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10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Magnesium Spray

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Posted by Sammy68 (Cincinnati, Oh) on 03/06/2017
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I have found the perfect cure for eczema. I have been suffering a nasty bout of eczema on my back for the past few months. Pretty decent sized patch, approximately the size of my palm. Extremely itchy. In fact it was so itchy that I couldn't refrain from scratching it, especially at night, which of course caused it to spread. I tried everything...calamine lotion, tea tree oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, shea nut butter, calendula and chamomile ointment, and finally cortizone cream. Nothing worked.

So, I read somewhere to mix a small travel sized spray bottle with hot water, add a big pinch of both Himalayan salt and Epsom salts, shake the bottle real good, and spray that rash down liberally. Less than 1 week later the eczema rash is completely gone. Unbelievable. It cost pennies. It's worth a try for all you eczema sufferers.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Rita (Virginia) on 09/11/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to share my successful journey fighting a battle with eczema.

Eight months ago I began a low-carbohydrate diet (The Atkins diet) because I was overweight and this was causing my blood pressure to be high. My doctor wanted me to go on blood pressure medicine, but I told her I would lose that weight and see if that would take care of the problem. I had gained the weight over a period of five or more years when I was eating junk food instead of following a healthy diet. It took me only a few months of strictly following the low-carb diet to lose 30 pounds and get my blood pressure to normal.

Thankfully, I was able to avoid taking any blood pressure medication! Apparently the diet was working so well and so quickly that my body became overwhelmed trying to rid me of all those toxins I had accumulated during the years of eating an unhealthy diet. About four months after beginning my weight loss diet, I developed red, itchy and scaly spots - one on the back of my hand and a larger spot on my forehead and similar spots on my eyelids. I also had red blotches on my inner thighs, but these did not itch or become scaly. I believe all these various red inflamed spots to be eczema brought about by the toxins my body was trying to expel. In addition to the eczema, I experienced sore gums, tongue and lips. I believe these were all the result of toxins being released through my skin and mouth.

This was my first experience with eczema, so I immediately began researching natural ways of healing it. I soon learned from the experiences of other sufferers that the medical community might not be of much help, but that there are many natural ways to bring healing from eczema. I learned that eczema must be approached as a condition that is healed from the inside of our bodies rather than thinking that the condition only requires treating the skin. I gathered a lot of very good information, put it to use and have had good success. It took a few months to see a difference in my skin, but now all the redness and dry skin patches are gone ... only some slight redness on my inner thighs remains. The spot on my hand, forehead and eyelids have disappeared and the redness on my inner thighs is greatly diminished.

I've approached this problem in several ways and I wanted to share my experiences in hopes that it might benefit others. I treated the sore gums by rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide diluted in water (3 to 1 ratio) and using only baking soda for brushing my teeth.

I rinsed several times a day and after about a month or so the soreness and sensitivity of my teeth and gums went away. My tongue still occasionally is tender but my lips are completely back to normal. Taking a zinc supplement seems to be taking care of the remaining sore tongue issue. From medical tests I had taken before beginning my weight-loss diet, I knew that my liver and kidney functions were not the best. When this eczema showed up, I realized that my liver function must be improved so that the liver can do it's job of eliminating toxins more efficiently. I began eating dark leafy greens each day and taking supplements such as milk thistle, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and C, and magnesium as well as taking a daily multi-vitamin. After a few more weeks of research into liver health, I added the following supplements which have really made a big difference. They are N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-Glutamine and Selenium. I highly recommend these three supplements.

To improve my kidney function, I began drinking more water each day. After a couple of months of this regimen, my doctor again checked my liver function and kidney function and they were normal. I was very encouraged and thankful! To improve my digestive system, I began adding lots of probiotics to my diet. I began making my own milk Kefir and fermented vegetables and consuming these daily. A healthy digestive system also greatly aids in removing toxins from the body.

My digestive system is now healthier than it's ever been! I plan on continuing the Kefir and fermented vegetables indefinitely. A note of caution when first adding probiotics to your diet .... begin very slowly; otherwise you may experience gas or bloating until your system adjusts to the healthy bacteria you are adding to your system. Begin by adding just one tablespoon of Kefir or the liquid from fermented vegetables each day and work up very slowly to where you can consume a cup or more each day. I believe warm mineral baths have also helped ... I add Epsom Salts, borax or baking soda to my bath water and soak for about 10 minutes before rinsing in the shower. I also find it helpful to apply a paste of baking soda and water directly to the splotches on my inner thigh and letting the baking soda stay on my skin for a few minutes before rinsing. When I had an especially irritated eczema splotch on my skin, I used zinc oxide cream and that was very helpful. In addition, I feel that taking baking soda internally is probably helpful to reduce the acid in my body, so when I remember, I take a half teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water once a day, SUMMATION: I took immediate steps to improve my liver and kidney functions as well as my digestive health. This enabled my body to more easily deal with the toxins.

Perhaps that is why I only had a few eczema spots show up and no re-occurrences. My research has revealed that many eczema sufferers have skin breakouts over a much larger portion of their bodies than I did. I faithfully took supplements that aided my recovery ... particularly useful were the last three supplements I listed above.. I took major steps to improve my digestive health by consuming probiotics through my homemade milk Kefir and fermented vegetables. I bathed often in Epsom Salts, borax or baking soda. I used zinc oxide cream on eczema spots that were particularly irritated.

I've learned so much from other people about combating eczema and am so very grateful that my body responded this quickly. I also thank the Lord for guiding me and answering my prayers for healing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mch (Sd) on 12/27/2018
2 out of 5 stars

I'm a 55 year old caucasian female that has been struggling for the past year with severe skin issues, which I believe is a type of eczema. It started on the legs, back, and arms. I believed that I had become sensitive to shea butter, which at the time was the only product I used to moisturize with. I ceased using shea, and at that point, the eczema condition disappeared in those areas. Almost immediately, I began to have severe issues on my neck, face, and in the scalp near the temple area. This eczema acted differently. My face felt and looked burnt, and was weeping severely.

At this point, I began to use filtered water with baking soda to moisturize, then sealed the skin with an herbal cortisone salve, and applied an organic herbal moisturizer cream. The skin responded by healing itself of the burnt feeling/look. However, the main symptom of peeling has not gone away. The skin in those areas is similar to onion skin, and peels off. Sometimes, it extremely hard to remove, especially around the temple areas. It requires many hours of exfoliation every day, morning and night. If I leave it, it continues to build up, making the skin on my face, tighter and tighter.

I am taking ACV and a variety of supplements including zinc, vitamin b complex, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin e, fish oil, etc. I have no other symptoms, although I do have other health issues, including Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Does anyone have advice for me?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Mch, you can try eliminating dairy, sugar and grains for one week, and see if it gets any better.

Replied by Mch

Thank you for the suggestion. I've wondered about gluten before, but haven't yet eliminated those three. I'm more than willing to try anything at this point. Thanks for taking time to post.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Deirdre (LA) on 09/05/2018
2 out of 5 stars

Last summer, 2017, I started to get eczema on the top of one foot which seems to be caused by any shoe material. It was quite minor, just a few itchy spots here and there. However, this summer has been particularly brutal with itching and the spots keep appearing in different areas on my foot, depending on which sandal I wear. Hot weather and any sugar consumption definitely make it worse.

I have tried almost all the remedies on Earth Clinic's eczema section one at a time this summer to no avail. These remedies include topical borax paste, topical magnesium, Art's indigo powder in cetaphil remedy, lugol's iodine, baking soda paste, sea salt poultice, Himalayan salt poultice, topical apple cider vinegar, and finally essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil and mint. Most of those remedies soothe the area but nothing gets rid of it. Also to note: any remedy mixed in a cream lotion or oil like coconut oil makes the rash itch fiercely and spread.

The best remedy so far has been holding a qtip dipped in lugol's iodine on each itchy spot for about a minute as it takes away the fierce itch for about 12 hours. However, it also stains my foot and takes a couple of days to disappear. I am going to switch to decolorized iodine and try that next.

I was wondering if anyone had additional suggestions of remedies I can test.

Art, I am on day 2 of Pine Bark Extract supplements. That is the first supplement I am trying internally to treat this condition.

