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Ten Diet Tweaks to Lose Weight for Life!

| Modified on Apr 22, 2024
Weight Loss Remedies

Diets abound, but which is the best? If you want to lose weight naturally, you need to have a weight loss plan that suits your lifestyle and personality. Many weight loss plans work well in the short term, but for long term health and to keep your weight where you want it, your ever day diet needs to be something that works for you and allows you to enjoy your food as well. Natural remedies for weight loss can be your most important daily tool.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir for Weight Loss and Fat Burning

Apple cider vinegar is perhaps the best natural cure for helping you lose weight and burn fat. Our video will show you the best way to take ACV for weight loss and fat burning. Also, some side effects to look out for.

2. Grapefruit

If you like grapefruit, you will be delighted to learn that a half a grapefruit before meals can promote weight loss.1

3. Exercise

There is no way around it; exercise matters if you want to lose weight and keep it off. But take heart, exercise will make you feel better and improve your overall health as well. Find something you like to do. It may be as simple as a daily walk. It could be jump roping or rebounding on mini-trampoline for 10 minutes each evening while watching tv. Meeting a friend at the gym can provide accountability and recreation.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only a tasty spice, it can lower blood glucose levels and be a part of a weight loss lifestyle. Add some to your oatmeal at breakfast. Sprinkle it into your coffee or tea.

5. Flax Seeds

Ground flax seeds contain plenty of nutrition and fiber. Adding flax seeds to your diet helps your digestion to work well as well as giving a full feeling in the stomach to help reduce overall calorie intake. Add a spoonful of ground flaxseed to your salad, smoothie or oatmeal. Flaxseed can also help to balance hormones, making weight loss easier.

6. Good Liquids

Chronic mild dehydration is common. Consuming quality liquids will improve your health and skin tone. More liquid in your stomach will leave less room for food. Aim for 8 glasses of pure water a day. Herbal tea is great, too. Green tea contains catechins, which promote weight loss. Green tea does contain caffeine, so don’t drink it in the evening!

Instead of soda pop with caffeine, sugar and artificial sweetener, try carbonated water instead. It will give you the fizzy mouth feel and can even be helpful to your digestion.

7. High Water Content Foods

Foods that contain a lot of water can help with the hydration and will fill you up with fewer calories. It is easier to overeat on dry snack type foods like pretzels an crackers. Reach for watermelon, berries, applesauce or yogurt instead.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that can be helpful to weight loss. Substitute coconut oil for butter and hydrogenated oils. This oil is also a great natural antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

9. Modify Eating Patterns

Intermittent fasting diets are often successful and allow you to eat what your family and friends eat, you just end up passing some meals by. “Window diets” encourage you to eat only within an 8 hour period each day. You will naturally eat less over time. You won’t feel deprived during those 8 hours each day either.

Diets where you fast or restrict calories to under 500 once or twice a week also reduce your average calorie intake without any special planning, except for planning which two days you can do without a lot of food!

Avoid eating large meals late in the day. Make dinner your lightest meal. Eat a larger breakfast or lunch while you still have most of the day to burn off more of the calories eaten.

10. Accountability

Having a friend with whom to share your weight loss journey, trials and victories can be a great help in achieving your goals. If you friend is in it with you (don’t pick a highly competitive or cut throat friend), even better.

What to Avoid if you Want Long Term Success with Weight Loss

It may surprise you. This list of what to avoid if you want to lose weight is not a list of foods or restaurants. It is a list of ideas that will keep you from having long term success.

1. Too Good to Be True Diets

If you live on cabbage soup the rest of your life, you may just reach your goal and stay there, but you are not going to have any fun or friends in the long run. It will just be you and your cabbage soup.

2. Diets that Make Other People Money

Be suspect of a diet that will get other people rich. These trendy diets come and go. Meanwhile, one or a few have become rich selling their books, products, programs and supplements. Often these diets provide short term success. Over the long haul there are usually nutritional deficiencies that surface causing new health problems.

