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Apple Fast

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Posted by Pondera (Juneau, Ak) on 04/11/2010

3 day Apple Fast cured Dyshidrotic Eczema

I developed dyshidrotic eczema on the palm of my right hand and in between my fingers in Sept/ 09. At first I developed a rash that weeped directly where I had a ring on my finger.. I thought maybe the nickel in the ring triggered it. Hydrocortizone cream did not cure it, although it provided immediate relief from the itching. The rash than spread to in between my fingers and on the palm of my hand. It was awfully painful.

I tried massage therapy for stress and repressed emotions and found that it started to heal directly after that. I also had three or four sessions of acupuncture and realized it was healing after that too. But it wasn't gone completely.

So I began a THREE DAY Apple Fast for persistant Acne problems. Hoping to clear up my face and in the process it COMPLETELY healed my eczema. You see it all starts on the inside, in the organs, in this case, the large intestine or colon.

Here's what you do:
For three days eat nothing but peeled Red Delicious apples or Golden apples. They must be peeled. And you can eat as much as you want all day long. (I ate about 6-10 a day)And drink a ton of water ! at least 60 oz. a day.

At the end of each day, you have to do an enema to remove all the apple you ate that day. The Pectin in the apple absorbs the heavy metals and toxins from inside the colon and then each day it needs to get passed or the results won't be as good.

You can buy a Fleet Enema from most drugstores, and just follow the directions. However, you have to use it 3 times. You do the first flush lying on your right side, then on the left, and then again in the knee-to-chest bowing position. For a total of three flushes. Remain in the positions while you're holding it in. (Since a Fleet enema only has solution in it for one flush, on the 2nd and 3rd flush you just have to refill it with warm tap water) After squeezing all the fluid in, you hold it inside you (for 2-5min) until the urge to expel it is very strong...then get on the toilet and let it go.

It is very important to remove the apples each day, but only do the enema flush once in a 24 hour period. On the first day you may not see a lot come out, but the 2nd and 3rd days you will. If you have really severe cramps you can do it earlier in the day.

On the third and last day, you may have two tablespoons of olive oil and a couple glasses of Welch's grape juice in the evening to prepare your digestive system to be eating again the next day. You will want to start out with easy food, like soup and crackers, don't run to McDonald's or something. And do an enema on the fourth day as well, just to make sure you got everything.

This apple-fast is done primarily to treat acne, and the results should last for months. My skin is cleared and softer than ever! And my eczema is gone for good too! You will notice things changing by the 2nd day. Sometimes your acne can get worse for a bit, but that just means your body is detoxying. Stay with it. And NO CHEATING whatsoever. You may have a few cups of green tea throughout the day.

Be easy on yourself. Don't exercise a bunch, or stay up late, or what's really great is if you can get work off. Take a hot shower if you get a headache (normal) and just be good to your self. When you're hungry, distract yourself, go for a nice walk, watch a movie, play music. LOTS OF WATER AND LOTS OF APPLES and say goodbye to eczema!

There is a body-mind connection with all things. The Colon is the organ that allows us to literally "let go of crap" so sometimes when we are emotionally plugged up we experience problems with our colon, that end up showing up on our skin. It is our body's way of talking to us. Let me know if you have any questions.. and good can do it! God Bless

Replied by Pondera
(Juneau, Ak, Usa)

HI i wrote in about the 3 day APPLE Fast curing dyshidrotic eczema. Although my acne is completely gone. After 4 days it seems like my eczema is flaring up just the tiniest bit with introducing regular food to my diet. Just thought I'd let you know. I still recommend it for cleansing of heavy metals and toxins, however. thanks

Replied by Toni
(Kzn, South Africa)

Hi All,
Just a quick question, did anyones eczema get quite a lot worse & really itchy on the fourth & fifth day? Cause I tried this diet & felt good, but now on the fourth & fifth day I'm extremely red & itchy. Please help. Thanks Toni.

