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Gallium Nitrate

Posted by Agatha Rose (Albuquerque Nm ) on 01/30/2016

Morgellons/Mites: Gallium nitrate works well. Gallium chelates aluminum from the body. You MUST follow the directions and dilute properly before you drink it. Drink lots of water too after taking. Remember that even diluted if you put it topically on hair it will turn orange-red. (You can be in style these days 😊) DILUTED form : go by body weight, then week on, week off sort of schedule..with lots of water drinking. Take zinc supplement as Gallium can reduce zinc. There is a Gallium creme called Gallixa.. great product.

EC: Here's an interesting article on George Eby's site we just found while researching Gallium Nitrate in case anyone is interested.

Replied by Rebel
Somewhere Usa

This link is not working for me, tried it at work and at home. Says page unavailable.

EC: Hi Rebel,

Looks like his site isn't optimized for mobile devices, but the gallium nitrate page below does open on desktop computers.


Replied by Art
680 posts

Gallium nitrate is fairly expensive and hard to find a reliable source.


Replied by Cassandra
New York

Hi, I am very interested in the Gallium Nitrate. May I ask, where did you purchase. Plus, can I use on my cat? Lastly, how long till the product took effect.

Hope all is well with you, today. Very consuming health issue. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Note, I want to make sure that I am spending on products that produce results. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Diana

I used borax for my poor cat. I made a bottle of water with a pinch of borax in it for me to sip gradually....I took a tablespoon of that water and added it to my cats water bowl for four days.....relief for the poor guy.

Garlic Paste

Posted by Kristi (Fairfield, Maine) on 02/15/2011

I was so upset when I wrote my earlier post today, as one can easily tell by reading it. I was having suicidal thoughts, but I won't kill myself, and I knew that. So I searched the index in the "Morgellons Cures" section, looking for ingredients I had here at "home". I saw and read the first or second post involving garlic and grape seed oil. I searched around for grape seed oil I thought I had someplace, but couldn't find it. I came up with an idea of my own, anyway:

I peeled all the cloves of a fresh bulb of garlic, then put them into my small food processor, and they ground up into very tiny bits, just about a paste. I decided to try this as I don't have a juicer, which the person writing the post did... Anyway, then I added about 4 heaping tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and a splash of olive oil, and blended it all up to a nice looking cream, although still with tiny, tiny bits of garlic. So I took some and rubbed my right arm (the one with several lesions) with it. After a few moments, rubbing more, some black specks came out and I put them in the sink and kept rubbing for awhile. Well, I've been wondering and agonizing lately as to whether or not I really had this morgellons syndrome, because, even though I had most of the symtoms for sure, and even though I had been finding ball-like bundles of soft fiber around the house, I did NOT have any coming out of my skin. Well, after the procedure above, I didn't have an especially dramatic experience with all kinds of junk and fibers coming out at once, BUT... I held my arm up to the window and saw what looked almost like hairs, but longer than my arm hair. I pulled on the first one I saw, and it kept coming out (weird feeling)... It was 2 or 3 inches long, very fine and almost transparent against the light from the window. Then I pulled one out maybe half that size, and definitely RED. I placed it on the notebook paper I use to tape weird stuff to, trying to get them identified... And it seemed to wiggle a bit, so I wasn't sure I'd be able to capture it with the tape, but I did. I am now sure I have Morgellons. I am still creeped-out, worried and afraid. Somehow though, there is a certain sence of relief, knowing. I now KNOW what I have, as horrifying as it is... But I know I am not alone. God bless this site, and all of you. Let us find peace and a cure. Atedinua winston


Replied by Jayne
London, Uk

Hi Kristi, How did the garlic paste work? Are you still using it? I hope that you are doing well. Blessings.

Replied by Once Bitten
Phoenix, Arizona

I prayed for a long time to be healed, and was given an overwhelming feeling of peace that God was with me. I kept my faith, and about two weeks ago, I read something online like I was reading if for the first time. God bless the man who wrote a long article on Morgellons and Candida.

I never had a clue about any of this. I have taken antibiotics when I had a lot of dental work done, but didn't think I ever had a yeast infection, being good about taking my probiotics. But I was wrong. Every symptom this man listed as a symptom of Candida was what I was experiencing with Morgellons, down to the crawling, granules, and black specks. I couldn't believe it.

I continued what I was already doing, including antifungal meds, acai, garlic, aloe vera juice inside and out, and of course my acidophilus.

I went on the candida diet, which I looked at as a strict Atkins diet, and the first five days my poop was white. That was the proof I needed. I couldn't believe I had all of this awful stuff built up inside my body, no wonder I felt so bad. And keep in mind, the little bast----s feed off of this stuff! The diet starves them out, but you still need to keep up your current treatments.

