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| Modified on May 19, 2024

While somewhat difficult to treat, Morgellons disease can be effectively managed using a number of natural remedies. Common treatments of the disease involve alfalfa, peroxide and chlorella; however, other options are also available. While an actual cure for the condition has yet to be identified, many natural options effectively manage the symptoms of the condition.

What is Morgellons Disease?

The given name for an unexplained skin condition, Morgellons disease is characterized by painful sores as well as crawling sensations within and under the skin. Additionally, fibers and solid materials emerging from the sores are also common.

Morgellons disease may also present a number of other symptoms including skin rashes, intense itching, stinging or biting in the skin, sever fatigue, difficulty concentrating and short-term memory loss. The cause of the disease is unknown.

Natural Remedies for Morgellons

Morgellons is a largely misunderstood disease, but several treatment options have been identified. Many common remedies focus on treating the symptoms and jointly the cause. Alfalfa, peroxide and chlorella have been shown to be effective for treating the condition.


Alfalfa is an herb used in the treatment of many conditions. The herb itself creates an alkaline environment in the body, an environment in which many diseases cannot survive. Dissolved in hot both water, alfalfa penetrates the skin and eliminates the fibrous material causing the pain and discomfort associated with Morgellons.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural compound composed of hydrogen peroxide. When hydrogen peroxide is introduced into the body, it oxidizes releasing hydrogen and oxygen and eliminating invasive cells, viruses and bacteria. When taken orally or used as a bath treatment, hydrogen can eliminate the underlying cause of Morgellons.


Chlorella is a type of algae found in fresh water that is used to create nutritional supplements. This compound contains powerful amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins and nucleic acids. These properties increase the good bacteria in the body and eliminate the bad, so it serves as an effective treatment for Morgellons.

While Morgellons disease is still largely not understood; however, many treatment options have been identified as effective. Treatments include alfalfa baths, hydrogen peroxide treatments and chlorella supplements as well as others.

Alcohol and Peroxide, Homeopathy

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Posted by Nan (Minneapolis, MN) on 11/13/2008

Also wanted to mention that a much cheaper way of fighting these things...

I put have a vile of alcohol and half Hydrogen Peroxide and put all over active area...shere crawling occurring - for me a lot of it starts in the feet and legs so I smear it all over there...seems to keep them from crawling at night - it's a lot cheaper than TTO and seems to work as well or better. The TTO price has shot up recently...must be a lot of people with this stuff, it's driving the price thru the roof.

Also, found two homeopathics that in combination at least for me stop them from crawling - got 9 hours sleep last night from using them and the alcohol... Arsenicum Album - 30c or x and also Nux Vomica - 30c or x... seem to work so far... I've gotten a lot of relief over time using the homeos...I'm convinced therein will lie our cure - it vibrates throughout the entire body and will kill them when we find the right one...also, if people get samples of these critters you can get a remedy made out of the worms themselves and that would kill them right off!

Happy bug killing!

Replied by Pam
(Waco, TX)

How much is a "vile"?

EC: Nan probably meant to write: "half a vial", not "have a vile".

"A vial (also phial) is a relatively small glass vessel or bottle, especially used to store medication as liquids, powders or in other forms like capsules. They can also be sample vessels e.g. for use in autosampler devices in analytical chromatography."

Replied by Nan
(Raleigh, No Car, Usa)

Have tried a million things...the latest and best so far is psorinum 200c, a homeopathic remedy that is quite powerful....when I took the 3 small tabs I literally felt these things cramp up in my feet and around my was amazing...they hated it and it was harming them. I felt only slight movement most of the day...Unfortunately w/homeos one cannot eat strong tasting foods like mint, no chocolate/coffee because it dulls the affects. and I foolishly partook of some coffee and lost a little steam... Happily I made a water solution of psorinum by putting 1-2 of the small tabs in about 3/4 c of water and you have to put in a jar and pound the jar a bit to transfer the psorinum into the water and then I put some of that water on my immediately killed oodles of the face mites. Homeopathy vibrates so it doesn't necessarily have to touch something to kill may go down into the skin further than the surface...but it worked amazingly on the mites. I also put the water all over my body and it seemed to work to calm the morgs all over....but not 100%. Definately gave more sanity though, because after the new moon they were going crazy and I was quite alarmed...seemed monthly they were worsening. There are stronger solutions of psorinum...1m & 10m and I imagine they might work quite well in water on the skin as well. You should work w/a homeopath with psorinum as it is strong...I was at first a little scared when I took the first pills and their reaction was so's nice to know you have someone you can call can be antidoted by putting something w/camphor in it on your or smell it. I think psorinum may be our answer to this monstrosity...but it's all technique...dose, frequency of use, length of use...and sticking to a good diet and not ruining the homeo w/coffee, cinnamon or mint (toothpaste) or can look for a list online of things you can't use while on homeopathics....if someone finds the right dose/freq, etc...please post...and I will let you know when I know more. Sulphur homeo is another possibility.... lycopodium or thuja for the spores/fungal

Replied by Carol
(Austin, Tx)

Just a warning.... I saw a video the other day that warned against using Hydrogen Peroxide for Morgellons.... It showed that the parasite actually responded to Hyd Per by growing in size immediately... I wondered why these worms grew so fast in me... When they are confronted w/certain elements they respond to them by increasing in size... I've stopped using the peroxide and they seem to have diminished in size and they seem weaker.... I've also added essential oils to my TTO solution... peppermint/lavendar/lemon/camphor/cinnamon/clove and others - they hate it and stops their movement esp while you sleep (remember to wrap in glad wrap though so it stays on your skin throughout the night.... Just something to think about

(North east United states)

I don't know what is really wrong with me, but recently I have been having what I thought was pimples on my behind, but they do not respond to vinegar with essential oils, like pimples usually do, they don't itch, just painful at nights with the sensation of something crawling in my skin both around my eyes and on my legs and butt. So I tried something that I read in earth clinic that was meant for mites which is petroleum jelly -which would clog the pores of any insect- with one to two drops of an equal mix of tea tree oil and lavender oil per ounce of tea tree oil, applied both morning and evening. The pimples decreased in size significantly after 1 week and are now almost gone, and no new ones appear. I also dusted my furniture and rugs with Borax, and sprinkled Borax around the corners of rooms.

Replied by Carol
(Raleigh, Nc)

Recently I've mainly used TTO but put peppermint essential oil and lavendar on the skin directly more every day and then top off w/the TTO.... I've also been taking Echinacea & Goldenseal tabs... Great herbal antibiotics... Lavendar and peppermint are known to kill worms... Usually internally... One can take a drop of peppermint with a little water internally too but I'm mostly putting on skin.... I've noticed great improvement with these oils... They are defininately killing off... The smaller parasites first and the larger ones are weakenening... Very happy w/results - the best I've experienced since I met these monsters 4 yrs ago... I'm hopeful this might finish them off... I also take Nat Phos (suppose to work on long worms) and Silica is also good for worms.... I've found a good homeopathic parasite killer tooo from Newton Homeopathics... I think the essential oils are doing most of the work though.... Happy hunting! Try this I think you will get great relief... Particularly if you are new to this disease. I've also cleaned off my face excellently w/ homeopathic waters of graphites and psorinum.... From 30C to 10M... And LM it can be mixed in water and pounded (look online for directions) You can get these remedies at Present Moments online... Psorinum requires homeo RX however. Best of Luck to all of you suffering from.... Do not despair... We will conquer this in spite of the medical industry!

EC: TTO= tea tree oil

Replied by Carol
(Madison, Wi)

I've recently weaned myself off the TTO on the skin... It begins to become a problem because all you are ultimately doing is driving this deeper into your skin and this is not good. I do mix homeopathic "waters".... When I take 1-2 c of water into a breakproof bottle and pound various remedies into the water (Cina 30-200) - I've read this has killed filarial (30) and heterohabdus (200) worms... Silica (6-200)Cleans things out of skin... Graphite (30-200) Sulphur, Psorinum, Arsenicum are a few I've used... Gives relief (vibrates thru the skin so has deeper reach than mere TTO)... I'm saving a ton of $$$ my TTO budget was reaching well over $100/mo and just couldn't afford anymore. But wanted to mention here too that I'm also trying magnets... They seem to weaken them... I tried these since some think there is a nano nature to this disease - thought it would disorient and disempower them perhaps and has helped... They do abandon areas you put the magnets... I want to buy magnetic wraps to cover larger areas as it is now... I find the soles for the shoes has helped the foot area where they harbored and I need wraps for the knees... They like to hide where there are hollow areas in your body. I believe it has killed some of the smaller worms but still have larger... I would hope you aren't using hydrogen peroxide as I believe they respond to it by growing faster... I've seen videos online to that show this... It was my experience that the TTO and Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide only made them procreate faster and run to the head and other areas you couldn't use it... If we all keep sharing info and experiences it should help ultimately solve this.

Replied by Nan
(Mpls, Mn)

I have tried everything.... Many things work for a day or more weeks... But the cure is elusive. I tried something recently that I've tried before but didn't pay attention and didn't know what to look for... If it didn't healme immediately I thought it wasn't working, not realizing this thing will take months if not years to lick... I have different eyes now and know that if I feel worse that might be a good thing. I took Olive Leaf Extract the other day because I put a lotion on my face that had some in it and it seemed to kill alot of the facial stuff... Then I decided to take it orally too... I have noticed a stepping up in activity of the worms or whatever the H@*! They are... It frightened me, but then I thought maybe this Olive Leaf is upsetting them and killing the smaller ones... It sure worked well on the skin... Everything I pull out of my face now is dead... Always good.... Try Olive Leaf.... It was the herb the dove brought to Noah on the Ark... Must be good huh?! But take 2 500 mg capsules 3-4x a day with meal... Keep at it for a long time... No matter... It's potent stuff. Might kill all of it... Something will we just have to find it. I don't believe there is ever "no cure" for anything it's just a matter of finding it. Also homeopathy will give relief... When these things attacked the other day because they hate Olive Leaf I held a bottle of 10M Psorinum and they stopped in their tracks and I had a good nights sleep... Cina, Teucrium, Sulphur, Arsenicum, na Phos, Silica are some to consider... Happy hunting!


I have read a report by someone using sodium citrate in the AM and PM. He is taking 3gm each time and getting "material" coming out in his pee, lots of stuff. Fibers are there too. Sodium citrate can go thru the blood-brain barrier. I ordered some sodium citrate and am anxious to give it a try. BTW, he said that up to 20 gm per day is safe.

Replied by Nan
(Mpls, Mn)

Another new development.... I took only one dose of homeopathic Thuja Occi 30x and the next time I put petroleum jelly on face to clear out... Suddenly found lots of green stuff coming out coloring the jelly green... Thuja is known to kill fungus... So obviously there is fungus in there too and it handily killed it... So take Thuja we probably have a fungal component throughout the body too... Have also read that Cina 200 (homeopathic) will kill filarial worms and to me this parasite has a lot of symptoms similar to filarial worms... Also read that homeopathic Hydrocotyle is for elephantiasis which is from filarial

Replied by Tatiana
(Aurora, Ontario, Canada)

PLEASE STOP PRESCRIBING YOURSELF HOMEOPATHY! It can be as useful as dangerous. There is no universal prescription for everyone even for same condition.

Taking right remedy TOO OFTEN often you can aggravate your state. It is unique for everyone, but as a common rule - do not take high potencies 200CH, 1M more often than once in 3-4 weeks.

Do not take 30CH every day for a long period.

If you are in crisis - put few pills in a bottle with water (3 standard pills for 100ml) and shake well before each intake - take only a spoon of that water in mouth. Basically, do not repeat remedy while it works. Repeat only if it helped but the effect is losing (if it is a right remedy).

Come to a homeopath!

Replied by Carol
(Houston, Tx)

I went to homeopaths.... Spent $150 per visit with no results.... I do better on my own. This thing is so multi-faceted it is very difficult.. I've studied homeopathy for the past 17 yrs and am fairly well-versed in it.... I've suffered no harm from any of it.... It is certainly safer than hardcore antibiotics (5 at a time).