3. Diets that Segregate You From Others

Diets that require you to eat foods prepared a special way with special ingredients can become expensive, boring and lonely. A special smoothie each morning is one thing, but not being able to eat out with your friends or enjoy dinner with your family ruins food. For human beings eating together is often an important aspect of relationships. If you must spend each meal evaluating each food that crosses your lips, you will not be enjoying people anymore, and you won’t be enjoying your food either.

4. Diet Pills

Prescription diet pills may work in the short term, but often come with long term side effects. Consider that someone is making money from your use of these medications.

5. Non Food

You really can’t get something for nothing. Chemical substitutes come out for foods and appear to be the solution to weight problems. However, as time goes on, it is discovered that “artificial fat” and “artificial sugar,” turn out to have terrible health consequences.

How to Lose Weight for Life

1. Make Improvements to Your General Health

Health problems can make it difficult to lose weight. Hormonal problems, candida infections, or a chronic state of acidity can make your body hang on to the pounds even when you are careful about what you eat. If you have known health issues and work on solving them, you may start losing pounds without even trying. Consider simple wellness remedies to promote overall health.

2. Balance Your Hormones

Estrogen dominance or low thyroid can have a terrible effect on your metabolism, causing weight gain and difficulty losing weight without heroic efforts. Natural remedies to balance your hormones will make you feel better and make weight loss easier.

3. Heal Systemic Infections

You body will not work well if it is sick. Due to diets that lack nutrition and overuse of antibiotics, chronic candida problems abound. Solving this problem is a first step in making weight loss easier.

4. Reduce Acidity

If your body is in an acidic state, your health will not flourish and weight loss will be hard. Fortunately, most will be able to restore their bodies to a more balanced state with good nutrition and some alkalizing remedies.

5. Get Regular

Constipation can make it harder to lose weight. Keep your digestive system moving along to absorb the needed nutrients and get rid of toxins and waste on a regular basis. If constipation is an issue for you, our page of remedies for it should get you going!

6. Develop Healthy Weight Habits


Enjoy your foods; just enjoy less of them. Using a smaller plate, or filling your plate with less food and eating slowly will help you to enjoy food, be satisfied with less food and lose weight.


Instead of wolfing your food down, take time to enjoy each bite. Chew slowly. Put your fork down and enjoy the people with whom you are eating. You will eat less and be more satisfied with what you do eat.

Be grateful for a smaller amount of food. Enjoy your first thoroughly so you don’t need to go back and get seconds because you hardly tasted your firsts.


Long lists of “I Can’t Have” foods makes them all the more desirable and your sense of deprivation stronger. If you should indulge in one of those foods, then you have guilt. Food is a good thing. Allowing food to make your feel guilty is a way to get on an eating disorder path.

Instead, focus on enjoying more whole foods and fewer processed foods. Instead of ultimatums, just balance out your foods differently. “Never” can leave you feeling deprived. “Some” or “later” allows you to feel good about exercising self-control.

Say NO to Guilt

Do not allow yourself to feel guilty for eating food, whether you ate more than you thought you should or you ate something you count as a “no-no.” It is not a crime to eat. Free yourself from false guilt.

Be Content with Who You Are

Make sure your weight loss goals are reasonable for you. People come in all shapes and sizes. How boring the world would be with only one type of flower. Be your own kind of beautiful. Your contented smile contributes more to your beauty than you realize.

Find Substitutes for Boredom Eating

Sometimes you eat because you are bored or lonely. Have a ready list of alternatives to keep you from eating when you don’t need to and for the wrong reasons. Take a walk. Get something done on your to do list. Communicate with someone who needs encouragement. Drink a glass of water. Sing a song. Go for a drive (but not to the drive through!)

Enjoy Good Foods:

  • Whole Foods
  • Good Fats (Coconut oil, olive oil)
  • Fruits
  • Pure Water
  • Vegetables

Enjoy These Foods Infrequently:

  • Processed Foods
  • Sugars
  • Simple Carbohydrates
  • Sodas

To get started with weight loss, pick a positive change you can start practicing today. Then reread this article next week and make another change. Keeping tweaking your practices until they are habits. This is the best solution to getting unwanted weight off and keeping it off in the long term. Fast weight loss plans usually back fire. Yo yo dieting only makes it harder and harder to lose weight. Enjoy your food and make productive changes to get to a comfortable weight for you and stay there!

