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10 Natural Remedies for Eczema

Apples, ACV, Dietary Changes
Posted by Samuel (Redmond, Wa, Usa) on 05/04/2011
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Before you begin the All Aspect Attack regimen, you must understand that keeping down eczema flare-ups is A HUGE DIET CHANGE. You MUST be willing to eat ONLY ORGANIC AND NON-PROCESSED FOODS!

After about a year of researching and executing cures that did not work for me, I have found that it is not just one action one must take to get rid of flare ups.

I say get rid of flare ups because it is impossible to get rid of eczema, however it is possible to remain flare-up free, and physically seem like one is rid of eczema, and remain flare up free for as long as one desires.


All aspects must be attacked when it comes to Eczema. There are four aspects in the order that they should be attacked:

1.) Detox reset

2.) Raw Organic Apple cider vinegar

3.) Skin reset

4.) Diet

If one successfully tackles all four aspects of this war against Eczema, one can eliminate flare ups from their system quickly and keep flare ups from returning. Within about 1 and a half weeks, my skin returned to normal and has stayed healthy.


I will list exactly what I did:

First off let me mention that if you are serious about getting rid of eczema, all food you consume from here on out absoutely must be as organic and unprocessed as possible. If you follow this regimen but you continue to eat foods with artificial garbage in them then you're just asking for flare-ups. The biggest factor of this regimen is EATING AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE! Do not be ignorant- check ingredient labeling!

Also, constantly moisturize using anything of your choice. Do not wait for your skin to dry to moisturize. Over moisturize rather than under moisturize. Moisturize until your skin is uncomfortably greasy even. I used 100% cocoa butter I bought in a brick like form, where I had to melt in the microwave.

In addition, constantly drink water. Similar to moisturizing, do not wait until you are thirsty. A good way to figure out how much you should drink is by using body weight, where you drink 1/2 oz of water per pound you weigh. So divide your body weight in half, and then divide it again by how many hours you are awake, to figure out how much water you should drink every hour.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important. I drank about 8 oz of water every waking hour this entire regimen, and even to the present of today.

1.) I detoxed using the three day apple diet I found on this website, however I only did it for two days, as on the third day I was very hungry. I bought and ate only organic apples. This is vital since before I was still eating not necessarily junk food, but regular food that had artificial ingredients in it here and there. I also drank 2 table spoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar diluted in 8 oz of water every morning and night, to this day. I do it every day, and throughout this regimen.

2.) On those same days I ate only apples, I purchased raw organic apple cider vinegar with mother in it. Using a mixture of 1/3 apple cider vinegar, and 2/3 water in an 8 oz cup, I rubbed the solution onto my patches of eczema. My eczema was very severe, so the burning was intense and painful, but the itch was obliterated afterwards. The pain was well worth it the itch relief provided. When you wash your eczema patches with ACV, do not panic if you see seemingly white bubbles form on the patches. Its normal. After rubbing the solution onto my patches, I waited until they dried.

I did this 1/3 ACV (remember it must be the organic raw kind with mother in it) 2/3 water wash once every day. It basically disinfected my open wounds in my eczema patches.

If for some reason you still itch, although it is not a home remedy, it is a useful back-up measure, get a product with menthol in it like a cough or vapor rub of some sort and apply it to wherever is itching. It has an incredible cooling effect and will generally instantly kill itch, in case the ACV did not earlier.

3.) After doing the eczema patch wash using the 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar 2/3 water solution, I also took a bath for at least an hour with two cups of the apple cider vinegar. After the bath I immediately moisturized myself thoroughly. I would generally do the eczema patch washing in the beginning of the bath, in the bath.

4.) Once finished with the apple diet, I changed to eating only organic lettuce and organic chicken, since I know those foods in the past were neutral to me and were not flare-up inducing. This may not be the same for you, so make sure you only eat a small amount of food ranges you KNOW do not give you flare ups. Do not eat anything even mildly processed like organic cereal. Stick with raw veggies and meats you know are safe, and organic. From my experience in relation to me, eczema is 99. 9% diet related.

