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| Modified on Jun 11, 2024
Willard Water, Dry Oxygen Granules
Posted by Baylieann (Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) on 11/04/2010

I have suffered from morgellons from 1999 to now, and Yes, nearly insane at times.... It has disabled me for the last 5 years, the first 5 or 6 years, NOTHING was available anywhere about this bizarre problem. I have been escorted out of dermatologists offices, laughed at, scorned, etc, sent to laser treatment, cut skin off for biopsy's, all the stuff you ever heard of. I found on the healing grapevine website, a protocol that has helped me, the first and only help, and with time, hopefully eradication! Since I have had these nasty bugs so long, and figure they are in EVERY HAIR and EVERY WHERE in my body, my guess is it will take about a YEAR to get completely clear.

1.) Willard Water, make sure you get it from an official distributor or the main site. I drink as much as I can, often as I can, you cannot over do it, as your body just gets rid of what you don't need. I also use it topically, often, at the same mixture recommended on the bottle. A little goes a long way, not expensive! Excellent stuff!! Make sure you work with your doctor as your body will need less of any medications. Willard Water helps the body work better, the very first day I began drinking it, several bugs on my head were emulsified, turned into white head like bumps, easily broke open and healed!!

2.) dry Oxygen tablets. I take 3 or 4 a two times a day. I also use the dry oxygen granules mixed with Willard Water mixture topically. Again, I began using these two products about 4 months ago, and on the very first day, that evening, the bugs began to die. The recommendation is that you bathe daily in the tub with the Willard and Oxy, but I have arthritis so bad that rolling around in a bathtub is almost impossible, not to mention torture! So, I make a mixture of both products and put in a spray bottle, I spray myself down a couple of times a day.

The healing grapvine also recommends a Infrared heat unit, but I have not been able to come up with the cash yet. They also have several other products on their site, but I am not sure they are vital to getting rid of these bugs. I can honestly say that I also used, bought, prescribed, and made about every topical application known to man, which did not work, and tried all antibiotics, antifungals, all kinds of stuff A to Z, and this truly is working. If I see that sun detergent and alfafa letter again, which is bull, I might scream!! When going through a healing process, it is kind of like going backward through time... The areas that heal first are the newest and so on until I get back to the start.

Right now, a large quarter sized community of nanos are dying on my left cheek, coming to the surface. This is an area where I have had numerous problems, and I can say in earnest, good bye! In some places, I have the worm trails where the bugs escaped, as I am no longer a happy host! I have been using a hand held microscope to keep track of these bugs, and I now actually have to look for the bugs, where in the past, all I had to do was pick any area of my body, and there they were. At least now, I have hope, I have a chance to do some things I wanted to do in retirement (except I am only 51), but I plan to take advantage of my new found energy, and healing to travel and enjoy what life I have left.

I hope this helps some of you out there, anyone who has given up, or anyone who is tired of trying and failing with all kinds of kooky crap. Just to have something start working on these stubborn buggars was hope enough. DONT GIVE UP, we have some politicians, some doctors and some scientists to hold accountable for creating this disease, for hiding research, and for witholding a cure. I love this web site, and have used several of the remedies for my family members, and they work! Thanks! Baylieann

Dietary Changes, Baking Soda
Posted by Britoven (Spokane, Washington) on 09/14/2013

Folks, I have this problem, and I think I may have discovered a cure. First let me say, after reading the many postings on this subject that I see many people treating this as if it were a "skin disease". It IS NOT. It is a BLOOD DISEASE. These things are in our blood. So treating the skin will not help---in fact, it makes it worse, because the morgellons bacteria simply "relocate" to another spot in your body. The only way to defeat this is to completely purify your blood. Now there are 2 ways to do this:

1) A complete blood transfusion-----Not a good option for most as it is VERY expensive to do

2) Blood purification

The first step towards a cure is to ELIMINATE ALL GMOS. This isn't as easy as it sounds, especially in the states. You have to make sure ALL the food you eat is CERTIFIED ORGANIC. NOt "All natural" ---those foods still have GMO's in them. The sad thing is, ANYWHERE you eat out or ANY large corporate food company has some GMO's in it, and GMOS make this vastly worse.

The 2nd step of the cure is to start a baking soda regimen. I recommend 1 heaping tablespoon of baking soda per day ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. This isn't much fun, but it works. What I do is take it with water (On an empty stomach) and then "chase it" with something sweet, like ice tea or fruit juice. The sugar will deliver it right into your blood, and THAT'S WHERE YOU NEED IT. Baking soda will alkalize your blood, and that slows down and eventually stops the spread of these horrific things.

BTW, its not an immediate cure---in fact, initailly, you will see more lesions pop up---BUT, you will also see many of them start to "Seal up" and the new ones that appear will go away MUCH FASTER than the old ones you had.

In case you're wondering, I have a theory on what "Morgellons" is---
First, lets look at GMO's.
GMO plants have "Round up pesticide" engineered RIGHT INTO THE PLANT. So when you eat this food, you are ingesting this pesticide. Now, normally we all think that pesticides will kill off bugs and bacteria----But as we all know, there is always some of the bacteria/bugs etc that are NOT killed by the pesticide(Its the same principle with anti bioitics---most of the germs are killed, but some survive) IMO, this Morgellons "parasite" is a mutated version of some farm pest that not only isnt harmed by the Monsanto pesticide used on GMO crops--IT FEEDS ON IT.

This is why GMOS HAVE to be removed from the diet. ( BTW, this will not help right away either, as most people have been consuming this garbage for years and have a huge buildup of this pesticide residue in their bodies----but the sooner you start the sooner you'll heal)

So there you have it---dump GMO's, and get on a daily baking soda regimen. (Nutra silver helps as well) Take lots of showers, and MOST Importantly , once you start this regimen, DO NOT PICK AT THESE SORES WHEN THEY SCAB OVER.

No matter how they itch or how "ready" they look to be picked off, you will only make this worse if you try and "clear them out"------trust me on this.

(BTW, this is the hardest part of this disease/condition, because most of us are used to having a scab dry up and fall off in a few days---with Morgellons, you need to wait MUCH longer than that---often times several weeks. So in that sense, the medical community is right. "Picking " at these things, no matter how dried out and "above the skin" they are doesnt help. You have to let them fall off in the shower/when you bath. NO TWEEZERS. )

Ok my friends----good luck. I hope SOMEONE will take my advice and try what I have recommended. It is working for me-----it will work for you too.

