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Posted by Mary (Nevada City) on 03/06/2006
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I used lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne about 15 years ago to try and lose weight - I did it for three days and I was about ready to line my kids up against the wall and fire. Not really - wouldn't do that...But this made me so hungry and edgy! It is not for everyone. I gave up and just went back to eating. Plus - these radical plans ALWAYS backfired on me and whacked my metabolism eve more - so it was even harder to lose weight. I still deal with weight issues (about 20 pounds over) but I find that I lose weight the best is when I am actually trying to heal my asthma...So - it is a simple diet - mostly fresh fruits and veggies - or steamed, plus an egg or two and one serving of brown rice a day. So - when I am sick with asthma -I REALLY want to be well and I stick with this and I lose weight. This time I need to stick with it past the asthma season. Plus I am adding in kelp now- this should help all three issues: Thyroid, asthma and weight.