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Does Acai Berry Help with Weight Loss?

| Modified on Apr 22, 2024

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Posted by Shellz (Gauteng, Johannesburg) on 11/25/2010

I cant believe what I am reading on this site!! How can people just give out their CC numbers without doing proper research first!! We live in a world where there are scams and these things DO happen! The Acai berry products are still very new. How many people have you heard of that can actually confirm that it works??

Rather stick to the old remidies that we know work and that have been proven to show results. Here is a good mixture that really works, it is natural and can help with weight loss, even if no exersise is done:
3)Apple Cider (tablets or liquid)
4)Green tea (up to 4 cups a day)
5)CLA (with or without Hoodia)
6)Whey Protein (to replace with 2 meals daily)
7)Very Important!! WATER!! Up to 2 ltrs a day!! Note: Please consult a doctor first! I hope this info helps for those who want to loose weight! I know it helped me!

Replied by Upinder
(Chandigarh Ut. India)

Hello Shellz,

You have spelt out a few things for weight loss. But have not mentioned the quantity and time/ manner in which to have the same. Please could you kindly convey the same, would be grateful.

thanks, upinder gill

Replied by Natalie
(Sydney, Australia Nsw)

Ummm sorry Lyn from Coffs Harbour but did you actually think that consuming acai would make you lose weight with no conjunction of healthy eating and exercise? Acai is a superfood, it's good for your health and wellbeing, it's not a weightloss supplement!! Yes, it's fantastic with assisting in weight loss (if you do it right) dont expect to sit around and do nothing and complain that you have injuries preventing you, EVERYONE can exercise regardless of your injuries, it's just figuring out what can work for you with your injuries. Don't just rely on a supplement to do all the work for you, believe me it won't..

Replied by Tracy
(Altoona, Pa)

Ummm, not EVERYONE can exercise as you so boldly stated. There are many of us with numerous autoimmune diseases that prevent us from even being able to walk some days! I do agree that using a physical INJURY as an excuse is just that, an excuse. BUT, do not assume that everyone can exercise for weight loss purposes on a consistent basis.

Acai Berry
Posted by Lynne (Coffs Harbour, Nsw Australia) on 10/13/2010

I tried Acai Berry approx 1 year ago, I took it as prescribed to lose weight for over 2 months and didnt lose any weight. I know that exercise and diet have a lot to do with taking off weight, I eat well but have heart conditions and chronic neck and back pain that hinders me from doing too much exercise. I feel that the acai berry was a scam... Beware anyone who thinks this VERY EXPENSIVE product will help them to lose weight, if anything is helping you its change in exercise and diet... Good luck everyone

Replied by Ladyliza
(Los Angeles, Ca)
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Lynne, you mentioned you suffered from chronic neck and back pain. Are you by chance on any statin drugs for high cholesterol? I have suffered for the last few years with lower back pain, so after doing some research I read that statins often cause aches and pains. I asked my Dr.To take me off for a month and I am 75% better. I am also taking 3X500mg of niacinamide tablets, 1000mg krill oil and 2000 mg tumeric and now most of my pain is gone, gone, gone! . Try it!

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Ladyliza and Lynne, statins are very dangerous because they deplete the body of coQ10 (which is very dangerous for the heart). If you are taking them you need to also take coQ1.

Personally I would never take statins. Cholesterol is needed for the brain to function. Google Dr. Natasha McBride Cholesterol on youtube. Our brain is made up of saturated fat- cholesterol is a good thing.

Replied by Carly
(Seattle, Wa Usa)

I agree with you Debbie - Statins (in my opinion, with reason) are the DEVILS work.

I would NEVER touch one.

If anyone out there is even considering taking a statin - please research them on the internet first. If you do, you will see horror story after horror story. I have one of my own (husband who took them) but I will spare you the details.

They are *seriously* bad business.