Posted by Anonymous (Texas) on 04/22/2016

A family member had morgellons symptoms and visited multiple dermatologists.The prognosis was either a bacterial infection or nothing was disclosed. Each one billed around $500.00. An over the counter medication or antibiotics was superficially thrown out. but no relief or little relief was achieved.The prognosis of mental instability was unsympathetically given. And in all honesty she partaked in crystal methamphetamine. So I started to "as physicians are quick to spit out " self uneducated diagnosis to justify their hefty bill. Even though their educated diagnoses had no relief. Just money in their pocket. Well as it turns out Morgellons disease with the mysterious fibers protruding from their skin pores turned out to be subcutaneous parasites. Yes parasitic worms that survive by being undiscovered.

Apparently when crystal methamphetamine is introduced in the blood stream these invisible parasites get super amped and against their genetically instilled antics. and expose themselves. And the almost humorous antidotes and therapies were desperately tried to no avail. We tried to get a prescription for a drug that after much research sounded like the answer, but was denied by some "educated physicians".

So after a little research this very effective medication called ivermectin, was discovered to be the same medication used by ranchers to treat their cattle and horses for these parasites. After much consideration and desperation we gave it a chance. After almost an entire year of aroma therapies, vinegar, ice baths and sticking rolled up news paper cones set on fire into ears. To smoke em out or form some a super vacuum to suck them out. We figured that we had nothing lose.

Well the feed store only carries ivermectin in 1% sterile, injectable solution. I imagine to deter suffering people to cough up more money in prescription form. Well since it is water soluble, we watered it down and used it as a topical skin lather. And low and behold after about 10 minutes these "so called imaginary parasites" started to viciously evacuate from arms, scalp, face, neck, shoulders and particularly close to the eye region.

Now I'm not saying it was that easy and everything was rainbows and unicorns.These parasites must be eradicated in adult and larva forms that thrive in your intestines.So medication must also be ingested and due deligence must be incorporated in the attempt of eradication. Everyone including pets must be treated and everything sterilized and disinfected. and multiple dosis must be taken.

And uncomfortable stool examinations must be closely examined to insure the larva are dead and includes diuretic medication, but most importantly research, research, and research. because unfortunately in our case these educated physicians cared more about monetary gain than helping suffering patients.So nobody is going to be more diligent in your cure than yourself.

Good luck...

Diatomaceous Earth
Posted by Smsk (Hebron, In) on 10/18/2016

This "disease" seems to be spreading. I don't know if it is a parasite or fungus or both. I spent months trying to get rid of it I believe that it is a long dormant mite or an oak tree gull mite. It may have come back from laying in the earth for a century from rain. Frankly, after a few months, I just wanted it to be gone. I can kill it easily.

It's frustrating when you know that your body is having an allergic reaction to something and doctors do not believe you and may say that it is a mental issue it's not; I believe you.

1. It's in the outdoor air, well water, or both. Look up at a window that us being directly hit by the sun as it rises or sets. Does it look dusty even though your home is clean? That's it. That's what you need to kill.

2. You may bleach your showers, sinks, ice makers, hoses, water softener, dishwasher. Anything that touches water and it will not die. Start looking around. Anything that gets evens minute but of condensation needs to be treated.

3. Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is your new best friend. Make sure that it is food grade so that it isn't harmful to any person/ pet. If you have small pets, take them outside while treating. It is in Borax, Peroxide, and in almost anything that other people are using. Put a couple if tablespoons in anything that has water. Do not forget toilet tanks. Next, heavily dust any areas, beds, cabinets, kitchens, baths, wood decks, rugs, etc.. With it. Put some in a blue Windex mixture. Clean with it. Spray bathroom ceilings. Wait 20 minutes. You will see it come out. Showers need to be treated daily until it is gone. Grab a handful of the dust and throw it into the corners and on shampoo bottles/ handles/ anything in the shower. Even if it is perfectly bleached clean, you will see gray particles mixing with it. That's the monster. Was down shower after. Retreat with the powder before you leave the bathroom. If you dust itchy skin areas, it goes away immediately.

Whatever this is, it enters through your skin like a dozen quick, sharp needles. You can feel it crawling, but no one can see it. A thought on the cored particles comin out of skin. It's from clothing/ bags of food like cops, dog food, cereal, noodles, anything not packahed in metal containers. The creature goes through the bag (or your clothing). You have lotion/ body oil/ dry skin particles that attach to the creatures as they break through your skin. And drawing lotion/ jelly will bring it back out of you. The monsters seem to favor females, people with a hormonal imbalance, those with other diseases. Possibly, your immune system cannot fight the parasite alone. It could be diet- related or not. People that shower or sweat more ofte are more likely to get it. Dust you ur hair. Use neem or tee tree shampoo. You will feel it drop off of your body, the itching is immediately gone, enjoy life!

I don't understand how so many people are afflicted with it, but society has made us too fearful of telling anyone because it sounds like a mental issue. It's not. You only need DE to cure it. It's available in food grade for less than $20. This supply of 10 pounds is more than enough.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Terri (CALIFORNIA) on 05/08/2021

I began itching 5 months ago and thought I had scabies. Kaiser could not find a diagnosis and told me I had a bug phobia, wanted to put me on Prozac and send me to a psych.

I went to an outside doctor as Kaiser could not find anything in a biopsy. Cedars Sinai indicated that Keratinocytes were growing under my skin. I presented this to the state of California and Kaiser was told to pay my outside bills.

I am reporting what has worked for me.

I found out 2 months ago that I have morgellons after believing I had scabies for 3 months.

KLEEN-Free Naturally, Super Concentrated (Amazon) will heal up lesions. I bathed two times a day, adding one cup of the enzymes. (20-25 min)

After 3 weeks, the lesions began to heal and the biting sensations dramatically ceased. Now, I do it once a day and also do a bath with organic laundry detergent and 1/4 cup of alfalfa powder. This has been advertised on radio shows as well as a gal who said it healed her on Amazon. Each bath is 20-25 minutes. (warm water is OK, does not need to be HOT) Once you are done with the alfalfa bath, drain tub, and soap down with Dr. Bonner's peppermint castille soap. My skin is feeling great. I am rarely itching anymore, but I use coconut oil, eucalyptus essential oil, clove, neem, etc. to lubricate my skin. Shea butter and vaseline work as well.