Apples, ACV, Dietary Changes

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Posted by Samuel (Redmond, Wa, Usa) on 05/04/2011

Before you begin the All Aspect Attack regimen, you must understand that keeping down eczema flare-ups is A HUGE DIET CHANGE. You MUST be willing to eat ONLY ORGANIC AND NON-PROCESSED FOODS!

After about a year of researching and executing cures that did not work for me, I have found that it is not just one action one must take to get rid of flare ups.

I say get rid of flare ups because it is impossible to get rid of eczema, however it is possible to remain flare-up free, and physically seem like one is rid of eczema, and remain flare up free for as long as one desires.


All aspects must be attacked when it comes to Eczema. There are four aspects in the order that they should be attacked:

1.) Detox reset

2.) Raw Organic Apple cider vinegar

3.) Skin reset

4.) Diet

If one successfully tackles all four aspects of this war against Eczema, one can eliminate flare ups from their system quickly and keep flare ups from returning. Within about 1 and a half weeks, my skin returned to normal and has stayed healthy.


I will list exactly what I did:

First off let me mention that if you are serious about getting rid of eczema, all food you consume from here on out absoutely must be as organic and unprocessed as possible. If you follow this regimen but you continue to eat foods with artificial garbage in them then you're just asking for flare-ups. The biggest factor of this regimen is EATING AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE! Do not be ignorant- check ingredient labeling!

Also, constantly moisturize using anything of your choice. Do not wait for your skin to dry to moisturize. Over moisturize rather than under moisturize. Moisturize until your skin is uncomfortably greasy even. I used 100% cocoa butter I bought in a brick like form, where I had to melt in the microwave.

In addition, constantly drink water. Similar to moisturizing, do not wait until you are thirsty. A good way to figure out how much you should drink is by using body weight, where you drink 1/2 oz of water per pound you weigh. So divide your body weight in half, and then divide it again by how many hours you are awake, to figure out how much water you should drink every hour.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important. I drank about 8 oz of water every waking hour this entire regimen, and even to the present of today.

1.) I detoxed using the three day apple diet I found on this website, however I only did it for two days, as on the third day I was very hungry. I bought and ate only organic apples. This is vital since before I was still eating not necessarily junk food, but regular food that had artificial ingredients in it here and there. I also drank 2 table spoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar diluted in 8 oz of water every morning and night, to this day. I do it every day, and throughout this regimen.

2.) On those same days I ate only apples, I purchased raw organic apple cider vinegar with mother in it. Using a mixture of 1/3 apple cider vinegar, and 2/3 water in an 8 oz cup, I rubbed the solution onto my patches of eczema. My eczema was very severe, so the burning was intense and painful, but the itch was obliterated afterwards. The pain was well worth it the itch relief provided. When you wash your eczema patches with ACV, do not panic if you see seemingly white bubbles form on the patches. Its normal. After rubbing the solution onto my patches, I waited until they dried.

I did this 1/3 ACV (remember it must be the organic raw kind with mother in it) 2/3 water wash once every day. It basically disinfected my open wounds in my eczema patches.

If for some reason you still itch, although it is not a home remedy, it is a useful back-up measure, get a product with menthol in it like a cough or vapor rub of some sort and apply it to wherever is itching. It has an incredible cooling effect and will generally instantly kill itch, in case the ACV did not earlier.

3.) After doing the eczema patch wash using the 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar 2/3 water solution, I also took a bath for at least an hour with two cups of the apple cider vinegar. After the bath I immediately moisturized myself thoroughly. I would generally do the eczema patch washing in the beginning of the bath, in the bath.

4.) Once finished with the apple diet, I changed to eating only organic lettuce and organic chicken, since I know those foods in the past were neutral to me and were not flare-up inducing. This may not be the same for you, so make sure you only eat a small amount of food ranges you KNOW do not give you flare ups. Do not eat anything even mildly processed like organic cereal. Stick with raw veggies and meats you know are safe, and organic. From my experience in relation to me, eczema is 99. 9% diet related.

