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Ten Diet Tweaks to Lose Weight for Life!

| Modified on Apr 16, 2021

Green Tea, Garlic
Posted by Bee (Tampa, FL) on 06/03/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to add a couple remedies for weight loss.

I am 38 years old and about 8 months ago I started gaining weight for no reason. I had not changed my diet. I went to the doctor to ensure nothing was wrong medically and they checked my thyroid and everything else. All was normal. The doctor felt my metabolism was slowing down due to my age. I tried cutting back on food and calories and still no weight loss. It was beyond frustrating. ACV did not help me and coconut oil was just plain gross to eat for me.

The only thing that was helping was a keto diet but as soon as I ate any carbs the weight would come right back in a couple of days. Who wants to live without carbs? Not me. I read about green tea and also saw a testimonial for garlic.

I know people take garlic to lower cholesterol but I had not heard about it for weight loss.

So I started drinking one cup of green tea during the day. And in the evening after dinner or before I go to sleep I chop up 3 cloves of garlic and swallow it with water. I am finally losing weight while eating regular food. Carbs and all. I have noticed that I lose more weight while doing the garlic/green tea combination daily, even though they both probably work on their own.

Exercise and Diet
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 11/18/2019
2 out of 5 stars

I have gained quite a bit of weight just over the summer, like 20 pounds, but I can't figure out why. My diet has not changed, and it's pretty strict due to my ibsd. We've had company at least once a month since May, but that doesn't change my diet all that much. All this to say, I don't know why I gained the weight. To deal with it, I have upped my exercise--I go the the gym and row for 30 minutes (sprints, 3 minutes slow, 1 minute as fast as I can) and then lift weights for another 30 minutes. I had only been walking daily before and continue the walking still. Also, I've had fever blister breakouts on the roof of my mouth for a month now. They heal and I get new ones. Just feel so run down and tired. I have never been a good sleeper and that has not changed, either. I can't figure it out. Any ideas? I had thyroid checked several years ago and he said it was fine, but should I try it again? What else could this be? I don't take any medications other than viberzi for the ibs and I've been on it since it first came out. I drink dairy kefir, 1 cup, as breakfast, then have cooked chicken and some vegetables usually for lunch (leftovers from last night's dinner) and then supper is mostly vegetables (2/3's of my plate) and some cooked chicken or fish. I've tried to juice in the past, but anything raw triggers my ibs and I can't function with diarrhea all day, so must eat cooked. Company brings goodies, so I may have a piece of cake while they're here, but not more than that and it's occasionally at most. No snacking. Looking at my calories in, I'm right around 1200/day and should not gain on that. (I think thyroid since my sister had thyroid issues and, seriously, ate only lettuce and still gained weight while in college).

Posted by Holly (Atlanta ) on 03/13/2020

Does this cause any kind of jittery feeling? I have anxiety that I am managing fantastically with magnesium therapy but I need to lose weight. I'm wary of things that can raise my heart rate or give me that caffeine-like effect.

Posted by MTucker (Long Beach, Cali) on 07/18/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I started Resveratrol 3 months ago for weight loss in conjunction with a new diet (plant-based) and exercise. I take 200 mg capsules, three times a day. Lost a few pounds, but more remarkable to me is that my blood pressure is down, having good sleep, and super high energy during the day. I am extremely focused and getting a lot done because of it. Highly recommend.

Yacon Powder
Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny) on 06/18/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Yacon syrup/powder helps support weight loss and helps improve intestinal motility.

The powder is much better tasting than the syrup. (bought it online from a nut/seed distributor).

One teaspoon to one tablespoon can be taken before a meal (mixed into water or just taken as a sweet powder), a few minutes to an hour before the meal.

* Too much can cause intestinal distress/diarrhea, (sometimes noticed only a few days later) so the dosage should be adjusted accordingly.

Yacon also lowers hunger level, so that one needs to eat less. It is also a pre-biotic helping to grow good bacteria.

It has many other benefits. It helps against certain cancers. It is anti-fungal. It helps to lower blood sugar, to lower cholesterol, to lower blood pressure. It helps the liver.

Aloe, Slippery Elm, Castor Oil
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 06/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Aloe Vera Gel, Slippery Elm, Castor Oil for Weight Loss / Binge Eating

When you are trying to lose weight sometimes the lack of sugar in the diet, irritating/inflamatory foods (like nightshades) or detox cause a sensation of pain or moodyness. Because eating seems to alleviate the discomfort people experience cravings.