I've gone to doctors 3 and only lost money and received no assistance - only made more upset and depressed because they have apparently been instructed to tell us all we are crazy and should immediately get on their "crazy" pills... No thanks! - we are on our own on this one.... It's likely going to kill us if we don't cure it.... I'll take my chances w/homeopathy...its safer than anything else we have access to.... It is certainly better than self-administering animal worm killers from feed stores! I won't take strong homeopathics w/o a homeopath and I do have one I consult but he has been of limited help. The water applications on skin have helped tremendously and seem quite harmless....

(lake worth fl)

are you saying ivermectin does not work? I took 9mg once and the next day my body was "silent" for the first time in years. I believe if I had taken enough they would have all died.

Replied by Barbara
(Memphis, Tn)

Latest development in the fight against this evil affliction.... boiled a bunch or two of parsley in 1-2 quarts water... Bring to boil and then simmer 3 mins... Wring water out of parsley into pot and throw away.... Then refrigerate water and take 1 tsp per 10 lbs in AM & PM.... It really weakened them and I believed killed even some of larger ones... Great improvement... Clears out your system too (on two occasions found lrg dead worm in toilet).... Also Cina 30 seems the most effective homeopathic so far (200 seems to make worse)... And Teucrium 200... These are definately two key remedies... Also Vermi Fuge (homeopathic you can find online) and VER (homeopathic)... I have this on the way - could really work... It actually has the nosode of many worms in it which could kill them straight away if it has the right worms in it! Nat Phos cell salt creates more alkaline environment which helps, Belladonna (homeopathic only) will kill agrobacterium component, and I have some strong Allicin/Garlic tablets on the way.... Garlic will always help you when you're having a tough day.... It does diminish the influence of homeopathics so take hours apart.... but definately drives them into submission at least as long as its in your systemj, may need to increase intake w/time...make sure the garlic has lots of allicin it though.... Also helps heart and cholesterol as well as many things in the body... Garlic is great for good health! Crushed garlic on the skin kills whatever it touches straight away... Also take thuja for fungal aspect, which many think is part of morgellons.... Homeopathic ear and eye drops availabale at Walmart.... I also use multipurpose eye solutions (for contacts) in eyes as boric acid content helps kill them in eyes. It is unbelievable that the medical industry has left us all to twist in the wind with this one.... But we're definately on our own w/it..... Herbs that have helped are Olive Leaf, Cats Claw (TOA-free better), Echinacea, some say Gota Kola helps.... These are the best of what I've tried so far and believe me I've tried lots of things and spent thousands and thousands of $$$'s trying to rid myself of this plague... No thanks to the AMA! Saltwater & hydrogen peroxide baths help too... Good Luck!

Replied by Ds
(Us, Usa)

Is is just me or does anyone else think that all the Nan's and Carol's in this thread are the same person? It would help if testimonials from same person indicated such.

Replied by Diane
(Madison, Wi)

Try Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap... I've heard people saying to use this for some time, but it has really slowed the buggers down.... It really kills the mites... I put it in bath (pretty strong dilution)... Used it for shampoo.... And just plain put it straight on my body.... Excellent results and its safe and smells good... I think its pretty effective and if you then continue to attack them from within with garlic or what have you they have to get out to skin area and hopefully will be damaged by the peppermint oil and other ingredients.... You could also add other oils to the mis like eucalyptus, tea tree, lavendar (will relax you too), cedarwood also useful, etc. I'm going to kill these buggers.... If it kills me!!! If we all keep sharing what we've learned I think the synergy of all these minds working toward one purpose will solve this plague! So keep at it.... We can help the world rid itself of this monstrosity!

Replied by Anonymous

OMG.... For years I have had these THICK BLACK ROOTLESS "hairs" coming out of my face. Sometimes in specks. It got worse, 3 weeks ago.... 2 weeks ago, I looked up "fibers coming out of face" and for the first time heard of Morgellons. I never really paid attention to it, but have ALL the symptoms listed online.... And started watching as green and red, blue and purple fibers came out. I put olive oil on my face and it really started sending them out, with lesions that will not heal until all the crap works its way out. I thought I had big spider veins on my face that I have had lazered in the past. Now I have 3" black fibers that are twisted up with what looks like a mosquito or some kind of bug, in the middle of them, working their way out. Not spider veins at all! I have many other things that look like weird little alien bugs coming out... In various colors. Did you ever go to sleep.... And wake up and think you are in the twilight zone? And hope to wake up.... But every day is worse.... Like if the twilight zone and groundhog day were mashed together into a 3 week movie? I actually laughed when I stumbled on Morgellons disease..... But it is very real. Everyone out of the very few people I have told about it, said go to the Dr. NO WAY! I see how people have been treated! I have quite a weird collection of things that I've gotten out of my skin..... My husband thought I was nutz until he pulled a few "doubled green hairs" out of my skin! He has seen enough and knows what I am dealing with. WHAT DO I DO???

I am so new to this.... And am really scared. I have weird dots on my eyes.... For a while now. 2 nights ago it felt like something crawling into my eye..... I looked between my lashes and found this weird red aiein looking spider thing still moving. I have felt like something is in my eyes for a long time, but we can never find anything. This crap is freaking me out! HELP!!! I am a very logical and bright person... And am not in any way crazy.

Replied by Mr. X
(Washington, Dc)

Kat, I hear where you are at. Do not allow yourself to panic. Anxiety makes it worse. I have had this since 1996. You are not alone.

Some things for immediate relief -

  • Thursday plantation tea tree soap
  • regular or maximum strength thera neem soap
  • dettol soap (orange kind)
  • Dr. Bronners peppermint soap
  • A good liquid muli - vitimin
  • at night - coconut oil in ears and on face
  • try a bath with apple cider vinegar or baking soda
  • Drink five 8 ounces of water a day.
  • Avoid overly sugery foods.
  • Relax, don't let yourself worry, obsess.

Don't stop your life, it's exhausting, but keep moving forward, and use these suggestions to manage. One day there will be an answer.

Replied by Richard
(Middletown, Nj Usa)

I contracted itchy skin parasites in the mid 90's. The itching, biting, skin eruptions, rashes nearly ruined my life. Fortunately I discovered a diet that I named the King Diet that made life bearable. I published it on the internet and found many other sufferers benefited from the diet as well. In the early part of the new century several words were being thrown about to diagnose what we had. The words were:

Morgellons, Collembola, Spring Tails, Strongyloides stercoralis

Some sufferers claimed that there was no such thing as Morgellons and that we all suffered from Strongyloides stercoralis (a rare nematode). Through communication with hundreds of sufferers I came to realize that while some symptoms are the same for everyone, there are distinct symptoms for each parasite and that we are indeed dealing with three distinct types of skin parasites:

Collembola--also known as spring tails
Strongyloides stercoralis

Personally I had both collembola and Strongyloides stercoralis and am one of the first to sucessfully get my life back to normal again.

Replied by Jean
(Visalia, Ca)

Richard, what did you do to get your life back to normal? I believe I also have collembola and strongaloids. My husband pointed out to me that he isn't being bitten. He said maybe its because of the lotion he's been using. G--- B--- foot cream helped his calluses but then he tried it on his long-standing psoriasis. That totally cleared up. He uses it every morning on his feet, legs and arms. I sometimes rub it on his back. So I tried the cream on my arm and suddenly a bunch of whitestuff came out. Now I shower, air dry off, apply the cream head to toe, wait a few minutes then start rubbing that stuff out of my skin. I do this in the shower after sprinkling borax on the floor just in case something alive pops out. But I don't know what's going on. What all is coming out? It just looks like clumps of the white cream but harder. When I'm tired from rubbing it I rinse off with warm water. Can someone explain to me what may be coming out and if you think this is helpful?

Replied by Angel
(Mi, US)

I have been dealing with Morgellons since 2008. For almost a year I didn't know what it was. I went to a MD in Chicago who knew and she helped me to get an understanding. I have been on many meds and protocols and what I has helped me is the Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade) 3 drops in a glass of distilled water 3 times a day. It has really moved this stuff out. If you think you have Morgellons ...sugar is not your friend at all. I use NuStevia a brand of Stevia that tastes really good to me. Fruits can be a problem also .

Yes, you need to build your immune system up, take a good multi-vitamin (I like liquid or powders because this disease also compromises your digestive system) . Good old vaseline closes up your pores so whatever this stuff is gets smothered and also Castor Oil ...(yes, it smells a bit but oh what a relief). I am sooooo much better now.

Replied by Gillian

Can someone please tell me what TTO is as I believe I am in the early stages of Morgellons.

EC: TTO= Tea Tree Oil

Replied by Kansas
(Florida, FL)

A New Year, life with Morgellons/ Lyme.

I am on year 4 since the full blown attack. At first the biting, ears ringing near water faucet (that's a weird symptom, but I have seen others ask about it), losing hair, sounding crazy ( Morgellons has hosed out my lists of friends and family), not completely a bad time I guess. But now I have hideous hurting sores. I am going to try laser facials. Anyone tried this yet? Please try vinegar and equal water mix, over your head after shampoo, massage in a leave in a few minutes. It does stop the crawling/ itching. I have had four years and many doctors looking stupid to me to realize. People, this is Lyme on steroids. The sores, Bartonela den deep research on FDA or CDC - it stated if patient had Lyme symptoms, they should be retested multiple times if test was negitive. Haha, how about telling that to the AMA and our sweet insurance companies. I also found one brave soul that wrote the gov. about Morgellons. We need to all write! This is a ridiculous way to live. I can say yes to pulling and touching these sores, because our instinct is to remove vectors! I would appreciate any help on healing sores. Thanks, and lets all start writing the gov and get some help for a change!

Replied by Diana

Try Ted's borax works fast! Wash all clothes with borax and bathe in it. ALso put 1/8 teaspoon in a litre of water and sip slwly all day....drink one bottle every day for four days then have a bath with a cup of borax and you will see lots of black specks come out. order tetrasodium edta online and mix with water in a spray bottle, spray scalp and home from celing down. It is odourless and colouless but sticky and stings, but it kills them too. Life will get better, but whenever I go to an infested place, it starts all over. I have been drinking borax for almost two years and I am fine....only thing that me I tried everything from permethrin to iveremctin and all the oils. Stay away from sugar. God bless

Replied by Honeybooboo

This thing creates biofilms thats why I couldnt get the strange things from beneath the scalp out until I used an shampoo from loreal that enters the hair shafts as one of the componants mixed with real pure cayan cinnomin bark , I wore the cinnemon on my scalp first for 2 days, than I added the shampoo with hot water and let it sit in. Than I combed these yellow soft rock looking things that were under the scalp out by pressed on the scalp while brushing, they all came out, my scalp feels normal. The hairs were still alive, than I was reading someone had success with NAC n-acetyl an over the counter at the pharmacy. I took that today for the takes mucus out. If this is a bioinsecticed we dealing with that has bio films. bio films need to be opened inorder to attack them. But also most women seem to get this so maybe all of u have some low iron or something that triggered it. But either way, peppermint and a hairdryer also helps a ton, it kills many of them. This bioinsecticed I think has toxins which makes people itch even more.

Replied by Rs
(Sf, Ca)

This question is for Diana. I keep seeing that borax should be used/consumed with distilled water. Do you use distilled water? Also, I am highly allergic to most all things on the planet and I am really scared to take a bath with borax. I put some on my forearms 2 days ago to see how my skin would react and it burned slightly after rinsing the stuff off. I didnt dare put it on my face. Is it normal to burn the skin at first? How much did you use in your bath? I have had morgellons for about a year and its getting worse daily. I am doing a parasite cleanse now and I am on day #2. I am going to start taking DE today and I have already been alkalizing for months. I need some instant skin relief from the crawling and biting. This may be a silly question, but are the bites coming from inside out, or outside in?? I am so totally grossed out by this whole thing. I dont know what I will do when this parasite cleanse kicks in. I am terrified of what will come out of my body as well as what is IN my body and constantly moving around. Oh God!!! Funny thing is that I work in the medical field in a hospital. I would NEVER mention this to anyone at work. THANK YOU and good luck to everyone out there fighting this fight!!

Replied by Nm

There's a video on YouTube where a man claims Tulsi - Holy Basil will help morgellons sufferers.

