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Posted by Azad (Lahore, Pakistan) on 04/14/2014

Hi. I have been using home made syrup for weight loss, Ingredients are ; Honey, Apple Cider, ginger and garlic. I am also using lemon grass tea and wulong tea available in local market for weight loss.
Ever since I was using the syrup (i started using tea after three weeks of taking syrup) I am peeing more frequently.
I had a strong bladder and used to pee twice a day. Now I m peeing like every 2-3 hours.
My urine results are as follows:
Color: Yellow
Specific Gravity: 1.030
Pus Cells:2-4/HPF
Red Blood Cells:1-2/HPF
Epithelial Cells:1-2/HPF
Spot Urinary Protein:1.49 g/l

What do you suggest ?
I also feel muscles cramping in both legs.

Replied by Anyone

Get your random blood sugar tested too. This tea has nothing to do with increased frequency of urination.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Leanne (Australia, ) on 12/20/2013

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for weight loss. I am 50 yrs of age, female, and for the life of me can't budge the weight. I am just overweight and would like to lose 5 kilos.

I have tried every diet around. I have just tried the low carbohydrate diet, gone off sugar, and any type of unhealthy food for months, drink lots of water, tried ACV, exercise, and cannot even lose half a kilo nor any cms either. Could my liver be the problem. If so what can I do about it. Any suggestions?

Replied by T

I'm thinking hormones. or thyroid. My sister ate only lettuce & gained weight--it was her thyroid. My weight is due to lack of female hormones after menopause. I'm on vivelle dot, hope it helps w the weight and also for the insomnia. You can suffer from lack of hormones even tho you still get a period, it's slowly going down as you age.

Replied by Robin
(Rural Va)

You say you have tried every diet, but I have to ask, have you tried Dukan? I also found that I could not lose more than a few pounds at a time, and then gained it back. I am 55. I found success with Dukan. One of the main principals is daily oat bran. I have maintained with continued consumption of this.

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Leanne: As a fun loving teen who played hard all the time I weighed 150, as a middle aged worker I weighed 180, and as an old man who did not work I weighed 230, even though I ate the same amount of food. From 16 to 36 I gained 30lbs. of muscle. From 50 to 60 I gained 50lbs. of fat. At the age of 61 I was back to 180 feeling and thinking better than in my entire life because I studied the way food affects cellular biology and went on a complete whole raw superfood program. The details are too long to explain here but the short version is that eating the best foods the right way simultaneously nourishes, detoxes, repairs, and enables the body to function at peak performance. Watch raw food and superfood videos and study the Andrew Kim Blogs why cells go bad, insulin revisited, and carbon dioxide for some enlightenment.

Replied by Cj
(New Zealand)

Leeanne from Australia, being around the same age myself, we're in the pre-menopausal or menopausal stage right now so weight loss is nigh on impossible for us during this time. At least that's the way it is for most women. However, weight loss for me is achieved by cutting right back on any processed foods - if it comes out of a box, or a bag, I avoid it. At this time of year for us in Aus and NZ, we've got access to loads of fresh fruit and veges so if it doesn't come off with the things you've done, then I have a feeling you'll have to get used to it until your body goes through it's phase.

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Posted by Kathryn4 (Maryland) on 09/13/2013

We have used parasite cleansers and caprylic acid which is a yeast supplenment to reduce Candida for weight loss. It has helped tremendously. Also, a no sugar and no wheat diet.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Cara (Nyack, Ny) on 09/09/2010

I need to lose 20 pounds and have tried everything, exercise, dieting- nothing helps. I'll lose a few pounds then gain it back without changing anything. I have been trying the ACV (2 tbsp per 16 oz drank throughout day)that I saw on this site for about a week but have seen no change. I have also taken EV Coconut Oil (and cut fat & calories from my diet to make up for it). I am taking antidepressants and had my gall bladder removed and was wondering if either of these factors could be contributing to the inability to lose weight. I also have Epstein Barr and fibromyalgia so I have been taking vitamins as well as COQ10 & L-Carnatine for about a year just to have some energy. Any suggestions? Getting this weight off is really important to me, I'll try anything at this point. Thanks.

Replied by Sarahtolson
(San Diego, Ca)

Hi Cara.. I just wanted to ask if you are gluten free/dairy free yet? I have FMS, and supplements and everything else won't do me any good if I am eating foods that inflame the body. With FMS, gluten and dairy are super harmful and should be eliminated for life. Try it.. You will feel much better!

Replied by L.
(Red Deer, Alberta Canada)

I would check the side effects of the antidepressants. I too, have been dealing with some of your health issues, including weight. For me, I had to be satisfied that I was taking a whole food diet. That means fresh perishable foods. Also, mostly just plain, loose green tea in the am, and then only water or lemon water. Recently, I've tried MMS and colodial silver, and the weight has been reducing, as well as an increase in energy. You should read up on the alkalising drink, because it's imperative to keep your PH at about 7, or 7.25. When people ask me for supplements, (I guess they see I've improved) I always tell them about raising the PH, before I tell them anything else. The body heals with a neutral (7) PH.

Replied by Malhotra
(Delhi, India)

hi... Antidepressents r main cause of puttng on weight.. My friend was on antidepressent n she has 10 kgs. Nw she has stopped n switched 2 homeopatty medicine 4 her depression.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Laure (Belleville, Ontario, Canada) on 03/24/2009

This is both a weight loss and health issues question.
I REALLY need your help figuring this out.

