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Posted by Karen (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) on 07/27/2018
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I am currently 75 pounds overweight. I have all of the symptoms of having a thyroid issue yet tests are normal. I am acidic. So I am taking the following daily:

flax seed, greens, a good multivitamin for 40+ women, a digestive enzyme plus ox bile with every meal, adrenal support, I stopped eating anything prepared and eat fresh veggies, fruit and lean protein. I also take 5-HTP and an herbal sleep aid. I make a tea daily with 2 litres water, ginger root, lemon, baking soda, ACV and honey.

None of this is making any difference. I usually have a protein shake with 3/4 c almond milk, a banana, greens and flax for breakfast with all of my supplements- then I won't eat much all day until 2-3 pm because I don't get hungry. I have been sleeping a lot. I have a hard time falling asleep at night then I can sleep until 12-1 pm if I am off.

I have battled with depression but the supplements help. I need to lose weight and get some energy, or I need to sleep and never eat to lose weight. One or the other I don't know what else to do. Exercise makes me gain. Help

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Posted by Leanne (Australia, ) on 12/20/2013
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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for weight loss. I am 50 yrs of age, female, and for the life of me can't budge the weight. I am just overweight and would like to lose 5 kilos.

I have tried every diet around. I have just tried the low carbohydrate diet, gone off sugar, and any type of unhealthy food for months, drink lots of water, tried ACV, exercise, and cannot even lose half a kilo nor any cms either. Could my liver be the problem. If so what can I do about it. Any suggestions?

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Posted by Cara (Nyack, Ny) on 09/09/2010
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I need to lose 20 pounds and have tried everything, exercise, dieting- nothing helps. I'll lose a few pounds then gain it back without changing anything. I have been trying the ACV (2 tbsp per 16 oz drank throughout day)that I saw on this site for about a week but have seen no change. I have also taken EV Coconut Oil (and cut fat & calories from my diet to make up for it). I am taking antidepressants and had my gall bladder removed and was wondering if either of these factors could be contributing to the inability to lose weight. I also have Epstein Barr and fibromyalgia so I have been taking vitamins as well as COQ10 & L-Carnatine for about a year just to have some energy. Any suggestions? Getting this weight off is really important to me, I'll try anything at this point. Thanks.