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Posted by Neon (Singapore) on 11/19/2012

I was wondering whether anyone had been successful in reducing their eczema after juicing / detox. Thanks for answering!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Neon, Yes, I had great results with green juicing. I can't say I had eczema per se but many skin rashes often. And once they'd flare it would take weeks to resolve. It was awful. And anything could cause them. I began green juicing and saw a big difference. In addition though, I really cleaned up my diet which included eliminating dairy. I also did detoxing in various ways. After about a year I began to slowly add dairy back in and am fine with it now. I have not had any skin flare-ups for about a year and a half now. I am such a believer in green juicing I do it almost every day. During the summer, absolutely every day!

One other thing I have been doing on a regular basis for about 9 months now is using Chinese medicine and I believe that too has helped my body find its balance. Hope this helps. Lisa


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Posted by Caroline (Montréal) on 07/01/2016

I am 27 and have had eczema on my legs since I was 7. I have tried countless remedies without success. Kefir was my miracle solution! Taken internally, it didn't do anything for me. BUT, applied to my legs after showering in the morning and before going to bed at night did wonders very quickly. It is now completely gone! I told my mother about it since she had very itchy eczema in her ears and it did the same for her! Try it! I don't rince the kefir after applying it (organic and plain - I sometimes make it/buy it at the store). Once it dries, it doesn't show nor smell anything. I also started applying it on my face for acne and it is helping already :-) The good bacterias in kefir help rebalance the skin and fight bad bacterias.

Posted by Lizabeta (New York, NY) on 11/29/2014

I was nursing my daughter and still am since birth. She developed eczema around 1 month old. At first I had no idea where how this happened as my two other children had no problems. I took her to her pediatrician and she said that some babies just have it and it goes away as they get older. I asked if it could be because of something I was eating and her pediatrician (rated one of the best pediatrician in NYC) said "no, not at all."

Thank God for mothers intuition, I did some research of my own and found that my daughter was sensitive to the foods I was eating. I cut out foods one at a time to see what she was reacting to and found she was sensitive to milk, nuts and eggs? Something I constantly consumed in my diet. So I had to remove them from my diet but occasionally would incorporate them, except for the nuts.

After she turned 2 years, I attended a birthday party and ate cake that was made with nuts, which made her react not just on her hands as she would normally but now on her inner elbow area and it itched and was so red and uncomfortable for her, I had to wrap up her arms. I tried some ointments which helped but it wasn't until I began drinking Kefir and giving my daughter Kefir did it help give her relief. It literally worked within 12 hours. I'd give my daughter Kefir first thing in the morning and before she would go to sleep. (I would try to be consistent although sometimes she was resistant). It made her eczema disappear.

Eczema is a digestive issue and Kefir treats those issues. Western medicine along with most doctors are good at taking your money, and playing with human health in exchange for extra bucks. Kefir is the cure! Don't waste time, buy organic Kefir and save your children and yourself the trouble of spending your money on anything else!

Posted by Christy (Lawrenceville, Ga) on 12/12/2012

Hello, I just wanted to share of my experience with milk kefir for my son's eczema. He has suffered with eczema since he was 3 months old. It was so severe that his pediatrician had to give him antiobiotics. I read about milk kefir (live cultures)and I purchased the grains and gave it to him everday when he was old enough to drink milk and within 1 month it completely resolved. We stopped giving him steroids and ointments and epson baths. This was truly a miracle for us. We praise God.

Replied by Lynn

Can anyone let me know how much kefir I should give my child each day for eczema? Thanks.

Replied by Namaw

How old is the child? For an infant, I'd do maybe a tablespoon. Adjust for the child's size--a 10 year old could probably do half a cup. In my experience, the child will want it once they realize it's helping and then they can drink as much of it as they want. Just start with a small amount and observe. If you are lucky, the child will like it and self-administer. I just whiz some jam into mine for sweetness, but we don't even really sweeten it at all anymore. A second ferment will make it less sour (some like the sour; I don't.) You can also watch it for thickness--some people like it thinner and stop fermenting earlier. Others like it thick, like a cream cheese, and use it as topping for crackers. I use it thick like sour cream(love it on my hot oatmeal) and thinner to take when I carry it to work. It's a valuable addition to your diet if you tolerate it well.

