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Goat Milk
Posted by Stephanie (Paris, France) on 02/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I was in Ireland this summer, and went to waterford and heard about a herd of goats that were very rare, so I decided to go to the santurary. When talking about the goats to the lady she said that the milk was amazing for curing eczema. She told me about a little boy who had awful eczema, all over his body, his skin would flake all over the covers when he woke up. He had been to the docs and taken steriods, but they didn't work, but as soon as he started to drink the milk it improved drasticly, within 2 weeks his eczema was almost all gone, with hardly any scars! Am not sure if your able to buy the milk or where, but is worth checking it out if you have severe eczema! Hope this helps! Sorry if my spelling is bad, am not quite perfect at english!