Eight yrs ago I became very ill with an extreme flu for 3.5 mths, it seemed to mutate every mth. I was given 6 day antibiotic prescriptions 1 x mth for 1st 2 mths. No medication worked.

I had previously eaten a low-carb type lifestyle diet which does contain Healthy Carbs only for 4yrs (Somersizing) with no problems. Due to being ill for so long I gained 30lbs in the 3.5mths, not like me at all. I was barely eating anything each day, sometimes going 1-3days without food. After I got better (not well), & 4mths later, I still had "0" energy & felt sick most of the time. Almost every morning since.... immediately after waking I begin coughing violently (from my stomach not chest), as if I am about to vomit. If I do vomit, its more like spit and sometimes acid (haven't had any "food" at this point). I switched to water in the morning, found this didn't help much. This continues to this day, I've found recently if I drink 2 cups of sage tea before bed it does seem to settle this down.

My doc said "my body had taken a hell of a hit, and would just take time to get over it. About 5mths". I endured the 5mths, continuing my low-carb style WOE (eating only heathly carbs 1x per day). During that 5mths I gained another 10lbs & I really have no clue how. When I went back to the doc....he just shrugged his shoulders and told me to go home and rest that it may take up to another year. I believe this was a total copout on his part. 2 yrs later he finally tested my thyroid and sugar levels & said they were fine. Refuses to test my hormone levels because he doesn't beleive in HRT's (natural or chemical). I just wanted to know where my levels were at.

I've always been one of those people who found it easy to lose weight, then I hit a phase 11 yrs ago where I gained 25lbs and couldn't take it off. I then found my low-carb style WOE (Somersizing: note we DO eat healthy carbs) & lost all the weight over 3 mths & have stayed with it since with not one problem.

It's now 8 yrs later and I'm worse not better (more fatigued), and its a struggled just to do basics everyday. And have gained another 35lbs over time. I love my low-carb type lifestyle WOE (Somersizing) and won't change that. But over the past 3.5 yrs I've noticed something weird going on. I've tried to adjust my WOE to eliminate it, but this hasn't worked either. Instant, sometimes extreme heartburn. The only things that settle it down are homemade ginger tea.....and for instant relief until the ginger is ready, I've found sipping a small amount of cream really lessens the heartburn. I've tracked down some culprits. example: my decafe coffee. I thought it was the brand so I switched brands....nothing changed. So now I can only have 1 decafe coffee every 2nd morning. I do drinks Lots of water per day, and LOTS of veggies. I sometimes get the heartburn when drinking water too. I'm assuming I must be full of acid....any ideas what could be causing all of this? Acid or other.

I've have people suggest carb blockers (but I only eat healthy carb in the morning 4x per week), I can't see where they would help.

I've tried digestive enzymes, didn't seem to do anything. Although in fairness perhaps I didn't take them long enough.

I've been wondering if my body is having difficulty breaking down proteins/fats, and need something for that????

I've now tried sooooo many different "remedies" and am at a loss. And am not rich and tired of spending $$ on what doesn't work.

Various herbal & other supplements etc.

I also tried taking CLA & borage combo and drinking sage tea.

Yes, I've been back to the doc a few times.......but he has been NO help. The most he has said is that I need to lose the weight. Refuses to get down to business regarding the other symptoms.

I don't know whether all of this is connected to my being so ill so long ago or not. Or whether each issue is connect to others or not.

I only mentioned my WOE so you'll understand that I do not eat the regular standard Canada diet, no junk foods, no fast foods, no pop etc. Just healthy foods

If you have any ideas at all they would be welcome.
I'm sorry this is soooo long, but I'm afraid I could leave out a vital clue to figuring this out.

I am desperate now.... beginning to have physical problems due to overweight and fatigue.

Ted, any help you can give me in trying to figure this out would great be appreciated.

Replied by Wendy
(Parksville, BC, Cananda)
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Hi Laure:

I do not usually give advice to people, but you did not give your age in the write up. I would think that your hormones are out of whack and need balancing, in order to lose weight. I myself had gained weight, but not as much as you. Since correcting my hormones, I have lost weight and feel way better.

AS for your illness or flu, a biofeedback session might help you. I know of someone who basically gave up. Went through all tests at the doctors and could not find anything wrong. She had Diarreha for six months and was down to 80 lbs. One session of Biofeedback kiled the virus or bacteria she had and she is 100 per cent now. I believe it can get rid of candida, which is a very common problem and causes many other dieases if you are filled with the yeast. Hope this helps.

Replied by Erin
(Naperville, IL)

Your story sounds similar to mine after I got double pneumonia several years ago. I was on very strong antibiotics for about three months and then, while I still had vestiges of the pneumonia, I began picking up other strange infections like pink eye, bronchitis and a skin condition. My doctor ran tests and said that due to the infection and the pneumonia, my immune system had been compromised. Then he suggested changing my antibiotic to a different one and he said he would have to start treating me like an organ transplant patient ... which meant limiting my contact with the outside world, eating and resting as much as possible, etc. The whole time he was telling me this, my brain was shouting, "You guys did this to me! You made me sicker! There is no way I'm going to let you do anything more. You had your chance." I left his office and made an appointment with my Chinese doctor. She practices acupuncture and Chinese herbs. When I went to see her, she gave me an exam, some Chinese herbs and about an hour of acupuncture and told me to come back the following week. That night, I slept better than I had in five months. By the end of the first week, I was feeling like my old self again. My energy was coming back and I was feeling healthier and stronger. I kicked everything within a month. I should have gone to her in the first place! My advice to you is to seek out an acupuncturist and herbalist. You gave traditional medicine a chance and it didn't do much good for you. Good luck!