5.) I continued to take baths with two cups of ACV, and still washed my patches with 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar and 2/3 water every day. On this day, AFTER washing my eczema patches and taking my bath, I reset my skin using steroid cream. This is the day after I finished the apple diet. So it is the third day.

I understand that this is a home remedy website but I see steroid cream as a strong skin resetting tool. I do not see it as a cure, not even close. However, for fastest results, it is the best thing to use in order to reset the skin back to normal. It is a resetting tool, that should NEVER be depended upon. I was lucky since I tried to avoid steroid cream usage as much as possible, so I was still able to use it as a potent skin resetting tool.

I only applied the steroid cream once, that was all I needed.

6.) As I continued to eat only organic chicken and organic lettuce, I also continued to bathe every day with the 2 cups of acv, and still washed my eczema patches with the 1/3 2/3 solution. I also still was drinking 2 table spoons of ACV diluted in a cup of water morning and night. I did it every day religiously, and still do.

7.) Around this point it was day four, and my phases of incredibly itchy patches of eczema were gone. My eczema patches were no longer risen or flared up, and it had no blisters. It was simply red, but it was flat. It was the same height level as my normal skin. It was healing. I easily rubbed off a lot of dead skin from my eczema patches in the bath. Do not forcefully rub off skin. At this point, dead skin should just easily come off after soaking in the bath for 30 minutes.

8.) Every three days I introduced a new vegetable to my diet, organic of course. I read that food can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to completely be digested and removed from your body, so I set three days as a good food testing time. After I was done with the vegetables, I then added fish, turkey, and other types of meat, all organic, and all once every three days. Since my diet was so bare it was incredibly easy to figure out EXACTLY what gave me flare ups and what did not. What made this food detecting process even easier to follow in the beginning was the apple detox since it let me fully know that my starting neutral foods lettuce and chicken were not giving me eczema problems.

9.) After 7 days had gone by using this regimen, my eczema patches had completely healed other than a few scars left from the deep scratching. Now you must understand, if you choose not to reset your skin using steroid cream, it may take longer to reach normal skin appearance, however since from my experience diet is what really contributes to eczema, chances are you will definitely achieve normal skin soon enough.


IT has now been a month since I did the regimen and I have no longer gotten any sessions of intense cravings to itch, nor have I gotten any flare ups. I no longer have to bathe in Apple cider vinegar because I have no eczema patches, however I still eat a very healthy, organic food diet, and I still drink 2 table spoons of ACV diluted in a cup of water in the morning and at night. As a side note, my acne has almost completely disappeared as well, which makes sense.

I have been suffering from eczema my entire life, which means about 18 years. The main solution to eczema flare ups being healthy organic food only, and avoiding all artificial ingredients and processed foods was mind boggling, miraculous, and frustrating all at once. I'm incredibly happy; happier than I've ever been before, now that I no longer have to battle with eczema flare-ups. However I'm frustrated that I never realized how vital it is to avoid regular food since it will always have artificial ingredients, even if it seems like it does not.

It frustrates and fills me with rage, how almost all products with a nutrition label and ingredient list will almost ALWAYS have some artificial garbage that you don't even understand on it, unless it is organic. Something as harmless as white tortillas could have some crap in it. Even some organic foods however, may have artificial junk in them, as foods can wield the USDA organic label but only be 95% organic, which is why checking the ingredients list is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.

The bottom line is that anything that is not organic or has artificial ingredients is poison. Citric acid is It is the reason you have eczema/acne. Even regular fruits and vegetables and meats, if not organic, are full of pesticides and other junk that can do nothing but harm you.

Just to let some of you know the real face of artificial ingredients, I finally researched what citric acid is. Unless the citric acid is coming from citrus fruit, artificial citric acid is derived from MOLD. You are eating or drinking a product that comes from MOLD. This alone should let people realize that artificial ingredients are poison.

Everybody is capable of ridding themselves of the symptoms of Eczema. Eczema will return if people cut corners and eat junk, however if people remain strong, and only eat organic food and avoid artificial ingredients like the poison they are, flare-ups can be a thing of the past.

