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Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

| Modified on Nov 07, 2023
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Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Lose weight naturally with organic coconut oil, the healthy fat! Earth Clinic readers laud coconut oil for a number of benefits, ranging from boosting their energy levels to helping them feel full and clearing up their complexions. But the most commonly resounded benefit of healthy virgin coconut oil is its ability to aid in weight loss. Virgin coconut oil helps dieters resist those cravings, feel full sooner and have more energy. While it may seem counterintuitive to some to add fat to their diets to lose weight, the research and anecdotal evidence support that it indeed is an effective treatment option.

The Myth of Low-Fat Dieting

The first thing many of us do when we begin a weight loss regimen is to begin restricting fat as much as possible, thinking that fat consumed equals fat stored in the body. However, that's not how the body functions. The nutrition council has had it wrong for decades in encouraging individuals who want to lose weight to eat less fat. The focus really should be on healthy fats rather than no fats at all.

Organic Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Organic coconut oil is a unique substance when compared to other fats. Virgin coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that are actually metabolized differently in the body. As such, coconut oil actually increases metabolism, which in effect increases weight loss.

Good vs. Bad

Most individuals know that a calorie is not just a calorie. While a snack of a donut may contain the same number of calories as a handful of almonds or other nuts, the body does not use these calories in the same way. One of the main reasons is the type of fats contained in the fuel sources. Traditionally, diets have been high in long chain fatty acids which are stored more easily than medium chain fatty acids. As such, when you switch the types of fats you are eating, you are able to increase your metabolism and actually burn more calories per day by eating more fat. This fat also helps you feel fuller longer, which can help you consume fewer calories overall.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Using coconut oil for weight loss is fairly simple. Begin by switching your other cooking fats for coconut oil. Likewise, you may want to take 1 to 2 tablespoons of the oil by mouth daily.

Don't let the media fool you when it comes to dieting. Incorporate healthy fats such as organic coconut oil into your diet, increase your physical activity and eat a balanced diet, and you will lose weight. Continue reading below for reviews from our readers to see if coconut oil helped them with weight loss.

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Posted by Tara (Uk) on 10/17/2016

Hello, I would like to share my experience as I too found this valuable online through online reviews...which changed my weight loss experience woohoo! I have always struggled with being overweight since childhood, and being a yo-yo dieter managed to lose weight but always gained it all back...even though I'd go to the gym sometimes.

I'm in my 20s and decided to begin a healthy lifestyle, been watching meal portions and doing some walking every day...but beyond a few kilos, couldn't seem to lose much weight...i still felt pudgy around my arms and stomach. I though there's nothing more to lose, and things can't get worse...so I followed a friend's advice and started having 1 tablespoon COLD PRESSED VIRGIN COCONUT OIL every morning with my coffee, soon after I wake up. Continued 1 hour walks every second day, and watching meal portions (no sugar, less of bread/rice and more of greens, meat, fish). Within a week, my family noticed I was looking slimmer..and I had changed nothing except started taking coconut oil...

I was super enthused with the results and continued the early morning ritual for 2 months now...and I don't feel cravings to eat junk...feel great and energised, motivated to exercise as I can actually see results now. I'm 100% confident the coconut oil has helped boost my metabolism, and it's amazing! I would recommend everyone to try having 1 tbsp coconut oil with their tea/ coffee in the mornings...it's natural and nutrient-rich. Due to marketing, we usually believe more in artificial, processed protein shakes but are doubtful of natural foods like coconut oil. Try it and believe me, your life will change


Coconut Oil
Posted by Diamond (Ma., Essex) on 04/14/2015

Coconut oil for weight loss: I found this to be very active, as I have tried this for several months now because I gained a lot of weight. My Dr. says my levels are very high and too much weight gain too fast. This is an all around cure. I wish every one the very best.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Caseyu (Mounds View, Mn, Usa) on 09/13/2013

I took a mere tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil for a week and lost about 5 pounds - with NO other remedies or treatments or meds going on. I was a little worried and couldn't figure out why I was detoxing and losing weight (since I didn't take the oil to lose weight, obviously) and I did a quick search online and found out that coconut oil does indeed help your overall health and wellness. it is a definate keeper in this household and tempers out the thyroid quite effectively.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Just Curious (Scranton, Pennsylvania) on 07/29/2013

Hey guys... I am curious about the mixed feedback surrounding Coconut oil. I'd like to try taking it for weight loss, but should I be cutting calories and fat to compensate for taking it? I already eat a mostly healthy, low-carb, low-calorie diet, and exercise 5-6 times a week, but I'd like to use it to cleanse my system and boost my metabloism... What is the recommended daily dosage, and should I work that in to my daily caloric needs, or add it on top? Thanks for the information!

