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Posted by Kristi (Fairfield, Maine) on 03/09/2011

How to move, without taking this with me? My son is still in transitional housing, waiting for me to move to another apartment. He has autism, and he very clearly communicated to me on the phone last night that he wants to come home. This is breaking his heart and mine. I KNOW I have to leave this place to heal. I know he cannot come here. Moving into this place in December is how I got infected. For the first couple of weeks after I moved in, I had opened many boxes, and was putting things away; but I have way too much stuff to fit into this tiny apt. , and so the black specks, etc. , are on and in everything. I have already decided to throw away all cotton clothing, as the things really love to cling to it. I am on a supplement and diet protocol now that I feel confident will heal me enough to have my son come "home", AFTER I move from this place. I will put all important papers in ziplock bags; and I am willing to throw away most of my stuff! I am concerned, though, that people will find and go through the stuff, and will get infected. Is there an agency I can call to pick up and dispose of what might be termed "hazardous waste"?

Please give me any suggestions you may have about how to safely move... Safe for me, and for others, too; so I can move and let my son come home to me ASAP.

Thank you, Kristi

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by Kristi (Fairfield, Maine) on 02/17/2011

There is no more doubt that I do indeed have this morgellons dis-ease. It is so complex, with the "beast's" different manifestations, with all the different symptoms, the progression of thoughts and emotions - from disbelief, to questioning one's sanity, wondering, researching, frustration, finally to admit, in my case, that I really do have this bizarre thing. The physical and mental symptoms are bad enough, but the isolation this has caused me is perhaps the worst of all. I finally did go to see my son (he is autistic and in transitional housing right now, after a 3-month stay in a hospital specializing in autism and behavior problems) after 3-4 weeks... he was telling his caregivers how he missed me and wanted to see me. I showered, scoured, put the mixture (one of Ted's suggestions) of 30% orange essential oil and alcohol, on all obviously affected areas, after spraying my entire body with ACV... I put all freshly borax-washed clothing on, including gloves, as my lesions are currently abundant on one arm and hand. I tied my disinfected hair back and brought a hat... I was pretty much covered. I explained how I could not give him a hug, although he tried several times, breaking my heart. We danced to the radio music, sang songs, played "follow the leader", kicked back and forth a huge rubber ball... we laughed and played. It was a very good and needed visit. I did kiss him on the forhead, and verbally express my love... we had great eye contact, and he and I shared many big smiles. Today I find myself worrying if any of the "bugs" got left there... If I could possibly have infected him. It was an hour and a half visit, we were in the basement play area... I didn't touch much, and I never sat down. If I don't get myself better soon, he will end up in a group home, rather than returning to me. I will NOT risk him living with me until I and our home are CLEAN. I know I will need to move first. Does anyone know a step-by-step procedure in order to move without "them"? There are manifestations of them all over the apt. , and all over my stuff (much is actually still in boxes... Opened boxes. ) I understand about putting all clothing and other soft items in plastic bags, and I've been working on it. Does anyone know how to treat all my other stuff that can't be sealed in garbage bags... because they are on everything hard or soft. I do not have much money, so I can't just throw all my stuff away(?! ) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, so I can work toward moving, ridding myself of this, and reunite with my son. Somehow this apt. Was infested with the little buggers when I moved in - end of December. I don't believe I can ever be fully rid of them/this dis-ease until I am able to safely move out of here. Please respond if you have any answers or suggestions for me... I am kind of new to this.

I do have some observations and suggestions that I hope might help you all, as I have found some relief with these things:

Clove oil! Last night I was SO exhausted I couldn't find the energy to shower and scour myself, and my two fleece blankets that I sleep with had not been washed, nor my sheet/pillowcase. I put my finger over the top of my clove oil bottle, passing it over my sheet, blankets, etc. , allowing little drops to scatter over it all. I slept well, without them noticably bothering me at all! This morning I brought one of the blankets out and laid it over my computer chair. I examined the blanket then, and was dismayed to find several black specks (bugs! ) on it, and I picked them off to go put them in the toilet, which is my custom. They were dead! If they'd been alive, they would have tried to burrow into my fingers on the way to the bathroom, and they did not move on me or in the toilet. Yea!

Diatomaceous earth:

I put this in my ears with my pinky fingers before bed, and when I'm sitting at the computer, or when ever I feel one crawling in there... it stops 'em from crawling... It's supposed to kill them on contact, but it seems to take a minute or two. I also sprinkle this around my bed and the floor by my computer, and under my dog's blanket. I made a thin paste uning this as the base, then I added olive oil and some essential oils I had around... clove, cedar, peppermint, fennel... It's a bit difficult to get the consistency just right. The first time it came out great, but for some reason the second time it came out lumpy and too thick... I think I'll try to fix it in my small food processor. So, if you get it to come out well, like a very thin paste, cover your whole body with it after evening shower, before bed. It leaves a fine, comfortable and soft coating, and you'll be much less bothered by the bugs. The essential oils feel clean and tingly... nice. You'll have to experiment with it, because I just added a bit of this and that till it felt right. Oh, I just remembered on my first (successful) batch, I added about 10% borax powder and a little salt, mixed the powders all up, then started adding the other stuff until it "felt right".


I have no bathtub here, so I can't do the soaks that some report have the things coming out in droves, so I keep rubbing various concoctions on my skin, to see if some will come out. I pulverized a whole, peeled head of garlic in my small food processor, then added about 4 heaping tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and a splash of olive oil, and whipped it up again. I rubbed this on my right arm, where there have been a lot of lesions lately. After awhile of intermittent rubbing, some of the black specks surfaced, but they were very alive. Each time they would surface, I'd run to the bathroom and grab some off me, putting them into the toilet. I've found that if you pull one off they will start trying to burrow into your fingers, so I rub my fingers together while I'm on my way to dispose of them, which seems to somehow keep them on the surface, then quickly flick it into the toilet.


I rubbed intermittently, a lemon half over my many-legioned arm last night while at the computer, just to see if it would make any surface. It didn't seem to, but I went to the bathroom, looked into the mirror, and watched in amazement as a black speck quickly darted out of my nose... not my nostril... the side of my actual nose! I was able to quickly grab it and put it into the toilet... Flush! I wish I could have gotten that on video... THAT would surely show the disbelievers something interesting. It was like from the X-Files. The living "black specks" look flat and square to me, and they can move and burrow very quickly... they remind me of tiny square, black bits of razor blades.


I just had an idea, while writing this... I do not own a video camera, or I would try to capture some moments like the one described above. Many of us have collections of artifacts... Mine are taped to notebook paper or envelopes, showing the various manifestations of these things; and when we go to the doctor and show them this stuff, IF they even bother to look at them with a microscope, they come back and say that "there are no identifiable insect parts... They are not living things... " - well, that is what has happened to myself, and others, I've read. How about this? Anyone owning any sort of video camera, please try capturing some of this "action" on tape, so we can show it to the CDC, etc. , and all the disbelievers that might be of some help if they saw it. I've read a lot of posts telling of applying something to the skin or bathing in different mixtures, and the black specks and fibers coming out dramatically. If you people who can get them to come out like that would make videos of it... that could really help, I think.

Good luck, and God bless us all!


