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Undiluted White Vinegar

Posted by Newagewoes (Melborne, Florida) on 10/14/2010


Use Borax or Washing Soda Instead of Regular Laundry Detergent

Posted by Jill (Punxsutawney, PA) on 12/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

This is not a remedy or cure for an ailment, but rather a suggestion that might help Morgellons sufferers find a small measure of releif. Morgellons sufferers, stop using laundry detergent and start using Borax or Washing Soda to do your laundry, because it is quite possible that your clothes are re-infecting you. Borax and, or, Washing Soda will clean your clothes without detergent, and since the Morgellons "bugs" seem to hate salt, maybe they will leave and not come back? If you get a grease stain, just use a spot treatment of detergent. Other than that, just Borax or Washing soda (a generous 1/2 cup per load) by itself will get the wash clean and fresh. You can also add just plain table salt to the wash, too (25lb bags at a big-box store).

Replied by Bo'
Pland, Or Usa

I might suggest caution with salt in that fluoridated is best avoided- all my skin symptoms are strongly aggravated by Fluoride from any source.

Vinegar, Orange Oil

Posted by Abbie (Monrovia, Ca) on 08/26/2009

I posted my findings yesterday, I want to add more. I found that the gloves I have used and the vinyl matress cover and my washing maching and dryer and the chair I have been sitting on all infected by the black tiny dots of mold ( I believe it's mold) that is very hard to remove. Again most on the area I frequently touch. I did some research and they said that all the people with morgellons have direct contact with plant dirt or earth. I myself did touch a plant without using gloves about 6-8 months ago, and that plant (a indoor tree) is dead now. I inspected that dried stem or trunk of the tree and found the same tiny black dots all over it. Is this a coincidence? I believe morgellon is caused by this type of mold or fungus. If this is true, we may try to detox with those thing that can get rid of mold or fungus. Maybe this is why many morgellons sufferers found relief. But this is really tough, as I found them growing on the inside of the dryer door. And I have been using the dryer many times a day for over 8 months, because I thought I got scabies. Please check this site for mold and fungus remedy. Hope all get relief!

Posted by Abbie (Monrovia, Ca) on 08/25/2009

I think I have morgellons, I have sting biting and itching sensations, have tried many many different remedies. most works temporarily. Recently, I began to have creepy crawly sensations on the sole of my feet and on my face. I thought morgellon is caused by skin parasite, But now I think I found something that must be related to morgellons symptoms. this might be caused by a type of fungus. I found this by accident this morning: about 8 months ago I found some tiny black dots on my furniture, some clustered, and some scattered, and they cann't be removed with regular cleaning. So I thought this may be caused by constant spray and cleaning and the paint fade out. But this morning I tried to clean it with vinegar, to my surprise, they can be cleaned if you try hard. Then I began to check every furniture. I was scared! I found more clustered black dots on or around the door knob of every drawer. My home is well aired and dry. The black dots looks like fungus to me. But they stay on the area that I frequently touch. that may give the clue that I carry this on my hands. Because My furniture is white or light pink, so very easy to see these black dots. One more thing, I have been spraying a lot of vinegar, and orange oil on my furniture, especially the door knob where I frenquently touch. But they can survive!

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio

Why dont u guys look into "Thieves Oil". Google it!!! Im order some next month, its supposed to be great. Im just now discovering the awesomeness of essential oils, and YOU CAN take them internally. One or two drops in a gelcap, just be mindful of poisoning yourself, as that is a possibility. Just be careful.

Vitamin C, B5, and Magnets

Posted by Steve (San Deigo, Ca) on 04/08/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi guys you get morgellons disease from having a weak immune system so naturally to get rid of all you have to do is boost up your immune system to cure youe self from it. Vitamin C every hour for 2-3 days also B5 4 times a day this is what cured me. I want to warn you about drinking to much water you can get water poisioning mix it up. Magnets are a life saver they pull the static electricity out of your body and the bugs stop biting you if you have enouigh magnets. I just place magnets in sweat bands on my limbs and the bugs dont move as much. You basically have to find what is causing you to have weak immune system and boost your immune system up. High levels of static electricity kills your immune system its called emf, the bugs feed off static electricity. Yea I cured myself from this disease...