Thanks so much for any and all advice! D

Replied by Art
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Hi Deirdre,

You can try 80% aloe vera gel plus 10% xylitol plus 10% food grade vegetable glycerin and a little lavender essential oil. This should avoid the added irritant qualities of lotion based blends. Let me know if it helps and if not I will give it further thought!


Replied by Deirdre

Hi Art,

Thank you so much for your reply!

Yes, I forgot to mention that I tried your xylitol in glycerin application in July for about a week and it didn't help. = I also tried taking xylitol internally for a couple of months, as a sugar substitute, starting in July as well. No improvement, I'm afraid!

Replied by Bill

Hi Deirdre...I had both eczema and psoriasis when I had systemic candida all those years ago. After I used my anti-candida protocol for a year, my candida was gone and the psoriasis and eczema surprisingly also disappeared (never to reappear again). And I never used any topical remedies to get rid of these skin problems. That told me a great deal about the actual cause of my eczema and psoriasis.

So far you've only tried topical remedies for your eczema, and you've been treating it like a local skin infection. What I'm suggesting(according to my own experience above) is that your eczema may not be a local skin infection, but rather be an indication or symptom of a wider internal systemic infection in the blood (candida?). It's also well known that when people have systemic candida that this condition greatly lowers the immune system's ability to defend against other pathogen species. So, as I've mentioned before, you can also have many other pathogenic infections in your body caused by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma and parasites etc as well systemic candida. This is well known from the research and this fact is what also confuses most allopathic doctors who, like as not, will always pounce on any bacterial infection as the main cause of your problem while completely ignoring other possible and significant pathogens (like candida or parasites) that may also be causing or contributing to your problems.

The simplest internal protocols that you could try for your eczema problem are listed below:

1. Pure Gum Turpentine: One teaspoon a day.

2. Lugol's Iodine.

3. Ted's Borax Water.

4. Alkalizing.

5. Ted's anti-fungal protocol - hydrogen peroxide/sodium molybdate/chlorella.

The above protocols will act to purify and disinfect the blood, tissues and organs in your body. My detailed anti-candida multi-protocol is shown here. Also, do not ignore the Alkalizing Combos at the end of the anti-candida protocols -- I deliberately added these alkalizing combos as a more convenient and simpler way of taking some of the recommended anti-candida protocols and they are very powerful.

Other internal nutrients/herbs that have a significant effect against systemic candida are shown below.

1. Marigold (Calendula officianalis). The essential oil and/or extract are both anti-fungal.

2. Quercitin. Has antifungal, anti-bacterial and anti-biofilm activity.

3. Resveratrol. Only use the resveratrol capsules that are derived from Japanese Knotweed(JK) and avoid resveratrol tablets derived from red wine. The resveratrol capsules from JK have a much higher trans-resveratrol content. You can purchase high-quality JK resveratrol capsules from Gaia Herbs.

What might also help you, if you're not really sure whether you have systemic candida, is to have the candida antigen test. This is a fairly new allopathic test that is accurate -- you can ask your doc for this test. This test checks whether candida is in your blood I.e. whether you have systemic candida. Do not have the candida stool test (which your doctor might recommend) because it is very inaccurate.

Just some ideas for you...

Replied by Janet


If you have done all the things, to no avail, the next step past the borax h2o2 remedy. Which is Ted's EDTA remedy. Adding EDTA to the mite spray.

Tetrasodium EDTA, 30% in 70% water. Let dissolve. I usually add 1% to my spray. You can increase it, but test on your skin, EDTA is powerful and stings.

Vitamin D in coconut oil is a possible topical too. To get those nutrients into the feet. Not one I have tried.

If Epsom, Borax do not work. The next logical steps would be humic acid and EDTA. Humic, can be made, 6% in water at least same amount of salt. I added to my humic a tbsp or 2 of ACV. I was rereading Ted's remarks and thought it was a doable option.

I take a tbsp, 2 or 3x a day, for my glyphosate exposure. Topically on a soppy paper towel. Applied to the area could be done.

I also buy Black Diamond Humic, 1 qt. It is pre-mixed and effective straight humic. Smoother than you can do at home.

MSM powder. 1/4 cup. Run it in the blender to make it more fine. Add 1/4 cup water, 1 smidge of alcohol, blend. This is a great base for adding to remedies, making any topical. MSM is not a cooperative substance. You can replace the water with a lotion or an oil. Castor oil maybe.

Because you have addressed the major causes of rashes, I would suspect this is a nano invasion or morgellons. Parasitic or micro invasion. If you picked it up from shoes or anything that is whitened. Titanium dioxide, becoming more prevalent everyday can mess with the healthiest to the MCS group like me. This monster just drives deeper. Too small to be stopped by our bodies natural defenses. If there is a morgellons component then you have to stop its progress and deliberately remove it. Hence the humic and EDTA.

Some other options, PEMF, Ted's light therapy, both would be good additions to your efforts. I suspect this is beyond a 3 day remedy. Longer more diligent attention.

Treat all your footwear and slippers. Spray your sheets before bed and after you get up. Using the mite spray with EDTA spray.

May I mention again, Dr Lonsdale's thiamine. This opened a healing and absorption door unlike any other for us. My 2 inch neck unknown thing. At the juncture of jaw to neck 2 inches of mystery. Never got hurt there. No reason for it. It just was there. Irritated. Sometimes it peeled or broke open. 5 years of some cycle I could never pin down.

This finally disappeared on its own. Only after I followed Dr Lonsdale's advice. It was not my reason for starting but it was one of the many great results I had from this 1 change to my supplementation.

Now that I have the book he and Chandler Marrs wrote. I refer to it constantly. The change in my supplementation absorption has been nothing short of a miracle.

When our daughter's surgery to insert a pin in her foot then remove it, we used DMSO to carry the remedies into that deep infection. I did not use it directly to the site, but the surrounding area. Giving penetration. I think I always incorporate castor oil with DMSO. They are great companions.

Whenever anyone around here gets hurt below or at the pelvic line, every few days. Progesterone cream, a smidge, and iodine gets applied to the skin nearby. It seems to wake up tissues to the healing you're providing it.


Replied by Cathy
(San Jose)

There is an outstanding product line called Forces of Nature and they carry a product for Eczema. Worth a try ...

Replied by Art
1005 posts

Hi Deirdre,

I think the mix you tried previously may have been water with xylitol and glycerin instead aloe with xylitol and glycerin, but it sounds like you may have a pretty stubborn case. In any case the pine bark with egcg that you are taking should be helpful because it will lower your total inflammatory and oxidative stress levels, but those effects are probably one to two weeks away if you are already taking it at high dose.

In addition to that you can take high potency probiotics and start the xylitol again. This will be for the purpose of trying normalize your gut microbiome. This combination would be considered a synbiotic. It attacks both inflammation and elevated oxidatative stress as well as improves your insulin sensitivity, repairs the intestinal mucosa, increases your short chain fatty acid production in the form of butyrate, lowers high cholesterol, reduces triglycerides, lowers blood pressure, acts as a histone deacetylase inhibitor(which is important in your case), increases hydrogen sulfide production, increases glutathione production and overall this should help return you to homeostasis and your whole body to a much better state. As I mentioned before in many posts, the synbiotics have many more health benefits that I did not mention and are a straightforward approach to improve overall health and ward off many health issues!

With the xylitol, for maximum effect, you will need to take more than just using it as a sugar substitute because in this case you are using it as a prebiotic and will need to take 12~15 grams per day. In order to avoid gastric issues typical of many prebiotics, you will need to dissolve the xylitol in water and sip throughout the day so if you are already taking borax water, just add your xylitol to it and sip throughout the day. Good luck and keep us posted!


Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Hi Deirdre, I too believe you may be fighting a nano bug, not eczema. My reason is where you mentioned coconut oil made the condition worse, I recalled from one of Ted's very thorough posts where he said when fighting certain types of nanoinsects, do not use coconut oil topically as it is a lipid (fat) and these things feed on lipids. You have received great suggestions, the only thing I will add is the very basics for the immune system, magnesium, vitamin c, D3, iodine and salts. And probiotics, the most diverse you can get from different sources, kefir, kombucha, miso paste, etc. Sodium thiosulfate topically could help, Google "detox with sodium thiosulfate" and see a familiar face on YouTube video. Otherwise topically I'd try magnesium oil with Oregano or Rosemary oil added, and whole body soak in healing mineral baths, borax, sea salts, clay etc. Best to you.