I also take ivermectin every week, supplied by an American Frontline Doctor - Dr. Weinstein 1-888-329-0120. I purchase it from Canadian Pharmacy, they will send the prescription there for you. 1-855-872-3485. It is very inexpensive.

Watch the Amazon Prime documentary - Skin Deep, The Battle over Morgellons. You will find the names of doctors who will help you. Dr. Raphael Stricker in San Francisco; Ginger Savely in Washington DC. I just spoke with DNP Savely and she sent me her natural protocol.

I also detoxed with Dr. Schulze's Detox -- or (Amazon) speak with a representative but I used Intestinal #1, and Intestinal #2. I am now using 35 for Life which is building my immune system. You can order it here: 714-485-2299. In the middle of the night, I take 4 activated charcoal pills. Needs to be on a completely empty stomach. (can be taken 3 hours after dinner)

CUT OUT sugar, carbs, bread, wheat, corn, dairy, fruit. Do not eat more than 10 carbs per day. Eat eggs, grass fed beef, organic meats, boars head sugarless meats from the deli. Eat vegetables, salads, homemade dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, seasonings. My treat every day is an almond milk latte - no sugar! Ryvita rye crisp crackers are fine and I smother them with butter or avocado. Butter is fine. I will eventually eat an apple, but I am not ready for it yet as I feel so much better without sugar. About 4 times a week, I get a vegetable juice from my grocery store, with extra lemon, ginger and NO apple.

Eliminate Parasites
Posted by Darlene (Parkland, FL) on 04/20/2021

I live in Florida with my husband and 3 kids. Life was perfectly normal until I took in a deathly ill call from a wildlife preserve. Within a month -first, I thought I had a panic attack cause my heart was erratic. Then I felt generally nauseous. Then the crawling I thought it was fleas, then lice, then scabies can make a perfectly healthy person insane very quickly. It was everywhere. My hair, ears, nose, arms, back, stomach, privates. It has no boundaries. I tried everything. Lice treatments, repellents, bleach baths, every lotion you can think of, essential oils, neem, garlic, I dipped myself and pets in Lime sulfur. 9 months of torture. I lost 24 lbs. Insomnia. My family saw it all, but every doctor can't see it. If you mentioned crawling, the Drs write you off as crazy. They won't treat anything, not it the “textbooks.”

It's probably 3 am, and you're desperately searching for an answer, so I'll cut to what worked for me.

You have a parasite.

If things are coming out of your skin, it could be Schitosmias or Filariasis. (Cutaneous, intestinal or urinary ) look them up. See if your symptoms match or not.
1- take control. Get online and order your own labs. Stool tests, Lyme panel, parasites panel, and filariasis. Parasite urine test. Approx $600 for all. If you can get a dr to do it, then great. But I was tired of running to the “experts “ while I was suffering, and my family caught it. If you want to go the dr route - look up travel medicine doctors on zoc doc. They will know a lot more than regular drs.
2- get the vials from the labs.
3- take Reese pinworm medication 3 days in a row. Start ParaSmart or any other 15 day cleanse you like. But get one with good reviews.
Check stools daily. If they' are there you'll know it. If it's a common worm it will show up in the stool or blood test. If it's not - it won't. Only common worms are in O&P tests. It gets tricky to get a diagnosis if it not a common parasite.
4- if you are not able to get a diagnosis from your doctor- parasite cleanse for 3 months. It's the only way to kill live ones, then larvae, last month is hatched eggs. Then do a 15 day cleanse every 6 months - forever.
5- if things are coming out of your skin you are contagious via the eggs hand to mouth. It's almost impossible to not to
Use your hands - no hands in chip bags, taking pills, washing Vegatables. Etc. I know because 4 people got infected even though I moved into my own room and bathroom and didn't let anyone near me. Still if you cook their food they can get it or if you have pets and you see the signs they have it - it's almost impossible to stop the cycle. They are all shedding eggs too and each of you on a different cycle.
6- if you have pets - they need both Pravecto and Praziquantel which you have to insist they get. Also 3 treatments- 1 each month. I'm not a dr or a vet. But this is what has worked for me after so much research trail and error, talking to drs and vets and a lot of money.
7- only wear clothes once and change sheets and towels every day. Wear clothes so you don't leave on chairs, couches etc. Double dry with dryer sheets. The stuff on your body can come off in clothes etc. Spray high touch surfaces with disinfectant. Vacuum every day. If they are scratching and the vet can't figure out why, and you may see white things that look like litter in their beds, it's them. Don't let them sit on your furniture. Use sheets and change daily.
8- your goal is always to get a diagnosis from a dr. But I know they write you off as crazy, or they don't want the liability of treating something and “refer “ you to another dr. Skip regular drs. Only travel medicine drs will know.

Some things that help but are not the cure:

1- Vaseline to suffocate them out
2- sulfur 10 ointment to suffocate them out
3- pure garlic essential oil and oregano essential oil with hydrated coconut oil 50/50.
4- sterifab for cleaning - even your car
5- Vicks vapor rub for ears and nostril to keep them away.
6- AD ointment for privates to keep them away.
Do those areas first before any thing else.
7- neutragena coal tar shampoo for 10 minutes gets them out of hair but then yikes! All in the back where you can't reach.
8- saline nose spray - big can with lavender. If it's bad use Navage nasal cleanser as much as possible.
9- ivermectin- go to Tell them you have scabies and permathrin didn't work and can you have a dose of ivermectin.

Always try to get the right diagnosis. But a cleanse can only help anyway.
If you live with someone - Assume they have it and treat every one at once.

Best of Luck for a speedy recovery.