Replied by Kim
Lubbock, Tx

I've tried a few new things recently with good results. A combination of peppermint essential oil and lavender oil on problem areas.... Really clears skin on face of mites and all... But also works on the worms... They don't like and I think it's killing some of them. I also found something called SPK Formula (Kroeger Herbs)it is supposedly for Lymes and the lady said someone told them they had results with it they won't enjoy it so much)... Think one with a lot of allicin is the best. Also taking a homeopathic for fungal/ candida for the fungal aspect. I still believe that if someone could figure out the right homeopathic or create a homeopathic remedy from actual findings of Morgellons... We might be able to kill these things. The mites are easy to kill I find... But killing them all for good is the challenge... They are woven in your face and likely other parts of the body in layers so can't reach all of them at once... One can spend an entire day pulling them off of the face... Homeopathic Psorinum killed loads of them quickly because it vibrates thru the skin... Probably the most effective so far... Although lavender and peppermint is a close 2nd. Echinacea is said to kill insects/bugs so I think that works to kill off the flies and bugs quite well.... Super Echinacea (tincture) would work well. Olive Leaf is another good herb... Works on many things at many levels. I also found homeopathic Parasite drops "Newton Homeopathic" it has loads of different anti-parasitic homeo remedies and probably over time could kill, but not sure.

Websites of Interest

Posted by Rebel (Somewhere, Usa) on 11/16/2014

This is a website I discovered for morgellons. They are NOT trying to sell anything, just their opinion on what worked for them, after trying lots of things.

Willard Water, Dry Oxygen Granules

Posted by Baylieann (Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa) on 11/04/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from morgellons from 1999 to now, and Yes, nearly insane at times.... It has disabled me for the last 5 years, the first 5 or 6 years, NOTHING was available anywhere about this bizarre problem. I have been escorted out of dermatologists offices, laughed at, scorned, etc, sent to laser treatment, cut skin off for biopsy's, all the stuff you ever heard of. I found on the healing grapevine website, a protocol that has helped me, the first and only help, and with time, hopefully eradication! Since I have had these nasty bugs so long, and figure they are in EVERY HAIR and EVERY WHERE in my body, my guess is it will take about a YEAR to get completely clear.

1.) Willard Water, make sure you get it from an official distributor or the main site. I drink as much as I can, often as I can, you cannot over do it, as your body just gets rid of what you don't need. I also use it topically, often, at the same mixture recommended on the bottle. A little goes a long way, not expensive! Excellent stuff!! Make sure you work with your doctor as your body will need less of any medications. Willard Water helps the body work better, the very first day I began drinking it, several bugs on my head were emulsified, turned into white head like bumps, easily broke open and healed!!

2.) dry Oxygen tablets. I take 3 or 4 a two times a day. I also use the dry oxygen granules mixed with Willard Water mixture topically. Again, I began using these two products about 4 months ago, and on the very first day, that evening, the bugs began to die. The recommendation is that you bathe daily in the tub with the Willard and Oxy, but I have arthritis so bad that rolling around in a bathtub is almost impossible, not to mention torture! So, I make a mixture of both products and put in a spray bottle, I spray myself down a couple of times a day.

The healing grapvine also recommends a Infrared heat unit, but I have not been able to come up with the cash yet. They also have several other products on their site, but I am not sure they are vital to getting rid of these bugs. I can honestly say that I also used, bought, prescribed, and made about every topical application known to man, which did not work, and tried all antibiotics, antifungals, all kinds of stuff A to Z, and this truly is working. If I see that sun detergent and alfafa letter again, which is bull, I might scream!! When going through a healing process, it is kind of like going backward through time... The areas that heal first are the newest and so on until I get back to the start.

Right now, a large quarter sized community of nanos are dying on my left cheek, coming to the surface. This is an area where I have had numerous problems, and I can say in earnest, good bye! In some places, I have the worm trails where the bugs escaped, as I am no longer a happy host! I have been using a hand held microscope to keep track of these bugs, and I now actually have to look for the bugs, where in the past, all I had to do was pick any area of my body, and there they were. At least now, I have hope, I have a chance to do some things I wanted to do in retirement (except I am only 51), but I plan to take advantage of my new found energy, and healing to travel and enjoy what life I have left.

I hope this helps some of you out there, anyone who has given up, or anyone who is tired of trying and failing with all kinds of kooky crap. Just to have something start working on these stubborn buggars was hope enough. DONT GIVE UP, we have some politicians, some doctors and some scientists to hold accountable for creating this disease, for hiding research, and for witholding a cure. I love this web site, and have used several of the remedies for my family members, and they work! Thanks! Baylieann

Replied by Baylieann
Las Vegas, Nevada

An update to my last posting. I continue with the Willard water daily, drinking, and applying to my skin. I continue to get better ever day. My energy has increased, my mind is clearer, and some large areas of morgellons crap, that have caused me trouble almost from the beginning have been dying off, flaking off, and allowing my skin to take it's pre morgellons shape! I highly recommend:

1: using a Willard as recommended on the bottle, and as recommended with the healing grapvine web site.

