is not the best source nor necessarily advised), a diet of many-colored fresh and steamed fruits & vegies, clean proteins, non-processed oils (think raw, unfiltered coconut oil), pre- and pro-biotics, biofilm busting herbals (Lumbrokinase; even Mucinex is a known buster), drink some cleansing herbal teas, take activated charcoal or tumeric w, black pepper, 1-3 caps with water at bedtime - as a binder for the toxins, (not with suppls as this will bind them too), drink plenty of filtered water. And stay with your Borax regimen. Your body needs to heal and this can be slow and problematic for 2-3 wks or longer. Sleep is our default healing state and your body, in its innate wisdom, is telling you that down time is needed. You may need to also change the timing of your Borax/Boron intake to change the timing of your exhaustion although the afternoon exhaustion really points to adrenals. The adrenal 'cocktail' I take is the juice of two oranges, 1/2 tsp Redmond or Celtic salt, 1/2 tsp cream of tartar (yes, from the spices aisle for potassium), and 1000 mg berry-sourced Vita C; you can sub coconut or Fiji water. We need to detox when we start any healing regimen and be prepared for the inconvenience and actual pain that we may go through. Deep tissue massage is very helpful. Natural medicine has long understood the role of the skin - largest body organ - in detox and the standard medical community is now realizing the role of the integument (the tissues that connects all of our cells) in health, the treatment of cancers, etc. Alternative therapies like deep or visceral tissue massage, micro-current, acupuncture, and a host of others, are aimed at moving the lymph system that mops up the toxins once mobilized from the organs, bone, gut, and integument; in turn, the toxins are secreted by the liver and kidney IF properly bound for excretion. Lyme researchers proved that the integument under our skin is vastly populated by pathogenic biofilms, a feature of treatment-resistant Lyme complex. This is opined as the cause of skin eruptions in any healing protocol. I believe that our bodies communicate clearly and we just need to listen and give ourselves what is needed for deep healing and true health. Best to you on your journey.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Ag (South Florida) on 02/27/2018

Guys and gals, I wrote this almost a full year ago. I've had intermittent kidney pains, with or without using Borax, as I miss regularly.

But.....I still had kidney pains. It frightened me. I use tap water due mainly to the daily amount I need on my job outdoors--for convenience.

I learned something recently, and really wanted to share it. In short, I'd be using less salt in my drinking water, even using iodized table salt when I'd bypass buying good sea salt. And as my salt decreased, my kidney pain increased.


I realized I'd had long spells where I felt good years back working outside all day, with very minimal physical discomforts. So, I decided to buy some RealSalt again, which I'd used for a couple of years. While shopping on Amazon, I saw a book called "The Salt Fix" by an MD who really advocated for using salt, as he did a ton of research.

How is this related to kidney pain? When we lose out on natural salt needs, we'll often turn to another white crystal--sugar. I have, numerous times. The author pointed out that sugar consumption is a quiet and rapid destroyer of our kidneys, which was news to me.

He advised upping our salt, and proportionately our desires/cravings for sugar would drop too. I've been using good salt for almost 2 weeks, and my kidney pain is almost completely gone! No more waking up, stiff on my backside, aching as I roll out of bed. I'm not eyeing every sweet morsel in my vicinity anymore either.

Who would've known? I didn't. But experience says this works! Taking enough salt has almost obliterated the back/kidney pain!

Thanks for hearing me out.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California ) on 03/25/2017 2159 posts

In reply to Marie (Co) and others interested in trying borax.

If you read through the EC archives and the web on borax, you will learn that borax works extraordinarily well for some people, is very helpful for others, not at all helpful for some and is not tolerated by some. Pretty much the same as many other remedies and medications that people use all the time, there will be some people who get benefit and others who don't. Judging by anecdotes here on EC as well as the web, borax seems to help more people than it hinders, but this does not mean you should ignore a negative reaction just because others have found benefit with borax.

Itching and swelling are among other things, typical symptoms of an allergic reaction. I have a friend who tried borax for her RA, but even at just a small pinch of borax in a quart of water, she would get uncontrolled itching all over her body that she said was driving her crazy. In an effort to try and get the antiarthritic benefit that many people report from using borax or boron, she tried switching to a boron based supplement. This turned out to work quite well against her severe RA and she did not have the itching issue which borax gave her, however, after two to three weeks of daily use she realized that she was getting depressed and she had never had that problem before. She discontinued the boron and the depression went away within two days. She started on boron again once the depression went away, but shortly after restarting boron, the depression returned. She stopped taking boron and once again the depression went away. This clearly demonstrates that some people can not tolerate borax and or boron even though others not only tolerate, but get great benefit from these two.

Recognizing that your body is reacting negatively to any supplement or medication is very important and such a reaction should never be ignored, as allergic reactions can be life threatening. If you choose to experiment with borax or any supplement and you have a negative reaction to it, it is your responsibility and in your best interest to stop taking it and talk with your doctor to see what your options are.

It is good to be proactive about your health, but it is also good to be health smart and pay attention to what your body is telling you. On this forum, people report what works for them, but that is not a gurantee that it will work exactly the same for others and in reading through the various threads on EC, you will see that this is often the case with many of the listed remedies.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Very Irritated! (Troy, Ny) on 03/25/2017

I have been reading through people's boron use reviews and I can't understand why people want not just do as they're told with this natural treatment! The recommendation is to take 1/4 for males and 1/8 for females TEASPOON of Borax and put it in a LITER of water and SIP it THROUGHOUT the DAY. Why people are disregarding that advice and adding more borax than recommended or just dividing the solution into three parts and gulping it down and then experiencing adverse reactions is beyond my understanding. Just FOLLOW the RECOMMENDATIONS!!!

Natural does not mean harmless; you still have to follow protocol or you can harm your body.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Jason H. (Sacramento, Ca) on 05/10/2017

Congestion and Depression from Boron Detox from Candida and Fluoride detoxing; no side effects now.

I discovered boron/borax just over a year ago, January, 2016. I got sick the first week, it was my typical congestion sickness, and it cleared up in a week; I assumed it was a candida die off. I took 3-5 x 3 mg boron pills. Boron gave me increased mental clarity right away, the same day. But my suicidal thoughts increased, and they went away the day I took iodine. I started the 50 mg iodine/day high iodine/selenium protocol the following month, on Feb 7th 2016. Iodine did not give me any candida symptoms, which I attributed to starting boron a month earlier. I could also tell boron was helping my joints. After a few months, I wondered if boron was giving me a bit of depression. I stopped taking it, and the depression lifted.

By the fall of 2016, I increased my iodine to 150mg/day. Being convinced that boron was helpful, I tried it again, thinking the increased iodine would help prevent any depression. This week, I have taken 1 whole teaspoon of borax per day in my morning coffee, having increased it from about 1/4 teaspoon a few weeks ago. I do not notice any depression. No rashes. No kidney pain. No hair falling out. No side effects this time. I suspect that it is the candida die off, and/or the fluoride detox, which may take longer, that cause people's bad symptoms from taking boron.

