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Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Queensland) on 03/29/2015

Ted or Bill might know whether it is appropriate to use deltamethrin against these bugs in the house. I can't buy tetrasodium EDTA here.


Posted by Georgia (Edgemoor, Sc) on 08/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Re:. Morgellons It has been 5 yrs since I experienced 5 1/2 yrs of "Morgellons". Went to several dermatologists who all but one decided I was delusional and really did not take me serious. The one female dermatologist acknowledged that I had something in my skin and wanted to send me to Duke. I knew they would not know how to diagnose or treat it. I had already read stories of people going in that direction. I am fairly certainy my body was toxic and my immune system was obviously not working. By the grace of God and years of detoxing, eating only organic, removing many amalgam fillings, etc. I am well. I believe it is a bacterial - fungal disease possibly related to the GMO and poisoning by all of the herbicides, fungicides and pesticides used today. I can attest it is real and a living horror story to experience. So sad and shocking that most of the medical community are so close minded.

Replied by Kathy
New York

I am just beginning my external routine. If I miss an ingredient for baths my lesions reopen. Recently I discovered Epson salt and Dr. Clay and ginger bath soak and it made a big improvement. Unfortunately it now takes 40 mins to shower. And end shower and baths on cold water to close the pores.

I'm so tired of this. My family thinks I'm losing it, my Dr n ER dr were no help. Hadn't heard of morgellons at the time, but couldn't understand their refusal to examine the sores and telling me it's in head and stress triggeed it. Over 1 and half years with sores all over my face. In hindsight started yeas ago but less extreme. ER Dr wouldn't come and peaked over at it from a distance. I went in with nerve damage with numbness and he labeled me without coming neat me.

Coconut oil is great to, both for cooking and cleaning.

Do you have any more suggestions? I used lemo on my scalp and my eye swelled up. Finally going down but it hurt! About to start an internal detox

Replied by Hope4all
Salsbury Md

Did you take any medications or sipplements. Im going on a year and a half with this, cant sleep, barely eat and it is starting to show a lot. I was able to buy Ivermectin and Albandozole but I am concerned that it will cause more harm than it is worth.

Replied by Suz

Eat as clean as possible, avoid alfalfa or anything that makes your hair grow bc it will grow with it. Soak all produce in purified water with a pinch of activated charcoal and some vinegar and then rinse. It's a bacteria that behaves as a virus, with fruiting fungal bodies that will alter and attach to your dna, it knows how to hide and to fool your body into thinking it is part of YOU, which is actually kinda is unfortunately. Take only organic supplements from a reputable source bc a certification by the USDA isn't worth the ink in the stamp. Avoid supplements and vitamins with magnesium sterate. Up your vitamin C, do some vitamin C flushes and also some salt flushes. Detox Dudes and Earther Academy are some sites to look up, they offer excellent advice. To understand the depth of what is being dealt with search Harald Kautz Vella and watch some of his videos/talks. Eggplant, limes, ginger, parsley, cilantro, thyme, oregano, tulsi (holy basil), cloves, zuchini, cucumbers and arugula are all great foods to start consuming. Avoid quinoa bc it often has mold. Get your b vitamins from nutritional yeast, take flaxseed oil twice daily and aslo apply it to your skin. Sea salt only, himalayan salt is mostly not really that. Once a week or so take a tsp of food grade activated charcoal with another of bentonite clay and a splash of lemon, being sure not to mix it in a metal cup or with a metal spoon. Drink it in water or juice if you hate the taste and follow with A LOT of water. Now foods makes an excellent Silica complex. Also get: Dr. Christopher's Bone and Tissue Formula, Ionic Zinc by Trace Minerals, Nature's Answer Olive Leaf (liquid), Nature's Answer Liver Support, Coptis, Spilanthes, Dragon's Blood, Yarrow, Neutralizing Cordial, Butternut Extract, Planetary Naturals Triphala, Organic India Neem, Manjistha Powder (blood cleanser, also known as Indian Madder Root), Breathe Right by Organic India and Black Seed Oil. Whenever possible get the liquid forms of the supplements. Ivermectin doesn't work and will only tax your already taxed liver. Some good brands you can trust are Herb Pharm, Secrets of The Tribe, Dr. Christophers, Organic India, Samsara Herbs, Trace Minerals, The Synergy Company (great food based multi vitamins and vitamin C), Nature's Answer and some Now and Doctor's Choice products. Take the tinctures on and off, mix it up so that it doesn't figure out how to hide from it. To break up the biofilms you will need Grapefruit Seed Extract and an enzyme supplement called Restore-Activ. To stop the bacteria from communicating (it does this audibly, many ppl get an ear ringing) take organic lemongrass oil or lemongrass tea. For your home environment clean everything daily, it gets tiring but otherwise you'll reinfect yourself. Use Borax (keep away from cats) in a spray bottle with salt and clean water to spray all linens and furniture before cleaning. Clean with garlic essential oil and soapy water, diffuse cedarwood oil and spray ceilings and wipe down walls with it. Around outside hose down windows and walkways after it rains. Sweep walkways into home daily, put diamateous earth around the yard and home. Use an ozone generator bc it kills it. One room at a time, with the room sealed off, as much as possible. Get an allergen vacuum so nothing escapes and some quality air purifiers. Surround Air 8400 is a great one for less than 100. Switch back to incandescent bulbs bc the new energy saver bulbs don't save anything but they do deplete your vitamin D which is essential for healing. Consider getting a vitamin d3 spray and spray under your tongue 3x twice a day. Switch internet from wifi to wired and use bridge mode, shut off your router's hotspot bc they all have them. Swiffers will be your best friend, the wet pads are great. Change bedding constantly and use a lint roller on the linens in between washings. For detergent use Borax, baking soda, distilled vinegar and niouli oil. For dryer sheets (static is a trigger for sure) use Seventh Generation or something like that. No chemicals or hormone disrupters. Get a shower head filter. Spray all faucets and drains with the borax mixture, clean all vents, get heating vent filters (3 bucks at Home Depot) and one for the air return. Get plenty of sleep, stay as active as possible, get an anti static lotion for skin and use coconut oil and also an arnica cream. For homeopathic remedies: cina, hyland's cell salts (#10, #4 and #5 are essential). Coffee enemas and water enemas. Carrot juice and hyssop tea are good. Clean your vehicle thoroughly like you would your home. And get an rf safe case for your mobile phone.

