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Raw Food Diet

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Posted by Laura (Marathon, WI USA) on 03/21/2009

I signed up for a 10-day raw food cleanse and extended it to 14 days, incorporating green smoothies (yum!!!) I noticed a big difference in how I felt as well as how I looked. My tight pants were loose on me in this very short period of time. I did not break the cleanse well, and ended up in bad habits. Maybe if I had been working out I would have stuck with the healthier life style. But I ended up going back to my "old" self. I'm getting back on the bandwagon because I know it works and it's the best for my body. Wish I could convince my family to want to follow along. Makes it difficult when someone else brings home junk food. My will power has little to be desired!!!

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Sharon (Soldotna, Alaska) on 03/07/2008

I am obese not from overeating, but due to stressors that I did not handle well and that caused a major stroke a year ago. Since then, I have made a major change in my diet even though I had eaten very well before without white flours, sugars and the other problem foods for many years. Now I am eating raw vegan foods and have not only finally dropped almost 40 pounds but my blood sugar levels are down to the mid-90s. I credit eating a raw food lifestyle with all this! My thyroid numbers are also in the more normal range! Lots of good changes that I believe eating a raw food lifestyle made happen.


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Posted by MTucker (Long Beach, Cali) on 07/18/2019

I started Resveratrol 3 months ago for weight loss in conjunction with a new diet (plant-based) and exercise. I take 200 mg capsules, three times a day. Lost a few pounds, but more remarkable to me is that my blood pressure is down, having good sleep, and super high energy during the day. I am extremely focused and getting a lot done because of it. Highly recommend.

Replied by Holly

Does this cause any kind of jittery feeling? I have anxiety that I am managing fantastically with magnesium therapy but I need to lose weight. I'm wary of things that can raise my heart rate or give me that caffeine-like effect.


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Posted by Patricia (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 05/10/2009

I've been taking Rhodiola for 5 weeks and have increased energy and have lost about 15 pounds that I have been struggling with for the last 5 years. I have had breast cysts that have disappeared and my memory has definitely improved. 6 weeks ago I attempted to climb the 7 flights of stairs to my condo when the elevator was out. I had to stop and rest at each floor. Today I take the stairs instead of the elevator without stopping at all.

When I started taking Rhodiola, my daughter had told me about it but I didn't know much about the herb only that it would give me an energy boost that I really needed. The only negative factor that I have experienced is insomnia, so now I make sure that I don't take the herb after about 3pm. I take 2 - 250 mg per day. One in the morning as soon as I get up with 10 oz of warm distilled water and the juice of 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon, and one around 3pm at my work breaktime with lots of water.

Sadabahar/Tropical Periwinkle

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Posted by Hariom (Sampla[rohtak], Haryana INDIA) on 08/28/2008

Sadabahar: If we want to cure our obesity take five to seven white flower[not pink] in morning empty stomch for seven days then stop for seven days.again repeat same ways you will loose extra weight in few days and also feel good.

Replied by Hariom
(Sampla[rohtak], Haryana INDIA)

Comman Name: Sadabahar Sadaphul, Sadasuhagan
English Name: Tropical Periwinkle
It is a perennial herb, erect, much branched. 70-80 cm high. Leaves alliptic to obovate, rounded retuse or mucronulate at apex acute at base. Flowers in 1-4 flowered cymes. Calyx segments subulate. Corolla whitish or pinkish. Follicles 2-3 cm long, pubescnt.
Parts used : Leaves and roots

The plant contains very precious alkaloids ' vincristine' and 'vinblastine' which are used in allopathic medicine as anti-cancer injections. The herb leaves are very useful in controlling the diabetes. The herb leaves are mixed with other herbs to get good results.

Safflower Oil

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Posted by Ali (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) on 02/16/2010