Replied by Lori

I have some incredible videos. The spirocettes movi g and touching each other, wiggling and making a dust storm, twitching which starts a new one not far from. Them, a yellow Squarish substance coming from inside of a hairline entangled morg, out the top and moving fast to start wrapping itself again. Also hairline worms coming out of a pant seam slowly engulfing a cotton string and eventually it w. as a live cotton morg! Putting down salt in my carpet and a large approx 4 inch flying Grey blob with a tail to go crazy flying around my bedroom. All on my phone video. If you want copies I will send them


I would love to see the videos! I see stuff like that flash by but too fast to make things out and I thought maybe I was going crazy.

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by Kristi (Fairfield, Maine) on 02/12/2011

Alone, isolated, sleep-deprived, horrified, I pull myself out of my discomforting bed and stumble in the dark toward the dining room table. I'd left pieces of clear tape hung over the sides, waiting for when I need them next. I pull off one piece of the tape, and carfully, in the semi darkness, place the small contents between my left little finger and thumb, unto the sticky side, then I affix this to the blank notebook page there. I'll wait to examine it later, after trying to get a little more sleep, as it's only 5:00 am, and I'm so exhausted. I'm in desperate need of sleep, but there are others in my bed with no intention of rest, but only to continue tormenting me. As I lay there and close my eyes, I feel their presence both physically and psychologically, persisting in their apparant mission: to drive me insane or eat me alive, which ever comes first.
I got out of bed at 10:00 am, maybe with about 2 hours of constantly interrupted sleep, feeling foggy and sluggish, but decided it was time to get up for the day. There are many chores needing to be done, all in the interest of trying to better my current agonizing situation. I don't know yet what I'll really be able to accomplish though, given my depleted state. It's time now for my morning tea and trying to wake up. I thought writing about this might help somehow.
I moved into a new apartment about the last week in December, thinking I'd stay here through the winter, and maybe save a bit of money to move into a two-bedroom come Spring. My 11-year-old son, after a three-month stay at Spring Harbor Hospital, is now in transitional housing, and is scheduled to be coming back home with me around that time. My son has autism with "danger behaviors" including aggression and a compulsion to run off, usually into the street. He has miraculously defied death or serious injury many times in the past several years. He needs constant care and supervision. That caregiver is usually me, as I would like it to be. During this transitional period, it is suggested and scheduled that I go to see him at his temporary home and school, to spend needed quality time together, and to learn new techniques, schedules, behavior management tips and etc. , to prepare us both for his return. Today is Thursday, February 10th. Wednesday is our day to get together. I have not been able to see him in over three weeks... the first was because of a blizzard. The reason I had to cancel this and the previous Wednesday, is because I have developed a contageous disease; and I cannot risk passing this on to him.
I went to the E. R. On Tuesday, February 1st. I brought an envelope with many dozens of strange sesame seed-sized (but elongated in shape) "deposits" that I had picked out from bites all over my chest and abdomen area. I showed them to the doctor, and he looked at both them and me with a strange, doubting, almost humorous expression. He said: "I have never seen anything like this in all my life". He took them back and showed them to his colleagues, and they looked at them with magnifying equipment, he told me, when he returned. He said "These are not bugs". He told me they had no identifiable markings like legs, heads, and I intuited that he was questioning whether or not I was simply playing some hoax on him. He told me that "for all I know, they could be scabs from you scratching at yourself". I asked him if he really thought I'd just gauge myself up like that, just to show up at the E. R. To freak him out or something... and his facial expression showed that he really didn't believe that, but just didn't know what to think. I asked him to take a look at the newer wounds/lesions that had reciently appeared on my upper back, which he did. He did note a pattern or trail there, which he thought was consistent with scabies. So, he gave me a prescription for Permethrin cream, and some pills (Hydroxyzine) for itching. I tried the cream from head to toe, as instructed, one night after my shower. I really felt some relief, and had my first decent night of sleep in weeks. Unfortunately, it all started up again the next day... crawling sensations under my skin, being bitten, more lesions, and the next night was sleepless, again. I don't get extremely itchy like many do, for me it is more painful, with the biting, and creepy with them crawling into my eyes, nose, and ears, etc. By now, I don't think there is a speck of flesh on my body they've not visited. Although the lesions are mostly on my abdomen, back, and arms, I have been bitten on my head, face and genital area. They particularly like crawling into my ears, biting me, laying eggs, "partying" in there. I've been dusting my body, inlcuding my ears, around my eyes, and a bit into my nose with food grade diatomaceous earth. This stuff is supposed to kill them on contact, and it does help, but they still seem to have enough time to do some damage to me before they die, and I'm able to pull them out. Even though I place some diatomaceous earth into my ears each night before bed, I still feel them crawl into my ears. I quickly get a bit of the D. E. (always by my bed) and put more into my ears. Sometimes I feel a lot of crusty stuff in there; and often when I rub this, I will pull out eggs (3-4 slightly smaller than a pinhead). Lately at times, instead of eggs, I will pull out a worm or worm-like creature, about 1/2 inch long. This is really horrifying to me! I now see these worm-like things in the house, usually on clothing or something soft. There are also black specs on things, and the little things that look to me like splinters of wood, about 1/8-1/4" long, thin, and pointier on one end than the other... These were the first creatures (?) I saw in the apartment, weeks ago, and they still far out-number the other things described above. I believe these are the mites that first bite me, and then all the crazy lesions and mutations happen after that. I'm confused about this, because with all I've read about mites in general, and especially the scabies mite, they are all described as much smaller than what I'm seeing here... "barely visible to the human eye", they say. They are everywhere... hard surfaces, soft surfaces, in my teacup, everywhere. The black specks are everywhere too, just not as plentiful. I have not experienced the fibers coming out of my body - just those hard deposits, and new freckle-looking marks, which some say are connected. I have, however, just in the past couple of days, seen strange fibers (blue, black and red) on the floor/carpet, mostly. This morning I found a blue ball of fiber with what looked like a white ball inside... It reminded me of a coccoon, and I taped it unto the notebook page with the other strange stuff. The worms really scare me, and I wonder how their population will increase. I wonder how many are living INSIDE my body.
This situation has caused me to become very isolated. I need to see my counselor I usually see on Tuesdays, but for the last 2-3 weeks I've had to cancel because I will not risk infecting her/her office; and she cannot meet me somewhere else because of "billing regulations". I cannot see my son, which is causing me deep sorrow for him, for me, for us. I cannot ask for help going to the store or the laundry mat, as I feel the need to be responsible about not passing this on to anyone else. My downstairs neighbors knocked on my door yesterday afternoon asking if I'd like to go downstairs and play cards and hang out. They really seem like good people I'd love to hang with, but... I went down stairs and knocked on my neighbor's door last evening and explained why I could not sociallize with them at this time (as they had asked me if I might join them the next day (today) instead), and I'd said, "That sounds good", not knowing then what else to say. I was verging on tears, feeling the need to tell her the truth. I feel dirty, even though I am not. I feel like a leper. I am lonely and traumatized. I need help, but have no idea where to go. I need to try some products like "Kleen Green", and I'm running out of money... the child support money has not come in yet, and I've not paid my rent. I don't feel it's right to pay my rent, because I got this thing from moving here; but I am too weak to fight anyone. I don't know if I'm dying or losing my mind, or both. I feel TRAPPED and helpless.
This disease that has caused me (and countless others) so much harm is called Morgellons. It is REAL.