Replied by Deirdre

Hi Art, Bill, Janet, Cathy, and Teena,

Thank you all for your amazing responses and remedy suggestions. Very interesting! I will try them one by one if need be, but I wanted to tell you with great excitement that the Pine Bark Extract (aka PBE), mentioned as one of the main remedies in Art's psoriasis protocol, started to work on the 4th day.

It's now been 7 full days of Pine Bark Extract supplementation and I have no more itchy skin and all the bumps on the top of my foot have almost completely healed, leaving behind a smooth foot for the first time in 2 years! The healing process started to speed up when I upped my dose from one Pine Bark Extract capsule a day to one capsule in the morning and another capsule at night. Each capsule has 240 mg. Thank you, Art!

I stopped all my other supplements over the weekend so I would make sure this was the winning supplement curing eczema on my foot. Indeed, seems to be.

Here is Art's psoriasis protocol in case some are not familiar with it:

I am very grateful for everyone's input and encouragement. I have no doubt all of your positive thoughts also sped this healing along.

Thank you so much! Will give another update in a week or two.

Replied by Art
1005 posts

Hi Deirdre,

I am so happy that the PBE/EGCG is working for you! I think you will find that the eczema can comeback fairly easily for awhile until all of the circulating memory cells are reduced significantly, but on a positive note, I think you will find that the blue lotion will now have more effect in helping the PBE to clear any future outbreaks. If need be, you can also adjust your PBE dose upward for a bit to get faster control and then reduce a bit once you feel like you have good control! I have gone as high as 9 caps a day for myself, but I can not recommend that dose to anyone because it comes with risks mainly because of the EGCG. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!


Replied by Deirdre

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give an update on my eczema issue. As mentioned in my last post, the eczema on my foot completely went away. However, one day about 3 weeks ago, I devoured a rather large-ish bag of gummy bears at the movies. Smart.

The ingredients in the gummy bears - Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Starch, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Beeswax Coating, Artificial Colors - Fd&c Yellow No. 5, Red No. 40, Blue No. 1.

The next day, oh ho no surprise, the eczema on my foot reappeared EVERYWHERE it had previously been and itched like #&%*#%*%*! I immediately took 3 Pine Bark Extract supplements, which helped the itch, but makes me so alert I can't fall asleep at night! Art suggested I instead add 3 capsules of PBE to 2 ounces of witch hazel and spray that on my foot twice a day and I have been doing that. It definitely helps.

Janet, I was taking Vit D3, up to 10,000 units a day per one of your suggestions and it didn't help. Don't think I have a deficiency there but I am still taking it here and there. I also applied your wonderful soothing foot salve before the gummy bear "incident" and it was very helpful. But once the eczema was re-triggered, it didn't really help much.

I then turned to Bill's famous turpentine protocol for the first time, which I must admit, have been hesitant to try even though it's been on Earth Clinic since the very early days.

I started with just 3 drops of turpentine on organic cane sugar. Felt fine, just a little buzzy in the head. I can confirm that you should make sure to drink a lot of purified water when on the turpentine protocol to help with the detoxing process! Wow... Powerful stuff!!

After a few days, I increased to 4 drops, then took a weekend break. I resumed the protocol with 1/4 teaspoon of turpentine, which was too too much so I cut back to16 drops, a little more than 1/8 teaspoon.

The standard protocol - 1 US teaspoon of turpentine - is approximately 96 drops! Not sure I am ever going to be able to take that much in a day. Holy moly.

So now I am on week 2 of turp and taking anywhere from 4-16 drops a day depending on how I'm feeling. It seems to be enough turp at this point for me.

I am also taking 1 to 3 drops of 5% lugol's iodine, though not every day. I get an intense, all-day sinus pressure reaction from lugol's at 3 drops in 8 ounces of water. So then I back off for a few days.

Basically it took about 10 days doing the above for the eczema to clear up... I am staying consistent about applying the PBE in witch hazel. I have one particular resistant and itchy spot on the side of my foot and I apply turpentine to it directly twice a day. Immediately takes away the itch whereas the PBE does not.

I plan to stay on the turpentine protocol for at least a year as Bill suggests in his posts.

Oh, I am also applying a thick coating of coconut oil to my feet at least twice a day. It no longer makes my skin itchy. I must need it because a few minutes after applying it, my skin has totally absorbed it! It's been fantastic. I think all the barefoot karate training I have done for the past 20 years has taken a bit of toll on my body (virus, bacteria, fungus exposure, etc) and I need to really up my remedy game. Thanks to all the absolutely amazing and caring friends on EC, I know I am in good hands and extremely grateful.

Have a blessed weekend!

Replied by KT

Hi Deidre,

I didn't review the entire thread but here's something that might help:

Wish you well,


Replied by Janet

Dear Deirdre,

Just some thoughts re your eczema.

When you said gummi bears, all my alarm bells went off. Not just the sugar either, glyphosates.

So reviewing what you have said. Using a candida diet, turpentine, various remedies, some things that fight all efforts to overcome always devolve back to fungus, candida.

I think the newest challenge this year and last is the increased amount of glyphosates used in food. The dessicating of farm fields with glyphosates seems to be be increasing greatly and quickly.

Gummis have food dyes in them. Often a trigger for stubborn existing conditions.

Myself, when exposed to mold, maybe some sugar in there, I get skin eruptions. The kitchen sink, ugh. This crazy stuff. Standing at the sink.

We have removed, replaced, rebuilt so much around this area. One small uncaulked spot. Boom. Eruptions. Along with other symptoms. Several different miniscule drips.

If you were my daughter, I would go back to the start. Probably at the very least a hair mineral analysis. Ted uses both chromium, vanadium. Not just chromium to normalize sugar.

Vitamin B1 thiamine, that disrupted absorbency pathway. In Ted's work it is feet and hands. Circulation. Extremities.

In Dr Lonsdale's work it is the inability to heal, recover. High calorie malnutrition. In his and Dr Marrs book. It is the beginning of the solve of more things than I can list. The solves encompassed within his long career are so vast. It has certainly been a recovery tool for us. It couldn't hurt and it may help.


Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hello Deirdre, I am sorry to hear that you are poorly?! Not good. I wonder if you might benefit from trying Flax Seed Oil, which, (among other claimed benefits), has the possible potential of improving skin conditions. Mine is a New Zealand, organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin oil that is supposed to be traceable from "Soil to Oil" (love that bit) and has Omegas 3,6 and 9 as well as natural vitamin E in it. You cannot use it for cooking, as it has a low smoke point but we dribble / "drizzle" the smallest amount over our evening meal reasonably regularly. Think it has helped my dandruff somewhat. Check out if you can rub it in?? It is also supposed to benefit joint and heart health, brain and cardio-vascular functions but WHAT are they compared to the dreaded dandruff which causes Social Death and Gradual Disintegration??!!

P.S. and FYI.... in the Kiwi vernacular the term "gummy" refers to an article of footwear more properly known as a "gumboot" (or "wellington" if you happen to be British). Invented by the Duke of Wellington when he was presented with the problem of keeping his feet dry at the Battle of (wait for it) Water loo... and the rest is history as they say. Megan and Harry have just to-day participated in our Gumboot Throwing Competition. Being a Royal can be such fun at times. So, if you have taken to eating your gummy, I would be tempted to earnestly beseech you to immediately cease and desist this unhealthy practice as contraindications may ensue.

Cheers from Down Under and get better ASAP. Michael

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, may be preaching to the choir here, but I bring up this slate black oil, ICHTHAMMOL OINTMENT, that was a staple in every family's medicine cabinet when I was a kid. Few people know of it now.

Our Atlanta daughter is a registered nurse and has been in the medical field for some 25 years . She had a small splinter in her finger for several weeks that would not come out. My Tractor Driver told her to go get a tube of ICHTHAMMOL OINTMENT and it would come out on it's own in few days. She had to go to 3 drug stores before someone knew what the ointment was. She used it and the ointment caused the area around the splinter to fester and soon she just pushed it out easily. She was amazed. She had forgotten that we had used that on her many times in her youth.