2:I also have added willard water (dark or clear) to grape seed oil and coconut oil (about 1 teaspoon of willard to 2 oz of grape seed oil and 1 oz of coconut oil) and apply nightly. I also put it on whenever I bathe, and when ever I think of it or skin feels dry. This seems to really help the dry skin, as well as help along the dying of the bugs.

3:I keep my head shaved, and my arms and legs, where I have had the morgellons, since they use the hair folicle as a "home" (at least) I figure I am not going to provide ANY amenities for these buggars!

4: I continue using a pumace stone (sharp one) and regular soap during each shower, after shaving. This loosens any bugs that are on their way out, it also roughs up any bugs that are attached, and it removes bug parts that stick around wounds. It cleans up infected areas so they can heal faster. I really actually look forward to this part now. Use it very gently at first, with lots of soap. You will build up to a bit more vigirous scrubbing, and it pays off. I use this from top to bottom (all over! ).

5: I continue with the dry oxygen, but much less. I found that it upsets my stomache when used daily for a long time. I use it topically on spots.

There were 3 really really bad areas on my face, my left chin, my middle and left forehead, and my right temple. These areas are ALMOST gone! They have been sluffing off stuff, leaving the tell tale 1/2 circle dead bug print, and still sluffing. The worst area, on my left chin (which actually extends to the left cheek) has really been active in flaking, scabbing, long filaments breaking and my skin moving back to normal position etc. I am finding it harder and harder to find morgellons bugs/parts etc with my microscope in areas that appear to be healed. The only areas I can find some stuff is in the healing areas on my face. The activity on my legs and arms appears to have stopped, the spots are nearly healed. I have no spots left on my head, and very very few hair foliciles appear infected. I used to have quite a bit of pain in my right wrist, where bugs were certianly nesting/eating whatever, but that has totally stopped too. I firmly believe in using an internal and external combination of treatment.

I wash my clothes after every wear, and sheets about 1 time a week. With using the Willard Water and dry oxygen, I have found that the bugs die, or are dying when they come out or off, and there does not appear to be any reinfection. The bugs look awful under the microscope, they are withering, have dying spots on them, and it appears the internal drinking of the Willard Water really has helped my body attack these bugs. I wonder if I have/had a limited amount of "types" of morgellons as I never had all of the sypmtoms many others have reported. Also I do not live in one of the hot zones, nor had I traveled there. I did have times pre Willard Water when I reinfected myself after pulling out infected hair and skin. I have not had this problem since, however, remember how important it is to get any hairs, skin, or bug parts away from you when removing them. For example, after using the pumace stone, I rinse and rinse, and sometimes use a washable scrubby or scrubby towel, to make sure all junk is off. My showers usually use ALL the hot water if you want to know how long it takes.

Again, IF you are feeling hopeless, PLEASE try the WILLARD WATER and DRY OXYGEN, or go to the Healing Grapvine Web site. There are people out there who are sincerely trying to find ways to get rid of this awful menace. I am getting better all the time, and can only hope that you find the same, however, wherever you find it. I have been reading about the homeopathic remedies, which sound quite promising, and am thinking of adding some of these to my protocol as a last punch to finally get cleansed of this nightmare.

From my readings I have gathered that it should take about a year and maybe a month or two to truly rid myself of morgellons bugs. I have suffered for about 10 years, maybe 11 in looking back at my sypmtoms. (about 1 mo for every year) I am in the 6th month of healing, and continue to progress. A year of healing is a small price to pay for the total devistation this crap has done to my life, I lost my career, relationships, family relationships, my home, my identity, my looks, my mind at times, and my sense of security in my country, world. I have a masters degree, post masters education, and it all goes now to my recovery, not the career I was in the middle of. I do, however, stand up, every day, and get through it, and feel better every day now. At one point, I could not even finish speaking a sentence! Thats when you find out who really loves you! You WILL GET BETTER, KEEP SEEKING HELP!

I now use Earth Clinic website for every ailment that comes up with my family or friends. I cured my daughters urinary tract "infection" with the sea salt and apple cider vinegar, another daughter cleared her sore throat with acv, honey and cayanne. I keep acv, cayanne, lemon and honey on had for any type emergency!

Best of wishes to all people suffering from this stuff. My prayers are with you!!

Replied by K
Reno, Nv

Is Willard Water an ionized water?

