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Posted by Kathy (Oklahoma) on 10/20/2014
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I am in Oklahoma I have morgellons horrible they itch burn feel like crawling under my skin these things pop out of my skin from the sores. I cannot get the doctors to believe me I am at a loss I cry out in anger and fear and to god to please help me these things are in my mouth eyes arms back private area I am in a slow hell and have no one to talk to about them I have seen them crawl they look like a slender piece of black wood with one piece going across and they walk sideways. It is horrid the pain and depression from this I am so tired all the time and dont know how much longer I can handle this I am afraid I can't get no doctor to say I have anything besides that I am crazy. Does anyone out here know of a doctor that knows about morgellons I got to find one so I can let the local doctor know I am not crazy.