Posted by Georgia (Edgemoor, Sc) on 08/16/2016

Re:. Morgellons It has been 5 yrs since I experienced 5 1/2 yrs of "Morgellons". Went to several dermatologists who all but one decided I was delusional and really did not take me serious. The one female dermatologist acknowledged that I had something in my skin and wanted to send me to Duke. I knew they would not know how to diagnose or treat it. I had already read stories of people going in that direction. I am fairly certainy my body was toxic and my immune system was obviously not working. By the grace of God and years of detoxing, eating only organic, removing many amalgam fillings, etc. I am well. I believe it is a bacterial - fungal disease possibly related to the GMO and poisoning by all of the herbicides, fungicides and pesticides used today. I can attest it is real and a living horror story to experience. So sad and shocking that most of the medical community are so close minded.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jane (Barrie, Ontario) on 09/25/2018

Would like to know if there are any substantiated cases of cured skin mites or morgellons. The site contains testimonials suggesting people are progressing, but none seem to be posting an outright cure.

Also--wondering if there are any physicians or alternative medicine specialists who might be familiar with these conditions - have been battling a condition with symptoms in line with your website - have tried many recommendations, still not cured. Willing to travel to meet with a potential health expert familiar with this condition. Any recommendations?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Diamondintheruff (Livonia, Michigan) on 05/11/2018

Uses of Citric Acid and Tetrasodium Edta for Morgellons

Dear Ted, I have Morgellons and was wondering how much citric acid powder should be taken. Also, will citric acid help raise my PH level? I mixed one heaping teaspoon in distilled water with no ill effects. I ordered the Tetrasodium Edta salt that I mixed into water, along with some citric acid, and borox, as a spray for morgellons in the house. I was wondering if a small amount of the Tetrasodium can be mixed with water and taken internally, and if so how much each day? I read that it used to be used in many foods in the United States, so people have eaten it in the past, so I assume that a small amount might be okay, but I need advice on what amount could be taken mixed in water internally.

The following things have helped my condition by about 75% over the last month: I'm taking one tablespoon baking soda-1/8 teaspoon borox, and one heaping teaspoon diatomaceous earth three times a day in distilled water. I drink 10 drops of food grade 35 percent hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water each day. I also drink a couple glasses of unsweetened coconut milk each day. I only eat the egg whites of hard boiled eggs, with lots of sea-salt on them, tuna, and lots of low carb organic vegetables. I eat lots of organic lettuce with a dressing made with organic apple cider vinegar, some spices, and a few packages of stevia. I cut all all sugar and carbs. I do eat a tablespoon of sugar free organic peanut butter each day, and one cup of coffee in the morning, and these sugar free, low-carb items have not made my condition worse like so many others have reported. These foods are low carb and have no sugar so how can they be as bad as eating sugar? It seems like the one teaspoon of turpentine natural pure gum spirits mixed with one teaspoon of melted coconut oil helps quite a bit. I also add a drop of clove essential oil to the mixture. I also rub this mixture over my problem area of my face, and neck, three times a day. This seems to have really helped my bumps and lesions, and my complexion looks so much better-almost normal and it really makes your skin look youthful and glowing. When I started taking the turpentine, I noticed that after a few days my energy levels went through the roof, and I haven't been tired since, so I know it was the turpentine that restored my energy levels as I had been taking most of the other things I mentioned for a long time. I had been wiped out for years struggling to even get out of bed each day. I felt that death could be near and I visited many doctors who all told me I was dellusional, but not one of the doctors would even come within ten feet of me, so I knew they knew exactly what this is, and they are such trash that all they will do is lie and ridicule you to get rid of you because they are instructed not to treat you. All they did was make fun of me, and not offer me any treatments for the bumps and lesions all over my body. Strange fibers, seed type things, fuzz ball type organisms, hair-like organisms, wispy thread like organisms, shiny glitter, and hard, rigid yellow grains were emerging from them, and they would not check any of this and no doctor would come anywhere near me, and just label me dellusional even though I've never had any mental issues.

This morgellons is 100% real and very, very bizarre with the things I've witnessed while having this disease. I feel it was definitely created in a lab to infect, and torture, and shorten many people's lives. I was a 100% healthy athlete prior to getting this, so I don't believe healthy people cannot get this. I know there is a 100% cure because none of the people in power are getting this and all seem to live very long lives. I have no doubt that many people are dying from this and it is stated as another cause of death. I do believe that the doctors are instructed by the US government to treat all morgellons patients in this manner. They stated that I created the 100 plus lesions on my body which they know is a total lie. The good news is that I only have a few bumps on my face now, and they are flesh colored and not really visible. No other parts of my body have the lesions anymore so they like the face area the best and why I think applying the turpentine-coconut oil-clove oil mixture has helped this area so much. The white scaring has almost completely went away, which I thought was permanent, because so many people stated that, so I don't believe that is true because I was able to get rid of the white scars with the turpentine-coconut oil-clove oil mixture. This mixture feels really good on my skin, and really helps to heal. I tried pure turpentine oil and it turned my skin beet red for two days, and then my skin returned to normal. I recommend mixing it with the coconut oil as it doesn't turn your skin red. After applying the turpentine mixture, I dip a brush into lavender oil and brush that over the turpentine mixture to make it smell better, and it also fights the morgellons organisms. This has helped the hard bumps to go way down, and the lesions are hardly visible since taking the pure gum spirits internally, for two weeks, and putting it on my skin. I've been using the pure gum spirits turpentine in the amount of about 2 ounces in my bath water along with 3 tablespoons tumeric powder, and 1/2 cup of each of the following: sea-salt, borax, vinegar, epsom salt, and baking soda. I also add several drops of lavender oil, and several alfalfa tablets. I soak for about an hour with these ingredients every other day. These baths always help greatly. For laundry, I first add the clothes, then I add a cup of borax to a large load, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, and one cup powdered sun bleach detergent. I also add about three ounces of turpentine pure gum spirits since the morgellons seem to hate it. I let the clothes sit overnight. The next day, after I wash them, I add 1/4 cup borox into the dryer so that it will cut up the morgellons organisms if any are still alive. This washing, and drying, method helps get about 90% of the morgellons fuzz balls organisms out of the clothes. I don't know if the other 10% are still alive or just embedded in the clothing. I mix a spray bottle with vinegar, a tablespoon borox, a tablespoon tetra sodium edta, and two ounces of turpentine pure gum spirits into a large spray bottle. I spray this solution lightly over all the clothes that I took out of the dryer and let them sit until they are dry as another precaution. I also spray the lint collector from the dryer with this solution as well as inside of the lint collector compartment. I also use this as a spray for my house including the walls and ceilings. I was getting stinging sensations in my feet, and I started adding several drops of turpentine pure gum spritis into my shoes each day and all the stinging sensations stopped. I have no doubt that the morgellons organisms hate the pure gum spirits turpentine. It has a strong smell, but I don't find it unpleasant, and when the clothes dry the vinegar and turpentine small goes away. Also, after an hour most of the scent is gone from your skin, especially when you cover it with lavender oil.

