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10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Beet Juice
Posted by Marlene (Pocatello, Idaho Usa) on 08/21/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I have had Eczema all my life been to many doctors and have used all kinds of medicine. Nothing ever really helped. I had one ultra violet treatment and it lasted for years. I had that done in AZ. That was about 26 yrs. ago and low and behold about 6 yrs. ago it came back! I was so sad... At first it was just a little on one finger. It came on this spring with a vengeance and I still have it. I get little bumps that itch. When they are rubbed they weep, then peel. When it is bad it cracks. The skin is very dry and draws making the cracking worse and a lot of pain.

I went to the garden several days ago and pulled a batch of BEETS. I cooked them yesterday and when they were done I skinned them the juice was all over my hands. IT FELT GOOD! Overnight the swelling is down and almost healed. I CAN"T BELIEVE it? I peeled potatoes for dinner just a bit ago and the potato juice got on me and started to itch and burn. So! I rubbed a plain cooked beet on my finger. Guess what! Instant relief. Have you ever heard of this before? It isn't totally gone but I sure feel better. The little sores are died a pretty red, but that's okay by me. What is in a beet that has this effect? Would love to know.