Replied by Amanda
Walla Walla, Wa

Where do you get those products, I would like to try a few. Please let me know at amanda_afg at

Replied by Sara
Greensboro, Nc

Hello, I would like ot speak with you about this protocol. Can I contact you? Sara

Replied by Debra

I was glad to see your post and feel hopeful that it will work for me. I'm planning on finding the Willard water and dry oxygen tabs. I've been using a product to help close the sores from Curel. This product contains tea tree oil and vitamin C. I just started using this and it seems to help close the sites up. My skin looks better but I am not totally convinced it is a cure. My thought was that it would help suffocate whatever I have, kill with tea tree oil, and heal with vitamin C. My concern is this product is similiar to clear nail polish, although it isn't, it does contain a type of silicone and I have heard some negative feedback regarding it. I'm definitely putting my faith in a higher power! God Bless!

Replied by Lizzy
5 out of 5 stars

Baylieann, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your post. I, too, suffer from Morgellons, and like you, have had my life turned upside down. I had to shut down a lucrative home business, stop caring for a sick family member for fear of infecting them, and just stop life in general. My entire head had become a Morgellons nest, they had laid eggs in my eyes and tongue, they got in my ears and drove me halfway to insanity with that high pitched noise. I had crazy fibers coming out of every pore on my body, it seemed. Not to mention the horrible sores and creepy crawlies EVERYWHERE. After spending literally thousands of dollars on products that didn't work, I purchased some Willard's Water and started drinking it, on your recommendation. I also started following Earth Clinic Ted's Morgellons protocol by adding 1/8th tsp of Borax in a liter of water a day. And let me tell you, these remedies started working almost immediately. I'm only one month into treatment, but can already tell that I'm "turning the corner" and getting better. Yay!! I just wanted to thank you, and vouch for you on the Willard's Water and let everyone else know that this stuff is VERY effective on Morgellons. I also use it topically, and it heals up those awful sores almost before your very eyes. I've never seen anything like this. I wish I had discovered this product a long time ago. Oh, and also, I read that it helps keep your body alkaline, which is so important when fighting Morgellons. Thank you again. I hope you are healed by now and have regained your life. Lizzy

Replied by Cat

Dear Lizzy, I ordered the Willard water today based on your thread. I feel, like many, I've tried tons of things under the sun. Yesterday and today we're really low. Even though I spray with Ted's recommendation of the ammonium chloride and EDTA to combat infestation, I just feel there's no safe place in my own home. And that's really hard when you get exhausted from fighting this miserable nastiness. I drink the litter of boron and H202, take the baths as well, use edta for shampoo and soap. It does help to manage, but then there are days that are bad, I feel as though these buggers are adapting. Bought a slew of new stuff today...will let you know if I'm having any success with the water. Also, another person on some other thread is having success with drinking Aloe Vera juice...just started that tonight. My husband just happened to see distilled water in a colleagues car who is some kind of chemist. Says he's only drinks it when he's traveling, that it's not meant to drink everyday and here I am drinking it everyday with the boron and H202, as well as with DE! Don't know what to think of that as I feel much of Ted's protocol takes time deciphering, not straight forward. I wished I could just fly to Thailand and hope to be treated by him, but his illness pretty much squashes that idea.

Yucca Root, Deodorant

Posted by Vena (Kansas City, Mo/us) on 08/08/2012

Morgellons disease is the human equvillant to Mange. I found two remedies to relieve you of the symptoms. One is: Yucca root. The second is: deodorant.

Let me explain: First of all never exfoliate or use exfoliation items if you feel you have Morgellons. Second: Yucca root decreases swelling in the skin. Third and most important Morgellons is a disease that thrives on moisture and air and it needs both in order to stay alive in the skin. When you are sleeping or wear multipule layers of clothing (regardless of the weather conditions. Although most Morgellons sufferers suffer more before it rains because of the increased moisture in the atmosphere) your body perspires. Deoderant allows the body to breath but, does not allow the body to perspire which is vital for the disease to maintain. Deoderant surpresses the body to perspire if the disease cannot have moisture.

Zapper, MMS, Baking Soda

Posted by Notthatparaonoid (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 07/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there, I love your site, I have been visiting it for a while now and with your help I was able to help get myself better from this horrible affliction known as Morgellons. I think I really dealt with this longer than I had it because I have always had a strange hair that grew out of the middle of my forehead, and it was grey. I would pull it and it would come back really fast, I even joked saying I wished the rest of my hair would follow suit.

