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Posted by Fiona (London, England Uk) on 11/08/2012

Hi, I only have a few minutes so please forgive me if this has already been covered but, did anyone try bentonite clay for morgellons? Also organic food grade Castor Oil? I got to this page whilst looking for some other information and hope that maybe either of these 2 wonderful substances may help any morgellons sufferers. Best wishes, Fiona

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Posted by Scabiesonscalp (Redondo Beach, Ca) on 11/05/2012

1. Can Morgellon's nanoinsect eat brain cells? I have been experiencing brain fog - loss of short term memory and lower iq. I read from Ted from Bangkok that the mycoplasms eat internal organs such as stomach, liver, lungs, heart etc.

2. If I am cured of morgellons will I ever recover my brain cells?

3. Can I mix juice with the borax/h202 water? I am having a difficult time swallowing the water for days without juice. The borax and hydrogen peroxide tastes like laundry detergent and I just feel like there's no way I can continue this regimen without mixing juice.

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Posted by Vera (Desert, Ca Usa) on 09/25/2012

Hi Ted, For morgellons and maybe some other ailments what do you think of sodium percarbonate... its breaks down into soda ash and h202 in the body, right? It is sorta like the borax/ h202 mixture.

I tried the borax/ h202 without much success. I also think that my h202 was not good.

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Posted by Sam (Caldwell, Idaho) on 08/13/2012

Over the summer I worked in Alaska for a while. The first week I was up there (around June 20th) I was hiking around and looked at my arm because I felt a strange sensation and noticed a fly on my arm. I instinctively swatted at it and it flew off, and I didn't think anything of it. Later I looked at my arm where the fly has been sitting and doing whatever it was doing and it was very slightly red and raised but not really too noticeable. But there was a dark colored hair-like thing protruding out, it in fact looked like a dark colored hair. I was alarmed and pulled at it an it came out with a little pop.

A month later, the week I was leaving Alaska, I looked at it again, an surprised that another one of those hair like structures were protruding from it, again. I quickly ripped it out, alarmed again.

As of writing this, I just used my finger nails and squeezed at the spot, and saw a little splinter looking thing, so I scraped with my nails a bit more and it became more exposed. Another hair-like thing!! It took a little time to pinch and pull out because it was buried under the skin, but I hope I got the root. I am now slightly more alarmed than before and thought I would do what any lazy American would do: go to the Internet for answers. Any idea what could be going on here? I would be grateful if you could answer or even read this. Thank you for your time, Sam

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh/usa)

You should definitely make an appointment with a doctor or dermatologist!

In the meantime, I googled "skin reaction to fly bites", and found a ton of links. Try googling on "skin reaction to fly bites", and look at the pics and descriptions on the links to see if any look like what you've got.

Good luck!

Replied by Hope
(Somewhere, Pa)

Sam, you will want to research morgellons as I have had to. Don't waste your money on doctors. I've seen 3 and have spent thousands. They will tell you they can't do anything for you or that maybe you are hallucinating or you've lost your mind. I have been using colliodal silver but recently switched to iodine. You may want to get Dr. David Brownstein's book about iodine. I have been taking about 50 mg per day with no side affects. It's only been 1 month so I can't say that it is having an affect on the morgellons, except that almost all of the crawling sensation is gone. It is gone from my eyes. My brain fog is completely gone and my memory is improving dramatically. I am trying to take larger and larger doses as I go along. I am taking the recommended vitamins and minerals and coconut oil. Physically, I feel awesome. I just need to kick this morgellons in the butt. I just think doctors for me were a complete waste of time and money, since I've made more progress without them.

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Posted by Emu Lady (Mcclure, Pa Usa ) on 04/05/2012

I hope to add somethnig that will be of some benefit through this post to someone suffering with Morgellons. I became aware about five years ago I had Morgellons through extensive suffering and research. I came to Earth Clinic many tmes hoping to find anything that might give some relief. You did have some very good thingsI found here plus things I formulated myself. I liked the Borax information connected with Nano. I tried it all as many other sufferers have. I was diligent for three years and finally after almost gonig on two years I am still in remission. I know it is almost as if one has died and gone to Hell. I bathed in Habernaros which was horrifyng and I could not endure long. But since I was an Herbalist for 15 years before I got ill I had a head start. Natural worked, stay away from processed foods, eat Organic as often as you can. Possible connection to Lyme so I treated it that way. Parasites seem to be in control, and deefinitely work on the immune system. I made my own skin cremes whic healed even the scars from the past. I also stay on a protocol as a maintanance. I never ever want to go back there again. When I go out in the commnuity I get myself ready so I do not get a back set. Gas pump handles I use gloves. I try to open doors with my sleeve. I do parasite cleanses and always will. I believe you must get the head under control. They thrive there and seem to go from there somewhat. I no longer live in fear because I can feel secure if I do get a back set I can get it under control quickly.