My wife then decided to see what it would do for a two spots of eczema on her leg and they were gone is less than a week. Our tube must be at least 50 years old. Folks used it to draw out splinters, briars, and things embedded under the skin. Also used to draw boils or cyst to a head, ingrowing hair anything that needed “drawin".

In a mill in Arkansas, I got a splinter in my finger and went to the mill nurse to remove. Did not have emergency rooms back then, so she wanted me to send me to the local doctor. I told her to forget it, my wife will take care of it. Soon she turned in her resignation and I ask why? She said she was going back to school to get her Masters so she can teach. Good people, she was ahead of her time. She could not do her job, so she now teaches that same job. Sounds right to me.

Deirdre, suggest you try this ointment from yesteryear. It is still around.


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tommo (Bonnie, Scotland) on 05/08/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Finally eczema is disappearing fast after three years of trying most of the natural remedies recommended here. I realise that it is slightly premature to post my good news but there has been such a remarkable change for the better in the appearance of my skin that I wanted to tell other eczema suffers about my success. Even if it does not cure the eczema 100% (which I hope it does) the condition seems to be fading fast. Recently I started to eat lots of sauerkraut with my main meal of the day and have been spraying the eczema patches with transdermal magnesium twice a day. The improvement is outstanding and although the condition has not completely disappeared I have only been on the sauerkraut regime for just over two weeks now but hallelujah the itch has gone and most of the dead skin and inflammation too!

Concerning ACV in my case it calmed the itch because it sloughed off the dead skin. Moisturising the eczema helped create the itch because the dead skin was soaking up the creams and oils and they probably discouraged my skin from producing its own moisture while I plastered it with lotions and potions. I have had a modicum of success with Lugol's oil too as it obliterated the dead skin and tamed the itch.

The first and only other bout of eczema that I have experience was 17 years ago and I managed to clear that up immediately thanks to four treatments of colonics but that did not work for me this time round. There was no marked improvement after three sessions whereas the previous time, the eczema cleared up overnight after the first session but I had been recommended to have a minimum of four sessions so I completed the treatment.

Let food be thy medicine! Good luck!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rachael (Chicago, Illinois) on 12/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I found relief with multiple remedies.

1. Hot water rinse
2. ACV
3. Thyme essential oil
4. Coconut oil

I'll explain the routine. If I skip any part of this routine I will be obsessively scratching my skin until it bleeds and weeps. My type of eczema is from winter dry skin, and cleaning chemicals in my food service job -- such as the blue dye in the dish soap, and vinyl and latex in gloves, and the Sterilox that we soak vegetables and fruits in.

First, to explain the hot water rinse. This is a remedy that my midwife told me, for poison ivy or poison oak, and it works great for eczema itching, too. She said to hold the rash under hot running water -- as hot as you can stand -- and it will feel like the hot water is scratching the itches out of your skin. It's either pulling out the irritants, or the histamines, or both. Your skin will feel a huge relief after this.
The ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is self explanatory. It's one of the top remedies on this website. I apply it after the hot water rinse -- I use the raw ACV from the health food store, that has all the brown stringy stuff in it. I pour it into the cap, and then pour the cap-fulls onto my rash and rub it in, undiluted.

After the ACV has dried and stopped stinging I apply single drops of thyme essential oil, and rub each one in, until the rash is covered. Thyme essential oil is miraculous! They found in studies that it has more anti-inflammatories than any other essential oil. It has a warm sting, at first, but it is a healing and cleansing type of sensation.

Lastly, I apply the coconut oil, to moisturize my horribly dry winter skin. Having done all four of these steps, my skin is at complete peace.
Now! All of that was for relief of the rash. But what about healing the source of the problem? Of course, I try to avoid the irritants, as much as possible -- for example, not exposing my wrists or the backs of my hands to the blue dye in commercial soap -- but it is safe to expose my palms and fingertips to this dye in the soap.

But what about the nutritional deficiencies? Vitamin D deficiency is linked with eczema. But, living up in the Chicago suburbs, I am already taking 8000 IUs a day (10,000 IUs is borderline overdose). Well, I found a website from a fellow eczema sufferer that talks about an enzyme deficiency. The website is softress dot com. Basically, to make the enzyme called delta-6-dehydrogenase (D6D) which makes a protective oil for our skin, we need zinc, magnesium, and selenium + vitamin B6.

Softress dot com says, "A healthy body produces natural oils that form a skin barrier that keeps skin soft and slightly acidic (pH between 4.5 and 6, depending on age, with an optimum at around 5.5), helping skin to resist infection by disease-causing bacteria. When the body is unable to produce these natural oils, the skin becomes very dry and the skin barrier is damaged, exposing the skin to infection.(4) To make matters worse, the body's immune system may overreact to common substances, causing inflammation and further damaging the skin.

Current research focuses on why the body is unable to produce these natural oils. Central to this research is an enzyme called delta-6-dehydrogenase (D6D), which converts the linoleic acid in dietary vegetable fats into gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid necessary for maintaining healthy skin. In both eczema and diabetes, the D6D enzyme may be impaired--it may not function properly. Levels of the specific vitamins and minerals required for D6D to function are often very low in people with eczema or diabetes. Nutritional supplementation to increase the levels of these nutrients may reduce or eliminate the symptoms of eczema and help stabilize insulin and glucose metabolism."

I think that the vegetable oil they are talking about is Omega 6, and that the best source of that is sunflower oil.

Also, I remember that I used to drink a tablespoon full of ACV in a glass of water, and there was no stiffness in the skin of my hands and face, but when I stopped drinking it the stiffness came back, and I could feel it in the skin of my hands, when I clenched my hands. I stopped drinking ACV because someone on this website said that ACV wipes the iodine out of our bodies -- but now I am thinking this must be nonsense -- and I am drinking it again, starting today.

So, here's the nutritional remedy for my type of eczema, caused by dry winter skin that is exposed to workplace chemicals.
1. Balanced B vitamin complex (too much of one will make you deficient in another, and physical or emotional stress will deplete you of all).
2. Vitamin D3 (the amount you need will be based on your skin color, plus how much sun you get -- website page from the Vitamin D Council will tell you how much you need.)
3. Zinc supplement
4. Sunflower oil supplement, or some form of Omega 6
4. Selenium gave me ovarian cysts, but maybe you can take it.
5. ACV
6. 500 mg of magnesium, at bedtime. It is better to take magnesium and vitamin D at different times of day.
7. Vitamin B6 supplement

Replied by Ji
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi Rachael,

It looks like you are partly there in your treatment of your eczema. I have had various forms of eczema on and off SINCE I WAS 4 MONTHS OLD and have tried many things over the years to treat it (medically as a child and holistically as an adult). I agree that the hot water and the coconut oil treatments are great and have been using them for quite some time as required. I see you have also identified the current irritants and some of the nutrients to supplement your diet.

My greatest improvements came when I acknowledged the fact that the skin is part of the body's detoxification and elimination system along with the kidneys and liver. The skin is not the only thing reacting to surface toxins. The skin absorbs everything it touches and the blood quickly routs toxic material to the liver for treatment and/or elimination. Any skin issues are a reflection of the toxic build-up in the body which the liver is struggling to cope with. My first main skin improvement condition came when I realized that my food intake mix promoted an acid condition in my body and I changed my food intake mix to produce a more alkaline balance. This allowed the liver and kidneys to do their jobs more effectively. Also the severity of the itchiness ‘attacks' went down considerably.

Secondly, doing liver cleanses helped with the liver overload and reduced the frequency and severity of the eczema. I still have a way to go but hopefully you can find something useful in my story.

Replied by Hb
(New York)

Hi, my daughter is 7 months old, has had bed eczema since 2 months old. She is breast fed and formula fed since 2 months old. Her diet consist of enfamil formula, squash, carrots, peas, brown rice, strawberry, apple, pear, banana. What is consideded an akaline diet? How do I help her skin naturally from within to outside? Thanks so much

Replied by Mrs A
(London Uk)

For your daughter's eczema, try the Hay Diet - as devised a century ago by Dr William Hay, and as fully explained in 'The Hay Diet: Food Combining for Health' by Doris Grant and Jean Joice (see especially pp 61-62). And if you do, please let us know the result -

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Hb,

I am so sorry to hear about your baby's eczema!