This week I began using 2 tsp. daily of safflower oil used in food, along with a sensible diet. A recent study suggested this was helpfull in weight loss,especially belly fat. I lost two lbs. which I was happy with, all I changed was to cut all simple sugars from my diet however, I did enjoy fruit, one or two per day whenever a craving for sweets hit, usually an apple, pear or berries. I already used only 100% whole wheat or whole grain bread and pasta but I changed the bread to sour dough rye, wasn't crazy about the taste when used plain but scrumptious when toasted and drizzled with a little virgin olive oil and a little safflower oil and some all natural peanut butter sprinkled with fresh ground flax seed. I added a peeled apple with a good dash of cinnimon. I had this every morning for my breakfast. It is a good idea to have at least two or three cups of green tea daily, I made sure to have at least two cups, if you don't like the tea just take one 140 mg.capsule daily. Take it easy on how much dairy you consume, I had lite feta and a few sprinkles of parmesan on my pasta, also a small amount of chedder sometimes, couldn't resist as it is one of my weaknesses. It was not difficult for me as I normally have a large salad every day, sometimes with a small amount of lean meat or fish as a main course or a smaller one with a sandwich for lunch. Evening meal is lean meat or fish with lots of lightly steamed vegtables and about 3/4 cup brown rice, pasta or sweet potato and small salad if I need a little extra. I also have a large glass of spring or filtered water with juice of a quarter lemon squeezed in.

Is there anyone else who is using this protocol? If so what has been your experience? Also how long have you been using it and is two lbs a week a realistic goal in the long term? Any feedback would be appreciated. Oh yes, I also take a good multi vit. with extra vit. D3 in winter. Thanks Earth Clinic and also cuddos to all who post info. All the best, Ali

Simple Diet

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Posted by Mary (Nevada City) on 03/06/2006

I used lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne about 15 years ago to try and lose weight - I did it for three days and I was about ready to line my kids up against the wall and fire. Not really - wouldn't do that...But this made me so hungry and edgy! It is not for everyone. I gave up and just went back to eating. Plus - these radical plans ALWAYS backfired on me and whacked my metabolism eve more - so it was even harder to lose weight. I still deal with weight issues (about 20 pounds over) but I find that I lose weight the best is when I am actually trying to heal my asthma...So - it is a simple diet - mostly fresh fruits and veggies - or steamed, plus an egg or two and one serving of brown rice a day. So - when I am sick with asthma -I REALLY want to be well and I stick with this and I lose weight. This time I need to stick with it past the asthma season. Plus I am adding in kelp now- this should help all three issues: Thyroid, asthma and weight.

Tea and an Apple

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Posted by Christian (Woodland Hills, CA) on 01/31/2007

Ok, i usually eat many but sometimes when i rather use the computer i don't eat. Once i was hungry but did not eat. So instead i just drank some water and ate an apple, after two hours i didn't feel hungry. Since my mother brought some food i ate and when did i felt really full!! You should try this, because your stomach part gets thinner when u get hungry and u feel full. If you do this continuously, your eating habits will be less and less and less.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted by Sara (Sacramento, Ca) on 11/18/2012

Thank you Lisa for another beautiful recipe from you. I am just wondering if you know any Chinese Herbal remedy for weight loss. I can not get rid of my belly fat. I know in Chinese medicine one herb does not do the job; there should be a combination of a couple of herbs.

Thank you and God bless you, sara

EC: Also check out Lisa's recipe for an Herbal Tooth Powder!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Sara, You are so welcome, I love sharing what I know if it can help others. As for Chinese herbs for weight loss, well, that's what makes Traditional Chinese medicine so special. Each individual is just that- individual. This is why going to a Chinese herbalist or acupuncturist would be able to find your reason for the extra weight. Of course, if you go into a Chinese medicine store such as the type in Chinatowns you will find many weight loss teas at your disposal. You can look into those but read the labels carefully because some have herbs just to clean you out or act as a diuretic.

The Chinese herbs for weight loss work in different ways. The first type are for "transforming phlegm" which in this case, the one which is very effective is Citrus aurentium. They help burn the brown fatty tissue which is the hardest to burn off.

The second type is to increase qi and yang energy which in this case would be astragalus, ginseng, ginger, cinnamon, epimideum and eucommia bark. All of these increase the body's energy and speed up the metabolism.

And third, the detoxifying herbs which are bitter herbs. They reduce inflammatory, acidic conditions. Ganoderma is one of these herbs as well as coptis, Chinese rhubarb and scute. An indication for these would be people who crave oily, spicy and sweet foods.

One final note is there is also the emotional side of eating which can be addressed with bupleurem root, zizyphus and biota seeds and longan fruit.

So as you can see, there are different avenues to explore. You could call Dragon Herbs and have a free phone consultation and hear their recommendations. There is no obligation to buy anything and if the herbs don't work for you they'll refund or exchange.