Replied by Buggedout
(Fallbrook, Ca)

Emu Lady from McClure... would have been nice to hear what is in your skin cream that you used to heal the scars and wounds.

I have used Panalog which is a vet medicine and was blown away by the parasites and fiber balls it brought out of my skin. This stuff is available for dogs and cats but not humans. Go figure. It is antifungal antiparasitic and reduces inflammation.

Our cotton products can carry this morgellons worm and also grabs onto the parasites from other things.

The parasites can transfer in the laundry. Do not believe that they can be killed in drenching clothing for 2 hours in ammonia, it doesn't work.

I have the morgellons phorid flies all over my home now, purely disgusting. One got cooked in the microwave with food and flew out of there in perfect condition.

I recommend everyone watch Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory movie on Plum Island (Netflix) and also research the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which wants depopulation and supposedly plans to vaccinate the population via mosquitos. I believe "vaccinate" must be a code word for "kill".

Research Dr. Carley who lost her medical license speaking out against vaccinations. Her friend, a veternarian, lost his license by speaking out against vaccinations. My dog developed seizures after vaccines I did not authorize, my brother's dog died the day after vaccination during a seizure, my cat almost died after vaccination and was on IV's for a week.

I also think morgellons worms are in chemtrails and in our water.

Fungus and parasites are the basis for all disease.

Check out Dr. Simoncini on you tube, he blows the lid off the fact that cancer is a fungus. If you have morgellons you have systemic fungus.

God Bless you all.

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Posted by Slimpauli (Baltimore, Maryland) on 12/27/2011

Hi Ted, Was in Bangkok in late march of 2004, and apparently contracted a mycoplasma bathing in a local brothel. I went to at least a dozen urologists on returning to the states over a 7 year period, and was flabergasted by the poor care I recieved. Had 1 broad spectrum myco test-neg. The burning and pain from genital to anus was overwhelming. I read your myco-cure of apple cider vin and alum-free baking soda and was miraculously cured within 1 week. Frequency of urination went fron 10-12 times a day to 3 or 4 (fairly normal). Picked up morgellons in California in 06, and am now battling another war. The Borax-Hydro-perxoide and Baking soda is my next protocol. Your articles and advise are a true Godsend, Get back to you on the efficacy of your morg treatment. Eternally grateful, Slimpauli.

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Posted by Rvdw (Groningen, Netherlands) on 11/20/2011

Morgellons is, like many diseases, caused by the intervention of deceased parts (meridians) in physical bodies. This happens by the horizontal network of moving parts of people who are wandering after an out of body experience or after death. They get into the networks because they are not held together by their own souls. This is the result of reincarnation: A reincarnation soul is added to a newborn soul during pregnancy. The reincarnation soul grows into the body of another baby or toddler. The deferral of the soul of a deceased into a fetus happens automatically because to be impregnated women are part of the network. All types of radiation and other improper business penetrate bodies in the network. This could be broken by regularly bathing or steaming. Other methods to separate flesh and blood and deceased parts are required (magnetic fields?). By a mass approach (maybe a system that can be incorporated into automatic doors) the incomplete persons will end up with the carrier of their own souls. With sufficient diaphragm meridians they can take their own soul out of the physical carrier. Once in direct contact with the soul, the person is complete and forever out of the evil reincarnation process.

Replied by Nicole
(Wesley Chapel, Fl)

I would LOVE to talk to you more about your statements. This is the first I've read of something so acutely accurate as to how I am feeling. I even have noticed that my very distinct birthmarks have become substantially darker- and they are all in the exact areas of my worst problem areas! Coincidence??? I think NOT. Not sure how this site works exactly, but this is my attemp to get in contact with you, way after you posted your comment. Thank you! Nicole

Replied by Joanne

I also would like to know more about this post. And Leslie's reply- I live in Sarasota, FL.