Best of luck. Keep your spirit high. Be love.

Replied by Alisha
Youngsville, Nc

Hi im responding to your comment where you say one of 5 dermatologists almost sent you to Duke....have you been to any further appts with this Dr to tell them of your success on your own? So they can actually help there from your help? I just hope more Drs start recognizing this....I just realized what I have through research and am appalled we've been left to fend for ourselves and we have. I've been suffering for a long time. But its gotten me to a non functional state. So I've been researching for months what could be going on with my body. I wished I wouldn't have pushed this possibility away months ago bc I just wasn't realizing I did on fact have these fibers in my skin. But its true I did and do. And I'm close to Duke so I knew you're in my area and was curious.thx so much for gives me hope.

Replied by Yvonne

I have lived with this for many years and just can't get rid of it. Thank you for posting it. I am glad to see people are coming forward.

Diagnosing Morgellons

Posted by Rebel (Usa) on 08/13/2014

Bill, Dave and the rest of you please read this about Morgellons and Lyme and the natural treatment here.

Seems it is not enough for us to just get rid of the disease on the skin. This is very scary stuff. I can't decide if I have chronic Candida or Morgellons.

Sounds like they have some of the same symptoms. Could they be linked together? How would one really know what they were treating, when symptoms are so similar?

PLEASE, PLEASE read this link, because I really respect all of ya'lls opinions and I know Bill and Ted know a lot about the bio-films.

I know the way this person talks about the Herx reaction on this sounds a lot like, what I experienced when I was doing the mini-beet protocol. That was to much for me to bare. I know it was working and pulling major things from my body, because the herx was, well if any of you have ever been drunk to the point of having dry heaves. I could literally fell my insides being pulled, like it was stretching my liver.

Thank you


Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

In this post on morgellons, etc. the same mistake, namely that MMS is toxic. Robt. Henry in his post has corrected that definitely as he has worked in the paper industry and my take is that bad research makes these statements. One only needs to visit Jim Humble's website and find out the proper aspect of MMS in that it has saved millions of lives and made malaria curable overnight.

Perusing that lengthy post on morgellons, there must be cures that are affordable.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Rebel

Yes, I read that as well, but this person seems to have put a lot of research into this. One thing is for sure, is that with natural medicines you will always find people who agree to disagree. It not much different than religion in that aspect. We all want to be healthy naturally and the church going people want to know how they will be saved, and everybody has a different views on how to achieve that.

I still have the question though, Could Lyme and Morgellons be a form of advanced candida. My reason for this is somewhere here on EC a guy had black specks rubbing out of his body ( Morgellons? ) But went to have blood work done and they told him he had Candida. The symptoms are very close to being the same with these three disease's. Also I have watch a video on the net ( and yes they are selling a probiotic ) about the advanced form of Candida and they call it the Great American Parasite and actually show a picture of a Nano looking Flea. And this video is about stopping candida and they call this fungus a parasite.