Molly's Remedies
Posted by Molly (Kenai, Alaska) on 08/26/2007

Thank you so much for your initial email. I wanted to reply and share what I've learned. In my opinion, Morgellon's may likely be caught via a mite vector, but the disease itself is NOT from mites but from a more "worm-like" creature that seems to like living directly under the skin, hence the creepy-crawly feelings, etc. The creature also appears to lower the immune system, making the person vulnerable to a billion other infections/infestations/problems).

This worm/thing is EXTREMELY hardy and is not easy to get rid of, however, it is vulnerable to a few things, particularly the simple "condiment" we know of as SALT.

The following "remedies" are what I've been doing and seems to REALLY help. I thought I'd share in case it might help others. The first two are the most important.

1.) Salt and Vitamin C Protocol:

- 1 mg salt (1 salt tablet, "sodium chloride") per 10 lbs of body weight, not to exceed 18mgs per day), taken three times per day, along with 3,000 mg Vitamin C per day (taking 1,000 mg each time you take your salt tablets).

Both the salt tablets and the Vit C tablets are really inexpensive (you can get salt tablets at your local pharmacy---they are usually $5.00--$7.00 per bottle of 100.

For example, I weigh 120, so I am taking 12 salt tablets per day, though usually I add one or two extra pills in for good measure at night. Drink a full cup of water with your dose, as well as drink a LOT more water throughout the day. The full set of instructions can be found at where I first read about this.

Whatever these things are, they *hate* salt!!!!

The salt creates quite a die off effect---the first couple weeks in particular will be rough. Most days I woke up feeling like I had the flu, though usually I was able to function okay. There were a few days that were more difficult than others (vomit, diarrhea). All in all, it's tolerable (hey, if they're dying, I'm happy--lol).

Though the die-off will continue, you should notice a very sharp decrease in symptoms after the first couple weeks. The salt protocol should be followed for as long as it takes---usually the length of time it's been since you were first infected, so that you can kill off all new hatchlings.

[Of course, people with high blood pressure will want to approach the salt therapy carefully---please do it only while monitering bp, or checking with your doctors, etc].

2.) Sugar Free Diet:

This diet is the same for parasites, candida, and Lyme Disease, interestingly enough. These things feed off of sugars, therefore sugars must be avoided.

As a natural vegetarian, I find this diet very hard (and thus have gone from 130 to under 120, at 5-8"), but it's invaluable, and I'm just trying to do a better job of eating more even though I don't like the food, so that I don't get too skinny! :o)

The basic jist of the diet is to eat only meats and non-sweet vegetables. No dairy, except for butter and eggs. No fruits or juices. No gluten grains, no breads, no starches (no potatoes, etc). No black tea, but black coffee is okay (and I've noticed that plain green tea seems okay for me) and stevia may be used as a sweetener.

Brown rice is okay, and non-gluten grains like quinoa *may* also be okay. Walnuts are okay, and some people can have almonds and almond butter without a problem, but most other nuts are a no.

If you notice an increase in symptoms after eating any food, then stop eating it. Symptoms can often last for a couple days before dying down, but eventually you'll figure out what you can have and can't have (example: can have shrimp, can't have sardines, etc) based on whether or not you feel the little "wigglers" wake up or stay asleep.

A few days into this diet and you should notice a sharp decrease in your symptoms (and it weakens them up so that the salt can really do a good job of killing), though you will likely also experience significant cravings for the forbidden sugars and grains. Break the diet and you should notice a sharp INCREASE in your symptoms.

After the initial big die-off's with the salt treatment, I began having small amounts of sugar (a piece of whole wheat bread here and there, etc) without noticing a huge problem.

There are people who claim to have beat this disease by diet only, if that helps to emphasize just how important the diet is. The stricter you can be, the better.

3.) Helpful herbs:

Olive leaf extract and olive leaf tea. I drink 2-4 cups of the olive leaf tea per day (it does cause a herx reaction---you will initially feel flu-like as it kills stuff). I don't know if it kills whatever is behind Morgellons, but it sure helps kill off something and keep your body healthy. I get my olive leaf tea leaves from, because I can buy it in bulk there and thus save money. The olive leaf *extract* is the more powerful one of the two, though, and can be found in capsule form just about anywhere that sells herbs.

I take Garlic and garlic supplements and also Oil of Oregano (capsules are easier to swallow than the oil). Garlic and onions in all your food is always a good thing---the more, the better. Many Morgellon's sufferers have reported that heavy doses of garlic really helps them.

Cat's Claw is reported to be amazing for Morgellons---I just started taking it so I can't really say either way, but I've read that it's VERY powerful against whatever this is. I've been taking 3 capsules, 3-4 times daily with meals, but I just started this week, so I can't really report either way, but it's such a health-giving supplement that I figure it can only be a positive addition! :)

Grapefruit Seed Extract (in pill form) is another thing I am taking, though only here and there. I've also heard good things about Teasel and Pomegranate Extract w/ Ellagic Acid (both in fighting Morgellons), but haven't tried either of those yet.

I've heard amazing things about ionic silver (3 mgs in mornings) and ionic copper (4 or 5 mgs nightly) (both from, Water oz or Angstrom brands, and I'm sure other places as well), which I have just ordered but also haven't actually tried yet. The copper is supposed to be very beneficial, but just as a reminder, is dangerous to take in tablet form, so the ionic liquid is best. Ionic sulfur (10 mgs daily) is supposed to be very helpful at healing lesions on the inside and outside of the body.

Lavendar Essential Oil works very well on the initial "bites" (the large red zit-like things). It dries them up quickly---apply often and they should start healing up within a few days.