I am two weeks in now, and I am feeling great. A little crawling here and there, but getting weaker and weaker, skin is looking great, I am feeling human again! I think that fairly soon, I will have seen the last of Captain Trips for good.

I don't know how I got this and I am not here to try and shoot down anyone's theories. All I know is that somehow, we all ended up with it, and this is how I'm getting rid of it. For any of you who are clinging to your theories and don't believe the answer could be so simple, please just give it a try. I am not selling anything here, like a lot of other people are. There is even a doctor in Scottsdale, Az that is removing people's hip replacements, telling them it's the metal making them sick! We are all desperate, and predators know that, which is why I am writing this. It is simple and cheap to take care of, some otc supplements and meds, along with diet. Remember our father of modern medicine said "let their food be their medicine".

I take mucinex morning and night, acai, acidophilus, and garlic during the day. After drying off form a nice hot shower, I use a spray bottle to spritz aloe vera juice all over my body (anti-fungal and antimicrobial) and I sip it mixed with water throughout the day.

I have also discovered my environment in not contaminated, all I felt was from within myself. I am finally back to leading a normal life.

I pray for all of you the results I have had. I don't know why this happened, but my trust is in God to know what is best for me, knowing that everything happens for a reason. He is in control, and that is all I need to know. While we are here together on this earth, we need to love and look out for each other, so I hope this will help you all. It was my Christmas miracle and I hope it is yours, too.

Love and God Bless.

Replied by Jewels
Washington, Dc

Acidophilus has worked miracles for me from day one. I also made a papaya seed, pineapple, pumpkin seed, coconut oil, milk, water, and meat, garlic, turmeric, and sometimes cinnamon powder juice in my juicer and 2 table spoons of castor oil two hours later then Acidophilus at night and everything felt better. Have to take a break from it and do it again in two weeks because castor oil is a laxative and shouldn't be taken for more than 4 days and honestly I have a weak stomach that is easily affected by everything. Cant wait to do it again and hopefully for a day or two longer this time.

Replied by Jackie

You are so blessed to the lady who prayed about the Morgellons yet came across the Candida diet...thank you for sharing...I need to try this..I cried so hard last night and prayed anyone suffering with this horror would be given a miracle of healing bh God and that no one would ever endure this thing again...I want this monster erraticated from the earth...Jesus help us all.

Garlic, Grape Seed Oil

Posted by Paul (Los Angeles, Ca) on 11/07/2009
4 out of 5 stars

first of all thank you to this site. As a sufferer of Morgellons for 20 plus years I am truly greatful to the internet for all the knowledge we inflicted people are going through who have this disease and the hope we are now being given by all of us taking one step at a time in trial and error usage of anything and everything on this planet that may be able to cure us one day, which is more that I can say for the medical community making us feel like idiots because of their headstrong view points. I often wonder how these morans got their diplomas, perhaps in a raffle.

The dermotologist and Parasitologist community are the worst for being of any helpto a plight they cannot see clearly or understand. To them if it does not exist in their medical books then you are crazy, all I can say is they sais the same about AIDS and I have seen many of these people in 20 years and only 1 tropical medicine doctor cared enough to make the effort to try and help even thought she did not understand this either. Thanks to youtube and wedsites like this we are begining to be believed and make a difference. Anyway enough of all my hurt and pain now comes the good stuff.

In my fight to rid myself of the entity I have nearly killed myself by taking animal medications and knocking my poor skin to shreads by taking harsh treatments which may work temporarily but of course these things come right on back in the next hatching period. I believe the cure is far more simple that this and its staring us in the face and is not meant to hurt us in the process.