If you have health problems or are diabetic, get your doctor’s okay before making significant changes to your diet. It is also recommended to get a doctor’s okay before beginning a strenuous exercise program, especially if you have a history of heart problems.

Do you have a natural remedy for weight loss ? Please send us some feedback!

Scroll down to read the trials and victories of our readers in their weight loss journeys.

Also check out our Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Diet page.


1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16579728

5:2 Diet

2 User Reviews
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4 star (1) 

Posted by Rebecca (California ) on 04/21/2024

My weight has always been 110 since college. I'm older now when I went off plants based hormones my weight jumped from 110 to 121. I was also staying up late working on a project which I believe contributed to weight gain. Being sleep deprived changes glucose metabolism and alter hormones involved metabolism. The 5: 2 diet which is eating regular healthy meals five days a week and for two days you cut calories to 500. I would only eat, between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Since I wanted faster results, one day out of the week I only drink water with lemon. This seemed so much easier for me. My naturopathic put me got back on my plant based hormones and I also began jumping rope for ten minutes a day. In a little over five weeks my weight is back down to 110. Intermittent fasting is very powerful and it has helped a lot of people lose weight and improved their health. Two very informative doctors are discussing the powerful benefits of intermittent fasting, Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Pradip Jamnadas he is director of cardiovascular

5:2 Diet

2 User Reviews
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4 star (1) 

Posted by Katie (Beverly, Ma ) on 02/02/2018

I found the 5:2 eating program, I don't think it's a diet, here on Earth Clinic. I was feeling unhealthy and I don't think any strict diets work. I started in September of 2017 and am down 11.5 pounds. It's the easiest to follow and I actually look forward to my 500 days. I highly recommend!!!

Replied by Jillery
(Rawlly, Nc)
88 posts

nice. what the heck is it?

(Columbus, Oh)

I googled it, and found this link that describes it, among others: https://dailyhealthalerts.com/top-5-trending-diets-hit-or-miss/

(Cabarlah Qld)

The 5:2 Fast diet was developed by Dr Michael Mosley, a BBC medical journalist. Calories are restricted on 2 non-consecutive days of the week; 500 calories a day for women and 600 for men. Mosley may have increased the calories since his book was published.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Here is a link to the 5:2 Fast diet. Healthy protein and low-carb side dishes recommended on fast days. Best not to weigh oneself until on this for 4 weeks. Most people lose approx. a kilogram a week.


Activated Charcoal

3 User Reviews
5 star (3) 

Posted by Sharon (Middletown, Ct) on 08/10/2017

I have been taking a teaspoon of activated charcoal first thing in the morning since the weather got hot. It has reduced my appetite considerably, given me more energy and I have no BO! I have also lost a few pounds without trying. I love it.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Jennie (Copenhagen, Denmark) on 06/15/2008

I had been losing weight really quickly after starting an exercise program. I wanted to make sure that any old toxins that had been stored in my fat didn't start circulating in my body, so I took 1 tablet of activated charcoal, 3 times a day (remembering to wait 2 hours before/after eating), for a week. I didn't exactly feel a difference, but I SAW one. I looked five years younger (am only 30, so that's a lot for me)! I also highly recommend adding 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder to 1 tablespoon of facial mask. It is a mini-facelift!

Replied by Michael
(Peiraias, Atikh, Greece)

Its not healthy to consume activated charcoal close to meals because you may not be able to absorb the nutrients.
I saw that you take it 2 hours prior or after. So its just a word of precaution. :)

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Sharon (Santa Fe, NM) on 03/04/2008

After menopause, I seemed to be bloated in my midsection most of the time. My lower stomach was puffy most of the time. I'm a thin person, and thought this was weight gain due to menopause & quitting smoking. Ond day I took 2 activated charcoal capsules for gas, and I ended up spending a lot of time in the bathroom that day. By that evening, I realized that my stomach was flat again! I figured that the charcoal had detoxified my system!! I will continue to take the charcoal once or twice weekly now. I am extremely happy with the results!!

