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Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

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Posted by Holly (Apex, NC) on 03/03/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I have gained 5 pounds using the VCO and ACV. What is up? I thought I would lose weight, but I have gained. I crave salty foods. Has anyone else experienced this?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Lee (Greensboro, NC) on 01/21/2007
1 out of 5 stars

My health was declining and substantial weight gain ( untreated border Hypothyroid 1991 )and culminated in stroke early 2006 at age 54, week in hospital at time of stroke my BP was 260/160, cholesterol 330, and high homocysteine. I started coconut oil this fall, mostly to increase energy but hoping it would help my sluggish metabolism to aid weight loss which has been erratic. I have had SAD each winter and this winter no sign of it, my energy is up but no significant weight loss. I'm on 4 meds so can't be sure the oil lowered cholesterol but it dropped another 92 pts since April testing to 101 total. My research showed that i must keep my total under 150 in order to start reversing the blockage I have in subclavian artery. My Cardiologist is amazed that I'm not dizzy or fainting b/c of my blockage being severe he said. I'm trying to ward off a stent and angioplasty. I must reduce my weight by 40 lbs before Dr will allow weaning off Plavix, Zocor, Benicar HCT and FLTX. I was started on 40 mg Benicar HCT the DAY BEFORE I stroked my dr allow me to reduce dosage if my BP is below 100, I have a BP cuff at home. Using it daily I have been able to cut back the Benicar to 1/4 Tablet. I want off all these pills within another year. I do believe I have improved my health with diet changes, exercise and reducing stress but as I said, dr's want to SEE proof of my changes via WEIGHT loss.

Replied by Nikolina
(Roy, Utah)

Medications alone can account for the fact that you are not losing weight. A lot of them can change your metabolism and make it difficult, or almost impossible, to lose any weight at all. The fact that you are experiencing more energy is a great cause to celebrate. I wish you well.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Maria (San Antonio, TX) on 07/14/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I love coconut oil. I dropped 5 pounds and am now at my ideal weight. I don't get hungry or get cravings because I get the right amount of good fat. Why do you say people with high blood pressure can't take it? Please take only non-hydrogenated virgin coconut oil. Take it mixed with food if it upsets your stomach

Coconut Oil
Posted by Deborah (Phuket, Thailand)
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut oil is the most remarkable natural weight loss and anti-ageing product I have to share that because of coconut oil and total body purification I have lost 13 kilos and been able to create a business that helps others in their quest for optimum health and vitality