This is what is helping me greatly. A combination of two treatments. 1/ Garlic not just to be eaten and 2/ Pure Grape seed oil. Method: buy 5 or 6 cloves of garlic about a $1.00, then hopefully you have a juicer because you are going to juice the garlic not eat the garlic. You will get a little juice from each whole clove but not much. Juice all cloves and you will have a small bottle full. Buy a small 2oz bottle that has a dropper in it. The Morgellons entity seems to be active most at night or stirred up by heat. My main problem area is with my scalp and facial areas, so I run hot water on my scalp at night to disturb the worms and bring them to the surface and in an hour or two I am crawling all over my scalp and face with the movement sensation and on scraping the skin with an instument, under ths skin scrapings are the worm string hair like objects and black oval shaped objects. Ok, apply the garlic liquid via the dropper all over the skin on the scalp and face. It will burn like hell for a bit but remember what you are burning so its ok, nothing can withstand the fire of sulfur. The liquid is very potent when juiced. (DO NOT DRINK THE LIQUID) because it will kill you or make you very sorry you did, be carefull also not to get it in your eyes. Ok, after about 30 minutes or so this amazing miracle of nature will change its consistancy and dry as hard as a rock making you hair rock hard, nothing on the surface can move, (just like Morgellons sticks to your skin by producing a substance that protects itself and at the same time sealing itself through the substance to your skin so the worm can start burying into the skin and reach the hair folicle which I believe is where it lays its eggs thus you skin protects the Morgellons from whatever you are using and the hatching cycle will start all over again. Its a very clever little worm getting your own body to protect its babies along with its own defensive substance) leave the garlic liquid on the skin and hair about 3 hours then rince off with warm water and the miracle consistacy will change back from rock hard to liquid again and easily leave you skin and hair intact. You will have just killed everything that was on your scalp and surface of the skin for that night and the next couple of days. To repair the damage from drying out the skin the next evening you will now pour the Grape Seed oil on the same area scalp and hair and face, or any part of the body that is infected this does several things. 1/ Softens the skin up from the dryness of the garlic liquid and 2/ the worms don't do well in oil especially Grape Seed oil which is also a strong bacteria fighter. The weight of an oil stops them instanly from moving and I believe also kills them from the content of grape seed. Within the next few days you will have more worms coming through the skin from the hatching egg cycle from the hair folicles and the only way to break this cycle is from stopping them from entering your skin to produce babies. So repeat this procedure garlic Liquid one day Grape Seed Oil the next 2 nights tehn go back to the garlic liquid. It will really help the cause but as yet not a 100% cure.

I believe I contracted Morgellons from lying down in my back yard on the grass and that this is a plant based organism or as some believe and man made organism either way its out there and is no figment of anybody's imagination.

I also have tried the skin penetrator solvent DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide by mixing a few drops into the garlic and to try and take the garlic through the skin and penetrate the hair folicle where the eggs are or penetrate the skin of the worm also. I had a few side effects from the DMSO, nothing bad but I stopped using the solvent for the moment.

Thats what I am using after 20 years of trial and error and life ruining hell and I am managing to survive and improve. Until there is a cure you have to manage the problem. the higher the percentage of management the better you will do. We will win the war even if we loose a few battle on tghe way. No doubt about that. Godbless and I hope this can help someone.

thank you Earth Clinic for the opportunity to post this.

Replied by Djpurity
Berkeley, Ca
4 out of 5 stars

I just tried this in a different way because I have ADHD and sometimes just don't read the entire information or instructions! I found some pure grape seed oil used for cooking and pored it on some lesions on my hands and immediately stuff began to come to the surface, mainly colored fuzzy gunk, and black specks, although sometimes they are connected. Then there is the white tunneling strange fungus like thing that goes under the skin and can wrap in spirals around something in the middle - almost like laying eggs or a larvae or who knows. Whatever it is, it is gross, this whole thing is nasty and gross. Well I enjoyed the grape seed oil and well lubricated every possible opening, lesion, sore, cut, or wound, especially on my face. I was able to kill and clear out an unbelievable amount of nasty gunk. I used gloves at first, because those little black specks are like bugs, they bite and will try to burrow back into the skin if exposed. Sometimes at first I tried sterilized tweezers to encourage the long white fungal chains or larvae bodies or worm things whatever they are I have no idea. When they were dying at first you could actually see them try to tunnel away from the grape seed oil. So it is important on the face to have the oil surrounding the hair line, chin, eyes, and mouth to protect it from escaping the face. Also using Sulfur-8 (Sulf-8) hair stuff with sulfur in it also helps protect the hair from getting too many contaminants in it. That and some other ethnic products that contain a lot of natural plant oils, essential oils, etc, which I find that Morgellons do not like oils as a whole as long as they are natural, and they really do not like essential oils (pure ones). Well after the grapeseed, and then trying to get out the dead debris, there was some blood, but a lot of stuff kept coming out. Lots of black specks, tons of them, tons of fuzzballs and then tons of long thick white "roots" that merrily traverse through the epidermis. I checked up on this again and read about the oil of garlic, or garlic specifically, and read I did this out of order; Oh well, it worked beautifully. I have been taking grape seed supplements and garlic oil supplements for about a week now since I had a relapse of symptoms after being cured for 90 days. Sad to see them come back. Well I opened a bunch of tthe garlic oil capsules and then using gloved hands again, rubbed the garlic into the lesions, wounds, afflicted areas, and sure enough even more stuff than before came out like it was a mass death. I was amazed. So much came out, I saw every phase of the life cycles. I just wasn't sure what to do with the dead Morgellons things. . . Leave them in my skin or get them out by pulling or poking or whatever, using oils, other things, a lot of paper towels. I had some charcoal soap I should have used. And dead sea salt soap. But I stuck to these two products. The grapeseed oil and the garlic oil both worked miracles and killed everything in sight. The only problem was all the junk going down the sink and then the thought of well, even if I clean it all out, I am sure I will be contaminated again by morning and infected all over again thanks to something on my clothing or bedding or a backpack or something benign. If only to make this permanent! I have long been a huge fan of using pure plant oils, essential oils, organics, and also taking garlic and grape seed supplements. Garlic just makes sense because it makes us taste funky to whatever is trying to dine on us, like mosquitoes and bugs and such, so why not these buggers?