I advocate iodine and boron; both have helped my health. I lift weights, I stretch, I eat green smoothies, protein, eggs, and lots of fruit. I'm healthy for the most part, but I'm seeking optimal health outside of the medical system, and I aim to keep myself super healthy so as to be able to avoid any harm the medical establishment offers. I also take Vitamins B complex, C, D, E, B12, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium, and other assorted herbs from time to time.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Bill (Philippines) on 10/07/2023

Hi PG,

I also live in a tropical and hot climate and I weigh slightly less than 90kgs, I am about 6 foot tall and I'm 73 y.o with no ongoing ailments or diseases. And I never have trouble with the tropical heat in the Philippines. I think this is probably because I always supplement 5% lugol's iodine every day at between 5 and 8 drops per day. This definitely keeps my thyroid healthy, my immune system working right and supplementing 5% lugol's iodine also ensures that the thyroid hormones are able to properly control my body temperature in order to cool my body properly whenever the outside temperature is high. I've been taking 5% lugol's iodine in a glass of water like this every day for about the last 16 years or so and my health is all the better for it.

If the temperature outside gets unbearably hot then I just use Ted from Bangkok's famous body cooling remedy, which consists of adding and mixing Vitamin C(as ascorbate) + a glass of water + 10 drops of Magnesium Oil (50% magnesium chloride flakes + 50% water). If you drink that mixture, you will cool down very quickly because of the beneficial cooling effect of the magnesium and vitamin c relaxing your your arteries to help cool your body more efficiently. This remedy works for me every time.

To make this cooling remedy cheaply, you will need to purchase Ascorbic Acid powder, Sodium Bicarbonate(Arm & Hammer pure Baking Soda brand will do fine) and Magnesium Chloride flakes. And depending on where you live in the world, you should be able to buy all these aforementioned items from well known online retailers like Amazon, eBay,, Ali Express, Lazada or Shopee.

Here's how to make Ted's cooling remedy:

1. First make Sodium Ascorbate by dissolving a 1/4 teaspoon Ascorbic Acid in a glass of water. Then carefully sprinkle in the Sodium Bicarbonate until the fizzing stops.

2. From a dropper bottle containing the Magnesium Oil add 10 drops to the glass containing the water + Sodium Ascorbate.

3. Now drink it all and your done. The cooling effect of this drink should be almost immediate.

And if you decide to supplement 5% Lugol's Iodine an a daily basis like me, make sure that you take the Borax at least two hours before or two hours after taking the lugol's iodine dose. If you take the Borax at the same time as the iodine then they will each cancel out the other's beneficial effects. So just make sure that you supplement Borax well away from when you supplement the 5% Lugol's Iodine.

How to Properly Supplement 5% Lugol's Iodine

How to Make Magnesium Oil from Magnesium Flakes

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/23/2017


After a few weeks of no borax, I have now concluded that my edema has no correlation with that. I just wish it was because I now think my problem is far worse than I originally thought. It is probably my liver. Of course, at age 80, you have lots of problems. Some of you have followed me over the years as I have grown. My edema tells me that I have a bad problem. We will again start our EDTA Chelation tomorrow. Cleaning out your blood vessels can not hurt. The next day I go down to Ringo, Ga to a new doctor that does ozone. I want him to address my right knee and we will then discuss my lower back.

Have had a pissin contest over the years about getting a homeopathic solution for poison ivy . I am going to develop a solution that will make you immune to poison ivy. I plan to produce a weak solution of poison ivy so any one can be immune to poison ivy. Yep, I will be the guinea pig. We shall see. If I do this, then I want all on EC to take on a challenge that they choose and make it work. Can you imagine what thousands of folks can do it they just set their mind to it? I can...... can you?

I'm a dreamer....... are you? ======ORH=====

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 04/04/2021

Dr. Batmanghelidj is the correct spelling . His history on wikipedia is also interesting. I found his book at the library and it changed my life.

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj was born in Iran in 1930 or 1931. He attended secondary school in the United Kingdom, at of Iranian Revolution, he was sent to Camila, [1] and Lila, who committed suicide while he was imprisoned.[4] His first marriage ended in divorce. He later married Xiaopo Huang Batmanghelidj.[1]

He died from complications related to pneumonia on 15 November 2004.[5]
Medical career[peptic ulcers during his detention in prison by treating inmates with water when medication was not available. He advanced this position in a guest editorial in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in

In 1992, he wrote Your Body's Many Cries for Water.[6] In this book, Batmanghelidj asserts that chronic dehydration is the root cause of most pain and many ailments, opposing the use of drugs to cure conditions that he claimed could instead be addressed by increased water consumption.[1]

He has claimed elsewhere that water provides energy for the body and brain, by splitting into its component hydrogen and oxygen.[6]

Borax Side Effects
Posted by KM M (Colorado) on 05/25/2021

Hi. I started talking Borax 5 days ago. I am tasting mold/ mildew when I drink water. Has anyone else experienced this?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 04/26/2023 2159 posts


I have seen a dry skin condition develop in a friend who was using 1/8 teaspoon of borax every week day. She stopped and the dry skin went away. She restarted and the dry skin slowly came back, so she stopped completely. I asked her to try 1/16th of a teaspoon, but she said no. Some people don't tolerate Borax, but the majority of people do.

An alternative is to try higher dose boron based supplements, which has also shown the ability to put arthritis into remission.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 04/22/2018 233 posts

Ar100, dark circles under eye are essentially a result of toxins. Consider a liver cleanse or some daily liver herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, or granulated (very important) non GMO lecithin, to help some detox. After a couple of weeks of liver heal she may try the borax again. Can also apply some unrefined or organic coconut oil topically (and internally, for that matter). If me personally, I would probably also apply rosehip oil and castor oil with the coconut. One because I always add castor oil to salves and balms, and two because having just started using the rosehip, found it is great for the skin.

Best to you

Borax Side Effects
Posted by John (Michigan) on 11/15/2017

You can always start with a lower dose and increase as tolerance allows! You can also start off limiting how many days a week you take it. Maybe once a week, then twice a week with many day in between then three days a week building up to something like every other day etc.... If you just woke up one day and decided to go run 10 miles or drink 4 gallons of water while exercise and water are both considered good moderation and building up is key. Just because something is good for you does not mean your body will like it right away or even handle it well! As I understand it an apple should have 20mg of Boron in it but today only has 1mg of boron in it. I have seen the apple bit listed as micro-grams and milligrams so do not know which one is accurate. So almost everyone is deficient in it. Since your body has been working with out it adding it in suddenly out of the blue could surely throw a monkey wrench into the works. When it comes to nutrition and supplements even prescription medicine it is not an all or nothing situation often you start low and have to work the dose up! So do not worry so much about the dose not being high enough or freq. enough. Even if your dose is not optimal it is better than not taking any at all. Compliance is always best if you have no negative side effects! Think long term!