I have done lots of stuff found here on EC. Including Borax, PH buffers, cayenne. And lots of stuff has helped me get a lot better skin wise than I had been. My diet is my weak point. I try so hard to correct it and I can honestly say that correcting my diet is the hardest thing I have ever tried doing. Maybe because I am ate up with candida and it is like trying to get off a drug or something, making me have cravings, incredibly HUNGRY, not just for sweets but anything. I have quit drinking alcohol, after drinking quite a lot in my life time both beer and liquor. No problems quitting that. Cold turkey no problem, but food so hard to change. I literally have mood and energy swings with what I eat.

I thought I had got rid of these little black specks coming out of my arms after taking Cayenne for some time. They went away for a quite while. Then I started a diet, Yea go figure, I was doing smoothies and adding Coconut oil for additional weight loss and after about two weeks of consuming about a TBS of the oil a day. My arms started itching like they did the first time I thought I had caught these mite or parasites ( cutting grass ) I was sweating that day and assumed it was the grass itching me. Maybe this is when I got the fungus or mite/parasite or maybe it was candida coming out of my pores onto my skin ( like how athletes foot attacks just between the toes and not the whole foot in some cases). When I rubbed my arms with any kind of lotion or oil the black specks will come out. That stopped for several months and I thought the cayenne had cured me, but the coconut oil seemed to drive them back out onto my arms.

I am taking a probiotic, trying to make fermented foods (this can be a challenge). Trying to make sauerkraut as of today and have made some bubbly coconut water kefir. Not sure I did it right, but it did seem to ferment and I have been drinking it without getting sick. I take baking soda as well.

I am far from an expert and I am trying to learn as much as I can. So much info out here now, it gets confusing.

Thanks for reading my book LOL. Rebel

Replied by Jewels
Washington, Dc

I believe it is candida related as well because when I first started seeing the signs and symptoms I was treating mouth thrush and a BV with probiotics and had signs of parasites, then everything went haywire.


Posted by Mama2love (Hephzibah, Georgia) on 05/21/2015

I urge everyone that's having symtoms of worms, splinters coming out of your body please get to a hospital are your Dr. Office, this is a deadly disease and is cause by a sand flea bite.Look up Leishmaniasis Disease- Please I'm going to the hospital in the morning, I have the lesions and splinters, and worms, now throwing up blood, this is very serious disease, they have medication for this, it's called Milterfosine pill form.Write this down when you do see health professionals, I hope this helps all out there thats been suffering in silent.

Gods Speed

Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Smsk (Hebron, In) on 10/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

This "disease" seems to be spreading. I don't know if it is a parasite or fungus or both. I spent months trying to get rid of it I believe that it is a long dormant mite or an oak tree gull mite. It may have come back from laying in the earth for a century from rain. Frankly, after a few months, I just wanted it to be gone. I can kill it easily.

It's frustrating when you know that your body is having an allergic reaction to something and doctors do not believe you and may say that it is a mental issue it's not; I believe you.

1. It's in the outdoor air, well water, or both. Look up at a window that us being directly hit by the sun as it rises or sets. Does it look dusty even though your home is clean? That's it. That's what you need to kill.

2. You may bleach your showers, sinks, ice makers, hoses, water softener, dishwasher. Anything that touches water and it will not die. Start looking around. Anything that gets evens minute but of condensation needs to be treated.

3. Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is your new best friend. Make sure that it is food grade so that it isn't harmful to any person/ pet. If you have small pets, take them outside while treating. It is in Borax, Peroxide, and in almost anything that other people are using. Put a couple if tablespoons in anything that has water. Do not forget toilet tanks. Next, heavily dust any areas, beds, cabinets, kitchens, baths, wood decks, rugs, etc.. With it. Put some in a blue Windex mixture. Clean with it. Spray bathroom ceilings. Wait 20 minutes. You will see it come out. Showers need to be treated daily until it is gone. Grab a handful of the dust and throw it into the corners and on shampoo bottles/ handles/ anything in the shower. Even if it is perfectly bleached clean, you will see gray particles mixing with it. That's the monster. Was down shower after. Retreat with the powder before you leave the bathroom. If you dust itchy skin areas, it goes away immediately.

Whatever this is, it enters through your skin like a dozen quick, sharp needles. You can feel it crawling, but no one can see it. A thought on the cored particles comin out of skin. It's from clothing/ bags of food like cops, dog food, cereal, noodles, anything not packahed in metal containers. The creature goes through the bag (or your clothing). You have lotion/ body oil/ dry skin particles that attach to the creatures as they break through your skin. And drawing lotion/ jelly will bring it back out of you. The monsters seem to favor females, people with a hormonal imbalance, those with other diseases. Possibly, your immune system cannot fight the parasite alone. It could be diet- related or not. People that shower or sweat more ofte are more likely to get it. Dust you ur hair. Use neem or tee tree shampoo. You will feel it drop off of your body, the itching is immediately gone, enjoy life!