Replied by R
(South , FL, USA)

Erin's suggestion is a great one. I did that years ago and it was a great help to me. Recently, I'm not having any results from it so I searched for other options. I have searched for answers to multiple issues. I too have acid reflux and struggled for a long time as I would not take the medicine that the doctor's said I had to take. Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother on it) has allowed me to eat anything again and DRINK MY COFFEE! I started with 2 tsp with 1/8 tsp of baking soda, 3 or 4 times per day before eating. ACV is great for weight loss as well so you should take before eating. Adjust the dosage up or down. I'm a tea drinker and put it in my tea and I really like the taste. ACV can/will give you energy, weight loss, detox, and helps you digest your food properly. Also, read up on the oil pulling. On the main page to the left is a link for OP. I read everything I could on the subject and started about 4 months ago. 1 tbl every morning for 15 to 20 minutes. I change my oil to experiment but sesame, safflower is what I'm currently using. Cold pressed or expeller pressed, organic is best. These two remedies are inexpensive and can/will have excellent results. I read all the posts on these two subjects so that I could then do my own routine. I hope this helps you. Please provide an update to let us know how you are doing.

Replied by PR
(Houston, Texas)

My heart goes out to you. Like so many of us you've had a hard time. At least you have end up at the right place with Earth Clinic. Take the time researching this site to find your answers. You will find this a journey as not everything works the same for everyone but don't give up - you will find your answers. First of all have you checked your PH balance as this is a key to wellness? You need to get ph test strips. I think I read you can buy them on amazon for a good price - otherwise your local health food store. Your ph balance is a must as disease cannot survive in the right balance. You need to check your PH balance every day. Second thing to consider is parasites as they can cause a lot of problems and are always the last thing doctors look for or never consider. Third thing is heavy metals and chemicals. I have learn this is the combination that disease needs to exist in a body. So if someone has been sick for a long time this is usually what is going on. MMS is remedy that you may want to research as it has help a lot of people. But there are so many other remedies to consider on your journey like H202, colloidal silver, Mini Beet Protocol to name a few. Some people have great with results with apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Most of us who have been where you are have had to do a combination of several things. Hope this helps.

Replied by Dianne
(Orillia, Ontario Canada)

Laure from Bellville, Have you tried any antifungal/parasite cleanses? Sounds like that could be a solution. I have learned a lot in regards to what happens when we are overloaded with parisites and fungus. Also you need to build up your immune system. You should be taking some wide spectrum pro biotics as well. There is a TV show called "Know The Cause" which you can see on the web. It features many aspects of health and the reasons for it's decline.Hope you can regain your health quickly Blessings Dianne

Replied by CheeMiss
(Toronto, ON)

Hello Laure from Belleville, Ontario

I know that this suggestion may seem to be to easy to help, but it certainly is worth a shot. It is an old European remedy, but for some reason it was no longer working for me, UNTIL I DISCOVERED THE REASON WHY. Buttermilk, yep, buttermilk. BUT IT MUST BE ORGANIC OR IT WILL NOT HELP YOU AT ALL.

The health food stores only recently started to carry it.

I bought 3 quarts of it. Drank 1 quart per day. The 1st day it was a miracle for my acid reflux, burping, bloating, gas, cramps and IBS diarrhea . By the last quart, (only 3 days) even my Tinnitus settled down.

The ORGANIC Buttermilk contains B-12 as well as other vital nutrients for our body. (read the ingredients label). The industrial farming dairy business's have destroyed the natural healing properties in dairy by the way they confine and feed the cows. No wonder more & more people are having problems with dairy.

Organic cows are allowed to graze on clovers and grass. The entire planet was raised on health dairy before the brutal industrial farming techniques took over, and people were healthier back then than now. Including me.

I could not believe that something so simple would work so quickly.......And my weight has been coming off quickly without my dieting.

I guess my body is getting what it needs thru the Organic buttermilk AND AS A BONUS, I AM SLIMMING DOWN!!!

Believe me, I have been trying everything, incl. Omega 3's via cod liver oil, vitamins incl D, A etc, ACV (which made things worse for me) the list is endless to what I have tried. You name it, I've tried it.

I repeat, I only got these results because of the ORGANIC Buttermilk.......NOT THE ADULTERATED CONVENTIONAL BUTTERMILK.

I know that it sounds to simple.....but it really is working for me. I literally crave the stuff now, in lieu of food. Imagine that.

Btw: I now have been eating Organic dairy products only.....and they are working for me. Yeah! I missed my dairy products. If I eat conventional dairy products my problems come back.

I hope that it works for you as it is for me.