5.) I continued to take baths with two cups of ACV, and still washed my patches with 1/3 Apple Cider Vinegar and 2/3 water every day. On this day, AFTER washing my eczema patches and taking my bath, I reset my skin using steroid cream. This is the day after I finished the apple diet. So it is the third day.

I understand that this is a home remedy website but I see steroid cream as a strong skin resetting tool. I do not see it as a cure, not even close. However, for fastest results, it is the best thing to use in order to reset the skin back to normal. It is a resetting tool, that should NEVER be depended upon. I was lucky since I tried to avoid steroid cream usage as much as possible, so I was still able to use it as a potent skin resetting tool.

I only applied the steroid cream once, that was all I needed.

6.) As I continued to eat only organic chicken and organic lettuce, I also continued to bathe every day with the 2 cups of acv, and still washed my eczema patches with the 1/3 2/3 solution. I also still was drinking 2 table spoons of ACV diluted in a cup of water morning and night. I did it every day religiously, and still do.

7.) Around this point it was day four, and my phases of incredibly itchy patches of eczema were gone. My eczema patches were no longer risen or flared up, and it had no blisters. It was simply red, but it was flat. It was the same height level as my normal skin. It was healing. I easily rubbed off a lot of dead skin from my eczema patches in the bath. Do not forcefully rub off skin. At this point, dead skin should just easily come off after soaking in the bath for 30 minutes.

8.) Every three days I introduced a new vegetable to my diet, organic of course. I read that food can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to completely be digested and removed from your body, so I set three days as a good food testing time. After I was done with the vegetables, I then added fish, turkey, and other types of meat, all organic, and all once every three days. Since my diet was so bare it was incredibly easy to figure out EXACTLY what gave me flare ups and what did not. What made this food detecting process even easier to follow in the beginning was the apple detox since it let me fully know that my starting neutral foods lettuce and chicken were not giving me eczema problems.

9.) After 7 days had gone by using this regimen, my eczema patches had completely healed other than a few scars left from the deep scratching. Now you must understand, if you choose not to reset your skin using steroid cream, it may take longer to reach normal skin appearance, however since from my experience diet is what really contributes to eczema, chances are you will definitely achieve normal skin soon enough.


IT has now been a month since I did the regimen and I have no longer gotten any sessions of intense cravings to itch, nor have I gotten any flare ups. I no longer have to bathe in Apple cider vinegar because I have no eczema patches, however I still eat a very healthy, organic food diet, and I still drink 2 table spoons of ACV diluted in a cup of water in the morning and at night. As a side note, my acne has almost completely disappeared as well, which makes sense.

I have been suffering from eczema my entire life, which means about 18 years. The main solution to eczema flare ups being healthy organic food only, and avoiding all artificial ingredients and processed foods was mind boggling, miraculous, and frustrating all at once. I'm incredibly happy; happier than I've ever been before, now that I no longer have to battle with eczema flare-ups. However I'm frustrated that I never realized how vital it is to avoid regular food since it will always have artificial ingredients, even if it seems like it does not.

It frustrates and fills me with rage, how almost all products with a nutrition label and ingredient list will almost ALWAYS have some artificial garbage that you don't even understand on it, unless it is organic. Something as harmless as white tortillas could have some crap in it. Even some organic foods however, may have artificial junk in them, as foods can wield the USDA organic label but only be 95% organic, which is why checking the ingredients list is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.

The bottom line is that anything that is not organic or has artificial ingredients is poison. Citric acid is It is the reason you have eczema/acne. Even regular fruits and vegetables and meats, if not organic, are full of pesticides and other junk that can do nothing but harm you.

Just to let some of you know the real face of artificial ingredients, I finally researched what citric acid is. Unless the citric acid is coming from citrus fruit, artificial citric acid is derived from MOLD. You are eating or drinking a product that comes from MOLD. This alone should let people realize that artificial ingredients are poison.

Everybody is capable of ridding themselves of the symptoms of Eczema. Eczema will return if people cut corners and eat junk, however if people remain strong, and only eat organic food and avoid artificial ingredients like the poison they are, flare-ups can be a thing of the past.