Natural Remedies

10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Vitamin B12

Posted by Clatterbuck (Beltsville, Md) on 09/12/2020
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I can't say sure but I think B12 shots can cure Eczema.

My daughter had really bad eczema she had it on the soles of her feet so bad she was hobbling around like an old lady but she was only 25. Her hands were painful, cracked and bleeding. She had gone to several doctors and tried all kinds of topical treatments with limited success.

After a couple of years of trying to deal with the eczema she was diagnosed with severe B12 deficiency. Her body can't process B12 properly so she needs monthly B12 shots for the rest of her life. Well, she got her initial loading doses (6 shots once a week for 6 weeks) and she noticed her eczema seemed better.

Her eczema waxed and waned so she didn't get too excited. She has been getting her shots for 6 months now and her eczema is almost totally gone. She still has one tiny spot on her foot but it's not sore or cracked. The only thing she can attribute it to is starting B12 shots. I thought I would share this in the hope it can help someone else. A lot of people are B12 deficient and don't know it. A simple blood test can tell you if you are.

Vitamin B3

Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land Of Oz) on 11/24/2014
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To put it simply - Vitamin B3 clears eczema and can be taken by mouth or used as a cream.

Earlier in the year I had been using a homemade Vitamin B3 cream to clear my eczema. In the last two or three months I have switched to taking this internally instead. I found that if I take 500mg of B3 orally twice a day then this is sufficient to clear any eczema from my body. Taking it this way has been working very nicely for me. Much better to assist the body through nutrition than to whack the immune system into submission with an immune suppressant.

I'm finding taking it internally is a bit more reliable than using a cream. My body is still prone to various forms of inflammation (eg. rhinitis, proctitis, prostatitis) and I am gradually finding better ways of dealing with each problem. So with that in mind, I think it is sensible to treat this problem systemically, as there is a possibility that it will address some systemic issue.. and who knows, maybe it will knock out the root cause whatever that may be.

== Abstracts, Quotes, Etc ==

Source: Skin conditions
Nicotinamide has demonstrated anti-inflammatory actions that may be of benefit to patients with inflammatory skin conditions.[4] These conditions include acne vulgaris, and the compound can suppress antigen-induced, lymphocytic transformation and inhibit 3', 5'-cyclic-AMP phosphodiesterase. Nicotinamide has demonstrated the ability to block the inflammatory actions of iodides known to precipitate or exacerbate inflammatory acne.

This research shows that B3 can the effectiveness of neutrophil immune cells by up to 1000 times
Title: C/EBPe mediates nicotinamide-enhanced clearance of Staphylococcus aureus in mice
The myeloid-specific transcription factor, CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein e (C/EBPe) is a critical mediator of myelopoiesis. Mutation of this gene is responsible for neutrophil-specific granule deficiency in humans, a condition that confers susceptibility to Staphylococcus aureus infection. We found that C/EBPe-deficient mice are severely affected by infection with S. aureus, and C/EBPe deficiency in neutrophils contributes to the infectious phenotype. Conversely, exposure to the epigenetic modulator nicotinamide (vitamin B3) increased expression of C/EBPe in WT myeloid cells. Further, nicotinamide increased the activity of C/EBPe and select downstream antimicrobial targets, particularly in neutrophils. In a systemic murine infection model as well as in murine and human peripheral blood, nicotinamide enhanced killing of S. aureus by up to 1,000 fold but had no effect when administered to either C/EBPe-deficient mice or mice depleted of neutrophils. Nicotinamide was efficacious in both prophylactic and therapeutic settings. Our findings suggest that C/EBPe is an important target to boost killing of bacteria by the innate immune system.

Vitamin B6

Posted by Going_28 (East Norriton, Pa, Usa) on 04/05/2011
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A couple winters ago, I had terribly dry lips and dry, cracking elbows that led to dark, purple blotchy eczema on both elbows that quickly spread up my arms onto my chest. A dermatologist gave me 4 prescriptions that I never filled. I read that dry lips could be a Vitamin B deficiency, so I went to GNC, got a $6 bottle of 100mg (I believe), it was 100mg or 100UI, I just know it was a small gray bottle, and it was $6 hard white tablets. I took one a day, and my cracked lips cleared up in 2 days, the purple blotchy eczema cleared up in about a week, and never came back, even though I stopped taking the Vitamin B6 tablets about a week after it cleared up.

