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No Oils, No Sweeteners
Posted by Gean (Salina, KS) on 03/27/2009
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Hi, I would just like to share my recent experience with weight loss. A few months ago I had read about the Budwig diet where you mix cottage cheese and flax oil, how it helps with all kinds of ailments, including auto-immune disease, etc. So loving to experiment, I thought I'd try it. I had up to 4 Tblsp. flax oil a day with cottage cheese. I stayed on this for a couple months, during which I put on 8-10 lbs. I stopped the regiment and tried to lose the weight. Very healthy diet (whole food, vegetarian), little food, lots of food, no suppers, light suppers, exercise, occasional fasts, you name it. Nothing helped. I also tried the "good oil" theory (virgin coconut oil, cod liver oil), and I only put on more weight. ACV, and same.

Then I decided to go on a no free fat diet (no oils of any kind), and no sweeteners of any kind (no honey, molasses, nothing), but I wasn't fanatical if there was a little oil or honey in my bread. I was very careful not to put butter on my bread, no oil on veges, nothing like that. I also stopped any and all stimulants or spices, or anything fermented such as soy sauce, sauerkraut, ACV, etc. Of course no artificial stuff like pop. The first week I didn't notice anything. But the second week I lost 9 lbs. and I feel fantastic. I'm at the end of the second week. I have zero food cravings and eat my fill of whole foods with no free fats or sugars (meaning I eat fresh fruit, some dried fruit, and fats in their natural form such as olives, avocados and nuts (I eat small amounts of even natural fats, as they will overload your liver). I don't drink water with my meals, only between meals. I eat a light supper of a piece of toast (whole grain of course) and a pc. of fruit, around 5 or 6 pm. For breakfast and lunch I eat until I am full.

My conclusion was that the free fats were blocking proper hormonal function, and as long as I was doing that no amount of dieting would work. Now that the hormones are balanced, I don't have to starve, I feel great.

I hope this helps someone.