Anyway, I hope this information was of value to you. You can of course, always do some exploring on the internet to find formulas based in this info I just gave you. Best to you, Lisa

Urine Therapy

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Posted by Yogagirl (Orange County, Ca) on 05/22/2011

After researching the benefits of urine on this website and others, I finally mustered up the courage to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised.

I was 30 pounds overweight and always feeling bloated, my stomach would get in the way when I bent over and it was hard, like I was pregnant. At 54 years of age, I knew pregnancy was not the problem. I was really frustrated because whatever I did, I could not lose weight. It did not matter if I ate nothing for a few days, I never lost weight. I only gained. I had three different sizes of clothes in my closet as I gradually progressed to bigger and bigger sizes.

Before starting the urine therapy, I was very constipated. The urine therapy, fasting for 24 hours on urine only, cured that immediately. For the next few days, I went to the bathroom and went and went and went. I could feel my stomach getting smaller as time went by. Although I continued drinking urine every morning, the constipation came back again after a couple of weeks

I had gotten a book, The Water of Life, by J W Armstrong, who advocated urine fasting, urine enemas, urine massages, and of course, urine drinking. He maintained you could cure any health problem by following urine therapy and provides case histories in his book. So I tried the urine enemas, and they did the job. I had to resort to them several times, but you just felt clean inside after doing them. I really feel they kickstarted my body back into working again. I felt this feeling of something moving near my heart area, kind of a scraping sensation, and I was trying to research what organs were in the heart area, or was I having a heart attack. It was not a heart attack, as I am still alive and feeling better than ever. I do feel that something was plugged up and it started moving again.

I started saving excess urine and started bathing in it, with a gallon of urine to a tub of water. It really helped my varicose veins, as it stimulates the circulation and helps get rid of blockages. After soaking in a urine bath for about an hour, I had to scrape my skin because all this dark material would start coming out of my skin, I think it was all of the impurities in my skin. I would have to do the urine baths twice a week because it would take a while to accumulate urine for a bath. In the meantime, my skin was trying to get rid of the impurities in it, so I ended up having very itchy skin between baths. Soaking in the urine baths always got rid of the itches. And I always felt thinner after taking the baths, and really clean. Your skin feels noticeably softer. And you do not smell like urine after bathing in it. It is supposed to be beneficial for your hair too, and help to keep your hair from going gray, although my hair is still gray.

In short, it has been six months since I started the urine therapy and I could not be more delighted with the results. At virtually no cost, my wrinkles are less, my weight is less, my varicose veins are less, my bloated stomach has gone way down, my skin is softer. I have always been very healthy, but I just feel great now like I did in my 40's. I have a desk job so I sit for eight hours a day, and my knees started locking up right before I started the urine therapy. That is no longer a problem.

Just a few words of caution, I have not eaten beef or pork for about twenty years (not recommended by Edgar Cayce), but I do eat lamb, chicken and fish. Chicken can give your urine a bitter taste, lamb makes it taste really good, like a good broth. If you try urine therapy, you may want to modify your food choices so you can tolerate your therapy a little better. Your skin does get really itchy with the urine therapy, but the itchiness does go away eventually and your skin is really clear after that.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Interesting post. I haven't actually read a book about urine therapy so far but I would be curious as whether you could answer this question which I have posted several times already. I would be afraid to try to drink urine because of the fact that when you go for an urine test they see whether you are ill by what comes out of your body. Wouldn't you be drinking it again? Take a bladder infection for example, would you want to drink what comes out? By the way, maybe it would be good if you could post your comments on the book your read on the book review page? I am looking for a good one if ever I decide to give it a try.

Replied by Yogagirl
(Orange County, Ca)

That's a great question, and one that was covered very thoroughly in the book, The Water of Life. J W Armstrong, the author, advocated drinking the urine in whatever condition it was in on leaving the body. It could be cloudy, bloody, it didn't really matter. In one case, a patient with heavy fluid buildup in his body was unable to produce any urine, so the author provided his own urine for the patient to drink, and that primed the pump, so to speak, and the patient was then able to urinate in great quantity.

The author's mode of treatment was to put the patient on a urine fast to cleanse the body and urine massages to cleanse the skin. The patient was required to drink all of the urine that was produced and as much water as the patient cared to drink, and that was it, until the body had cleansed itself and recovered. The urine ran clear when the patient had recovered.

After you see the benefit of urine therapy, you stop thinking of it as a waste product and start thinking of it as a natural resource. After all, urine is what is running through our veins, prior to being filtered through the kidneys and expelled.

