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Salt Water

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Posted by Tammyp619 (Menifee, CA) on 08/17/2014
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I started swimming in a salt water pool every day and morgellons went away in about 3 weeks.

Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Wow, that's amazing. Do you know what kind of salt was used in the pool? Perhaps those who don't have access to a pool of sorts could at least make a bath with the salts.

Replied by Nina
(San Diego, Ca)

So, salt water pool aye. How 'bout salt water ocean or beach. Its not as clean as the pool. Yet easier to locate.

Seaweed & Sea Salt

Posted by Nmx (Usa) on 01/14/2017

Hello... William Mount has a video on youtube where he states that the elite have a cure for Morgellons which makes them unable to live in body.... Seaweed and Sea Salt -- so it sounds like Iodine/natural source may be the issue... I've heard that people with Morgellons usually have hypothyroidism... interesting... I wish my doctor would have had me try iodine before he put my on Synthroid... First time I tried seaweed I did feel better in general... I'm going to continue taking it and will let you know...

Replied by Emmy
(Somewhere In Ny)

I have seen his web page... he seems very knowledgeable about the subject. R u still doing the seaweed & sea salt? R u feeling any better?

Shungite Water

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Posted by Anonymous (Arizona) on 02/28/2016
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I think I found the source of morgellons. I made shungite water. I sprayed it in my yard. I swear on my life it looked like a swarm of tiny white bugs flew up and out of the mist. I researched shungite; it's from a meteorite, meteorites have dormant worms in them. Sentient oil is Artificial Life. I'm guessing the worms are inanimant until they have a host, us. Look up Morgellons and the fibers/worms coming out of skin which is nanotechnology that comes from carbon nanotubes. Shungite absorbs toxins. Fill the nanotubes with toxins and they deliver the payload to us through Chemtrail spraying. I showered with shungite water and it feels like hundreds of tiny bugs coming out of the skin. I'm not kidding. People are killing themselves over the suffering of this nanotechnology. Man is too stupid to create this monster.

Replied by Rs

Hello Anonymous,

So, are you saying that shungite water is good for helping with the horrible terrors of morgellons? I just purchased shungite stones to make water with and I also purchased a few larger stones to place around my home. It is an interesting concept for sure and I plan on experimenting with it. Can you tell me/us how you make your shungite water? Some people say soak the stones for 24 hours, some people think 72 hours is better. Thanks for your time!!!


Replied by Drew
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Soak stones with distilled water in glass jar for 72 hours. Do not cover it.

Important to know there are 2 types of shungite. The black charcoal shungite and the elite noble. Use only elite shungite. It is the silvery metallic looking one.

After 72 hours pour elixir into another glass container. Refill stone jar with distilled water to infuse for another 3 days

Use elixir to drink, bathe and spray environment for 3 days. Repeat process. The bigger your glass jars and shungite stones, the more elixir you can make

Replied by Cynthia S.

Thank you! I have been dealing with these for 4 years, not knowing exactly what it is?? I have Shungite, I request a Protocol? Fast, Oregano Oil, currently I was with Hemp Soap and apply Hemp oil, what else can I do? Thank you so much!!

Replied by Melissa

I am confused are you saying Shungite water is the cause of the morgellons or that Shangite water helps get rid of the morgellons.

SSKI and Enzymes

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Posted by Linda (Tennessee) on 05/30/2018
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For Morgellons, SSKI and radiant heat used with the application of an enzyme solution made from papaya and enzymes is very effective.

Replied by Alex
(Coral Springs Fl)

Can you explain that a little bit further. I know what sski is but I don't know what radiant heat is and do you have an example of a product with these enzymes? I know about products with enzymes like Kleen free and kleen green I don't know if they use papaya, and how do you use it how many times a day in what manner, if you don't mind?