I say this is a YES it works, but unless you leave the house naked sealed in protective clothing never to use any of your old belongings again and move into a sterile new place, you may have a constant fight ahead, otherwise I think you could very well be cured!

Replied by Djpurity
Berkeley, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to add to my post about the grape seed oil and the garlic oil. It seemed that doing the grape seed oil first got a lot out, then the garlic oil from the garlic 500mg gelcaps opened seemed to get out even more. Eating the supplements internally helped and every lesion and affected area has gotten dramatically smaller in just a few days. The thing I wanted to add was the addition of colloidal silver 12-15 ppm spray, which is meant to take sublingually, orally under the tongue. Well, after I did the grape seed oil and the garlic and ran out of the garlic, I tried this colloidal silver spray afterwards on the few areas I thought were affected. Boy was I surprised! Those "small areas" still contain A LOT of Morgellons parasites! ! ! I noticed that there are various forms, and one form is very flat, almost transparent, and it lays in rings under the skin, so flat that one cannot tell it is even there until it dies and peels away. Sort of like a tapeworm flatness. But the silver added to the grapeseed and garlic seemed to clean up every remaining spot! Just wanted to add that!

Replied by Eg

HI DJ, thank you for the grape seed oil/ garlic treatment. could you share how did you rinsed or washed off the debris coming off the body after the grape seed oil use? I am using it and a lot of junk comes out of the skin but the minute I wet my skin to rinse it, it feels like it goes back into the skin again. One more question . What other protocols did you implement? Are you completely cured? Did you have granules coming out of the skin? It kind of feels like grains of sand all over the body.

Garlic, MSM

Posted by Dana (Oakland, Ca) on 10/09/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My condition has improved in five days by taking 3000 mg of garlic in pill form three times daily. I've also been taking 2000 mg of msm three times daily. Drinking lots of water, attempting the alkaline diet have helped as well. I'm quite surprised at this progress and wanted to share the information. Five days ago I was suicidal. strange artifacts were falling out of my face and easily rubbed out of my skin with oil after showering. I was terrified to bathe. I didn't want to see all the stuff that would have come out. I was itching like crazy from head to toe. Stuff was coming out of my hair, my nose, my eyes, my butt... It was really freaking me out. I feel like tomorrow I will be brave enough to actually take a bath instead of just showering. So, chins up everyone! Let's hang in there. There is hope :) yay.

Replied by Deb
Michigan, US
11 posts

How are you now?

General Feedback

Posted by Toniwah (Warrenton, Va) on 04/02/2015

I started noticing without a doubt these horrible super pathogens' on me in mid 2014 and had suffered greatly every night with them biting me and I tried everything. Then I came across this article lately on Fresh Air and Sunshine being a natural antibiotics cure ( when you click on the link then you have to open in a pdf file and its on page 13) Im not 100% sure but I believe it worked the only thing I did different then usual last night was take organ HGH booster and stayed out in the sun for about 30 minutes exposing my legs and my feet and eyes and last night I sweated like never before I haven't felt anything moving on me since. Oh yeah and just recently when I read that these super bugs are using some kind of plastic to hide in I realized the only plastic that goes in my body is from my herbs and many of them.... So I concluded that these bugs are using the plastic from are herbs and supplements to make there shield I decided to open herbs up and put them in my food, and the ones that are for empty stomach I put in water. I believe that also helped eliminate these plastics they are shielding them selves in. Next I will try to figure out how to break down the plastic that is already in my body from taking all these herbs that are in capsules and gels that are harmful to us. The link to this new finding on research to the sun actually being a nature antibiotic in killing these pathagens is below.

Replied by Anon

Highly recommend taking MSM ( METHYLSULPHONYLMETHANE ) and Orange Oil internally. The MSM will dissolve the calcium shells and the Orange Oil will help dissolve the plastic.

Take baking soda and borax as well internally. Wash the body with an orange anti-bacterial dish washing liquid.

Start slow and work your way up on the MSM and Orange oil.