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Tx)

Laure, I hope you check back on your post, even though it's been quite awhile. Iodine drops got rid of my acid reflux. I guess iodine helps make digestive enzymes--but I'm not 100% sure. They also can help you lose weight because your thyroid, which controls your metabolism, uses iodine. I also tested "normal" on my thyroid test, but I don't believe it because my food journal tells me that anything that blocks iodine causes me to gain weight. These iodine blockers are called goitrogens. Soy, apple cider vinegar, mustard, cabbage (raw, and also cooked) all cause me to gain weight. Oddly enough, peanut butter does not. Also, selenium helps your thyroid, but make sure it is yeast-free. Cheap, yeast-based selenium caused me to get ovarian cysts, and they went away when I stopped taking it. Caution with the iodine: It will make Wilson's Syndrome worse. Check your body temp. Mine is always in the 96s and 97s and never gets up to 98 degrees. This is Wilson's syndrome, and too much iodine will make it worse. I am unable to lose weight and am cold all the time, and haven't been able to find a way to get better. I plan on getting a doctor's appointment and begging for prescription T-3, which is the thyroid hormone I am obviously not making. Also, I have been taking 1200 IUs daily of vit D3. Dr. Oz said on Oprah, that it heals the thyroid. Temp up, but also weight going up too. I get on the scales every morning and just curse, because nothing is keeping my weight from going up.

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Tx)

Note on my previous post: WOOHOO! I just took my temp and it is 98. 5! The 1200 IUs of vitamin D, and stopping the iodine did it. (Because of Wilson's Syndrome, I only take iodine drops if I get acid reflux, which is almost never, when it used to be daily. ) Now that my thyroid seems to be nearly healed, I feel so encouraged that I have thought of a new strategy for weight loss (also from reading other posts). I think what made Laure's thyroid and mine get bad, is a combination of adrenal fatigue (hers from ilness, mine from mercury poisoning), heavy metals getting into the thyroid, and candida (which mercury creates a hospitable environment for). Here's what I am already doing: No wheat (rice, potatoes and corn ok), and no goitrogens, and 1200 IUs vit D, yeast-free selenium, zinc, stress B vits, cod liver oil, and liquid calcium in the morning. At night (because I don't have coffee to block it at bedtime): 35 mg of iron, and 200 mg magnesium. The magnesium helps me sleep, and the iron is another mineral your thyroid needs but, very few people know this. New strategy: try jumping rope and moderate weights a few times a week (already walking a lot), 3 cayenne pills a day, cilantro to carry out the mercury, and olive leave, cat's claw, black walnut, and pau d'arco to get rid of the candida. Licorice herb will help heal your adrenals from your major illness, but only take it if your blood pressure is normal or below--and monitor, as licorice raises blood pressure. Also, I can't wait to try the suggestion on organic buttermilk. No doubt, if these things work--I will post again!

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Tx)

Here's an update on my post from July 14. I got on the scales and weighed more than I had all year. Last summer, I tried to do the Master Cleanse, but I've done it so many years (probably with leaky gut syndrome) that I just couldn't down the lemonade any more and it turned out to be a 21 day water and carrot fast. I lost 19 pounds and only 4 of them came back when I started eating again. Well, now the weight was climbing back up a year later. I got mad and just quite eating altogether. Then a plan formed in my mind: How about a juice fast, except eat the raw fruits and veggies, so the fiber keeps the waste moving out, and I wouldn't get sick (I always get extremely sick and weak on fasts unless I can afford a really good colon cleanse which I can't, right now). I'm also drinking lots of water and taking some black strap molasses, bentonite clay, and clear Metamucil. I have lost 8 1/2 pounds in the 9 days since I started. I'm going for 21 days again, which might get me to my ideal weight. I also found and am reading a great book on undiagnosed hypothyroidism (which could cost you your life because of heart disease and cancer) called "Solved: The Riddle of Illness. Your Amazing Thyroid and How You Can Work With It To Control Arthritis, etc. Etc. " Authors: Stephen E. Langer, M. D. , and James F. Scheer.

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Tx)

Here's what happened after my 21 day raw fruit and veggie fast. Mostly I ate watermelon, raw carrots, an occasional carrot juice, apples, avocado (in moderation), clover sprouts, lemon juice, and black strap molasses (for vitamins and minerals). One good recipe: grated carrot mixed with minced apple, with lemon squeezed on top. Towards the end, I found that clover sprouts have the same chemicals that soy has--and was hindering the working of my still-healing thyroid. This may be why I only lost 15 pounds in the 21 days, when I expected to lose a pound a day. As to be expected, 5 pounds came back on when I started eating a normal diet again. The first thing I ate was the veggie soup from the Vegetable Soup cure in this Weight Loss category (you have to be very careful how you break a fast). That soup is SO great! I am going to try going on that for a week--starting tomorrow. It made me more full than any other food ever--even peanut butter--and got rid of all cravings. I think a lot of my hunger comes from inflamed intestines--because I got extra hungry when I ate meat. When I made the soup, I used homemade chicken broth (all store-bought has MSG), and Creole seasonings: salt, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, basil, thyme, and lots of paprika. SO yummy! If I have any success--I will post under the Vegetable Soup suggestion. (I keep homemade broth in the freezer at all times. My recipe: Bake a whole chicken for dinner. If there's any meat left, take it from the bones and store that in the fridge. Put the bones in the crock pot with two quartered onions, 1 1/2 tsp. Of salt, and enough pure water to cover. Simmer on low for about 24 hours. Let cool till only warm, and pour through a colander which is sitting in a big-enough bowl. Then place the bowl of broth in the fridge until the fat solidifies on top, and skim the fat off (otherwise it is grossly greasy). Then freeze in smaller containers.

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Tx)

I forgot one very important ingredient for the veggie soup. One chopped green bell pepper! Creole has got to have green bell pepper and celery (already in original recipe) to taste really good.