ACV and Baking Soda

7 User Reviews
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3 star (1) 
1 star (1) 

Posted by The Real Will (Pittsburgh) on 09/04/2015

I have been on a weight loss plan (diet and exercise) for the past 8 months, losing weight slowly and steadily. I had been taking a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with dinner for months as a general tonic. After reading all of the great things that ACV can do here on EC, I upped the dose to 2 tablespoons in a glass of water, several times a day (3 to 4 time a day). I started to feel it in my teeth at that dose, so I recalled reading on Earth Clinic that adding baking soda to the ACV will help prevent the wearing down of the enamel on the teeth, but won't diminish the effectiveness of the ACV. So I started adding a little baking soda (I mean a little...I used the handle of the measuring spoon to scoop a little out...I'm guessing about 1/8 teaspoon or less).

Since I had been dieting already, weighing and measuring my food, and nothing had changed, and I know what kind of weight loss to expect, I was surprised at a sudden loss of fat around my midsection. I was trying to figure out what caused the sudden drop and the only thing different was the addition of the baking soda (I had been taking the ACV for months already, and the increased dose for weeks). So I kept taking the baking soda and I continue to have faster weight loss results with the baking soda, although it has only been a few weeks. For people already dieting, I think that taking a little baking soda, or baking soda with ACV is a worthwhile addition to your plan. I would take more, but I actually like the taste of ACV and I don't want to eliminate the flavor entirely. :)

In the last 8 months, I lost about 35 pounds, but an additional 3 pounds in the past week and a half. I lost 7 inches off my waist during that time, and an additional 1/2 inch in the past week and a half. Results are supposed to slow down, not accelerate, the longer you are on a diet plan. Not too bad for a 49 y.o. guy. I may try adding more baking soda by itself (as to not ruin the flavor of my ACV.).



ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Derek (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada) on 05/25/2012

Hello, I just found this site and Im blown away with everything ACV can do in any concoction. I'm trying to lose some weight, I have a wedding coming up! I have started drinking 2 table spoons of ACV with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. I try to drink it three times a day, (1/2 hour before a meal), but mostly just before breakfast and dinner. I work outside all day and sweat alot. I drink alot of water. Im worried that im just flushing everything out of my body with the amount of water I drink in a day. Does anyone have a suggestions?

Replied by Blue
(La, Calif)

Just some friendly advice but I think the max is 1 tablespoon 3x's per day, someone please help me if I'm wrong! I have used this to slim down in the past so I can at least say that it is a helpful dose and it is possible that too much can be hard on the stomach. If you aren't already, take 30 minutes before each meal for best results with slimming.

Seasalt in water is great for retaining some water and providing minerals if you are having to drink so much. There is much info online about this.

Flaxseed and psyllium husks are also good for flushing things out of the system, but without needing to overconsume water to do it. Milk Thistle and Dandelion are helpful too.

Matcha Green Tea is excellent for metabolism and stress, plus filled with antioxidants (it's the ideal form of green tea for such). These are all things I've used and loved at different times... And thought they might help as well.

Another way to slim down is to avoid grains, rice, wheat, etc and eat these more sparingly when needed. Don't go overboard or do anything unhealthy of course! Either that or check your blood and metabolic type (lots of 'free' tests for this online) and see what it advises. (This is more to be taken for the long term as only time will tell, and the advice offered isn't usually weight, but health oriented... Tho they can go hand in hand). In other words, don't avoid grains if this is just what your type needs... And above all, always listen to your body.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Lately I have been getting good results w/ DMG (Dimethyglycine) as it boost energy as well as immune system. Also Magnesium Malate and/or Calcium Pyruvate are good natural energy boosters which would encourage weight loss. Any source of caffeine if not taken in large amounts illicits a thermogenic effect. Some Ginger/Cayenne caps would also be a winner.