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 04/06/2017

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,, most have followed my drama after my fall 3 years ago which crushed my T 12. Know I's wearing you out with that true yarn, but now I think there is a tie with borax and my leg edema. All along I have thought it was totally due to my fall. I confess that I am not a disciplinarian and am a hit and miss kind of a guy. My edema has swung 180 and back several times over a period of time. A while back several good EC folks questioned the side effects of borax..i e. that it caused their edema. That is one of my hits and misses. Now I am totally off borax and will see what happens to my legs. There has not been a drastic change, but I think I can see my swelling going down. A pharmacist friend cured her sciatica problem by eating candied Ginger for three days. I am now eating candied Ginger.

My goal is to be smart by age 85 and if you birds think I's a smart ass now ........ just u wait for 5 more years. I will be voted out of EC by acclamation.

ATS =======ORH=========

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Waltz (India) on 03/30/2017


It could be that you are Magnesium deficient and need to take Magnesium continuously for few weeks before taking Borax. You will have to take the type of Mg with maximum absorption, like Mg Cl oil (massage on skin) or Magnesium Glycinate tablets.

Magnesium deficiency causes borax to produce all sorts of side effects. Same goes with Vitamin D. They all work together.

If you have already been taking Mg and Vitamin D from before, then this could be borax allergy.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 01/18/2016 2063 posts

Borax is an effective antimicrobial against a number of fungal or mycoplasma species so if one has these infections and the B kills a bunch of them you can experience the "herx" or "die-off" reaction of the waste products going through the system, especially the urinary.

Also Borax can displace certain heavy metals like fluoride which again sends those toxic substances back into the blood, lymph, or urinary systems to be detoxified or eliminated.

Natural Caffeinated beverages like Coffee or Green & Black Tea helps diuresis. Since too much caffeine is not a good thing for the nervious system, herbs to further help elimination to be taken with the drink is Chaparral and Parsley. ACV is also good for metabolism and elimination. Occasional Cranberry helps eliminate pathogens in the U.T.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Thomas (London) on 09/15/2022

It sounds like a detox reaction, like an Herxheimer reaction. Take Vitamin C to counter. If you take ‘normal Vit C' (calcium ascorbate) by tablet it may give you diarrhoea, so try magnesium ascorbate which is slower to work but helps body repair. Tablet Vit C only gets about 10% absorbed. Better still, try and get Liposomal Vit C. I use Altrient C but it is not cheap. It dissolves in the gut but has an 80-90% absorption.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 11/23/2022

Bleach bath is very benefical for folliculitis of the body. You will have to take a bath daily for good results. Use a wet wash rag to lay over your face when take this bleach bath. Pour 4 oz (¼ to ½ cup) of unsented chlorine bleach into your bath water. Soak the entire body for 10 - 25 minutes. Do not rinse your skin after the bath and quickly dry with a towel to avoid chills. Repeat bleach bath every day for one month. Diluted bleach baths are safe and effective.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Mackenzie (Australia) on 04/09/2022

I am day two into taking borax, taking the recommended mg for women in a litre of water, I'm noticing a heavy chest? Does anyone else experience this and tiny little red bumps coming up all over my cheeks? I'm hoping this is just a detox reaction as I really hope borax is a life changer for me. Any one else experience this?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 08/31/2020 2159 posts

Dr. Flechas suggested taking the borax first thing in the morning as being best, as he felt borax taken late in the day could tend to wake you up. Failing that, you could try reducing your dose a bit.

Keep in mind that when Ted decided on the dose he would use for men or women, I think he chose a dose that would be safe, yet obtain the quickest results. If you take borax for two months and don't see much benefit, you may feel like borax isn't working and stop taking it. I think Ted chose a dose that the majority of people would respond to fairly quickly, yet still be safe.

The founder of borax for arthritis, Dr. Rex Newnham, found that many of his patients could get by on as little as 7 mg/day of boron as a maintenance dose once full benefit was achieved. That dose is not effective for me, but must have been useful for many of his patients since he chose it. Ted's dosing of 1/4 teaspoon/day for men and 1/8th teaspoon for women delivers significantly more boron than this. The 1/4 teaspoon dose of borax is approximately 980 mg of borax of which 11.3% is boron. 980 *.113 = 110 mg of boron for men and 55 mg of boron for women. So as you can see, there is a significant difference between what Ted was recommending and what the founder of borax for arthritis, Dr. Newnham was recommending.

Ted previously said that less would work, but it would just take longer to work.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 04/14/2022 2159 posts

Hi Mark,

I can only tell you what I am using that is very effective for me, but my arthritis was severe. I do not consider it a cure because I think the arthritis will eventually come back if I stop taking it. In the past when I stopped taking it, symptoms started to return after a couple of months and I started taking it again. In theory the remedy is just replacing boron in our system that may be lacking.

Dr. Rex Newnham found efficacy at a dose way lower than what I take, but the dose he suggested was ineffective for me, so I switched to the dose that Ted recommended for men and I have been in remission since then. I did try the half dose that Ted recommended for women and it did help, but did not completely put me into remission as his men's dose does, so I remain at Ted's dose for men and of course I am trying to afford myself other health benefits that Borax is thought to provide.

Your choice, if you are going to use borax, seems simple. Start at the lower doses that you are reading about and if they work, you are all set! It may be because my arthritis was severe, I needed Ted's dose for men, I don't know, but I do know it is the dose that works for me and so I continue at well over a decade now. Your way may be the best way because some people do not tolerate Borax, so a lower dose may be a safer dose in case you do not tolerate Borax. That is your choice to make.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 12/06/2017

Regarding the possible side-effects of taking Borax: I guess it can affect some folks differently but in my case it dries me out and I am not talking about "rehab" here!

I must talk to the ants and cockroaches about this, as castor sugar and borax dries them out also!! "Go figure", as you would say in the States!

My sinuses, ears and my (few remaining) lymph nodes get stuffed up and are sometimes quite painful. I promptly bring out the steam inhaler bowl, the kettle, the towel and the one drop of tea tree oil and have two, back-to-back sessions of this. Then, I do the ice pack at the back of the head trick for ten minutes or so and go to bed with a hot water bottle under my neck. This latter is a favourite of mine. Soo good.

Of course I stop the borax for a couple of days, reduce the dosage and hope that I won't suffer again (until the next time).

The definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting a different result!!

But I feel "in my bones" that the dreaded Arthritis is no worse than it was and some remote parts of my complicated anatomy may actually be feeling less sore as a consequence.

Long live the Borax Protocol. Just stay tuned to your body and listen to the subtle messages it is trying to convey to you !

P.S. I follow the E.C. guidelines on this one and do not overdose.

Cheers and Happy Christmas,


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Rosemary (Kitchener, Canada) on 04/01/2017

Borax is a salt of boric acid. Salt is the key word here. Salt draws or retains water in the body, so, likely, borax is doing just that.