Replied by Nickky_shygirl
(Sydney, Nsw, Australia)

I was taking a shot of acai berry puree every morning and while I didn't lose any weight from it my skin has never looked so good. After just 2 weeks my skin was glowing. It's an amazing product full of antioxidants but doesn't' work for weight loss :(

Replied by Jacques
(Lbb, Texas)

I just wanted to say that I tried the [vitamin C] with Acai Berry a few years ago and I had a horrible reaction. My stomach burned something awful. It was not like heartburn. The burning was not in my chest but very low in my bowels. After I quit using it, I did not have any more problems. I avoid acai berry like the plague. I still use [vitamin C] the orange and tangerine during the winter. I don't get sick as much. Has anyone else had similar problems with acai berry?

However, I was ill about a week ago. Just felt wiped out with flu like symptoms and a headache. After, 24 hours of no relief and taking Theraflu, I decided to take some vitamins along with it. Imagine my surprise when 3 hours later I felt wonderful. Flu symptoms and headache were gone. I had so much energy. Vitamins I took were Omega 3's, Women's Essential Complete with Iron, B12, Calcium D3, Vitamin C Rose Hip. I decided it was time to lose weight and make some lifestyle changes before I turn 50.

Acai Berry
Posted by Taylor (Laguna Hills, CA) on 06/15/2009


I had a sketchy feeling about the acai products. I ordered mine online with a prepaid visa because I did not want to give my real credit card information. I found out my sister has been getting charged every month for the exact same thing, until she canceled her credit card. It's a huge scam!

EC: Such a scam!! Oprah recently even added a disclaimer to her website about acai berry products. Apparently she was getting flack for promoting an acai berry product on her show once.

Replied by Wendy
(So Plainfield, NJ)

When you have a problem with a company, just contact your Attorney General's office and tell them what happened. They will direct you to an agency that handles consumer complaints. I have done this in the past and they take these problems seriously. You may never get your money back, but it may just help to put an end to these scams and have these people investigated. I received a very nice letter telling me that their office urges people to file consumer complaints so they put these companies on notice that they are braking the law. Good luck.......it has worked for me. Wendy

Replied by Bumble_b_tx
(Austin, Tx)

I really found Acai to be effective, but online buying especially with products that have recently been brought to media attention is dangerous...Go to your local health food store. I bought a bottle of acai powder that lasted me forever and was very effective. Way better than have your credit card numbers usurped. :)

Replied by Coregon
(Medford, Or)

I don't order from infomericials on tv or from unknown websites. If I see a nutritional product I want to try, I write down the name and go look on Amazon or Ebay. I can almost always find it and I know those are reputable sites with built in protection for buyers... and usually MUCH cheaper than the product you saw advertised on tv or internet.

Replied by Gordy Three Horses
(Jacksonville, Fl/united States)

You can order 100% acai berry in a powder form, but it will cost you about $60.00 for 1 pound. The juices in the stores contain very little acai berry in them, they are always cut with other juices.

Replied by Tearly

Where can you order this 100% acai berry powder?

Acai Berry
Posted by Linda (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) on 04/29/2009


EC, I am posting this in response to your request for information ref the Acai Berry scams..

This has also been posted at:

I placed an order for the free trial of Acai from these people also. AFTER entering my CC info, they sprung the "terms agreement" of:

1. ongoing monthly automatic Acai shipment at $85.91 per month, PLUS
2. some OTHER membership thing called Fit Factory for ANOTHER $29.95 per month, PLUS
3. some OTHER thing called Cost Smashers for $2.95 per month.

There are 3 separate numbers to cancel these 3 separate little piggybacks.

Thank God I emailed the "terms agreement" to myself to read it, since it didn't show until AFTER they had my card #.

When I call to cancel this it either:
1. Hangs up without ringing

2. Comes on with a voice recording which says please hold, then proceeds to fritz the connection and disconnect

3. Never rings at all.

It's very clear that these people don't WANT to be contacted. So I have called my bank and cancelled the CC; Thank God no further charges seem to have been made so far.

This company is named 'Natures Acai Berry',

Their address is
20100 S. Vermont Ave.
Torrance, CA 90502

I notice that their Company name apparently USED to be 'Natures Best Acai Berry', they're apparently trying to dodge.