Your PH will actually drop around 4.5 to 5.0 when these things start to be removed from your system. You will be detoxing!

Look for the blue fibers to be around the toilet if you are male, not sure about females. Males have over spray and you can wipe under the toilet seat with some tissue and see the blue fibers.

Replied by Frances

Would you pls advise on quantity of the MSM and orange oil to take internally.

Posted by Sandy55 (White Pine, Tennessee, Usa) on 06/15/2013

I have several questions that are related to Morgellons. First off I see black things all over my house some of these are outdoors and I am a country person living on a small farm but never saw anything like these and can't get my floors clean.

There is a another smaller speck that I think is what I have seen coming out of my skin. These I have seen in a batch attached to my facets and I see them when I dust.

They have embedded in some dishes and I know this because I took a cup to a university and I saw it and the profession said it looks like a bug it has antenneas and legs then all of a sudden she said it could be a piece of fabric.

I have gone through four sets of dishes due to seeing this small pitting. Where can I buy the EDTA Ted talks about for morgellons?

Also when I take a bath there is so much black that starts coming off my skin the only way I can get it off is just use my finger nails. The tub is awful after I finish.

My skin is darker with some white patches that Drs think I have dug at but I have not. Is there anyway to remove this black skin a lofa would not last for a partial bath. I have tried using dull knife and still can't get if off it is in layers. I get so tired of doing this. I get is off every day. Please answer me and help.

Sandy 55 in TN

Replied by Ann
Toronto, Canada

Try mixing Probiotic 8 Plus by Alpha Omega ( a blend of herbs, probiotics, and enzymes for dogs) with peanut butter (I use Kraft Whipped seems to work best). Add enough Probiotic to turn the peanut butter a dark green colour. Then apply to skin. You will be amazed at what comes out. I've been lesion free for two years.

Unfortunately, this only controls skin symptoms. The illness has to also be treated internally to cleanse away toxins and parasites. I've tried various dewormers, liver cleanses, and ESSIAC Tea also seems to help.

God Bless


Diatomaceous earth, probiotics, silver colloid

Posted by Lea (Nsw, Australia) on 02/12/2013

Hi, just recently my family had a worm infestation, I think pin worm and then something quite different which I think is Morgellons. I have small white threads like cotton coming out of skin especially my hands and arms. My right hand is extremely red and itchy. Both myself my 7 yr old have experienced intense itchying of the head and body. Especially the head and back. I have taken many samples to the doctor who has not been able to provide us with any answers and at first when seeing a fibre on my hand thought it was a tape worm.

I am not sure how to proceed, I have left my house but do need to return soon. I don't want to infect anyone else and am tired of this been constantly on my mind, stressing me out.

My son has had the strands in his faeces.

This has been happening for approximately 6 weeks, since we moved into a different rental property. Can you let me know how I can treat the family and the house? I don't think we can get Borax in Australia, is there other alternatives? Thanks

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Lea, read up on wormwood, cloves etc. right here on EC, but the easiest thing to start with are pumpkin seeds. Yummy and effective at least for a start.

Replied by Roec
Los Angeles, Ca

So sorry to hear what you are going through. I don't know for sure if de-worming medications can help but you may want to look into them like ivermectin or others. I have mentioned a few of these substances in the morgellons posts just 2 weeks ago. Please refer there for more info. Also try using clove oil mixed with castor oil. It will kill parasites and their eggs. About 6 drops added to one table spoon of castor oil is very strong. Do a skin test to see if it is too strong then cut back 2 drops. Apply head to toe and leave on. This will have to be done twice a day for 3 days and once a day for about a month. Will feel a slight burning but it will go away after 10 to 15 minutes.

Be sure you are saturated in the oil mix rubbing it in at first but then scanning the surface of your skin for anything that should not be there. You should start seeing things emerge. Wipe off with tissue and toss in the toilet and flush. Do this in sun light as its far better light source to scan the surface of your skin for things.

Look in to the "Bob Beck" or Dr Hulda Clarck, protocol for dealing with parasites internally. Learn to make your own colloidal silver and take internally for as long as needed. Please do more research on these protocols to see if it's right for you.

You are going to have to wash your cloths in extremely hot water to kill any eggs left behind. Also patting diatom powder into clothing and bedding woks too but over the long run. Vacuum daily and change filters and bags with gloves and breathing mask as parasite eggs can become airborne.

These will help.

