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10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Homemade Thieves Oil

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Posted by Lu (United States) on 04/23/2020
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Homemade thieves oil I did not find this remedy listed in there eczema section and I had nothing short of miraculous results.

I had a small, approximately dime sized patch of eczema on my elbow. Even my doctor told me there was nothing to do about it except "manage" it. Among the natural cures I tried: ACV, lavender oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, OTC eczema remedies, oregano oil: these are the ones I remember. NOTHING helped and I had this patch for YEARS which I would sometimes scratch to the point of bleeding. Homemade thieves oil applied neat daily knocked it out completely in under two weeks and have had no sign of remission for well over a year now. I just want to share this in case it helps anyone else.

You can buy thieves oil but I googled a DIY recipe and made it at home: essential oils of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary.


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Posted by Mariah (Boardman, Ohio Usa) on 04/15/2012
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I started getting severe eczema all over my body and scalp after using a combination of bleach and dish soap to clean some cement blocks. I cleaned them because our previous landlord next door to us had rabbits running all over our yard and on the cement blocks, and I was worried about getting an infection of some kind. I walked on the cement blocks while I was mopping it down with the cleaning solution. I threw away the old mop. I did not think that after using a solution as strong as the one I had used that the chemical would cause a allergic reaction when I touched my shoes to take them off. I was broke out in 8-12 minutes I broke out all over my body and scalp after my exposure. I did try the apple cider vinegar and it did cause the pus filled eczema to scab over. But then my skin felt so dry from the vinegar, I started itching. I found another remedy, which seems to work much better, and is not expensive to make. You put oatmeal lotion in a bowl {I use the kind from Dollar General stores, as it's thick and has no added fragrance, at $3 a bottle, quite a bargain. } After putting the whole bottle in a mixing bowl add some honey to the lotion in the bowl. The ratio should be 2/3 lotion to 1/3 honey. Add about 1/3-1/2 cup of boiled spring water to the mixture after it has cooled to a warm tempature not to burn you when you put it on. Add a vitamin e capsule to help preserve the mixture. Mix thoroughly and amazing the you will notice how the honey mixed in with the mixture along with the vitamin e makes a big difference in how long it takes to heal up the eczema. I have had this condition for 2 yrs, and been to numerous doctors and had shots, but nothing else seemed to work. Then I read something on a website about how honey can heal skin eruptions of almost any kind. The water added to the mixture makes the honey portion of the mixture less sticky, so it won't stick to your clothes. You may have to test out the amount of honey in the mixture that works for you. My mom told me that soldiers in the war had to use honey to heal their wounds, as they no access to any wound creams. Unbeleivably, according to one of the sites I was on honey can lower blood sugar in diabetics, cure obesity, and possibly help with skin rashes. Just look up using honey to make body lotion. Don't look it up as all one word or as a or you you won't find what you are looking for. Looking it up as a sentence for a general search will bring up alot of websites about using honey in ways you may not know of.

I hope this can be of help to any of you who have suffered a long battle with this problem as I have.

Posted by Alan (Oldham, Uk) on 01/08/2011
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My wife as a child had eczema all over her body, my understanding of her problem hit home when now in her late 50s she got eczema all over her hands. We tried everything from doctor to tales of old. Her fingers split and weep and eruptions between the fingers cause itching.

Our current remedy which does work on the spliting of the skin is either a bandage or plaster with a small amount of pure honey next day the spliting has healed and most of the soreness gone. What we have not tried yet because she cant stand the stuff is eating it to see if it eases her by internal. Could I ask that if anyone has eczema and likes pure blossom honey please try it and publish your findings this will help all other sufferers out there.

Replied by Maskeen
(Dubai, Uae)

Yes, eczema is an internal condition which manifests its symptoms externally. a friend's daughter, when she became tired of steroid based creams and other rx drugs, drank neem tea. eczema cleared up within 7 days. take fresh neem leaves and boil. drink when cool.

Replied by Alan From Oldham
(Oldham, Lancashire Uk)

Hi Maskeen, Thank you for the direction to the use of neem tea, it has taken me a week to find neem leaf low and behold I found it right on my doorstep Rochdale nr Oldham trying it as a drink and in the bath. Try to keep the posting up to date. One point you missed, taste!! Yuk!!