This stuff is distributed by Amir and Sanchez Neutraceuticals, whose address is:
Amir and Sanchez Neutraceuticals
5425 E. Broadway Rd #282
Tucson, AZ 85711

By the way, this stuff has VERY LITTLE Acai berry in it; It actually consists of:
Chromium (Metabolic booster)
Green Tea Extract (High in Caffeine) 225 mg
EGCG (A component of Green Tea which suppresses allergic reactions!!!) 135 mg
Caffeine 200 mg
Acai berry extract 50 mg!!!!!!! (Must have squeezed a single berry over the vat)
L-Theanine (Another Green Tea component) 8 mg

So- What it REALLY is, is Chromium, Green Tea, caffeine and a tad of Acai.

What rot.

I am posting this here hoping it will help somebody else NOT get taken...

Good Luck, everyone- Fight the good fight. This is bad business.

Replied by Mitch6114
(Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, Canada)


I too was scammed with the ad on Facebook regarding a 14 day free trial offer for Acai Berry. IT IS A SCAM! Once you give them your credit card number on the internet, they bill you even if you return the small trial. They are unreachable by phone or by internet. DO NOT GET CAUGHT AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER because you will be liable to pay your credit card charges as YOU gave it to them. I hope you will learn from my experience.

Replied by VERONICA
(new york, NY)

Hi i too ordered acai berry online about a year or so ago and i guess i consider myself lucky cus when i saw the charges i called two of the companies and was able to cancel right away. Things like that make you wonder how honest these people are about their products. I'll keep on trying loosing weight but not with these corrupt companies.

Replied by Catherine
(Orlando, Florida)

Sorry to hear about your scam. You should purchase Acai at a retail price and ask for their return policy. I don't buy anything on the NET without a telephone number listed on their sites or contact information for me to call. What if you have a problem and you can't contact them. I stay away from sites that do not have a number or no knowledge about the products. I bought it straight from the company and still $20.00 less than my neighbor who falls for the same scam that you did. Call your credit card company to dispute the charges. Good luck!

Replied by Diamond Gurl
(Defuniak Springs, Fl)

I agree. i owe my bank $600.00 cause i was charged and never received the products. another company was charging me i had no clue .I called the bank it went under investigation they called and got no where but i'm stuck paying back charges i never authorized. Never ever will i order with my bank card again i will get a prepaid $50.00 visa card for now on.

Replied by Tiffany
(Dallas, Arlington Tx)

Tiffany; well I was actually about to get some but after seing this, my thoughts have changed but, what happend was my friend suggested the acai berries and now thinking about it I should have asked for a price and by the way my friend is very wealthy and of course she wouldnt have saw it as a big price .. next time I will remember to ask.

Acai Berry
Posted by DEE (HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND) on 02/25/2009



Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

Dee, this is what you should try. I was charged twice and they tried a third time. I called my credit card company and they said they would dispute the charge. They told me exactly what I had to do. Hang onto the product because you will probably have to mail it back. I had hardly mailed the first bag back when a second one arrived. It was a pain but a learning experience. I also put fraud alert on my credit card because I was worried that if they had my credit card number they could give it out to someone else because they were obviously not trust worthy. Call your credit card company. Really, they were so helpful to me. I just got a statement from them a couple of days ago and they credited me the first $89.00 and the second charge of $93.00! Good Luck.

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

Contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. You should have some protection through them. I've seen several of these posts now - I don't see where anyone can expect EC to be responsible for or help with problems stemming from other sites, linked from here or not. Use common sense in clicking through ad links no matter where you see them. I don't ever give out my CC info to any company I am not familiar with or haven't researched.

Replied by Denise
(Athens, Ohio)


I was also one of the unlucky ones that fell for this scam. Calling the company is nothing but a HUGE joke. They don't listen, just keep trying to sell you more. But I did contact my cc company right away and they was great in refunding it (yes it happened twice) But I also notified the Better Business Bureau and emailed them copies of the emails I had sent the company trying to cancel. Actually tried cancelling and stopping it within a minute of ordering because my "gut" told me something was not right about it.