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Tx)

I think I forgot to mention the cayenne pepper (either ground or flakes) in the Creole seasoning. Very important: cayenne heals thyroids, cuts appetite, and heals a lot of other things--and makes things taste good. Also, forgot to mention, on the fruit and veggie fast, I also had papaya (tastes better with lemon squeezed over it), and pineapple, which tastes great all by itself. I think the enzymes in these help to clean up the gunk in our digestive systems.

Neem Tea

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Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 04/30/2016

Better But With Side Effects

You may need to take 800 IU of Vitamin E with the Neem if you choose to use Neem for Weight Loss or whatever. It sometimes make me feel irritable. When I take the Vitamin E I do not have that problem.

It is better to take the Vitamin E before you leave the house, or put the whole bottle in your pocket, lest someone steps on your toes during a mood swing.

Replied by Hisjewel
([email protected])

Better But With Side Effects

I noticed that the mention of the moody feeling I get when drinking the Neem tea was rated as Better but with side effects. So I thought perhaps someone may want to know if there were any other side effects.

After the first day of taking the Neem, I began to feel stings as if I were about to break out in a rash. it was similar to the feeling that I got when I took the borax for a month, so I concluded that it was die off because of my experience with the borax.

Mind you I drink a lot of water while taking Neem tea. After 12 days of taking the Neem I took a break from it. The stinging stopped, I never got a rash, perhaps because I cut down to a third cup of the Tea. Also when I started back taking the Neem no more stinging. The stings did not return.

The other side effect was a very light headache.

The many benefits I got from drinking the Neem tea out weight the side effects so I just take breaks from drinking the tea. Some suggest weeks. but I only drink a little bit, so I just skip a few days. and start again.

Not only have I lost weight (2 sizes Down), I don't have to depend solely on the baking soda any more to kill a UTI infection. The Neem has helped to regulate my blood sugar.

When you read up on Neem, you are advised to check with your doctor if you have diabetes, because Neem may lower your blood sugar.

I know Neem helped with my blood sugar, because usually when I eat sweets I have to run for the baking soda and Molasses.

I will have a confirmation soon, I do have a doctor's visit scheduled.

"Yes Neem tea tastes terrible! " But it works great!

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Happy Mothers Day, Mothers! I decided to stop a moment here and update my update.

I got an good report from the doctor. I do not go to the doctor often, but I do go for my yearly check up and when it is absolutely necessary. Kidneys good, liver good, blood pressure bad, had a tendency of running high was 119/60. My blood sugar was still borderline and so was my cholesterol.

Now, what you want to know is that I lost 20 pounds from the middle of March to the present. Now trying to remember all the details right does not always happen with me. But I do know that I was doing a 21 day prayer consecration, during which I cut out basically bread, rice and flour, thought sometimes I had some wheat bread, but not daily. I cut down on how much sugar I use in my tea.

You want to know the truth right? I did eat french fries. Had to laugh there. But I did not eat the burger. My meat was either chicken or tuna.

Just to give you a line of of the supplements that I stuck to during this time. Cayenne Pepper and Ginger daily, which I was taking for my circulation and heart. Manganese which I was taking once a week get rid of hair balls, Stinging Nettle to grow my hair and found out it was good for circulation and weight lost too, and Neem which I actually give credit for maintaining the weight lost, because it regulates blood sugar etc.

There are a few other supplements I take but only as needed.

We can do this. Now to not go back to the Junk. You know today is Mother's Day so I did a lot of cheating. Which way to the GYM?

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Good Morning Everyone, As I awoke this morning I remembered what I am sure is an important detail in the first 21 days of losing weight.

Most mornings I only had hot water for breakfast. Some morning's I had tea or coffee. That's it just the hot drink.

My first meal was lunch, I don't think I noted it, but with dinner, I had plenty of cooked greens. For evening settling a fruit snack or hot drink was the best I could do.

I expected to lose water weight, but did not really know I lost weight till my clothes got loose. I did not weight my self. I got weighted at the doctors office. That's why originally said two sizes down.

All these weight notes to you are because I usually gain my weight right back. But even though I have added a limited amount of the other foods back, one or two of the prior mentioned supplements or teas has been working to keep the weight off.


Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 04/30/2016

Weight Loss:

Neem Tea will do it if you can forgive it for tasting terrible. Was and am taking it for my hair. Not only did it help me keep the wait off the weight I lost from a Prayer consecration, It continues to take off the pounds. I did cut down on the starches and sweets, but I have done that before and still did not loose weight.

Perhaps the Neem Tea works because it never gives up on it job of being a diuretic. You have to drink plenty of water, like a gallon or more. If you don't your kidneys will be over drained.

I only drink one third cup a day. You must read up on Neem if you decide to go this way because it has a habit of lowering blood pressure . It is also used as a birth control pill. Yes you really need to check up on this one. It helps to heal wounds. I have some sores I had been opening and closing for years, because I love to pick at them when I am stressed. Now I can't picked at them they healed!

Well this is about weight loss, but read up before you drink up.

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Correction, I meant to say Neem has been said to lower blood sugar. This is one of the reason to read up on it before you start taking it. You do not want your blood sugar to drop too low.