Replied by Ella
(Sydney, Australia)

Mold isn't necessarily bad. Lots of foods are produced using a fungus, such as tempeh, natto etc. And these foods are really good for us. Mold particles are everywhere in our environment, we can't escape them!

Replied by Emi
(Sarajevo, Bosnia)

Ella, mold IS dangerous, it is deadly and it is nothing like other healthy fungus. I am now dying because of mold, so please do not advise people that mold is healthy, IT IS NOT. I am much better since I stopped using citric acid , aka E330, so anyone with allergies, eczema, mold sickness, try avoiding this poison!

Replied by Marianne
(Salyer, Ca)

Thankyou so much, Samuel from Redmond, WA. I reread your posting every few days, and am totally grateful for your clear information. It has been the only method that has proven to be helpful. No words can thank you enough.

Replied by Joanl
(Arlington, Texas)

Right on Samuel! Don't feel too bad, I didn't discover the poison food issue til I was 33! 30 years of misery! 16 years of great skin.... Til lately, ate cantelope from a farmer who claimed to grow organically, ate it every day for weeks! ... Now I can't eat anything til I'm clean, almost everything is a trigger. My cycle of itch restarted and it could be a couple of months before my blood is clean. Just sweating burns my skin, the itching intolerable, maddening!! He claims it was a mineral complex he put on the crops for flavor. My mouth, neck, eyes, ears, hands, arms all begging to be lopped off to stop the itch. I can eat org. Apples, plain rice, chicken, oatmeal... FUN (gonna go try acv/h2o on my skin... Hang in there everyone! Oh, tomatoes are the worst, they get sprayed with all the -cides, and they're treated with citric acid to be canned, or made into any condiment. Organic tomatoes only folks!

Arrowroot, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Dawn (Hartford Wi) on 08/26/2020

Try arrowroot powder, tea tree oil, and coconut oil...this is a recipe for homemade deodorant I found online, but found it to be beneficial for my husband's eczema.

Art's Remedies

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Posted by Art (California ) on 12/28/2017 2089 posts

Previously I mentioned making a topical lotion along with two supplements that completely cleared my psoriasis without having to do any diet changes or eliminations at all. Here is a link to that protocol and how to make the lotion:

More recently, a friend of mine who saw how fantastic my results were, decided to try the topical ointment on his eczema. He applied it for the first time, two days ago. I talked to him today and he told me that he can already see an improvement in the eczema that he applied it to. I told him to just apply it to one area of his eczema so he could see if it helped or if he was just having spontaneous remission. Since only the area where he applied the lotion showed improvement, this is likely not a case of spontaneous remission and the lotion does seem to be working for his eczema. He has had eczema for over 10 years now so he is quite happy about this lotion and its effects. I'll have to check back with him in a couple of weeks to see how his eczema is doing.

This would tend to add further confirmation to the studies that have suggested that such an ointment may be helpful for psoriasis and eczema.

In the link above that takes you to the psoriasis protocol I used successfully to clear my severe psoriasis are directions for three different ways that I made the lotion and what I thought of each version. As I mentioned before, given the studies for the three supplement protocol that I used, those same supplements seem likely to offer potential benefit for much more than just psoriasis and this would be the first confirmation of that idea!


Avoid Garlic

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Posted by Robyn M. (Adelaide, South Australia) on 05/11/2022

Suffering from Eczema - STOP eating Garlic

Try this it worked for my son (who has had eczema for 15 years) and myself (I have had eczema for 40 years) - stop eating GARLIC. We have spent thousands of dollars on cures to no avail. Check food labels for garlic, takeway foods etc. It took us about four weeks before we noticed a difference. Now if I do happen to have garlic, my hands flair a little but soon goes away. I so hope this helps.

Avoid Gluten

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Posted by GC (Georgia) on 06/27/2021

I was diagnosed with Eczema in 2010.