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Posted by Annesco (Amsterdam, New York, Usa) on 10/17/2011

Since I first became infected with bird mites, which I believe has now morphed into Morgellons, I have been receiving acupuncture treatments weekly, and taking Chinese herbs to help me sleep. Does anyone have any opinions/research on whether acupuncture is beneficial, or might be harmful?

Replied by Arm
(Brooklyn, New York)

Annesco, I am NYC. I was born and raised here, but never was bothered by any type of mite until about 2005. I seem to be the only one around me except a professor where I had gone back to school. There was a flood in this very old college building and immediately this person and myself were being eaten alive by mites when no one else in the class was. Ever since I have been having problems with some kind of mite bothering; everwhere I go. My first impression was maybe I caught them on the subway; then I thought our apartment house landscaper was spreading them around where I live. Now I am just not suer I just want it gone. I believe it has morphed into Morgellons I have just within the last 8 months started finding the black specks. I have the horrible crawling sensation on and under my scalp and under the legions elsewhere and never find anything but black specks. I will feel something of a sharp burning pin prick and when I reached to see if it is an insect biting me I find these black specks. When these areas get itchy and I scratch I sometime will see something mite like fly off. These things jump into my ears and nose and the worse is my eyes where they force their way into my tear ducts then into my sinuses. I have probably swallowed thousands of them and wonder what they are doing to my insides including the brain. Now I am starting to develop joint pain and brain fog ( I forget simple words in the middle of a conversation-very scary). I have been to several doctors including an allergist and a few dermatologists. The allergist just refused any kind of help and referred me to the dermatologist who in turn told me I have eczema. One doctor told me I have a combination of eczema and psoraisis. If I am put on a steroid like prednisone the legions will clear up quickly but return just as quickly when the medicine is finished. I haven't slept in months and have been in denial thinking I had some kind of mite infestation. I am at my wits end. I have tried some of the less quackish remedies I have read online. The best that I have found is tea tree oil and menthol foot powder but the relief doesn't last long. I also shower in water as hot as I can stand it getting some relief from that. Unfortunately, I don't think accupuncture can help you. Good Luck.

Replied by D
(Us, Usa)

The most "quackish" remedies will be found in a mainstream doc's office. Any unusual remedy (one that doesn't walk and talk like a pharmaceutical) you find elsewhere will likely be at least somewhat effective, and at best no where near as harmful (or deadly) or costly (health and otherwise) as the quackery of mainstream docs. It's spelled "acupuncture" and I'm wondering how you know it's not effective. Ever tried this kind of, um, quacky therapy? I have, and I found it was pretty potent. It may or may not be effective for this type of condition, but it's definitely a worthy healing practice.

Replied by Relief
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

western medicine will only worsen your condition and the doctors will convince you that you are crazy.... You are not.... This is a real issue. Start with parasite cleanses.... Strenghten the immune system with paleo, gaps or candida diet.... These are not quick fixes... I can't say what completely changed my condition.... Emotional work.... Msm, wormwood along with glutathione injections turned me around... The emotional work was the most beneficial. I like the Presence Process by Michael Brown

I still remember the day.... I saw a natural path for the first time and he said I would have to deal with my anger issues if I wanted my liver to heal... I walked out of his office thinking that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.... Twenty years later..... I know it was the cause of all my physical suffering..... TCM hasn't survived for thousands of years on these principles if they didn't have merit, western medicine has alot of merit too.... they have unfortunately been hyjacked by the greed of our society.....

try some of these alternative remedies.... Each case is different.... Keep an open mind

Replied by Jennifer
(Georgia, Usa)

I believe that pin prick pain is the Morgellons birthing a black speck. They build "shooter alleys" to send the larger black specks out to infect others. If I get around an area where they have infested an old towel or something, the ones inside me go nuts. I am using a very good debriefing soap called Natures Gift. I saw huge improvement the very first time. Also diet is very important. No sugar, dairy, alcohol, red meat or gluten/grain. I am taking a supplement called MSM and magnesium and lots of vitamins, fish oil and coconut oil ( both inside and out). Drink green tea and apple cider vinegar. Eat lemons... Anything to make your body more alkaline. Take long hot showers to raises your core temp. Or saunas. Good luck!