Replied by Annie
(Somewhere In The World)

The low carb idea is good but stay off of artificial sweeteners. Forget the low calorie thing. It does not work with low carb or really, anytime. The virgin coconut oil needs to be taken in smaller doses to begin with--try 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per meal and work your way up to 2-3 T. a day. Too much all at once gives a laxative effect. Only good thing about that is, with me, it is over with all at once instead of ongoing. I have been low carbing since April and have lost 23 lbs. I am also gluten intolerant so this works well for me. Get your carbs from low glycemic index veggies. Drink lots of water. When I get the urge to cheat, I drink sparkling mineral water.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cochamama (Denver, Co) on 05/11/2013

I have been a carbohydrate binge eater most of my 39 years. It has been SO much worse in the last few years... So bad I have been considering therapy. I have taken 1 TB of coconut oil for the past 2 days.... It has 100% taken away all cravings. This is the only thing that has ever allowed me to make the healthy food choices consistently that I have wanted to do for so long. I will update shortly, but I feel I am 'cured' :)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Pippa (Picton, New Zealand) on 09/28/2012

I eat a slice of toast with a table spoon of coconut oil every morning for breakfast and weight is slowly but steadily going down. I put a dash of lemon or lime and a sprinkle of salt on it, to give it a fresher taste. Coconut oil for weightloss works for me, I have not changed diet or lifestyle.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Ritu (Mumbai, India) on 11/28/2011

Hi I would like to know how to take coconut oil and when and how many times a day to promote weight loss? Also for general overall health how should it be taken? I'm from india and here we use coconut oil in our hair and body everyday.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
190 posts

Hi Ritu,

To reduce weight, extra virgin coconut oil does play a very important role. You have to take three tablespoons, minimum. At least two tablespoons of it in a day and the best time is if you can take it before the meals. You can take in any hot beverage or if you are comfortable by taking directly in the mouth and then drinking some warm water it is ok. This will give you enough energy and will help in reducing the in take of extra cal. by reducing the apetite.

Good Luck,


Coconut Oil
Posted by Melanie (Rochester, Il) on 04/04/2011

Coconut oil for weight loss

Hi, I just want to add to the number! I have a big YEA for coconut oil! I took 1 TBS everyday, for the most part, from Jan. '10 to May '10 and lost close to 40 pounds!! I stopped taking it to see if I would start gaining weight again, but I have maintained! I do not diet or exercise regularly as I should, either! I am going back on it to lose 20 more. I also noticed my asthma and circulation greatly improved, so much that I was able to go off of my steriod inhaler during the worst time of the year, and it cured thrush in both my baby and me!

Replied by Mesem
(Toulon, France)

It would be nice to have more conclusive info on how or if coconut oil does or does not affect the adrenals and thus metabolism. Or does it only just slide through blocking absorption of other fats on the way? I seem to have gastro today so after the ACV and charcoal am whiling away time on line!

Replied by Julie
(Seattle, Wa)

Thanks for the question. I had read all about how VCO was going to help me lose weight and I'm gaining instead. The weight "feels" differently, though. Not squishy flab, but strength and substance, if that makes any sense. I feel a lot better, but looks like I will have to tweak my portion sizes everywhere else.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Giglez2u (Morrill, Ne, United States) on 06/09/2010

I have only been taking the vco consistantly for 1 week, and I have to say, I like the soft, silky feel of my skin. I do, however, have really oily hair, and I want to use it as a conditioner too, but am a little leery of that, but I will try it. Am unsure of exact amts, and best way to apply it. I also consume it, right now, I am at 2 tbs. daily. Was having some cramping and loose bowels, but that seems to have tapered off. I am interested in all the benefits but am worried that I won't lose weight, since it has so many calories, AND I am still constantly, agonizingly HUNGRY! What should I do differently??????

Replied by Argusa
(Las Vegas, Nv, Usa)

Hi Giglez2u!

