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Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Coconut Oil
Posted by Teresa (Kenedy, Texas) on 08/25/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I had heard Coconut Oil helped in weightloss, but wondered why it did. The Slim Shots that are for weightloss and are quite popular are all natural with no jittery side effects. It claims to satisfy your hunger for longer periods of time, allowing users to eat 30% percent less, with out feeling deprived. The ingredients are palm and oat oil with an artifical sweetner, in a small "creamer" container that you take before meals. If I am not mistaken those are medium chain triglycerides, and consuming a fat before a meal will make you feel full, so that you will eat less and potentially consume 30% less calories resulting in weightloss. Well these Slim Shots are quite expensive and Coconut Oil which is a medium chain triglyceride also, when consumed before each meal would have about the same effect. Now that I understand why the Coconut Oil could help in weightloss I have begun taking it before each meal. I have seen a difference. Recently I was put on insulin and a side effect of that is increased hunger. I had started snacking in between meals, almost out of control, but since taking the Coconut Oil before each meal, I eat less at meals and do not snack in between meals. I will continue doing this and am hoping for good results.