I don't understand how so many people are afflicted with it, but society has made us too fearful of telling anyone because it sounds like a mental issue. It's not. You only need DE to cure it. It's available in food grade for less than $20. This supply of 10 pounds is more than enough.

Replied by Natelie
East Texas

I seem to break out in little red bumps that itch and have a tiny white head and its usually association with me getting over heated. I. Recently got bv which brought this on again . but this time it turned to major sores. I cleansed. And I had a magnifying glass with a light. I wanted to inspect my scabs after. I noticed a few seconds with this light or heat little white wax would come out .as soon as it did id look under the magnifyinge glass at it and it appeared not to be moving so I thought it was clogged pores. They come out thru hair follicles . I was tripping out so I checked other parts of my body and everywhere I put the light my skin would sparkle like sweat and these little white things came out. But it does feel like so.ething is crawling all thru my skin and some do look different in color I just thought it was dirty pores ftom the yeast infection . So I suggest taking a magnifying glass to your doctor like im going to do. But they come out of the skin within seconds of the light or heat from light. So may be heat related thats what causes my normal rashes.

Replied by Deb
Battle Creek, Mi
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How are you now? I have done DE but not long enough

Dietary Changes

Posted by Sky (Boston, Ma) on 10/14/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Morgellons: I have had this for a few months only. I found that ivermectin helped with the initial horrifying outbreak, and now I am on a protocol of various vitamins and supplements, plus bio-active silver. The silver helps a lot...when I feel a bite or pricking sensation in my skin, I rub a little silver water on it, and it goes away. Also seems to help heal my skin. Changing my diet has been hugely helpful--no sugar (no fruit except lemons and limes, no maple syrup on honey), no carbs (no bread, rice, potatoes, etc., only a tiny amount of lentils sometimes), no grains, no dairy, only organic meats, veggies, eggs, almond milk, plus lots of water and herbal teas (green tea.) No coffee or caffeine. I once went off my diet, because I was feeling so good, and had a major diet is key. It's hard in the beginning, but you lose your cravings for sugar soon..and it stabilizes your appetite. I can easily go from lunch to dinner without wanting an afternoon snack or caffeine which is a first for me. I've lost 20 pounds effortlessly, too.

Posted by Anna (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on 04/18/2011


I have had this for almost 2 years now, but I have to say that since I started an alkaline diet like changing cow milk with almond milk, lowering my sugar intake and taking 2 spoons of wheat grass powder at night before going to bed, I almost forgot about the crawling stinging, and itching sensation.

I take 1 spirulina pill with a multivitamin in the morning and 1 maca pill just to start my day and feel full of energy. Maca is great against Morguellons because not only is good for the inmune system and energy also it gets rid of the pain I used to feel, the stinging sensation. I take maca 1 or twice a day. Also I lowered my sugar intake, but sometimes I get a few cookies or chocolate during the day with no effects of any kind.

I don't take colloidal silver, MSO, garlic pills, alfalfa or any other stuff I used to take before when I was desperate looking for something that could give me my normal life back. I don't see those horrible black dots or hair anymore. Sometimes I even forget that I have this disease and feel that thank God I am living a normal life now.

Replied by Deb
Michigan, US
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How are you now? Still trying to combat this.

Dietary Changes for Morgellons

Posted by Jill (Illinois) on 11/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Been grappling with this for some time.... forget putting things on the skin... in the rules of homeopathy they state that chronic disease is caused by attepting to cure a skin disease by an external application/effort... the body must be cured from the inside out...otherwise, as in morgellons, you are just driving the problem deeper into your body. I've tried it all and some things help.... but if you want to have even a partial cure...the key is in the diet... I think I have this under control then all of a sudden recently it seemed like it was almost taking over my body, then I realize I've just been in denial... track full and new moons... they go crazy after these dates and you want to really watch diet, etc. at these times...I think this is a big procreation time for them. But diet is the key you can almost kill them off by starving them. Parasites like sugar/carbs... you must starve them... I went on a meat/vegetable diet only a couple years ago...and I not only lost a lot of bad weight... but they quiet down to a great degree... they need carbs to stay strong... Salads, stir fry... etc... you must cut out bread, rice, sugar, even fruit is problematic... just meat and vegetables and eggs... you will notice a change within just a few days..... I know it will take self-restraint, but it is the only way and its better than the nightmare these ... also if you watch the "Carnicom" videos he says they take up iron and amino acids in the body... the meat and eggs should help, he recommends whey, but I'm worried whey is made from dairy and might feed the M's... I also recommend Alpha Lipoic Acid... you need to fight the free radicals these monsters are creating in your body and perverting your DNA... ALA helps your body create glutathione which is the most potent antioxidant known to man... so take this daily... I use homeopathy and get some aid from that, but MEAT & VEGGIES is your main weapon in this nightmare. and remember...fighting in on the skin level actually makes things worse... pushes them inside your body....