Vegetable Oils

Posted by Andy (Sydney, Nsw) on 04/10/2010

Hi Ted

I am interested in what vegetable oils we should avoid when cooking and adding to raw salads????

I consume olive oil over vegetables and cook with it on a daily basis. I also take flaxseed oil every morning on my breakfast......I always believed that these were the good oils.......????? Now I'm not too sure.

I have read many of your emails suggesting to avoid vegetable oils.....can you please forgive my ignorance on this Ted and enlighten me as to which vegetable oils you are referring and why they should be avoided.

I value your input Ted and have been greatly educated via your informative postings!! Most of all you have a knack to explain things in simple terms so that lay people like myself can actually understand your explanations!!

Many thanks ANDY

Replied by Sonia
(Orlando, Florida)

To Andy re: What vegtable oils to avoid? Stay away from those that say hydrogenated oil. They are bad for everyone. Best are flax oil, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, sesame If extra virgin and cold pressed even better. Google them when in doubt. I did. It's how I started with coconut oil extra virgin. Very healthy for everyone. Contrary to myths, you lose weight consuming it cause immediately it turns into energy. Does not spike your insulin, and kills cravings. Also it suppresses your appetite so you eat less. I love it. I also traded cow milk for almond milk. Use raw honey instead of regular sugar. Coconut oil instead of butter or honey and I feel great. They give me energy all day long and I feel great. Thank you JESUS!

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Also you want to stay away from polyunsaturated oils, Omega-6 oils. These include canola, soybean oil, corn oil, safflower and sunflower oil. Olive oil is great, I mix it with coconut oil for my homemade dressings. Here is a good non-commercial link that explains it. http://www.healthhabits.ca/2008/08/07/omega-6-badomega-3-good/

Vegetable Oils
Posted by Peter (Chicago, Il) on 04/08/2010

To: Bill from San Fernando,

Need your expertise. I know Ted wants to avoid using vegetable oil for cooking. Is peanut oil, olive oil or canola oil considers vegetable oil? Thanks!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Peter...I simply don't use any vegetable oils(polyunsaturates) anymore and haven't used even olive oil. I do this for two reasons. First the majority of all the ordinary, mass produced vegetable oils you mentioned will be chemically processed -- with chemicals like hexane, strong acids and strong alkalis -- and most are heated to high temperatures and then are deodorized with even more chemicals.

The same goes for ALL margarines. Most margarines are made from vegetable oils -- which are always liquid at room temperature. So the chemical process involved with margarines must also involve adding impurities to make it hard at room temperature. There are always trans fats in margarines because of its processing. Margarines are also much easier to produce than butter, the chemical process is quicker, therefore more profit. I've always prefered natural butter.

Secondly, even if you do buy a so-called organic vegetable oil, how long has it been out in the open in the sun undergoing oxidation? But saturated fats -- being saturated fats -- means that you they last much longer without oxidation and you can also use them to cook at higher temperatures safely.

Perhaps the best way is to show you a fairly long article by Mary Enig, Phd -- a renowned and honest nutritional expert, researcher and vegetable oil contrarian -- that explains many of the factors why and how people's opinions were turned against the use of saturated fats to using vegetable oils. Here is the article:

The Oiling of America

And my opinion of canola oil -- better known as mass-produced rapeseed oil -- is very low indeed. I see little or no difference between growing Genetically Modified Crops and producing Chemically Modified vegetable oils. Both are man-made for profit only, and both are unnatural for the body.

Replied by A
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Excellent article about how corporations are actually running the US government (and through cascade effect, the rest of the world). It has been decades since these companies, with their fake paid-for studies and government sponsorship, are still convincing people to walk away from a diet that their ancestors handled quite well for thousand of years. The result is a sick, fat, and depressed society, full of health problems, and addicted to what these companies are massively producing in order to increase profit.

Wake up people. This is not the only massive case of deceit going on... Use your own observational skills and don't trust mass media. You will be surprised at what you find out.

Replied by M
(Muk, Wa)

Re: Plant oils

I am reading fast so do not know what all has gone before but glorifying our ancient past always gets my attention. I cannot actually speak for them but would think if ancient man had access to vegetable oils they would have used them.

Also they did not live as long as we do.