Replied by Anonymous
(Muskego, Wi)

Hi Kristi from Maine,

I have read all your posts and I too, suffer from Morgellons Disease and it is absolutely HORRIBLE! You mentioned that you have a son, 11years old, in Assisted Living due, to you not wanting to infect him... Now please don't take this wrong but, wouldn't you rather have your son with you (infected or not), than to lose him or just hardly ever see him? In most cases, Morgellons isn't suppossed to be contagious (whole families do contract this disease yet, that COULD be from same exposure @ the time, one was first infected). My son does have this, but, if he did not, I could never break our relationship, due to this (he is my world)... I don't know what your entire situation is... And like I asked, please don't take this wrong way! It really is only being said, for the simple fact, that your son I am sure loves you and wants to be with you, Morgies or not... Please think about it... Good Luck to you and your son...

Replied by Anna
(Los Angeles, Ca)

I dont have morgellons. But I would suggest doing a smoothie of rice milk, frozen bananas and strawberries, tblsp of spirilina, tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp BEE POLLEN, flax seed. Also, take cayenne pepper internally twice a day. I dunno what to say. This disease sounds so awful.

Replied by ümmügülsün Y%u0131ld%u0131z


yazınız okudum. Morgellons parazitleri gerçek üniversitede palinoloji bölümüne doktora yaptım, bu parasiti önce fark edemedim önce kafa biti sandım internette uzun araÅŸtırmadan sonra mikroskopta biraz tarayarak morgellons hiflerini kullanarak ettim doktora gittim. Morgellons hastalığını duyduÄŸunu söyleyebilirim ve tam bilmediÄŸini parazit demedi. 4 aydır mikroskobumla araÅŸtırıyorum. SöylediÄŸiniz gibi morgellonslar dünyamızda her yerde. Bir gözlemci olarak benim görüÅŸlerim; Morgellonslar önce saçlarımıza yerleÅŸiyor ( kaÅŸlarada) sonra vücudumuzda her yere yerleÅŸiyor geçenlerde deffirizden tavuk çıkardım su içersinde buzunun çözünmesi için beklettim zarında internette gördüÄŸüm bags vardı mikroskopla inceledim konra yılanı gibi hifleri hareket ediyordu yani canlıydı.kesinlikle tavuk ürünleri yemeyin. Bunlardan insan oÄŸlu nasıl kurtulacak bilim adamları uyuyor mu? yoksa birÅŸeyleri insanlardan saklıyorlar mı? Bilimde ileri olan ülkelere ve bilim adamlarına sesleniyorum.EÄŸer bu konuda bilimsel bir açıklama yapamıyorsanız bu iÅŸi bırakın. Morgellonslar canlılar aleminde sınıfı nerede canlı mı? Bitki, Hayvan, Alg, bakteri, Mantar mi? hangisi bana göre hiçbiri uzaydan geldiklerine inanıyorum dünyamızda benzerleri yok bir örnek veriyim 4 yıl önce Morchella spp. üzerinde çalışma yapıordum. Morchella sporlarını bazik fuksinli gliserin jelatin içerisine koyarak preperat yaptım preperatların etrafını parafinledim ve karınlık bir yerde muhafaza ettim. Morgellons hiflerini o zaman görmüÅŸtüm. ama ne olduklarını anlayamadım. Åžimdi 2018 Yılında Morgellonsa sahibim preperatları tekrar incelim. Buna inanamıyacaksın Morgellons bütün preparatlara bulaÅŸmış ve hala canlıydılar sanırım enerjilerini Mikroskop ışığından alıyorlar. Bunlarla baÅŸ etmek imkansız.Konra yılanı gibi olanlar hareket halindeydi dehÅŸete düÅŸtüm. aman tanrım bunlar ölmemiÅŸ hala yaşıyorlar. Sanırım bunu gördükten sonra bunların dünyamıza ait olduÄŸunu düÅŸünmüyorum. EÄŸer bunlar Biyolojik ÅŸavaşın bir parçası deÄŸil ise bunlar uzaylı kısacası caresizim ve internette tedavi yöntemleri arıyorım. ÅŸuan internette borax uygulamasını okudum onu yapacağım, SUN marka Çamaşır deterjanı ile yonca alfalafa tabletleri ve çamaşır suyu çamaşır deterjan banyosunu yapacam inÅŸallah kurtulurum. Tanrıya dua ediyorum. beni ve bütün insanoÄŸlunu bu hastalıktan kurtarsın diye.

Hello there,

I read it literally. I did the Morgellons parasites to the doctor in the department of palynology in the real university, I did not notice this parasiti before, I thought of the head end, after a long search on the internet, I went to the doctor by using a morgellons hifler by scanning a bit in the microscope. I could say he heard Morgellons disease and he did not know what parasite he had. I'm investigating with my microscope for four months. As you said, morgellons are everywhere in our world. My views as an observer; Morgellons first settles my hair (in eyebrows) and then we get in our bodies every day. I have been waiting for the dissolution of the ice in the water. How do scientists who survive human sons fall asleep? or do they keep something from people? I am speaking to countries and scientists who are advanced in science. If you can not make a scientific statement on this subject, quit this job. Where is the Morgellons living class in the living world? Plant, Animal, Algae, Bacteria, Mushrooms? which I believe none of them have come from the world I have no equivalent in our world 4 years ago Morchella spp. I work on it. I made preparations by putting Morchella spores into basic fucsin glycerine gelatin, and I paraffinized the preparations and kept them in a place of a small thickness. Then I saw the Morgellons hybrids. but I do not understand what they are. Now I review Morgellons' own preparations in 2018 again. You can not believe that Morgellons were infected by all the preparations and they were still alive, I think they are taking their energy from Microscope light. It is impossible to cope with these. Those who were like the serpent were on the move were terrified. Oh my god they are still alive and they still live. I do not think these things belong to my world after I see it. If they are not part of the Biological Warfare, I am looking for alien abstraction and treatment methods on the internet. I will read it on the internet borax application, I will make SUN brand laundry detergent and clover alfalfa tablets and laundry water laundry detergent baggy inÅŸallah kurtulurum. I pray to God. to save me and all human beings from this disease.

Replied by Kristin M

My dear, I am sorry to say that it seems that you are almost fully caught up in this horrible disease I also share. You just cannot worry about every possible result. There is no cure yet and likely for some time to come. The tips are to make you feel like you are doing something. It's hard to have really tried to find yourself back at the beginning of reinfection non-stop. I'm sorry for us all.