4. Espom Salt baths are helpful (2 cups in a tub) and adding a bottle of hydrogen peroxide helps it get deeper into the skin. I now take a bath almost nightly.

30-40 minutes worth of soaking is important---the salt won't draw stuff out if you only sit in the bath for 10 minutes, so get a good book from the library and relax.

5. Clean with Enzymes!
Enzyme cleaners are good---I've heard raves about Ecovie, but I have Bac-Out in my area, so I bought that instead. I put a bit in a spray bottle and dilute it with water so that I can spray myself down (including eyes and ears) as well as my environment (including the sheets I sleep in, etc). Anytime I feel itchy, I spray down myself, as well as everytime I get out of the tub or shower. It's also nice to add to the laundry to kill things that might be on the cloths. I take a bath in the Bac-Out a couple times a week instead of the Epsom Salts ---probably a 1/3 cup of the enzyme cleaner or so to the bath water.

Another enzyme clearer is Kleen-em-Away---any enzyme cleaners should work well, really. I also bought some Orange TKO (very economical---a little goes a long way) and use that regularly as a spray cleaner that kills everything (including mites) and is also safe for humans.

6. Shaving!
I know this sounds weird, but I shaved my arm hairs and found it very helpful. One of the terrible parts about Morgellons is how "sensitive" you get to anything that feels like movement. The air against my arm hair made me feel like something was crawling on it, simply because of the creepy-crawly feelings that sometimes really WERE there. Shaving hair off really helps me.

In Conclusion:

I am taking all these natural herb weapons, along with doing the salt and the diet, just because...I prefer a "full guns" approach to this thing, as it appears to get VERY nasty when allowed to progress. It seems like the Morgellons breaks the body down in so many ways, I figure a many-pronged approach to fighting it is in order. Some things go after whatever is behind Morgellons, while the other herbs help the body stay strong.

Personally, the worst thing about Morgellons for me has been admitting that I think I have it. It is horrific. I've caught myself wishing many times that I just had cancer---something KNOWN, you know, for which there are certain protocols, etc, or something like that. It has been a true terror-filled nightmare to realize that I am dealing with this mysterious *thing* that seems to be crawling all throughout my body. Falling asleep at night while something is literally crawling up your face is just plain NOT a pleasant feeling!
I struggled with just wanting it to be GONE, to be fixed, for God to just heal me or something (as if He owes it to me). I also struggled with GREAT fear---fear that my children and husband would become infected, fear that we would infect our friends...

But eventually, and I think in good part due to God's grace, I have settled in to this, to admitting that it's real, that it's very strong and WILL damage me if allowed, and thus have committed to FIGHTING it, as in full-scale war. It is not something that is going to get us---WE are going to get IT. This has been a very helpful change in thinking.

I hope this helps others. I am greatful for all the help I've found via a million sites on the internet, including this one. Working together, we can beat this thing!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sammie (Las Vegas, NV) on 01/31/2015

Hope I can make this short. I posted here in 2008, (you can really tell how bad the brain fog was! ) have had morgellons 15 years that I know of. I have made significant progress, and hope thanks to TED!!! I have been recovering, and started this 2 years ago. Have had large nests actually leave my head and ended up oozing out my left arm (6 hours straight! ). Wound appear, and are killed, eventually with daily work, and don't give up!

Great successes, and progress with the following: (this is also the order I started each and I continue with these as the main components)

Dr Amin's program, at

(for the lymph node drainage, I went to, where they have professional and approved and free training on doing this yourself. I do it in the sauna and at home. IT WORKS.

Then I started Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% food grade of course. This site and many others have the amounts to use, but remember, it and the EDTA/AC has to touch the area to break down the biofilm and kill the bugs.

I use it: topically (spray bottle, internally (orally by the drops and also in enemas), netti pot, eye wash, bath soaks, brushing teeth, humidifier, anyway I can get it in me and on them. Especially good after sauna, after shaving head, and yes it does hurt when killing this stuff. Start small and slowly titrate up. I also use it to clean the environment, in pet water, cleaning food. This site has directions for use.

EDTA/AC: per Teds direction, 5% solution. Topically (spray bottle), laundry, netti pot, enema, drops internally (I am winging it here but use only a small amount), spray down my bed and living areas. During shower I spray down with Hydrogen Peroxide. The EDTA/AC stings on the wounds, but it is excellent at desemating the biofim and liquifying all the bugs!!

Diatemacous earth: apply dry to the stinging of the above, I am using it in everything, me, apartment, animals (topically). Cannot live without it!

Daily coffee enemas, I start with a rinse out enema then coffee retention.

Sauna, both dry and wet, I can only go weekly, but If you can do more, you should! I follow the sauna with a long shower, that includes netti pot, brush, castille soap, pumace stone, and end it with EDTA/AC 5% sprayed on brush and scrubbed into entire body and I leave it on to dry.


Finally, and certianly not lastly, but I found that I needed the EDTA/AC, Hydrogen peroxide topically longer, as this infestation does not ever stop till it's dead. I started making this: (I eyeball the amounts and adjust as needed) the first four constitute the base, add anything else that you wish

vasaline 4 oz

edta/ac couple of squirts

hydrogen peroxide couple of squirts

diatemacious earth: STOPS THE STING! And kills without poisoning you!

raw honey 1 teaspoon (manuka if poss)

optional: lavander, clove, oregano, (tinctures or oils) small amount of camphor, ACV.

I use it everywhere, like a cream. On any nest, I pack it on at least 1/2 inch thick, and cover with press and seal seran wrap. These nests need oxygen, you will feel the bugs move trying to get out to get air. From there they are trapped and die in the vasaline! It stops and kills whatever else runs out, thus reducing reinfection and infestation of your environment, pets etc.

If it does not hurt, it is not working. Sorry to say. When I pack and cover a nest, I let it sting as long as I can, then just put a small hand full of diatemacous earth on, and bingo the pain is gone. I leave the packing on like that all night every night, and apply a few times during the day, debris after is imperative. This means using tweezers and needles I carefully pull out all the dead stuff. However, if you leave it on a few hours/overnight, you will find that it has LIQUIFIED the top layer of bugs and biofilm.