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Gg (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) on 11/16/2009

I thought it was time to share my positive feedback on weight loss through drinking Apple Cider Vinegar and Bicarb Soda (sodium bicarbonate).

I'm 28 and have been taking the pill for about 5 years and recently decided I should have a break. I had gained a couple of extra kilos over the years that became increasingly hard to shift. Every year it was only a little bit but it all adds up, and like my dad says, half a kilo a year = very overweight by the time you're in your 50's! I'd always been very slim and didn't tend to put on weight, despite the fact I used to "eat for Australia" -- much to most people's jealousy. I could basically eat whatever I liked at whatever time of day. I eventually just attributed the cellulite and extra "puppy fat" to getting older and gave up trying to get back to my late teenage size. We're only talking about a size and a half bigger here but it was the fact that I just COULDN'T get rid of the fat that got me down. I was also having major migraines around the time of menstruation and the pill I was taking was really expensive, so I decided to have a break, I figured it would do me good.

Immediately the fat started dropping off! This was bitter-sweet for me, as it confirmed my suspicions but it also meant I was always going to have to deal with the extra kilos if I wanted to avoid "oops" children (other contraception didn't work well for me).

Eventually I had such bad skin problems (I guess it was like a "withdrawal"?) that I started back on it. But I'd effortlessly dropped almost 2 sizes and was able to get back into old jeans I'd given up on, all whilst eating like I used to - it was so liberating! I was chuffed!

Before I started taking the BC pill again I started with a regimen of ACV twice a day. I've been using it on and off for about a year and found it kept colds and flu at bay, helped me get better quicker and relieved a lot of muscle cramps I get from sitting at a computer all day. NOT to mention the candida probs it helps fix! I am a chronic thrush sufferer and the best "help" I've been able to get from the medical community is "Oh well, some women are just prone to it". YAY! Coming from a male doctor. Ie. "Just deal with it". If you suffer this problem you will know what I mean when I say it can make you beside yourself, on an emotional level, when you can't stop it, get rid of it or even enjoy eating any of the foods you like. And the discomfort of being incredibly itchy ALL the time! Anyway that's a post for the "candida" part of this website. :-) Suffice it to say ACV keeps things in my digestive tract fairly under control, even when I eat known "aggravators".

So I started having 2 Tbsp with about a level tsp of bicarb each morning and evening (for thrush at that stage). I have been back on the pill for a month and a half AND I've been eating all the wrong foods (ie. Pasta, bread, some snacks, pastries and sugary treats at the movies) and my weight remains the same. I'm very surprised. I've found I have a lot more freedom in what I can eat without suffering weight-gain or side effects of digestive complaints. I've also started using it on my face as a toner at night after I cleanse - it was the only thing that helped clear up the massive acne outbreak I had when I went off the pill. I use it straight and apply with a cotton pad, then rinse off after about 20 seconds. Stings a bit but you know it's working!

I can't say enough good things about ACV!

Replied by Bobbyg
(Boonville, Missouri)

Always make sure the baking soda is aluminum free, otherwise you might end up with complications from high doses of aluminum. Very toxic. We have Bob's Red Mill Aluminum free baking soda here.

Replied by Pup2pup

Misconception - baking soda never contains aluminum, but some baking powders do, so always buy the aluminum-free baking powder for your cooking. And don't worry about the baking soda.

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Cindy (Creston, IA) on 01/08/2009

Hi Ted, I was born with just one Kidney and half a Uterus and one tube and ovary on just my right side. I am overweight by about 45lbs and just started the ACV/BS and adding Cinnamon to help with the taste. Is adding cinnamon okay with a little apple juice? Also will this be hard on my one kidney? The only time I have a problem is when I was pregnant and losing some protein, no problems since and not on any medications.

Thank you,

Replied by Shinewin
(Hildenview, NC)

If you have sensitive skin and body, i suggest you don't use the baking soda. I started two days ago with the apple cider vinegar diet. I had baking soda in my drink and the baking soda burn my throat and makes me cough a lot. So yesterday, I switch to not using the baking soda...and so far so good.

