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Posted by Yogagirl (Orange County, Ca) on 05/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

After researching the benefits of urine on this website and others, I finally mustered up the courage to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised.

I was 30 pounds overweight and always feeling bloated, my stomach would get in the way when I bent over and it was hard, like I was pregnant. At 54 years of age, I knew pregnancy was not the problem. I was really frustrated because whatever I did, I could not lose weight. It did not matter if I ate nothing for a few days, I never lost weight. I only gained. I had three different sizes of clothes in my closet as I gradually progressed to bigger and bigger sizes.

Before starting the urine therapy, I was very constipated. The urine therapy, fasting for 24 hours on urine only, cured that immediately. For the next few days, I went to the bathroom and went and went and went. I could feel my stomach getting smaller as time went by. Although I continued drinking urine every morning, the constipation came back again after a couple of weeks

I had gotten a book, The Water of Life, by J W Armstrong, who advocated urine fasting, urine enemas, urine massages, and of course, urine drinking. He maintained you could cure any health problem by following urine therapy and provides case histories in his book. So I tried the urine enemas, and they did the job. I had to resort to them several times, but you just felt clean inside after doing them. I really feel they kickstarted my body back into working again. I felt this feeling of something moving near my heart area, kind of a scraping sensation, and I was trying to research what organs were in the heart area, or was I having a heart attack. It was not a heart attack, as I am still alive and feeling better than ever. I do feel that something was plugged up and it started moving again.

I started saving excess urine and started bathing in it, with a gallon of urine to a tub of water. It really helped my varicose veins, as it stimulates the circulation and helps get rid of blockages. After soaking in a urine bath for about an hour, I had to scrape my skin because all this dark material would start coming out of my skin, I think it was all of the impurities in my skin. I would have to do the urine baths twice a week because it would take a while to accumulate urine for a bath. In the meantime, my skin was trying to get rid of the impurities in it, so I ended up having very itchy skin between baths. Soaking in the urine baths always got rid of the itches. And I always felt thinner after taking the baths, and really clean. Your skin feels noticeably softer. And you do not smell like urine after bathing in it. It is supposed to be beneficial for your hair too, and help to keep your hair from going gray, although my hair is still gray.

In short, it has been six months since I started the urine therapy and I could not be more delighted with the results. At virtually no cost, my wrinkles are less, my weight is less, my varicose veins are less, my bloated stomach has gone way down, my skin is softer. I have always been very healthy, but I just feel great now like I did in my 40's. I have a desk job so I sit for eight hours a day, and my knees started locking up right before I started the urine therapy. That is no longer a problem.

Just a few words of caution, I have not eaten beef or pork for about twenty years (not recommended by Edgar Cayce), but I do eat lamb, chicken and fish. Chicken can give your urine a bitter taste, lamb makes it taste really good, like a good broth. If you try urine therapy, you may want to modify your food choices so you can tolerate your therapy a little better. Your skin does get really itchy with the urine therapy, but the itchiness does go away eventually and your skin is really clear after that.