Replied by Mb

Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbs and far infrared therapy + an appropriate diet saved my life (along with the use of natural cleaning products and essential oils).
I'm not completely healed (but this has mostly to do with environmental factors - I don't live alone, and keep getting reinfected via others) + yeast is a big issue for me.
Acupuncture helped.

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Posted by Tnt (Fort Worth, Tx.) on 09/26/2011

There is not much doubt left that I have contracted this devilish disease called Morgellons. I am certain of how I got it and who I got it from. I can tell everyone that I believe from the marrow of my bones that this plague is contagious, I keep my distance from loved ones! From prolonged skin to skin contact as in sex I got an unusual rash in the groin area from a girlfriend that said she had a heat rash. After a few weeks of dealing with sores and itching, we tried stromectol (Ivermectin) to rid us of any and all parasites. 2 rounds, 10 days apart, it did not work for us. I can say in my case, the itching is far from the worse of it, the fatigue is terrible and life changing. There is also neurological effects that are frightening. A few months ago I was the picture of health for a 52 year old man, now I feel as if I'm 72. I have a very good doctor that I have seen for years, now I'm faced with the decision of seeking medical help at the risk of being diagnosed as delusional, or trying to treat this myself as many others are doing. Tired n Texas

Replied by Patricia
(Portland, Or)

I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles with Morgellons. I, too, took the ivermectin. And a million other things before I found what worked for me. I was acutely ill for about six months. What worked: hydrogen peroxide and borax solution (mix equal amount in bowl with water) rubbed over entire body several times per day. Cedarcide worked for the environment. Tri-jet fogger. Thieves oil diffused and taken internally. If you have any pets, interceptor is VERY helpful. We had to go to Puerto Rico to get it over the counter. It is by far the worst hell I could imagine. But I am now recovered. Sending you waves of wellness.

Replied by Marcia
(Scappoose, Oregon)

Well, I'm 75 years old, and I know what you mean by energy loss! Here's what I've experienced:
An itchy rash on the back of my neck.

Wild hairs growing out of my head and face

Ears are very sore and I have a discharge coming from each. Discharge solidifies into a crust that covers the skin.

Other: Dizziness, blurred vision, muted hearing, and bumps (sores) all over my scalp.

I need to find someone who can grant me a way to rid myself of this or I'm soon to be a goner.

Family doesn't care/doesn't listen

One son had same symptoms (sores on the back of his neck and itching. He washed his neck twice a day and followed that with a dose of Bacitracin. Worked for him. Worked briefly for me then ceased to work.

We get a lot of aerial spraying here on the west coast.

(Hollywood, Fl)

Hi, I have had symptoms since Dec 28,2014. Have tried many things. For me what I have found works best to control it is Kleen Green by natural genesis. Tell them u have Morgellons. Then about 2 12 yrs ago I started using essential oils on a regular basis. I now sell them. Contact me and I will help u get them wholesale. I use doterra DDR Prime 8 drops day have taken 2xday. Clove, oregano, frankincense, rosemary ... 5 drops each day. In the beginning I used 2-3xday and added cinnamon and thyme. Thyme gave me migraines. Cinnamon hot flashes got too intense so dropped them. Oils are a little hard on my stomach at times so I make sure to take after food and even coconut oil. Occasionally I will back off a couple days. I do think they are contagious but not everyone gets or suffers like with about everything. Worse during full moon. I think I get reinfected by my two cats. They r too precious to me to get rid off. I do use a mixture of oils I got from a vet called Kitty Boost. I forget to put on them regularly ... they are not fond of it but tolerate better than kleen green and baths. In the beginning I went thru some pretty bad emotional times. Find a way to believe u will heal and it will end ... your thoughts are very important ... keep a positive focus. I had to stop reading posts in morgellons groups. I am an empath and It affected me too much. I am told there is a video ... How I healed from morgellons... but I have not listened to it yet. Sending love and blessing to all!


