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Effective Natural Eczema Treatments for Soothing Relief

| Modified on Apr 29, 2023
Pink Himalayan Salt
Posted by Maverick (Washington State, USA) on 04/28/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Unreal... I had eczema, dermatitis and/or psoriasis under both eyes after I got cross-contaminated with gluten (being glutened sucks A**). BTW, similar can happen if you're lactose intolerant. The protein in dairy (casein) mimics the protein in wheat (gluten).

I had it for many weeks and I tried everything such as aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, castor oil, etc.. Then I read some comments here that swimming in the ocean and sea salt or dead sea salt got rid of their eczema. So I decided to try it with salt in water.

The last 3 days, I've put Pink Himalayan Salt mixed in filtered water, into a cup. I swished it around with my fingers so it would dissolve in the water and then I splashed it on both eyes (I did NOT dry at all). I think it's KEY to understand not to dry it off!

I woke up just now, everything flaked off and the red dime sized circles are GONE. I'm in shock. I also read that Chlorine Swimming Pools can do similar, but that's not even necessary. Just fill a cup with water and salt (I presume any salt will work, even table salt), splash it on the area where you have the red rash or eczema/dermatitis/psoriasis and just like it dry. Don't wash it off.

I also remember yesterday I noticed that the reddish areas under my eyes had turned yellowish, which I had not seen before when I used the other treatments (ACV, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, etc..). So I kind of figured it was dead skin drying out and ready to come off. I'm still in shock at how quickly it happened. This is the cure for your rashes due to Eczema / Psoriasis / Dermatitis.

Boric Acid for Ear Eczema
Posted by Lisa (OH) on 10/09/2022

Hi. Can you give more info? How did you make the liquid boric acid solution? Did you use a dropper to put it in your ears? Did you take it internally? Did you rub it on external skin near the ear?

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki) on 07/27/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Sunlight (or UVA and UVB lamps) for Eczema

I've tried many things for my eczema on my lower calves. Nothing worked like sunning. In the summer due to the high temperature and sweating it becomes inflamed. I've learned that there are UVB therapy lamps for eczema. Ultraviolet light can remove white blood cells that provoke an allergic reaction and are under the epidermis. UVA radiation has less energy but goes deeper into the skin. So why don't try UVA plus UVB therapy for free with sunning. Just 5 minute every other day had total elimination of my eczema and very red and itcy spots. While sunning one must gradually increment in order not to get a sunburn.

If one doesn't have a lot of sun here are the UVB ot UVA devices. Doctors say UVB monochromatic 311nm therapy is safer for skin cancer.

In the image I added below, shows that my skin is somehow red in the area with red itchy dots like mosquito bites.

Vitamin D
Posted by A (Philadelphia, Pa) on 07/22/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I've had eczema on my hands for several months. As it began to spread and redness, and itching became worse, I decided to try vitamin D (I already take 1g fish oil & 1g pumpkin seed oil daily). 400 IU of vitamin D3 twice daily cleared it up immediately- overnight! No more redness, flaking & zero itch. The skin over my knuckles still appears a bit ‘swollen' but that's it.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Claire (Duluth, GA) on 06/21/2022

Was this given topically or used internally?

Avoid Garlic
Posted by Robyn M. (Adelaide, South Australia) on 05/11/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Suffering from Eczema - STOP eating Garlic

Try this it worked for my son (who has had eczema for 15 years) and myself (I have had eczema for 40 years) - stop eating GARLIC. We have spent thousands of dollars on cures to no avail. Check food labels for garlic, takeway foods etc. It took us about four weeks before we noticed a difference. Now if I do happen to have garlic, my hands flair a little but soon goes away. I so hope this helps.

Colloidal Oatmeal
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 03/19/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a mild eczema flare. Borage oil supplements always work for me, but I get lazy about taking them.

I bought a generic eczema cream at Stuff Mart. (The ingredients were identical to that of the Aveeno eczema cream and included colloidal oatmeal.) This stuff has worked quite well. It is very moisturizing for dry skin, too. (Without being greasy.)

~Mama to Many~

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Jess (Seattle) on 02/23/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking 10 drops/day of Grapefruit Seed Extract for a different problem. Within 3 days, the mild eczema on my arms was completely gone! It's been there for months so I was surprised by this. I did a search online & found that GSE can help with eczema.

Coconut Oil and Raw Sugar
Posted by Phoebe (Mendocino) on 02/10/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Every now and again I get this terrible itch in my forearms which turn into these red raised bumps which become itchier and itchier and no matter how hard I try, I eventually start to scratch them. I'm a RN in a clinic so I have had doctors prescribe me everything and anything but nothing worked. Until one day a woman told me her brother had terrible eczema and he cured himself by mixing organic virgin coconut oil with raw sugar; then using it as a skin scrub every time he bathed. So I tried it even though I was super doubtful, but omg it is glorious. First off all you finally get to scratch this terrible itch without breaking the skin, second the lovely coconut oil leaves your skin exfoliated yet soothed. And after about a week of this, the rash is gone. I don't know try it because believe me I tried every steroid, every antifungal, every antibacterial, every essential oil, apple cider vinager even baking soda :::oh yeah calamine and oat baths….but nothing worked like simple coconut oil with sugar. Hope that helps. ❤️

Baking Soda
Posted by Lou (Tyler, TX) on 01/05/2022

Try anti-fungal shampoo. It is available on I have very thick hair as well. I like the H——— H—- kind. Good luck!