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by Janice Barket (Mcclure, Pa, Usa) on 09/05/2010

I have been visiting your site for sometime and it is awesome! I was reading about scabies and would like to add that maybe some of the cases could be Morgellons. Morgellons it is believed is systemic and is associated by mycroplasma. There may be 200 kinds of them. Some believe that Morgellons has association to eating GMO foods. I know that when I quit eating them things got better. I suffered untold unamaginable hell gor the first year not knowing what it was. Permathrin was a waste of money and so was Rid for head lice. Doctors are not good at treating this. In fact they seem to be in denial by the most. Natrual products worked. I am close to remission and like most have spent a lot of money. Sme have spent over $40,000 just to hear a doctor tell them it is all in their head; Wrong, it is real. Feels like bugs crawling under your skin, head, soles of feet. Open lesions can appear, fibers under skin and coming out. Awful, awful experience. Few will stand up for you because I believe they know but are afraid. A friend bought three DVD's from a program on God's Learning Channel about morgellons and wanted to give them to doctors. Guess what they refused and one said, " I fear for my life. " Weaponized mycroplasma is a good thing to read about. I found an article online about how the GMO grains crossed over into the horses cells and Sulfa drugs was used. There is many good sites about GMO and the affects on us. The American Academy of Envirionmenatal Medicine , May 19, 2009 is a very good article to read. Then ask yourself what could be wrong with your skin? I finally got smart and made my own cream which does help heal sores. The Borax and Food Grade Peroxide works. I also added L Iodine and dribbled it on my head rubbing with my fingers. I of course added water to the Peroxide but also put a drop of pur on places where a pimple was starting. Awesome stuff. You know it works or FDA would not be trying to get rid of it. Morgellons is parasites which are the base of most diseases. Did you know that every 63 minutes someone dies from cancer> Did you know that more die from parasites? Yes, it is true. So go to work and start gettng rid of them. I do alot of natural parasite cleanses including yes, it is gory but worth it; enemas. Doctors do not give antibiotics long enough to help us and most of them do not work for transgenic parasites/man made diseases. The research I have done is in the natural products. Tetracyline seems to help internally. I was going to try Grae Fruit Seed extract but could not find one pure enough. Does anyone know of one? Keep up the good work Ted. We depend on you since everyone else is afraid to cross the barriers to help those suffernig and dying daily.

Replied by Nan
(Minneapolis, Usa)

I've commented on this site for a year or two now all my new findings on how to cure this beast. I think I have found the best so far... A simple homeopathic remedy called "Teucrium" - I used 200C potency... It is a worm killer, but also is killing rapidly the mites and all else. The first time I ever held a Teucrium vile I felt the worms in my feet negatively react to it (where these seem to like to hang out during the day) reacted strongly to this remedy. I bought the most powerful potency they had (at Present Moments in Minneapolis) I did the adding the tablets to water trick (1 c of water to 4 tablets of homeopathic Teucrium) Then you bang the bottle against a book or something soft but hard enough for a time (use unbreakable bottle) - this transfers the vibration of that remedy into the water so now you have a solution to put all over your body. I put it everywhere... I noticed the mites were pouring out of my face... Dead on arrival (it helps to put petroleum jelly on afterward - helps to get them to come to the surface) It definitely kills the worms to, which are the hardest part of this to kill.... They were immediately weakened.... I've been using this for a few days now and am very relieved - these things were getting quite large and strong drilling into any part of my body they wished.... I now feel their power greatly diminished and they are weak.... I haven't taken this orally yet... But plan to - there are lower potencies that might be better to start with but I wonder if the 200C from inside & outside would finally just do them in.... I did combine Cina also and that is also a profound worm killer and had very good affects... I got the strongest Cina out there 50M and definitely didn't take it orally but again applied to skin w/the water process.... I also taped the small vile to my back by the shoulder blade where they seemed to set up camp because I couldn't reach there... They seem to have abandoned that spot now.

The best thing about all this is that I was able to give up the tea tree oil/alcohol solution on my skin which I've used for 3 or more years to I could sleep and stop the crawling... I felt that was making things worse because I think they fight anything you do by reproducing more rapidly and also strengthen themselves when they fight you... I'm sure TTO oozing into my pores every night wasn't good for me and wonder what health problems I will suffer down the road for that excess... I do notice my legs swelling a little when I put some of these most potent solutions on my legs and feet... But it goes away. Taping the viles to key spots where they seem to be working (they pick areas to set up camp) has discouraged this. I also recently moved and wondered if there wasn't some energy field set up by them in my old home it always seemed to get worse at home and it's been better since I moved... I'm sticking with the homeopathics... Teucrium & Cina I believe could kill this thing, but of course diet would be important too.

Just a note... These things (at least in me) do most of their work at night when you are sleeping... When I discovered this that is when I started putting the TTO on before bed to stymie them... I don't recommend it in hindsight... It only exacerbates the problems and overburdens your body further... This is a worm and then there are mites and different materials, bugs/flying vectors... It's a pretty creepy deal... But can be beat... It would be nice if our medical industry would step up and participate here... It's pretty sickening the way they have abandoned many and many more to come due to their unprofessional response to this disease that is only spreading due to their negligence... Good luck to you all... Will report on further insights later. Good luck..

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by Izzy3 (Vero Beach, Florida) on 03/25/2010

Right on the Welcome screen this morning they are talking about how they are putting nanotech in our food supply, cosmetics, gas etc. It even shows the fibers wrapping around human hair, exactly like the fibers people are experiancing with Morgellons, see what the great scientific secture is doing to us, in order to create a name for themselves, wake up people, their doing in mankind, and the planet, we need to get back to natural ways.

EC: Can you send us a link to the article or show that you saw this morning? Thanks!

Replied by Haycee
(Gauteng, Sa)

Here's a link to nano particles in food:
Not very appetising news!

EC: Thanks!

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by Sol Robinowitz (Beverly Hills, CA) on 03/21/2009

I'd like to point everyone to the suyspected origin & quite possibly the cause of Morgellons.


Apparently & in my opinion, Morgellons is being delivered via the continuous ongoing Chemtrail spray operations that occur globally. Incidentally, I don't ever recall, giving my consent to be a test subject or ginea pig, did you?

Yes, I find Collodial Silver, Hot Peppers, & Garlic work to alleviate thes ymptoms, if not actually reduce the number of parasites. More to follow.

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by K Campbell (Kansas City, KS) on 03/17/2009

Interesting Info on Morgellons or Cryptostrongelous Pulmoni:

Following article is apparently the real name of the Morgellons worm....guess Australia is way ahead of the CDC...hmmmm:

EC: Look at that photo - yikes!

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by EJ (san diego, CA) on 11/15/2008