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Posted by Diane (San Diego, California) on 04/06/2011

Hi Suffered with Morgellons for one year was horible. Started using Max GXL(Glutatione), Max one and Jarrows Glutatione 500 intercellular and many other things...But I do believe that it was the Glutathione that helped me get better. Due to my mom has it too and I only gave her Glutatione and she was able to get off the MMS. Diane

Replied by Keith
(San Diego, Ca)

Diane - my name is Keith (live in San Diego with my 3 year old son)... I am confident that we can help each other on the Morgellons front. This is serious and I'm hopeful you'll call 619-550-9755 or email kkassan(at)

Goat Milk Soap

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Posted by Mikey (Portland, OR) on 11/26/2021

I'm really confused why this hasn't been set as a standard for curing and treating Morgellons. You need to use goat or donkey milk probiotic soap made with yogurt (google search to find). You need to soak in goat milk and sour cream. You can also add plain yogurt, evaporated milk, buttermilk, and powdered milk all work. I would do 4-5 long soaks a week. It's important to always use a goat or donkey milk moisturizer on your entire body daily. Internally you should be taking a lot of MCTs. Caprylic acid 3 times daily, monolaurin acid, undecyclic acid, and grape seed extract. All 3 times daily. And stick with it. Most if not all symptoms will subside by 8-10 weeks. Just 4 weeks in is amazing. Also continue to treat and clean your environment. Purchase cheap air purifiers on Amazon or eBay. If you can afford it get an ozone water treater and treat all clothing and bedding. Soak all linens in tub with ozone air stone for a few hours. There also a probiotic all purpose concentrated home cleaner. Continue to always clean your house with probiotics or ozone water. They eventually just leave. It's hard to believe, but they do.

Homeopathic Remedies

Posted by Mary (Madison, Wi) on 10/19/2010

Been dealing with Morgellons for 4 years now... And this is what I have discovered over that time... I think it might be a mistake to drive the morgies under the skin with the application of the tea tree and other harsh elements that just chase this monster deeper into the system... If you must use these skin solutions you must first take something orally so they don't drive deeper into your body.... like garlic or black walnut/wormwwood/clove. I regretted starting the TTO/alcohol solutions which ended up being a nightly event and got nuts after awhile... I put that stuff on my skin for 2-3 yrs and I can't tell you how much $$$ I spent on TTO and the damage to my health due to such strong oils on my skin all night. Recently I decided I had to change. I switched off the nightly skin wraps and now am using homeopathic "waters" that I make by putting 1-2 cups of water in a shatterproof bottle - add 4-8 tablets of the homeo into the bottle and then pound hard 7x as many times as you like each round bumps the power of the homeo up.... Lately I tried Teucrium which is a great worm remedy.... I put the water solution on my skin and was surprised... It seemed to actually kill the worms... I have found nothing that worked this well in 4 years... Literally a white creamy substance came out of the bottom of my feet... Dead worm material I believe... In fact the first time I ever picked up a Teucrium vile I could feel the worms rearing up in my feet in resonse to that remedy...

Homeopathy is an amazing thing - the right remedy can work better than anything your doctor has... I used 200ck Teucrium... I also got Cina (considered one of best worm homeos) after I read that someone was curing filarial disease w/it - they stated that 30x Cina was better than the 200 or greater potencies... So I think a cure could be attained between these two remedies... I got the Cina in 30, 200, 1M, 10M and 50M... I think the 50M killed many but not all... I have not dared to take any of these orally yet, just testing on skin... If you ever have a reaction to homeos you can counterract them with coffee, camphor/ menthol or mint which stop their effects or look online for the antidote remedy for that particular homeopathic. But again the Teucrium responded better and quicker than anything else so far and directly killed worms on the spot that were under the skin upon contact... I do believe this remedy may be the cure... I would love to try it in 1M, 10M or larger but my local store has only the 200. If you can't find locally in your area, order online. Remember to pound the remedy probably 30 times when you first are making this remedy.

Replied by Morgellonsitchyrash
(Scottsdale, Az, United States)

I have lived with Morgellons and I want you to know there is a cure!

Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) is a dental toxicity disorder causing various neurological and dermatological symptoms that are often confused by the lay patient as parasitological infections. The cases of 24 randomly selected patients determined to be NCS cases at Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) by OMA are presented. Previously reported and additional toxic sealants are reported. The dermatological and neurological symptoms characteristic of NCS were common to all 24 cases. Incubation period varied between a few hours and 19 years. Inaccurate interpretation of NCS symptoms by health care professionals is discussed. Faulty diagnosis undermines the patients physical and mental health and further traumatizes their quality of life especially when they are diagnosed with mental disorders and forced to submit to psychological treatment against their will. Medical professionals need to become more aware of NCS symptoms to properly tend to their patients well being.