I notices, my appetites had changed since i started drinking this diet drink. No matter how good the food looks or smells, my mouth and stomach tells me "no" to it. The hardest thing to me about getting a diet is my appetite! So apple cider vinegar is a two thumbs up for me. I have a thyroid problems, so when i exercise, I have a hard time breathing. I am glad I found something that can help me lose weight without exercising or starving myself.

I sip some before i eat anything in the morning, and after each meal or snacks, I will sip a little. Sometimes, I don't even finish the whole 32 oz that I made.
My recipe:

2tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1tsp Honey
1tsp Lemon or Lime
1Cup Orange Juice
The rest is water.

I will keep everyone updated on how much weight i will lose in two to three weeks from now. I currently weight 150 to 153.

Replied by Iris
(Sanford, Florida)

I'm just starting to use ACV to lose weight. I am a bit more than 100 lbs. over weight and that is considered morbid obease. I have been using 1 TB. per 8oz. water with 1/8 tp. of baking soda to cut the tast 3 times a day. I have read about ACV to lose weight for years and I did try it a couple of times but the tast was just to acid for me. Someone suggested I put in a bit of baking soda and see if I could handle the taste of it then. I found it very agreeable.

After only 1 week I haven't noticed much weight loss, but I don't seem to be craving food all the time now and I have found I want less to eat. I have been reading some of the ways to prepare and drink the ACV. I think I may try the large glass and sip instead chugging it down real quick. Like you I'm still in the learning process.

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Fuse (Singapore) on 12/24/2008

I'm a fan of earth clinic and i know many people don't start losing weight immediately. I have been doing the ACV with baking soda sipping it through out the day since beginning of Dec to see if the losing weight really works before my solemnisation in end Jan. It has been 3 and half weeks now but i still don't see any weight loss. I'm using organic ACV with the mother in it. I'm just wondering if i'm doing anything wrong. Should i switch drinking just half an hour before meals? Any advice would be great. Cheers

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Donna (Port Huron, MI, USA) on 12/15/2008

I have read with interest many of the comments on ACV and weight loss. To the lady in Michigan who wrote about reading a book by a doctor in Vermont, it is The Arthritis Cure by Dr. Jarvis. I had calcium deposits blocking my nerve endings, causing excruciating pain. The doctors could not diagnose it, but suggested it might be skin arthritis, which is supposedly incurable. I followed his protocol of iodine, kelp, Vitamin C, calcium, honey and ACV and lost most of these calcium deposits within a few weeks. To those of you making comments about losing the pain and symptoms of arthritis and RA, it would be worthwhile to read this book if it is still in print. I do not remember the exact dosages that he recommended. I had read many books about arthritis; his is the only one that worked.

For those of you having trouble with increased appetite and weight gain instead of weight loss, I would suggest you read about eating for your blood type. I had a very difficult time losing weight after menopause; when I began to eat for my blood type (Type O, non-secretor), I lost the weight that I could not lose in any other way. However, for me, it meant giving up a lot of foods, including most grains. My blood type cannot consume any kind of vinegar without having negative effects. I used the ACV because the arthritis was worse than the weight problem.

However, I always found that my appetite increased massively whenever I consumed ACV, whether on an empty stomach or with a meal. If you read books about yeast problems (The Yeast Connection, etc., you will find out that yeast when it dies in your body produces a byproduct that stimulates the appestat, the gland that controls hunger. ACV, especially with the mother, contains yeast. So for some people, this might explain why the ACV does not work. I solved the yeast problem by taking acidophilus, which kills the yeast. This is all explained in more detail in these books.

I feel, though, that the problems of weight gain and appetite increase might be solved by taking baking soda with the ACV, something which I had never heard of. So I am trying that right now. Usually when I take ACV, I have almost immediate hunger cravings, even when I am eating. On an empty stomach it is even worse. But I am drinking this ACV/baking soda combination right now on an empty stomach and I have not had any cravings. So to those of you who tried it and found it did not work, I would suggest you try it again with the baking soda.

