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Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel ([email protected]) on 05/02/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I noticed that the mention of the moody feeling I get when drinking the Neem tea was rated as Better but with side effects. So I thought perhaps someone may want to know if there were any other side effects.

After the first day of taking the Neem, I began to feel stings as if I were about to break out in a rash. it was similar to the feeling that I got when I took the borax for a month, so I concluded that it was die off because of my experience with the borax.

Mind you I drink a lot of water while taking Neem tea. After 12 days of taking the Neem I took a break from it. The stinging stopped, I never got a rash, perhaps because I cut down to a third cup of the Tea. Also when I started back taking the Neem no more stinging. The stings did not return.

The other side effect was a very light headache.

The many benefits I got from drinking the Neem tea out weight the side effects so I just take breaks from drinking the tea. Some suggest weeks. but I only drink a little bit, so I just skip a few days. and start again.

Not only have I lost weight (2 sizes Down), I don't have to depend solely on the baking soda any more to kill a UTI infection. The Neem has helped to regulate my blood sugar.

When you read up on Neem, you are advised to check with your doctor if you have diabetes, because Neem may lower your blood sugar.

I know Neem helped with my blood sugar, because usually when I eat sweets I have to run for the baking soda and Molasses.

I will have a confirmation soon, I do have a doctor's visit scheduled.

"Yes Neem tea tastes terrible! " But it works great!

Neem Tea
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 04/30/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

You may need to take 800 IU of Vitamin E with the Neem if you choose to use Neem for Weight Loss or whatever. It sometimes make me feel irritable. When I take the Vitamin E I do not have that problem.

It is better to take the Vitamin E before you leave the house, or put the whole bottle in your pocket, lest someone steps on your toes during a mood swing.