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

I don't understand the full spectrum of morgellon cases but when I did develop the problem, I got rid of it easy.

Morgellons seems to be a warm climate parasite that burrows under the skin. I think I got mine from swimming. I could feel the tingling especially on my forehead. parasites seem to want to migrate there for some reason. Lot of people with morgellons have reported similar. I even had a thicket like thing growing out of my forehead. they are skin parasites from most of the reports I have so they live in the skin.

I just wiped a lemon across forehead for a couple days then no more tingling.

The thing growing out of my forehead, I got rid of by applying dmso and citric acid a couple times. it fell off within 2 days. the citric acid wouldn't penetrate with the dmso.

Haven't had anymore problems.

Dietary Changes, Baking Soda

Posted by Britoven (Spokane, Washington) on 09/14/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Folks, I have this problem, and I think I may have discovered a cure. First let me say, after reading the many postings on this subject that I see many people treating this as if it were a "skin disease". It IS NOT. It is a BLOOD DISEASE. These things are in our blood. So treating the skin will not help---in fact, it makes it worse, because the morgellons bacteria simply "relocate" to another spot in your body. The only way to defeat this is to completely purify your blood. Now there are 2 ways to do this:

1) A complete blood transfusion-----Not a good option for most as it is VERY expensive to do

2) Blood purification

The first step towards a cure is to ELIMINATE ALL GMOS. This isn't as easy as it sounds, especially in the states. You have to make sure ALL the food you eat is CERTIFIED ORGANIC. NOt "All natural" ---those foods still have GMO's in them. The sad thing is, ANYWHERE you eat out or ANY large corporate food company has some GMO's in it, and GMOS make this vastly worse.

The 2nd step of the cure is to start a baking soda regimen. I recommend 1 heaping tablespoon of baking soda per day ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. This isn't much fun, but it works. What I do is take it with water (On an empty stomach) and then "chase it" with something sweet, like ice tea or fruit juice. The sugar will deliver it right into your blood, and THAT'S WHERE YOU NEED IT. Baking soda will alkalize your blood, and that slows down and eventually stops the spread of these horrific things.

BTW, its not an immediate cure---in fact, initailly, you will see more lesions pop up---BUT, you will also see many of them start to "Seal up" and the new ones that appear will go away MUCH FASTER than the old ones you had.

In case you're wondering, I have a theory on what "Morgellons" is---
First, lets look at GMO's.
GMO plants have "Round up pesticide" engineered RIGHT INTO THE PLANT. So when you eat this food, you are ingesting this pesticide. Now, normally we all think that pesticides will kill off bugs and bacteria----But as we all know, there is always some of the bacteria/bugs etc that are NOT killed by the pesticide(Its the same principle with anti bioitics---most of the germs are killed, but some survive) IMO, this Morgellons "parasite" is a mutated version of some farm pest that not only isnt harmed by the Monsanto pesticide used on GMO crops--IT FEEDS ON IT.

This is why GMOS HAVE to be removed from the diet. ( BTW, this will not help right away either, as most people have been consuming this garbage for years and have a huge buildup of this pesticide residue in their bodies----but the sooner you start the sooner you'll heal)

So there you have it---dump GMO's, and get on a daily baking soda regimen. (Nutra silver helps as well) Take lots of showers, and MOST Importantly , once you start this regimen, DO NOT PICK AT THESE SORES WHEN THEY SCAB OVER.

No matter how they itch or how "ready" they look to be picked off, you will only make this worse if you try and "clear them out"------trust me on this.

(BTW, this is the hardest part of this disease/condition, because most of us are used to having a scab dry up and fall off in a few days---with Morgellons, you need to wait MUCH longer than that---often times several weeks. So in that sense, the medical community is right. "Picking " at these things, no matter how dried out and "above the skin" they are doesnt help. You have to let them fall off in the shower/when you bath. NO TWEEZERS. )

Ok my friends----good luck. I hope SOMEONE will take my advice and try what I have recommended. It is working for me-----it will work for you too.

Replied by Deby

I'm a strong believer in what your saying about baking soda, also the silver. I'm going to start the baking soda today as well as collodial silver, ACV, probiotics, vitamin C, and eliminating gluten and sugar. Will post results. Definitely believe it's systemic and some of the qualities of this are bizarre such as the high temperatures this thing survives, and even thrives at. Lots of baths help! Also after you bathe if you get out and towel dry then apply lotion you will get an abundance of fiber activity and will have to get back in the shower! To me this us a good sign!!! Together we can beat this!!

Replied by Mishel
Sydney, Australia

Your personal advice gives me some hope. thank you.