I have had the Morgellons like symptoms on three different occasions within the last 3 years. Eyebrows, eylashes, and hair follicules flaking with red, white, black and blue sand like grains that itched and floated in the air. If I was standing in the bathroom, you could noticably see the red and blue and black dots on the counter and in the sink. I collected some of these in different colors and size to take with me to the doctor.I was told by emergency room staff that I was delusional and that my evidense was nothing more than lent. I could see floties resembling lint floating in the air un high volumes in areas such as the bathroom when using a black light. These blue, white, red and sometimes black dots seem to land and dissolve into the skin with a small bite like feel. They grow in size and resemble freckles when on the skin's surface. It proves unsuccessfully if you try to remove these using normal medication for scabies. Also if you try to pop the pimple like things, they just ooze and leave open sores that have a dark ring around the opening. I and my 3 yr old son both have excema. Mine is localized on my thumb and his is on most of his body. Although I do not think that we are ever rid of this (parasite?) I do believe that I have found ways of maintaining in a dormant form where no new marks are visible until another exposure (usually a year later). Also I am relieved of the crawling sensation. Usually when people get these sores they avoid being outside due to embarrassment and stay covered up. I believe this worsens the problem. The two other times that I encounterd this I was able to see a reduction of symptoms through two common factors. The first time I treated it as if it were scabies. I followed normal cleaning (house and personal) procedures for Scabies with little results and started taking myself and my children outside for at least 50 minutes during the hottest times of the day. I made sure we participated in some actvity that was under direct sunlight and caused our bodies to sweat. The itching lasted for at most 2 weeks after repeated daily exposure to sun. I again treated the house and ourselves for a scabies infections while continuing daily sun exposeure. I also started cooking with freash garlic and onions about 4-6 times a week. We could no longer see them on our skin or feel them but I did continue to see black dots in my son's stool (he was around 1 yr old when it first happened.) The second time was about a year later and I followed the same procedures but also happended to begin tanning in a tanning bed. This quickly sped up the healing process of the crawling feeling on my skin and things seemed to go away. It seems after cleaning out my parent's garage, I opened a box and it felt like dust went up in my face and bean to sting a little. Later that night and in the subsequent nights, I noticed what appeared to look like glitter, then red dots and blue dots that would smudge when you wipe them. Then my face, body and scalp started itching. I saw signs of what appeared to be dandruff. I've come to realize that it always starts out with exposeure then into your skin and almost like an flower pollenates. it sends of white san like things from your hair shaft. Then the turn into red dots after the white ones (sometimes blue) land on your skin. They look like pen marks or very small blood blisters. The next stage looks like the red dots get darker and then larger until they resemble a freackle. But if you are familiar with your body, these freckles appear too quickly and seem foreign to wher you want to sqweeze them. It only seems to make it worse. I have used apple cider vinegar and found it very successful at removing the dark, freckle like ones. Unfortunatly I also recieved the burn mark on my face from the ACV to the point where I'm not sure which is worse. I keep vaseline continously on it to prevent exposure to new infection while it heals. After seein gthis website, I will try to consume the ACV solution 1/8 to 8 oz w2p 3 x a day for a while in combination with tanning again and will report back on the result. I have also had shingles about 5 years ago and do believe that this attacks hosts who are more likely to have asmtha, some form of HPV (shingles, coldsores), Excema, allergies and sinus problems. I believe that allows for an entrance site for the infection. I also believe that this is the same thing that many IV drug users and meth addicts complain about when they say that they feel bugs crawling on their skin. I personally belive that my family's exposure to this happens near the same time of year that we recieve a visit from a family member who is a known meth user. I believe meth addicts and herpin addicts contract this because those drugs make your body sweat and pores are stay opened, giving an entrance route to the (parasite?) similar to the open sores from people with excema, the torn blood vessals from people with allergies or sinus problems (from rubbing their nose). I have also experienced nerve problems and tingling sensations in my calves and muscles similar to those of shingles when I have noticeable symptoms. Some nerve problems that I would experience are similar to those of a drug user, I would paranoid, self- conscience, and easily irritated. I do think there is a connection between hay fevers, allergies, excema, HPV, morgellons, and the sciatic nerve. Loss of memory and lack of concentration are slo appearant but I'm unsure if that is from being consumed with something that is unexplinable and considered dilusional by mAany healthcare professionals. Currently, I would not seek help from a doctor again for fear of ridicule and accusations of being delusional by people who would not even take the time to view my "evidence" under a microscope or by my children's doctors when I brought examples and other articles pertaining to similar accounts. I was told that "the internet makes doctor's out of most patents these days." Sad but true. So I will continue to repeat previous steps and add a ACV and h20 drink to my treatment this time and will report back with the results.

Replied by Erin

EJ I share a very similar story. My battle began 3 years ago. I had the itching, skin crawling and bumps. When my daughter began to have the same symptoms I took her to the doctor. First visit he said it was just a rash. On the second visit 2 days later he said he may be scabies and gave me a prescrption for our entire house, including my one year old. It went away for a week or so then came back even stronger. We had our house sprayed for every kind of insect. I made 2 ER trips with the same "your crazy" response. I felt like I was going insane! My one year old began having symptoms so I took her to the doctor. He also said I was crazy. In my long search for a "cure" I have lost custody of my oldest daughter (no one knew what morgellons was at the time) and had major problems in my marriage.(because he didn't have the problem) I am happy to report that hydrogen peroxide (food grade) seems to be making a difference. I have just followed the directions for how much to take. I also do detox baths every day with baking soda, sea salt, and sometimes borax. Iodine seems to help dry them out. I wanted to cry when I read the stories that are posted. Its nice to know I'm not crazy. Thank you all so much!

Replied by Toni
(Arid, Luscious)

My husband has suffered with Morgellons for the past two years. He not only has the sores, his left eye is consistantly sore and bloodshot, and his ears are completely clogged, sometimes swollen shut as to not even being able to put drops in them, and the ear looks to be surrounded with infection. Nothing has appeared to help much, but everything has helped a little. We use colloidal silver, both orally and as drops. He soaks in MMS some days and epsom salts and cayenne peppers other days. We boil dropper bottles or small medicine bottles without the lid, of course, and apply them and hold them tightly on top of the boils for about ten minutes or until the bottle cools enough that it loosens itself. Usually, my husband can feel when the boil has burst. I try not to break the seal until he feels that--constantly apply pressure with the bottle to his skin. When I remove the bottle, then I take the tweezers to what comes out through the burst boil. We find filaments and fibers in every singel one.

We are going to use Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper next. I have an inkling that this will be one of our best findings yet. We will use it along with the above though--not alone. We're adding Essiac Tea to our diets also as well as striving for the proper PH.

You might be interested in US Patent #6245531 B1. It is a patent by Hogness, Koelle, and Seagrave. It is my opinion that you will find the people responsible for Morgellons. Again, it is my opinion. I received it in an article on Chem Trails, and I believe this to be true. Click on U. S. Patents and put the above number in. Then you can thank these three men for this atrocity. Look it up. Educate yourself.

Do not give up! That is what is expected of you. But quit putting those harmful chemicals on yourself. Raid and Bleach! No, no, no! Go Essiac Tea, Colloidal Silver, MMS. There are some excellent herbal suggestions that go along with Clark's zapper also. 'Tis better to go natural when you're going up against these evil men, because everything they're doing is against Nature. We must work with Nature.

Don't stay in bed. Make yourself get up each day and think positively. Once you stay in bed, it will be difficult to ever get out again. Keep on living!

Replied by Bonnie

I have had Morgellons now for about twelve years. I did not know what I had until this year. I thought I was allergic to mites. I am now treating it with Jim Humbles MMS, food grade Diatomaceous earth and green Papaya leaf caps.Its like the harder I try the harder they fight me. My Dr. is a young woman who seems to believe me. I see her again in the morning and will have her test me for Lime disease. I hope she will be able to help.

Replied by Myredemption
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I wanted to confirm that the superbugs that I'm dealing with and has been my biggest problem is the same one referred to by some Morgellon's sufferers. I understand that there are variations and differing symptoms and that not all MD sufferers have the "bug" aspect. I am certain that I have Morgellon's due to thick black fibers with white feathery ends coming out of a lesion that never fully healed after a few weeks of what I believe may be a variation of the "superbugs" biting my ankles under my desk at work. My body started expelling these bugs after I found out about and used a debriding soap product; it caused for strangely shaped debris and squiggly short thread-like fibers come out of pimple-like lesions on my bald head and then the fibers that I mentioned above from my ankle. But these "superbugs" are causing immense discomfort and life-endangering associated floating/flying particles in my home.

