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Safflower Oil
Posted by Ali (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) on 02/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

This week I began using 2 tsp. daily of safflower oil used in food, along with a sensible diet. A recent study suggested this was helpfull in weight loss,especially belly fat. I lost two lbs. which I was happy with, all I changed was to cut all simple sugars from my diet however, I did enjoy fruit, one or two per day whenever a craving for sweets hit, usually an apple, pear or berries. I already used only 100% whole wheat or whole grain bread and pasta but I changed the bread to sour dough rye, wasn't crazy about the taste when used plain but scrumptious when toasted and drizzled with a little virgin olive oil and a little safflower oil and some all natural peanut butter sprinkled with fresh ground flax seed. I added a peeled apple with a good dash of cinnimon. I had this every morning for my breakfast. It is a good idea to have at least two or three cups of green tea daily, I made sure to have at least two cups, if you don't like the tea just take one 140 mg.capsule daily. Take it easy on how much dairy you consume, I had lite feta and a few sprinkles of parmesan on my pasta, also a small amount of chedder sometimes, couldn't resist as it is one of my weaknesses. It was not difficult for me as I normally have a large salad every day, sometimes with a small amount of lean meat or fish as a main course or a smaller one with a sandwich for lunch. Evening meal is lean meat or fish with lots of lightly steamed vegtables and about 3/4 cup brown rice, pasta or sweet potato and small salad if I need a little extra. I also have a large glass of spring or filtered water with juice of a quarter lemon squeezed in.

Is there anyone else who is using this protocol? If so what has been your experience? Also how long have you been using it and is two lbs a week a realistic goal in the long term? Any feedback would be appreciated. Oh yes, I also take a good multi vit. with extra vit. D3 in winter. Thanks Earth Clinic and also cuddos to all who post info. All the best, Ali