Replied by Lana
Lake Jackson, Tx

Everything u said is probably true but I have seen and watched this organism and try to completely cure it. If u don't get sun rays or tanning bed rays extensively you will not know if it's gone. I have battled this weird crap for 40 years. I have studied it in all forms and researched it until I give up until I break out again. The energy the organism has is searching for moisture and a budding effect in production. For survival it will host on plants or animals. First I believed it was half plant, half animal. Mites, also but I do think in some way it has something to do with flies? Or flies like to eat it? I really want to know before I die because the disease is baffling and has caused me torment through the years. And I can't even guess at the money value!

Replied by Isaac
Washington, In

I understand that your post is older but I had a question regarding the baking soda regimen which is "Can I take more than (1) heaping tablespoon of baking soda during a day or is that too excessive health wise?

Replied by Patty

Hi Lana. Are still posting to this site? I have also had Morgellons for 40+ years and would love to chat with someone who can relate to this illness.

Dietary Changes, Oil Pulling, Wormwood

Posted by Jeanne (Phoenix, Arizona) on 05/30/2011

I have only had this for a few months. I have tried tea tree oil, eucalyptis wormwood and oil pulling. Has anyone tried any of these? Granted I am new at this and have only had it a short time (maybe 4 or 5 months). I thought I had everything from fleas to bedbugs to scabies and also thought it was in my head. I've seen the black dots, red oblong things, white things, round things and once I did see stringlike fibers coming out of one of my toes. The oil pulling seems to be helping along with about 40 drops of wormwood in about 3 or 4 TBS of water right before I eat anything. Also staying away from sugar and MSG (which is what I lived on since moving). I recently moved from cold PA to warm AZ and believe that was the beginning for me. I do believe staying cleansed and sugar and MSG free helps lots. Thanks for letting me sound and I will continue to stay tuned.

Replied by Vinny
Atlanta, Georgia

I would tell everyone to be careful with Cloves, Cinnamon, and Wormwood as these three contain a toxic chemical called Eugenol and Morgellon victims may be allergic to and not even know it!

This was one of the few chemicals Dr Omar Amin's patients were allergic to when he diagnosed them with Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (aka Morgellons).

I used to take this stuff but stopped immediately. I rather not risk it. Dr Amin states that if one takes things that contain this chemical (or others on his list), it could very possibly delay the healing process.

He proves this condition is not caused by Parasites. Please read his publications; He has cured many who had extremely high levels of mercury and allergies to certain chemicals that then brought up the common symptoms of Morgellons (including fibers)

Tucson, Az

They are bugs that look like lint all over the clothes you wear. sometimes they take over a piece of human or pet hair, threads etc, anything that has static gives them power. they are in my body now (i had a huge open wound (staph infection) on my face & am guessing that's how they mad me a host)i have even seen the cotton ball fibers from a brand new box move as if alive. they do look for moisture to lay their eggs. i discovered this when my refrigerator leaked & they were on the floor next to larva in the puddle. more than once this happened. i also had larva on my earlobes when i went to bed with wet hair. i believe we will never rid our bodies of this unless we figure out their life cycle & kill the bugs.i went to goodwill in scottsdale yesterday & found it on a few pieces of clothing there. this is an epidemic that needs to be taken seriously by the public! i have seen the parasite coming out of my skin with a 10 x magnifying mirror..

Replied by Leah
Philadelphia, Pa

Hi all, I just wanted to jump in here. I first read about this condition last year. I don't have it but I believe what you are going through is real. There is a website with a protocol from a person who cured it with help from a good Dr:

As I said I didn't try this because I'm not a sufferer but the protocol makes sense to me because it involves both killing the viruses, fungi, parasites and improving your immune system.

Wishing you all well soon!

Replied by Carolynne
Collierville, Tn./usa

For anyone that has a form of fungus in their body.... Use Oregano oil. I like the oil capsules. It is considered the only thing that will get rid of fungus in the body.

Replied by Anthony

I believe that it is one of many types of biofilms of ubiquitous bacteria that has been engineered by oil companies by altering the bacteria's genome so as to easily consume oil and solvents spilled in the environment. Oil company spokes-people however refrain from calling these organisms "unpredictable, chemical-eating monster bacteria" and refer to them as merely "natural dispersants for bio-remediation.") Whether any of the original mutated forms survived naturally after being used or tested on chemical spills as early as the 1970's, many hybrids actually have U.S. patents and continue to be engineered while simultaneously evolving and directly transferring genes to their offspring eventually and unethically creating something that is more harmful than it is useful. Keratinocytes, especially at the hair root matrix can be modified in any number of ways so that what once grew into hair, now grows into mutant insect-like things that fly away from the human scalp. Very few researches actually understand that as organisms grow, cells begin to lyse and release eDNA and vesicle membranes in a chain reaction cloning process. This runaway gene transfer may be like the HIV virus whereby AIDS can be delayed with various treatment agents and strategies. However, once infected, you're unfortunately infected for life unless your immune system suddenly recognizes the biofilm material as something menacing that creates unwanted and harmful genetic changes to basal skin cells and keratinocytes and a strong immune responses then ensue in order to try to reverse the infection which is now not an infection but rather your genetically modified self.