After suffering for a length of time, I realized that I could easily control it by diet choice.

Since Eczema is an auto immune issue, I realized I was triggering the reaction.

So I eliminated gluten only and it went away within a week.

To test this theory further, I reintroduced gluten and within 12 hours. the flare ups started. Then eliminated the gluten and gone.

Lifetime adjustment in diet is my only route.


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Posted by Jennifer (Sunrise, Fl, USA) on 06/10/2012

Eczema - oh, the agony! I've suffered with this condition almost all of my life. I discovered the wisdom of Ayurveda many years ago and it has helped me tremendously with my eczema. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that has been around for anywhere from 6,000 to 42,000 years. To many people, Ayurveda sounds strange and hippie-ish, but the advice is rather timeless and practical. In fact, the majority of the people who have posted on the eczema board have been using Ayurvedic remedies to clear their eczema, without even realizing it.

In ayurveda, the root of eczema is believed to be in the colon. I'm sure that most of you who are reading this are not surprised by this, because like me, you probably also have a known digestive disorder, weight problems, or slow/sluggish/incomplete digestion. It's not a surprise to me, reading through the posts on this site, that a lot of peoples' eczema responds positively to "cleansing" fasts. It is believed that when the body cannot handle digestion, toxins get released into the bloodstream, and these toxins are then eliminated through the skin, causing a variety of skin problems such as acne or eczema.

However, I see that some of the trouble that people are having is that they are not always using the correct remedies for their eczema "type". For example, one woman's son who has a kind of "vata" eczema (dry, scratchy, aggravated by cold and wind) was applying coconut oil (a cooling oil used to treat "pitta"/hot eczema) to it and not surprisingly, his condition was aggravated. But those who seem to suffer from "pitta"/hot eczema seem to have much success with coconut oil. I compiled this information for you in hopes that you will be able to correctly diagnose your eczema and use the correct Ayurvedic method for your eczema "type".

I have "pitta"/hot type eczema and can only give advice from my personal experience for people who suffer from that kind of eczema.

Ayurvedic approach to healing and treating eczema -

  • Snehana (Oiliation) - apply correct oil/medicated oil preparation on your skin for your eczema type.
  • Panchkarma (Detoxification) - using the correct herbs for your dosha (Ayurvedic "type") to cleanse and detoxify the blood.
  • Elimination - correcting any problems with digestion and elimination, to prevent toxins from entering your blood. One of the important ways to prevent a flare-up is to make sure that colon remains clean.
  • Remove allergens from environment and diet - this can be food/diet related, cosmetic related, or allergen-related (ex. Dust, mold).

    What is my Ayurvedic "type" of eczema? (Vicharchika)
    Vata (cold, dry) type: The skin tends to be rough, dry, hard, itchy and scaly. There may be associated constipation, wind and distension, anxiety and insomnia. The skin is aggravated by cold, wind, dryness and stress and relieved by the application of oils, especially sesame.

    Pitta (hot, burning) type: The skin is hot and inflamed; it is aggravated by heat and heating foods, exposure to the sun (heat rash) and application of most oils, reflecting a state of heat and toxicity in the body. There tends to be burning, redness, oozing, swelling and infection which can be associated with fever, irritability and feeling of heat. Pitta type eczema responds well to cooling oils, such as coconut oil.

    Kapha (cold, moist) type: Kapha skin problems are often accompanied by mucous congestion, lethargy and sluggish metabolism. The skin tends to be cold, clammy, sticky, oozing, swollen and itchy, with a pale complexion. It is aggravated by cold, damp, application of oils and eating dairy products and sugar.

    Eczema is more common with a Pitta imbalance as Pitta can overheat the blood (Rakta dhatu) and predispose to toxic conditions which are expressed through the skin. Factors causing such skin problems include poor digestion (low agni), toxins in the bowel (ama), incorrect diet, over use of sour, salty, or pungent tastes, heavy, sweet or oily foods, as well as over-use of cosmetics, perfumes, synthetic creams, etc.


