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Yucca Root, Deodorant  

Posted by Vena (Kansas City, Mo/us) on 08/08/2012

Morgellons disease is the human equvillant to Mange. I found two remedies to relieve you of the symptoms. One is: Yucca root. The second is: deodorant.

Let me explain: First of all never exfoliate or use exfoliation items if you feel you have Morgellons. Second: Yucca root decreases swelling in the skin. Third and most important Morgellons is a disease that thrives on moisture and air and it needs both in order to stay alive in the skin. When you are sleeping or wear multipule layers of clothing (regardless of the weather conditions. Although most Morgellons sufferers suffer more before it rains because of the increased moisture in the atmosphere) your body perspires. Deoderant allows the body to breath but, does not allow the body to perspire which is vital for the disease to maintain. Deoderant surpresses the body to perspire if the disease cannot have moisture.

Zapper, MMS, Baking Soda  

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Posted by Notthatparaonoid (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 07/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there, I love your site, I have been visiting it for a while now and with your help I was able to help get myself better from this horrible affliction known as Morgellons. I think I really dealt with this longer than I had it because I have always had a strange hair that grew out of the middle of my forehead, and it was grey. I would pull it and it would come back really fast, I even joked saying I wished the rest of my hair would follow suit.

Anyway, that was about 7 years ago. But over the past two years my symptoms became more apparent, I. E. Feeling more and more tired, wanting to be alone alot, and being very depressed. I had a few breakouts of funky fluid filled pods come out of me leaving behind a wound that won't heal. I haven't told anyone cause they would think I was crazy, and I am in a way, but crazy, not stupid.

This is what I have done to help allieviate the problem. First I did what someone had posted in a message board saying that they bathe with Arm&Hamer baking soda, that in itself sounded crazy, till I tried it and it helped to flush and dry-out these little critters. It did work, along with MMS and drinking baking soda, which my friends think I am nuts for doing so. I drink it throughout the day, so I can't really hide it.

But here is the thing, I was still kind of tired and worn out even with those protocols I was using. I felt an improvement with them, but my brain fog was still there and I think I was sleeping 14 hours or more a day. I needed to find another modality.

Enter a zapper, which I won't name names, but I tried it, and I have to say, my energy levels have improved so much in the past few days that I feel "youthful and focused" during the past 3 days. I am continuing this for awhile, but I no longer am tired and spent when I wake up an need to sleep 2 hours later. Now I get up ready for the world in the morning.. I am so excited about the zapping idea that I wanted to write this post.

According to my research on Hulda Clark, she expalins that by zapping your blood with the zapper, you wipe out all the viruses and bacteria in your body, which helps to explain my sudden rush of energy. It raises your bloods PH levels too. Even my lesions are clearing up, almost as if they are drying out. I am going to leave the zapper on 24/7 for the next three months because according to a video saw, someone used a zapper for 3 months straight and his morgellons is completely gone.

Here is the video on youtube

One last thing, using the MMS, I seem to have cleared up other conditions, like my herpes, which hasn't shown its ugly head in this first year I started using MMS. I really do believe that mixing all these things together is really working. Persistance is most likely the key. Anyway, good luck to you all who are dealing with Morgellons. Don't trust anyone with a white lab coat or a certificate from a pharmaceutical conglomerate. I have learned more from here and the internet than most doctors will ever know. Empower yourself!

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Notthatparanoid, I just wanted to say that the zapper is an amazing little tool that can help restore your health or keep the health you have if it's already there. I have had one for about two years now and have my children use it as well as myself. It is highly touted by David Wolfe, one of the leaders in the alternative health/ longevity world. That is how I was first introduced to it. I'm glad you were able to discover it to restore your health. I hope others will do research on it and learn of its abilities. Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Notthatparaonoid
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa

Lisa, Yeah the zapper is great, been a week since I started and I still feel more awake as if I took a few cups of coffee with 5 hour energy to boot. I really think the zapper is working and I tried it on my mother who seemed to be spaced out a lot. Now she is focused, awake, and doesn't wobble when she walks.

The key to Morgellons, at least for my family, is the Zapper along with baking soda, MMS and sunshine. Of course following a good diet is essential, but even if we have all the time in the world, we do eat some processed foods.

So far my lesions are clearing up, but I am constantly pulling a long string like thing out of my upper back, but I have noticed that over time the little white worms inside the glop of fake tissue are smaller and less effective. Moreover, I started with a de-wormer which serves as a double punch to this affliction. So over the next three months I will see if I cured myself of not only morgellons, but anything else I may have had. My herpes outbreaks haven't come back in a year since using MMS, but I think the Morgs are just harder to beat but they do react with MMS.

Here's hoping you stay away from the big medical industrial complex...

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Notthatparanoid, I'm so glad you're getting results from your zapper! It gives me energy too. And that's amazing about your mom. It's funny because I haven't been using it recently because I have been using Bob Beck's silver pulser which is also a device that cleans the blood and is an electrical device. They're both effective but in different ways and you are not to use them simultaneously. When I read your post, it reminded me to pull my zapper out and have my 13 yr. old daughter use it as she has been fighting a virus. It definitely works! Best to your health, Lisa

Zappers, Diatomaceous Earth  

Posted by Gipsee (Cambria, Ca) on 01/19/2013

I was wondering why you don't suggest 'zappers' and Diatomaceous Earth for morgellons. There are many companies making these Zappers and really seem to helping people get rid of bacteria, virus's, cancer, aids, etc. ( You can even make them yourself) It seems like a very simple solution especially for those that have a hard time following all these other protocols. As I've read on your reccommendation taking DE for bacteria, virus's... why would'nt people want to take it to sweep out these foreign fibers/nano particles/bacteria/etc. Thank you so much Ted- your are an angel for helping people. You are a messenger of light and love and gods truth. Good luck too you.