I would take her off strawberries for a while, especially if they are not organic.

If it would be possible for you to make goat milk kefir fresh, that is the first thing I would be trying. If not, some high quality plain yogurt (maybe with some of the fruits you give her.) I think Fage is a good one.

Topically for relief, if you could find a plantain or calendula salve at your health food store it may provide some relief. It isn't hard to make and I can walk you through how to do that if you think you would want to make your own.

I would also try some baths with baking soda or Epsom salt or raw organic apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup if a tub of warm water.

Did the eczema begin when you began the formula? Have you tried any other types? What does the pediatrician think is the cause?

I hope you find relief for her soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Michael
(New Zealand)

Hi Jb, Regarding Eczema and the strawberries etc...whilst strawberries are supposed to have beneficial effects (and are nice to have also of course) I would be suspicious of introducing them in large amounts too early in life. It would be nice to know where they come from of course. (The strawberries that is - not the babies). I know variety is supposed to be the "spice of life" BUT I wonder if we are over-doing things these days, especially for an infant whose digestive system has not fully developed. You can't run before you can walk eh?

Cheers, Michael

Replied by Rachel

I thought of two more things to help after making my last comment. One is -- you are giving her formula. Are you using tap water, or fluoridated water to make her formula? Because both of those have fluoride, and tap water also has chlorine -- and fluoride and chlorine cause eczema, because the body is trying to detox these toxins through the skin. I take gallon containers to my local grocery or health food store and refill them with water that has been filtered, run through reverse osmosis, and treated with ultraviolet light. When I move to a new area, I try all the sources of this kind of refillable water -- to find which location has the best tasting water. I would use this kind of water to make baby's formula with.

Secondly, I would give her organic coconut oil -- probably in her formula. I read Adelle Davis' book called Let's Eat Right To Keep Fit, and in it she writes of a baby that had eczema, and she fed the baby vegetable oil, because he had been on a low fat diet. The baby was ravenous for the vegetable oil, and it healed his eczema. I'd put coconut oil in baby's formula, because it is the BEST vegetable oil of all, and also kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi! As for how much coconut oil to give a person, I just follow my instincts, although you might want to online search on that as well. It's been a long time since my kids were babies.

Replied by Rachel
(Chicago, Illinois)

I would look into vitamin D supplementation. My online searches show that when babies have eczema, it's due to vitamin D deficiency. However, please do your research, and consult your pediatrician about supplementation -- as it can be dangerous to give babies vitamin and mineral supplements. Basically, you want to be sure not to overdose, with a baby or child.

After you find out what the safe limit on vitamin D is, I would squeeze the vitamin D3 gelcap into baby's food.

Also, try to get her out in the sun, to make her own vitamin D. The best part of our body for making vitamin D is the upper arms, and the oil on our skin is necessary for the creation of vitamin D -- so let her skin accumulate oil! And no sunscreen! To prevent burning, avoid getting refined sugar into her system before going out in the sun. It is refined sugar that causes us to burn. Also, if you are worried about sun damage, get lycopene into her. Lycopene fights skin cancer, and it is the red pigment found in tomatoes, in tomato products like ketchup, and in watermelon.

There might be some B vitamin that also is deficient in babies who have eczema. I think I might have come across it in my online searching about B vitamins. You might want to look that up.

As for trying to control symptoms of any malady with diet -- aaaaghhh! I have NEVER seen diet change cure anything! Except that switching to healthy foods can stop weight gain -- that is the only one. I have not seen diet change stop gassy tummy distress in babies. I have not seen diet change relieve depression or Attention Deficit Disorder in any way whatsoever. I have not seen diet change help with ANYTHING. I say, if humans have been eating it for thousands of years, and it tastes good and makes you feel good -- then eat it!


I thought of two more things to help after making my last comment. One is -- you are giving her formula. Are you using tap water, or fluoridated water to make her formula? Because both of those have fluoride, and tap water also has chlorine -- and fluoride and chlorine cause eczema, because the body is trying to detox these toxins through the skin. I take gallon containers to my local grocery or health food store and refill them with water that has been filtered, run through reverse osmosis, and treated with ultraviolet light. When I move to a new area, I try all the sources of this kind of refillable water -- to find which location has the best tasting water. I would use this kind of water to make baby's formula with.

Secondly, I would give her organic coconut oil -- probably in her formula. I read Adelle Davis' book called Let's Eat Right To Keep Fit, and in it she writes of a baby that had eczema, and she fed the baby vegetable oil, because he had been on a low fat diet. The baby was ravenous for the vegetable oil, and it healed his eczema. I'd put coconut oil in baby's formula, because it is the BEST vegetable oil of all, and also kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi! As for how much coconut oil to give a person, I just follow my instincts, although you might want to online search on that as well. It's been a long time since my kids were babies.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Stephanie (Washington) on 12/27/2016
4 out of 5 stars

My heart goes out to everyone and their stories, thank you for sharing. This is my story:

My eczema started at age 18, inside elbows and knees. Doctors and their steroids? Not a realistic long term solution.

Every case and effective treatment is as different as those who suffer from it.

At age 28, I decided to address my inner demons, addressing what I thought was emotionally upsetting, long story.... insecurities related to our culture and sexuality, self worth, seeking validation from others, too much to list, but alas, my skin started getting better.

Also, I also tried eliminating gluten from diet???I lost some weight, but nothing noticeable after 6 weeks, as far as eczema.

This was all while living in western WA.(Was born and raised in southern CA until I moved to Seattle at age 15 in 1984) One doctor early on (1995), suggested the humidity in this area was largely to blame. I moved to Chico CA for 3 years. 2000 to 2003, it got better. In fact, I moved back to Seattle in 2003 and don't recall it acting up again for a few years, even in the Seattle winters. Winters in AZ? (2013 and 2014) awesome. Back to WA and in one years it came back. With a vengence this winter.

Obviously food is a factor in all health, I haven't had the patience to overhaul my diet, but I am getting better at staying very far away form fast food and over processed food. In the mean time...... what has helped with this last bout?

Learning to not focus on how bad it is and be more proactive. treating the symptoms? I read for years about oatmeal baths, but also, making a paste of fine ground oatmeal (colloidial). I was at my wits end and while getting a bath ready, I made a paste with colloidial oatmeal and water, smeared it on my arms and legs, sat for 20 minutes listening to Abraham Hicks (youtube it) about skin disorders. then I soaked in the oatmeal bath. the next day, skin started to exfoliate a lot more.

DRY BRUSHING!!!! A stiff natural bristle brush. I thought it would tear up my skin but first I started with a softer brush to get used to it. Plus, it is a nice way to relieve itch without breaking skin. A few days later, I used a brush with stiffer bristles. WOW! Some suggest to brush from feet to heart area, then hands to heart area. Supposed to stimulate lymph system. help with circulation. Visible results....mass exfoliation! The amount of dead skin I swept off the bathroom floor was astonishing. makes perfect sense, moisturizing dead skin cells is not that effective.

So, the first week, I dry brushed morning and evening. Now once a day. MOISTURIZING? Many people say coconut oil helps. Not me. Just kept my skin itchy. Shea Butter? YES!

First I bought Shea butter with frankincense and myrrh. It seemed to actually help. I gave up on drugstore lotions like Euerin, and CeraVe. I then used plain shea butter, not so effective.... I read more about frankincense and myrrh. The first essential oil helps sooth the itch, the latter is said to help heal skin faster. It is the first moisturizer that has made a difference.

I ordered raw pure organic unrefined shea butter and mixed frankincense and myrrh essential oils with it, about 20 drops of each to a pound of shea butter. seems to be helping. After the first week of dry brushing 2x a day, the pile of dead skin cells on the bathroom floor reduced drastically.