The bug: clothes, plastic, and paper are their ideal infestation sites. Tried everything for the clothes and the only thing that has worked is Pressure Cooking my clothes for 2 hours to make them comfortable enough to wear for 12 hours before being reinfested due to the environment or reproduction. They fly extremely fast, and most likely whitish to translucent/clearish in color. I see white specks and white powdery residue on infested items. They are virtually invisible unless sunlight is shining from certain angles and when I disturb any item that they are resting on/in, they will fly for my face, especially my scalp. For example, if I open a ziplock bag of contents that they are in, they will fly out of the opening with enough force that I will hear a slight pop if they hit my earlobes, or clothing. It's not the air current causing for its collision with me; you can feel that it is purposefully flying at my face due to the force and speed between disturbance and making contact. If I'm washing an item that they are on, I will feel that something has landed on my scalp. Some are random scatter collisions but others are definitely with purpose as I've wrung out an infested towel, moved myself from being directly in front of the towel, and feel them landing on my scalp. As I'm typing right now, I can feel them coming out of the cracks/openings between the keyboard keys and pepper my face. Maybe so many are coming out that they are not aiming for my face but I doubt it because I will feel them landing on the BACK of my head.

The second aspect of this is there are so many floating particles/"superbugs" in my apartment that I choke/cough at times as I'm breathing them in. If I don't clean off most surfaces each day, the concentration of the particles are so dense that careful observation will reveal a slight haze of white in the air between myself and the object that I'm viewing inside the room. My joints hurt and I have a lot of inflammation due to all of these particles breathed in and I fear is contributing to my Morgellons condition and ever increasing Morgellons related organisms/myiasis inside my body. If so, my condition would be indefinite. I'm confident in saying that they are related to the superbugs because with careful observation against a dark background, I can see tiny tiny things floating/flying around me. The best way to describe it is to visualize Pigpen from the Peanuts cartoon and his omnipresent cloud of dust that surrounds him. Airing the room out doesn't help, they stay around infested items. Using a fan doesn't either because once the "superbug" infests the fan, more bugs are blown into a room. All it takes is a few infested items in a room and over time, the airborne particles/bugs increase in number and there is no saving it. My sleep has been minimal and I can't improve my immune system to fight these bugs from hell off. As I mentioned before, they envelope me and I'm breathing them in...causing health problems. This polluted air will infest ANY item within 6 hours; that is how bad this is. If I lay new clothing items out in the room, after 6 hrs, I will feel the bugs coming off of it when wearing. Black, white, and brown specks can be seen on the shirt. Moving is the only answer but I can't do this over and over.

This also complicates ridding myself of this problem because I will need to not only kill the Morgellons parasite IN me, but also get rid of EVERYTHING in my environment at around the time when my internal body environment is free. But one will usually cause the other and it's hard to time everything. Not to mention all the money that I don't have. Cleaning helps for 24 hours because anything cleaned will still be in the polluted air as well as being reinfected from the superbugs/cloud of debris that is around me. I've no avail. I'm ready to leave everything, then clean them off my skin, toss the clothes on my back, and for someone not infested to bring me new clothes to start over. And of course if my internals are ok, then I won't reinfest my environment.

I believe that some people don't realize this aspect to their condition and therefore not able to rid themselves of the problem. Or due to the inability to send a sample to a lab, some of us don't correctly know what we have. Add to that people who advise on the wrong parasite and it becomes very confusing. Does this parasite go hand in hand with Morgellons? Is this the same bug that Morgellon's sufferers refer to? If not, what is it? I'm trying to figure out if I have other parasites afflicting me. Thanks for any input.

Replied by Madison

It's like I'm reading my own story & trials of years of natural treatments some Hilda Clark some rife frequencies- with amazing results of actually seeing sm white like grains of salt everywhere in my house ( during ride frequencies treatments)

unfortunately, I had seen this on my cat in 2007 ( she got schizophrenic in and sadly I put her out of her misery in 2014 )

BC I was too sick to care for her and myself- I became unable to eat or drink anything & even kissing my hubby of 34 yrs w/o having anaphylactic episodes, massive skin eruption issues, Lund were shot, was on antibiotics, antidepressants, 3 inhalers ( that caused yeast everywhere including in my blood)

2014 I found a natural path Dr who led me to an acupuncture Dr who helped get me on the right track of no inhaler, replaced with glutathione spray - in 2018 lung Dr said my lungs went from scared and failure- to amazing & clear healthy

mom able to eat gluten, dairy free, organic foods

I learned I was born with an MTHFR mutation

I've had mono since age 10 & 13 & so many allergies hives illnesses along the way I'm soon to be 64 it's been a hell of a ride thus far

I've seen my grandma, mom & mom in-law younger brother suffer from the same symptoms ( all died at the hands of following their Drs prescription drugs & other treatments)

I woke up in 2014/15 was my worst years 2017. I started rife frequencies on the Morgellons those white salts came out, I knew I & my sweet kitty had this same disease & I had to set myself free from it!

unfortunately, it's not been an easy road.

I am so thankful for the support groups & it's such a sad truth that so many of us suffer with this Lyme Morgellons & all else that goes with it:(

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by Nan (Minneapolis, MN) on 11/13/2008

Found Article! Have you all seen this tells of a thing called Morgellons from years ago...tells remedies they used at that time...very interesting:

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

Boy someone sure doesn't want us to have this information on Morgellons. I was reading on page 5 and several of the links are not displaying now.

Replied by Dana
(Oakland, Ca)

I am in agreement. Many links do not work. It says page not found. I also find I'm unable to join support groups. I thought it was just me...thank you for your comments.

Replied by A Mouse

Fermented products like vinegar excite them. They love magnesium, potassium, and calcium in apple cider vinegar. Hold the bottle of any product and you will feel them react. I held doggie dip solution and they became completely still. It was expensive so I didn't buy it. I think over time the nerve damage becomes so bad that you don't feel them as much. People say they are cured after one year. I'm guessing they don't feel them because they take over the nervous system.

Morgellons Commentary
Posted by Pdiddy (Alexandria, VA) on 09/05/2008

I am surprised at the lack of information and general implied skepticism when describing Morgellons. Perhaps you were meaning to sound unbiased but I as well as others believe it to sound quite the unbelievable condition that people conjured up and are diagnosing themselves via the internet...not so, my friend and I hope that you never experience such a horrifying disease.

The fact of the matter is that when a person becomes infected, while one might try their hardest to reject these bizarre progressive symptoms, there is no denying that something is very, very wrong...and then the strange and disturbing journey unfolds right before your eyes that are oddly very similar in nature and description, to what other people are going through - even right down to how many doctors they have been to that are just as baffled by what they are hearing and seeing from their patients. It is very easy to "self-diagnose", once you have these distinct patterns of infection that your body is struggling to battle. For example, not any other illnesses that are in the medical books today, would describe an itchy, crawling sensation, only for you to continually find unwanted and strange 'artifacts' that you had never seen before coming out of the pours of your skin. The samples taken of this infection could not be produced from a person who has Delusional Parasitosis- if there really is such a disease-- especially when they are collectively the same in nature. And this is just one of the symptoms of this very complicated infection.