One issue concerning oedema, or excess fluid build up in tissues, if oncotic pressure. from Wikipedia....

"Oncotic pressure, or colloid osmotic pressure, is a form of osmotic pressure exerted by proteins, notably albumin, in a blood vessel's plasma (blood/liquid) that usually tends to pull water into the circulatory system. It is the opposing force to hydrostatic pressure. It has a major effect on the glomerular filter pressure.Throughout the body, dissolved compounds have an osmotic pressure. Because large plasma proteins cannot easily cross through the capillary walls, their effect on the osmotic pressure of the capillary interiors will, to some extent, balance out the tendency for fluid to leak out of the capillaries. In other words, the oncotic pressure tends to pull fluid into the capillaries. In conditions where plasma proteins are reduced, e.g. from being lost in the urine (proteinuria) or from malnutrition, there will be a reduction in oncotic pressure and an increase in filtration across the capillary, resulting in excess fluid buildup in the tissues (edema).

The large majority of oncotic pressure in capillaries is generated by the presence of high quantities of albumin, a protein that constitutes approximately 80% of the total oncotic pressure exerted by blood plasma on interstitial fluid. The total oncotic pressure of an average capillary is about 28 mmHg with albumin contributing approximately 22 mmHg of this oncotic pressure. Because blood proteins cannot escape through capillary endothelium, oncotic pressure of capillary beds tends to draw water into the vessels. It is necessary to understand the oncotic pressure as a balance; because the blood proteins reduce interior permeability, less plasma fluid can exit the vessel. [1]


My experience with borax is like yours, it leads to fluid retention and generalized oedema. Being extremely salt sensitive is one facet of the problem for me, but low protein intake is also involved. Becoming vegan, I'm not eating enough protein which leads to low oncotic pressure and the following exit of fluid from capillaries into tissue.

I notice the difference when larger amounts of protein are ingested. Large amounts of vegetalbes, greens fresh and cooked help with diuresis, especially consuming dandelion greens which are know for their diuretic effect.

However, even when my diet is perfectly maintained, using borax [ as a candida remedy, which actually works ] within the hour I can feel and see my legs swell, and end with generalized oedema.

So, you may not have a borax allergy, but too much salt intake, or oversensitive to salt, as in sodium borate, or you need to have adequate protein intake. Take caution not to overdo the protein consumption which is not healthy either.

I'm considering trying borax remedy again but must use a diuretic along with it to, hopefully, counteract the swelling.

Wishing you the best of health, with thanks to Earthclinic for its invaluable help,



Borax Side Effects
Posted by Eve (Uk) on 02/23/2017

You are taking far too much! No wonder you feel sick!!!!! Make up 1 litre of filtered water with 1 teaspoon borax - then take 1 teaspoon of THAT diluted solution and dilute AGAIN in a cup of water and take twice a day with food. Start possibly with one teaspoon a day and build up to 3. This is why alternative medicines get a bad rap and taken off the market because people overdo it. Also, for the first few days there is the possibility of the Herxheimer effect, where you might feel ill, it supposedly means the treatment is working. If you feel ill, stop for a couple of days and start again, building up slowly as you get used to it.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Mitch (Canada) on 03/01/2017

I guess everyone is different!

I started off by taking 1/2 teaspoon of borax twice each day. I went through a couple of days of flew like symptoms, a few days after I started taking it. I cut back to 1/4 teaspoon twice each day.

Now after 2 months, I have no side effects and feel great, mind you I also exercise regularly and eat mostly fat and protein except on exercise days where I eat more carbs.

People should be more concerned about eating that processed stuff and not so concerned about natural stuff that comes out of the ground.

How many people know if they're getting too much or too little calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, E, C, D, B, etc... Not many I think. I'm 56 and in better shape than when I was in my 20s!

If your not eating fish, leafy greens, nuts, etc..., then your fighting a battle with only twinkies in your hands.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 02/15/2011

Hi Garret... Although it is appreciated that you have great concern over people's use of Borax and the dangers therein, personally I would not trust any information put out by Medline, Pubmed or the FDA -- their only driver is to support the Pharmaceuticals profit. After all, would you really trust your doctor's recommendation if he advised that you must take anti-depressants for a problem? ALL anti-depressants contain fluoride (far more poisonous than Borax) which -- amongst its many other dangerous physical effects -- causes suicidal and aggressive tendencies. But you will take this anti-depressant because you trust your doctor.

The fact remains that Borax is about as poisonous as table salt.

Here is the MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) -- which is the Bible standard for all chemists and biochemists regarding toxicity -- for ordinary table salt:

And here is the MSDS for Borax:

Notice that the Oral Rat LDL50(Median Lethal Dose) for salt is 3000 mgs/kgm whereas the Oral Rat LDL50 for borax is 2600mgs/kgm.

From these datasheets notice that the LDLo (Lower Lethal Dose) for man for salt is 1000 mgs/kgm and the LDLo for Borax is 709 mgs/kgm.

This means that to kill a 100 kgm person with salt(sodium chloride) would take 100 GRAMS (3.52 ounces) of salt and to kill a 100 kgm person with borax would require that he would have to ingest 70. 9 GRAMS (2.50 ounces) of borax.

Ted advises daily doses(4 days a week) of between 500 mgs(1/8 tspn) and 1000 mgs (1/4tspn) of borax in a liter of water per day(1 tspn = 4000 mgms approx). These amounts equate to 0.01 ounces and 0.03 ounces respectively.

I've also been using and ingesting Ted's Borax remedy in solution for four years for various problems -- I know borax well -- and I've had no problems or side-effects whatsoever from its use. It is a very powerful anti-fungal and fluoride remover. Cheap too.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Jerry (Sacramento, Ca.) on 03/13/2014

Folks with kidney pain, again, and again is just detox effects getting through the kidneys. Everytime you have them just decrease the amount of Borax to a 1/16 or get off for a couple of days and let the body do what it does best, take care of you. Borax helps detoxify, which doesn't happen without a detoxifying agent, and people who are experiencing a little detoxing discomfort, well how many years have you been obusing the body by not ready labels on your food and studying what toxifies the body. This junk we're eating builds up and the chemicals even more, so yes your going to have a little discomfort in the detoxiying. Has anyone died from Borax which not even as strong as salt. Come on, fear is our greatest enemy, especially when people try to scare you on these replies. Just do the protocol and if the detox effects are bothering you, then back off. If you think these side effects are bad, go to Hippocrates Clinic, like my Dad who had cancer and at 6'2" was down to 125 lbs. I watched him go through detoxing side effects from taking wheat grass juice, the greatest detoxifier on the plant and yes it hurts, but the crap has to come out, hell we put it in, unless it was something we were exposed to. My dad did coffee colonics, as the caffiene cleans the colon walls, and that's a heck of a lot harder than a burst eye vesel with is just too much yeast coming out too fast. Borax is a great fungicide and works wonders for yeast, along with all the rest of it's wonders. Quit worrying. If you quit, the side effects are going to disappear and your going to think, wow, I saved myself, but all you did is do a little detoxing and allowed yourself to keep doing whatever caused you to overyeast, or over calcium, or over heavy metals. You have to change your diet completely when you get smart and detox, so you won't have to go back and do it again.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 01/16/2024 2159 posts

Hi Mike,

Just a thought related to your post about your mom. You said, ' molybdenum (most recent and no noticeable change) '

So you are saying that Molybdenum was her most recent addition. You don't say how much she is taking, but molybdenum is noted for depleting copper. Copper deficiency can cause extreme tiredness as discussed here : deficiency can cause extreme, affecting the ligaments and skin.