The eczema on my wrists was the worst so I have been applying triamcimilone to help, and it does, several times a day. and my face was getting bad too. There is a steroid, desonide? Sort of worked for me on my face. Remembering a doc who gave me Elocon (brand name, generic is good, not recalling name now) Worked even better than desonide for my face. and cheaper!

Eczema is torture, and add the depression that comes with it, extra torture when one is too depressed to even make an effort. Again, everyone is different and what worked for one person didn't work for me (i.e. apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, drug store lotion.) Yes, the shea butter is a little "greasy", but, take the time to let it soak in before getting dressed. and wear cotton!

A big help is a psychological approach.... remember that you are worth taking care of!!!! I was too depressed to do this. But instead of getting frustrated by the time it takes to rub dabs of steroid on all the little lesions, and then to warm the shea butter in hands so it can spread, on every square inch of my skin.....I tell myself that I am worth taking care of myself and taking the time to do it. Its not a chore or a burden, but a treat I am worthy of. I believe much of eczema is physiological, but the rest is emotional.

I hope this helps someone!

Exfoliate with dry brushing and oatmeal paste. (Store bought colloidal oatmeal can get spendy. I put about a cup of oatmeal in blender for a few minutes, easing the upper outsides down with a fork, but dont put fork in too deep or it hits the blades....get it as fine as you can. I then put it all in a double layer cheese cloth, tie up end with a rubber band. Put it in bath water, squeeze the dissolved oatmeal from cheescloth repeatedly into bath water as it runs. Open cheesecloth in a mixing bowl with a little water to make a paste that is stiff enough to stick to skin, not too watery. the first time I got it just right. The second time I did not grind the oats fine enough. You cant get it too fine. It will take about 5 minutes with a blender.

Moisturize with shea butter infused with frankincense and myrrh ( I blend it all with a hand mixer in a bowl, then scoop it into glass mason jars. )

and most importantly.....


Replied by Art
1005 posts

In reply to Stephanie (Washington),

Recent studies are suggesting that there is a correlation between vitamin d status (25 OH d serum level) and eczema or atopic dermatitis. You mentioned that your eczema worsened in Washington and improved in Arizona and that it did not start until you moved from Southern California to Washington.

In Southern California you would have been getting more UVB exposure and consequently a higher 25 OH d level than you would get in Washington.

You also said that it started around the age of 18 which would have been when you finished high school. Thinking back to high school, I remember being in the sun a lot because of all of the outdoor activities associated with being in high school and I also remember that it seemed like I got a lot less sun exposure after high school. It may be that this chain of events was enough to get your serum 25 OH d level into the insufficient or deficient range and possibly make it easier for eczema to take hold.

In any case, it seems like an easy enough and inexpensive enough thing for your dermatologist to get your vitamin d level into the optimum range to find out if it can have a positive effect in controlling or eliminating your eczema. Below 30 ng/ml is considered insufficient and below 20 ng/ml is deficient. The reference range is 30~100 ng/ml.

Some cancer studies have shown that being around the 75 ng/ml area may help to reduce risk of certain cancers.

Here are some recent studies suggesting that there may be a relationship between vitamin d and eczema or atopic dermatitis.



Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lena Rose (Los Angeles, California ) on 07/25/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Everyone!

First I would like to say that Earth Clinic is literally a godsend for anyone who is looking for natural healing for a variety of ailments. I have found so much fantastic information here for a variety of bodily issues. Currently I am spending the summer in Connecticut, and whenever I am here or in the northern states I get absolutely unbearable eczema (really can not figure out why only here). I currently have been suffering from outbreaks on every sensitive skin area of my body such as eyes, lips, breasts and "other" places (ugh). This week I decided to give a go at some of the natural remedies researched from a variety of sources and am so excited to say that today was an absolute break through in fighting off this awful skin issue. Almost all areas are 3/4 of the way healed and I would like to share what I did to reach that point.

First I have cut out ALL sugar and cut back on caffeine (i love coffee but limited it to one cup every few days), especially do not eat any chocolate or drink alcohol. I ate a tiny bit of chocolate after dinner the other night and had the WORST outbreak afterwards. Also it would seem like "nightshade" foods such as tomatos, eggplant, peppers etc make it worsen, as well as wheat based foods and possibly even rice. So I decided to just cut all of those things. The magic of the actual healing seems to be coming from a combination of ACV (both topically and ingested), drinking lots of water, getting lots of sunlight, AND doing oatmeal baths. Parts of my body were so inflamed this morning I was miserable. Both eyes were so puffy it looked like I was punched. Now, 10 hours later everything is almost completely healed!!

I mixed some mango juice with honey and ACV and drank this 3 times today. I did about 45 minutes in the sun with virgin coconut oil slathered all over me. I then took a bath with an oatmeal sachet in it, squeezing the cloth to saturate all effected areas and let it soak in. Also while in the bath I wet a washcloth and poured some ACV on it to dab on the effected areas in between oatmeal milk pours. It admittedly burns like hell, but the oatmeal after helps to sooth this. I literally felt and watched as all my red swollen areas started to go down and heal before my eyes. I have also found that tea tree oil lip balm is awesome for lips that have swelling and dry itchiness. I keep one in my bed with me and apply it throughout the night so I can sleep without the skin cracking. I hope this helps all my eczema sufferers!!!

To add to this, although I am not sure it is helping, I have also started eating lots of salmon (vitamin D and omegas), taking flax seed oil, probiotics and eating food with raw coconut oil and organic olive oil. Pretty much cut out all citrus fruits and opting for a mostly raw vegetable diet. :)))

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Xen (Singapore) on 01/27/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I have had eczema since I was 18 years old and now I am 26 years old. Its been 6 years since and I have had the horrible itching, oozing, red random spots all over, and the yellow crusts that are just disgusting.

I have tried zinc, supplements, no soap, juicing, modifying my diet, reading numerous websites on how to cure eczema. Just like a maniac and surfing sites late at night, wanting to get this eczema gone.

What worked for me was -

1. Stop the steroids creams that were given to me for easing the eczema - I discovered if I stopped using it, the eczema would come back after some time, but it came back worse. And my skin after using steroid creams, had an addiction to the cream, if I stopped using it, my skin would go crazy, and more eczema patches. I had to stop relying on it, you may wish to read more on steroid addiction for eczema.

2. Modify my diet - If you have been a maniac like me reading on site, you would have seen eating healthier food. I cut out dairy, wheat, processed food, and food with colours, addictives. I ate mainly natural cooked food, with good fat to moisturise from within. E. G. salmon

3. Vaccuum my room and bed - I vaccummed daily to prevent myself from getting paranoid about dust or bed. It worked in getting a nicer sleep though I still woke up late at night due to the itching.

4. Moisturise, moisturise

When I stopped the steroid creams or prescribed ointments, my skin grew worse as it was addicted to it. It's like going through cold turkey. It was way hard, but its worth it, seeing the result. The patches grew larger, I had a swollen foot, itching at night continuously (itching is when your skin is trying to expel the bad stuff, healing from inside). I cried, I prayed, frustrated about everything. It took roughly about 6 months for me to see something different. I could sleep better, the oozing decreased and stopped entirely, the patches grew smaller and it disapperead entirely.

Now, I don't have eczema all over my body in random spots or patches. I had two big patches near my ankles, and behind my legs, plus random spots all over. All is gone unless I eat something bad or if skin is too dry.

Its not easy to go through this, it would be good for anyone going through this to have emotional support like a forum. I believe there is one for steroid addiction which causes eczema, you have to search it. :)

Hope this infomation is useful. Do note that the skin will experience flares up now and then as it heals, but slowly with time, it will lessen. It may seem you have healed entirely, but if there's a flare up again, dont be dismal, for it will heal again but in a lesser time frame.

All the best!

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va/USA)

Hi, Glad that you pretty much got over the nasty condition of eczema. I've been been suffering with it since October with many of the same symptoms as you. I believe my eczema was caused by the too-fast die-off of candida yeast and subsequent toxins created by the yeast die-off, known as the Herxheimer reaction. I am presently seeing a dermatologist and an alternative practioner.

As per the dermatologist, I've been using a steroid cream that seemed to help minimize itchiness and redness, and sores for 2 or 3 days, then seemed to be minimally effective. I also have been applying an Ave' moisturizer containing oat essence, dimethicone and shea butter, which seems to help relieve itchiness.