So my suggestion is for anyone still dealing with them, contact the BBB and hopefully they will be able to do something if enough people contact them.

Replied by Duaty
(Tampa, FL)

To get your money back call your credit card company and lodge a complaint. I did with the same thing and within a week they credited my card. I had three charges for almost $100 and I got it all back

Replied by Linda
(York County, Maine)

....anytime you're credit card is mistreated by a seller, dispute the charges and let the credit card company take care of it....you need a pretty good reason for feeling the charges aren't justified, can't just do it willy-nilly and it sounds to me, Dee, that you have a very good reason to begin the dispute. Good Luck!

Replied by Nicole
(Toledo, Ohio)

I actually lucked out with this one. I had $1 left on a gift credit card and decided to try the stuff. I found out later about them ripping people off that did the trial. Since then, any time I need a credit card for a site/company I don't know well I go to the store and get another prepaid gift credit card. It's very little hassle compared to dealing with con artists, fraudulent charges, and identity theft.

I hope this can help someone.

PS The Acai stuff did nothing but give me gas. :)

Replied by Vicki
(Beloit, Wisconsin)


I can't believe I'm reading these posts. I got sucked in too! I got a phone call from a fast talker 5 days after my order was placed. I was being given all these little disclosures by a speed talker. I was yelling 89 dollors? What are you talking about. I signed up for a free trial offer! sorry mam I'm just the messinger. You can cancil by calling this number within 15 days of recieving your product.I'm yelling WAIT what's the number again. The sweet soul told me the number like five times in her fastest speed talk phone voice. My debit/visa told me there was not much they could do so I completely canciled out my card and ordered a new one. They were already trying to get 49 dollors from my account. I learned a valuable lesson. I never took my pills eather I was so mad. Vicki

EC: Does anyone have the website address of this terrible company? Would like to make sure their ads are all banned from appearing on EC.

Replied by Sis
(Springfield, MO)

I work for a major credit card company and from what I have experienced from customers calling in about a infomercial charge like the acai berry pill, anytime you want to try a product from an infomercial, look up their ordering info online or call the number on the t.v and ask if they have a way to order it and you can mail a money order, do not use a check from your bank account or your credit card or debit card otherwise they will charge you before your trial period is up. this goes for ALL informercial or advertisments in magazines or newspapers or online. A lot of the time it might be a great product but they do try to scam you for your money...Just a tid bit of information that everyone can use. Hope this is helpful!!

Replied by Mitch
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
3 posts


I too was scammed by these infomercials on Facebook for the Acai Berry free trial offer. I thought I could try their products as specified on their website but they kept billing my credit card although I had returned their products and cancelled my membership. It took months and a lot of phone calls and letters. I finally cancelled my credit card and paid my credit card. I was held responsible for the debt, as I had willingly my credit card number to this company. THIS IS A SCAM ON FACEBOOK AND ON MANY WEBSITES. I have learned my lesson AND sharing my experience so others don't get caught like I did.

EC: Will someone please send us the website url of one of these acai berry scam companies? Want to make sure they are banned from appearing in any google-sponsored ads on Earth Clinic. Thanks!

Replied by Jane
(Blackfoot, ID)


Just want to comment on the acai berry scam.It was supposed to be free-just pay 4.95 shipping.I got charged 39.95 two times in 1 month. I had to change my credit card no. I am grateful to hear complaints from others as I thought I missed something.Actually I went back to the sight.I think they've changed companies. I never want to use my credit card again mail things. Thank you to the girl from Toledo who used a prepaid credit card.That is the only way i'll order from now on.

Replied by W

To Dee from Hyattsville regarding Acai Berry Pills Scam...Call your credit card company and file a dispute. I did this in a similar situation and they disputed the charge with the company, I got my money back.