Here is a relevant quote from the article :

What happens if I don't get enough copper?

Copper deficiency is rare in the United States. Copper deficiency can cause extreme tiredness, lightened patches of skin, high levels of cholesterol in the blood, and connective tissue disorders affecting the ligaments and skin. Other effects of copper deficiency are weak and brittle bones, loss of balance and coordination, and increased risk of infection.

So, if your mom had a marginal copper level to begin with and then added molybdenum to her supplement regimen, that could potentially further lower her copper level, resulting in extreme tiredness.

Perhaps you can have her copper level tested or stop the molybdenum for a couple of months to see if her tiredness improves.

Here is what AI has to say about molybdenum and copper, and it does not seem that you added any copper to her diet plan to try and offset the copper-depleting effects of molybdenum.

Molybdenum is a trace element that can reduce copper levels in humans by forming insoluble complexes with copper in the gastrointestinal tract and increasing its excretion in urine12. Molybdenum may be used as a supportive treatment for copper toxicity, which can cause nervous system disorders, liver damage, and hormonal imbalances23. However, molybdenum intake should be balanced with copper intake, as both are essential nutrients and too much or too little of either can have adverse effects4. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for molybdenum is 45 micrograms per day for adults3. Some sources of molybdenum include legumes, grains, nuts, and organ meats3.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Mackenzie (Australia Gold Coast) on 04/26/2022

I recently shared I was experiencing new bumps over my cheeks when started the RDI of borax in the water however now my face my forehead in particular is covered in folliculitis type lumps - I did start taking this for arthritis and a yeast overgrowth causing folliculitis that I have over my body but never had it on my face, now since the borax my my face just has lumps and bumps all over? And now my face I find is very oily? Anyone else experience this? I have read to use apple cider vinegar potentially? I still am unsure wether to stop or to just keep going in the hopes my body regulates itself. This is just making me feel quite insecure with the process.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 04/24/2022 2159 posts


The quarter teaspoon of borax is the dose that Ted recommended for men and half that dose for women. So if you were trying to follow Ted's directions you are correct.

Something that I don't remember Ted covering in his remedy was that some people can not tolerate borax, but that is something I have seen in some friends who have tried borax for arthritis. On the other hand, the dose that the originator of using borax/boron for arthritis, Dr. Rex Newnham, recommended a significantly lower dose of borax/boron and claimed to get very good effects back in the 1970's and 1980's. Here is a link to info on him and the doses he used, which were significantly less than Ted's dosing schedule.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 04/10/2022 2159 posts

Red bumps could be the beginning of a rash and you may be allergic to Borax. Stop and see if they go away. If they do, you probably don't want to use borax as a shower soap either as you were considering. Some people are not able to tolerate borax.

As an alternative, you might look into Boron supplementing. Dr. Rex Newnham used Boron also effectively for arthritis.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Madelyn (Idaho) on 04/20/2021

It's not at all serious in the sense that borax is toxic or you've taken in too much boron. In fact, borax has a higher toxicity threshold than common table salt. However, what is serious or can feel serious is the herx, aka die off effect and release of toxins, heavy metals and fluoride. My husband overdid it one day and took half teaspoon each of borax and baking soda in a cup of water on an empty stomach. He felt sick (nauseous and headache) for the rest of the day. He later passed a large dead white worm thing in his stool. You'll be fine. Just rest and keep hydrated to flush out the toxins.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 03/12/2018

Sounds like herxhiemer reaction, a detox reaction. Probably you are not poisoning yourself, so don't worry. Bromide is said to cause rashes when it is detoxed. Or parasites are trying to escape the borax. Taking soothing baths or reducing the amount of borax would be the thing to do if the rash is bothersome. Or take activated charcoal or chlorella; digestive complaints (such as an overloaded elimination system from the borax clearing things out) have been known to cause skin rashes. Rashes are a fairly common detox reaction in general from what I have read. Good luck!

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Rskorj (Ga) on 02/17/2018

Look into other nutrients, vitamins you may need. Iodine deficiency is common and one symptom of that is cold hands and feet.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 03/13/2018

I was born sick and battled stuff my entire life in my gut, skin, and many other issues, so I try stuff from my feet first to keep stomach from going nuts. My stomach can set off some horrific panic attacks. Don't underestimate the power of the skin. I know a lot of people on here talk about being sick after a massage and I think it might be the oils they use during the massage might be too much. A bandage with activated charcoal on a couple drops of castor oil on my feet for one night healed my feet of years of pain I had .... Gone.

If my hip hurts I put the bandage on the hip overnight and my hip is pain free.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Marty (Netherland) on 05/05/2017

Dear Ag, My guess is that your kidneys have been overworked from the vast amounts of... WATER you are drinking every day!!! Two gallons (7,5 liters) a day is way too much for your kidneys to handle. Half a gallon (i.e. 2 liters) of water daily should be enough to flush your system. Take care!

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Anna (Huntsville, Al) on 06/10/2017

It could be that you have kidney stones and the borax may be causing the stones to move. I started taking Borax two days ago and then yesterday I began having kidney pain. I've passed kidney stones in the past (and I still have a few stones lodged in my kidneys) and the kidney pain I began experiencing from the Borax was the exact same kind of pain that I experienced in the early stages of passing a stone. When the early pain begins, I take lemon juice and olive oil. It will usually stop the pain. Yesterday I drank the juice of three lemons with about 1/2 part olive oil in a three hour period. The kidney pain is gone. I'm going to cut back on the amount of Borax I was taking. You may want to find out if you have kidney stones so you won't be suddenly and rudely surprised if and when you pass one. When that stone drops down into the ureter, it is hell on earth! It is one of the worse pains known to mankind.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Artlover8 (Lakewood, Co, Jefferson) on 08/01/2012

I am a 52-year old caucasian woman living in Colorado. I am 5'2" about 120 lbs. I took a lot of anti-biotics for acne over a long-term period 20 years ago and suspect systemic candida. I have joint pain, esp. in hips, with shoulder and neck injuries that frequently go into painful flairs with repetitive motion. I take magneisum which helps with the pain.