Replied by Valerie
(Nashville, Ga)

How do you find a good homeopathic doctor? I live in south GA, USA. I have had Morgellons for almost 7 years...tried most everything...have been hospitalized with staph aureus (treated with IV Vancomycin), and also put in a mental hospital once for "delusions of parasitosis"(when I made a bad mistake and went to an ER for treatment.) Saw 5 dermatologists and 1 infectious disease my local FP doctor. They all gave me a mid-potency steroid cream. It didn't work. There's NO USE in wasting your money on MD's and "western medicine." They are either "deluded" themselves, do not have a CLUE as to how to diagnose this weird syndrome, OR they're under a gag order of some kind.

I'm also thinking of using magnets...and would appreciate advice on this, as well.

Replied by Itsanepidemic
(New York)

They are under a Gag order. If we knew the source of the contamination, we would discriminate against people entering our country. Just my opinion.

Replied by M-lo

what is this foot ointment?

Replied by Deadly To Meteor Worms

Dont use hematite for a magnet. The iron activates this. Copper kills bacteria and fungus when worn on skin powerfully. I read it's caused by Shungite meteor stone. fullerenes from this 4th kind of carbon can be dissolved. Certain oils break the fullerenes down. Caraba's resturante's appetizer kills this crud. Wear bright clothing and meditate on white light, which this stuff hates. Try visualization of your body filled with white light throughout the day. It works powerfully. Do this for those around you. Anything with carbon in it doesn't seem to kill it for me. Sodium Bicarbonate didn't kill it.

Replied by Deena
(Sacramento, Ca)

Yes I have tot ally noticed that peroxide makes them grow!! I could feel it actually burrowing under my skin while I was putting the peroxide on and it burned burned burned. I saw no benefit from it sore just got larger around. it looks dried out right now but if I sat here putting my finger in a bowl of peroxide it would come to the surface and burn but they aren't don't die with peroxide so please don't soak in peroxide/salt baths. Im so grateful I read this before I had my 12 year old daughter do this bath soaking!!

Replied by Linda

I've had similar experience and just discovered the topic of Morgellon's. I'm flabergasted, but relieved to see I am not the only one. Feels like I am delusional whenever I find these creatures on my chin and feel them moving under my skin. I've had brain fog, and have been diagnosed and treated for Fibromyalgia for several years. When I went off all the pharmaceuticals, suffered two years of chronic IBS with diarrhea daily, lost 65 pounds, and had horrible break out (2 occasions) of intensely itchy skin rash on arms and abdomen. Now, for a very long time (years), I've had lesions on my chin with the fibers/filaments described for Morgellon's. I'm sure if I went to the VA, they would admit me for delusions. Also have very loud Tinnitus and difficulty following conversations. Hope those of us with Morgellon's can help each other and get rid of this nuisance!


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Posted by Menna (Wildomar, CA) on 08/01/2007

Alfalfa tabs in bath with Sun Laundry Detergent/with color safe bleach for Morgellons. I couldn't believe what all was coming out of my skin. I just did it yesterday, and again this morning. They aren't gone, but incredible results so far. This was done after starting the twice a day baking soda 1/4 tsp in water and Natural Cellular Defense drops for 1 week.

Replied by Charles
(Jacksonville, FL)

well im tellin u that who ever says to use alfalfa is crazy because if you read from numerous sources about the herb and understand what your reading you will understand that all of your alliments will become ten times worse. Hypotheticly speaking anyway> I urge anyone with this horrible disease to research any medication herb or supplement before tryin it .im not saying not to use is all im saying is to use use judgement based on what you understand and know to be true. hope all is well otherwise.

Replied by Phil
(Augusta, Ga)

I tried this remedy tonight and it is to early to tell anything as of yet. I do however believe that the black specks people are seeing in the water is from the alfafa it self. Because black specks were already in the water before I submerged myself.

I really DO NOT know if I even have morgellons. Thank God, I do not have the big gaping sores that most people here and around the world are reporting. I do have pimple like bumps that have white stuff come out when mashed, only to return later. I will from time to time get the stinging feeling and have gotten out black hair looking things, that seem to just come out when they are dead.

Yesterday, my arm was itching like crazy and had kind of a swollen spot on it. I thought at first it may have been a mosquito bite. With the itching not going away and driven me crazy, I decieded to put some CLOVE OIL directly on the real itchy spot. So with a Q-Tip I applied it and left it on. A few hours later I went for a walk a was sweating a bit and the spot began to burn slightly.Once returning home from the walk, I washed the area off with some lemon joy. As I went to dry my arms with a paper towel, I noticed a black hair looking thing, that had come up out of my skin. And I could tell that it definately tell it did come out of the skin. I wiped it away with the paper towel and looked at it under a magnifying glass.It just looked like a black ant would look if you were to smash it with your finger.

I then decided to wash with Tecnu, this is a outdoor skin cleanser for like poision oak and what not. I just followed the directions and rubbed the area with my finger tips vigerously for about two minutes and then washed away with cool water. This did seem to really take away some of the angry look of the skin. I should say I also been taking a little baking soda 1/4 Teaspoon in lemon juice about twice a day on an empty stomach.

Well I really hope Charles is wrong about the alfafa, making things worse. I am a daily reader here though and will post any changes good or bad. My arms look really GOOD now, but they looked pretty good before the bath tonight. Only thing bad now is I feel a little dizzy, but can not say for sure what that is from. But as of right now I do not have any more ITCHING!!! THe itching actually stopped last night after the hair looking thing came out.

Replied by K
(Sacramento, Ca)

You may want to look at the morgellons sanctum web site to get more treatment ideas. Sounds like you have it. I do, too. I can make stuff come out of my skin anytime I want to. Ted has a good suggestion, his lyme disease protocol. I am taking V-C and sea salt daily and it helps tone down symptoms.

Replied by Mary
(Beverly, Ma)

Has anyone considered using Hulda Clarks method of killing parasites. Afterall, Morgellons is a parasite of some sort. Hulda Clark has written several books on all Disease being caused by parasites or toxins. She has instructions on how to create a zapper in her books and on the web. She used different frequencies of electricity to jolt the body and kill parasites effectively. In turn ridding people of various diseases. I know I've seen zappers for sale on Amazon and they are not that expensive.

Replied by Itch-ebitch-e
(Boone, Nc, Us)

I've had the crawling hell/nipping nightmare for about a year and a half now, and was totally taken in by that ridiculously prolific story about the woman and her cat who knocked the alfalfa tabs in the tub. Yes, at first it helped, but a few minutes after exiting the chlorox/sun deterg./alfalfa soak, I was in agony and sticky as a used lollipop, to boot. I suspect that the apparent initial efficacy is due to the high pH of all three ingredients, which definitely appears to displease the critters. However, it doesn't really "dissolve" them; rather, they appear to be more like, dazed and confused for a bit, and then really pissed off! I stupidly continued practically living in chlorine for the next few months, believing that a show of extruding material = improvement. Kind of reinforces the old adage about stuff not killing you making one stronger... Because it sure gives them a vicious will to live, and now I avoid unnatural cleansers and chemicals like the plague. I am presently experimenting with a Dr. Clark-type zapper, and have had some mixed results, depending on the frequency used. Oddly, the lower setting seems to produce more skin lesions from systemic acidosis, I believe, although they are more uniform, symetrical, and thus aesthetically pleasing as compared to the old-fashioned worm gnawing... (heavy sarcasm). Since I can't really spend any significant time in the bath without experiencing unhappy bug re-entry after a few minutes, I'm trying the zapper whilst en tub and have had some success-ish sessions. The thing is, though, I've not figured out what setting ought to be consistently used, and my natural ADD/reckless curiosity has been massively exaccerbated by the rotten creatures and I've literally turned my whole life to finding some way to make myself better, which makes patient consistency difficult. I've slathered, soaked, and stuffed myself with just about every known substance, both non-toxic and highly ruinous concoctions. I'll share more of those when I have the time later, but I have to say, (shout from the rooftops! ) that wasabi, the green Japanese horseradish, aka sushi condiment, seems to be the best thing so far, both internally and topically. It gets one truly "clean", which any Morggie victim can attest to being a fairly rare phenomenon, and also rids hard and soft surfaces of them, even where they've really dug in and nested. Oh, and also, copper in any form is a lifesaver! It is actually the MOST antimicrobial/antifungal/etc metal, which is a well documented phenomenon of considerable veracity. I've found that affixing long pipes to my closet and shower curtain bars has made a huge difference, and I have loose pipe connectors and whatnot scattered all over the house, and perch on the larger pieces when I'm having a melt-down from feeling so "pursued"... And consumed, ugh. Hope those help...

Replied by Carol
(Dallas, Tx)

I tried a zapper type machine for a time but found that all it did was.... If I was zapping my back they'd run to my head or feet... If I was zapping my legs they'd run to my back... So no real progress... In fact I wondered if the stim wasn't stimulating them too and making them stronger. Main key is they can run from inside the body to outside and up and down so must take something orally and on skin as well... Garlic definately harms them... I just read an article that said ethanol extract of allium sativum (garlic) isa potent larvicidal... So don't know if that, being made with ethanol is usable on humans... But sounds like would work at least to kill little ones. It drives me nuts too when you search "morgellons cure" and Daisy's story shows up again... I think it's all baloney and wish people would quit posting it... its out there enough thanks.

Replied by Kathy
(Shreveport, La)

This might really creep you all out.... But there is an additional component to this disease.... Insect vectors that virtually come out of your skin.... I've seen little black specks that actually fly... I've seen little small/miniature mosquito-like bugs.... Trouble is now these things can bite others and transmit disease.... At one point I put some of the things from skin( and elsewhere in a baggie and was shocked when a week later they were small mosquito-looking flies... Which makes me think filarial) Good news is that I believe Echinacea and perhaps Olive Leaf may kill these because while I used that and also many things on skin they disappeared.... Now when I go to bookstores or other public places when I see very small flying insects I worry.... Who knows if there are other diseases being transmitted by this form.... It is my theory that these diseases are being carried over to America from all these 3rd world countries that are overruning America now.... If vectors can come out of skin and fly out and bite you.... This could be epidemic... I saw something a couple weeks ago that was scarey.... I was at a local sandwich shop which is national and had a larger house-type fly by the window I was sitting in flying about.... I killed it and was horrified to see small white worms squirming about after the fly was dead (in its place).... Obviously this typical fly had been bitten or something by one of these vectors and had a worm disease and now they are flying about.... Is it the same one... I don't know.... But I looked at all the bread sitting out and disserts uncovered and have not returned and am concerned when I eat out now.... this thing has to have the lid blown off of it and investigated why they are allowing this horrific disease spread throughout our country -- the CDC takes millions to investigate and comes back w/nothing - Unbelievable.... I hope this is not intentional... As Americans we pay dearly for these things to be taken care and they are failing us miserably... We should demand this matter be dealt with and now before its too late... I see small children that look like they have it... how dare our government fail us so.

Replied by Val
(Barling, Arkansas)

Kathy from Lousiana: You stated that you had black insect vectors with wings that could actually fly.

Ditto with me. I thought I was the only one to experience these horrid little bugs. In April 2011, samples of these bugs were sent to a lab and were identified as "unknown tick anthropod".

They are gone now; they were a stage of Morgellons that gradually disappeared. Now I have the crawling sensations deep in my skin. My most recent lab results (last week) identified the samples I submitted as "plant and fabric fibers - no parasites".

There are apparently many, many stages that these little monsters go through.

Replied by Colette
(Phoenix, Az)

Hi my name is Colette and this morgellons is slowly killing me. I don't even mention my bugs black dots that have flown out of my face or the crawling worms under my skin to my friends or family. My doctor who I believe started or activated this horrible nightmare slicing open my face to remove a large pimple cyst accused me of being a drug addict and refused to see me once I figured out what I had- morgellons disease.

Replied by Anna
(Las Vegas)

Hi Everyone,

I have been fighting this for a year. I sold my house and could not keep one thing out of it. Basically, there was a toxic spill in the garage and apparently it activated the defense mechanisms in the white kind of springtails to do two things, grow their colony to incredibly mass proportions while they attempted to break down the toxic waste and grow their size individually, which has shrunk with each subsequent generation. Or else I am just getting them before they grow up.