Furthermore, how and why are all conditions given a name? Names are given to categorize a set of symptoms. From past history, we have all seen how long it takes for the medical establishment to acknowledge a new and rare disease. While many people were suffering a long time with this illness and trying to seek help from medical professionals, no one was really listening. So, from a will to survive and out of frustration and desperation, a collective and intelligent group of sufferers took it upon themselves to compile the similar symptoms of a disease that was of unknown etiology. They became pro-active in hopes of not only finding a cure, but to prevent this from spreading to other unsuspecting people - such as the person who wrote this description of Morgellons. Now, thanks to these people who were "self-diagnosing", we have the CDC studying this, an independent lab researching, as well as a upcoming medical program that will be addressing this pandemic on national television.

Replied by Tracy
(Northern California)

Well said! I agree with your entire comment! 😀

Morgellons Treatment Protocol

Posted by Chris (Ohio) on 02/25/2016


From: Sage Consulting and Apothecary: [Phone: 888-350-391

Japanese Knotweed tincture 150 lbs=2/3rd tsp 3x a day;100 lbs=1/2 tsp 3x day

Cat's Claw tincture 150 lbs=2/3rd tsp 3x a day; 100 lbs=1/2 tsp 3x a day

Teasel tincture 10 drops 3x a day

Sarsaparilla tincture. 15 drops 3x a day

Houttuynia tincture 15 drops 3x a day

From: Institute of Traditional Medicine: [Phone: 503-233-4907]

You may need to get a Nutritionist to refer you but first just try using our name with Dr. Dharmanandra and see if he's willing to send you either of the following:

Anti-spirochete tablets


Anti-Spirochete Granules 3 tsp. in 8oz boiled water 2x a day

(we use the tea in the AM, and the tablets in the PM - we probably should have used them 3x a day to begin with but we didn't)

From: Swansons Vitamins: []

Olive Leaf Extract [Seagate brand] 450 mg. 1x a day

Kyolic Garlic #103 2 caps. 2 x a day

Cordyseps 2 caps 2x a day

Triphala Gold 1,000 mg. 2 caps 1x a day

Grapeseed 1 cap. 2x a day

Cloves 2 caps 3x a day

Soloray Cool Cayenne 40,000 mg (after a meal – if any - burning eat bread)

NAC - 600 mg. 1 cap. 1x a day

Pau D'Arco 500 mg. 2 caps 1x a day


Natto-Kinase, 2,000 FU, 1 capsule a day

From: Mountain Rose Herbal []

Menthol Crystals – sprinkle into packets made out of Swiffer squares and stapled –then placed in chairs, couches, car, drawers. I use cut out squares of Swiffer cloth.

From: Natural Ginesis: [phone: 1-800-807-9350]

8 oz Bottle of Kleen Green – diluted 1 oz to 7 oz water. For bathing dog(s) once a week. [don't rinse off! ], and spraying on self if any itching, or pimples appear.

Artemesia tea – 1 rounded tsp of artemesia dropped into 1 qt. of boiling water; steep, and cool, and drink in two or three cupsful a day.

Replied by Debbie

This really makes sense to me... Cause under microscope all I see is these balls of fibers... Oh God please help us... I am terrified....

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by luis (la california) on 06/06/2021 3 posts


If you live in US, may want to try pineglo. Available at Walmart or dollar store. I Decon clothes by placing clothes in, placing washer in heavy load and hot water. When water level is 1/2 to 3/4 I put 1/4 to half bottle depending on load. Allow it to move and stop washer for 30 minutes. Then resume cycle. The wash with soap and borax. Allowing to sit for 30 or more minutes then resume the cycle. I also put Lysol laundry disinfectant. The dry hot with softener strip. I place underwater and sleeping wear in food deal bags. Has worked well. I also use stick paper to clean sheets daily. In room I use an IBC light. I leave the room, at it is dangerous for people, animals or plants.

Hope it helps. Use HEPA vacuum.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Terri (CALIFORNIA) on 05/08/2021

I began itching 5 months ago and thought I had scabies. Kaiser could not find a diagnosis and told me I had a bug phobia, wanted to put me on Prozac and send me to a psych.

I went to an outside doctor as Kaiser could not find anything in a biopsy. Cedars Sinai indicated that Keratinocytes were growing under my skin. I presented this to the state of California and Kaiser was told to pay my outside bills.

I am reporting what has worked for me.

I found out 2 months ago that I have morgellons after believing I had scabies for 3 months.

KLEEN-Free Naturally, Super Concentrated (Amazon) will heal up lesions. I bathed two times a day, adding one cup of the enzymes. (20-25 min)

After 3 weeks, the lesions began to heal and the biting sensations dramatically ceased. Now, I do it once a day and also do a bath with organic laundry detergent and 1/4 cup of alfalfa powder. This has been advertised on radio shows as well as a gal who said it healed her on Amazon. Each bath is 20-25 minutes. (warm water is OK, does not need to be HOT) Once you are done with the alfalfa bath, drain tub, and soap down with Dr. Bonner's peppermint castille soap. My skin is feeling great. I am rarely itching anymore, but I use coconut oil, eucalyptus essential oil, clove, neem, etc. to lubricate my skin. Shea butter and vaseline work as well.

I also take ivermectin every week, supplied by an American Frontline Doctor - Dr. Weinstein 1-888-329-0120. I purchase it from Canadian Pharmacy, they will send the prescription there for you. 1-855-872-3485. It is very inexpensive.

Watch the Amazon Prime documentary - Skin Deep, The Battle over Morgellons. You will find the names of doctors who will help you. Dr. Raphael Stricker in San Francisco; Ginger Savely in Washington DC. I just spoke with DNP Savely and she sent me her natural protocol.

I also detoxed with Dr. Schulze's Detox -- or (Amazon) speak with a representative but I used Intestinal #1, and Intestinal #2. I am now using 35 for Life which is building my immune system. You can order it here: 714-485-2299. In the middle of the night, I take 4 activated charcoal pills. Needs to be on a completely empty stomach. (can be taken 3 hours after dinner)

CUT OUT sugar, carbs, bread, wheat, corn, dairy, fruit. Do not eat more than 10 carbs per day. Eat eggs, grass fed beef, organic meats, boars head sugarless meats from the deli. Eat vegetables, salads, homemade dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, seasonings. My treat every day is an almond milk latte - no sugar! Ryvita rye crisp crackers are fine and I smother them with butter or avocado. Butter is fine. I will eventually eat an apple, but I am not ready for it yet as I feel so much better without sugar. About 4 times a week, I get a vegetable juice from my grocery store, with extra lemon, ginger and NO apple.

Replied by Art
4 posts


What did u take to get the bugs out of your scalp?? And if so, can I get the recipe?What did u do for your eyes??

Replied by Terri


Morgellons -- This is TERRI and I posted in May. I over-dosed on Ivermectin and ended up with a raging liver...very dangerous. Please remove it from my original post because if you do not have a doctor that understands how much you can take, you can end up with liver damage. You can remove the portion regarding Ivermectin or add this. I think it would be best to remove but you would know best. Thank you!

There is a new Morgellons site and the owner had it for several years and is free of it. - Diane is wonderful and she can help you! Genes all natural products

There is also Quantum Healing Club. Dr. Sam has Morgellons and she has a radio show. I am now listening to Morgellons frequency on her site and can also be found on youtube. She has wonderful ideas under "resources." I have ordered the Serendipity Cream, CBD cream, and Zeolite. I was fortunate enough to talk to her, but please know her site - read it! - before you ask her a question. I was talking to Tommy and she jumped on the phone.