I have tried 1/8 Tea in about a liter of water for general alkalizing. I have read to do this in drinking water with 4 days on and then 3 days off. My goal is to raise by body's Ph level and to remove candida. Within a few days, my skin begins to itch here and there and then everywhere and becomes intolerable. My stools also become loose and watery. I discontinued the borax and began 1/4 Tea Baking Soda in water 30 minutes after 2 meals daily. The same thing happens with the itching and loose watery stools. I have also tried Candida Control Program, which is 2 tablespoons before breakfast, starting with their High Potency formula with the plan to do the Phase I and Phase II over a 3-month period. Again I get the itching and loose watery stools. I have tested my Ph urine levels and the readings are coming up in the 6.0 to 6.2 in the morning. I am doing my best to avoid sugar, but not easy.

Does anyone know why this happens and what I can do to correct?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Jen (Bozeman, Mt, Us) on 09/09/2011

I would stick with it if I were you. I too got extreme headaches and started feeling like I was coming down with an illness. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and on about the 3rd day I started with the headaches, naseua, extreme fatigue, dizzyness, and just generally feeling yucky. I decided to stick it out and it lasted for about 1 week to 9 days. I am feeling way better now. I think it was the detox that my body was going through. I am hoping to get rid of all of the flouride in my body and I do not want to give up. I also had some pains in my kidneys and read Ted's post about making sure to take magnesium with it. I have not had any pain since.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Shawn (Usa) on 02/14/2016

Can you please explain with facts to back up your statement that "borax is a poison" I've used it for a long time and feel better all the time. Are you saying the toxicology measurements are false about it being less toxic then salt? Exactly what are you saying?? Or are you basing your comment on where many people find a box of borax in their local store?? I notice many uninformed people launch claims with no detail, hit and run when they have no knowledge of what they are talking about, then make broad statements quoting some so-called expert and try to infer on this basis that others are stupid. Are you one of these people?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Magnolia (US) on 02/02/2023

For some reason ingesting borax causes my arthritis pain to get worse. Tried it several times and it happens each time. I have just showers in my house, no bathtub, so I can't soak in it though I have done foot soaks which were not that helpful. I wish it worked for me!

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Linda (MI) on 12/30/2022

My research said it is due to detoxing the body so the darker the urine the more waste is pulled out.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Isolda (Beaufort) on 04/24/2022


I did the 1/4 tsp in a litre of water first day loading but by the time I reached 3/4 of the bottle about 5-6 hours later I started to feel antsy and nervous. I was a little anxious. Later in the evening I felt anxious again. Like it had a second cycle in my body. Probably going through my liver.

I have read that the dosage of the 1/4 tsp = 114mg is incorrect. Can you please confirm that it is correct?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 03/08/2022

take a 1/4 tsp baking soda dissolved in a cup of water and that should make you calm. If it is not enough take another dose after half an hour .....probably just got in fight with some problems already going on and now you will need to use a much smaller dose to fight it later on after a few days . Also, try molybdenum for candida die off symptoms and chanca piedra if this borax releases calcium out of soft tissue.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Sarah (Kalamazoo, MI ) on 12/10/2021

I am getting back on drinking borax throughout the day. I had forgotten that it keeps me awake at night so I try to get it all drank by noon but it still keeps me awake. Why is that and can anything be done? Thank you. Sarah

Borax Side Effects
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 12/11/2021

Sarah, if it's helping you, try taking a lot less each time.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Nikki (St. Louis, MO) on 04/08/2022

My guess is, Borax will help move stones (kidney and fall bladder). Many of the protocols I've read have suggested taking a stone breaker (Chanca Piedra) to help break up the stones into smaller pieces before starting boron/borax.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Tanya (True NorCal, US) on 05/10/2021


Thank you for this great information! I am currently on way too many medications. I have developed allergies to the environment and to so many foods. I'm looking forward to starting borax (boran) but slowly, to get rid of most or all of the medications. Most of them have been prescribed over the past 15-20 years, I had one medication from age 15 - 40 and 2nd one that was prn. Now I have approximately 13 meds. I can't keep count. When I say I want to stop meds, the doctor sends me away with more. My latest doc finally heard me say, "No more." He is helping me get off of some long term stomach meds that I never should have had for more than a 6-week treatment. I am truly hoping that my new doc will help me, as he is all about natural remedies, whenever possible. And so my Borax journey with the help of Dr. Batmanghelidj.

Thank you again for the additional information! Many people are not aware of how critical water is for humans. It should also be impressed upon people that many of the elderly who are diagnosed with dementia and treated with long term dementia, are suffering from dehydration. It is far more common than people realize and it is very sad, because so many doctors are not trained in recognizing this simple complication and jump to elderly related dementia or Alzheimer's. It takes about 2 - 3 weeks of rehydration and proper nutrition for an elderly person to regain their cognitive functioning. The dehydration will look like a stroke or may even cause a stroke. Sorry, for going off onto another direction, but this is such a passionate subject for me as I watch it happen over and over to elderly and middle aged people - being misdiagnosed, when they just need more water (and electrolytes)!

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Harmonious1 (Littleville, Southwest USA) on 06/30/2009

If, as stated, borax will move flouride out, then I suggest people who use it with flouridated water may be setting themselves up for these side effects. Flouride detox can be very painful, as I found out when I started taking iodine. When the flouride was stirred up and recirculated through my body, I had a lot of bad symptoms. And it takes a while for your body to get rid of it then.

I suggest using purified water, not city water, as it may be flouridated.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 10/25/2023 2159 posts


The dose of borax you are taking is just a little higher than the dose that Ted suggested for men. He suggested half of that dose for women as discussed here :

The black tongue is typically caused by too much bacteria or yeast growth in the mouth as discussed here : tongue (or black hairy, typically a cause for concern.

Here is a relevant article quote :

' Black tongue (or black hairy tongue) is usually caused by too much bacteria or yeast growth in the mouth. It is a harmless (benign) condition. Even though the name sounds scary, the situation is not typically a cause for concern. '

Regarding osteoporosis, this may be of interest to you :


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 05/10/2023


Boron is an active component of Borax and it can direct more magnesium and calcium toward the bones, possibly leaving insufficient magnesium available for the soft tissues. This potential insufficiency of magnesium could cause muscle cramps. If supplementing an absorbable form of magnesium such as magnesium glycinate resolves the muscle cramping, then you have your answer.

Another common cause of muscle cramping is insufficient potassium intake.