Replied by Hisjewel
(America, New York)

Regarding Neem for Weight,

As I stated in an earlier post I am also taking Stinging Nettles interchanging with the Neem. The Neem gave me a little fit so I figure its doing most of the work. I give them a break here and there. Also a reminder is that when I first lost the weight I did make some eating changes. Now that being said, even though I have petty much slipped back to my old ways the weight has remained off. I am still two sizes down. I still plan to cut down on certain foods again to start losing weight again. A lot of stress going on around here so I have not gotten to diet changes yet, but walking slimmer than last year.


(New York)

O' My, Did I Write That?

As ORH once said, when I see some of my posts, I wonder who was that person. I decided to look at the weight loss posts and was surprised to see my reviews about Neem in the midst, they were from 2016. Life got much more interesting soon after that. Mother loved to go shopping every nice day, I would meet her and we would always have lunch out.

Anyway, I will see if this will happen twice. I will give Neem a few weeks and see if I can shake the weight off again.

No Oils, No Sweeteners

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Posted by Gean (Salina, KS) on 03/27/2009

Hi, I would just like to share my recent experience with weight loss. A few months ago I had read about the Budwig diet where you mix cottage cheese and flax oil, how it helps with all kinds of ailments, including auto-immune disease, etc. So loving to experiment, I thought I'd try it. I had up to 4 Tblsp. flax oil a day with cottage cheese. I stayed on this for a couple months, during which I put on 8-10 lbs. I stopped the regiment and tried to lose the weight. Very healthy diet (whole food, vegetarian), little food, lots of food, no suppers, light suppers, exercise, occasional fasts, you name it. Nothing helped. I also tried the "good oil" theory (virgin coconut oil, cod liver oil), and I only put on more weight. ACV, and same.

Then I decided to go on a no free fat diet (no oils of any kind), and no sweeteners of any kind (no honey, molasses, nothing), but I wasn't fanatical if there was a little oil or honey in my bread. I was very careful not to put butter on my bread, no oil on veges, nothing like that. I also stopped any and all stimulants or spices, or anything fermented such as soy sauce, sauerkraut, ACV, etc. Of course no artificial stuff like pop. The first week I didn't notice anything. But the second week I lost 9 lbs. and I feel fantastic. I'm at the end of the second week. I have zero food cravings and eat my fill of whole foods with no free fats or sugars (meaning I eat fresh fruit, some dried fruit, and fats in their natural form such as olives, avocados and nuts (I eat small amounts of even natural fats, as they will overload your liver). I don't drink water with my meals, only between meals. I eat a light supper of a piece of toast (whole grain of course) and a pc. of fruit, around 5 or 6 pm. For breakfast and lunch I eat until I am full.

My conclusion was that the free fats were blocking proper hormonal function, and as long as I was doing that no amount of dieting would work. Now that the hormones are balanced, I don't have to starve, I feel great.

I hope this helps someone.

No Wheat, No Sugar

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Posted by Katie (Marietta, GA) on 03/28/2009

A whole grain bread company had opened up in our town which my husband and I discovered in January. So delicious, it became an addiction. Each week I'd go and buy a loaf of multi-grain bread and some whole grain muffins and fruit bars. I'd only have one slice of bread per day, but before I knew it I gained 4 pounds which I found impossible to take off. I cut back on calories, but I still had to have my one delicious slice of bread every day. At the same time that I gained the pounds, I also started looking older and unhealthy all of a sudden, which I couldn't understand since I eat very healthy food with lots of vegetables every day and exercise 5x a week. Anyway, a week ago I decided enough was enough and went on an anti-candida diet. I cut out all wheat and sugar from my diet. No more delicious bread! In the 7 days that I started my no wheat, no sugar diet, I have lost 4 pounds and look/feel much more healthy. My skin is glowing too. Now it wasn't like I ate a lot of sugar before starting on my diet, but I did have a teaspoon of brown sugar in tea about 4x a day. And then I was only eating 1 slice of bread a day. Not a lot, but even these small quantities were reaking havoc on my body.

I hope everyone who is having trouble losing weight will consider eliminating those 2 things from your diet. The results are fast and remarkable!

Replied by Robert
(Manhattan, New York)

This may be due the quick rise in blood glucose levels shortly after eating. Mulberry leaf will help lessen the effects of sugar spikes. Good for diabetics, but let your doctor know...

Olive Oil

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Posted by Dave (Conroe, TX) on 02/03/2009

Olive Oil (remedy) Weight Loss (ailment)

I have searched this site and found nothing yet about the Shangri-La Diet created by Seth Roberts in 2005. The bottom line is that foods with a high flavor concentration raise the body's set point and cause rapid weight gain. His idea is to counter this effect by consuming calories with as little flavor as possible to convince your body it's time to shed the pounds.

To this end he recommends taking 2TBSP of olive oil first thing in the morning before consuming ANY calories and then waiting about an hour before eating. You can drink water but no other consumption until the calories have been absorbed.

He says you can repeat this a couple times a day and then only eat when you are hungry which will likely be never since your body no longer tells you to eat.

So here's the story: Two years ago I tried it and had impressive results. I noted a significant reduction in my appetite and lost about 15 pounds in a month. Often I could feel my stomach rumbling but I was in no way actually hungry. Like it had actually turned off my appetite completely. AWESOME.

Here's the rub: After a few weeks I found that the olive oil made me gag. Like my body simply did not want it. After a while I couldn't even think about taking it. Even when I forced it down I would throw it up. Obviously I still wasn't hungry, but I was also unable to continue the program.