During their cleaning of my home and the substructure of the home, they decided I needed cleaning as well. I had candida overgrowth, which they decided would make a wonderful culture for their garden.

Cayenne is one of my favorite things that help stop the itching and make them run. I am able to eat really hot food now. I once read about a man getting rid of them completely with cayenne. I don't itch anymore. I only have very small ones, the babies. I no longer use peroxide as it makes them bigger. I no longer use rubbing alcohol as it makes them bigger. Pretty much any chemical makes them bigger and more aggressive. Chlorine in swimming pools also makes them bigger.

The Q2 Energy Spa seems to draw them out of my feet and lower legs and deplete their presence. The water turns orange. It is getting lighter orange as I go forward which means less candida and less things they like in me. I also like to take Detoxamin. It is a suppository that takes metals out of your body. They need metals to form their shells, so it is important for them to have a metal filled host. I read once about a gardening soil that was rich in cadmium, so it attracted and grew 10 times the normal amount of this common gardening bug.

Peppermint Oil kills their eggs so they tend to run from it. If you have a cough from them in your lungs, then you can put some on the roof of your mouth and stop your coughing for a while.

Other essential oils tend to put them on the defensive and make them grow. Ethanol makes them burn crazy holes into your skin trying to get away from it.

But Silver Generators are amazing. Between Cayenne and Silver and Vitamin C with Rosehips from GNC and some wonderful dehumidifiers, I am finally winning.

When I first drank silver water with vitamin C, I could feel them coming out everywhere. Of course my bed was nuts in the morning. Then taking a silver bath really helps get them out of your eyes. I have gone through four cars until I realized that four things needed to be done to beat them. Clear spray paint for the carpets in cars stops their colonies. Please air out. Saniguard fogger for the air conditioner and heater ports, turn it on while fogging. Every night, dehumidify all night. Windex over dash and everywhere you touch and breathe, including seats. Leather seats are your only hope unless you want to spray paint the seats as well as the carpet.

Another amazing step to winning is WATER... Alkaline water... NEVER IN PLASTIC... Alkaline ARTESIAN WATER breaks down fungus in your body and is great in silver and soups.

Whenever you eat out, eat spicy. If you are not good at spicy at first, blend hot water with honey, lemon and cayenne. The honey will shield the cayenne. If you are eating mexican, eat hottest sauce with side of refried beans, they will heal the burn. After a while, you can tolerate it. Thai, get extra rice and once fatty dish less spicy to calm you.

If you are making a raw smoothie, add a huge amount of ginger, this really makes them run.

I installed a dehumidifyer in the central air of the house with a UV bug killer and an electrostatic filter so nothing is recycled, 100% of mold and dust and bugs, gone!!! Some rooms also need an additional dehumidifier, still this set up requires balance as well because over dehumidifying your room can cause coughing all on its own. So stay comfortable and choose a closet to attack problem items and seal two dehumidifiers in it while shoving microfiber cloths under the door.

Cedarcide never worked for me as a final choice because my home had toxins underneath it. My bugs were so gnarly they learned how to eat it. Ultimately, it damaged my liver and made it harder to balance my candida.

I shaved my head. I used to have waist length blonde hair. I shaved it all off like Sophie's Choice. I tried to like it and then stopped looking in the mirror.

Shaving my head helped a lot because I read about someone using vaseline. I began to use it on high density areas, my head and face. I was barred from ever coming back to a hotel because they had trouble getting it out of their bedding. Vaseline eventually became toxic. I had not discovered silver yet, so it helped me sleep a few nights.

Basis soap is the natural enemy of fungus, it was gentle and so did not grow them. It was the best discovery in a silver bath. I have six silver generators for my family of six. Three of us have had it. Since others can carry, everyone takes the silver.

I take Kelp and Horsetail every morning. Kelp helps remove bug waste ammonia that stops sleep. Kelp and Horsetail ten each morning help rebuild structure in the body they are breaking down. Kelp in evening, ten, helps sleep.

It is possible to win.

Replied by Minnieg
(The Woodlands, 77384)

What kind of a lab does that kind of work. I just found out to have stage 4 lung cancer, but since I did a cleanse, every color, every type, etc. has come out. Now I've got gaping hole on forearm and just don't have that much energy to learn all of this. Hospice doesn't come around because they are so afraid of

Alkaline Vs Acidic pH

Posted by Izzy3 (Vero Beach, Florida) on 12/28/2009

Can anyone out there tell me if it has been proven that the body does better combating morgellons with a more alkaline system, or is the jury still out on this ? Some people online say alkaline is better, others say acidic is better. Has scientific research been done on this ?

Replied by Des
(Chatsworth, Ca)

The controversy over alkaline vs acid is confusing isn't it?

Our bodies need alkaline to be healthy, but acid is needed for certain functions. This confusion increases by the little known fact that "slightly alkaline" and "slightly acid" is what bodies run best on.

It's easy to become confused over a pH reading for an internal body part, when another slice from that same internal part will show a different pH reading. Two pH readings for one functional mechanism? Why?

The whole picture of the need for one part with two different pH environments built into it, can be overlooked by well-intended researchers. Even scientist disagree with each other.

Conflicting research interpretations surrounding different pH requirements are the result of "tunnel vision", which can reinforce the position of the alleged experts on both sides of issues.

As well, this scientifically proven separation of pH measurements may be ignored when researching data by those who's loyalty to the special interest group is required for project funding.

Bottom line is, nutritional deficiencies sets us up for disease. But statistically, all disease exist in a high acidic environment. If anyone finds a disease that does not need this acidic atmosphere, let me know.

By the way, I have not suffered from a cold for over two decades because I take alkaline substances that immediately regulates my pH which corrects the imbalance. It never fails.

Ultimately, our immune system is the only thing which can heal our bodies. Both doctors and alternative supporters have the human trait of using embellishments to support their position of wanting you to believe what they believe. It's normal.

If anyone compares the often fragmented medical research with the hearsay that accompany sites with health issues, look for references. Then continue to see if that references is followed by an unreferenced personal opinion. It happens all the time.

That kind of sentence is a common lure for the reader to assume that the opinion is also from the same reference. Two reasons for this deception that I know of, are deliberate frauds or an unintentional misconceptions passed on by a personal rumor copied from another site. Both can be seen all over the web.

If you don't believe the obvious historical version that everything needed for a healthy body grows from the ground, that's your personal choice.

Here's more history: the discovery of vitamins and minerals by scientist happened when research confirmed that every disease is attached to a deficiency of one or more of these elements.

Decide for yourselves if that means anything or is it just a coincidence. If anyone responds to this, please do so with referenced facts only.

No one is a 100% correct about anything, though we all have tried at sometime to offer our opinions with out-of-context data and embellishments which support our beliefs.

Health backed by science is the only way to expose many of the misinformation sites presented by individuals who may only want to sell you their products or to discredit the opposition. Nothing wrong with marketing your passion for something, just look for those references. The honest ones always list their references. It's good for business.

Be well.


Hi Des, You mentioned that you take alkaline substances to balance your PH. Would you be kind enough to share what alkaline substances in what amounts do you take, how any times per day, at what times during the day and when in relation to meals(i.e. 30- 60 minutes before meals on empty stomach, or with meals or 2 hours after meals)? Thank you

Replied by Tena
(Champaign, Il)

You said you take alkaline substances to regulate your PH. What do you take?

Replied by Sue
(Denver, Co)

I've read that cancer and disease can't survive in an alkaline state - they say Morgellons has a bacterial component so I have to believe Alkaline is better...

Replied by Vinny
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Yes, you defintely need to be alkalined! I am rapidly healing from this when my Urine PH is about 7.2-7.3 and Saliva PH is 7.3. These are my avg ph levels on a daily basis.

If you want a quick boost, try Baking Soda (2 teaspoons) Water. I wouldnt add lemon/lime juice due to possible allergy with Morgellon patients as it contains Sulfites (not to be confused with Sulfur). Arm & Hammer Baking Soda has been confirmed to have no aliminum so thats my cheap way of making sure I am alkalined everyday.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Nm

Be careful not to upset your electrolyte balance w/too much baking soda... your body needs a balanced amount of salt, potassium, etc... if you overdue it it can be bad... somehow I ended up dehydrated and it was worse than the morgellons... lots of bad things come from that... still trying to normalize.

Replied by Sofi

An alkaline body will heal ANYTHING. An acidic body will kill you, one way or another.

Replied by Joseph

Cream tartar baking ingredient will raise your pH to an alkaline level instantly without having to worry about assessing over Foods. Acid always causes inflammation and diseases so I can imagine high acid would not be good also sugar and gluten creates high acid which are the worst things you can do for morgellons.

Xylitol substitute for sugar eliminate sugar from your diet it kills Morgellons and tricks it. It has been an amazing substance to combat biofilm.


Posted by Redcairo (Ozarks, Usa) on 11/30/2013

I was looking for what is in star anise, as I bought powdered of it a long time ago as backup in case of a bad flu. I saw it had something called Anethole. When I searched on this I saw this title:

Anethole, a synergist of polygodial against filamentous microorganisms

wait, what is that? doesn't that sound like -- yes! It is. "filamentous microorganisms" = morgellon's!!

OK so what has anethole?

basil oil
Oil of bitter fennel contains more than 60% anethole
Sweet fennel usually contains more anethole than bitter fennel oil.
Star Anise contains trans-anethole (note: 1 version of a plant called this is edible another is toxic)
Anise (Pimpinella anisum) (not the same thing or even related to star anise) contains anethole
Anethole extracted from basil is available for sale online, used in daily food flavors
Anethole occurs naturally in chickpea seed. Garbanzo beans are also known as chickpeas. commonly sprouted.

Brief ref that got my attention as I was talking about carrageenan and (totally separately) fluid retentention recently (it is in many cream cheese, half&half and creams where I shop):"Anethole inhibited carrageenan-induced edema at doses of 3, 10 and 30 mg/kg from 60 to 240 min after induction."

Anethole seems to be like other plant substances that will kill-bad-things-in-you: super powerful, last resort when immunity can't do it, but able to be overdosed on for sure

It sounds to me like this substance may be a potential for treating morgellon's. I had never heard this before, so I wanted to share it on EarthClinic in case people with that issue search there, just for ref.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Elaine (Spencer, Indiana, USA) on 02/06/2009

Morgellons help: I moved from indianapolis to spencer indiana 3 years ago. We never had problems like Morgellons until we moved. I think some how this Morgellons is related to Lyme. Indiana is the capitol of the limestone industry. There are a few limestone Quarys in our area. The fuzz balls and fibers we see in our home and on us resemble those fibers found on lymebusters under jeuvenile Nematomorphus. We use a lot of garlic and vinegar. Before going to bed at night I find great relief after bathing I rub regular cider vinegar directly on by body all over. I have a dollar store spray bottle filled with vinegar and I spray it all around my room and on my bed. I get relief. Vinegar I found out has 93vitamins and minnerals in it. Try to eat garlic as well. I hope they find out what this is soon. I am tired of No Answers. This vinegar spraying works for me. It is not a cure, but I can get a LOT OF RELIEF>

Replied by Christine M.
(San Pedro, California, united states)

i have many skin issues, tho nothing like what seems to b parasites.........u have my deepest as to the vinegar, which i've used for alot of skin things, try using the white vinegar, the apple cider leaves a residue which is alittle sticky & the white works just as well..........i won't go into depth of my issues, but i'd been treated 2x & was about to have a 3rd, when i ran across these medical journals that were really old, 80yrs or more......i had alot of health issues & these articles talked about hydrochloric acid's a natural substance ur stomach is suppose to produce, it keeps ur stomach sterile, killing bacteria, germs, whatever, it oxygenates ur blood, stimulates white blood cells to attack anything that shouldn't b in ur body, maintains Ph levels in the blood, keeps minerals in solution & many other things, it'll even kill gangrene....anyway, i started treating myself & one of the first things it did was helped my body to expel the parasites that had been destroying my health.........the parasite detox was no fun either..........the thing is, if ur body produces enough HCl, it stops many things from getting past the acid balance that protects our bodies........we have it in our skin, in our stomachs, in our blood.........the acid kills invading organisms..........if u want to know more, write i will write back........chris..........

(New England)

NO NO NO NO Hydrochloric Acid!! It is dangerous and NOT naturally in the body.