Kefir + Colostrum

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Posted by Jennifer (United States) on 09/13/2019

Milk kefir and bovine colostrum both cure eczema. They are gut healers. My husband had eczema, and we finally found a cure. It's cheaper and better to make your own milk kefir. I found a facebook group offering free milk grains to make your own kefir, you just have to pay the shipping. Since kefir grains multiply, you can share them with others who need help. It's simple to make as well, and you can flavor it any way you like. We like to add a little sugar, frozen grated lemon, and strawberries to ours. Also, for the skin, if he broke out we would use first the dmso, then colloidal silver and aloe vera gel. You can skip the colloidal silver if you don't make your own; because otherwise it's too expensive to purchase. These seem to stop the itching.

Krill Oil

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/18/2013

Krill Oil capsules help my eczema. Wish YOU WELL!

Krill Oil
Posted by Grateful (Appreciate Earth Clinic, Usa) on 12/29/2011

Krill oil helped my eczema.

L-Carnitine, Flax and Borage

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Posted by Diane (Ottumwa, Ia) on 01/10/2012

Skin Update. Fatty Acid Metabolism Disorder.

Supplement with Borage, or Evening Promrose and Flax Seed Oil and Carnitine.

Totally Cured.

Eczema and dermatitis can be confused and be misdiagnosed, so forgive me for posting this here. This may help someone.

Symptoms: red, flaky skin, lifting off in very large flakes with white pustules like small cysts, forming rapidly under the skin. I did not have just the redness and broken veins that some people have.

It was diagnosed by my Dr. As "perioral dermatitis". It was a mess, and I had it for approximately 8-9 months before I figured out what it was.

This is for people who have tried everything. Believe me. I tried everything listed on this website and more.

I treated it as: a pathogen (like a bacteria like strep or staph), a fungus, mites, (yes, I drank the damn borax), scabies, leishmania, malessezzia, (seborrhea), acne, I tried three different antibiotic gels from the Dr, (metrogel, ciclopirox, clindamycin). I would get excited, because some things seemed to work for a few days, or a week but the condition always returned and got progressively worse. A fatty acid metabolism disorder will mimc the symptoms of Dermatitis with few other noticeable symptoms. My only clue came after I took a big dosage of Cod Liver Oil and I saw what looked like chicken skin under my eyes the next day. I knew something was really wrong. Started Flax, and Borage Oil capsules the next day. Took L-Carnitine on an empty stomach, (just happened to have it, and knew it was good for fatty acid metabolism disorder from a study I saw on the web regarding Acidura and Carnitine). The Acidura, (a condition of acidity in the body) interferes with fatty acid metabolism processes in the body. This, combined with a genetic predisposion called kryptopyluria and six cups of coffee a day meant I was not able to process fish oil of any type. This also explains why some of the other remedies like vinegar and baking soda, alkalinizing the body, liver cleanses, and the digestive enzymes seem to work for some people also. You will know within three days if this will work for you.

I saw healing within one day, the flakes stopped in three days and the redness went away in a week. My skin is perfectly clear and has been for two months. I still continue with the Carnitine, Flax and Borage only because I'm afraid to stop. Please note: I did topical applications of Sulfur, (sublimed pwder mixed into mayonese as a carrier) and bought MMS, (chlorine dioxide) previous to trying the Flax, Carnitine and Borage. The sulfur may have lessened the white pustules, but I still had the red, flaky skin. If the pustules don't go away, you made want to try the sulfur or the MMS.

Best Wishes.

Replied by Sp
(Murfreesboro, Tn)

Wow Diane, Thank you so much for sharing. I have dermatitis. I have just started taking the flaxseed oil, and evening primrose. I will add the carnitine and see if this will work on me also.

Replied by Maggie
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi. I find this posting most interesting. I have been battling chicken skin for 2-3 years now. I do not have the red flaky skin but have been told I have rosacea. I am wondering if this could possibly be helpful as I have tried everything as well. I currently take evening primrose oil capsules irregularly and put a 1/2 tsp of flaxseed in my oatmeal each am. But I take a lot of omegas and am wondering if this is inadvisable. I take cod liver oil capsules; omega and fish oil capsules and seabuckthorn capsules on a rotating basis. My skin is wonderfully soft from these oils but wondering if it is also too much.

Also please note I did not take all these supplements until after a long time trying to experiment with things to try and get rid of this chicken skin/rosacea type condition. I would like to try just your supplement recommendations and stop all the others temporarily to see if it would clear up my condition - which to clarify is only on my face. I had actually come to the point of giving up trying to remedy my problem because I have worked so hard at it and never seen an improvement over the last few years other than they seem to be less prominent now then other times. I really could never figure out what it was that made them better or worse. I have been told I have candida; I was told by a dermatologist it was a hormone imbalance; so always a mass confusion and a constant process of experimentation.