(faithville, Us)

Ted said his cure was 100 success rate.....for morgellons

Ted's Remedies, Morgellons Remedies (

Replied by Postalcanary

Funny, you didn't mention the ivermectin FIRST. yes, those other things help SOME PEOPLE MANAGE morgellons. But most can't afford to buy all that stuff. The kleen green is expensive. Back to the ivermectin. THATS what's helping u get well bIVERNECTIN AMD FENBENDAZOLE R USED QUITE SUCCESFULLY to treat morgellons. But no matter which u use and whether u work with a doctor or not, it's a long treatment. They r also the best treatments. When I've been dealing with this for long enough, you really won't care if it's natural or not. You just want it to GO THE FK AWAY! Morgellons is related to Lyme. It's a combo of parasites AND a fungal infection. The fungus is ATHELIA ROLFSI. THATS why IVERMECTIN IS HELPING YOU GET BETTER! BUT! Be carful. Ivermectin is good medicine. But it can harm the liver. It's best to be monitored while using it long term. Get your liver enzymes checked monthly or every couple of months. Iver is being used for covid too. Per usual, people use more than they should and get sick and OD. Now because of THOSE IDIOTS it's harder to get it anymore without a prescription. Way to go! Also treatment for parasites can cause HERXING. GOOGLE IT. ☺️ But people and hospitals also often misdiagnosed the herx. Herxing is the die off of parasites. You need to makes sure your pooping daily too. When these parasites die, they release toxins that make u sick. You don't want to reabaorb those. You need to get that out of your body. U can get morgellons a variety of wayS.. Your pets is very common and A moldy house tooo. Bug bites. Gardening. Also if your a gardner get tested for SPOROTHRIX It's soil borne. It's VERY COMMON FOUND WORLD WIDE. Don't believe that it's only in tropical places. Much of the info is out dated. U can get it from cats too. It looks just like morgellons. Weird, there is a test for sporothrix, a fungus. Yet morgellons which looks exactly like it, people r called crazy. There is just WAYYYYYY TO MUCH TO TYPE AND TELL.

Replied by Sue
(Smiley, Tx)

I don't know how much you took, but it clearly states 1cc per 100lb body weight.. 4 days on 3 days off for 1 month is what I have read.

Replied by Josh
(Louisville KY)

You should have known already that kaiser wouldn't help you out as they are the ones who through this whole study on morgellons off testing their very own people that has never claimed to even have this disease, so they tested perfectly normal people an said they found nothing in their study on this disease!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lind (Cape Town) on 10/18/2020

Natural affordable pain control, boosting my immune system and control of systemic parasites and fun

I have been fighting a battle with what is known as Morgellons. I think it may be because of an immune deficiency as a result of years of unnatural stress through financial hardship and Arthritis of the spine, neuropathic pain and Fibromyalgia. I have also had a bilateral hip replacement.

Replied by CPN


I know browsing Earth Clinic can take some time so when I see anything and think I can help, I post again. Orange oil seems to be the main thing that help me get control of these little buggers. Lots of stuff helped, but until I got some orange oil in me they never totally went away.

I really believe that is what got mine under control, you have to be very careful and also avoid sunlight when taking Orange Oil, I start very slow or I try eating orange peeling as well. I started with like one drop of orange oil and worked up. What I thought was scarring must have been them buried in my skin, because all of that started fading away, now almost completely gone. The little white pimples and all gone.

Replied by Morgellons is real

So true it is caused from an immune deficiency. It's also spread from the air. Morgellons aka gmo fungi is in our environment everywhere world wide now. You can find the fiber aka hyphae fungi looking things that move all over the place. Just look in the dust or in cotton clothing etc. They are gmo and I think they are that gmo cotton crossed with nematodes etc that monsanto made years ago.

So you can't catch it from a person, you can catch infections off ppl but the fibers and spores etc themselves are in our environment everywhere so you can't get away from them. People with normal immune systems can fight them off. I only started getting them in my body and skin etc when I got sick from ebstein bar virus. It destroyed my immune system and that's why they are able to get in my body now. Lyme suppresses the immune so that's why many with Lyme get Morgellons fungi over load too but it's not the only cause.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jane (Barrie, Ontario) on 09/25/2018

Would like to know if there are any substantiated cases of cured skin mites or morgellons. The site contains testimonials suggesting people are progressing, but none seem to be posting an outright cure.

Also--wondering if there are any physicians or alternative medicine specialists who might be familiar with these conditions - have been battling a condition with symptoms in line with your website - have tried many recommendations, still not cured. Willing to travel to meet with a potential health expert familiar with this condition. Any recommendations?

Replied by Alexis
(Coral Springs, Fl)

I just wanted you to hear this so you have hope that it CAN go away. What I did I am not sure will work for everyone ( although I suspect it would to some degree it just depends on how many treatments you do the more the better in the smallest amount of time.) So here it is: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. I started with the usual symptoms the black a specks, the flesh-eating lesions covering my face my arms my legs my stomach my chest, progressed to getting the fibers or at least noticing the fibers I pulled 16 inch long twisted up 'somethings' of the backs of my legs especially when I sweat sometimes I would spontaneously get a clear fiber I never saw any colors that's just me but I only had a 40x microscope. So hyperbaric oxygen. It's not cheap and if you find it for cheap then you are probably getting screwed somehow. There is no getting around paying for this. But, it's so worth it if you don't have the money right this second start saving it it's not in an enormous overwhelming amount of money to save... I did 31 treatments it cost me about $3,500. At one point my legs were so so swollen I believe I was close to going into renal failure. Two sessions in the Hyperbaric and they were normal. I was producing the black specks they were in my urine in other places everywhere I am not anymore and I do not see any fibers or pull any fibers from anything anymore. Whatever this bug is comma it may have been artificially engineered butt it has commonalities in parasitical forms and fungal forms and oxygen Chambers kill all anaerobic bacteria. I learned a lot from the lady who ran the place I couldn't do only Hyperbaric and get better I had to stop smoking I had to change my diet like everybody says on this site I had to give up sugar, I had to start doing coffee enemas, I started using Hulda Clarks parasite removal then I intend to do the liver and colon cleanses it gives you the order to do them in. Other than that, I would recommend chitosan. 1500 mg a day to start go up 500 mg a day till you get to 15,000. I am just starting that so I can't tell you if it works 100 percent or not yet also I no longer have the blacks packs I'm using it as preventative because I reinfected myself cleaning the washing machine and got a big lesion on my forehead and it's definitely trying to spread but I'm not letting it silver I also agree is good. If you want to know more just let me know also I do recommend Ted's protocol his cor protocol of alkalinity it's taught by all the great doctors who study chronic illlness I started using Ted's protocol initially I wouldn't say that it didn't work I would say that I didn't follow through with it in the proper way whatever protocol you choose you have to do it and you have to do it everyday and you have to do it at the same time and you have to make it part of your life. Good luck.

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Hi, I'm somewhat new to being contaminated with this awful parasitic bug/fibers/worm. My 2 dogs are affected too and I'm broken in many ways…I'm looking for help regarding where to begin: my environment (house, outside, driveway, etc) or myself and my fur babies? I've been reading until my eyes bleed and have found a lot on treatment for people, but minimal info on how to treat our homes. If you can offer any guidance, I would be so grateful.