Eliminate Citric Acid
Posted by Lou (Tyler, TX) on 11/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Regarding Samuel's post above from 2011, where he wrote:

"The bottom line is that anything that is not organic or has artificial ingredients is poison. Citric acid is It is the reason you have eczema/acne. Even regular fruits and vegetables and meats, if not organic, are full of pesticides and other junk that can do nothing but harm you.

Just to let some of you know the real face of artificial ingredients, I finally researched what citric acid is. Unless the citric acid is coming from citrus fruit, artificial citric acid is derived from MOLD. You are eating or drinking a product that comes from MOLD. This alone should let people realize that artificial ingredients are poison."

The dermatologist here prescribed citric acid for a patch of psoriasis on the back of my neck. I did not know it was mold. That could explain the huge eczema flare. He should be fired.

Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 10/23/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I found that mixing some drops of tea tree oil in the coconut oil made my therapy much stronger than just coconut oil. I have eczema - atopic dermatitis only on summer and on my feet and calves. I used this mixture every day. It's a bit oily. If the area becomes more itchy after applying for a few seconds don't worry, this happens because of rubbing the area and not because of the coconut oil.

This mixed therapy is very good for everyday, but it doesn't vanish the symptoms for weeks.

Geranium Essential Oil
Posted by Brenda (Arizona) on 09/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

So true about answers can come from God in a dream. Happened for me with eczema on my fingers. It started from expressing anger over neighbors who kept bullying my family. Long story short, besides working through the emotions, what came to me one night was to use geranium essential oil along with the other plant based items I was using. After two nights of using it w gloves and sleeping it worked!

Posted by Elaine (Pennsylvania) on 07/12/2021

Good morning! Would you be able to share with me where you purchase your natto? Thank you so much!

An eczema sufferer.

Blistex Lip Balm
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 07/06/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Blistex Lip Medex Balm (medicated) for Eczema and Psoriasis

A friend of mine developed a strange rash on his hand and wrist that looked like eczema. I remember hearing that Blistex Lip Medex Balm ($1.25 for .38 oz container) may help control Psoriasis so why not Eczema. So I stopped by the dollar store and picked some up for him. He would apply the balm to the rash several times a day. He started to see results and a few days and the rash was gone within a week.

Active Ingredients of Blistex Lip Medex Balm: Camphor, Menthol, Petrolatum, Phenol. Purposes: External Analgesic, External Analgesic, Lip Protectant, External Analgesic. Inactive Ingredients: Beeswax, Benzyl Alcohol, Diisopropyl Adipate, Flavors, Fragrances, Lanolin, Menthoxypropanediol, Microcrystalline Wax, Myristyl Myristate, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Saccharin, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Art (California) on 07/05/2021 1658 posts


You might give over the counter 1% Clotrimazole cream to try to determine if it is fungal or some other cause. If 1% Clotrimazole clears it or helps considerably, it is likely fungal.


Epsom Salts
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki/Greece) on 07/05/2021
3 out of 5 stars

I suffer from eczema only in summers with very hot weather. The eczema develops at the area over my ankles. I tried putting an Epsom salt solution three times a day on the area for one week. The relief was temporary, the itching many times subsided but not the redness and didn't have a steady improvement though days.

Avoid Gluten
Posted by GC (Georgia) on 06/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with Eczema in 2010.

After suffering for a length of time, I realized that I could easily control it by diet choice.

Since Eczema is an auto immune issue, I realized I was triggering the reaction.

So I eliminated gluten only and it went away within a week.

To test this theory further, I reintroduced gluten and within 12 hours. the flare ups started. Then eliminated the gluten and gone.

Lifetime adjustment in diet is my only route.

Posted by Susan (Waipahu, HI) on 06/20/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I have had eczema for over 15 years. I was forced to resort to prescription cortisone salves to keep the flare ups under control.

As a result of being diagnosed with osteoporosis and refusing to take prescription medications to treat it, I discovered (as a reader of Dr. Joseph Mercola's daily emails) that Japanese Natto (fermented soybeans) contains vitamin K2 which is helpful in protecting bones.

I began eating a spoonful of Natto daily. It does take some getting used to as it is very slimy.

Low and behold as a side benefit of consuming this fermented soybean, my eczema completely cleared up!

I still eat Natto daily and consider it essential to my healthy regimen.

Boric Acid for Ear Eczema
Posted by Catherine (MO) on 03/17/2021
4 out of 5 stars

For ear eczema:

I have had luck with a liquid solution of boric acid. I add powder to a small bottle of distilled water. It provides almost immediate relief and if used regularly, keeps things clear. It does not eliminate it, it always comes back, but has worked better than the many remedies I have tried.