There is thought that prehistoric peoples ate very little meat and survived on plants as their main choice simply because they did not have the expertise to get animals and when they ate meat it usually was an animal kill which they chased the predator away and had the meat for themselves. A pretty picture thinking of them diving in grabbing something and gnawing away.

Now I expect an onslaught of non-vegetarian replies so the coward that I am I'm going to wait a few days before looking at your site again. :)


Replied by David
(Calabasas, Ca)

Because exercising improves the supply of new, oxigen rich blood all through your own entire body, moreover, you may often get better a lot more speedily from any sort of personal injury. All-in-all, exercising is really helpful you simply seriously ought to add it for your diet program.

Proceed rising your own weekly physical exercise. You may have started with 1 day of going for walks. And possibly you actually moved for 25 minutes or so. At this moment you may put in a subsequent day of lose weight in a week. You may change from walking the neighboorhood to walks in the nearby mall.

Make use of the sections from the diet regime that don't perform for you personally as commitment to locate points which do get the job done. Raise your physical exercise until finally you're taking walks (or performing other sorts of type of physical exercise) at the least 3 or 4 times every week.

Vegetable Oils
Posted by Annonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 04/05/2010

Oils are necessary for the integrity of cell walls, supposedly. High quality oils. Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, expeller pressed UN-refined coconut oil, fish/flax/borage oil, hemp oil, sessame oil, evening primrose oil. Somewhere I heard that vinegar is really an oil. Don't eat processed, hydrogenated, heated/cooked oils. Organic, raw, unrefined, unheated, etc. Warming them is probably ok.

Vegetable Soup

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Posted by FIDANE (LYNCHBURG, USA) on 04/17/2009


you have to mince all of them together with regular soup (you can usually get this in european stores its just plain soup with nothing on it or you can do it without the soup it all depends on the taste you like)

Eat all of this for one week nothing else and I gurantee you will lose 12 or more pounds in 7 days, I lost 12 in my first week I will continue and let you know...

Good luck

Replied by Sarah
(Dallas, Tx)

I tried to stick to this for a week, a couple of times, coming off a fast. The first day or two was great. After that, it was just impossible for me to stick to. I got hungry. I think you need more protein than this to lose weight, although it might be good for a temporary cleansing diet. What worked for me was a food journal. I noticed that beef and chocolate did not make me gain weight--surprise, surprise! But soy, cabbage (even cooked), peaches and broccoli would cause me to gain 2 lbs overnight. This points to a thyroid problem, even though my tests results are normal. OK by me--I don't take prescriptions anyway.

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

1 kilo of water = 1 liter (1000ml of water = 1000 grams)

Replied by Gale
(Orlando, Florida)

mix it with soup or make soup out of it? More details please?

Vitamin C

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 06/07/2020


I have been overweight since gradeschool. Nobody pointed out that eating icecream every night before bed would cause weight gain... PCOS began in my 20s, from coffee? Chocolate? Birth control pills? Don't really know.

BUT!! High dose vitamin C has been *excellent* for exercise resistant weight problems!!!!, which was aparently a detox/edema issue.

I mix a couple grams of vitamin C with baking soda and water, let it fizz, and drink it. I don't even need to exercise.

I realized it was reducing my weight when I mixed it up one day (maybe with fresh lemon juice added) and for the first time kept adding baking soda until it didn't fizz any more. A few days after I noticed my thighs were much slimmer and firmer. I suspect it gave me kidney stones, though, so I use less now.

The vit c is making the weight come off in all the hard to lose places - belly, hips, thighs, face. Not sure if the baking soda is necessary. It might be. I like to mix in fresh lemon or lime juice.

Lasix and Slimfast (w/ hunger control) were also very effective for weight loss, but less healthy. Regular Slimfast always left me hungry, but the hunger control kind I would drink and not be hungry or tired or even want food all day. I used it for about two years, went from an 18 to a 14. I quit because of the sucralose in it.

If you are *very* desperate to lose weight though I would recommend it. Just make SURE you eat some fresh fruit or veggies every day to keep your bowels clean. And drink water.

I also recommend lots of garlic, cilantro, parsley, and turmeric for their detox properties.

When I was in gradeschool someone gave me diet soda ( Diet Rite if I recall) for the first time and I have a vived memory of how fuzzy and foggy my head was after. It was like just like static on a tv screen but in my head. I was formerly very energetic and cheerful but ever since have struggled. My grandmother drank a lot of the same diet soda and died of Alzhiemer's.