Replied by Tamara
(Albany, Ny United States)

There's no such thing as a free lunch. I don't understand why people fall for that "free trial" or "try it for $1" crap. EVERY SINGLE ONE is a "scam" to get you locked into a contract or to get your credit card info. Some are worse than others and some are impossible to get out of without canceling your credit card. There is no "miracle drug" or extract or pill that's going to make you lose weight or look younger or whatever the case may be. Get up off the couch, MOVE, and start eating right. Quit looking for the easy way out because there isn't one. Crash diets and pills are bogus. Yeah you might lose some weight, but look at what you're doing to your body. (put that weight on awful fast again after you stop the diet or the pills don't you?) Stop being sheep and doing whatever the tv, internet, or magazines tell you to do. And for the love of god stop giving people (not established businesses- LOOK FOR THE SECURITY LOGOS or go through paypal!!!) money over the phone and internet!!!! It's like a lamb walking right into the wolf's mouth! Seriously!

Replied by Catalina
(London, Ontario)

Sorry to hear everyone that got scammed. If you charged it to your credit card you can call your credit card company and explain the situation and they can do a fraud investigation and get your money back. They will deal with the company so you dont have to. Try it. I have had to do it and the credit card company put a credit on my card. Good Luck everyone!! Catalina

Replied by Susan
(Anaheim, California)

BEWARE: Another thing to remember when ordering online is to look at the URL address. If it begins with http it is OK to browse but, do not enter any financial info. Make sure it begins with https. The s stands for secure. This means no one else can get your info.

Replied by Todd

I also hope all of you contacted the Consumer Protection Agency in the state where the company is located and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency. You may not get your money back but we need to shut these people down ASAP!!!

Acai Berry
Posted by Terry (Vancouver, WA) on 02/17/2009


ACAI Scam: Please tell your subscribers to read the fine print befor ordering the Acaia Berry weight loss pills. I ordered the pay postage only for a trial weeks supply. I gave them my credit card to pay for the postage cost. I received the sample pills that didn't do anything. I didn't contact the company because the pills were worthless in my estimation. About a week later I received a months supply, and they charged my card a whopping $89.00. I was furious. Then I went looking for a phone for the company and lo and behold they didn't have one, the company wasn't registered in FLORIDA, but they had a service in Utah that handled there orders. I called them and they said they could not refund any cash period. I then told them I was going to the States Atty. Gen. office and filing a complaint against them. Well, to make a story short I settled for 1/2 my money back (which I shouldn't have) the pills were probably only worth (retail) $19.95 or a $1.00. I then went to the internet and found out that most of the companies selling Acai were all from Florida, with no phone number or address. Tell all your subscribers to PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT WHEN ORDERING THE FREE SAMPLE. Terry

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi/USA)


I too had a bad experience ordering Acai Berry off of the Internet. Shortly after ordering it, I read that it was a scam so I immediately tried to cancel. The phone number listed was a non-working number. I called my credit card company and they gave me a number which was also a scam. I called the credit card company back after an 89.00 charge appeared on my card and told them about it. They put it in dispute and the next month there was another charge for 94.00. The credit card company was really good about it and they disputed both amounts and have since credited my money back to me. Watch out people. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

Acai Berry
Posted by Robyn (Perth, Western Australia) on 11/08/2008

I have been reading a lot of late about the fantastic anti-oxidant power of this acai berry. Have also read that it is very good for weight loss. Has anyone tried this for this purpose, did it work and did you use it alone or with a colon cleanse? Some articles I have read suggest that is has colon cleansing properties and others seem to suggest that the two need to be used in conjunction with each other. I would be very interested in anyone's personal experiences. Looking forward to feedback. Thanks.

