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Posted by Carol (Raleigh, Nc) on 08/28/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Recently I've mainly used TTO but put peppermint essential oil and lavendar on the skin directly more every day and then top off w/the TTO.... I've also been taking Echinacea & Goldenseal tabs... Great herbal antibiotics... Lavendar and peppermint are known to kill worms... Usually internally... One can take a drop of peppermint with a little water internally too but I'm mostly putting on skin.... I've noticed great improvement with these oils... They are defininately killing off... The smaller parasites first and the larger ones are weakenening... Very happy w/results - the best I've experienced since I met these monsters 4 yrs ago... I'm hopeful this might finish them off... I also take Nat Phos (suppose to work on long worms) and Silica is also good for worms.... I've found a good homeopathic parasite killer tooo from Newton Homeopathics... I think the essential oils are doing most of the work though.... Happy hunting! Try this I think you will get great relief... Particularly if you are new to this disease. I've also cleaned off my face excellently w/ homeopathic waters of graphites and psorinum.... From 30C to 10M... And LM it can be mixed in water and pounded (look online for directions) You can get these remedies at Present Moments online... Psorinum requires homeo RX however. Best of Luck to all of you suffering from.... Do not despair... We will conquer this in spite of the medical industry!

EC: TTO= tea tree oil

Posted by Nan (Raleigh, No Car, Usa) on 06/21/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Have tried a million things...the latest and best so far is psorinum 200c, a homeopathic remedy that is quite powerful....when I took the 3 small tabs I literally felt these things cramp up in my feet and around my was amazing...they hated it and it was harming them. I felt only slight movement most of the day...Unfortunately w/homeos one cannot eat strong tasting foods like mint, no chocolate/coffee because it dulls the affects. and I foolishly partook of some coffee and lost a little steam... Happily I made a water solution of psorinum by putting 1-2 of the small tabs in about 3/4 c of water and you have to put in a jar and pound the jar a bit to transfer the psorinum into the water and then I put some of that water on my immediately killed oodles of the face mites. Homeopathy vibrates so it doesn't necessarily have to touch something to kill may go down into the skin further than the surface...but it worked amazingly on the mites. I also put the water all over my body and it seemed to work to calm the morgs all over....but not 100%. Definately gave more sanity though, because after the new moon they were going crazy and I was quite alarmed...seemed monthly they were worsening. There are stronger solutions of psorinum...1m & 10m and I imagine they might work quite well in water on the skin as well. You should work w/a homeopath with psorinum as it is strong...I was at first a little scared when I took the first pills and their reaction was so's nice to know you have someone you can call can be antidoted by putting something w/camphor in it on your or smell it. I think psorinum may be our answer to this monstrosity...but it's all technique...dose, frequency of use, length of use...and sticking to a good diet and not ruining the homeo w/coffee, cinnamon or mint (toothpaste) or can look for a list online of things you can't use while on homeopathics....if someone finds the right dose/freq, etc...please post...and I will let you know when I know more. Sulphur homeo is another possibility.... lycopodium or thuja for the spores/fungal