Aloe vera gel, slippery elm, and castor oil, are soothing to the body and may therefor help prevent binging.

Taken internally, experiment to find what regimen works for you.

Consider also: poppy seeds, melatonin, wasabi, magnesium, MSM, calcium, molasses

Vitamin C
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 06/07/2020
5 out of 5 stars


I have been overweight since gradeschool. Nobody pointed out that eating icecream every night before bed would cause weight gain... PCOS began in my 20s, from coffee? Chocolate? Birth control pills? Don't really know.

BUT!! High dose vitamin C has been *excellent* for exercise resistant weight problems!!!!, which was aparently a detox/edema issue.

I mix a couple grams of vitamin C with baking soda and water, let it fizz, and drink it. I don't even need to exercise.

I realized it was reducing my weight when I mixed it up one day (maybe with fresh lemon juice added) and for the first time kept adding baking soda until it didn't fizz any more. A few days after I noticed my thighs were much slimmer and firmer. I suspect it gave me kidney stones, though, so I use less now.

The vit c is making the weight come off in all the hard to lose places - belly, hips, thighs, face. Not sure if the baking soda is necessary. It might be. I like to mix in fresh lemon or lime juice.

Lasix and Slimfast (w/ hunger control) were also very effective for weight loss, but less healthy. Regular Slimfast always left me hungry, but the hunger control kind I would drink and not be hungry or tired or even want food all day. I used it for about two years, went from an 18 to a 14. I quit because of the sucralose in it.

If you are *very* desperate to lose weight though I would recommend it. Just make SURE you eat some fresh fruit or veggies every day to keep your bowels clean. And drink water.

I also recommend lots of garlic, cilantro, parsley, and turmeric for their detox properties.

When I was in gradeschool someone gave me diet soda ( Diet Rite if I recall) for the first time and I have a vived memory of how fuzzy and foggy my head was after. It was like just like static on a tv screen but in my head. I was formerly very energetic and cheerful but ever since have struggled. My grandmother drank a lot of the same diet soda and died of Alzhiemer's.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Karen (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) on 07/27/2018
1 out of 5 stars

I am currently 75 pounds overweight. I have all of the symptoms of having a thyroid issue yet tests are normal. I am acidic. So I am taking the following daily:

flax seed, greens, a good multivitamin for 40+ women, a digestive enzyme plus ox bile with every meal, adrenal support, I stopped eating anything prepared and eat fresh veggies, fruit and lean protein. I also take 5-HTP and an herbal sleep aid. I make a tea daily with 2 litres water, ginger root, lemon, baking soda, ACV and honey.

None of this is making any difference. I usually have a protein shake with 3/4 c almond milk, a banana, greens and flax for breakfast with all of my supplements- then I won't eat much all day until 2-3 pm because I don't get hungry. I have been sleeping a lot. I have a hard time falling asleep at night then I can sleep until 12-1 pm if I am off.

I have battled with depression but the supplements help. I need to lose weight and get some energy, or I need to sleep and never eat to lose weight. One or the other I don't know what else to do. Exercise makes me gain. Help

5:2 Diet
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 07/20/2018

Here is a link to the 5:2 Fast diet. Healthy protein and low-carb side dishes recommended on fast days. Best not to weigh oneself until on this for 4 weeks. Most people lose approx. a kilogram a week.


5:2 Diet
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah Qld) on 07/20/2018

The 5:2 Fast diet was developed by Dr Michael Mosley, a BBC medical journalist. Calories are restricted on 2 non-consecutive days of the week; 500 calories a day for women and 600 for men. Mosley may have increased the calories since his book was published.

5:2 Diet
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 07/20/2018

I googled it, and found this link that describes it, among others: https://dailyhealthalerts.com/top-5-trending-diets-hit-or-miss/

5:2 Diet
Posted by Jillery (Rawlly, Nc) on 07/18/2018 88 posts

nice. what the heck is it?

Hydrolyzed Collagen
Posted by Tea (Nz) on 07/07/2018

There's more about serrapeptase on google than earth clinic, unfortunately. I have also heard people say that old injuries and problem areas get more painful as they get repaired and to bare with it.