Support Forum

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Posted by Linda (Linnysue) (Park City, Utah) on 01/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to send a link to a supportive discussion forum for Morgellons sufferers. The forum is called Morgellons Sanctum and the URL link is: Morgellons Sanctum provides educational articles, healing treatments, hope, and support from members who care. I was wondering if you would like the add the link to your website. We could also add your link as well. Thank you.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Steiny (Williamsport, Pa) on 03/24/2018

Dear Ted, I've spent all day reading your posts and have a list about a mile long of stuff to order from Amazon because your cures all seem specific to the individual so thought I'd write and ask personally because I'm already taking soooo many supplements and doing so many things, I'm sure I'm killing my liver if the morgellons isn't already. Anyway, about 5 years ago I got morgellons (a bite or mulching?) and somehow managed to get rid of it after about 5 months, but it was pretty mild, in my skin only and clove oil and acetone (yes acetone) seemed to work, along with soaking in a hot tub (which I no longer have access to). Somehow I got it again about 3 months ago (I'm thinking a hotel room) but this time it seem so much more aggressive and immune to stuff and its everywhere, my skin which I seem to be able to control somewhat, my scalp (a real big problem), my eyes slightly, and internally which is scaring me to death - literally. I know its in my intestines and I'm really scared for my liver. My doctor just took out my gallbladder from stones and pain, but now the pain is 3 times as bad so fear it wasn't my gall after all and worry about my internal organs. Plus they have me scheduled for a hysterectomy due to large growths in my uterus. Doctors here do not believe in nor will treat you for morgellons so I've been taking all sorts of remedies from the internet and think I'm going way overboard, especially with herbals (chorella, gluthasmine, oregano, garlic, vinager, tumeric, probiotics, and about 10 others...), perscription pills thru India? (nizrol, ivermectin, docycline...), drink solutions (msm, mms...), drops (soverign silver, grapefruit seed extract, food grade hyd perox, iodine...), - not all at once mind you, but trying many different things, but even with reading your remedies I've came up with a lot of different things to order and I think I need to eliminate stuff and simplify stuff. Can you please tell me what would be best specifically for me to kill this. I've been usiing kleen green for my enviroment and laundry too, washing sheets daily, vaccuuming daily, bath soaks every night (bleach, hyd perox, bake soda, borax, epson salts... I mix it up a bit). I work and this is exhausting - all I do is work and sleep. I basically have the black specks, and painful sparkly specks coming out of my skin, and black specks in my bowel movements (lots of crawly feeling around my anus too). Looking at them under a microscope they look like black worms or threads. I have the creepy crawlies, itching, biting sensations, some lesions, and terrible scalp itch and crawly feeling that I can't seem to control, and of course the internal pain that is scaring me to death, and being soooo tired. And probably having surgeries that I don't really need. Please advise me (in layman terms as I seem to be getting confused easily) of what should be my specific protocol internally and externally. I'm getting confused reading all your various ones. I know my immune is very low, I'm a 58 yr old female, I'm also thalasemic. I've already lost 25 lbs in 3 months and it doesn't seem to be stopping. Thank you so much.


Wanted to add a couple more things to the email I just sent you since its still being reviewed. Also used DE external and internal, and bentonite external and internal, and bought a cheap FIR/FAR Infrared blanket system because I read that helps them come out. I just don't want to be driving them in deeper. I'm right now trying your borax, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide drink. Hope I don't get sick since I'm having horrible post-op gallbladder surgery pain from 3 weeks ago. They're actually sending me for a cat scan Tuesday cause they think something else is going on in there, besides also the growths in my uterus I'm scheduled for surgery too for. Desperate for advice. Wish you lived closer!

EC: So sorry, Ted had a stroke in 2015 and is unable to correspond with our readers.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Roberta (New Jersey) on 07/31/2017

Hello, I wrote You yesterday, about My problem with Morgellans Disease. I ordered what Ted recommends on his site. I am now taking Wormwood, clove, and black walnut hull. Only drink smoothies, and eat salads, for over two months. I do drink two cups of decafinated coffee, a day. It has been such a BIG PROBLRM IN MY LIFE!!! Can hardly go anywhere, without getting bit, and feeling them crawling, all inside me!!! I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!! Also cannot find anyone who sells BoPeep Ammonia, so what do I do? Also, once I start Ted's recipe, how long will it take for these MONSTERS, to GO AWAY!!!??? Please Respond, I AM IN DIRE STRAITS!!! Thank You for listening to me, Roberta

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Queensland) on 02/22/2015

I am following Ted's protocol for eliminating, killing these creatures internally and externally; however, how to get relief from the crawling, itching, in nose, ears, and private female area. Have read not to push them into ear canal, or further into nose, etc. I can't get tetrasodium EDTA here.