" Ingesting concentrated hydrochloric acid can cause pain, difficulty swallowing, nausea, and vomiting. Ingestion of concentrated hydrochloric acid can also cause severe corrosive injury to the mouth, throat esophagus, and stomach, with bleeding, perforation, scarring, or stricture formation as potential sequelae."

HOCL - Hypochlorous Acid IS naturally occurring in the body and may well be useful in combatting MD. It is an all purpose bacteria killer, sanitizer, and is regularly used in wound care and disinfection. THIS product COULD BE safely used. In addition, it can be used in a fogger in the home, in nasal rinses, and consumed a 1/2 teaspoon or so in water at a time. It makes sense that it would help.

Replied by K
(Sacramento, Ca)

Christine from San Pedro, How are you today? Can you share your experience and how you got better. thanks

Replied by Janet
(Dallas, Nc)

In response to your article on hydrochloric acid; what is it and what are the benefits?

Replied by Melabot

Lyme is a disease. Limestone is a rock. I fail to see the connection....Lyme is insect vector these limestone (rock) quarries have insects, and do they generate fibers? I am a bit confused, but interested to understand the connection with the quarries.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere Usa)

I don't know about the limestone? But I would love feedback from people on this. I have posted several times that I believe the cure or at least the control to this is Orange oil. Internally and externally. I also believe that these are related maybe to tick born disease.

Any way I may be off total or I might be right, but I think that the bacterial and these parasites or mites feed off of each other. Orange oil seems to kick their butts whatever they are, along with MSM. I believe they need the bacteria to live and then they try to spin webs out of any cloth that comes into contact with your skin.

I have felt webs at times and we know that ticks are in the spider family.

I been through a lot of trial and error, so this is just my 2 cents worth, Read my other post on this and see if it might help you. I need feed back, because all the stuff I have posted I never hear back from people.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hello Rebel (somewhere USA)---

If you visit Tony Pantalleresco on youtube, he has some vids on this and has had them, and a lot of experience. Perhaps this is helpful?

Namaste, Om

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Yes I am very familiar with Tony. What I would like to know is how many others may have tried the Orange oil and MSM, along with some other stuff I have tried with great success. I am trying to find their weak spot, after much trial and error, I believe the Orange Oil and MSM helped me the most, along with alkalizing.

Replied by Kellee

Hi this is a request to Chris for more info about the Hydrochloric acid. I am a Morgellons sufferer and I know I have low Hydrochloric acid. Would you mind telling me how effective this protocol was for you in regards to clearing symptoms and for how long? I would also like to know how you purchased the product and how much you too,

Many thanks, Kellee

Replied by Bugsheretoo

I would like to try it too but unsure of where to buy and dosage. If anyone has any info on this, please advise. In the meantime I am going to try MMS CDS which is chlorine dioxide. My original thought was just to use the MMS CDS for laundry but others are having success taking internally I believe - but there are definite risks so you have to be careful with it.

Replied by Bugsheretoo

I found Betain HCL at the health food store yesterday and will add that to my ever growing list of supplements to combat this horrible affliction called Morgellons!

Replied by Kathy
(North Carolina)

Is hydrocloric acid borax? Did u have any bad side effects and how did u take it? Thanks in advance for your response. Best Regard

(faithville, Us)

Hydrochloric Acid Benefits, Uses, Supplements, Dosage, More - Dr. Axe

life has controversies, but as we age our hydrochloric acid levels tend to dip and we don't absorb minerals as well and our bones and teeth get weak and fail

Hydrochloric acid poisoning Information | Mount Sinai - New York

Articles of Interest

Posted by Sable (Springfield, Ma) on 10/21/2010

Hi Earth Clinic family

I desperately need your help with a mystery parasite. For the past two months or more I have had symptoms of mite or parasite "invasion"... I use that word because I definitely feel invaded. Like with Morgellons the Md's dismiss the person as "delusional"; that was the word the "Skin Doctor" with all the degrees said to me. I went to my doctor and was ignored and sent to a specialist who barely looked at me and wanted to give me drugs for the symptoms and not really interested in finding the cause. I surfed the web and could find nothing until I found a blog with symptoms like mine... Here is an excerpt :

"People are contracting a tiny white insect, arthropod, or parasite from clothing of retail stores or other people. This pest is neither a mite nor a flea. It's not lice. It looks like fiber or thread. Yet it's not affiliated with Morgellons or Fibre Disease. Please pay close attention as I describe the physical attributes and symptoms of this pest. If someone has this pest, they will see 3 types of White things:

1) tiny round things about the size of a spec of salt; some are a little larger
2) tiny, oblong shaped, things that look like a piece of thread or fiber; varies in length from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch long (It grows. ) **It unfolds itself to fly. It crawls also.

3) slightly larger round white things that jump. I see #1 and #2 most often. If someone has this pest, they will have the following physical symptoms:

1) Bites that sting 2) Red skin rashes and/or small red bumps 3) Lighting sensations; Victims will feel the pest or its eggs lighting on their skin. 4) Optional: Itching

**I don't itch, but another victim has an itching problem.**

This article was from 2006 and my problem started this past summer. So I ask friends from around the world if this sounds familiar or anything similar can you post your experience. I think this is new to the US because I have not found much info. I for one have the skin crawling feeling and itchy skin. Any help is welcomed. Thanks, Bev

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Sable,
I know a lady here in Toronto who has the same problem. She went to 5 doctors and all accused her of being hallucinated. She was afraid to go to other doctor because every time she went, she got the same answer that there is no such disease and that she has mental problem. I realized also that the doctors are well trained to cover them self when they don`t know how to diagnose a disease and turn the ball in our camps by telling us we have mental problem. I have spoken with people who have Lyme disease and they told me the same thing. The doctors were accusing them of being mental until the bacteria was found in their blood. I will give you my email if you need to contact this lady. Thank you.


I really need to speak with someone from Toronto, Morgellon sufferer for over (35) agonizing years.

(Massachusetts USA,)

Hello - as the saying goes, "misery loves company". I do not wish this horrible condition on any living creature but I would love to have someone to talk to that understands what it is like to have morgellons disease. I am 64 years old and have been suffering from morgellons since about the age of 12. Every time I think I have seen it all, some new horrible symptom emerges. I am currently using plant based products, herbs and spices mostly, and have had some really wonderful results. The best results in 50 years. But I am far from cured, this disease is not yet done with me but I am still fighting and I will win. I hope to hear from you. Positive thoughts.


Hi... to Patricia from MA...if you want to reply to me I would love to connect and talk with you on this morgellons ordeal anytime..let me know

Replied by Eve
(Augusta, Ga)

What did you use for morgellons, because I'm tried of discussion with doctor that think you are crazy.

Replied by Pie10
(Miami, Florida, United States)

Hi, I think I have what you described. I worked in a clothing store and I've seen the insect that you described. Do you have any more information about this? Where did you read the article?
Thank you

Replied by Jen74
(Waukesha, Wi, Usa)

Hello-My 6 yr old son & I Have this "insect"! It's going on about 10months now. It's horrible. I have tried so many things w/ some help but, still have these things in/on our bodies/house. We both are covered in bites and sore at times, crawling/biting sensation esp. in our ears and scalp. We also have little black specks all over our bodies and the house. These things go into the nose and eyes as well. I have been to several dr's. W/ NO HELP of course "IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD" OR THE BLACK SPECKS THAT BITE-THEY SAY IT'S DIRT!!! LOL I can take an hour bath w/a shower etc... Remedies (exfoliating, borax, peroxide, sea salt, etc... ) these black specks are right back as soon as the skin is dry. They come right out of the skin!!! The adult and/or bigger one's that fly do seem to be killed or? w/fleaspray... If sprayed ALOT. If you spray flea spray on hair the are killed and float up to the top of the hair... I don't know what these things are if anyone has any info. or would like to chat please feel free anytime.. my email is jenfrostman/at/gmail/dot/com

Replied by Jane Doe
(Palo Alto, California, Usa)

Hi. I live in California, and began noticing being bitten on my legs. It was like little pinches. I also got really itchy rashes. I noticed my clothes had little white "dots" that oddly seemed to be in the same spot where I would get "pinched".. I could see a small bite, with a tiny bit of blod where I'd felt it. I tried all sorts of detergents, salt, borax, soaking, boiling, etc. I put some dark blue sweat pants in a clear plastic bag and days later there would be more white dots. I used to try using a fabric shaver to get them off. Finally I looked up "cotton mite" on the net and decided they were bugs coming in from other countries in our textiles... We no longer bleach cotton... so the bugs can survis I guess??? Anyway, I now wear rayon and other synthetic pants.... I had to search high and low for synthetic clothing.. I mean not even the pockets or lining of the waistband.

I also had to start using a really expensive detergent made by Q based solutions, but it does work. I don't know how long I can afford to use their soap. Its so so expensive... for a short while, I wore a fashionable plastic raincoat that looked like a dress, along with some cool shiney rainboots.

I now have lots of synthetic white t shirts I wear underneath things, most of my cotton clothing is gone... can't trust it.

Also, I never ever ever use the dryer anymore. It just seemed to be worse after drying. I got a great drying rack, and its helped a lot, too.

Something is terribly wrong, and we must not be intimidated by people who can't believe it... this is always the pattern for new diseases... HIV folks were initially told they were crazy. It takes a lot of people complaining about the same thing before it taken seriously... Its up to us. What diseases have they cured??? Malaria? nope. Asthma? Nope. Erectile Dysfunction? Yup. Baldness? Yup. Hello????

Nutrition is our friend. So is basic hygene and common sense. I used a colon cleanse that was diatomacious earth, bentonite clay, psyllium, etc. It took some time but it paid off in spades. Each time I would pass something strange in my stool I would get more energy. But I now have a lot of food allergies. I was never allergic to ANYTHING before.....

Here's the scarey part. I was at Trader Joe's grocery a couple days ago buying lavender plants... I read that lavender and rosemary help deter insects... The checkout clerk started telling me how the school sent his kids home because they were itching all over and they think its coming from their new couch. The kids were kept out of school for a week, they got rid of the couch, but the kids still itch all over and have red bites. These people have no money to deal with this problem... No health insurance. How many people have this that are in that situation?

Replied by Jen74
(Waukesha, Wi, Usa)

Hi Everyone! Awhile back, there was an article copied on here"ARTICLES OF INTEREST"... It's about a mysterious new insect that is contracted through new clothing... We have had this for more than an entire year now... HELP!!! If anyone has any info... It would be greatly appreciated! jenfrostman(at)gmail(dot)com or a reply on here! Thanks so much!!! Jen

(Faithville, Us)
Replied by Kathryn

I believe I have this. I do not get the fibers and other detritis as described by Morgellons sufferers. Just biting, crawling, stinging, and bites that do not heal. I am finding clear and white and dark specks, on clothes surfaces and bedding. Years ago I found research from China (which I no longer can find online) about a human endoparasitic mite that infests workers in silk, poultry and grain agriculture mainly. It has successfully learned how to live not just on but in the human body. The researchers found all stages, egg, pupae, nymph, and adult in feces, sputum, nasal discharge, eyes, ears as well as skin and scalp. Those on the board where I found it had speculated that the many textiles we are importing from China could present vectors for bringing in this mite to the US. I can no longer find this post (advice to archive offline is indeed wise! ) I may have got it from a comforter and pillows made in China I bought around 2002. I'm not sure that it's a mite because after a detox bath (I've tried so many suggested on this thread) I did find 2 tiny winged insects. It's also entirely within the realm of possibility that these bugs are not a natural organism but have been genetically engineered and escaped or released into the wild. The epidemic and the cover up of these skin diseases would make sense, look what we've just been through with an apparently engineered organism! When I first started getting the itchy bites I would feel them while sitting in front of a window at night in summer. I thought it was No See'ums, tiny biting flies that can get through screens, which we have here in New England. But the bites stayed and created hard tiny, itchy scabs. This lasted for months, perhaps over a year. My skin there also felt numb to the touch. Not cold, but like I'd lost sensation. Months later, suddenly this area was covered with hives. I know now this is how they spread under the skin. I had a ring, a leading edge of red bumps that later turn into itchy non-healing scabs around the first group. It took many months but it has spread again and again.