Acid reflux is usually helped by adding acid, not by using antacids, so drinking ACV would help with this.

To the person who might be breaking up gall stones in the liver and being in a lot of pain passing those stones, it is a good thing to pass those stones. I passed a lot of them at once, and immediately my energy level increased. Now I understand what is meant by a sluggish liver. But I passed all those stones, hundreds of them in one evening, by using a liver cleanse. There are many of them described on the internet. I found one that used lemon juice, olive oil, grapefruit juice and Epsom salt. I took this at night, woke up in the morning and passed all those stones painlessly, and lost about 3" on my waist overnight. I know that because I had to tighten my belt. The Epsom salt (food-grade) apparently relaxes the muscles enough to open the ducts to allow the stones to pass out easily. I was amazed at their size.

Anyway, I am so grateful for this site and for how much I am learning by everything you have all so generously contributed. Thanks to all of you and to the administrators of this site.

Replied by Oria
(Luton, Befordshire)

Hello, i'm just trying to ask about the use of the lemon juice,olive oil, grapefruit and epsom salt @ night. could you pls explain more on the measurement of each and what type of grapefuit did you use... the seedless one or the big one. pls explain more for me as i'm interested. thx.

EC: You may find more details here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/gallstones.html

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Kathy (Bristol, TN) on 11/03/2008


I have been taking ACV/BS/Water for several months now. Loss of 17 lbs is terrific! I've been tapering off the ACV due to the jitters. I drink only filtered or mountain spring water (at least 1 liter) and tea now, no soft drinks, no diet drinks, no aspartame. Occasionally I take BSM. Also take SuperGreens and Magnesium plus flax seed pill. I use only coconut or grape seed oils for any eating/cooking. Gave up sugar, white bread, white flour, am eating organic mostly or home cooking veggies, rice, some chicken, whole wheat breads. Cut way back on proportion size. I use sea salt. Take B compound 3 times a week. Use Turmeric and Oil of Oregano for sinuses/sore throat/cold. I keep my Ph around 7 and walk 3 or 4 times a week. Still I have insomnia, plus now I am SUFFERING WITH CONSTIPATION. Additional fiber makes it much worse. In my life I can only remember being constipated 2 or 3 times and I am over 60. To combat this, I took 2 TBL mineral oil last night, nothing happened. I took 2 more TBL late this morning, still nothing by 11 pm tonight. I am on blood pressure meds (HCTZ and atenolol) plus cymbalta anti depressant. I was taking Lipitor but gave that up recently. Anyone have any thoughts? I have read all the posts on constipation and suppose tomorrow I will try Lime and BS, or maybe tonight. HELP.

THIS IS THE VERY BEST SITE EVER, EVER, EVER! Thank everyone who contributes.

Replied by Joanna
(Westport, CT)

Kathy, the baking soda might be causing your problem. You might want to cut that out first and see what happens.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hi Kathy, are you drinking plenty of water? At least 8 - 10 glasses a day? Also are you getting any activity, especially walking? If the answer to both of these is yes, then my suggestion is to increase your intake of the dark, leafy green vegetables for a better type of fiber.

I remember one patient who had a fecal impaction, which consisted mostly of popcorn husks (the outer covering of the popcorn kernels). He was somewhat upset because he had been snacking on popcorn quite often to combat his constipation. From the looks of what was removed, he never ate anything but popcorn! Even indigestible fiber can create problems if you don't drink enough water or have a little activity.

I find that when I have a slight problem with constipation, a glass or two of apple juice works like a purgative for me, much quicker and more thorough than prunes or prune juice.

Your dietary changes sound great though. One other thing I just thought of is that many in the medical field say that
magnesium is one of our biggest nutrient deficiencies today, so unless you eat a lot of magnesium rich foods, you might want to consider a magnesium supplement or even an epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) bath a few times a week..