Here's my question: Has anyone else A)heard of this diet, b)tried this diet, c)experienced this problem, d)overcome this problem, e)got any advice?

I look forward to other's feedback

Replied by Cdrgnlady
(Richmond, Va)

I read about taking olive oil in a magazine and decided to try. Took daily in AM for a couple of weeks ( article had no resrictions for waiting until absorbed before consuming anything else). Found I grew increasingly uncomfortable w/taste & feel of swallowing oil - after just 2 weeks I couldn't stand to take it anymore and stopped.

Replied by Dott
(Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

You didn't say if you lost any weight with the olive oil; I'd be curious to know.

For a change of pace, you might try using extra virgin coconut oil-- You will know that it is EVCO because it will still smell like coconut, and may have a slight coconut taste as well.

I have been using it off and on for a few months, and have lost about 18# to date. The things I like about the coconut oil are it's effects and it's versatility. It's my breakfast and bedtime treat. You can get very creative with extra virgin coconut oil. If I don't feel like taking it straight, I can always mix it in with my breakfast oatmeal-- great with banana; or add a little cinnamon and make a spread for my toast; or make a hot chocolate, add e.v.c.o. and a little bit of almond extract to that creamy hot chocolate and have myself a "hot candy bar" breakfast/bedtime treat; or warm it and mix it with a tiny bit of honey and maple syrup to top a couple whole wheat & cottage cheese pancakes. Just a few possible suggestions for you.

My dose is low; just 2 Tablespoons a day, morning and evening---I'm taking it slow. Others use more. EVCO will definitely rev up a sluggish thyroid, and by making such yummy treats with it, you hardly miss the rest of the snacks that you no longer crave thanks to the coconut oil. It has also helped me greatly with such nagging problems as heartburn, constipation, joint aches, chapped lips, and completely rid me of those darn short, flaky fingernails besides!! I love this stuff.

Replied by Viorel
(Bucharest, Romania)

The Shangri-La 'diet' does work for many people (myself included); what was not mentioned in the first post is that regular or extra-virgin olive oil will not work as well because they have strong flavors and the idea is to take oil that has little or no flavor. People have had success with extra-light olive oil, grape seed oil and walnut oil.

Oolong Tea

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Posted by Missy (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 03/07/2008

I researched a tea product that was promoted on Opra as a miracle weight loss. It turns out it was Oolong Tea. I purchased Organic Oolong for myself and a few of my friends as a gift and we all started drinking a couple of cups a day. Lo & Behold, we were loosing weight without changing our sensible diet and without the laxative or diuretic effects of other weight loss teas. People have been commenting to all of us that our faces look slimmer and all of us have lost inches from our waistlines. You will notice very quick results provided you eat a sensible diet. Avoid fried, greasy foods, pastries and watch the weight easily fall off!

Replied by Nim
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hello Missy,
Today I bought from health store partially oxidized green tea that has qualities of both green and black tea. Hope it works for me. How long before you noticed the weight loss? Thanks.

Plant-Based Diet

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Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 10/14/2021

Hi all,

At a check up in July my husband had some bloodwork done. His bad cholesterol number was a concern. Due to a bad family history (his father died of a heart attack at age 37) the doctor wanted him to get a calcium score test done. Well the results of that were not good either. He had evidence of significant plaque in all four arteries of the heart. His doctor gave him two options - statins or a gluten free, no sugar, whole foods vegan diet.

Well, my husband did not want to go on statins. He is 55. We have seen what they did to our parents.

So he started eating vegan, gf, ns (no sugar). I, for the most part, have joined him. (Due to alpha gal allergy I can't eat mammal products anyway, and it wasn't much of a change for me.)

He has been eating this way for 3 months with very few exceptions. I have enjoyed being more creative with vegan cooking. I don't really feel like going to much trouble to cook for just myself, but I do love to make food for others.

He goes back in January for more bloodwork. I don't know how his cholesterol is or if this has improved the issue with plaque in his heart arteries. (I'll let you know, though! )

What surprised us both is that he has lost 40 pounds in the last three months, without even trying (about 15% of his weight.) He has had to buy new clothes.

This is the lowest weight he has had since our first year of marriage (1989.) He has been on diets before. He did the no carb/low carb diet 20 years ago (Atkins) a couple of times but he couldn't bear the diet long and he always gained it back pretty quickly.

My husband is a meat and potatoes kind of a guy. He loves a good burger. So he is surprised himself by how content he is on this diet. Eating out is harder but we have found options. He now loves Smoothie King. Chipotle works, too. There are lots of plant based meat substitutes that are close enough to the real deal that he says I could have fooled him. (I read a lot of labels as being meat free or dairy free doesn't necessarily mean it is particularly healthy.)

He eats oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day. I put bananas or fruit in it with erythritol/stevia sweetener. We have found that oatmilk in coffee is our favorite dairy alternative.

For lunch he eats hummus with sweet potatoes crackers, cashews, raw carrot sticks with guacamole. I send two apples with him and he eats them for snacks most days. Sometimes I have leftovers to send with him.

Dinner - chickpea pasta with a veggie marina, stir fry, beans and rice (with gauc and fried onions/peppers) etc. I serve lots of salads. I learned to make California rolls with brown rice.

He has a sweet tooth. I told him I thought it would get better and surprisingly it has. He does drink Stevia flavored carbonated drinks for a treat. He drinks a glass of wine with dinner a couple of times a week but has completely cut out beer (which went very well with burgers or pizza. :) )

His snoring has reduced by 90%, even when he ends up sleeping on his back.