    OK, now I know my Ayurvedic eczema type. How do I treat it?

    Vata type eczema: Follow a Vata reducing diet and lifestyle with sesame oil massage and castor oil laxative or enemas. Pungent, bitter and astringent tasting foods should be reduced, while sweet, sour and salty tastes are recommended. Nourishing and cleansing herbs for internal use include Triphala, Guggul, Shatavari, Bala, and Cardamom. Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Cardamom and Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa). Triphala powder mixed in warm water, or Triphala guggul capsules, can be given before bed.

    Medicated ghee (Indian clarified butter, can be found in ethnic food stores) can be used internally and externally. Useful herbs for medicating the ghee include Triphala, Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Manjishta, Gokshura, Chitrak, Neem, Guduchi, Cardamom, Punarnava, and Vacha (Acorus calamus) root.

    Pitta type eczema: Follow an anti-Pitta diet, avoiding possible allergens such as dairy produce, vegetables from the nightshade family, as well as oranges, peaches and strawberries. Sour, salty and hot spicy foods are best avoided, while sweet, bitter and astringent foods are recommended. Drinking coconut juice/water (or taking up to 1 tbsp coconut oil internally per day) is helpful, along with coriander leaf juice. Exposure to sun and heat is best avoided.

    Recommended herbs for internal use include bitter cleansing herbs such as burdock root (Arcium lappa), Neem, Guduchi, Manjishta, and laxative herbs such as Dandelion root (Taraxacum off. ) and Triphala can be helpful. Also recommended are Gotu kola, Sandalwood, Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Musta, Chirata (Swertia chiretta), Aloe Vera juice, and Amalaki.

    Helpful therapies for external application include cooling and soothing rose water, coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, coriander leaf juice, Gotu kola oil, and Bringaraj oil. Sandalwood in oils, creams, or the powder made into a paste, has a cooling anti-inflammatory effect. I use a cream that contains Sandalwood, Neem and Turmeric which is effective. Baths with herbs of Musta, Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia) and Triphala can be useful.

    **My regimen for Pitta-type eczema**: If you have pitta-type (hot) eczema, the goal here is to cool down your body, improve your digestion and remove toxins from your blood. I recommend (and use) the pitta-reducing Blood Cleanse by Banyan Botanicals, which has manjista, neem, turmeric, guduchi, and burdock. I use in conjunction with Ayurcetics Triphala, 1 tablet right before bed helps elimination and cools and purifies the blood. When I have an eczema flareup, I apply Nutiva Coconut Oil (my favorite coconut oil on the market) to the inflamed areas, and I usually see a clearing up of my eczema within 30 minutes of application. I take 1 tbsp of coconut oil internally everyday, which helps prevent my eczema from recurring. I try to sleep in a cool room, and sometimes I will leave my hair wet, apply coconut oil or brahmi/amla oil to my hair and scalp (I use either the Nutiva oil or the Brami/Amla oil by Vadik herbs), wrap it in a towel, and sleep like that with my hair cold and damp. It keeps my head and body cool all through the night (no heat = no eczema flare up! ). I try to keep as little covers on me as possible as not to get overheated. I also drink aloe vera juice and coconut water, you can find both in Whole Foods or in Asian grocery stores. I prefer the sweetened kind of aloe vera juice (the big green bottles with chunks of aloe vera floating in it), because the non-sweetened kind tastes pretty nasty!! I also try to engage in cooling/calming activities such as yoga and meditation, and try to avoid aggravating "hot" emotions such as anger, resentment, or stress.

    Kapha type eczema: A Kapha reducing diet and lifestyle is recommended by avoiding all heavy, greasy and oily food, particularly cheese and yogurt. Sweet, sour and salty tasting foods should be reduced, while pungent, bitter and astringent foods are recommended.