Replied by D
(Us, Usa)

Hello? So what's the cure?

Yeah, a dental disorder--parasites all over, inside and out, including in the mouth. One of my theories as to why the oil pulling improves health is that it's drowning/clearing/killing some of the parasites in the mouth. Cavities are likely caused by parasites.

After battling this stuff for a couple of years now, I feel pretty much all of our ills are due to parasites.

If you see parasites, you feel them, you swab the spot where you feel a bite or itch, and there's always a black speck/fiber on the swab--then ya' have parasites. Again, so what's the cure?

(Charlotte, NC)

I have been battling morgellons for about 5 or 6 years now. Last April, I was forced to trade in all of my natural teeth for dentures. I was 37 years old. Devastating.

Replied by Debra
(Tulsa, OK)

After battling this disease more than a year and trying everything I've read about my conclusion is this. You must eliminate sugar, gluten and drink lots of water to flush them out. There seems to be no one single cure. Because morgellons consists of co-infectious organisms. morgellon sufferers are highly acidic and need to alter diet and taking baking soda daily. Ted recommends EDTA tetra sodium and A/C. I've not tried these but I trust his judgment and plan to try this. The devils keep coming back even after being removed by the Dr. ( Derm took one to biopsy.) Strange it came back cancer but dr said no way! He took another specimen but forgot to send it off . (Or just didn't want to send a bug to the lab! ). He knows it's morgellons but won't admit it. His nurse told me they are seeing these symptoms all the time. Scary! So no help here!

This disease is a reaching pandemic if not epidemic levels...anyway another tidbit is tea tree oil, neem, coconut oil and diatom earth are must haves. omg I bought a 2.50 box of individual real lemon packs. (Citric acid.) I put this directly on a heavily infested area and let it sit for a few minutes. It turned dark red. I waited and then the burn! I wiped it off and freaked!!! I saw worms laying on my arm!!! Quite a few! I quickly washed them off. This is a scary thing. I tried an anti parasitic orally , got very sick, a good thing! ? Anyway I've heard it's a very long road and you get tired along the way. Don't ever give up! God will give you strength to go on!!! Peace!


Posted by Robert (Martinez, Ca) on 09/02/2010

I am in contact with a biochemist who is experimenting with remedies for morgellons, the type that include sores w/fibers that are actually a type of nano polymer. Last contact info was using grated fresh horseradish root which contains an enzyme to break down the fibers. This enzyme can be searched as it has been isolated & concentrated by certain labs & it is very expensive to purchase. As this is in the experimental stage, I will update to advise progress, however, I thought that this info should be posted as in theory it appears to be beneficial. I would start with grating small amounts & to offset the burn, I would add some honey & take 2-3 times a day. I don't think that adding to foods would be a problem. Please post any results you may have & I will contact my source who is also trying this on themself. Horseradish is in a family botanical group that happens to have more of this enzyme than its other members. As always, go easy & let your body be your guide.

Replied by Jayne
(London, Uk)

Any updates? Would like to know if this is worth trying. Thanks.

Replied by A

Forced myself to eat horseradish in water. Couldn't do it for many days and didn't notice if it was curing me. Soak clothing 2 days in salt water, airdry and wear to bed .Kills it through skill along spine.You get used to it. Wear magnet over the spine, wrist to kill it in blood. Nothing works as well as magnets. Sprayed by others so I constantly have to purge the crap.

Replied by Pip

Hi, please could you tell me what strength of magnet is best one to use?


Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by URANTIA (AWAKEN CA) on 09/21/2021

FOOD grade hydrogen peroxide...just a few drops in water as well and 1 tsp BAKING SODA in water EVERYDAY for two weeks will cure MORGELLONS!! Your body MUST have proper PH.7.5......stay away from sugar, processed foods all the bad stuff you already know to stay away from....CHEMTRAILS are a contributor to Morgellons....intentional assault on humanity and DON'T GET THE VACCINE...IT WILL DESTROY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM....graphene oxide are conductors....nano particles will begin to override your own bodies ability to ward off infection....vaccines designed to depopulate.