Articles of Interest
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/04/2009 391 posts

that's the future of nanobots in our vaccines. lol. the swine flu is picnic. wait until they put this stuff in our vaccines for swine flu!


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Posted by Deveca (Southern CA, US) on 06/24/2014

By accident, my medical issues with black dot syndrome/Morgellons disease have been cured. The problem began in June of 2011 and ended in May of 2014. Besivance was prescribed for cataract surgery, 1 drop twice a day. Twelve days after the first cataract was removed, I had surgery on the other eye and repeated the Besivance med. I used the drops for 28 days and all of the fibers, black specks, sharp particles, white egg sacs, etc. appear to have dried up in my body. Curious about this, I researched Besivance on the Internet and read that it kills parasites by stopping the reproductive process. Fifteen days ago I stopped using the eye drops.

During the winter of 2011 I vacationed in S.E. Asia where two insects bit me. In June I received a bite from a fly in Calif. while gardening, and I think that caused the problem. A few weeks after the fly bite, larvae and pupae emerged through my skin pores. Treatments of essential oil(s)/olive oil lessened the symptoms. Many brown casings also came out of my skin cells. I strongly suspect there was a connection between the fly myiasis and black specks/Morgellons disease.

Other symptoms were extremely painful joints, brain fog, and insomnia, all of which have now disappeared. Another symptom which I have not seen mentioned in any forums is that my limbs, breasts, and abdomen were covered with dark brown spots, some of which had a rough texture. About 80 percent of my skin now looks normal.

Hopefully, this will be helpful to you.

Replied by Deveca
(California, US)

This update is to state that I have had no further problems with Morgellons and black dots, aching joints, etc. I finished the Besivance regimen for my eyes three months ago, and I am absolutely elated that I appear to have been healed of these maladies.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Hi Deveca. This is absolutely great news, I am so happy for you. It sounds like you have cured yourself. I assume by the time line you given, it has been 90 days with no signs or this morgellons. 90 days is general life cycle that parasites can return.

I read this with interest and looked at Besivance on the net also. I may have overlooked the part about interrupting the parasite life cycle, but did read that it stops bacterial and micro-organism. It also recommended 3 drops per day for 7 days and to make sure you have a doctor prescribe this and give you directions on using. Maybe because you had cataract surgery is why the doc had you take it twice daily for a total of 28 days.

Few questions, did you do both eyes for 28 days or did you do one for 12 and the other one 16 days or do one for 12 days and then both for another 16 days. I would like to try this, but they did warn against using it longer than recommended. Which again was where I read 7 days. Just curious if maybe you still have the paper work the pharmacy gives you and what it may say.

Thank you.

Replied by Deveca
(California, US)

My use of Besivance was 14 days in the right eye and then 14 days in the left. I hope this will be helpful to you and others. Good luck!

Replied by Rhonda
(Clearwater, Fl)

Where does one get Besiance. It's a script right. But which doctor will write a script for it. Just the mention of Morgellons shuts down most doctors. Even though most have no knowledge of it!

Replied by Vicky

Do we have to take besivance internally in stomach or use it as a eye drop to cure morgellons . Pls reply so it will take me out from this hell like situation

Replied by Eva

Yes, I was so intrigued about the possibility of being morgellons free that I saved up for a year to buy the prescription. It felt toxic to me after a few days, and I discontinued, and I still have morgellons. Want to say that Besivance is a quinoline antibiotic, similar to quinine, and that quinine had been used in the past to treat lyme disease. Quinine is much cheaper and it is natural. And you can make your own.

Replied by Vicky

Is besivance is working against morgellons? How can we own it or make it natural?

Replied by Roxie

I've been dealing with this for well over 6 months I have tried everything and I'm exhausted. I do know that borax showers help whats worked the best so far the colloidal silver, oil of oregano, Lemon, oil of rosemary, oil of red tyme can't say for sure but I've heard the sulfur makes them worse. I have used sulfur a couple of times but discontinued just for fear of making it worse. To clean around the house borax and I like to spray hydrogen peroxide and go back and spray alcohol rubbing over the top of it seems to be too much for them. With the laundry the best thing is to use a lot of borax and a lot of dryer sheets I've discovered that dryer sheets get them off of you much like they do static. But from what I hear I have yet to try electro magnetic pulser supposably will kill them but your body can become overheated so you have to take a cold shower and follow with cider vinegar to help aid in extraction. Also around the house if you don't mind the smell of mothballs that one out in the corner of every room and just the common vacuum cleaner vacuum some up but from what I've discovered so far the only way with the house is to stay on top of it every day vacuum every day Spray walls baseboards laundry and lint rollers invest in a lot of Lint rollers everyday

Borax and H2O2

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Posted by Karen (Rochester, New York) on 09/09/2009

I believe I have had Morgellons Disease for 23 years....lucky me! Three weeks ago I started taking 1/8th teaspoon Borax (a natural mineral), 1/8th teaspoon 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in a liter of water every day. I drink it slowly throughout the day and when finished switch to regular water. At first I was breaking out like crazy with itchy welts on my legs. That's completely cleared. My face continues to break out but the lesions are not near as bad when I first started. I also use essential oils soap, body balm and herbal bath. The fibers and black specs come out of the lesions with these products. I highly recommend them.

My question is: I know my cat has this disease. He has lost fur on his legs from licking so much. I fear that he is reinfecting me and I him. Is there anything I can do to help him?


PS: I see you have treatment for dogs and refer folks to the mange borax treatment but have heard that borax will kill cats. Is this true? Thanks again.

Replied by Amanda
(Walla Walla, Wa)

Here is my story: I got infested with this bug over 3 months ago, from my own blanket that I was using and I put it away for 2 months and never touched it, until one day I used it and it started to sting me so bad. It led to the huge infestation in my house, stupid me, washed that blanket with the rest of my clohts next day I activated this huge infestation machin. Anyways, after one month I moved to another place, sealed everything that I had, I took literally nothing with me. Had a shower with borax and put new cloths on me, until a day after I realized that was on me already. I tried ivermectin and others, I am allergic to sulfa antibiotics unfortunately, I think that would help me. I did not bother to go to the doctors since I heard about morgellons 2 years ago, I knew what was going on. I had this weird worm looking things under my skin, and the crawl would not stop at all. I supposed they lay eggs in our skin or something. Anyways, I used borax in showers which helps, sometimes I would feel so unberable that I would put it in my clohts and wear it like that, it would keep them away for a while. I was so terrible and close to suicide and helpless untill one day I tried this. I mixed sulfur powder with vaseline (make sure u are not allergic to that ) and I would wrap my entire body in a plastic wrap for over night to sleep like that. It helped me so much, I even spent days like that not going out of home and it calms down al the skin and I think kills them. I am not sure how long do they take to hatch, but I would cout 7 - 10 days. I was so much better. I took all the pills possible including antibiotics and I did not feel any difference only skin application would help me get them out. I was sleep deprived one month in a row before I started to use sulfur applications on my skin. Now I am so much better, I am almost there I would say 90% got the off. All my new cloths got easily infested, I do this. To tell you I moved to a house with no carpet and I seat on plastic chairs only, before getting into my friend's car I lay plastic bag on it and seat on the plastic bag, then toss it. I do the same in the office, I dont care, I say I am allergic to cotton of the fabric.

Washing. I put my cloths to soak, I have several buckets I use epsom salt to soak my cloths in for days. To make it efficent, I took plastic coca cola bottles or detergent bottles for weights. Put sand in it and it will become heavy. Put it in the bucket with the water and cloths, keep the cloths like that for days. You can have sepereta buckets for different colors and towels. Try to have them soaked for 3 days at least and on the last day add detergent. Try to remember the date of your soaked cloths. By the time you reach the new batch you will have a new one to wash. Right after I have the cloths washed I put each seperate pieace of clothing in a seperate ziploc bag (i buy from dollar tree) and I seal it and leave a bit of space to squeese the air out and then close it tight. All that goes to my drawers. Sometimes I use latex gloves to touch my new clean laundry. When I take my cloths off, I immediately put them in the water or seal in a plastic bag until the time comes for that to soak. I have no pieace of clothing left in open air, period and that is the rule.

During the day at work, I have sprays with lavander and peppermint I keep in my bag, when I feel a slight crawl I go to the bathroom spray myself with that and it calms down. I bought those products on, expensive stuff and I am broke, but I need this out of my life. Last night I had to pull out a sealed bag of cloths and guess it was contaminated, and they spread all over me again, it was 2 days after I was feeling great and not a single crawl, now I have to kill them again. This seems a never ending problem, but let me tell you I dont care, if I need to kill them by sitting in a bathtub for one entire day in epsom salt I will do that, I dont know the circumstances, but I may live a short life, but a quality life. I know for sure, they dont like peppermint, lavander, sulfur mixed with vaseline, epsom salt helps a lot. Soaking helps, because it smothers them. Regarding my landry I am thinking to change my strategy. I am going to keep all my cloths in water with weights, until the moment comes I will take them out, wash, dry and wear, fresh. I also bought first aid blanket I use it sometimes to sleep in and I put another blanket on top not to infest it fast. I sleep on the airmatress and I still have it encased. If you have any suggestions let me know. I also think that those black specks are the mites themselves, did anyone see those on the microscope. I think they come out and bite us when they dont like something. I almost have no black specks anymore, one may be per day.

Leisions and rash. I put a pinch of sulfur with vaseline on top of those and seal wth duct tape for a dew days, if you seal well it doesnt come off in the shower.

Sulfur: Be careful you will get very dry skin, try to use good moisturizer right after shower, it will help during the day.

Hope some of my tips help anyone out there to kill these bugs once and for all. Be positive, it will keep you going and dont give up.

(Harrisburg, PA)

Have you tried an enzyme cleaner like Kleen Green? I think this would help simplify your laundry routine. I use it along with detergent and Borax to do colored laundry. My whites are washed with bleach. Every load is hot water.

Replied by Deveca

You may be interested in reading my message about Besivance, an antibiotic I had to take for surgery on both eyes. After four days on that med, I noticed a big improvement in my skin. I took Besivance for 28 days, and I now have zero symptoms of Morgellons and black dot disease/syndrome. On the first page of Earth Clinic Morgellons info, Besivance is listed on the right side of the page along with other substances which have helped individuals.

Replied by Nmx
(Wisconsin, US)

You can buy products cheaper online at places like Vitacost, Swanson Vitamins and for oils I recommend Piping Rock - you can get 4 oz bottle of tea tree oil for as little as $11.00 instead of $10 for 1 oz at Walgreens... Also recommend Alive Vitamins at Vitacost - they are half price and high quality w/everything in them you need...

Borax Bath

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Posted by flower (pennsylvania) on 05/05/2021

Does anyone know what are the black specks? I recently started having itchy skin on the upper right hands side of my back and neck. It did not go away for a few weeks... I bought a microscope and was shocked to see the skin very red. And then I suspected this might be morgellons. I followed the advice to take a Borax bath and saw many black specks on the bottom? What are they? Can one get rid of Morgellons/nano/black specks? Or is this an ongoing thing forever? Please help! Thank you


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Posted by Deborah (MI) on 07/08/2021

Boron 6-9 mg daily for Morgellons.

Replied by Darla
(Ontario, Canada)

I am taking 3 mg of Boron because it says 3 mg max dose on the bottle so is it safe to take 6 mgs and does it get rid of the Morgellons? I got them from a PCR test!

Replied by Katzie

The "insider info" I read said just 3mg. And Morgellons have been seen on both the PCR test swabs AND those blue paper masks, as well. There are videos all over about that.


Thanks Katzie! Where is this Insider info that you read that said only 3mg and will 3 mg cure the Morgellons and does it say how long it takes and anything else I must do? I had the PCR test back in November before all the videos were out! Lucky me, that will be the last time I trust government or healthcare! I am so upset! Do you have any idea where I can find this information? I appreciate your help! Thanks Darla

Coconut Oil, Aloe and Lemon Juice

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Posted by Dave (Johannesburg) on 12/07/2016


I am trying coconut oil mixed with pulp from Aloe Vera mixed with lemon juice all over my head and body parts that itch.Over last +- 13 years I have tried many different things but this infusion is the best so far.