I am 51 years old and have recently gone through menopause. Again, the symptom of these pustules, white bumps whatever you would call them have never actually left - even for a day. I have had times last summer where a couple picked off but none have come to the surface lately. I could never figure out what it was that happened at that time to cause the slight improvement at that time.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Maggie (fellow Calgarian) - I wonder if you have keratosis pilaris. While it seems most people get it on their arms or legs, some do get it on their face.

There are a number of cures here on Earth Clinic, including a homemade mixture of organic coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and lecithin (emulsifier). You might want to add a few drops of lavender - it sounds like it is quite whiffy!

Here's the link:

Although you are taking quite a few oils, are you eating enough water-filled vegetables (like in green smoothies)? Supposedly that is the best way to get water into our cells.

A humidifier is a must here in Calgary. Exfoliate your skin very gently and rinse thoroughly before patting on a moisturizer (or coconut oil). Some people even put a 50/50 coconut oil and castor oil blend on their face at night (too heavy for the day).

Also, I believe there are a few forums on the Internet for people with facial keratosis pilaris but I think most of them opt for prescriptions and heavy-duty lotions filled with rather toxic ingredients.

Good luck Maggie! Cheers, Bess

Replied by Gautami

Thank you for posting that info, Dianne, it really makes sense for me, I haven't had eczema for 20 yrs, but had a recent flare up on my chin and under my eye. What's changed in my habits?

1) I switched from a more expensive omega 3-6-9 balanced supplement which included Eve Primrose Oil (GLA) to a cheaper Flax seed oil and have been taking a high dose for some muscoskeletal inflammation. It worked for that but maybe I overdid it and now have an imbalance.

2) I lost over a stone on the intermittent fasting diet where one only has 500-600 calsa day for 2 days a week. However I upped my coffee consumption those days and I work out. The combo of fasting, exercise and coffee would cause my body to metabolise triglycerides/ fatty acids from my own adipose tissue (fat)

I have been trying ACV, coconut oil, Citricidal and allsorts, but nothing has sufficiently worked. I have the qualifications and the knowledge but I didn't make the connection regarding my own body and EFA metabolism til I read your post, Dianne. Thank you for sharing! And thank you Earth Clinic!

PS that might be why the lady above found yeast worked - nutritional yeast contains active ingredients integral to the fatty Acid metabolism process.


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Posted by John W. (Baxledy, Ga.) on 08/28/2009

My wife and little girls have eczema, We tried some much stuff and the only thing that we could find that would work was lavender. My wife mixes it with water and not for sure on the ratio, but it works and does not sting, only smells good . John W.

Lecithin and Tryptophan

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Posted by Diane (MA) on 12/06/2020

A biochemist recommended lecithin and tryptophan for my out of control eczema over 40 years ago. She actually stopped me in a grocery store and introduced herself and told me she could help. Cleared me up in no time.

I took three capsules of lecithin twice a day and two caps of tryptophan twice a day (don't remember the amt of mgs) until the bottles were gone. I have only recently started using lecithin again, two caps a day, to keep my arteries clean (I'm now 67).

I can't say enough good things about lecithin!

Replied by Simonas

Hello, could you please provide some detail to your post. How bad was your eczema? How long did it take for you to clear it up using lecithin? I would just like to know more. Thank you.

Lemon and Pineapple Juice

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Posted by Catherine (Wellington, New Zealand) on 05/07/2012

I have had an unsightly patch of thick red scaly skin on the side of my nose for some years. I have tried many of the remedies cited on the EC site with only limited and temporary improvement.

When looking up my lemon recipe book I came across this eczema remedy.. "50:50 lemon juice and pineapple juice, applied hourly until cured". Well I didn't have any lemons at the time but did have the pineapple so I squeezed a little juice and applied a couple of times during the day and again at night. The improvement was dramatic. I continued with just the pineapple juice as I thought the lemon might be a bit severe on my face. I kept the juice in the fridge for up to 3 days.. It didn't seem to reduce its effectiveness by not being really fresh. I used night and morning for a week and now have only a little dry area of normal coloured skin. Perhaps a strict compliance with the remedy using lemon as well as pineapple and using only fresh juice would be a much quicker remedy. Try it out.. it certainly is worth it, and entirely safe and painless.