  • Replied by Bess
    (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

    Thanks Jennifer! The information on ayurveda for eczema is extremely useful. I think that I am a pitta type as well (I have hand eczema). I'm going to try your suggestions - I even have a few of the items on hand (coconut oil, rosewater, etc. ). Cheers and good health! Bess

    Replied by Jennifer
    (Sunrise, Fl, Usa)

    To add to my remedies for eczema, one Ayurvedic remedy that very cooling and soothing for pitta eczema - especially on the face - is a turmeric & yogurt mask. It is very cooling and soothing on "hot" kinds of eczema. I use plain Greek yogurt without any additives, and you can find turmeric in the spice aisle of the grocery store. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash or tissue off. Be careful, because turmeric can leave permanent stains on clothing and towels.

    Replied by Pinki

    Thankyou for the wonderful description of the three types of excema. Finally I understood. It was always a wonder to me how something worked for some and not the others. especially in my case coconut oil seems to have aggravated it.

    Replied by Crystal
    (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

    Thank you Jennifer. I am age 41 and now I have eczema on my right palm for 3 months and Nothing helps.. Until recently I tried to use sea salt, H2O2 and coconut oil. And now with your info, I will try your way and see how. Thank you for being the angel on earth.

    Baby Eczema Cream

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    Posted by Mama to Many (TN ) on 08/19/2019

    My teenage daughter has dealt with perioral dermatitis for years. We have tried many, many things over the years with varying temporary results that have been less than satisfying. A few months ago we tried Aveno baby eczema cream. Wow! This is the best thing we have used. I would say she is 90% better and has been for months. This is inexpensive and available online and in stores. 😊 ~Mama to Many~

    Baking Soda

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    Posted by Lis (Vermont) on 11/29/2012

    I have severe eczema on my calves, lower legs, a little on my thighs. probably due to stress and who knows what else. acupuncture helps. (i've had eczema in the past but never this bad). one thing i've learned helps speed healing and brings great relief: rubbing baking soda on affected areas in the shower, letting it sit for a minute, then rinsing off. also a cold rinse in the shower at the end helps.

    i cant put any oils on, no help. WITCH HAZEL helps curtail itching when it starts, so I periodically throughout the day slap on some witch hazel. good luck everyone, I know it's frustrating! :)

    Baking Soda
    Posted by Allnatural (Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States) on 08/16/2010

    I took a lotion bottle with a pump dispenser and emptied the contents. Rinsed out the bottle and used a funnel to put in some baking soda. I added regular tap water and it looks like milk. When the eczema on my face first broke out I used this twice a day on my face. It burns at first, but it really dries it up. After 2 days my face looked so much better that I wasn't ashamed to go out anywhere. By the 4th day it was completely gone! I also used Hydrogen Peroxide after washing my face in the baking soda. Just used a cotton ball to apply the HP. It burned too, but not so much that it couldn't be handled. I am still washing my face in the baking soda but only once a day now and it doesn't burn since I have no break out of the eczema. It has also dried up all my pimples. Why I didn't do this before I'll never know. This site has been a life saver, with lots of wonderful, natural cures to life's ailments. Thanks a million!

    Baking Soda
    Posted by Jean-marc (Gatineau, Canada) on 05/10/2010

    I have chonic eczema and use lots of cortisone cream that helps controll it. My skin was in very bad shape this spring, especially the neck. I tried sodium bicabornate (half a cup in the bath) and after two days,the improvement was spectacular. No more itching at night, my skin is soft, the eczema is gone almost completely. I don't think this is a cure, but it certainly helped me a lot. Good luck to all!

    Baking Soda
    Posted by Lorraine (Walnut Creek, CA) on 04/03/2006

    Baking Soda on my face cured scaliness and little bumps as well as the itchiness. I just thought it was age so I started using baking soda to gently exfoliate my face every other day. It improved my skin dramatically! I found your site researching why my scalp, arms, torso and legs are so freaking itchy and believe they are all related. As I am highly allergic to most shampoos, I will be trying tea tree oil in some very gentle (baby) shampoo free of colorants, fragrances, cones and parabens on my scalp and baking soda in my body wash followed by bit of tea tree oil in my moisturizer for the rest of my poor itchy skin. (Ironically, my diet and nutrition is already spot on to your advice). I thought about using the baking soda on my scalp but I think it would be a hassle both getting it down to my scalp as well as rinsing it back off (I have very thick hair). If I could ever remember to do the ACV rinse, I am sure things would be better still. I have done this in the past and it leaves my hair very, very soft but seriously hate the smell.

