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10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Bleach Bath
Posted by Nadia (Palm Coast) on 08/30/2013
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Hello, I have three boys (6, 5, and 4 )and all of them suffer from eczema. The oldest one has already outgrown it, the middle one does much better, and the little one is still not good. This is my second post here, the first one you can probably find back a few years ago when I found an aurvedic cream Turmeric from India, that cured my oldest son like a miracle when he was about 2 years old. You can the cream in any Indian store or I buy it online now... We still use this cream a lot for any wounds, cuts... Surprisinly, it didn't help my second and third boys... Long story short, I have been trying everything under the moon to get relieve for the kids. Those parents whose children suffer from eczema, know how painful it is to see your children suffer.... This summer I've been taking boys to the city swimming pool and I noticed that the skin of my youngest boys is so silky and healthy , like a newborn baby. I shared my thoughts with my husband, saying that chlorine cured Michael's skin and my husband only laughed at me. We spent so much money buying an expensive water filter for the whole house(reverse osmosis)... Knowing how bad chlorine is.... I had nothing to say to him.... But I felt that chlorine helped and when we stopped going for the classes, in a few weeks skin got worse... Then we had a consultation with a dermatologyst in Mayo clinic Gainsville. (it is another story and I 'll skip it) , but the doctor noticed that my son's skin is dry... " I'll tell you what to do, You need to wash him in a house bleach 1/4 to 1/2 cup to a tub of water twice-three times a week" I was shocked, so it was not only my feelings! I came home and did search on household bleach and eczema. there is science behind it! you may look thru this article, or you may search many more :

Reading these articles you'll see the how chlorine helps to cure the skin. And I really want to hear positive results from you!