Replied by Lori Keat
(Blacksburg, Virginia)

I have been drinking Acai Berry juice w/blueberry,pomegranite,raspberry juice added from a major vitamin shop chain store. I have also been doing the colon cleanse. I chose to do so, because I'd read where the "1-2 punch" was the way to go. I did not buy what was recommended on the internet as a packaged deal, but purchased my own from our local health food store. Having been doing both for about a month now, I have seen NO weightloss. I have, however, discovered that I love the Acai Berry juice. It seems to make me a better me. No side effects, I just 'feel better' I sleep like a dream, whether I take the juice in the a.m. or p.m. I have also tried the company's Acai Berry juice which comes in a bottle that resembles a wine bottle, and you can only purchase from someone who has become a distributor for that company. I believe this was on Oprah (like I care). Anyway, it had a nasty bitter taste to it, but I finished the bottle because it was given to me, and I did not have to spend the normal fee of approx. $45.00 per bottle. I like the one I get from the vitamin shop w/the three other juices added. Now for the colon cleanse. I bought mine from our local health food store. I started w/ the 2 week, just to besure my body could handle it. I was concerned because I thought I'd 'go' all day every day. In my case this was not so, I was going every other day, but 'better'. I know that doesn't make much sense unless you experience it. Also it was very gentle. I did notice my indigestion lessoned quite a bit, and so did my occassional acid reflux feeling. I did not diet, but was more aware of my food choices.

I will continue both, because I see a difference in 'me', but not my body weight. I hope this helps you.
Lori K.

Replied by Joelle
(Watertown, Ma)

i tried the acai berry supplement along with a colon cleanse. i lost no weight at all. i did have regular bowel movements in the morning for the first 2 weeks then i resumed my normal bowel routine (about every 2 days) i was very disappointed in both products. i took them both as directed and in combination with healthy eating and exercise. the colon cleanse product was bromalite and called for one capsule twice a day. the acai berry was 3 capsules at night.

Replied by Arlene
(Blanchardville, Wisconsin)

To those of you who were defrauded when companies used your credit card, delayed shipment, wouldn't refund, etc.: This happened to me in a different situation, and the company was feeling very "uppity" until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in their area. All of a sudden, my refund came through. Use the BBB!

Replied by Katie
(Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario CANADA)


Definitely agree with all the warnings about the acaiberry product - EC, check out acaiburn.com to see the ads. I was sucked into this too and it was a terrible experience - they signed me up for all sorts of 'web-advisor sites' that cast 15 bucks every two weeks, that they didn't tell me about beforehand - I got on the phone and got all the charges cancelled after a long drawn-out battle, but the total on the credit card over about 2 months was nearing $500! And, they 'accidentally' created two accounts for me in their database, so when they 'deleted' my account, I continued getting charged and had to call them again to track those charges down! it adds up, believe me - all those little 'internet access fees' of $5, or the shipping costs of $15 etc. It is not much of a 'free trial' and returnng and cancelling it is such a hassle, don't even start!

EC: Thank you for the website url!

Replied by Gabrielle
(Brighton, Ontario)

To loose wheight just take apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and 20 min. later take 2 table spoons of phyllium husk the secret is you have to drink liquids to move your waste through your bowels its easy. Don't buy Apple cider vinegar in plastic bottles. Regarding credit card scams its easy just report your card stolen no more charges.

Replied by Thisbitterfruit
(Reno, Nv)

Acai itself is not a scam. Unfortunately, most if not all of the companies who try to pass it off as a weight loss pill are. Acai works, you just have to make sure you get the real deal. No pills, no juice. The pills usually don't contain properly prepared acai and the juice has to be very fresh and unpasteurized to be at all effective. As acai doesn't keep well, most juices you find will not be raw. Powder is the best and always make sure it's organic.

This is where I get it from. ___________

Don't be so quick to write off acai berry, sometimes you just have to do a bit of research to get the good stuff!

Replied by Rodrigo
(Rio, Brazil)

This is true. Here in Brazil Acai is very popular. Most people buy it in frozen in semi-liquid form, and eat it at home with cereal or granola. It's also sold everywhere and it makes the perfect healthy snack. Its full of vit C and other anti oxidants. I still don't understand why it gets such a bad rep in the US. It's just fruit, like banana.

EC: Acai Berry got a bad reputation in US because of multiple online companies scamming people!