His blood pressure has gone down and the doctor gave him the go-ahead to cut his blood pressure medicine in half. We hope he can get off of it eventually.

I have known him a long time. I have never seen him so faithful to a diet or so motivated. I am very proud of him. We are hopeful to move to sometime more Mediterranean down the road, as in, add in some chicken and fish.

I think there are many factors involved in the success of this diet for weight loss. He wasn't even doing it primarily to lose weight. He has not done any sort of fasting with it. He doesn't skip meals and eats when he is hungry. He snacks (on healthy stuff) when he is hungry and needs one. He has not increased exercise. He work in construction so he isn't sedentary, but he doesn't do much in the way of cardio. He may be eating less calories. The calories he consumes may be more efficiently used. It seems likely that he has less overall inflammation and perhaps that is a factor.

The weight loss has leveled out now, and that is fine.

Meanwhile, he said I could share his success story!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tessa

Hi Mama to Many -

What great results for your husband after three months on a gluten-free vegan diet - losing 40 pounds, almost no snoring, lowered blood pressure, etc. That is very impressive!

It was interesting to hear how he was able to adapt so readily to this diet after being a meat-and-potatoes sort of guy. Maybe there's hope for me :)

I'm sure his doctor will be very pleased with the results when he gets tested again in January.

Kudos to both of you - you're a very good team!

Take care,


Mama to Many

Dear Tessa,

You hit the nail on the head. I think teamwork is very helpful to weight loss....and lots of other things! "Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor."

My husband's weight loss had seemed to level off, but picked back up. He is now up to having lost 50lbs, in spite of a vacation in the last month! We took most of our food to an airbnb, but he had some planned diet splurges and did have seafood when we went out to eat. We went to the beach and he probably worked off anything extra between swimming in the ocean with the kids and taking walks with me. ;)

He has also taken the evening off the diet at wedding celebrations, etc. He still tries to be moderate in his choices and portion sizes.

One thing we have noticed now that the weather is cooler is that he is colder than he has ever been. He used to be hot natured. He has lost a lot of his insulation.

I have been trying lots of new recipes and a learned to make gluten free bread. (Minimalist Baker has a gluten free bread that is a bit of trouble but worth it! Not quite the same, but works well for sandwiches, toast, croutons, etc. She also has many other great sugar free, gluten free, vegan recipes that are not difficult to make. We have enjoyed all of them.)

Another teamwork story - a few years back my brother's friend wanted to lose weight. My brother is a marathon runner. He and his friend exercised mile for mile. His friend biked for each mile my brother ran. His friend did not make any dietary changes but over the course of many months he lost a shocking amount of weight. I suppose he burned calories and improved his metabolism with his cardio exercise.

~Mama to Many~


Hi Mama to Many -

Thanks for the update with your husband's weight loss.

Although, if he loses any more of his “insulation” and keeps feeling the cold, you may have to invest in some heavy-duty thermal long johns for his Christmas present!

I think you're right – one of the keys to success is having the odd non-diet meal. Everything in moderation (well, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, heh, heh).

Speaking of which, have a very Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!



Potassium Iodide

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Posted by Jenn (Memphis, Tn) on 10/22/2015


I have been trying to lose about 8 pounds for the past few years and have been very unsuccessful despite regular exercising and eating a healthy diet. I had been taking lugol's iodine drops daily on and off for years, but decided to switch to potassium iodide tablets I had in the cabinet that I had ordered after the Fukushima nuclear disaster (but never tried).

A few weeks after starting on the potassium iodide, I got on the scale and noticed I had dropped 7 pounds. I couldn't believe it. After trying so hard to lose weight for years, it came off with no work.

I take 1 potassium iodide tablet (32.5 mg per tablet) once a day. Morning or night, doesn't matter. On days I fly and go through x-ray security machines, I take two tablets.

Lately I have felt I don't need to take the iodide every day and now take it every 2-3 days. My weight has not gone up. I think that the potassium iodide gave my thyroid what it needed and thus sped up my metabolism. Yippee!!

I really hope this helps people who have similarly tried many remedies, diets or exercise with no success.

P.S. I could not find a large bottle of potassium iodide on amazon when I ran out of my first bottle, they only sell small batches for nuclear disaster preparedness kits for some reason. Search "potassium iodide tablets" on google and you'll see websites that sell 120 tablets for under $10. I got my bottle on iherb. It lasts a long time!

Replied by Faith
(New York)

Thanks for the tip. As an appetite suppressant chia seeds works wonders. A tablespoon first thing in the morning before breakfast with water.

Replied by Nelfen

Hi can anyone take the potassium iodide? Thanks

Replied by Jane

No. Only people who know how to use or administer it should use it. Educate yourself. :)

Psyllium, Hot Water, Molasses

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Posted by Benjamin (Pensacola, FL) on 03/08/2009

Got rid of my typical truck driver waistline by using psyllium husks, hot water and molasses.

Raspberry Ketones

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Posted by Gardengirl (Gallatin, Tn) on 08/10/2012

I have been taking raspberry ketones and I have lost 2 dress sizes in about 1 month. I take 1 (100mg.) pill after breakfast and 1 in late afternoon. That's it!!! No side effects. I heard about raspberry ketones on DR OZ show last month. Hope everyone that needs to lose weight tries them.