Replied by Ashlee
(Dallas, Texas)

For anyone who is taking fiber supplements or eating food high in fiber be sure to drink lots of water or the added fiber can cause severe constipation. I take a fiber supplement and have unfortunately suffered with the constipation problem. I am also taking Chromium Picolate for minor depression and it has made me feel so much better i've heard that it is good for weight loss too but i havent seen any difference. Magnesium is also good for constipation, depression and other problems that have a tendency to pop up it pretty much can cure what ales you since most people do not receive enough magnesium in their diets.

Replied by Lisa
(Hartford, Sd)

Oh, try the natural approach to your backed up problem and drink prune juice. Things will flow thru soon

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Blanche (toronto, canada) on 12/17/2007

Remedy: Apple cider venigar and baking soda. Ailment: weight loss and blood ph. I am senior who has been using ACV off and on for years, but did not attribute it to anything particular, even though people commented on my skin, I thought that I was just blessed; however, six months ago, I saw an article on the wonders of ACV and baking soda, and thought that I whould try the mixture (which I drank through a straw three times a day, to protect my teeth from the acid), in combination with a daily exercise program, (bally total fitness twister), for weight loss, also to alkalize my blood ph. Well in no time at all, (1 month), I lost those stubborn five pounds that I had been struggling with, and my ph went from 8.0 to 6.8. Hope this helps those who are concerned about their weight and teeth.

Replied by Lynda
(Ruther Glen, VA)

Way to go Kimberly from Mineral, VA - Keep up the good work! When you share the amounts of ACV and baking soda, and frequency of use, I would love to know as well!

Replied by Katie
(Fort Collins, Colorado)

Just thought I'd make a correction to Blanche's post. To "alkalize" the blood would refer to raising the pH. Going from 8 to 6.8 would be lowering the pH and making the blood more acidic, not more alkaline. Also, the ideal pH for the blood is 7.4, so I'm not sure why you are trying to lower it so much...

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Kimberly (Mineral, VA, USA) on 10/08/2007

Hello, I've been using the ACV & Baking Soda since June and have been very please with the results. I went from having NO energy, chronic general joint pain all over, excessive weight and acid reflux to feeling about 75% better with a lot more energy, NO chronic general pain and I have lost 20lbs to date and although my acid reflux isn't gone, at least when it flairs up even with meds, I can now get it under control. I have about 60lbs I would like to still loose. I would like to stop taking my medication for acid reflux, but I think I need to loose some more weight to. I think that in conjunction with the ACV and baking soda would do the trick. I am also on blood pressure medication and would like to see what happens with that to. I have seen a decrease in my blood pressure since starting the ACV. It will be interesting to see if my dr removes me for this medication to. The one thing I was really hoping for with the ACV and baking soda that I haven't seen an improvement in yet is a reduction in my chronic back pain and pinched nerve. I still have to take something for these two when they flair up. I have scoliosis and I guess this will be something I will have to address differently. However, if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to post or e-mail me. Over all I am very very please with the results I've had with the ACV and baking soda. Thanks!

Replied by Kimberly
(Mineral, VA (USA))

Hello Everyone, Well, it's now May of 2008 and I've been using the ACV & Baking Soda for 10 months. I have now reached my 40lb weight loss mark and couldn't be happier. I have over the last 5 months removed a majority of the processed foods that I was eating from my diet, as most processed foods had allergens in them for me and I feeling even better now that I am avoiding my food allergies. I will continue to learn from as many good sites and this one, in order to continue my journey to better health. Thank you earthclinic and Ted for all that you have done. You are a God send. Kim

Replied by Cheryl
(Dover, Delaware)

I would like to try this method for weight loss. How much Baking soda / ACV do you use?

Replied by michelle
(san antonio, tX)

I also would like to know the measurements for ACV and baking soda. Thank you, great site....

EC: Check out this page for more information: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/acv_baking_soda_cures.html

ACV and Coconut Oil

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Posted by Julie (Tarboro, Nc) on 08/21/2011

I have taken 3 Tablespoons of coconut oil for almost a month now, and I have gained no weight. As a matter of fact between the coconut oil and the Apple Cider Vinegar I have lost 30 lbs.