Replied by Lea
Nsw, Australia

We also have found on our carpet, clothes and outside lawn lots of the white fibre things - that move when held. Do you think this home is where we could have got the problem from, and are we able to kill them? what do we use to kill them in the house and on the lawn? Thanks

Replied by Sami
Houston, Texas

In reference to white fibers. Just yesterday I stumbled upon something really weird and bizarre. Using q tips q tips to put everything you can imagine in my nostrils to kill pinworms. After 2 days of panic thinking they were getting worse I noticed the worms were the same shape as the ones in my eyes & other places. I was using a magnified mirror 12X while treating my face & nose and noticed the clean Q-tip had moving fibers just like the worms I thought were invading my nose. They would itch so bad it would wake me up. I have verified this with a mini microscope -100X and this can be seen if you have good eyes or some strong reading glasses. At first I thought I was losing my mind. I opened a new box of q tips I just purchased and same moving fibers. It's not static or air movement either. They move & twist like small worms all by themselves. Since then I found same thing in unopened bag of cotton balls same moving fibers. I even looked at a clean cotton black sock out of my drawer, those fibers are black instead of white but they still moved the same. Freaky!!

I have been fighting several species of demodex mites for the last year with every known natural remedy. In the process of doing some cleanses some other nasty parasites and candida have come out of hiding. Out of desperation last week I finally have taken some albenza stromectol prescriptions from the doctor. I have not taken any specimens to the doctor but was ready to take these "little white wiggling worms" to the doctor telling him this is what is in my nose & driving me crazy. That was until with me until I discovered they are all over the place, moving cotton fibers. You can google or web search this cotton parasite (or whatever it is) has been discussed for years, but more or less just over looked and ignored. I took the q tips and cotton puffs off my counter and will no longer use this type of cotton to clean my face & body. But cotton is in almost everything we use from clothing to paper products. Look for yourself with a weak magnifying glass. I read it has something to do with the GMO cotton and most of the information is linked with morgellans so I think it is not taken serious.

Sounds crazy yes, but look for yourself - our cotton is alive.

Replied by Roec
Los Angeles, Ca

Clothes are to be washed in extra hot water using a baking soda based detergent like Arm & Hammer and then the use of Borax will also help over time. Get a steam iron that burst out a lot of steam and iron your cloths to kill remaining parasites. You are going to have to find a sanitary clothing storage system.

For now it may just have to be when taking the clothes out of the dryer they go directly into big plastic trash bags. If so, wash all your pants in one load, shirts in another, blankets separate so you are not constantly reaching in every bag for every item you come to need. You can get big plastic storage bins and do the same thing that can be sanitized repeatedly and sealed when not in use.

Please read the morgellons post as I mentioned this and a few other things there as well.

Diatomaceous earth powder that is food grade can also be mixed into olive oil and rubbed on after a shower. One 16 ounce jar with a lid. Pour half with pure extra virgin olive and one heaping tablespoon of diatom powder. Apply like you would a lotion. Keep on all day.

I can't tell you how to rid them from the lawn as I have not encountered instances where that was needed.

Replied by Dana
Queensland, Australia

Lea, NSW, Australia : You can buy Borax at Bunnings or IGA.

Replied by Sharon
Tampa, FL

In Australia, they use rotenone with sulfur to kill these bugs in the lawn and around their houses and chicken pens.

Replied by Shanarose
North Miami Beach, Florida

hi Lea,

my solution is not really natural, but after years of suffering I am finally on the mend from two products: Desenex anti fungal powder and Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard plus Picaridin pump spray ... I am not selling these products ... just that they are the only things that have worked for me .... you can buy both products on line - hopefully if they are not in Australia there is international shipping .... I just came to this from reading that what I had eating my skin was either a fungus or a subdermal skin mite ... and these products attack both ... the desenex on the fungus, the Picaridin on the mites ..... I don't know how it worked, but it really did .... it got to the point that I couldn't use soap in the shower (i still don't most showers .... I use soap only once or so a week) and my clothes were killing me just being on my skin ....i had scabs growing on my skin as I watched ..... I don't have health insurance so I never discussed this with any doctor but I know how I was suffering .... with the Desenex, I rub a tiny bit of powder on the scab/itch/sore every morning. many of them have disappeared along with the itch within the past few weeks .... this is truly a G-d send .... I also sprayed the Skin So Soft on my skin when I first got it and now after about two weeks don't have to use any of that, just the Desenex ....

I don't know how it works but it does .... wishing you and your son a quick and easy healing ....

Posted by Tunnelman (Wenatchee, Wa) on 12/22/2012

Hello Ted -We have been doing the borax/peroxide, along with baking soda... I have noticed good results, except my wife still has flutterings in her hair and especially in her eyes.

My question is two fold: We take borax/ vinegar baths and she noticed that the threads start coming out more vigorously after the baths. With a little coconut oil they come up in doves. Firstly, is it the vinegar that stirs them up? And secondly, once they start coming out is it good to keep purging them? It seems that you'd want them out but it does stir them up. thanks!