It stays on between showers and is a good sun protection agent for hot climates like South Africa(the sun isn't what it used to be and can also aggravate skin conditions you know).

Correct me if you find different but I think pathogens hate coconut oil (from my experiences). Aloe Vera soothes/heals skin and kills pathogens also (not sure what lemon juice does in the mix).

I think what I started as relief is developing into my cure (finally).

Let me know your experiences with this...


PS vitamin C in large doses never hurts also!

Replied by Alex
(Coral Springs Fl)

I totally agree about the coconut oil it was suggested to me by my hyperbaric oxygen therapist, I quote unquote cured myself of the black specks and the fibers but I then found out that I transferred whatever the crap that comes out of our body is into my environment and into my clothing which I was steaming so I was like steaming the Morgellons directly into my clothing. I reinfected myself cleaning out the washing machine, and got my first lesion in 4 months since completing 30 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen. It's been 15 months total that I've had the morg now and I never itched (i burned, and I definitely had clear fibers coming out of my body spontaneously so it's impossible to call it anything but Morg) until 2 weeks ago now I have these itchy stabbing biting pains. Can you tell me where you get this aloe pulp? And can you give me a little more detail about the amounts you mix I'm a terrible cook lol. I'm in the process of disinfecting my room but I'm highly allergic to the Dust it seems this fungus thing colonized the dust and took over parts of my wall. This thing is a pathogen on steroids. Thank you.

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Paula (Joshua Tree, Calif.) on 10/16/2007

Hi, I have a friend who had a bad case of Morgellons, her arms & legs were covered in bloody looking sores & she told me that weird threads came out of these sores, she had been to her doctor who didn't have a clue as to what to do for her. I got interested in colloidal silver after I became allergic to antibiotics and wondered what on Earth I was going to do the next time I got seriously ill. I got sick and it was going into my chest , I was coughing all the time & had a very sore throat, I was frightend, but I went to the health food store & bought a little bottle of silver and took it and vitamin c about every hour, just a dropper of silver and 1000mg of vitamin c, in just two days it was gone, before I would be sick for weeks. Later I learned about how to make it myself with an inexpensive machine see [email protected] and now I can stop everything before it gets me very ill. I brought some to my friend and she began to put it on the sores & drink it internally in a few weeks they were healing up and now it is all gone, she just has white scars wherethe sores were. This stuff will kill over 650 different pathogens including virus's whereas antibiotics kill only bacteria and only about 30 strains. I have been taking it for over five years with no ill effects and my friend with the morgellons has been taking it for 3 years with no side affects except to get rid of the disease.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Actually the Morgellon's as they are loosely called is a synthetic superbugs, which you can peruse at :

A more detailed description in layman's terms on getting rid of this is:

Actually my remedy is to take baking soda to get the urinary pH to 7, plus borax 1/4 teaspoon in one liter of drinking water. It appears that the remedy that is missing to completely kill them are the essential oils found to contain sesquiterpenes. The sesquiterpenes is well known to weaken HDPE, which is a major component breakdown of Morgellon. The HDPE is a plastic, of high density polyethylene and its fibers can be grown in a plain glass of petri dishes with no nutrients. Silver colloids seem to limited in a full blown Morgellon's although I haven't tested this with vitamin C, I do know taking orange oils were helpful too. Certain other that is helpful against morgellon's Include vetiver, clove oil, cedar oil, and pine needle oil.

However to completely stop with the open wounds due to Morgellon's (more like a gaping one) is to raise the urinary pH to 7, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day in one half glass of water.

While I have using colloidal silver for over a decade, I haven't yet receive much positive outcome (perhaps lack of feedback) on the use of colloidal silver alone, and hence I don't usually use this a a remedy for Morgellon's.

What I can say is copper colloidal plus colloidal silver might be more effective, or even the addition of a copper peptide (soy sauce and copper chloride solution). However, that remedy is hard to do and was conveniently set aside, unless people still weren't helped with the original remedy. If anyone is doing these metallic colloids, all I can say is chromium made the conditions worse.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Great to hear that colloidal silver and vitamin C works. The reason for my lack of use in large amounts is that some people complain to me about the constipation it caused.

The other thing is that a colloidal silver I used that seems to be effective is a colloidal silver oxide solution.

It is prepared brewing the colloidal silver batch in a 0.5% H2O2. The resultant colloidal silver will be completely clear white and no yellow. All colloidal silver with the H2O2 won't cause agyria, since it is a silver oxide colloidal solution. A company patented a tetrasilver tetrooxide, which were found to be more effective than ordinary silver, due to silver's affinity to oxygen.

However an interesting effect I found is that while it is more effective, it won't cause the constipation. The reason why colloidal silver is not used, in some areas (except the U.S.) is the silver (pure from) are relatively difficult to acquire, which discourages some use in other non-U.S. countries.

There was one person who had AIDS used a single I.V. drip using tetrasilver tetrooxide and was cured of AIDS. It's mentioned in the patent on that too. So my guess is, we can make a similar analogue of that, just by adding a high peroxide 0.5% concentration of distilled water during the brewing process of low volt D.C.

The major reason why silver is effectiveness according to NASA is silver molecules has a very high affinity to oxygen and it is the oxygen that kills most anaerobes. If adding peroxide during the silver brewing process, this would result in a more effective antimicrobial properties. I have read that the three most effective antimicrobial metals are silver, zinc, and magnesium. Perhaps in their salts, or compounds such as silver oxide colloidal solutions, is what I think in combination would not require to take too large of a dose that some people might find too much. While copper colloidal is possible it should be mixed with a zinc colloidal or its appropriate salt where the zinc to copper is something like 4: 1, so that the body won't have the toxicity from copper, as zinc is an antagonist. If a zinc together with copper, taken together, or even the electrical properties of silver, with the copper, will result in electrical flows generated by the body's own salt, thus short circuiting the morgellon's, or perhaps virus. One clear example to prove to you that the body's salt, in presence of zinc and copper is killing the bacteria is this: get a multimeter, and measure the volts going through your body where the left hand for example is zinc rod, and the right hand with copper rod, attached to the multimeter, you will get about a hundred something volts, and some milliamps. This amount of electricity running in your body of copper or zinc colloids in the blood serum in presence of the electrolytes as it conducts electricity would be enough to kill the organism, and given the silver oxide, it will oxidized the microbes too, which generally all three would cleanse the blood of the microbes. A magnesium citrate in that form added as a supplements have antimicrobial properties too. Of course borax and baking soda is one remedy I know of Morgellon's. There are others, but those still needs to be tested. Hence, I suspect, also the silver acts as an electrodes too much like zinc electrodes, although in presence of all three this the electrical charges taking advantage of the body's salt would cause a high electrical potential which killed the morgellon's and other microbes, much like Bob Beck's device, or Hulda Clark's device, athough this one is done inside the blood stream, which would be more complete than the use of externally applied electrical appliances.

You can prove to yourself also that a simple sea salt solution, for example, in presence of zinc/copper, or silver/copper, would generate a electricity of several hundred millivolts and some milliamps. Theoretically speaking, the electricity potential at that rate would be technically more than sufficient to zap the microbes.

Thank you for your input! Will be most happy if you can provide me more information in the future!

Replied by Paula
(Joshua Tree, Calif.)

It may have to do with the strength of the silver solution, my friend had a severe case of morgellons and she drank a lot of it every day,she figured she had nothing to lose, she also sent me an e-mail about some researcher who used silver with some great success. my friend is on vacation now, when she gets back I will see if she can send me that e-mail again. I am not a doctor but I know what I saw. I will also pass on to her your info about the baking soda but she is well now. Thank you so much

Replied by Djpurity
(Oakland, Ca, Usa)


I just got this brand x of colloidal silver from store y. Anyway, it is 96% actively charged silver, and the smallest particle size ever produced, thus the most surface area despite being only 10 PPM.

This tincture, I tried when in parking lot for store y. I ride my bike because I live in Oakland and we have great public transit and bikes are popular. Anyway, by the time I get home, fibers and blood are leaking out of my face!

I take 5 droppers about 3 times a day, for the last few days. But the toxins of these things dying inside of me is killing my immune system. I have never felt this bad! My body is definitely fighting for control.... my immune system is winning! And this is only with using this product with the hydrosol silver, not hydro-colloidal kind most people think of. Which makes a difference, imho.

ANYWAY, what I do not understand is that feeling like run down, tired, feverish, swollen joints (I have reactive arthritis), but after being in bed sick for 3 days, look at my legs, the worst of the sores is almost completely healed up!

When I took a shower, it really helped. I heard they are attracted to red grapes for wine? I don't know what or why, but imagine finding a brand z of face peel mask made from merlot wine red grapes! And this mask always pulls out the skin fibers.

There are silver bandaids and silver gel out on the market, all "new" -- strange timing! Anyway, if one i truly infected with this disease, you will feel the toxicity of their death. This is no quick flush out and you're feeling fine. You will have to fight it out. It travels into your system,e esp blood, and other organs, since the lesions or fibers cause bleeding, they can enter as well.

My mom and I think the best way to heal is to hit it from all sides. She doesn't have it -- lives on the East Coast, USA, while I live in Oakland, CA, USA (the same city Keiser Permanente is headquartered and did that useless 2009 study)

She wants me to take cipro to counter infection, due to sores and lesions from where the fibers and their makers, these black specks.... weird, every fiber always had a black speck making it. This sounds like science fiction!!! Not this reality. This is current science!

Anyway I am still on day 4 of the purge using just this one product x. It expelled and killed so much of this so quickly, that now I have these toxic particles and crap in my system that my immune system is trying to flush out. I am dying of thirst non-stop, and drink and sweat nonstop. My body is trying to flush this out. Natural but I didn't expect it.

This is why I am sort of suspicious of any of these cures that are posted here that do not mention the after effects of the immune system having to clean up all that dead waste now that it's been stopped, killed, whtever.

I say yes to hydrosol silver.. which is very slightly ever so different than colloidal silver, hrmmm. But this is just me. I am trying my best to get up and shower and use charcoal soap. These are new on the market too it seems. I found these at the same store y that I got brand x of the silver. The charcoal sucks things up from the skin, debris, etc, AND it seems to work well with the silver colloidal soap I also have. Charcoal first, silver next. Bring it to the surface, kill it.

But to be honest, until I put this silver into my bloodstream, it was just moving the fibers around my body to use silver gel or silver bandages... they were shooting off branches under the skin of fiber, to a new location, away from the bandage. So I had to get it in my blood to kill it.

But there are many parts to this disease. I am dying of thirst as I type this. I think my body wants to flush it out and it keeps sweating and I just feel horrible but I know my body is healing, and my immune system is telling me rest while it cleans up. i tried to move around too much today and ended up back to bed. Can't wait until all these things are flushed out via sweat, etc.

Replied by Lisa
(Spokane, Wa)

I had (have) morgellons, all the symptoms including wierd black fiber growing out of red bump.

I tried topically: H2O2, which burned it black & helped but it returned.

I tried the borax, AVC, NaCO2, with some marginal help.

What really worked was animal wormers, Ivomectin 3gms topical type, increased to 12 mg daily for a week at the full moon. (bought it in aminal health section of feed store for cattle) Some symptoms did come back much milder - (all symptoms eventually returned except the skin fibers), and required repeated treatments, also tried alternating with other animal wormers to help decrease resistance over time.

Natural cures that seem to also help keep it in check are essential oils, oregano oil, thyme oil, eucaplytus oil, in a thyme tincture, sipped 2 X a day, about a tsp at a time. also taking some borax or bksoda for acidity (parasites generate lots of acidic wastes of their own that need to be eliminated).

I also take a bit of H2O2 at least once a day in some water, and Pot. Iodine a few drops a day, but these only gave minimal relief to control.

Additionally there seems to be a chlamydal or mycoplasm component that responds to n-Acetyl Cystene 6 pills 3 times a day, and sulfur pills - MSM or other sulfur suppliment - & wormwood powder (I grow some & dry the leaves to make a powder for me) 1 TBS 3 X day. and walnut hull tincture - 1 tsp 3Xday.

but I still need to continue treatments, I will try asprin cure - as I had shingles many years ago & it still seems to pop up occasionally - hence viral component to my immune disfunction, and lysine (2000mg)& vit C (few grams) helps to send it into remission but it returns whenever it can. (20 yrs now). Also need B12 in massive amts (due to chlamydl inhibiting this) and Iron phoryphroin toxicity, so I treat those also, and noticed some help. One thing I did notice when I first took some CoQ10 - I could really notice an improvemnt which eventually wore off... also a symptom of mitrchondra depression of energy - another Ch. symptom.