There are many layers, could be hundreds. A couple of times thousands of the larger 1/4 in to 1 inch long white maggot shaped things that have the long hairlike structures, have come off this final, and maybe "mother" nest on my chest in one application. It varies, but when it slows, I make sure it is well cleaned out, and try strenghtening the doses.

I got really far with the hydrogen peroxide, but the combo is way great. Please see TEDS other suggestions. Avoid the crap out there, magnets, colloidal silver (too toxic for morgellons folks usually) claims of cures, pork chops around then neck, sun detergent... AHHHH!

I keep on top of the research with


Charles Holeman and grapvine are ok, I don't much care for the others other than published research, I stay away from everything else.

Excellent meditation that includes EBT type technique, excellent for brain fog, depression etc (Dr Wilson is a good web site, his protocol is the same as I have developed)

I keep the wounds covered almost 24 hours a day. This also prevents the biofilm from attracting other insects. Keeps the wound areas moist and easy to deconstruct.

I have learned that I MUST debris the wounds, as the skin will never heal with this crap in it. For the past year, I have done little else. You will have old and new wounds appear. When they die, it hurts, and any bug under it starts biofilming, thus incorporating the dead on top, which strenghtens the wound. Which is why they seem to heal, impossibly fast, but where did they go? UNDER. You will be shocked to see how much of this crap is in your skin, I estimate that my entire body is covered with one or more layers of it. I have also discovered that the white scars left are not scars, it is web and bug material trapped in the skin. This vasaline combo, when used all the time, gets these to come out too.

I do many other holistic things, but this is the bottom basic I am having success with.

Finally, it took me forever to understand that something had to be wrong with me to get them in the first place, so you must find out what caused your immune system to break down and fix it if possible. Additionally, this infestation is very very toxic, so while fixing what is broken, you must dextox regularly as well as rebuild your health. Eat well, organic if possible. Remember, MOVEMENT means LIFE, so try to move around if possible every day. It took a long time to get me very very sick, and I am recovering nicely by slowly but surely fixing what is broken, detoxing (in every way I can think of) daily, eating and supplementing wisely, and trying to be patient. My mind has really improved, my energy is increasing and bounce back is better.

Total recovery is possible, I look forward to better days at least, and try to enjoy the NOW.

I was on morphine and antidepressants for nearly 10 years, now I am off for the last year, and no way will I be posioning myself that way any more. I believe that the morphine (any downers) slows the metabolism, (it does and it slows the bugs too), but you need your metabolism to move well in order to heal.

I am creating a web page with all the cool stuff I have had success with, but will post this info here too when it is ready. I owe my LIFE to TED and Earth clinic, I use it for me and my family and pets. My cats owe their lives to Earthclinic too, I hate vets and doctors (gee, why?) ACV, a teaspoon on their coat, so they can lick it off have brought both cats through chronic cough, urinary tract issues, major abcessses, morgellons attack etc. I use it on them for every ailment, they are 9 and 14 years old!!

Do not delay treating this crap. If you have questions I will check back.

Perception really is everything, Happiness really is a choice and survival is possible.

Earth Clinic gave me Hope, Thanks to TED (an angel living amoung us) and EARTH CLINIC.


Petroleum Jelly
Posted by Matthew75 (Winter Park,fl) on 05/30/2014

Hello my name is Matthew I have had Morgellions for 2yrs. My story is identical to the hundreds u have probably read by now online and in the news. I have tried numerous home remedies and RX medicines mostly topical in nature with not much success. To make matters worse at least mentally I live 6 miles from Lake Mary, Florida where the "DISEASE" was named. I have stumbled upon something I thought it necessary to announce as a huge victory in the fight to a cure to this GOD AWFUL PLAGUE. These things we feel are real and I can make them show them selves at will.

The most important I have been working on a regiment to wipe them off and out of my body. Petroleum Jelly is my recommendation for all who suffer. The first step is to basically saturate your body similar to frosting a cake. Second wait 10 minutes and the magic starts to happen I had 100,000 of small things race out of my skin in order to escape certain death through lack of oxygen (this is my theory at least). I have tried this harmless remedy on my 2 children as well as 3 friends who suffer with absolutely success. PLEASE TRY THIS YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON. let me know how this works and with any luck we can put and end to our suffering and stick it to the CDC the founders of GRID and cigarets that don't cause cancer untill 1990's.

Infrared Therapy
Posted by Karen (Vancouver, Vancouver, BC) on 07/29/2012

I recently went through an emotional upset in my life that brought on the worst lesions I have experienced in years from Morgellons. I have lesions on my face, butt, arms, chest and back of upper legs. I was trying everything to calm the lesions down, including vitamins, acv, hydrogen eroxide, polysporin, and whatever else I could think of.

not sure how to explain how I thought of this, but I have realized for quite some time my body temp has been very low, usually 97.5 and as low as 95.5 throughout the day.

I took pictures of my lesions last week as I wanted to record my progress. My intent was to raise my body temp in the bath gradually to get a "fever" as I know they do this in third world countries to kill off parasites and viruses. I put a cup of ebpsom salts so I could relax as temp changes, especially heat bothers me. So I started off with my bath at 99 degrees, and waited about 15 mintutes until my body got used to the temp change, my temp raised to almost 98 degress. I drained some water, and put more hot water, this time a little hotter than before, about 101 degrees. my body temp increased to 98.3 and was rising, I kept doing this until I finally reached 98.6, and tayred in the bath until my body temp reached 99.2, which took about 45 minutes. I wrappred myself in a robe, wrapped my hair in a towel and went to bed and cried. My body ever felt so relaxed.

After about an hour I rinsed off in the shower and took my body temp, it was 98.6!!!!!!! I could not believe my eyes. I noticed something else unusual, I felt hungry for the first time in years. I ate food, put mineral make-up on and went to my parents house for a planned dinner. My face and lesions felt like they were healing, and the localized pain I felt was gone, I would press on the lesions and they had no pain whatsoever. When I got to my parents, my stomach was grumbling, I loved that feeling, and I had eaten twice before I got there.

When I got home at 10pm, I took my temp it was 98.3 and my lesions had actually scabbed over for the first time ever. The next morning I got up and my scabs were already ready to come off, and my body temp was 98.6!!!!!