Replied by Angela
Brooklyn, Ny

Hi I was looking into depleting foloride from my body and came to the conclusion that soaking in a bath with a couple cups of vinager and then I threw in a box of baking soda, the water against my skin seemed to make popping sounds and I feel it was killing something I was also beside trying to depleat the fluoride but also trying to help my dry skin. I was shocked to see WTF was in my tub, black long type hair and I'm a blond was like 4 inches of black like spider stuff with long hairs. My logical mind brushed this off as dirt but I now think it may have been this Morgellious stuff.

I think pouring viginer over the body , forget adding water l will use a glass pour it all over body. And then sprinkle baking soda on top. will let you guys know how it goes

Posted by Fiona (London, England Uk) on 11/08/2012

Hi, I only have a few minutes so please forgive me if this has already been covered but, did anyone try bentonite clay for morgellons? Also organic food grade Castor Oil? I got to this page whilst looking for some other information and hope that maybe either of these 2 wonderful substances may help any morgellons sufferers. Best wishes, Fiona

Posted by Scabiesonscalp (Redondo Beach, Ca) on 11/05/2012

1. Can Morgellon's nanoinsect eat brain cells? I have been experiencing brain fog - loss of short term memory and lower iq. I read from Ted from Bangkok that the mycoplasms eat internal organs such as stomach, liver, lungs, heart etc.

2. If I am cured of morgellons will I ever recover my brain cells?

3. Can I mix juice with the borax/h202 water? I am having a difficult time swallowing the water for days without juice. The borax and hydrogen peroxide tastes like laundry detergent and I just feel like there's no way I can continue this regimen without mixing juice.

Posted by Vera (Desert, Ca Usa) on 09/25/2012

Hi Ted, For morgellons and maybe some other ailments what do you think of sodium percarbonate... its breaks down into soda ash and h202 in the body, right? It is sorta like the borax/ h202 mixture.

I tried the borax/ h202 without much success. I also think that my h202 was not good.

Posted by Sam (Caldwell, Idaho) on 08/13/2012

Over the summer I worked in Alaska for a while. The first week I was up there (around June 20th) I was hiking around and looked at my arm because I felt a strange sensation and noticed a fly on my arm. I instinctively swatted at it and it flew off, and I didn't think anything of it. Later I looked at my arm where the fly has been sitting and doing whatever it was doing and it was very slightly red and raised but not really too noticeable. But there was a dark colored hair-like thing protruding out, it in fact looked like a dark colored hair. I was alarmed and pulled at it an it came out with a little pop.

A month later, the week I was leaving Alaska, I looked at it again, an surprised that another one of those hair like structures were protruding from it, again. I quickly ripped it out, alarmed again.

As of writing this, I just used my finger nails and squeezed at the spot, and saw a little splinter looking thing, so I scraped with my nails a bit more and it became more exposed. Another hair-like thing!! It took a little time to pinch and pull out because it was buried under the skin, but I hope I got the root. I am now slightly more alarmed than before and thought I would do what any lazy American would do: go to the Internet for answers. Any idea what could be going on here? I would be grateful if you could answer or even read this. Thank you for your time, Sam

Replied by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/usa

You should definitely make an appointment with a doctor or dermatologist!

In the meantime, I googled "skin reaction to fly bites", and found a ton of links. Try googling on "skin reaction to fly bites", and look at the pics and descriptions on the links to see if any look like what you've got.

Good luck!

Replied by Hope
Somewhere, Pa

Sam, you will want to research morgellons as I have had to. Don't waste your money on doctors. I've seen 3 and have spent thousands. They will tell you they can't do anything for you or that maybe you are hallucinating or you've lost your mind. I have been using colliodal silver but recently switched to iodine. You may want to get Dr. David Brownstein's book about iodine. I have been taking about 50 mg per day with no side affects. It's only been 1 month so I can't say that it is having an affect on the morgellons, except that almost all of the crawling sensation is gone. It is gone from my eyes. My brain fog is completely gone and my memory is improving dramatically. I am trying to take larger and larger doses as I go along. I am taking the recommended vitamins and minerals and coconut oil. Physically, I feel awesome. I just need to kick this morgellons in the butt. I just think doctors for me were a complete waste of time and money, since I've made more progress without them.