I've read wonders about VCO, I use it mixed up with some fresh papaya in my face, hands etc,WONDERFUL!! I did not tried it for weight loss. I am a happy, sad, bored, anytime, any occasion eater.. so 2 tbsp of anything won't do it for me.. so I thought .... I found this amazing site and I read about PSYLLIUM HUSK, I started taking the powder with LOTS of water drinking it and during the day( 1 tbsp on 8oz of water and some extra to help it down..)I read a post about mixing it with orange juice, will try that tomorrow. Well it does what people posted about, the great cleansing and wonderful extra fiber etc... but what it shocked me is how full it makes me feel..... today being busy I didn't even notice lunch time was far gone, had a small snack and at dinner time I could have a much smaller portion because I was full.... so for me this is helping to control my "hunger attacks" so with a better diet, more movement I think I will succeed.... so will you., just write psyllium in the search on the EC page and there you'll find all the info.there are may other cures related to weight loss,Turmeric, AVC, etc so I'll try them all.. always with caution!! Most of them are not the yummiest but oh well, I just drink it as fast as I can ( on the other hand the turmeric with milk, black pepper and a bit of honey not bad at all ... for me) Good Luck !!!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Abby (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) on 04/12/2009

So happy to have found this forum. The info is invaluable. I hope some doctors out there are using it to help their patients!!! Since suffering with lupus for 15 years and now in remission for last 15, I have virtually given up on medical advice and protocol. Like many of you reading this, I try to find my own answers to my health problems.

About three weeks ago, I started using extra virgin coconut oil to jumpstart stalled weight loss and possible hypothyroid. Have been eating low carb for many years and after reading many posts now realize I was not eating enough good fats, therefore decided to try coconut oil . I started out taking the 2tbs. before each meal and gained a little. Now I am taking only 1tbs. before each meal and the newly gained pounds have come off and I am hoping to lose more with this regime. I am less hungry, no cravings, mood is better, bowels better, and temp is up a little.

I think if you are going to try coconut oil for weight loss you must watch out for the increase in calories and adjust your diet to accommodate it. I working on this. Already giving up sugar and white foods (low carb) has helped my health immensely. Hoping to see an even greater impact with the extra virgin coconut oil . Today, I just added some ACV to my daily water intake -- 1/2 tsp. in 32 ounce glass -- tastes great!

Good luck to all!

Replied by Shelley
(Grand Rapids, MI)

I cannot find a way to take Coconut Oil internally. I cannot take it as a solid or liquid, either way I gag, any suggestions? Thank you!

Replied by Ki
(San Francisco, CA USA)

I keep a jar of coconut oil in the fridge and scrape some out and blend it up into a green smoothie each morning. I think it gives a nice flavor to the vegetables and fruit and is not objectionable at all.

I also found a weight loss tip from a Curves book that seems to help me. When I reach a stubborn plateau point, I eat more to purposely gain a few pounds and then return to the weight loss regime. It seems very counter-intuitive, but it foils the body from going into "starvation mode" or slowing down the metabolism. It's important not to gain more than 2 or 3 pounds, though, and once you hit that point, to return immediately to the regime of weight-loss.

Replied by Marilyn
(West Palm Beach, Florida, Usa)

My husband was recently diagnosed with dementia and the Aricept Meds were of no use and someone suggested I try Coconut Oil... Caretakers are willing to accept and try and help given. Each morning I put a cup of Almond Milk, (any kind can be used), 3 tbsps Organic Coconut Oil, a Banana into Blender and make a shake... Today I used Blue Berries and it too was delicious.... I made an extra one for myself. I tell him it's a "health shake" and he does enjoy it.... Just saying...

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Marilyn - Just today I received an e-mail from Healthy Ways Newsletter that had an article on using coconut oil for Alzheimers. You are definitely on the right path. Here is the link in case you want to read it: www.coconutresearchcenter.com/hwnl_8-1.htm

And here is an excerpt from the rather long article. Interesting from a prevention point of view too.

Who could have imagined that such a simple dietary intervention could produce such a remarkable effect on brain health? The simple act of adding coconut oil into the diet can both prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease. For treatment purposes a total of 5 tablespoons (74 ml) a day taken with meals is recommended. Add a portion of the coconut oil to each of the three meals.