Vitamin C, Acidophilous, Oatmeal Baths

Posted by Kiri (Perth, Western Australia) on 11/23/2011
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I had severe eczema all over my body, you take high doses of Vitamin c to alleviate itching and for healing. Acidophilus at night for stomach inbalances, you will notice that your stomach can get very acidy, thats when you take an extra acidophilus. So one a night and one when needed. And have oatmeal baths (in handkerchief with rubber band around it, squeeze out white stuff, is healing and takes away itch) and eat as much as you can also. Put nutraplus as a healing cream, nothing else, as it will heat it up, and dove soap. Hope this helps someone out there. Kiri

Vitamin D

Posted by Carol (Charlotte, Nc) on 04/01/2010
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First off - I love Earth Clinic. Thanks to all of you who write in and offer advice. This site has helped me on many occasions. Concerning my eczema - I suffered from eczema all over my hands for 5-6 years after the birth of my son. It was extremely embarrassing, itched like crazy and made me absolutely miserable. I wish I could have enjoyed those early years with my son, but I did not because of the horrible itch, pain, and embarrassment. I know it was very much stress related. I tried all kinds of remedies - watch my diet, omega 3's, and multiple vitamins, etc... When my son went to kindergarten, the stress level went down and my hands got better, but still aggravated. It was not until I went to have a physical and had my Vit. D level checked that I believe I found the answer. Optimal Vit. D level should be over 50, and mine was 20. So I started to supplement with Vit.D and my hands immediately cleared up. Interestingly, so did that "redness and heat" within my body that I always felt was with me. I haven't had my level checked again but I am still on higher than usual doses. I also learned that if you are overweight, you require more Vit. D because the fat cells absorb a lot of it. Most folks supplement with 1000 a day but I take 5 - 6,000 a day. Also, I learned that going outside can work but you have to live where the sun is just right in relation to your location, has to be the right time of the day, and need 15 minutes of that sun on large parts of your body - like arms and legs. And in the winter in most of the USA, there is no way to get enough Vit D. from the sun. Also, there is a huge deficiency nationwide of Vit. D. And this causes all kinds of illnesses. There is a major epidemic of Vit. D deficiency. I found that when I got my Vit. D. level up, my hands cleared up, and I stopped getting colds, flu, etc... Actually, quite amazing. This is especially true of elderly who hardly ever get any sun and have lower immune function anyway. Bottom line: If you don't know your Vit. D, get it checked. If below 50, supplement or make intentional effort to get nature's Vit.D - the sun most every day.

Posted by Mista (Columbus, Ohio) on 09/07/2007
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Psorisis..4 Bob in Northridge,CA... Personally, I suffer from facial eczema(/roscea as the docs like to insist). Anyway's I have been trying to change my Foods from processed, pastuerized and GM to Organic ,minimally processed &UNpastuerized. I am looking 4ward 2 trying this OP but want 2 buy the Organic Sunflower Oil though I may try it w/my Coconut oil though I am nervous but your listing interested me in passing u some helpful info along w/OP because soo many ppl R not aware how IMPORTANT Vitamin D & Natural Sunlight w/OUT sunscreen really is, helping U naturally fight off DISEASE!!

Vitamin D, Eliminate Dairy

Posted by Servant (Farmville, Virginia) on 07/30/2020
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For several months I had eczema on my forehead; my skin was red, itchy and flaking. I tried many things to cure it including various supplements, creams, and diet changes, but saw no improvement.

In March, I tried two new experiments to see if I could rid myself of the eczema.

First I began sitting out in the sun for 20 minutes each sunny day to generate natural Vitamin D. Even though it was early spring and there were limited ultraviolet rays, I wanted to slowly build up my time in the sun since I sunburn very easily. At the same time in March, I eliminated all dairy foods from my diet.

Within about 2 weeks of the sunbathing and the diet change, the eczema was already showing great improvement and within a few more weeks my skin was completely smooth and free of the eczema and has remained so.

As I write this, it's the end of July and I've continued the sunbathing making sure I sit in the sun for short periods nearly every sunny day all summer (I've read that 20 minutes a day 3 times a week is sufficient to maintain an adequate Vitamin D level, but I've exceeded that amount since I've sunbathed more than 3 times each week).

About 3 months into my experiment, I began slowly adding a tiny amount of dairy foods back into my diet to see if the eczema would return. I've had no reoccurence of the eczema. I plan to keep my dairy food consumption at a minimum and also plan to continue sunbathing as much as possible. In summation, I have no way of knowing if the diet change or the addition of natural Vitamin D cured the eczema …. perhaps both played a part. I am just very grateful for the learning experience and grateful that the eczema has been eradicated.

Replied by Hope
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Yes, this was also my experience for eczema/dermatitis on my face, but the sunlight didn't do it. Vitamin d3 supplementation did cure it within two days. For some reason, the sunlight made it much worse. I can also eat dairy, no prob.

Replied by Missm
New York

I also had issue with dairy, and had scalp and eye issues. Look up demodex mites, and also malassezia yeast.

Eliminating dairy and oils on skin can clear these issues up.