Posted by Emu Lady (Mcclure, Pa Usa ) on 04/05/2012

I hope to add somethnig that will be of some benefit through this post to someone suffering with Morgellons. I became aware about five years ago I had Morgellons through extensive suffering and research. I came to Earth Clinic many tmes hoping to find anything that might give some relief. You did have some very good thingsI found here plus things I formulated myself. I liked the Borax information connected with Nano. I tried it all as many other sufferers have. I was diligent for three years and finally after almost gonig on two years I am still in remission. I know it is almost as if one has died and gone to Hell. I bathed in Habernaros which was horrifyng and I could not endure long. But since I was an Herbalist for 15 years before I got ill I had a head start. Natural worked, stay away from processed foods, eat Organic as often as you can. Possible connection to Lyme so I treated it that way. Parasites seem to be in control, and deefinitely work on the immune system. I made my own skin cremes whic healed even the scars from the past. I also stay on a protocol as a maintanance. I never ever want to go back there again. When I go out in the commnuity I get myself ready so I do not get a back set. Gas pump handles I use gloves. I try to open doors with my sleeve. I do parasite cleanses and always will. I believe you must get the head under control. They thrive there and seem to go from there somewhat. I no longer live in fear because I can feel secure if I do get a back set I can get it under control quickly.

Replied by Buggedout
Fallbrook, Ca

Emu Lady from McClure... would have been nice to hear what is in your skin cream that you used to heal the scars and wounds.

I have used Panalog which is a vet medicine and was blown away by the parasites and fiber balls it brought out of my skin. This stuff is available for dogs and cats but not humans. Go figure. It is antifungal antiparasitic and reduces inflammation.

Our cotton products can carry this morgellons worm and also grabs onto the parasites from other things.

The parasites can transfer in the laundry. Do not believe that they can be killed in drenching clothing for 2 hours in ammonia, it doesn't work.

I have the morgellons phorid flies all over my home now, purely disgusting. One got cooked in the microwave with food and flew out of there in perfect condition.

I recommend everyone watch Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory movie on Plum Island (Netflix) and also research the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which wants depopulation and supposedly plans to vaccinate the population via mosquitos. I believe "vaccinate" must be a code word for "kill".

Research Dr. Carley who lost her medical license speaking out against vaccinations. Her friend, a veternarian, lost his license by speaking out against vaccinations. My dog developed seizures after vaccines I did not authorize, my brother's dog died the day after vaccination during a seizure, my cat almost died after vaccination and was on IV's for a week.

I also think morgellons worms are in chemtrails and in our water.

Fungus and parasites are the basis for all disease.

Check out Dr. Simoncini on you tube, he blows the lid off the fact that cancer is a fungus. If you have morgellons you have systemic fungus.

God Bless you all.

Posted by Slimpauli (Baltimore, Maryland) on 12/27/2011

Hi Ted, Was in Bangkok in late march of 2004, and apparently contracted a mycoplasma bathing in a local brothel. I went to at least a dozen urologists on returning to the states over a 7 year period, and was flabergasted by the poor care I recieved. Had 1 broad spectrum myco test-neg. The burning and pain from genital to anus was overwhelming. I read your myco-cure of apple cider vin and alum-free baking soda and was miraculously cured within 1 week. Frequency of urination went fron 10-12 times a day to 3 or 4 (fairly normal). Picked up morgellons in California in 06, and am now battling another war. The Borax-Hydro-perxoide and Baking soda is my next protocol. Your articles and advise are a true Godsend, Get back to you on the efficacy of your morg treatment. Eternally grateful, Slimpauli.

Posted by Rvdw (Groningen, Netherlands) on 11/20/2011

Morgellons is, like many diseases, caused by the intervention of deceased parts (meridians) in physical bodies. This happens by the horizontal network of moving parts of people who are wandering after an out of body experience or after death. They get into the networks because they are not held together by their own souls. This is the result of reincarnation: A reincarnation soul is added to a newborn soul during pregnancy. The reincarnation soul grows into the body of another baby or toddler. The deferral of the soul of a deceased into a fetus happens automatically because to be impregnated women are part of the network. All types of radiation and other improper business penetrate bodies in the network. This could be broken by regularly bathing or steaming. Other methods to separate flesh and blood and deceased parts are required (magnetic fields?). By a mass approach (maybe a system that can be incorporated into automatic doors) the incomplete persons will end up with the carrier of their own souls. With sufficient diaphragm meridians they can take their own soul out of the physical carrier. Once in direct contact with the soul, the person is complete and forever out of the evil reincarnation process.

Replied by Nicole
Wesley Chapel, Fl

I would LOVE to talk to you more about your statements. This is the first I've read of something so acutely accurate as to how I am feeling. I even have noticed that my very distinct birthmarks have become substantially darker- and they are all in the exact areas of my worst problem areas! Coincidence??? I think NOT. Not sure how this site works exactly, but this is my attemp to get in contact with you, way after you posted your comment. Thank you! Nicole