Digestive Enzymes and Sulfur Supplements

Posted by Rathmussen (Montreal, Canada) on 05/19/2008

MORGELLONS: I've been reading a lot about this condition because I happened to come across it in a forum. My heart goes out to all sufferers! I just thought I would add 2 suggested treatments that I came across because they weren't posted here. One woman said she had great luck with putting digestive enzymes on the sores, the idea being they will eat through protective proteins surrounding the infectious organism. Another poster suggested taking sulfur supplements and using it topically. An interesting piece of information I found is that there is a high incidence of concurrent Lyme disease with Morgellons, so treating that might help your immune deal with the skin infection. Two antibiotics were also mentioned (Doxycycline and Rifampin), but the poster suggested you had to take it for a year or two to clear it up. If I had either of these conditions and they weren't getting better with other treatments, I think I would try that chlorine dioxide (MMS) that there is such a buzz about. It's not well tested and it might not help, but I haven't come across any testimonials that suggest it's actually dangerous in such small doses. I think I would go batty if I had this! I hope everyone triumphs over this darn thing! Good luck!


Posted by Nanm (Minneapolis, MN) on 11/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Morgies Don't Like These

Just wanted to mention that nothing calms these beasties down like eggs... don't know if it is the sulphur in eggs but when I eat eggs they go really slows them and takes away a lot of their power. Unfortunately there are very few foods that they don't like so if I want to keep them at bay I have to be on a diet of eggs...meat is okay too...lettuce, celery, not a lot of other things do the job... But Eggs are like magic...try it. I make up a batch of boiled eggs and pop one when I need it...

Don't eat sugar, processed foods, wheat, most foods stick to the foods above for a couple weeks you will see results. I've soaked in everything, making myself sick w/all those things, dried my skin out with so many salt baths I swear I look 10 years older...eggs are healthy, the perfect protein they say.

Replied by Connieishere
Lapeer, Michigan
4 out of 5 stars

Whenever I start to feel 'sick', actually SO tired, and NO MATTER WHAT I HARD I STRY TO STAY AWAKE, I STILL FALL ASLEEP - I KNOW the 'bugs' are working. So, I start to eat eggs like they are CANDY! Just a saying, I try not to eat sugar. But . . . they WORK!!! They are NOT a cure, but they help!


Replied by Angela
Smalltown, Bc

I read somewhere else on this site that you can cover your dog in mayonnaise to kill mange mites, (for as long as possible) then rinse with vinegar water. I had mites and tried it on myself. It helped. Not sure if it would help with Morgellon's, but hey, if eggs help, it might be worth a try. (Pure mayo is just eggs, oil, and vinegar, you can make it at home or just use any brand) Just a thought anyways. At least it won't hurt you.

Replied by Vinny
Atlanta, Georgia

I had eggs for dinner during the early stages of my condition, and it didn't work for me whatsoever.

Be advised Eggs are acidic not an alkaline food so maybe I was somewhat alkalined and then I got acidic due to having eggs (as I had them for dinner and had lots thinking it was alkaline food.. I was wrong)

Replied by Hannah
London, UK

Yes, ever since I've had this I've been craving eggs. I'm eating loads of them, and I'm doing quite well. It's not just the eggs, I've also been avoiding wheat and dairy products. And taking multivitamins, digestive enzymes, N-acetyl cystein and amino acids. (On the advice of a friend with the same symptoms). I still have some exit and crawling but not much, and my life (at the moment at least), is pretty normal.

Replied by Debra
Tulsa, OK

It's the sulphur in the eggs they don't like. I've read skin sulphur products are good as well.

Replied by Rhonda
Courtenay, Bc

One and a half cups of Borax and add 4 tablespoons of antibacterial soap. This kills them.
But not all of them you have to keep doing it and be careful your skin will get really dry
After I'm done with that, I get to essential oils, sage and Teatree oil and be very careful with them; they can get hot and I mix them together and then I put that all over my body
But I also have Cayenne with oil soap to make sure my skin's getting the proper nutrients
I think all my vitamins plus vitamin C three times a day for magnesium is well and I also take glucosamine w/sulfur in it. Now I've made up my own cloves cinnamon tea and I drink that three times a day; it's very strong, clove kills things


Posted by Michael (Houston, Texas) on 04/07/2011

Morgellons is a bio-electrical organism. Microscopic evidence shows tiny light emitting organisms.