    Replied by Lou
    (Tyler, TX)

    Try anti-fungal shampoo. It is available on I have very thick hair as well. I like the H——— H—- kind. Good luck!

    Beet Juice

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    Posted by Marlene (Pocatello, Idaho Usa) on 08/21/2011

    I have had Eczema all my life been to many doctors and have used all kinds of medicine. Nothing ever really helped. I had one ultra violet treatment and it lasted for years. I had that done in AZ. That was about 26 yrs. ago and low and behold about 6 yrs. ago it came back! I was so sad... At first it was just a little on one finger. It came on this spring with a vengeance and I still have it. I get little bumps that itch. When they are rubbed they weep, then peel. When it is bad it cracks. The skin is very dry and draws making the cracking worse and a lot of pain.

    I went to the garden several days ago and pulled a batch of BEETS. I cooked them yesterday and when they were done I skinned them the juice was all over my hands. IT FELT GOOD! Overnight the swelling is down and almost healed. I CAN"T BELIEVE it? I peeled potatoes for dinner just a bit ago and the potato juice got on me and started to itch and burn. So! I rubbed a plain cooked beet on my finger. Guess what! Instant relief. Have you ever heard of this before? It isn't totally gone but I sure feel better. The little sores are died a pretty red, but that's okay by me. What is in a beet that has this effect? Would love to know.

    Betaine HCl

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    Posted by noel (merced CA) on 02/02/2024

    Acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, and other skin conditions that cause inflammation, especially on the face, can be caused by hypochlorhydria (Low stomach acid). Take Betaine HCL supplement and/or Apple Cider Vinegar to restore stomach acid. Other symptoms may be bloating, belching, and indigestion after eating.

    Bleach Bath

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    Posted by Nadia (Palm Coast) on 08/30/2013

    Hello, I have three boys (6, 5, and 4 )and all of them suffer from eczema. The oldest one has already outgrown it, the middle one does much better, and the little one is still not good. This is my second post here, the first one you can probably find back a few years ago when I found an aurvedic cream Turmeric from India, that cured my oldest son like a miracle when he was about 2 years old. You can the cream in any Indian store or I buy it online now... We still use this cream a lot for any wounds, cuts... Surprisinly, it didn't help my second and third boys... Long story short, I have been trying everything under the moon to get relieve for the kids. Those parents whose children suffer from eczema, know how painful it is to see your children suffer.... This summer I've been taking boys to the city swimming pool and I noticed that the skin of my youngest boys is so silky and healthy , like a newborn baby. I shared my thoughts with my husband, saying that chlorine cured Michael's skin and my husband only laughed at me. We spent so much money buying an expensive water filter for the whole house(reverse osmosis)... Knowing how bad chlorine is.... I had nothing to say to him.... But I felt that chlorine helped and when we stopped going for the classes, in a few weeks skin got worse... Then we had a consultation with a dermatologyst in Mayo clinic Gainsville. (it is another story and I 'll skip it) , but the doctor noticed that my son's skin is dry... " I'll tell you what to do, You need to wash him in a house bleach 1/4 to 1/2 cup to a tub of water twice-three times a week" I was shocked, so it was not only my feelings! I came home and did search on household bleach and eczema. there is science behind it! you may look thru this article, or you may search many more :

    Reading these articles you'll see the how chlorine helps to cure the skin. And I really want to hear positive results from you!

    Replied by Elaine
    (Ky, Usa)

    Nadia, Thanks for sharing your success. Congratulations! I wonder if the chlorine helps because it is killing bacteria, or virus, or fungus that is causing the eczema? Elaine

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