As per my alternative caregiver, I am taking among other things, molybdenum to neutralize acetaldehyde (the main toxin of the yeast die-off). I just started to also take NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine), as well as the nettle herb, and plenty of vit. C, all to help clean-out the toxins. With all that I've been doing, progress is still excrusiatingly slow. Any further advice that you or others can extend would, of course, be greatly appreciated. - Larry

Replied by Sp
(Wb, NJ, USA)

Xen - thank you so much for posting!!! I searched the web and found the website for topical steroid addiction. I stopped using a strong topical steroid October 2011 and I have been going through the eczema horror just as they describe. No wonder it seems like nothing I've done has helped. I just have to get through the steroid detox. It takes so long. I wish I had known about that site back when I first stopped using the steroid cream. Hopefully what I've been doing since will prevent the eczema from recurring. I knew there had to be multiple things going on (getting the steroids out of my skin, food and chemical allergies and sensitivities, possibly parasites, etc. ) and not just one cause of this eczema nightmare. There is hope.

Replied by Neukoln
(Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)

Hello Larry. I too get eczema. My belief is that we don't metabolise fatty acids properly - so taking them in the diet (and oral supplements) doesn't help that much. What I found does work... Or at least help... Is applying oils topically. Not just on the eczema area, but mainly on the thin skin of the body, after a bath, when it is more easily absorbed. I find that the skin all over my body - including areas that I don't apply oils to - are more moist. When I first started doing this 2 months ago, my skin would drink the oil, and it would soak in within 5 minutes. Especially on my hands. One day, I repeatedly applied oil five times I. E. Applied it once, and it soaked in, applied it again, and it soaked in... 5 times. The last time it took about 30 minutes to soak. These days each application leaves my skin moist for 3 or 4 hours.

My point is that it seems to take quite a long time before you build up your reserves. And I eat loads of nuts and seeds and salad oil and coconut oil (for cooking) - so I was getting a lot in my diet. However, the small amount (2 tsp a day) is more effective than the several Tbsps of oil I am eating in my diet.

The oils I use have been trial and error. I think it wouldn't be the same for you because you may be low in a different fatty acid/s to me. The important thing to stress is not to apply half a cup (ha! ) of oil to your skin. But to do small amounts (maybe half a tsp), several times a day. I think our bodies can better process it... Since we don't seem to fare well with oil metabolism... and it's less of a shock.

My suggestion to you is to perhaps start with hemp seed oil - because it has a good ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. I have a recipe for making a handcream - if you don't like the idea of rubbing oil on your hands/inner thigh/forearms/chest. It uses oil, water, emulsifying wax - and is easy to make. Good luck, and I hope this helps!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ladyj (Berkeley, Ca) on 01/08/2013

Hello! I have been a chronic sufferer of eczema... From mild to severe. It starts on the thin skin of my eyelids and neck and spreads from there. One time it was so bad, my entire face was nearly covered in a red, seeping, blotchy mess. I have tried many MANY things.. Including seeing a dermatologist [who insisted I had contact dermatitis and was reacting to nailpolish and/or makeup... Not true]. Long story short, it flares primarily when I am under a lot of stress and also runs in my family. The cure when I was younger was to simply break up with a boyfriend to end a stressful relationship, and it would immediately go away. OR, I would water fast for 5 days... On day 3, it would be gone.. And then it would immediately come back once I began eating [I broke my fast with oranges]. One could conclude from the above that that the problem is therefore stress induced, and harbored as a 'gutteral' reaction. Somehow, my gut is connected to the proper functioning of my skin, especially the 'soft/sensitive' areas, and when I am upset, so is my stomach, and so are my eyes. I could get really deep here and say I feel 'blinded and chocked' and my body is warning me to DO something about it... but let's stick to remedies and 'science' for today.

Well, now I am married... I have not had a problem with it for the past 3 years, and I have found that it has been flaring up and down all year. It is currently going full bore with no end in sight and I fear it will only get worse if I don't figure out how to nip it in the bud without getting a full blown divorce! I think it's time I figure it out so that I don't end up alone with my clear complexion. Afterall, the one thing all the men of my past have in common is me and my eczema! I dont' think they need be taking the blame.

Anyway, I wanted to report something that is working [that does not include divorce]... It may be the combination of all the things I am doing, but I actually believe that _____ [a supplement that generates collagen and contains silicon and choline] is contributing the most for some reason. Anyhow, here is my remedy:

About a week ago I started on 5 drops B___ 2x per day with juice. about 3 days ago, started drinking Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, 2TBSP 2-3 times daily with water/juice. Make a water/lemon/vinegar mixture that I spray on my face and neck in the morning and at night. Cotton swab with water/vinegar all over my face as a toner, follow with Squalane Oil before it dries. Take an expensive probiotic once a day. Eat a LOT of dried figs [i don't know why I think they help? maybe]. Drink a raw unpasturized local Kombucha drink once or twice per day.

About 3 days ago my eyes were red, weeping and watering constantly. I looked like I had severe allergies or was crying all day when I had not been. My eyes were swollen upon weaking, and reddish and blotchy. This went on for the next two days... However, I have noticed that upon waking in the morning, the skin on my forehead and around my eyes is looking less and less wrinkly and more smooth and supple. Especially today and this afternoon. The skin around my eyes went from being very taught and dry and irritated to being smooth[ish] and flexible. Maybe it is just a good day, but I don't think so. I really think this B___ is making the skin less wrinkly and smoother. It may also be the ACV and Kombucha helping out, but I cannot believe that it would have such a quick effect. Either way... Try it out! Even if you do not have eczema, taking [the silicon supplement] and ACV and using a lemon/vinegar/water spritz on the skin followed with squalane oil really makes it soft at supple without being greasy or heavy. I have NOT stopped wearing make up either. I use a light foundation powder and blush over the parts of my face that are not affected by eczema, then I dab on the powder with some squa oil on my eyelids to help cover and redness so I don't look and feel so horrid. I then carefully put on any old mascara. I take make up off with the squa oil and a cloth and some water as well. It is very gentle. I know some people us coconut oil and say that works for them, but it never did anything for my eczema. I put only coconut oil on my skin for half a year and just watched my skin get worse day by day. Anyway, if it clears more and more, I will let you know!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Stewie (Palm Springs, Ca) on 09/22/2012

I didn't have eczema until 4 months ago and it's been a living nightmare! I've used countless creams, antibiotics, etc. The only things that help me are as follows- peppermint oil(not extract) diluted w/coconut or olive oil (any cold pressed nut oil will do)- used topically to help itching. Tingles a bit, but works like a charm! For dryness I use the coconut oil mixed w/geranium, frankincense and helichrysum oils (myrrh is great, too). Now for the biggie... Diet. I don't have the patience to cut one food group out at a time, so I went cold turkey. Cut out anything that is known to be a food allergen- soy, shellfish, peanuts, dairy, wheat and all gluten... I eat tons of veggies, fruit (not too much because sugar is sugar), protein from meat and beans. Everyone told me it wouldn't work, but in a few days my itch was gone and my eczema is almost healed (1 week). Diet and digestion are huge factors in our health! Do what feels right for you. I like natural treatments, but I tried the others because of desperation. For me, the natural way is working, but I still had blood tests to check for any possible allergies or auto-immune disorder. I will continue my journey to better health without anyone disuading me again.