Posted by Tea (New Zealand) on 07/06/2018

Indians, after giving birth, drink loads of fennel seed tea to drop the water and baby weight.... don't know if it works but my boss was made to drink it!

Hydrolyzed Collagen
Posted by Tea (New Zealand ) on 06/27/2018

Research: serrapeptase.... for some it gets much worse before it gets amazingly good!

5:2 Diet
Posted by Katie (Beverly, Ma ) on 02/02/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I found the 5:2 eating program, I don't think it's a diet, here on Earth Clinic. I was feeling unhealthy and I don't think any strict diets work. I started in September of 2017 and am down 11.5 pounds. It's the easiest to follow and I actually look forward to my 500 days. I highly recommend!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Janet (Ca) on 11/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have hypothyroidism and for years I fought to lose weight. I tried every diet out there, exercised everyday for 2-3 hours a day. I would lose 5-20 lbs and gain it all back, plus some. I finally saw a dietitian and found out I was doing it all wrong. She explained that people with thyroid issues, can't digest food fast enough, if large volumes of food are eaten. So I was put on a six mini meal a day plan. I was also told no more than thirty minutes of cardio. I did this and very slowly the weight was coming off. I wanted quicker results and saw an article about ACV, baking soda, and lemon. I have hypertension and opted out on baking soda.

I started drinking 2 TBSP of ACV in 4 ounces of water, three times a day. Immediately the pounds started melting away faster with the program I was on. I went from 259 lbs down to 197 lbs in six months. Even my blood pressure dropped to normal, my cholesterol levels were normal, and the inflammation in my joints were gone. If not for weight loss....do it for your health. It's worth it!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/25/2017

Here is my 30 day report on losing weight. As I reported a few weeks ago I undertook one of those TV weight loss programs where you buy the food and they ship to you a thirty day supply. The following is the result .... primarily I am reporting on the health aspect of the program. I started at slightly below 240 pounds. That is 60 pounds heavier than I should be. My weight was kept under control until about 10 years ago and began escalating up year by year. The old ways I had to lose weight were not working....such as intermittent fasting.

So out of desperation I tried one of the heavily advertised TV "meals provided" methods. I bought in and included an extra for "shakes" as another filler to the meals but the shakes were part of the total allotted amount of food. So I ended up not really using the shakes.

So here are the health benefits and following are the warnings.

I have lost, in 30 days, 20 pounds. For me, I rate the food as a B plus. Better than I thought it would be. I did not have cravings or feel deprived.... feeling like, "I can't wait to start eating real food again." In fact, my portion control expectation is much better and the bad stuff is not even a temptation....such as, "I can't wait to eat french fries again." My blood pressure dropped 15 points. I'm now at 113/75 with resting heart rate of 58.

However, the warnings are serious: First, the advertisements show generous portions. They are definitely NOT generous and if it had not been for a trick my wife figured out, I doubt if I could have completed the program given my voracious appetite. Simply she made a vegetable stew (carrots, spinach, tomatoes, onions, celery...non starchy veggies) and that vegetable stew got added to the SMALL portions provided. That extra "free" vegetables was sufficient to make each meal (lunch and dinner) more "full" and like a real meal.

Another warning: If you order from one of these companies (I bet they all do it) you are set up as an automatic SECOND order unless you follow their cancellation rules. In the case of the company I bought from, their rule (stated in hard to follow language) was at the bottom of a few paragraphs and very easy to miss. It did not say: YOU WILL BE AUTO REORDERED unless you notify us within 14 days..." In my case we got an email after 3 weeks that the second shipment was on the way. We tried to cancel but the representative said there was a $125 dollar penalty (I thought it was $165, but my wife corrected me).

So watch out for the penalty. AND you have to cancel BY PHONE within 14 days after getting any order or you keep getting orders. AND you must make sure you keep your cancellation number; which is given to you by phone.

So my conclusion: I'm happy to lose the weight; just "eat out of the box" and the weight will come off ... and probably most people might have to supplement with "free" veggies to give enough food to make the thing work. AND the warnings about auto reorder/penalties and canceling by phone after your FIRST order arrives and making sure you get and keep your cancellation number.

Therefore in my case; Good outcome relative to food and lost weight....terrible company and policies.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/23/2017

This is an update on my attempt to lose over time 40 pounds. I had used a well known TV advertised food supplement program and complimented the food and the amount of weight I'd lost in the first two weeks of the program. I am a week away from reporting in total weight lost on the first 30 days.