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Tom 70 (Auckland, New Zealand.) on 05/11/2023

1/4 tsp of borax is over 1,100mg, which is over 120 mg of boron.......wonder if this is too high a daily dose.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Nicole Little (Philadelphia, PA) on 02/07/2023

This is what happens to me when I was doing detox baths with borax. My urine became darker yellow with slightly green color. I believe that this is part of the detox.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Frank (USA) on 11/22/2022

Did this issue resolve? Also did the arthritis and yeast improve?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by mmsg (somewhere, europe) on 03/09/2022

Ivan, I take less than a pinch! Maybe you took much too much for your body.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by donal (ireland) on 03/16/2022

1 teaspoon in 700 ml water mix. Then take only 20 to 30 ml daily.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 05/14/2021

Debbie in UK--if you think that borax is causing your problem, stop it for a while and see if the problem goes away. I don't think borax is causing it, but test it out. Go a week without, if the problem persists, then it's not the borax. If it goes away, then that's a possibility. Your body may not want/need this amount. Leave off for a month, then run a test using it for a week or so and see if the problem comes back. Each body is different and you need to find what works for you.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 04/03/2021

Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic preparation marketed to relieve flu-like symptoms, although it does not provide any benefit beyond that of sugar pills. It is a popular preparation, particularly in France and Russia.I start with this for any symptom on the box OR you could try alkaseltzer it has aspirin in it Another thing you could try is taking baking soda in water in amount listed on the box. I find it nutralizes everything in my system. After I drink it I have to replenish my vitamins and minerals. Also, I would use some chanca piedra (stone breaker)to remove loose calcium that is coming out of soft tissue so it doesn't cause stones in organs . Borax removes calcium out of soft tissue and into bones and teeth . Calcium is tricky to absorb, it requires other minerals in proper balance and vitamin D and K. I never seem to know enough to fix it all but I have gained back some ground

Another tip might be Dr. Batmanghelidh'sj book on water and mineral balance. Borax is a mineral and if one mineral or water gets out of balance, the body produces histamine to warn you and histamine can make a person have all kinds of symptoms. Flu like symptoms and nausea. Start on low dose borax when you get courage to try it again. It made my bones and muscles and teeth and kidneys hurt when I started. I use chanca piedra for many benefits. Chanca Piedra Herbal Benefits (

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Andrea C (Wales, Uk) on 10/07/2020

I tried Borax the last two days, 6th and 7th of October, I put 1/16th of a Tspn in 1 and a half litres of bottled spring water drank that most of that yesterday by mistake. I'd forgot I'd put it in there.

The day before I took a few careful sips from the same bottle, my intention was to go very low and slow for a week to test it so I didn't want to drink the whole bottle in a day or two at all

I then had a bath with Dead sea salts, a cup and a half which I've been doing all week but added some borax, about half a cup on the first day as well ( the 6th)

Last night ( the 7th) I put 2 Tbls of Borax+ my usual cup and a half of dead Sea salts into a warm bath sat in it for 10mins, and today I am in a lot of pain, muscles hurt, joints hurt and its hard to move about I feel like I've been beat up!!!

I'm really sore and achy. It's really really painful, my muscles are rock hard in my back has anyone else had this happen after using the Borax?

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/08/2018

Castor oil is the palm of Christ and I love the stuff, it works on many things in the body

Comfrey is the comforter herb and it heals bones and teeth and skin

Coconut oil is amazing stuff from teeth to rectum and brain health

I take in my boron in a footsoak 1/2 tsp with epson salt 1/4 cup for an hour 3 x a week. Molybdenum the next day to cut die off pain

Eric Berg is a naturepath who ruined his health in college and now teaches step by step on you tube how to overcome many health issues.

Hope you find your solutions. Keep the Faith, Blessings, Charity

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/30/2018 233 posts

Try using just a pinch for a while, your symptoms should go away, you will still be getting the benefit, and you may be able to increase later. It could be killing pathogens, as it is antifungal, giving you die-off symptoms, and repairing bone/joint problems. But overall listen to your body. Best to you

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 06/11/2018

I take borax in through my feet. I started last august with a ~tiny~pinch in 1-2 gal water, an hour soak one day a week for first month. Drastic changes and I needed to use chanca piedra to break up kidney stones it brought about the first time I did it.Ginger gets nausea under control. 2nd month I did it twice a week and now three days a week. Amazing changes. Every time I do it the next day I have more pain and then I get stronger and slowly increased my pinch to about 1/4 tsp. Wishing you well. Love, Charity

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Jeanne (Colorado, Usa) on 11/19/2018

I get for years from time to time an urge to take a "healing nap" at those hours. Usually just about 1/2 hour, but recently a deep healing nap was the result of my laying down with fresh reading material.

If you research a bit, Oriental medicine has that times Small intestine active time. If we have various issues to be repaired in that area, it is best done in my experience when the body simply "knock me out of the way". We are such a go-go! Society these days. Small intestine is also an area that processes various unexpected ("put on the spot") events. Just going down mid-town New York would stress my small intestine energy when I lived there. That is when my body started to take occasional, and sometimes daily, naps to compensate for it, and create 'order' while I napped.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Natalia (Mn Usa) on 04/05/2018

In actuality, whole food Vitamin C or the fruits it is made from are the sole source for the protein-bound, bioavailable form of Copper - Ceroplasmin. NOT from ascorbic acid-sourced Vita C (from GMO corn, usually). Food sourced Vita C contains a molecule of Ceroplasmin and this, along with adequate intake of Magnesium (about 500 mg per 100# body weight; transdermal is needed relative to bowel tolerance), Boron (up to 30-80 mg daily or lower dose with 3-9 prunes daily), trace minerals (liquid suppl and or nutritional yeast), food source B vitamins (esp B12; bee pollen is a good source for the Bs), Vita D (cod liver oil), Potassium (about 4.5 grams daily for an adult), Silica (diatomaceous earth or Fiji water), Iodine (Edgar Cayce's formula or Rugol's Solution, Taurine (500-1000 mg daily), will begin to provide the body with the minerals needed to begin the road to healing.

Additionally, one must eliminate all citrates, Calcium and Iron supplements, and eating a Paleo-type diet with adequate zinc and all of the other trace minerals we need, will balance our bodies and result in a much more healthy and dis-ease resistant state. When we begin to balance, our bodies detox and we start ridding our body of stores of toxic iron. Go low and slow. Borax is an integral part of this regimen and much of it is inexpensive and diy.

For Herx, take the juice of 1 lemon in a cup of water and Alka Seltzer Gold with 8 oz water; this works in 1-3 hours AND back down on your dosing until your body is stronger. Blessings.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by KT (Usa) on 04/24/2017

Dear ORH,

With all due respect, we have butt heads but I cannot resist sharing what I learned. Over forty years ago I learned too many carbohydrates caused me fluid retention. Still holds true today.

Now, with unavoidable GMO's infiltrating our entire food supply we need to eat differently than we have grown accustom to. I have learned what used to have "no carb content" can no longer be claimed. Who has the money for testing to prove one way or the other? My body retaining fluid, arthritis fare-ups or indigestion is my barometer.

Considering your age, edema, arthritis and diabetes, I would caution you trying to find something to make us immune to poison ivy. Long term studies would be required to test validity.

I care.

Love, KT

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Ag (South Florida) on 03/25/2017

I'm seeking a cure or cause for my kidney pain related to heavy Borax use.