A few other tips- drink lots of flouride-free purified water (add the juice of 1 lemon at least once/day to cleanse liver), take an Omega supplement (flax oil or fish), vitamin D3, glutein (to repair any possible damage to your gut), probiotics, digestive enzymes and try to get as much sleep as possible. I hope this helps someone. And to the girl who asked if things get better before they get worse- sometimes. I had a yeast overgrowth (Candida) in my intestine that I battled during all this and while I did my cleanse (melaluca, oregano and lemon oil in capsules) it got worse. I got white puss-filled pockets on my legs (where my eczema is). After that, I began my new way of eating (I hate to say diet) and it cleared fast! Itching was the first to go! :)

Replied by John
(Hazlet, Nj)

Stewie I did the exact thing a full out elimination diet I only ate oatmeal for 2 full weeks. My symptoms went away after about a week. But what foods ended up being your triggers? And how did u know you had a yeast overgrowth?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Theresa (Kenora, Ontario Canada) on 09/15/2012

I found a remedy! I have suffered eczema 28 years aprox! It seemed to have advanced, now I wear cotton gloves most of the time.. it prevented infection & severe breakouts that require prednisone. I use several natural treatments, having to mix them up because after so long the treatment loses its strength. But are helpful long as I continue to mix it up! Things I use that help are:

Raw African Shea butter, olive oil infused with plantain, menthol mixed with carrier, Dme direct micro expelled organic virgin coconut oil. AcV soaks, kelp powder soaks. Quality probiotic!! Lysine seems to help at certain times. Stress relief ~ evening primrose oil~ zen-thianine & holy basil work great for stress (1 major trigger for eczema)

Eating greens is huge, watermelon fresh lemon smoothie, wheatgrass, kale, these are especially helpful! AVOID: chocolate, (high nickel foods) coffee!! Sugar, processed & ingredients that you don't know or can barely read!! Proper hours of sleep! Along with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE 100%! Avoid

~Here's my new find, I found out about the actions of myrrh on weeping eczema, I got really bad weeping suddenly, so I ran to the medicine cabinet & used the raw African Shea butter, myrrh , and for the antibacterial & fungal abilities of st johns wort oil I added a few drops along with calendula oil whipped it up quick~ instant relief!! I can put the gloves back on and not sticking! So I can sleep in peace tonight! :) hope this helps!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Alicia (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 04/17/2012
1 out of 5 stars

The earliest I remember ever having eczema is when I was 7 and I remember it mainly being underneath my knees. I used cream a dermatologist gave to my mother and that's the last I remember of it. I was unaware at the time that I actually had excema. I always remember having extremely dry skin all over the lower half of my body. As I got older, and started to see my doctor, I just attributed it to being heriditary as my dad has ridiculously dry, flaky skin -- but he doesn't have excema.

Anyways, for years and years and years I NEVER showed my legs or feet to anyone but my family. It wasn't because of my excema that I had no idea about until this doctor informed me of it at 22 (I'm 25 now), it was because of all of my blackheads and uneven skin tone, dry, cracked feet etc.

In 2010 I went to Barbados to a family reunion and of course, as it was hot as ever, decided to wear shorts, skirts and dresses. Most summers back home in Toronto, it didn't matter how hot it was - I wouldn't be caught dead doing this! For some reason when I came back home from that trip I continued to show off my skin and body. I've always been skinny and tall, people always would say you should model, blah blah and it's like... they have NO idea what my skin looks like! I could never be a model! Please.

I would say once summer ended that year in 2010, my eczema that was finally revealed to me from my doctor was acting a fool and flaring up like crazy. He prescribed me Elidel, Hydroval and Benovate in a period of two years (from 2010-2012). We all know how these things affect our skin! They all come in these tiny portions and it's like, sure I can put it on only the places where my skin is rough and flared, but my ENTIRE lower body itches so what do you do? And I had YET to find a cream and my doctor has as well, that will help relieve my itchy skin. Naturally I put these products on my entire lower half. What did the Elidel do? Weaken my skin where now it's like... An old lady who has wrinkly skin -- almost extra saggy layers of skin, plus it's naturally cracked, plus its dry, plus my skin is 20 different skin tones. It's just sad and embarrassing.

Last summer I went to England to visit my family for two months. Prior to this I had random flare ups. Omg, I went to England and it was the WORSE it's EVER been. I was in so much pain, itching my skin until to bled in PUBLIC and around my friends and family - totally embarrassing. And the worse part is no one there would prescribe me anything because they didn't know my history. I was forced to use these counter products like Eurcerin that at the time, made me itch even more. It was SO unbareable. During that time I got huge discoloration patches all over my knees and down.

No matter how much I try to stress to my doctor that I need a dermatologist, he just doesn't seem to get it. His response is more or less like, 'you'll have this forever, dermatologists are expensive. ' I just feel truly hopeless at this point.

I had quite a bit of acne on my face during my time in England as well which I think was unrelated to the excema. And after several months of over the counter acne medications, I decided to go natural on my face. Recently I decided to go natural on my body as well.

WHAT I'VE USED: I bought a jar of coconut oil and put that on my skin twice a day for two days straight and my skin has never felt so tight!! It was totally irritating. I was itching all over the place, it was crazy so I stopped using it, lol. But I will admit, in certain places, the eczema has cleared up and has somewhat dried up in a sense. I see people have talked about this working for them so I might continue you it tonight.

My doctor told me to buy a humidifier. In fact, two doctors have told me that. So fine -- I bought a humidifier for my room and honestly, it hasn't done much of anything. And it's even more irrelevant now that its spring in Canada and yet, here I am with excema outbreaks.

Late last year I started eating green Granny Smith apples once a day for a month straight JUST to be healthy. Funny enough, I see it on here as something that could help excema! BUT, during my time of eating the apples, I feel as though my acne flared up like crazy! So I stopped doing that. I tried again for two days straight this year, and the same thing so I've just stopped eating them altogether.

My doctor suggested grounded flax seeds, so last week I bought a whole bunch in bulk, grounded them up and have been putting it in my drink and food constantly. We'll see if this will help.

Before I bought the grounded flax seeds I was taking one flax seed oil pill a day and I don't know... The results are unknown. When I bought the flax seeds and finished the flax seed oil pills I decided to get Omega 3-6-9 instead, which I almost feel is making my excema worse, ugh. But then again, I never use things long enough to really tell.

MY QUESTION IS: After all of that, lol. When you use these remedies, does the eczema flare up initially and then start to become effective? Or is it meant to work instantly, so to speak? Because if it is meant to flare up, then I'll use some of these remedies longer then I have been.

People don't realize how debilitating having eczema is and I feel worse for the ones who have it shown visibly like on their face and neck, etc. Even going swimming is an issue and what kills me is, I actually have a nice body! And I'm so sick of hearing people tell me about it, little do they know. I'm 25 and I'm tired of living like this. I shouldn't be covering up, I want to show it off!

Help me, please!!!

Replied by Lilly
(Houston, Usa)

Try applying diluted glycerin soon after shower when your body is still moist. You can dilute glycerin by adding water or rose water. You can adjust the concentration of glycerin according to your need by trial and error method. Hope this will help. It helped me.

Replied by Liz
(Boston, Massachusetts)

My teenage daughter has suffered from eczema since she was just a wee thing, and like you, we have tried every remedy imaginable over the years.When her flare-ups were really severe, she would resort to using her prescription streroid cream. But of course, that's just 'a bandaid' - it doesn't eliminate what's causing the eczema, and that was our ultimate goal.

What finally worked, was having her include at least two (but the more, the better) small vanilla yogurts each day, without fail - one in the morning, and one in the evening.

This, along with two fish oil capsules at bedtime has significantly improved (dare I say, perhaps even 'cured') her eczema. The difference is truly astounding.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Letsdoiteczema (Hong Kong) on 03/01/2012

I am not saying that this will cure anyone out there in the exact time frame, even if you follow my health routine exactly because it really depends on how damaged, poisoned your body is. That is the truth. The more damaged your body is, the longer it will take to recover, but at least now you know that you CAN recover and be cured! Eczema and allergies, like many other chronic illnesses, are NOT "incurable" diseases.

In no particular order:

  • Paleo Diet (I do the raw version of it, but mainstream paleo diet is cooked or slightly cooked)
  • Probiotics (from fermented vegetables with Real Himalayan Salt - free and effective, or probiotic capsules mixed with coconut water and a pinch of Real Himalayan Salt)
  • 1-2 or 3 hours of sunbathing every day, if possible, for Vitamin D (best to get out of the sun once your skin is turning pink. This depends on your skin color)
  • Uropathy
  • Coffee enemas to detox liver
  • Other healthy lifestyle habits (e. g. sleeping early - before 11pm (ideally before 10pm), minimizing stress, moderate exercise daily)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Amy (Niagara Falls, On/canada) on 01/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Olive oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Pesco Neem Soap, Shea Butter, one or all of them worked finally after 30 years!!!