But this morning I got a CURVE BALL from the company. They are AUTO SHIPPING a second order I did NOT order. The auto ship information was deep into a paragraph that you had to carefully read in order to spot the "automatic" reorder if you ordered the first time. To cancel the AUTO Shipping of a SECOND order, you had to cancel within two weeks of receipt of first order. Same with second order. And the representative told me that also you had to call in the cancellation...you could not do it by email. I said, Well, can I go ahead and cancel the auto order now? She said no, that I'd have to actually get the delivery before being able to cancel the third order. And I'd have to have a cancellation number given to me when I cancelled the order. So I have nothing in writing from Nutra...... that showed cancellation? She said that was correct.

But there's more confusion. I told the representative that I had planned to reorder two or three weeks into September when I experimented a bit on how my body was taking to the new eating style but that I wanted to change about 30 percent of the items and get different things. Then she said, OK, I can cancel the order and let you reorder now with me by phone.....I said, I have to tell you the items I want now? Yes. But finally after I complained that I felt pressured to choose the food items, she relented and gave me till September 17 to reorder before the penalty of $165 kicked in.

SO, since I complimented the Nutri....... program in my first post I feel obligated to warn people to go ahead and cancel within 14 days of delivery or get hit with an automatic reorder that you can't get out of without penalty.

All in all, I think this auto order stinks and is really a curve ball. Given that this group is a FOOD company, this experience really leaves a BAD taste in my mouth.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Sharon (Middletown, Ct) on 08/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking a teaspoon of activated charcoal first thing in the morning since the weather got hot. It has reduced my appetite considerably, given me more energy and I have no BO! I have also lost a few pounds without trying. I love it.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

This post has to do with me trying to lose weight. It might not be "Earth Clinic" grade because it is not a full blown health issue but excess weight sure can become a health issue. Well, I've always had trouble with being overweight and have used a number of "dieting" methods to take off extra pounds. But in the past five years those methods have not worked and so in this past six months the weight has been such that I really was getting "out of control." I've used all kinds of methods...fasting, lots of ACV, various herbs, protein drinks, not eating after 4pm etc etc. Some of those worked in the past but none of them worked in the past four years.

So....finally, I gave up on "self help" and bought into one of those services where you order on line. I mean one of those prepared food boxes that you eat out of and....

I'm reporting in after 15 days on my "eat out of the box" venture. First, is it healthy? Well, I continue to supplement with vitamins; green drinks and multi nutrition powder cardio drinks. Second, the company I ordered from has digestive enzymes built into the program and has a good amount of fiber also. In fact, the problem with fasting is that after four or five days, the system stops eliminating in a regular fashion.

First, the results, mid way into the 30 day program I bought. I have lost 15 pounds. That's much more than I expected.

Second, when I dove into my first "lunch" I thought it was perhaps five tablespoons of food. That "little bit" was crushing but a lucky thing saved me from a quick rejection of the whole thing: My wife had finished canning a lot of fresh tomatoes the day before and she had used part of the tomatoes along with some onion and carrots to make a vegetable "stew" and I added to my paltry "lunch" her stew .... six tablespoons of the vegetable mix to the prepared package. And through the past two weeks I've often used the added vegetables to enlarge the portion. I would say to anyone, especially a guy used to getting large portions, use this idea to enhance the "small amounts" the company gives you. As the days went on, I found I needed less and less "extra" to give me more. You can have all the veggies you want...well certain ones.

After all, part of the strategy is to get the stomach to shrink so that less satisfies you.

I'll keep you informed as week three passes and finally week four. I hope to have lost 22 to 25 pounds by the end of 30 days...the amount of food I bought. But the key to this whole thing....the bane of any weight loss is...can you keep it off over time. I have high hopes because...I'm not eating as much nor do I want as much....I'm not famished for food at 10 pm before bed.....I'm not craving junk (chips, ice cream) .... and not craving my favorites (pastry stuff)....but biggest I don't feel driven by food.

Start weight...240...current weight after two weeks...225. Goal after two more weeks....215. That amount is much more than the company says is a norm. BTW, I have not increased exercise.

BTW again, I was told that the food tasted like sawdust but have been surprised that 90 percent is actually good, the rest being ok. Better tasting than I thought. And .... my "snack" tonight....chocolate chip cookies.