About 3 months ago, a friend mentioned the benefits of using Borax for health reasons. About 10 years ago, I began using iodine, had been reading both forum posts and research articles, and occasionally I'd see mention of borax, but I never followed up with it.

But considering I am working full-time outside and had done a physical showing alkaline urine (too much calcium loss), I decided to check it out. I began with 1/4 tsp., I felt lightheaded and woozy my first few days (I expected it due to cleaning out candida), and began using it daily with good results (mentally sharp, teeth pain gone, raised mood).

Well, what I did was up my dose about a month in. I carry 2 one gallon jugs of water to work, and I began using up to a teaspoon or more, sometimes in both jugs. (I put C powder, sea salt, and liquid iodine in my water too) Weeks went by with no reaction.

Then my kidneys began getting tender. I'd wake up from sleep, know my lower back hurt some (actually my kidneys), but I blew it off for weeks thinking I'd overdone myself at work picking up heavy items.

But the kidney pain continued, and I began wondering why. I don't regularly pick up heavy items. Why?

So, I googled kidney pain and borax, and saw some posts about it. Specifically, I found posts about using too much. So I stopped for a week. My kidney pain lessened, yet it still remained. I waited another week, me starting back at 1/4tsp. The slight discomfort remained, and I assumed/hoped I just needed to flush it out.

Then......I remembered about fluoride being excreted by borax, and I googled fluoride and kidneys, finding that fluoride can decimate kidneys (I may be exaggerating), but found out iodine actually chelates fluoride. I bought more iodine, using it heavily, like a dropperful in a gallon. (results: too much lowers blood pressure; felt lightheaded and dizzy during the day). So I'm doing sane amounts of iodine again. I didn't want fluoride taking out my kidneys! Additionally, I went to those filtered water machines in supermarkets filling up my water jugs for a week since I'm on city water, all fluoridated. My kidney pain did decrease some.

I'm actually still feeling some kidney discomfort, so I'm writing seeking feedback on healing myself and not worrying about doing something wrong or excessively again.

Note: I drink about 4-6 cups of coffee/day, and I know it can strain kidneys too.

I'm grateful I could share this here. Thank you :-)

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Meyerbl (Tacoma Wa) on 03/14/2017

I put 1 teaspoon of borax in a liter of filtered water and have taken 1 teaspoon of this solution per day for a week now and at first I had bloated stomach for 3 days and now everything seems fine and I am going to continue and hope for good things to happen!

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Vicken7405 (New York) on 01/23/2016 1 posts

I have a question regarding to borax intake and reactions, I try three months ago , I use the 20 mule team brand , I Starting on a higher dose Lower dose for low to normal weight - 1/8 teaspoon of borax powder in 1 liter clean water); drink spaced out during the day 5days and 2 resting days I did for 2weeks , after that I start to feeling some reactions on my left shoulder like muscle spams and tingling on my left arm and numbness on my index finger this still bothers me, I stop to use the borax after I feeling those symptoms , them they stop and I start the

  1. Standard dose:

  2. This is for people without mineral deficiency symptoms.

  3. 1 tsp (5 ml) of concentrate added to a glass of water. This contains 25 - 30 mg of borax , symptoms came back now I felling my back is bother me as well , I stop the borax intake at all , all the symptoms still bother me just in the left area shoulder and arm , my index finger is a little normal chest muscle are contracting like tetany ,

I try to increase my magnesium intake I been doing that for three weeks sometimes I feel better but the symptoms still there , please this has been too long could you please tell me what to do. Thank you

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Javier (Ciudad Real) on 02/12/2022

Deberias de leer bien el comentario antes de contestar con tanto enfado.

NO TOMÓ UNA CUCHARADITA DE BORAX, tomó una cucharadita, de la solución resultante de diluir UNA CUCHARADITA en litro de agua. O sea que en total tomó 5 c.c. del litro. En total 30 mg. de borax, o sea 3 mg. de boro.Por otra parte en este foro, la cantidad que se aconseja, es 1/4 o 1/8 de cucharadita en un litro, tomado repartida en el dia, o sea 1 gramo o 500 mg. de borax/dia, que resulta en total 100 mg. ó 50 mg. de boro. O sea, un minimo de 25 veces mas.


You should read the comment well before answering with such anger.

HE DID NOT TAKE A TEASPOON OF BORAX, he took a teaspoon of the solution resulting from diluting ONE TEASPOON in a liter of water. So in total it took 5 c.c. of the litre. Total 30 mg. of borax, that is 3 mg. of boron. On the other hand, in this forum, the recommended amount is 1/4 or 1/8 teaspoon in a liter, taken spread over the day, that is, 1 gram or 500 mg. of borax/day, resulting in a total of 100 mg. or 50 mg. of boron. That is, a minimum of 25 times more.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 12/16/2023 2159 posts

Hi Mike,

The dose that many women have found benefit from is 1/8th teaspoon of Borax. Your mom is taking three times that dose. She might try bringing her dose down to the 1/8th teaspoon dose for women that Ted originally recommended and see if that helps.

Btw, can you link to where you or your mom found a recommendation for 3/8ths teaspoon of Borax for women?

For her finger issue, she might try topical melatonin lotion which I wrote about here :

I haven't tried it for hand issues, but it may be worth a try. She should try applying it to her neck and the affected hand sparingly twice per day.

Regarding osteoporosis, I wrote this which may interest her:


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/17/2024 2159 posts

Hi Mike,

You still didn't say what dose of molybdenum she is taking, but the RDA is 45 mcg and molybdenum supplements are often 100 mcg or 500 mcg, both well above the RDA.

For the osteoporosis, she may be interested in this :


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Art (California) on 09/06/2023 2159 posts


If you have an irritation in your esophagus, the borax can worsen it because the normal pH of the esophagus is around seven, but the pH of borax is considerably higher at around 9.24 and that can potentially further irritate an already irritated esophagus.

Ted's recommendation was to mix the 1/8th teaspoon of borax in a quart/liter of water, whereas you only used 24 ounces of water. Another consideration is some people have found benefit at 1/16th teaspoon. Diluting as Ted said to and using a lesser dose may make borax more tolerable, but if it continues to irritate your esophagus even with the changes, you will be better off looking at ECs over 100 other remedies for arthritis here :


Borax Side Effects
Posted by Tania (CT) on 07/06/2023

Paradoxical reactions to Borax

My husband and I have started taking borax in the 1tsp to 1 liter solution. He has systemic candida and broke out in mouth sores within 3 days of taking it.
I have arthritic pains in my hands that come and go and within a week of taking the solution, my hands are much worse.

We both also experienced crushing depression as well. Is this just a normal herx reaction? I'm going to stick it out but I have been unable to find anything that mentions these specific symptoms.

Borax Side Effects
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 07/07/2023

Hi Tania

Too much Borax. Men 1/4 spoon daily and Women 1/8 spoon daily.

I have been Borax happy for 4 years and no-side effects but feel great.

God Bless