Replied by Linda
(Benton Ky, U.s.a.)

I have had Morgellons nearly 3 years. 3 years of hell. I discovered a shampoo with 10% sulfer, ($5.10) I bathe in it, using tepid water so to not rinse it completely from the pores. Several hours later you will see & feel dead varmits. I can also say I found much comfort using a lice spray called Lice Freee, I buy it by the case online but can be purchased at major pharmacies. ($9.00 6 ounce bottle) I add a little shampoo to it lately. Using also a liquid bandage, changing everyday or so, cuts air supply off, helps prevent larger lesions. I also use the Scott's brand lint remover roller & anything I want to save I put on heavy duty clear packaging tape. I believe there is not a pore or opening on my body these things in their many forms have not invaded. I spray from my head to my toes. Areas that turn red after spraying usually have a larva in it. I also use a small hand held microscope, allows you to see what specks really are. Spraying usually gives relief for about 5 hours. I actually use it in my nose & ears. Enough for now, I could write on & on. Oh, I wouldn't worry about pushing things deeper, they go there anyway. They are in my ears, mouth, eyes, & all over.

Replied by Viverre

There are two products that I know of safe to use in personal areas, nose, ears. My favorite is Miracle II clear Neutralizer. Its so pure you can drink it. It has helped greatly for me to be able to clean out eyes and nose. Its the consistency of water, has no taste. You can even drink small amounts of it. There is a gel you can put on your skin or brush your teeth with. I also mix it with water and spray everything..even inside my refrig. It has really helped my car and home and no staining...its like water. I keep a travel size, small spray bottle with me all the time. The other is Natures Gift Debriding soap. I dont remember if thats safe for eyes but is safe everywhere else. This is heavier, more soapy. It did some good but didnt like the soapy feel when wanting to just spray out nose. Nasty in the mouth. Also more expensive. Hope that helps.

Replied by Frances

Thanks. The miracle II product you mentioned is now available in Australia. Shall try it.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Ted's ammonium chloride remedy for Morgellons. My question: Is the Ammonium chloride powder he recommends the same ingredient as the Cloudy Ammonia liquid we can buy at the supermarket (in Australia)?

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Angelina (California, USA) on 07/07/2014

My friend had morgellons. I'm in California and she's in Portland. She does not have a computer and I am ordering products for her. How do I order EDTA Tetra Sodium and Ammonium Chloride per Ted's advice? I registered her with the Oklahoma University. She had it before for over a year and half and got well, but got an eye infection and is now suffering full force since April. Thank you for assisting us. I have ordered DE for her too.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Eve (Nv, Usa) on 04/25/2014 22 posts
4 out of 5 stars

I have followed Ted's advice for months and have had success, not total cure, but good success with Morgellons and just discovered a remedy that help someone else.

I usually don't eat a lot of sweets, candies, etc but went on a binge and have I paid for it! The crawlers came out 1000% and the last few nights have gone by w/o sleep until last night. I happened to think about "moth balls" so I had a new box and put some of the balls inside my pillow case and under the pillow and around my sheets and blankets. The crawlers had been getting in my nose, eyes, mouth and of course, all over my body. But these moth balls seemed to shoo them away. I have a small dog and she is usually flapping her ears all night but last night I only heard her one time as I had placed some of the moth balls around and under her bed

The other thing that seems to help, may be my imagination, but I have found if I leave a small light on in my bedroom at night that seems to keep them (mites) at bay also. Usually, the first thing I have to do in the mornings is use my Sinus Rinse bottle with sea salt and a little baking soda to clear them out of my nose and before I drink anything I use Listerine mouth wash to gargle and get them out of my throat.