I then went for a jog took my temp which had plummeted to 95.9 I was devastated..... I took my temp throughout the day, it went back to 97.5 normal (for me) and my lesions started to look like they were aggrivated, and I could see the little white things underneath. My usual protocal was to get the tweezers to remove them, but then I thought "why not" raise my body temp again? and see what happens.

I got my temp to 99.1 which is high as I could get that time.. Got out of bath and again my lesion were flat, painless and healing. I did not have any epsom salts for this bath.

As I sit here writing this, I woke up this morning with my 97.5. Did the bath until my body temp raised to 99.2, my lesions are almost gone, I mean healed! My temp at this moment is 98.6 and my stomach is growling for food, and I ate 3 hours ago. This is as much of a miracle as the lesions healing. The downside is I feel very relaxed at this body temp, almost lazy, the tension is gone in my body, but it is such a weird feeling not to feel tension in my jaw or hands. Judging by my spit this morning I am getting better RAPIDLY. My spit was 70% floating and clear with bubbles in a glass, usually it just drops right to bottom with tons of white debris and yucky stuff.

I got this idea from reading that Lyme and morgellons people suffer low body temp, like me, which according to articles on the web, can be normal. I knew in my heart and soul, that it was NOT normal for me. Just so you know I have an infared sauna which also can cause hyperthermia, but I sweat too much which cools my body temp, so I can't get the results I get from a hot bath.

My last piece of advise is take it slow, draw a bath that feels comfortable to start, and keep draining and filling until you get the water to 102 to 104 which is the same as a hot tub temp. I did try taking a hyperthermia bath in the past, but I never got my temp up cuz I was trying to achieve 103 body temp to get a fever, but I could never last in the tub because it felt TOO HOT, and I went get out before I felt any benefits. I have concluded that whatever we have it is heat senstive in our bodies, and it multplies when are bodies run a low temp, and connot survive in our normal temp.

My intention is too evetually get to the point I can break a fever, as my doctor told me, that is the bodies natural defense to invading organisms. I pray this helps someone suffering, please post results so thers may befenit.

Lastly, if you have said "oh I take baths all the time, it never has helped", I would say, use your therm until you achieve 99 degrees and THEN decide if this helps you or not. Ideally 100 degrees is a fever, so this would be a goal to achieve over time. It is normal for your heart to race as your body temp rises, it will normalize as lay to rest after your bath.

Dietary Changes for Morgellons
Posted by Jill (Illinois) on 11/03/2013

Been grappling with this for some time.... forget putting things on the skin... in the rules of homeopathy they state that chronic disease is caused by attepting to cure a skin disease by an external application/effort... the body must be cured from the inside out...otherwise, as in morgellons, you are just driving the problem deeper into your body. I've tried it all and some things help.... but if you want to have even a partial cure...the key is in the diet... I think I have this under control then all of a sudden recently it seemed like it was almost taking over my body, then I realize I've just been in denial... track full and new moons... they go crazy after these dates and you want to really watch diet, etc. at these times...I think this is a big procreation time for them. But diet is the key you can almost kill them off by starving them. Parasites like sugar/carbs... you must starve them... I went on a meat/vegetable diet only a couple years ago...and I not only lost a lot of bad weight... but they quiet down to a great degree... they need carbs to stay strong... Salads, stir fry... etc... you must cut out bread, rice, sugar, even fruit is problematic... just meat and vegetables and eggs... you will notice a change within just a few days..... I know it will take self-restraint, but it is the only way and its better than the nightmare these ... also if you watch the "Carnicom" videos he says they take up iron and amino acids in the body... the meat and eggs should help, he recommends whey, but I'm worried whey is made from dairy and might feed the M's... I also recommend Alpha Lipoic Acid... you need to fight the free radicals these monsters are creating in your body and perverting your DNA... ALA helps your body create glutathione which is the most potent antioxidant known to man... so take this daily... I use homeopathy and get some aid from that, but MEAT & VEGGIES is your main weapon in this nightmare. and remember...fighting in on the skin level actually makes things worse... pushes them inside your body....

Garlic, Grape Seed Oil
Posted by Djpurity (Berkeley, Ca) on 07/23/2010

I wanted to add to my post about the grape seed oil and the garlic oil. It seemed that doing the grape seed oil first got a lot out, then the garlic oil from the garlic 500mg gelcaps opened seemed to get out even more. Eating the supplements internally helped and every lesion and affected area has gotten dramatically smaller in just a few days. The thing I wanted to add was the addition of colloidal silver 12-15 ppm spray, which is meant to take sublingually, orally under the tongue. Well, after I did the grape seed oil and the garlic and ran out of the garlic, I tried this colloidal silver spray afterwards on the few areas I thought were affected. Boy was I surprised! Those "small areas" still contain A LOT of Morgellons parasites! ! ! I noticed that there are various forms, and one form is very flat, almost transparent, and it lays in rings under the skin, so flat that one cannot tell it is even there until it dies and peels away. Sort of like a tapeworm flatness. But the silver added to the grapeseed and garlic seemed to clean up every remaining spot! Just wanted to add that!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Paula (Joshua Tree, Calif.) on 10/16/2007

Hi, I have a friend who had a bad case of Morgellons, her arms & legs were covered in bloody looking sores & she told me that weird threads came out of these sores, she had been to her doctor who didn't have a clue as to what to do for her. I got interested in colloidal silver after I became allergic to antibiotics and wondered what on Earth I was going to do the next time I got seriously ill. I got sick and it was going into my chest , I was coughing all the time & had a very sore throat, I was frightend, but I went to the health food store & bought a little bottle of silver and took it and vitamin c about every hour, just a dropper of silver and 1000mg of vitamin c, in just two days it was gone, before I would be sick for weeks. Later I learned about how to make it myself with an inexpensive machine see [email protected] and now I can stop everything before it gets me very ill. I brought some to my friend and she began to put it on the sores & drink it internally in a few weeks they were healing up and now it is all gone, she just has white scars wherethe sores were. This stuff will kill over 650 different pathogens including virus's whereas antibiotics kill only bacteria and only about 30 strains. I have been taking it for over five years with no ill effects and my friend with the morgellons has been taking it for 3 years with no side affects except to get rid of the disease.