Oh, almost forgot...blood pressure dropped 15 points. Down to 115/77 with heart rate at 64.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Esther (Greenwich) on 08/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking apple cider vinegar for the past month to lose weight. It's working and I feel awesome. I take a teaspoon of ac vinegar in hot water with lemon when I wake up, then a tablespoon of it in my sports water bottle, which I sip all day. I have lost 4 pounds so far.

Fasting 5:2 Diet
Posted by Stephanie (Napa) on 07/25/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Fasting 5:2 Diet

This is incredible! I have tried EVERY diet out there, doing research for years on nutrition and diet, went gluten-free for a while, went vegan, but could not lose those those last stubborn 10 pounds. I started fasting 22 hours, two days per week, and my life has changed. I am under 130 for the first time in a decade and ALL my old clothes fit again. Words cannot describe what it feels like to feel like your old self, and more importantly, feel in permanent control of your weight--it's been years of desperation and yo-yo dieting. Not to mention what it does to your mood!

I fast on Mondays and Wednesdays(or Thurs, depending on plans). I eat a full meal the night before around 7:30 and then eat 22 hours later around 5:30. I drink coffee in the morning and maybe another cup of coffee or tea around 2:00(I set an alarm on my phone) and just sip water casually throughout the day. Life changing. It's so much easier than you think just to skip a couple meals and just say to yourself, "I'm not very hungry" than it is to constantly stress about planning meals and waste time and energy counting calories. Just find projects to focus on and keep your mind distracted and you will be fine. Sipping water also prevents hunger pangs so it's easy to forget you are even fasting.

Prayer and/or journaling during these days is the easiest way to transform your mind while transforming your body. Just purge every thought out on paper and don't sensor yourself(you can always burn it! ) But try fasting, it will seriously get you off the diet roller coaster and completely reset your taste buds for healthier eating. Trust me, you really can do this!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kristina (Miami, Florida ) on 07/02/2017

It sounds like you may have histamine intolerance! That would cause the headache. Hope this helps. To decrease histamine you can avoid certain foods but also you can take histamine degrading probiotics as well as a supplementthat degrades histamine.

Posted by Bill (California) on 05/24/2017

I am an Asian-American and love ginger in my food. however. I have been using coconut oil for two months now.. Enjoying many benefits. Lost significant weight. Down to a 32 waist with a 42 jacket. Have not enjoyed that since my college days 65 years ago.

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Leigh Ann F. (Abilene, Tx) on 05/13/2017

I've learned from 94 yrs old lady to drink plum juice. I drank whole container from grocery store. Wait a while n true enough it flush bowel movement. More importantly, make sure to eat enough fiber foods to keep your stomach digest well. If not enough fiber then it constipated like flour, meat, sugar, n anything junkie.

General Feedback
Posted by Sue (Massachusetts) on 01/31/2017

You are losing the height because the excess weight is compacting on your joints to make you shorter. Once you loose the weight as long as there is not permanent issues with your joints you should gain the inches you lost in your height back. Good luck with the weight loss. I am doing the same as you working to get the extra off.

ACV and Coconut Oil
Posted by Ginny (Lakeland, Florida) on 12/20/2016

I have thyroid issues also, and have gained 40 lbs in a short amount of time too. I am 67 years old, and have been doing this for 2 days. I have already lost 2 lbs. I will keep you posted as to my results.

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Lisa (Hartford, Sd) on 12/15/2016

Oh, try the natural approach to your backed up problem and drink prune juice. Things will flow thru soon

Potassium Iodide
Posted by Faith (New York) on 11/07/2016

Thanks for the tip. As an appetite suppressant chia seeds works wonders. A tablespoon first thing in the morning before breakfast with water.

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Pup2pup (Cincinnati) on 10/27/2016

Misconception - baking soda never contains aluminum, but some baking powders do, so always buy the aluminum-free baking powder for your cooking. And don't worry about the baking soda.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Erynn (Ct) on 07/22/2016

Bentonite Clay removes all bacteria. So If your worried about negative effects, just make sure your taking good pro & prebiotics a few hours after you take it. I could see it causing havoc with prolonged use without aiding your body in gaining those back.