Replied by Maria
(Gippsland, Australia)

Oh Alan I couldn't agree more. I was given fresh leaves to use at one time - yes yuk. Last year unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I had no acess to leaves so we used neem capsules and it lessened my hubbies acne scarring. Neem is great for the skin so if the taste gets to much maybe try the capsules. We tried two brands and the one with magnesium stearate was less effective.

A relative found her husband's eczema comes back when he has white flour. If he has wholemeal crackers and bread he is much better. Maybe it's the bleaching.

Replied by El
(United States)
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I love Manuka honey for ezcema.

Posted by seagull (Atlanta, GA) on 07/03/2007
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i read the suggestion of using honey for eczema - i mixed honey with some vaseline for easier spreadability and then put on cotton gloves - altho it took several days - it worked!! the palms of my hands are almost clear now - were really bad. great idea - tx so much!!

Replied by Diane
(Ontario, CA)

Avoid the vaseline as it is very toxic and should never be put on fact it should go in the garbage. It is banned in Europe and has been (along with Johnson and Johnson products...all). vaseline is a petroleum product after all.

By the way ASAP 365 silver gel works amazing well. It is all natural and is an antibiotic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. It works very well on eczema.

Replied by Audra

Vaseline is a byproduct Petroleum, and should not be put on the body.

Posted by Anonymous (Northern Cali, CA) on 04/07/2007
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The honey cure did work to dry up my eczema blisters on my hands. Probably because of the potassium explained in the other entries. After it dries, the skin just turns dry, so I think it's best to use lotion or even better Aloe Vera onto the eczema area. If you are able to get the actual Aloe Vera plant, then cut off the skin and just rub the natural pulp onto your dry skin to heal faster. Alrighty, hope that helps. *Also, Does anybody know any cures or home remedies to get rid or fade away the ECZEMA SCARS? Thanks.

Posted by Natalie (Jacksonville, FL) on 12/28/2006
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Today I told my mother about putting honey on her eczema. She applied some and left it on for ten minutes. She had been taking antibiotics for quite some time but nothing had stopped the itching. Immediately after applying the honey the itching was gone. Now we'll just have to see if it heals it completely.

Posted by Connie (HoHoKus, NJ) on 03/16/2006
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I had a kind of eczema in the corner upper eye lid which refused to go away for months. After trying many different remedies, I decided to try honey after reading about its healing properties. One application did it, it was amazing!!!!

Replied by Yogo

What honey did u use, any kind or one specifically?

Replied by Marcig
(In, US)

Re: Honey for Eczema: My guess is it would have to be real (not fake or adulterated) and raw honey.

Hot Water

Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 08/12/2010

I agree that the hot, HOT water treatment does relieve my eczema on my hands... I know it's probably not the best thing to do but it's the only thing that relieves that intolerable, unbearable itching. You do get goosebumps from the icredible relief you get from it too!! Ha! I thought I was the only one. I try to follow up with a fragrance free lotion or coconut oil to prevent over drying of the affected areas. It usually clears up on its own in a couple of weeks.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Mary (California) on 10/16/2019
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I purchased 12% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide on line. I diluted it with filtered water and I apply it twice a day, making sure I also keep my skin well hydrated. I was at my wits end with my eczema. It has been a wonderful miracle. This was after months and years of chemo pills, prednisone shots and prescription ointments, Finally, relief.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dutchie (Toronto, Amsterdam) on 02/14/2015
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I used a 10% hydrogen peroxide liquid on my eczema, it cleared up in about a week. I applied it 4 times daily.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Marsha (Freeport, Bahamas) on 04/25/2008
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I have just spent two hours reading testimonials from your readers about hydrogen peroxide. While taking a break I used the product on a flaky itchy area between my eyes above the nose and would you believe its gone already. I am going to use this remedy at least three time a week, but I will add some oil to it.


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Posted by HM (Tennessee) on 01/06/2014
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I've thrown everything at my eczema (flax seed and flax oil, ACV pills and ACV liquid, baking soda, Vaseline, frankincense, olive oil). I've probably left something off like banana, or onions which did not work. There are probably others, but none worked like IODINE!!! I have atopic dermatitis eczema. Every time I scratch, it spreads.... really unbearable. Also, for those who say you can't catch it they are wrong. I used (by accident) an old razor of someone who had it, and the two spots where the razor hit became inflamed, itchy and spread. Later (not knowing what I had) I scratched it and then my head where it is now. From razor to foot to head all by a scratch.