Best of luck to you and your husband. He is very fortunate to have someone willing to look into alternative methods. Take care, Bess

Replied by Stonefieldsian
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Please take some time to watch all parts:




Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Another way to get coconut oil without having to drink it is to take a tablespoon of coconut oil and use it to cook some fresh vegetables in a pan for dinner. My personal technique is to jazz it up with some thyme, rosemary and a dash of cayenne and garlic to give the veggies some life. Use your fave seasonings. The other reader was spot on as well regarding putting in a blender mixed shake. Be creative. I also use a tablespoon of coconut oil to cook eggs for breakfast in as well. Quells my hunger for hours, more than just the eggs by themselves with non-stick spray, butter etc.

Replied by Nico
(Las Vegas, USA)

You said: "I changed nothing else in my healthy diet" That's the problem, you changed nothing else so you ate the same calories and then added several hundred more a day from the coconut oil. You need to to reduce you other calories to factor the calories coming from the coconut oil.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Ashley (Kansas City, Kansas) on 03/07/2009

I took coconut oil for weight loss for 2 to 3 months and I lost up to 20 pounds. I lost the first 12 pounds in the first 2 weeks of taking it. It works well for blood pressure too as well as hair growth.

Replied by Denise
(Athens, Ohio)

in what form did you take this and how much?

Replied by Ashley
(Kansas City, Kansas)

I bought a jar of unrefined, unprocessed, virgin coconut oil. I took 2 tablespoons a day.

Replied by Rupa
(Bangalore, Karnataka)

Hi Ashley, Please provide the procedure how to intake cocount oil. or mail me at krupa.inc(at)gmail.com

Thanks in Advance

Coconut Oil
Posted by Helena (Madrid, Spain) on 03/06/2009

More kilos with Coconut Oil: I have tried it for 10 days and today my weight was 2 or 3 kilos higher than the last time. Apart from the oil, I have been going to the gym every day, what is not working with me? How do people lose weight? are you also on a strict diet? PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!

Replied by Cured
(Niceville, Fl)

Helena did you just start going to the gym about the same time as starting the coconut oil? Of course the gym with the right workout will build muscle--muscle weighs more than fat which might be the reason for your weight gain. Instead of watching the scale watch how your clothes fit. I personally do not like scales and guage my weight by my clothes and how they fit on a regular basis. If a pair of pants were tight a month ago, are they still tight, tighter or looser? Again it is a detox, it may take a bit before you see desired results externally.

You didn't list VCO intake/routine. Though i'm sure if your reading here you have an idea from what other people have done. Have some patience and keep at it.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Jay (Ventura, CA) on 12/14/2008

I tried the Coconut Oil to loose weight. I gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I work out regularly doing 4 days of carido and 3 days of weights. I changed nothing else in my healthy diet (no alcohol, no junkfood, low carbs) and I gained weight steadily over 3 weeks.

Replied by Amy
(Powell, Ohio)

You may want to look into your weight gain a little more. You say you have been working out regularly and that could easily be the reason for your weight gain. From your workouts your probably gaining muscle mass. I gained weight while dieting and found out after gaining 5 lbs that it was because I had more muscle mass. Best of Luck to you!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Joyce (Chippewa Lake, Ohio) on 11/12/2008

I read about coconut oil on Earth Clinic, for weight loss, and started trying it 3 months ago. I only take 1TBS a day, but in the beginning was taking 2 and 3 TBS. I have lost 20 pounds, without any trouble. It seems to have also cut my appetite. Every one notices the drop in my weight, and I feel so much better, and have more energy. I keep the jar on top of my gas stove, and the pilot keeps it in liquid form. I can not get it down in it's thick form. I also put it in my smoothies. I put some on my face before make up, and my skin is nice and soft. Thank you so much to those who gave this suggestion.

Replied by Xiomara

Is that the coconut oil that its white, the one that people use for hair?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Joyce (Chippewa Lake, Ohio) on 11/12/2008

I read about coconut oil on Earth Clinic, for weight loss, and started trying it 3 months ago. I only take 1TBS a day, but in the beginning was taking 2 and 3 TBS. I have lost 20 pounds, without any trouble. It seems to have also cut my appetite. Every one notices the drop in my weight, and I feel so much better, and have more energy. I keep the jar on top of my gas stove, and the pilot keeps it in liquid form. I can not get it down in it's thick form. I also put it in my smoothies. I put some on my face before make up, and my skin is nice and soft. Thank you so much to those who gave this suggestion.

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