Praise Dear Lord that you keep Ted safe and sound for us and all the good he is doing.

Replied by Eve
(Nv, Usa)
22 posts

I want to purchase both of these chemicals and when I went online, they seem to be showing different "grades" for each one. I found Ted's advice using these for Morgellons but sure wanted to be sure I'm getting the correct grade. In each, they referred to "industrial", "farm", etc.

3rd night for using Moth Balls around my bed and getting much needed rest. It does seem that the older the balls get, they lose their strength somewhat but if the moth balls will help along with Ted's other advice, what's a $1. box of moth balls!!

Replied by KT

Mothballs are toxic to pets and humans. After our daughter joined the AF I packed some of her clothes in boxes with just one or two and the fumes bothered me. I thought I googled something like: "are mothball fumes toxic?". It was so long ago I just cannot recall but after reading this post about mothballs in a pillow case and wherever the pet is, I remembered the fumes are not benign.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc, Canada)

Eve from Nv, USA please do not use moth balls. They are so toxic that even an excellent remedy cannot help. Natural healers can do nothing if this is kept on the premises. Namaste, Om

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Geeann (Usa) on 03/04/2014

I want to try Ted's disinfect formula and need more guidance. The tetra EDTA and ammonium chloride are both powders, right? There are more than one type of ammonium chloride listed on the internet. Should I purchase the one that says 99%? To make one liter should the measurements for ETDA and ammonium chloride be approximate 1.65 oz each added to 28 oz water?

Replied by Spelth
(Ny, US)

Hello Anonymous, Just wanted to find out if you got the dosage for the edta and the ammonium chloride. They look like salt crystals in the bottles I have here but I am reluctant to put on my head without guidance.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Dana (Australia) on 12/27/2013

Morgellons Remedy: Blood blister/clots... I am using Ted's protocol since self-diagnosing in Sept. 2013 with this affliction. My skin is in worse condition than before especially with the tiny blood blisters, clots which are increasing in number. Does anyone else have this symptom and what can help?

Replied by Sweetsue

Getting worse is part of M.. I have been drinking the borax for 9 months. It kills fungus from inside out. But is a very slow process.

For the sores, lesions, rashes etc. on the outside of skin, I have found a couple of things that really help. The first one is mixing 1 tsp. dry ground mustard to 1 tsp water. Mix well and let stand for 10 minutes. Next I mix a couple tsp. of coconut oil into the mustard mix. Stir well. Then mix with 2-3 ounces of a good lotion. Last I add glycerin, about a tsp.. The longer the mustard mix stays wet the more it kills mites and heals the skin. You can also mix mustard and water with antifungal shampoo (Head and Shoulder's is one) and use on entire body and hair. Let set a few minutes than rinse off.

The other mix that works good is to mix a couple tsp. baking soda with antifungal shampoo. When mixed good add the same amount of hydrogen peroxide. Be careful when mixing because it does fizz. Use on skin and hair, let sit a few minutes and rinse off. Leaves skin very soft and fresh. Others I know say they use coconut oil and rub skin afterwards to get more goo/biofilm off of skin. I don't do that but I do use the mustard lotion.

P.S. Dry mustard you can buy at grocery store in the spices.

Replied by Dana
(Oakland, Ca)

Dearest Ted,

Thank you so much for all you do for us. My gratitude is unending. I do have some questions... Is there any way to say my mattress?? It's memory foam with some fabric encasement. Not sure what it consists of. Should I buy a steam cleaner? For the carpets and mattress? Also, how long shall I stay on quarantine? Should I be taking vitamin c if I'm trying to be alkaline?

Is there something I can do to be less contagious?

Is cedarcide effective against morgellons?

You told me to use bleach on my bedding. However in other posts I saw that bleach was ineffective against the eggs, right? So what should I do?

Sorry about all the questions. I really miss my family and am hoping to see them for the holidays. Also it would be nice to not have this itchy, disgusting nightmare to contend with daily.

Thank you again, so much. Dana

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Jen (Virginia, Usa) on 11/03/2013


l contracted something like Morgellons as a child, but it wasn't horrible and it goes into remission(hiding) when my skin is pretty clear (no broken skin).