Infrared Therapy

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Posted by Karen (Vancouver, Vancouver, BC) on 07/29/2012

I recently went through an emotional upset in my life that brought on the worst lesions I have experienced in years from Morgellons. I have lesions on my face, butt, arms, chest and back of upper legs. I was trying everything to calm the lesions down, including vitamins, acv, hydrogen eroxide, polysporin, and whatever else I could think of.

not sure how to explain how I thought of this, but I have realized for quite some time my body temp has been very low, usually 97.5 and as low as 95.5 throughout the day.

I took pictures of my lesions last week as I wanted to record my progress. My intent was to raise my body temp in the bath gradually to get a "fever" as I know they do this in third world countries to kill off parasites and viruses. I put a cup of ebpsom salts so I could relax as temp changes, especially heat bothers me. So I started off with my bath at 99 degrees, and waited about 15 mintutes until my body got used to the temp change, my temp raised to almost 98 degress. I drained some water, and put more hot water, this time a little hotter than before, about 101 degrees. my body temp increased to 98.3 and was rising, I kept doing this until I finally reached 98.6, and tayred in the bath until my body temp reached 99.2, which took about 45 minutes. I wrappred myself in a robe, wrapped my hair in a towel and went to bed and cried. My body ever felt so relaxed.

After about an hour I rinsed off in the shower and took my body temp, it was 98.6!!!!!!! I could not believe my eyes. I noticed something else unusual, I felt hungry for the first time in years. I ate food, put mineral make-up on and went to my parents house for a planned dinner. My face and lesions felt like they were healing, and the localized pain I felt was gone, I would press on the lesions and they had no pain whatsoever. When I got to my parents, my stomach was grumbling, I loved that feeling, and I had eaten twice before I got there.

When I got home at 10pm, I took my temp it was 98.3 and my lesions had actually scabbed over for the first time ever. The next morning I got up and my scabs were already ready to come off, and my body temp was 98.6!!!!!

I then went for a jog took my temp which had plummeted to 95.9 I was devastated..... I took my temp throughout the day, it went back to 97.5 normal (for me) and my lesions started to look like they were aggrivated, and I could see the little white things underneath. My usual protocal was to get the tweezers to remove them, but then I thought "why not" raise my body temp again? and see what happens.

I got my temp to 99.1 which is high as I could get that time.. Got out of bath and again my lesion were flat, painless and healing. I did not have any epsom salts for this bath.

As I sit here writing this, I woke up this morning with my 97.5. Did the bath until my body temp raised to 99.2, my lesions are almost gone, I mean healed! My temp at this moment is 98.6 and my stomach is growling for food, and I ate 3 hours ago. This is as much of a miracle as the lesions healing. The downside is I feel very relaxed at this body temp, almost lazy, the tension is gone in my body, but it is such a weird feeling not to feel tension in my jaw or hands. Judging by my spit this morning I am getting better RAPIDLY. My spit was 70% floating and clear with bubbles in a glass, usually it just drops right to bottom with tons of white debris and yucky stuff.

I got this idea from reading that Lyme and morgellons people suffer low body temp, like me, which according to articles on the web, can be normal. I knew in my heart and soul, that it was NOT normal for me. Just so you know I have an infared sauna which also can cause hyperthermia, but I sweat too much which cools my body temp, so I can't get the results I get from a hot bath.

My last piece of advise is take it slow, draw a bath that feels comfortable to start, and keep draining and filling until you get the water to 102 to 104 which is the same as a hot tub temp. I did try taking a hyperthermia bath in the past, but I never got my temp up cuz I was trying to achieve 103 body temp to get a fever, but I could never last in the tub because it felt TOO HOT, and I went get out before I felt any benefits. I have concluded that whatever we have it is heat senstive in our bodies, and it multplies when are bodies run a low temp, and connot survive in our normal temp.

My intention is too evetually get to the point I can break a fever, as my doctor told me, that is the bodies natural defense to invading organisms. I pray this helps someone suffering, please post results so thers may befenit.

Lastly, if you have said "oh I take baths all the time, it never has helped", I would say, use your therm until you achieve 99 degrees and THEN decide if this helps you or not. Ideally 100 degrees is a fever, so this would be a goal to achieve over time. It is normal for your heart to race as your body temp rises, it will normalize as lay to rest after your bath.

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