But I digress... I cleared up the one on my foot using everything including iodine, but did not connect iodine as the main thing because I only did it once and it burned so bad I didn't do it again. But when it spread to my head, neck, and ear I've had more time to experiment. I've had the head eczema for about a 1.5 month, and got relief as soon as I started using iodine. By the 2nd day it is gone. Nothing hurts, my skin is still tough and thick but even that is better and fading.

Mix 1/3 Lugol's iodine with about 2/3 water, using a Q-tip or toilet paper dapped it on affected area. Be careful it stings like a mother (that is why it is mixed with water). I like it to sting a little, then I know it is working. If it stings too much add more water. The first thing that happens is, it stops the itching, second thing is, it dries it up. I used Vaseline to keep it moist and it helps with pain. Also, I did drink a little.... Dipped a q-tip in the lugols solution and then dipped the q-tip in a small amount of water (oz or so) and drank. I drank less than a drop each day of Lugols.

For those who always ask ... it was just plain lugols iodine the only other thing on the bottle is Aqueous Solution.

May God Bless you and end your suffering.

Replied by Mary
(Boston, MA)

Dear HM, thank you for sharing this remedy. I started it this afternoon as soon as I read your post! I have tried many home remedies for my dermatitis over the years and nothing has helped. The first application of lugol's definitely burned as you said it would, but not as much as some of the other remedies I tried. I would like to also mention that people should not go out in public just after applying iodine to fair skin on the face. LOL. It does stain for a few hours!

Replied by Mhikl
(Calgary, Ca)

HM, check out Tony Pantalleresco's instructions on YouTube for making your own Lugol's Iodine, nix any rubbing alcohol. It only stings a little on open wounds compared to the drug store variety, and it is stronger. When you re-apply, if you haven't scratched or waited too long or bathed it off, it doesn't sting.

The test to know when your body is full of good iodine is when a swath of iodine, make it big and dark, on an arm, leg, tummy (any hidden area) is still slightly visible 12 or more hours later. After that, a small swath at day keeps it intact.

I have kept old iodine bottles for application. A drug store should have, possibly for free, an orange container for the iodine. I usually make about 90ml at a time. I got my two mixers from a drug store (I2-dark crystals) and a chap who supplies chemicals to science teachers (KI-white powder). You can also get them on line.

Check out Walter Last's article "The Borax Conspiracy"?nothing on eczema but a worthy study.

Walter suggests the following for eczema & skin ulcers: vitamin C, B2, B6, zinc, magnesium, EFA, allergy test, internal cleanse

I had not taken my supplements for about three+ months (lazy) and my eczema came back in a flurry.

Namaste and care, Mhikl

Posted by Sally O (Austin, Tx) on 05/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Taking an iodine supplement has almost cleared my eczema. I read about swimming in the ocean, but not one near here -- tried bathing in sea salt, but the iodine is doing an amazing job.

Posted by Susie (Austin, Texas) on 04/29/2009
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Has anyone tried Iodine as an eczema cure? I've been painting it on the skin in the affected areas and it seems to be helping. Now I'm going to try taking some iodine tablets. Iodine deficiency is apparently becoming a problem and can be one of the causes of eczema.

Posted by Gwen (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 02/23/2009
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I have been suffering through a 16month eczema outbreak. Nothing has worked for long. I have tried every natural remedy under the sun. Spent a fortune on creams that don't work. Only relief I had was in France during the summer - very hot, & sunny. I've been gluten free for 3 months (worked last time I had eczema, but no relief this time, so far). I may be sharing this prematurely, and maybe it won't last, but I've been itch free for almost 24hrs! The itch has driven me mad - and I have done lots of damage to my skin because of itching. To be itch free for even a day is heaven. I've been researching iodine & eczema. Bought the 10% povidone iodine at the drug store applied as directed and hardly an itch since. One site said to put vitamin E oil on top of the iodine, which I did after the 3rd application of iodine. It is suggested that you apply it 2X a day. Even put it on my face this morning and the itch stopped. There is a decolourized iodine, which I couldn't find - the iodine will stain clothes when wet, but dries in 10 seconds and then no staining. Can't hurt to try & inexpensive too. Nothing else has relieved the itch as well - with no itch maybe my skin will begin to heal? Good luck.