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No Wheat, No Sugar
Posted by Katie (Marietta, GA) on 03/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

A whole grain bread company had opened up in our town which my husband and I discovered in January. So delicious, it became an addiction. Each week I'd go and buy a loaf of multi-grain bread and some whole grain muffins and fruit bars. I'd only have one slice of bread per day, but before I knew it I gained 4 pounds which I found impossible to take off. I cut back on calories, but I still had to have my one delicious slice of bread every day. At the same time that I gained the pounds, I also started looking older and unhealthy all of a sudden, which I couldn't understand since I eat very healthy food with lots of vegetables every day and exercise 5x a week. Anyway, a week ago I decided enough was enough and went on an anti-candida diet. I cut out all wheat and sugar from my diet. No more delicious bread! In the 7 days that I started my no wheat, no sugar diet, I have lost 4 pounds and look/feel much more healthy. My skin is glowing too. Now it wasn't like I ate a lot of sugar before starting on my diet, but I did have a teaspoon of brown sugar in tea about 4x a day. And then I was only eating 1 slice of bread a day. Not a lot, but even these small quantities were reaking havoc on my body.

I hope everyone who is having trouble losing weight will consider eliminating those 2 things from your diet. The results are fast and remarkable!