Lemon Juice, Magnesium Oil

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Posted by Tommo (Scotland) on 10/16/2017

I have finally cured the big patch of eczema which covered my upper right arm, after four years of trying many of the cures recommended on this site. Products which helped included ACV, iodine and clay. This was probably due to them removing the dead skin because, in my case, all moisturisers made the eczema itchy. I think the moisturisers were feeding the dead skin and not allowing the healthy skin to breathe.

My cure is probably a combination of lemon juice, transdermal magnesuim chloride oil and possibly overnight fasting of 16 hours e.g. stop eating at 7pm and breaking my fast at 11 am with a decent breakfast.

The lemon juice was a sheer fluke. My arm was so very itchy so I grabbed 1/2 a lemon which had been sitting in the fridge for a few days. The rind was hard and so rubbing the arm with the lemon rind was sheer bliss. Hours later the redness had disappeared and the skin was still calm, not itchy. I continued to rub my arm with lemon juice only washing it off before the next application. The lemon juice exfoliated all the dead skin which may be the reason that the itch and redness disappeared but the skin was still thick (lichen simplex chronicus) but not scaly so I decided to drench it regularly with transdermal magnesium chloride oil which I massaged into the skin.

When all the rough skin disappeared except for two extra thick "spots", I removed the top layers of dead skin painlessly from these lumps with a sterilised needle. It was about this time that I changed my regime only eating during an eight hour window during the day which means that all the food in my stomach will be digested before I tuck into breakfast the following morning.

Epilogue: I broke my upper arm four weeks ago and since then it has been envelopped in a sling so my arm has not been exposed to much fresh air recently but I have continued to spray my lovely smooth skin on my arm with the magnesium chloride and to date the eczema has not returned. Hurrah!

Magnesium Spray

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Posted by Sammy68 (Cincinnati, Oh) on 03/06/2017

I have found the perfect cure for eczema. I have been suffering a nasty bout of eczema on my back for the past few months. Pretty decent sized patch, approximately the size of my palm. Extremely itchy. In fact it was so itchy that I couldn't refrain from scratching it, especially at night, which of course caused it to spread. I tried everything...calamine lotion, tea tree oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, shea nut butter, calendula and chamomile ointment, and finally cortizone cream. Nothing worked.

So, I read somewhere to mix a small travel sized spray bottle with hot water, add a big pinch of both Himalayan salt and Epsom salts, shake the bottle real good, and spray that rash down liberally. Less than 1 week later the eczema rash is completely gone. Unbelievable. It cost pennies. It's worth a try for all you eczema sufferers.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Rita (Virginia) on 09/11/2019

I would like to share my successful journey fighting a battle with eczema.

Eight months ago I began a low-carbohydrate diet (The Atkins diet) because I was overweight and this was causing my blood pressure to be high. My doctor wanted me to go on blood pressure medicine, but I told her I would lose that weight and see if that would take care of the problem. I had gained the weight over a period of five or more years when I was eating junk food instead of following a healthy diet. It took me only a few months of strictly following the low-carb diet to lose 30 pounds and get my blood pressure to normal.

Thankfully, I was able to avoid taking any blood pressure medication! Apparently the diet was working so well and so quickly that my body became overwhelmed trying to rid me of all those toxins I had accumulated during the years of eating an unhealthy diet. About four months after beginning my weight loss diet, I developed red, itchy and scaly spots - one on the back of my hand and a larger spot on my forehead and similar spots on my eyelids. I also had red blotches on my inner thighs, but these did not itch or become scaly. I believe all these various red inflamed spots to be eczema brought about by the toxins my body was trying to expel. In addition to the eczema, I experienced sore gums, tongue and lips. I believe these were all the result of toxins being released through my skin and mouth.

This was my first experience with eczema, so I immediately began researching natural ways of healing it. I soon learned from the experiences of other sufferers that the medical community might not be of much help, but that there are many natural ways to bring healing from eczema. I learned that eczema must be approached as a condition that is healed from the inside of our bodies rather than thinking that the condition only requires treating the skin. I gathered a lot of very good information, put it to use and have had good success. It took a few months to see a difference in my skin, but now all the redness and dry skin patches are gone ... only some slight redness on my inner thighs remains. The spot on my hand, forehead and eyelids have disappeared and the redness on my inner thighs is greatly diminished.