You can see their electrical nature in these videos;

Because of the electrical nature of these creatures they are resistant to chemicals. Chemicals have a limited effect because the body is always cleansing itself by eliminating foreign substances through the liver and bladder. The effectiveness of chemicals is temporary and mediocre. The reason for the difficulty in finding a cure is that everyone is trying to fight an electrical problem with chemicals. We must fight these organisms by attacking their electrical metabolism. Therefore electricity is the logical solution for a cure. Electrical circuits are affected by electrical signals and magnetism. This effect can be seen in AM radios or in older TVs when a powerful CB operator is nearby. Interference is caused affecting their performance. This concept is used by the military to knock out enemy communications through destructive interference. A very powerful signal is transmitted which is picked up by the enemy stopping their ability to communicate. The basis for my theory are established scientific principles of signal propagation. Morgellons lives in a non-electrical environment, the blood stream. If a very small amount of electrical energy is introduced into the blood stream, a disruption of the organism's life processes results. The organism dies and it eliminated out of the body. As a sufferer of Morgellons for eight years, on March 24, 2011 I tested this theory on myself using a device. I am now cured.

Even though I have explained the theory behind the disruption of electrical circuitry and its relation to this organism, there will always be those that doubt. There will always be those that search for a medical miracle from some form of medicine. So far, modern pharmacology doesn't have the answer. People are suffering needlessly and some are even dying. This problem is unique so we must think outside of the box by putting away old ideas which don't work and be willing to accept new concepts if we are to survive. This is a challenge which we cannot lose because our lives depend on it.

Replied by Roec
Los Angeles, Ca

Hi there, What the original post left out was "the Bob Beck Protocol" or "Dr Hulda Clark Zapper" where a small 9 volt battery (the one most often used in smoke alarms) is put into a device that has a circuit board that pulses electric currents at a pre set frequency.

Some of these devices have two (positive and Negative) grip handles you hold in the palm of each hand. Others are as small or smaller than a garage door opener that has 2 copper or silver discs (poz and neg) on the same side side. You then place that anywhere on the body to introduce the electric currents into the body. Some even have wrist bands to attach to the wrists.

I bought one cheap on Amazon. I was skeptical at 1st because, the electric currents are so low, how do you know if its really working other than the little flashing red light that indicates its in use?

Well, I got out of the shower one day and put allot of olive oil on my scalp. Then later I sprayed a magnesium salt oil on my scalp. I dug out the small zapper out of the junk drawer, cheaply made with 2 pennies for the poz and neg outlets. I placed it on my scalp and undeniably felt the electric charge pulsing the muscle on my scalp. I put it on the side of my head and it flexed my eyebrow. It was funny but amazing that this thing sends currents into the body. Oh, and the battery was brand new.

I had this thing for 3 years and never felt anything like that. I was worried I got conned as it was only 30 bucks and usually they go for over a hundred. This thing works and was worth every cent! Is it effective for Morgellons? I watched a youtube vid saying so. You have to wear it non stop (as much as possible -and over night) for 3 months.

Replied by Bishop
Ca, US

Bob Beck, warns not to use garlic if you do blood electrification. It's a good idea to read his protocol, before using any electrical devices. I read that they grow with red wine.

Replied by Umran

You make sense brother. 7 years on from your comment. I see light emitting from them. Can you help me brother

Essential Oils

Posted by Nm (St. Louis, Mo) on 10/07/2017
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Morgellons - Essential Oils: Cinnamon, Cloves, Red Thyme, Oregano, Lemon, Rosemary: 3-6 drops ea 3x/day orally - say see results within 48 hours - might want to mix same in water solution with few drops of liquid dishwashing soap to mix into water and spray all over body, including head - watch out for eyes

Posted by Jillian (Tampa, Florida) on 04/30/2008
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Skin Parasites-Morgellons: There is a woman in Florida that has a patented invention for skin care. It is patent US#7060306. Made with German Chamomile, shea butter, Carrot seed essential oil, Rosewood Essential oil, Cedarwood Essential oil, no fragrance oils, no chemicals and has helped many with Morgellons and Psoriasis, eczema. I am a testament to her. Her website is The Preservation system has no chemicals, just essential oils.

Replied by Yorkville
Nyc, New York

I'm aware of these products and have actually spoken to five or more people who use them and they swear they really work. There's a photo on the front page of the site of before and after of some horrible foot condition this guy has with lesions and scaling all over, really horrible.

Replied by Yorkville Nyc
Nyc, Ny

Heads up - They moved the picture to the About You testimonials page.

Replied by Kathy
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I make a mixture of

6oz coconut oil (good for top half of body)
Or 6 oz almond oil (good for knees To feet)
3/4 oz oregano oil
1oz Melaluca oil
1/2 oz Cedar Oil

If it's really itchy I'll just put straight melaleuca oil on itchy spot. Also Oregano oil pills work well.