Hydrolyzed Collagen
Posted by Beryl (Uk) on 06/22/2016
0 out of 5 stars

I'm in my seventies, and keep well. However, recently I've been attempting to lose a bit of weight, and to guard against looking too drawn from weight loss I've been taking hydrolysed collagen. Hoping that it will help with bones, nails, hair, skin, etc. I've been taking six caplets a day on an empty stomach, and for about a month I felt really good. However, this last fortnight my spine has become really painful, and one of my discs especially so when pressure was applied to it. And I've been finding that old injuries have also become painful. Putting two and two together I wondered whether it could be the hydrolysed collagen, and so two days ago I stopped taking it, and all the pain has disappeared. I wondered whether I was overloading my system with too much calcium, but I understand there's no calcium in it. The reviews of the product are excellent. Any thoughts on this?

Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 06/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Regarding Neem for Weight,

As I stated in an earlier post I am also taking Stinging Nettles interchanging with the Neem. The Neem gave me a little fit so I figure its doing most of the work. I give them a break here and there. Also a reminder is that when I first lost the weight I did make some eating changes. Now that being said, even though I have petty much slipped back to my old ways the weight has remained off. I am still two sizes down. I still plan to cut down on certain foods again to start losing weight again. A lot of stress going on around here so I have not gotten to diet changes yet, but walking slimmer than last year.


Blood Type Diet
Posted by Cathy (Tennessee) on 06/13/2016

I'm on dialysis and I can't pee on my own. Will this tea help me?

HCG Diet
Posted by Irener (Newbury Park) on 05/27/2016

Great ideas.

Posted by Nicole (Virginia) on 05/26/2016

Hi Shirley...yes, raw is always best! However I still received great benefits from making it into tea form by simmering it for 10 min or so. I've always felt it's okay to do this to root/tuber vegetables ever since I read a research article by Dr. Greger (who wrote 'How Not to Die') showing that sweet potatoes retain more nutrients via boiling compared to steaming or baking surprisingly. I only do this for the root veggies however...


Posted by Shirley (Ontario) on 05/25/2016

Ginger in it's raw form is the best, not heated. Heating it destroys the best part of it. Candied ginger is just a bunch of unneeded sugar. It doesn't even have a texture similar to ginger. I don't get it. Fresh ginger juice is out of this world!!! RAW RAW RAW!!

Posted by Nicole (Virginia) on 05/24/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I'm of normal weight usually but have a tendency to add pounds when I stop working out and eating poorly. Just this month I did just that...due to a terrible sinus infection I didn't work out for 3 weeks (normally I work out 3x/wk) and ate poorly...sweets, no fruits/vegetables, etc. Normally my diet includes a huge salad each day and eggs for breakfast, etc. This time I was eating leftover brownies (for breakfast! ) and was too tired from being sick to make my salads, so no veggies at all. And...I had already gained a few extra pounds prior to getting sick.

But I constantly ate ginger for those 3 weeks to help with my sinus infection. Once I got better and made it to the gym weeks later...I braced myself once I got on the scale, preparing myself for the news since I was already a few pounds over...so knew it was now doubled. Shockingly...I had lost 4 pounds!! (That's a lot for me as I'm about 120lbs, 5'3")

I kept thinking it was the scale but it's the same scale I always used. Then I noticed how lean my arms were and knew it was real.

I racked my brain for what supplements I was taking consistently that might cause that and realized it was the ginger. I had ACV and iodine and Vit C occasionally...but it was ginger all day every day for weeks.

I googled Ginger and weight loss as soon as I got home just to see...and sure enough the articles are there.

I used fresh ginger and went through several good size roots. I would slice off the skin (to avoid pesticides) and then cut about 3 pieces an inch or two long...and a couple millimeters thick (so a few thin, 1-2 inch long pieces). I would simmer them for 10-15min in a few cups of filtered water and drink it hot like that or add a green tea bag (for my morning cup) and drink it as ginger-green tea (I never added honey or anything else). Sometimes I'd do that twice a day.Then I would also EAT the boiled ginger pieces throughout the day. I sort of gnawed on them as I worked (they helped with my cough and opened my sinuses). By the 3rd week (b/c I was back at work and didn't have time to boil ginger tea

Then I would also EAT the boiled ginger pieces throughout the day. I sort of gnawed on them as I worked (they helped with my cough and opened my sinuses). By the 3rd week (b/c I was back at work and didn't have time to boil ginger tea so I was just taking small slices of the raw ginger and eating them straight like that...chewing gently to ease into the burn...maybe just 1 inch of the raw, uncooked per day.