I have been vaccinated up to age 35, no jabs for the last 20 years. Also very poor teeth - heaps of mercury fillings, been working to detox both these problems (cilantro, & herbs, and all the suppliments to help with this problem)

hoemopathics seem to help - Silcia most effective, I take it as a suppliment, drops or pills, horsetail tea - (internal & external as baths), 3X , then 6X, then 12X, then 30 X, then back down to 12X, then 6X, then 3X,... various patterns and occasionally stronger dosage. over time it is helping to pull out infections & toxins.

Replied by Chel
(Ofallon, Mo, Usa)

Dearest better but with side effects:
In regards to your use of hydrosol silver, bravo. Your intuition is right on when you say that the critters are dying off and giving your system too much to do in the way of detoxifying you. What you are experiencing is known as a Herxheimer reaction. One must take immediate measures to help the body rid itself of the debris of the dead and dying foreign invaders. Yes lots of clean water of course, also helpful will be some sort of fiber to absorb and eliminate toxins from the bowl. Psyllium husks, charcoal, perhaps colemeas, many items can work for many people.

Also to address the constipation accompanied by the use of silver; because of its ability to kill hundreds of different organisms it also kills the good flora of the gut, therefore one must recolonize the colon with probiotics. Please use the silver on an empty stomach in body temp water so that you will get the best absorption and efficacy in the blood stream. I will continue to pray for all of us. Thank you for being strong to talk about what is going on. All the best


To Chel and her reply to Better but with side effects. I second that. This is clearly a Herxheimer reaction to the die-off. I was diagnosed with Lyme and Epstein Barr after toxic mold exposure and some kind of skin parasite, maybe a mite, no fibers. During mold treatment I found Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's Mold Warriors protocol. He discovered the cholesterol drug Cholestyramine would eliminate mold toxin by binding bile and helping it to be excreted in stool. His important discovery was that perhaps 40-60% of people are genetically less capable of breaking down the toxic aldehydes in mold biotoxins. Similar biotoxins are produced by many pathogens, candida, lyme, EBV, and presumably mites and morgs. People with less efficient liver enzymes dump excess biotoxins into the bile, which goes to the small intestine. During digestion the body conserves bile by resorbing it along with its toxic load. Shoemaker discovered that the cholestyramine locks onto the bile and its biotoxins and ensures it is excreted out of the body. My personal discovery was born out of being unable to find a doctor to prescribe the cholestyramine for the mold because I didn't have high cholesterol. I learned the drug is a synthetic resin so I went looking for natural resins, particularly those with trad use for high cholesterol and heart disease. And I found them in spades! Myrrh, Frankincense, Dragon's Blood, Propolis (resin collected by bees) and my favorite, Guggul. All of these are sacred, revered medicines in many cultures. I was helped immensely in my mold treatment by Guggul resin, taken with a meal containing fat (to stimulate bile release). What I also discovered during lyme treatment was that this same strategy of binding bile to relieve mold biotoxin illness was majorly helpful against Herx reactions after meds that kill lyme and epstein barr virus. The Herx is partly caused by massive release of the biotoxins from dying cells, pathogens and degraded biofilms. The liver is overwhelmed and dumps the toxins into bile. Using these resins, and psyllium or modified citrus pectin (fibers are also bile binders, though I found, less effective at I than resins) as well as activated charcoal as a toxin absorber is the best way to stop a Herx reaction. I take two caps of Guggul with each meal for several days whenever I am on any anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial treatments such as silver, olive leaf, andrographis, oregano oil, H2O2, wormers, thuja, neem, black walnut, cloves etc. FYI: colloidal silver is a misnomer. The vast majority of silver products are actually ionic solutions made by electrophoresis. A colloid is a suspension of very tiny ground up particles, these particles are large so do not readily cross cell membranes. Most silver products today, call them what you will-colloidal or "hydrosol" (another misnomer), contain ions, charged particles in solution at the atomic level. Ions are very small, very easily absorbed, so use care in dosing. Anyway, I hope my trick for defusing a Herx reaction is helpful. It works quite well during any kind of an infection as well, helps with fever, malaise, fatigue.

Replied by Nan
(Madison, Wi)

Homeopathic Silica is useful to help with the clearing out of the body of dead materials... It is a cell cleanser and very useful for this.

Replied by Nmax

A fellow online has a youtube video wherein he claims that his research showed that the morgellons fibers grew when introduced to colloidal silver??!! I have been working on this for a long time and have discovered a few things... firstly... I thought I had it somewhat under control than suddenly they were just taking over my was frightening. I often wondered if those that designed this disease for us have control over them and can direct them thru ELF vibrational rays or something to get stronger... but I was very upset and frightened... have had this for 7 yrs... but no sores and didn't suffer too much... garlic and olive leaf gave some relief... But how I got them back to being weak is mainly diet.... Had to go back to a very strict diet of Meat/Eggs/Vegetables.... that's it... nothing else... after two weeks of that diet they are extremely weak and I've lost about 15 lbs... best diet ever invented... Protein & vegetables... you'll lose weight like crazy. Carbohydrates turn into sugar/glucose in your body and these things feed off it... w/o it they become weak... so that's a key to drive them into remission... Also recently I started to feel very sick... like I was getting a neurological disease... it was horrible... I had green looking veins that were at the surface of my skin - all over my body... couldn't find anything online... Then one day I realized something... I had almost no white moons on my fingernails...and I knew this meant something so online I found out that its either a Vitamin B-12 deficiency or hypothyroidism... I'm on synthroid for the thyroid... so figured it was B-12... sure enough... I took a number of sublingual (put under tongue) and immediately started feeling better... by the next day the veins were disappearing and I was feeling much better... another symptom is ptosis/drooping eyelids... I read that parasites can cause your digestive tract to not absorb nutrients, esp B-12, A and magnesium... I think its the biofilm or something... so it would be advisable to take a liquid vitamin that can be absorbed in mouth... I bet a lot of people w/neurological disease could be cured with B-12...but doctors don't make any $$$ if they cure you... w/o B-12 the myelin sheaths of the nerves are diminished... I also read that its not wise to attack this from the skin... you have to kill it from the inside otherwise all you do is drive them deeper and deeper into your body... you want to drive them out of your body... so salt baths w/essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, etc... help keep the skin clean) but the other things are only making this more chronic... A few recommendations beyond the diet, Olive Leaf, COQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid (which helps your body create Glutathione - the best disease fighter of all)... Garlic gives relief... recommend taking before bed so they go inactive. I think a lot of people don't know they have a parasite because they do their work at night when people sleep... when I realized this and started putting things on my body before bed like tea tree to stop them... they started doing more work during the day... My naturopath claims that Wormwood/Artemesia Annua will kill it all by itself... but you can't take it for more than about 2 wks at a time... also sulphur homeopathic... Do the diet... any processed carbs feed them like its candy... meat/eggs/vegetables is the only way to get them to go dormant

Replied by Deby

I bought Collodial silver from the health food store recently and am going to try to treat Morgellons which I'm suffering terribly from. I've heard different stories about the silver so I'll see. Praying for a miracle!

Replied by Red
(Fresno Ca)

This morgellons stuff is horrible beyond belief. Nobody deserves it.

Replied by Frédérique

Hi! I don't suffer from Morgellons....but I did get the shingle 4 years ago leaving me with terrible nerve pain..Now, you are absolutely right with Vitamin C and Lysine... I take these 2 savers 3 times a day...Wish you best health for the coming future. And God bless.

Colloidal Silver, MMS

Posted by Lsk555 (Atlantic City, Nj) on 09/12/2010

I am helping a close friend find cures for morgellons, as shes been dealing with this for months and drs have all told her shes crazy - so we are going the natural path and have found alot of interesting facts and hope for complete recovery. We are ordering MMS so that my gf can begin treatment with it, in hopes of a complete cure. Other than that, she is on a very healthy diet, which includes no meat and will build up to a completely raw diet - in order to build her immune system up and aid all of her organs in function. She has noticed a tremendous difference just since we've changed her diet. Bacteria feeds on sugars, which are in all processed foods in some form, and parasites feed on bacteria. Elminate the sugars and ure on ur way! Also, she drinks apple cider vinegar mixed w/water, cayenne, lemon juice, and grade a or b maple syrup twice a day. Nightly baths with food grade h2o2 and baking soda

And a glass of red wine at night to help her laugh, relax, and sleep. Red wine has antibodies which boost the immune system.. Plus, the most important part of healing is a good mind set. This is the first time she's laughed in months :) Use caution of course, and dont over-do it! We started with colloidal silver drops under the tongue every two hrs but are switching to the MMS as soon as we get it.

Hope this helps someone! Good luck and many blessings to u all!

Replied by Nmx

Vegetarians almost always have a B-12 deficiency... which is very dangerous and brings on neurological disease... so anyone not eating meat/eggs needs to supplement with B-12...(because that's the only way to get B-12) oral spray is best.

Concord Grape Juice, Garlic

Posted by Kristi (Fairfield, Maine) on 03/07/2011

I was visiting another forum... Believe me, I need all the help I can get! I posted about night-time tooth pain, and that the pain was just like an ordinary bad one, but instead of the throbbing, I felt movement, along with the intense pain. I tried gargling with warm salt water (which used to work well, until I contracted Morgellons, and they got into/behind my teeth)... I tried hydrogen peroxide swish... Nothing. I read a post, after I'd posted a question about this, in answer to it. Oh yeah, I'd also mentioned that I have two compromised wisdom teeth (phobia of dentists), and that I also, receintly, had felt the roof of my mouth with my tongue, and felt "swirls" of stuff up there, for several days. I had also been clamping down on a garlic clove at bedtime, and all night, which did help, at first, but no longer. In answer, I had a reply telling me to gargle with concord grape juice and seltzer water, to get rid of the "worms" on the roof of my mouth. The poster wrote that I should be prepared to see some horrifying stuff, but that this was really a good thing. It took me a couple of days to get to the store; so meanwhile, I brushed my teeth 2-3 times/day with my baking soda/sea salt/clove oil mixture, and also added some borax to the mix, for good measure. For two days, I did this, along with sleeping with a clove of garlic. Before I could get to the store, two days later, the "worms" on the roof of my mouth started to disappear on the side that my teeth were bothering me most; then completely disappeared, along with the night time toothaches. So I started, the second night with the clove of garlic on the other side, where I have another (not so completely) compromised wisdom tooth, and those worms disappeared too... and no more toothaches. Meanwhile, I was able to go and purchase the concord grape juice, but forgot the seltzer water. Even though the "worms" on the roof of my mouth were almost completely gone, and my toothaches were greatly releived by now, I decided to gargle/swish with the concord grape juice, anyway, to see if anything came out when I spit into the toilet. I decided to use vodka in place of the spritzer water, for some reason... let me tell you... I have done this 3-4 times now at random, and it is always the same: all kinds of black specks, small worms (look biological, like cooked rice noodles), red blobs, clear blobs, a few stirophome-looking things, came out. Each time I do this, I swish hard 20 times, back and forth, spit, then repeat 2-3 more times; and each time tons of gross worms and black specks come out. I believe the purple grape juice makes the stuff you spit out a lot more visible, and it seems, also to release them. I don't think "they" like it. Wow. I do not have a bathtub here, so have not been able to do the soaks that many claim release tons of crap. I am so glad for this, though... at least I've gotten them to leave my mouth and teeth alone.

I hope this helps others.

I've decided that "misery doesn't love company", but misery NEEDS company. Love and Peace and greatest of health...


Replied by Wildfoxfreedomfighter
(Le Mars, Ia)

I am thinking trying this, it is a blood stream cleaner! Anyone else try this or shungite yet??? I think it needs a looking into shungite is a 2 billion year old rock that purifies water, and way more!!!!! Only found in Russia and than charcoal...