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Effective Natural Eczema Treatments for Soothing Relief

Apple Fast
Posted by Nadiya (Uk) on 07/23/2016

Did you remain eczema free? ive had a flare up which sounds very similar to yours- all over the body, its been nearly 3 months. Im on day 2 of apple fast, much less itchy but still red and inflamed

Apple Fast
Posted by Ana Lucia (Mexico City, Mexico) on 12/28/2011


Apple fast for Eczema

It worked wonders for the three days I followed the instructions provided by someone else that posted way before me. I was so amazed that I did not need any additional encouragement to keep doing it. However, on the fourth day everything started to go back to "normal", meaning, itchiness, blisters, rash, aching came back. I guess that it only works because you are detoxing yourself; but the moment you go back to your regular eating habits you throw everything to waste. I am currently trying to see if there is any food allergy that might be triggering it as I have already tried two dermatologists, a homeopatic doctor, the apple fast and coconut oil (both rubbed and eaten) and nothing has worked for me yet. I need an urgent cure as I am mother of a 4yo and of a 15mo and you can imagine how painful it is even to hold them!!!