I've approached this problem in several ways and I wanted to share my experiences in hopes that it might benefit others. I treated the sore gums by rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide diluted in water (3 to 1 ratio) and using only baking soda for brushing my teeth.

I rinsed several times a day and after about a month or so the soreness and sensitivity of my teeth and gums went away. My tongue still occasionally is tender but my lips are completely back to normal. Taking a zinc supplement seems to be taking care of the remaining sore tongue issue. From medical tests I had taken before beginning my weight-loss diet, I knew that my liver and kidney functions were not the best. When this eczema showed up, I realized that my liver function must be improved so that the liver can do it's job of eliminating toxins more efficiently. I began eating dark leafy greens each day and taking supplements such as milk thistle, B Vitamins, Vitamin E and C, and magnesium as well as taking a daily multi-vitamin. After a few more weeks of research into liver health, I added the following supplements which have really made a big difference. They are N-Acetyl Cysteine, L-Glutamine and Selenium. I highly recommend these three supplements.

To improve my kidney function, I began drinking more water each day. After a couple of months of this regimen, my doctor again checked my liver function and kidney function and they were normal. I was very encouraged and thankful! To improve my digestive system, I began adding lots of probiotics to my diet. I began making my own milk Kefir and fermented vegetables and consuming these daily. A healthy digestive system also greatly aids in removing toxins from the body.

My digestive system is now healthier than it's ever been! I plan on continuing the Kefir and fermented vegetables indefinitely. A note of caution when first adding probiotics to your diet .... begin very slowly; otherwise you may experience gas or bloating until your system adjusts to the healthy bacteria you are adding to your system. Begin by adding just one tablespoon of Kefir or the liquid from fermented vegetables each day and work up very slowly to where you can consume a cup or more each day. I believe warm mineral baths have also helped ... I add Epsom Salts, borax or baking soda to my bath water and soak for about 10 minutes before rinsing in the shower. I also find it helpful to apply a paste of baking soda and water directly to the splotches on my inner thigh and letting the baking soda stay on my skin for a few minutes before rinsing. When I had an especially irritated eczema splotch on my skin, I used zinc oxide cream and that was very helpful. In addition, I feel that taking baking soda internally is probably helpful to reduce the acid in my body, so when I remember, I take a half teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water once a day, SUMMATION: I took immediate steps to improve my liver and kidney functions as well as my digestive health. This enabled my body to more easily deal with the toxins.

Perhaps that is why I only had a few eczema spots show up and no re-occurrences. My research has revealed that many eczema sufferers have skin breakouts over a much larger portion of their bodies than I did. I faithfully took supplements that aided my recovery ... particularly useful were the last three supplements I listed above.. I took major steps to improve my digestive health by consuming probiotics through my homemade milk Kefir and fermented vegetables. I bathed often in Epsom Salts, borax or baking soda. I used zinc oxide cream on eczema spots that were particularly irritated.

I've learned so much from other people about combating eczema and am so very grateful that my body responded this quickly. I also thank the Lord for guiding me and answering my prayers for healing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mch (Sd) on 12/27/2018

I'm a 55 year old caucasian female that has been struggling for the past year with severe skin issues, which I believe is a type of eczema. It started on the legs, back, and arms. I believed that I had become sensitive to shea butter, which at the time was the only product I used to moisturize with. I ceased using shea, and at that point, the eczema condition disappeared in those areas. Almost immediately, I began to have severe issues on my neck, face, and in the scalp near the temple area. This eczema acted differently. My face felt and looked burnt, and was weeping severely.

At this point, I began to use filtered water with baking soda to moisturize, then sealed the skin with an herbal cortisone salve, and applied an organic herbal moisturizer cream. The skin responded by healing itself of the burnt feeling/look. However, the main symptom of peeling has not gone away. The skin in those areas is similar to onion skin, and peels off. Sometimes, it extremely hard to remove, especially around the temple areas. It requires many hours of exfoliation every day, morning and night. If I leave it, it continues to build up, making the skin on my face, tighter and tighter.

I am taking ACV and a variety of supplements including zinc, vitamin b complex, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin e, fish oil, etc. I have no other symptoms, although I do have other health issues, including Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Does anyone have advice for me?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Mch, you can try eliminating dairy, sugar and grains for one week, and see if it gets any better.

Replied by Mch

Thank you for the suggestion. I've wondered about gluten before, but haven't yet eliminated those three. I'm more than willing to try anything at this point. Thanks for taking time to post.