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Yacon Powder

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Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny) on 06/18/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Yacon syrup/powder helps support weight loss and helps improve intestinal motility.

The powder is much better tasting than the syrup. (bought it online from a nut/seed distributor).

One teaspoon to one tablespoon can be taken before a meal (mixed into water or just taken as a sweet powder), a few minutes to an hour before the meal.

* Too much can cause intestinal distress/diarrhea, (sometimes noticed only a few days later) so the dosage should be adjusted accordingly.

Yacon also lowers hunger level, so that one needs to eat less. It is also a pre-biotic helping to grow good bacteria.

It has many other benefits. It helps against certain cancers. It is anti-fungal. It helps to lower blood sugar, to lower cholesterol, to lower blood pressure. It helps the liver.

Yam Noodles

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Posted by Yvae (London, UK) on 02/09/2009
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Shiratake Japanese 100% konjak asian yam noodle is 97pc water and 3pc fibre. It has the uncanny property of expanding in the stomach to give the effect of being very full. It is 20cal per 100g. I find it useful for weight loss and constipation. Also for piles as the fibe is very smooth at the exit end, compared with other products such as bran does not aggravate the situation at a time one should increase fibre intake. After a lifetime of discomfort I think this may well be the ultimate gut prouct as it is a meal, noodle comes wet- in a water bag, so preparation is minimal. Please note it has no nutritional value at all so add to meals with care to ensure balance. Carried by oriental shops and health shops, Japanese and Korean in particular, though Chinese will know what you mean at the very least.

Replied by AC
(West Midlands, England)
5 out of 5 stars

If you don't live near an Asian grocer and want to buy Shirataki noodles OR konnyaku jelly (that's the startchy form of shirataki, which can be added to soups, stews, and stir fried) online, here are a few resources:

If you're in the US or Canada: http://www.asianfoodgrocer.com/category/shirataki-noodles
If you live in Europe or the UK: http://www.japancentre.com/

Please read the directions on the packet, many shirataki and konnyaku noodles give off a strange odor and need to be boiled before hand.

Please also consider this a yay for shirataki and konnyaku! Both are very high in fibre, contain no gluten, are very low-carbohydrate and either free or extremely low in calories.

Yerba Mate Tea

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Posted by Goji (London, England) on 11/23/2009

I've recently been drinking yerba mate tea. Approximately three tea bags a day, and found that it really does increase one's energy and suppress appetite. However, I've researched it on various web sites and now find that drinking too much of it can in somes cases cause cancer. Does Ted or anyone else have any thoughts on this? Many thanks.

Replied by Lilly
(Sydney, Nsw Aust)
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I drink Yerba mate. Sipping it during the day, warm or cold. It suppresses my appetite and I don't get the same 'wired' feeling from coffee. (which is why I drink it haha)

Replied by Trish
(Beverly Hills, California)

Hi, I just want to tell you guys about Yerba Mate. I am from Uruguay, South America, where we drink mate every single day, all day. It is safe , good for your digestion, keeps you awake naturally ( so do not drink it in the evening if you are not used to it) and helps decrease your appetite. In the US you can find it at the latin markets. As far as the cancer, it has been related to cancer of the esophagus but it can happen with any beverage you drink hot , so to clarify it is related to the temperature of the drink not to the kind of drink itself.
Hope this helps!

Replied by Gardengirl
(Gallatin, Tn)

I have been taking raspberry ketones and I have lost 2 dress sizes in about 1 month. I take 1 (100mg.) pill after breakfast and 1 in late afternoon. That's it!!! No side effects. I heard about raspberry ketones on DR OZ show last month. Hope everyone that needs to lose weight tries them.

Replied by Parismilton
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

drinking green tea and consuming fiber in food also helps much. if you do regular exercises also then you will be able to lose your weight more effectively.