I am 41 now. Over my lifetime I developed a pretty thick scalp. I think many times when I had a perm or colored my hair, my scalp would be slightly burned by the chemicals. I just didn't realize it, the biofilm makes me pretty tolerant to pain.

Anyhow, three years ago I burned my scalp coloring my hair at home. I looked in the mirror and there was quite a significant bald spot on top of my head. I didn't panic and googled chemical burns.

Using the advice I read in a black hair care forum, I added a packet of sweet and low to the conditioner (alkaline due to sacharrin and cream of tarter), finished the process, blew it dry on a cool setting (ionic dryer), and rolled it in ionic curlers. I had to go to work, so I figured I would style around the bald spot and hide it.

When I took the rollers out, my scalp opened/divided like the Red Sea. My missing hair (uncurled of course) poured out of my scalp where it had been rolled in a cocoon and sealed under my skin. It had some cotton/fluff in it.

I thanked God for the "Christmas miracle" went to work and forgot all about it.

Fast forward to now, I hoped I was crazy, but instead it seems I have Morgellons. My biggest problem has been my scalp. I recently suffered another burn trying to treat my scalp. The bald spot is bigger this time. I no longer have the ionic curlers. I can see my hair under the bald spot. I have managed to pull as much as half of it out using a comb, magnets, and neosporin. It is thicker than my hair normally is. There is also hair under the biofilm where Istill have existing air. Problem is, once I stop working on it, almost immediately it gets sucked back into the Death Star of my biofilm scalp.

Help Ted! I am doing the Vitamin C/Salt protocol and stuff is popping off me constantly. I would do Borax, but adding it to my shampoo is how I lost the hair this time. What should I do?

Also, could the reason this stuff responds to magnets and negative ions be because the biofilm is comprised of minerals pulled from our own bodies? Could Morgellons be our own hair sucked under a septic wound to protect us in place of skin? I also get my dogs hair coming out my skin. Gross I know. Perhaps it just lands on the wound (drawn in by static electricity) and becomes part of the Matrix.

Thank you for listening,


Replied by John
(Seattle, Wa)

Hi Jen,

I have been sick for almost a year now. Magnets and diatomaceous earth have saved my life and I have very little crawling sensation to date. However my neurological issues are so profound I cannot even keep a memory of what I did a few hours ago.

I have been searching for months on why the magnets when rubbed through my hair/scalp make a clicking sound and sometimes will break my hair. I thought I was crazy but I too have my dogs hairs coming from my scalp as if it were my own hair.

If anyone knows more information please please help me. I think I am entering the final stages of this. I have so many fibers all over my body and inside parts of my body I am frightened that I don't have much time. They put me on antipsychotics which only leveled my mood but did nothing else. I don't have lesions it seems mine is all internal. My dog has it really bad too.

Please help if you can, Godspeed to all who have this and are struggling.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Kristi (Fairfield, Maine) on 02/26/2011

I would love to see all of Ted's remedies/suggestions in one place, regarding Morgellons dis-ease. Perhaps Ted would be kind enough to post his advice on this subject all together, or others in the community could please respond. Also, If anyone has actually found a cure or a way to put this thing into remission, please, could these be put into one category???

Thank you, Kristi

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Sarah (Tyler, Texas) on 04/08/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Ted's Morgellons Remedies

Just wanted to give some feedback on Ted's Lemon and Baking Soda. I started the lemon baking soda 6 days ago after I viewed my mites under a microscope for the first time. They were not mites but, crystal looking things with black and red threads.

I started the 1/8 teaspoon Borax to 1 liter of water the next day (did this 2 days then raised borax to 1/4 teaspoon).

In 6 days my itching has been greatly reduced during the day time. I have lots of white specks coming out of my skin but they are not stinging me and most have no colored threads.

I have started my dogs on 1/8 teaspoon borax in their drinking water and each gets 1 teaspoon of lemon juice 2 times per day. I still have itching at night. Is there anything else that Ted recommends that I have missed?

Thanks Ted!