Vitamin D-3

Posted by Michelle (Minneapolis) on 02/19/2015
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Yes! I have dealt with eczema and psoriasis for years. I have tried pretty much everything and spent so much money on different remedies and practitioners to heal it. I read a book about Vitamin D3 and started on 50,000IU about 3-4 times a week along with Vitamin K and B complex and the eczema was gone within a couple days of starting the vitamins and the psoriasis that was covering most of my torso is almost completely gone. It has been less than 2 months since I started the Vitamin D. So easy and inexpensive. Vitamin D is not even a vitamin. It is a natural steroid. I also gave my son 50,000 IU for his chronic bronchitis and the next day, that was gone. He takes it 3-4 times a week too.

Posted by Nestman (Provo, Utah) on 12/21/2011

I have dealt with this itchy problem for years. Over time I started realizing my situation was worse during the winter months when I would spend more time inside. Then I read somewhere on the internet that most people who work indoors do not have enough vitamin D3, which is the sunshine vitamin.

I realized that I should start supplementing and started off at a low dosage of 1,000 IU per day, then 10,000 per day and then finally I jumped it up to 60,000 IU per day and I totally got rid of the problem.

I only boosted my dosage after reading lots of information online, including stuff on the Vitamin D council website, Dr. Mercola, and interesting videos on youtube.

Now that my eczema has been eliminated for good, I have lowered the dosage down to 20,000 IU per day. Oddly enough, the government's recommendation for this important vitamin is only 400 IU. That amount is just barely enough to keep Rickets away.

As always, do your own research to determine what dosage will help your severly depleted body. Also, it may be a good idea to have a blood test done so you know what your vitamin level is in the first place.

May the Lord bless you on your question for knowledge and health.

Vitamin E

Posted by Marisa (London, Canada) on 06/09/2008
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I tried everything for my eczema on my hands and nothing seemed to work. I then tried applying vitamin e oil and my eczema has greatly improved. My skin is a lot softer and smother.

Replied by Anngra
Glen Cove, New York
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I used to get eczema too and i believe it usually is caused by a reaction to certain detergents. try using a more natural one and you will probably see some improvement.

Wash Clothes in Baby Shampoo

Posted by Diane C (Southern California) on 05/28/2018
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Dear Earthclinic,

I just wanted to share this information with people that suffer from Eczema and hives. My adult son age 48 for a few years now was suffering first from hives and then from terrible eczema! He even had to stop working and lived with us because he was so ill. One day our washing machine broke and so we started to wash clothing at a local laundromat. Then my son's eczema (the hives subsided) got even worse! We didn't know what to make of it? One day my husband decided to rinse some of his clothing alone and my husband could not get over all the soap residue coming from the washed clothing (loads of it). My son's clothing was full of soap residue that showed up in the rinse water and had to be rinsed several times to get the soap out!

Now we only wash my son's laundry in organic Baby shampoo (by hand) and his eczema is going away! We believe that using the laundromat washers had even more soap residue from other people's wash. My son is now almost well completely from the eczema (a little redness on one leg only) and feels so much better. My son had allergy problems since childhood but this eczema/hive problem was making his life miserable. He now feels like he is back to normal. Thanks DianeC.


Posted by Cat00 (Canada) on 02/05/2017
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I got eczema two weeks ago on my hands and arms. Never had I had this before. I was so panicked because they where oozing, swollen and itchy and I could not do my work, cook, clean for my family. Thanks to earth clinic I got the itchiness under control with apples, acv, Quercetin supplements, and homemade moisturizers. But that did not get rid of eczema, just the itchiness. I read Lou Lou from Adelaide's post (2012) and immediately and knew that this was my problem.

3 days after eating more zinc rich foods, ie. Liver, beef, pumpkin seeds and just eating more foods. I had been trying to do more anti inflamitory diet of green smoothies and more colourful produce. I didn't expect to get healed eating meats!!! I am looking into supplementing iwth zinc although there are a variety of different forms so I have to research which one is the most absorbable. I am 80% better and no longer have to wear gloves to work. Still have dry skin with a touch of redness, but am so relieved to know what caused this. Thank you so much for your comment as this was what steered me in the healing direction.

Posted by Lou-lou (Adelaide, Sa, Australia) on 04/17/2010

I have posted twice on this fantastic website before, so I will try to keep this one brief!

I have recently read that Eczema is mainly caused by deficiency of zinc in the body. Taking zinc supplements or foods rich in zinc will help in restoring the healing property of the body and treating eczema. Zinc promotes the synthesis of collagen, which is a necessary element of proper wound healing also.

Foods high in zinc are beef, lamb, pork, crab, lettuce, avocado, banana, cauliflower, cheese, egg, milk, yogurt, wheatgerm, seeds such as pumpkin, squash and watermelon, and oysters top the list. So if you are an oyster lover like me, dig in! :)