Hope this helps someone. I think many ways of preparing the ginger will work...and it's portable so can go anywhere. Just slice it ahead of time. I never tried adding honey or the crystallized versions...just the raw.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deonet (Washington) on 05/10/2016

Hi. Yes, ACV can be great for you but just like all good things, too much can be bad. A proper amount of ACV can help balance the body's ph levels, especially in the bladder, and help the body metabolize certain things. Just like in the pet section for incontinence and thyroid issues though, too much ACV for people can throw the balance too far to the alkaline and cause infection too. Wisdom and caution, prudence and proportion with all things. Blessings to all.

Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 05/09/2016

Good Morning Everyone, As I awoke this morning I remembered what I am sure is an important detail in the first 21 days of losing weight.

Most mornings I only had hot water for breakfast. Some morning's I had tea or coffee. That's it just the hot drink.

My first meal was lunch, I don't think I noted it, but with dinner, I had plenty of cooked greens. For evening settling a fruit snack or hot drink was the best I could do.

I expected to lose water weight, but did not really know I lost weight till my clothes got loose. I did not weight my self. I got weighted at the doctors office. That's why originally said two sizes down.

All these weight notes to you are because I usually gain my weight right back. But even though I have added a limited amount of the other foods back, one or two of the prior mentioned supplements or teas has been working to keep the weight off.


Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 05/08/2016

Happy Mothers Day, Mothers! I decided to stop a moment here and update my update.

I got an good report from the doctor. I do not go to the doctor often, but I do go for my yearly check up and when it is absolutely necessary. Kidneys good, liver good, blood pressure bad, had a tendency of running high was 119/60. My blood sugar was still borderline and so was my cholesterol.

Now, what you want to know is that I lost 20 pounds from the middle of March to the present. Now trying to remember all the details right does not always happen with me. But I do know that I was doing a 21 day prayer consecration, during which I cut out basically bread, rice and flour, thought sometimes I had some wheat bread, but not daily. I cut down on how much sugar I use in my tea.

You want to know the truth right? I did eat french fries. Had to laugh there. But I did not eat the burger. My meat was either chicken or tuna.

Just to give you a line of of the supplements that I stuck to during this time. Cayenne Pepper and Ginger daily, which I was taking for my circulation and heart. Manganese which I was taking once a week get rid of hair balls, Stinging Nettle to grow my hair and found out it was good for circulation and weight lost too, and Neem which I actually give credit for maintaining the weight lost, because it regulates blood sugar etc.

There are a few other supplements I take but only as needed.

We can do this. Now to not go back to the Junk. You know today is Mother's Day so I did a lot of cheating. Which way to the GYM?

Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel ([email protected]) on 05/02/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I noticed that the mention of the moody feeling I get when drinking the Neem tea was rated as Better but with side effects. So I thought perhaps someone may want to know if there were any other side effects.

After the first day of taking the Neem, I began to feel stings as if I were about to break out in a rash. it was similar to the feeling that I got when I took the borax for a month, so I concluded that it was die off because of my experience with the borax.

Mind you I drink a lot of water while taking Neem tea. After 12 days of taking the Neem I took a break from it. The stinging stopped, I never got a rash, perhaps because I cut down to a third cup of the Tea. Also when I started back taking the Neem no more stinging. The stings did not return.

The other side effect was a very light headache.

The many benefits I got from drinking the Neem tea out weight the side effects so I just take breaks from drinking the tea. Some suggest weeks. but I only drink a little bit, so I just skip a few days. and start again.

Not only have I lost weight (2 sizes Down), I don't have to depend solely on the baking soda any more to kill a UTI infection. The Neem has helped to regulate my blood sugar.

When you read up on Neem, you are advised to check with your doctor if you have diabetes, because Neem may lower your blood sugar.

I know Neem helped with my blood sugar, because usually when I eat sweets I have to run for the baking soda and Molasses.

I will have a confirmation soon, I do have a doctor's visit scheduled.

"Yes Neem tea tastes terrible! " But it works great!

Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 05/02/2016

Correction, I meant to say Neem has been said to lower blood sugar. This is one of the reason to read up on it before you start taking it. You do not want your blood sugar to drop too low.