Anyway, that was about 7 years ago. But over the past two years my symptoms became more apparent, I. E. Feeling more and more tired, wanting to be alone alot, and being very depressed. I had a few breakouts of funky fluid filled pods come out of me leaving behind a wound that won't heal. I haven't told anyone cause they would think I was crazy, and I am in a way, but crazy, not stupid.

This is what I have done to help allieviate the problem. First I did what someone had posted in a message board saying that they bathe with Arm&Hamer baking soda, that in itself sounded crazy, till I tried it and it helped to flush and dry-out these little critters. It did work, along with MMS and drinking baking soda, which my friends think I am nuts for doing so. I drink it throughout the day, so I can't really hide it.

But here is the thing, I was still kind of tired and worn out even with those protocols I was using. I felt an improvement with them, but my brain fog was still there and I think I was sleeping 14 hours or more a day. I needed to find another modality.

Enter a zapper, which I won't name names, but I tried it, and I have to say, my energy levels have improved so much in the past few days that I feel "youthful and focused" during the past 3 days. I am continuing this for awhile, but I no longer am tired and spent when I wake up an need to sleep 2 hours later. Now I get up ready for the world in the morning.. I am so excited about the zapping idea that I wanted to write this post.

According to my research on Hulda Clark, she expalins that by zapping your blood with the zapper, you wipe out all the viruses and bacteria in your body, which helps to explain my sudden rush of energy. It raises your bloods PH levels too. Even my lesions are clearing up, almost as if they are drying out. I am going to leave the zapper on 24/7 for the next three months because according to a video saw, someone used a zapper for 3 months straight and his morgellons is completely gone.

Here is the video on youtube

One last thing, using the MMS, I seem to have cleared up other conditions, like my herpes, which hasn't shown its ugly head in this first year I started using MMS. I really do believe that mixing all these things together is really working. Persistance is most likely the key. Anyway, good luck to you all who are dealing with Morgellons. Don't trust anyone with a white lab coat or a certificate from a pharmaceutical conglomerate. I have learned more from here and the internet than most doctors will ever know. Empower yourself!

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Notthatparanoid, I just wanted to say that the zapper is an amazing little tool that can help restore your health or keep the health you have if it's already there. I have had one for about two years now and have my children use it as well as myself. It is highly touted by David Wolfe, one of the leaders in the alternative health/ longevity world. That is how I was first introduced to it. I'm glad you were able to discover it to restore your health. I hope others will do research on it and learn of its abilities. Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Notthatparaonoid
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa

Lisa, Yeah the zapper is great, been a week since I started and I still feel more awake as if I took a few cups of coffee with 5 hour energy to boot. I really think the zapper is working and I tried it on my mother who seemed to be spaced out a lot. Now she is focused, awake, and doesn't wobble when she walks.

The key to Morgellons, at least for my family, is the Zapper along with baking soda, MMS and sunshine. Of course following a good diet is essential, but even if we have all the time in the world, we do eat some processed foods.

So far my lesions are clearing up, but I am constantly pulling a long string like thing out of my upper back, but I have noticed that over time the little white worms inside the glop of fake tissue are smaller and less effective. Moreover, I started with a de-wormer which serves as a double punch to this affliction. So over the next three months I will see if I cured myself of not only morgellons, but anything else I may have had. My herpes outbreaks haven't come back in a year since using MMS, but I think the Morgs are just harder to beat but they do react with MMS.

Here's hoping you stay away from the big medical industrial complex...

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Notthatparanoid, I'm so glad you're getting results from your zapper! It gives me energy too. And that's amazing about your mom. It's funny because I haven't been using it recently because I have been using Bob Beck's silver pulser which is also a device that cleans the blood and is an electrical device. They're both effective but in different ways and you are not to use them simultaneously. When I read your post, it reminded me to pull my zapper out and have my 13 yr. old daughter use it as she has been fighting a virus. It definitely works! Best to your health, Lisa

Zappers, Diatomaceous Earth

Posted by Gipsee (Cambria, Ca) on 01/19/2013

I was wondering why you don't suggest 'zappers' and Diatomaceous Earth for morgellons. There are many companies making these Zappers and really seem to helping people get rid of bacteria, virus's, cancer, aids, etc. ( You can even make them yourself) It seems like a very simple solution especially for those that have a hard time following all these other protocols. As I've read on your reccommendation taking DE for bacteria, virus's... why would'nt people want to take it to sweep out these foreign fibers/nano particles/bacteria/etc. Thank you so much Ted- your are an angel for helping people. You are a messenger of light and love and gods truth. Good luck too you.